Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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A scientist makes a last stand on Earth with the help of a ragtag team of soldiers against an invasion of alien phantoms.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Hironobu Sakaguchi
Stars: Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 142 out of 768 found boring (18.48%)

One-line Reviews (559)

Besides the animation, Alec Baldwin's character is a flat stereotype, James Woods' motivation isn't explored enough, and the plot is confusing at times, not to mention hokey as all get out, crammed with corny new-age spiritualism.

While the characters sometimes look obviously computer-generated, it's a testament to Square Pictures that they look believably real for most of the movie, and the settings are absolutely breathtaking.

Subsequently, the beginning can be confusing-it's not until some way in that things become clearer.

that, and the emotions and expressions on their faces were dull and lifeless.

And The graphics were stunning, save for a few moments when it was obvious these weren't real people.

If anything it was too unpredictable.

Second: story line, not too original, while not the best sci fi out there by a long shot, it still has a decent if somewhat complex story line which is hard to follow at times.

I have run out of superlatives to describe how stunning the film looks.

what this movie has is a myriad of cliche conflicts ("leave me here," "your methods are unorthodox," etc) thrown together with the signature 90s action/drama comic "relief.

Mind boggling animation.

An impersonal and empty film that ironically boasts the caption: 'The Spirits Within'.

It's a must see for people who like cutting edge computer effects but after 30 minutes of marveling at whats-her-names hair doing it's wave effects I got a little bored.

I just finished watching this movie and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it.

But while the animation is generally in good shape, the script, like the stunning heroine, is frequently on life support.

This animation does the Manga-like theme justice, producing an entertaining and as realistic enough without looking terrible, mystical feature.

Final Fantasy is a very enjoyable metaphysical science fiction film with an intelligent plot focused around a belief system that is no more or no less hokey than Christianity or any other current world religion.

Put them here and you've got "Boredom".

And by the way, the younger kids in the theatre during my viewing were all obviously bored by the halfway point.

If I'm confusing you, skip these reviews.

Occasionally Captain Grey (Alec Baldwin), Ross's former flame) expresses confusion about what's going on.

Overall, though the questionably formulaic characters and complex, spiritually-based plot may deter some people, good voice-acting and writing should help atone for this.

A trailer that doesn't give away any part of the story, an action plot that doesn't get refocused on a cheesy love interest, and stunning concepts and visuals to boot.

This movie is enjoyable for anyone and not limited to Final Fantasy gamers in anyway.

an entertaining movie...

I came out of the cinema having been totally immersed in another world for at least one and a half hours.

The story is as bland as it gets.

I have seen it twice in the theater so far and it was as enjoyable the second time around.

The contrasting balance between spiritualism and utilitarianism remained intriguing throughout, with both viewpoints for the best course of action having arguable advantages.

His predictable actions are completely dumb.

This is one of those over hyped bags of crap that Hollywood insists that people waste their money on because it has production values.

Though there is plenty of action, a lot of it feels dull and intertwining these scenes is a large amount of silly dialog, in which the subject matter is too much of science and not enough story.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how non-boring Final Fantasy really is......

Oscar-nominated writer Al Reinert of "Apollo 13," Jeff Vintar, and Sakaguchi have contrived a predictable, standard-issue sci-fi action spectacle that borrows its gung-ho elements from "Aliens" and its monsters from "Starship Troopers.

Sony outdid themselves this time, with the stunning animation and gripping musical soundtrack.

it became just STUPIFYINGLY BORING about halfway through!

However, once the shock value of the animation wore off, boredom kicked in.

It has no "graphic" violence, but lots of thrilling action and some parts may scare young kids.

At any rate, the film is indisputably an astonishing technical achievement and at the very least an intriguing piece of sci-fi/fantasy.

And yet, this movie had some of the most stunning visuals I've ever seen.

Summing up, this movie is worth watching for the animation, a second watching will also probably clear up some things in the plot, it gives a good idea as to what to expect from future animation and sets a new standard.

None of the people were interesting to look at, the male lead was completely undeveloped and just a boring character, no magic, no spells, just laser guns.

Other than that, however, it was a waste of time.

You may not be deeply moved by the story, but you will leave the theater knowing you watched the beginning of the next step in movies.

Given, this movie looks fantastic, but the plot is oblique, the dialogue is campy, and the script is stereotypical and predictable.

That was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

The rendered characters and locations are absolutely stunning, and I'd imagine this will be one of the best looking films ever when it comes to DVD.

But who cares anyhow, they're all just a bunch of boring CGI characters to me.

A bleak world drawn with stunning attention to detail.

especially the old guy was so breathtaking.

Action packed sci-fi fantasy adventure set in a future where humans hold out against deadly "phantoms".

There are theories about spirits, long talk sessions, which may be boring for most of the viewers, so you should be prepared.

Science fiction movies often have confusing storylines, and this is certainly not an exception.

Most twists and turns are predictable.

Let me go over the story for the slow of mind.

Final Fantasy is not exhilarating, innovating, or even exciting.

However, I left the theater feeling disappointed.

spiritual & visually stunning sci-fi .

Far Too Exciting .

Pretty exciting, and kinda scary too.

the REDEEMER of the sorry waste of money that is known as Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.

You wont be bored.

The CG animation is absolutely breathtaking and blows away a recent CG animated movie by the name of Shrek.

Unbelievably dull!

There was no story, only battle after battle after battle...

The ultra-graceful slow wave of a hand through the air gets tiresome after the first time Aki does it.

the gamers, dislike this (actually) stunning film.

Everything that made me love the games was absent here, the classic music of Nobuo Uematsu was replaced by some instantly forgettable drivel, the whimsy, beauty and ingenuity of Yoshitaka Amano's art was gone as well, a boring, pointless story was substituted for the humor, drama, plot twists and character development that made Final Fantasy a hit.

The storyline is interesting, but at times predictable and at other times hard to understand.

Walk into the movie with an open mind and be blowed away by stunning cgi, and an age old plot with a twist.

Pretty colors but watching paint dry was more fun .

The story might be considered slow by some, and does take a lot of swallowing, even if you're familiar with Japanese storytelling.

But be warned, the story - as simple as it actually is - is hard to follow.

Nonetheless I found my Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Even the combined talent of James Woods, Steve Buscemi, and Donald Sutherland are unable to save this colossal bore fest.

Over the years about the only thing, anywhere near to an opinion, that I've heard about Final Fantasy is that it is unbelievably "boring".

It is gorgeous to look at as some of the computer animation is simply awe inspiring.

Final Fantasy:The Spirit Within Looks awe inspiring.

Waited on the edge of my seat for this film, counted down the days and watched the clock.

The pacing was slow as hell and the action was stale.

This film has some of the most drawn out scenes for an action film ever.

Within 5 minutes, I was bored.

With no plot twists or innovations, the movie risks being boring very quickly.

I found Final Fantasy very enjoyable.

Also, i felt this film was boring, so thank god i didn't see it in the cinema.

What a new age, empty, Gaia load of dung!

It contains the intriguing blend of anime sci-fi with Star Wars fantasy.

Its characters are lame and very uninteresting.

This movie is a waste of time.

Second, the first forty minutes or so of the story are intriguing, riveting, and very suspenseful.

The plot is pretty basic, the dialogue even more basic, character development is weak, and even with the great look, there is something cold and empty about watching something so close to real that still isn't (the same problem I had with Shrek's Cameron Diaz's character).

The game series had the same sort of airy futurist plots as well and intense moving storylines.

Yes there is a plot, but at times it can get just plain irritating to keep up so instead you may find yourself fidgeting.

The film is also unfortunately very technical in places which makes the plot slightly hard to follow the first time you watch it.

This is not an optimistic movie about the triumph of mankind's most wretched underdogs against an alien menace, it is an at times fascinating look at life, and death, loss and vengence and the consequences which come with great power.

Entertaining exercise in new cinema .

It had a lot more to it than Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, although that's not the greatest guarantee of quality, but in the end, it was the effort expended in making it seem more high brow, which bored the pants off me.

But don't let this stop you, the film is a good time, and it's exciting to a tee.

The film pushes computer graphics to a new level which makes the film worth watching...

This is the first time I've walked out of a theater feeling 'empty'!

Beautiful but ultimately dull .

Breathtaking Visuals & A Superb Story .

Yes, the creepy aliens are rather "rawr-kill-smash-eat" in the beginning but the story unfolds to reveal Sakaguchi-sama's traditionally fascinating twisty-turny plots.

Fascinating .

Visually stunning movie, too bad many people don't get it .

But people often overlook this movie because they think 3d movies are all special effects and no plot, well they're wrong.

You thought I was REALLY pathetic when all the time I was just being trite.

I found it very entertaining.

I consider it exciting in that the action sequences are very fluid and realistic.

The spirits are the heart of the story, and that's what makes it so confusing.

There were dramatic times in the movie and action packed scenes along with tidbits of suspense and relationships.

As for story and plot (which many claim is boring, drawn out, and borderline over-complex) I liken it to say Rollerball.

Dont leave it as long as I did to finally get up the nerve to watch it it really is an entertaining and interesting movie, and well worth your time, if you can be bothered to think about it and not dismiss it for lack of explosions (though there were a few) and nudity.

Unfortunately after the movie ended and as I left the theater I realized that as anime movies go Final Fantasy sucked.

Stunning, atmospheric, cliche...

Sadly, when the picture is reviewed by stale-minded halfwit critics, it is panned for "lack of plot".

Thoroughly enjoyable.

It was amazing, and stunning.

By this time, I was so bored, I was actually eating my popcorn box.

I found myself concentrating on the animation rather than the plot, with the result that I lost the thread and was overcome by boredom in the last half-hour.

But I have noticed that many critics have blasted the film for having a poor script and confusing plot.

I need engaging character to be entertained, so this was a big disappointment.

No doubt, worth watching .


Although I found it difficult to follow (there appeared to be no baddies, as it were, by the end, but that could be me) I also found it immensely enjoyable and had to gasp at some of the effects used.

First, the CG are stunning all the way.

The critics are also right about Ming-Na Wen's performance, it's so monotone (Peri Gilpin and Dwight Schultz, who would be ideal for these kinds of films from all the different voices he provided on the A-Team, didn't have enough lines).

incredible, overwhelming boredom.

The movie does have it faults, with the apparent lack of story-line detail that is always ever-present in Japanese Anime and the sometimes jerky body movements and unrealistic mouth movement I sometimes writhed in my seat wishing it was done a little better.

Worst part of movie: Predictable plot developmentOverall Rating: 8 (9 if you love action films)

I think I enjoyed it better since I don't know the vg's.

In an era where most of our directors are taking steps backwards [James Cameron and his growing focus on doing 3-D films; George Lucas and his actors walking around an empty stage not knowing what to do; the empty attention-deficit editing of Michael Bay and others], this is a film that actually went forward.

I had to leave after 45 minutes.

And also, it had lots of aliens, all of them with an unique and fascinating look.

It is a pointless and dreary film that has all the excitement of a jar of fireflies.

It's no doubt that each of the award-winning installment has all the right ingredients: great graphics and gameplay, a truly emotional soundtrack by our dear Nobuo Uematsu and most of all, the most important element that keep the entire series enjoyable: intriguing storyline.

Trite and boring .

The special effects are simply amazing and the storyline is equally as entertaining.

Yes, I'm impressed with Sakaguchi's CG-animated flick and applaud his stunning technological accomplishments.

The characters were 2 dimensional, and boring - particularly Gray's team of interchangeable back up commandos; and things just never really got moving properly.

Wonderful acting, great animation, and an engaging story.

Predictable story line with .

I left the theater feeling a little confused.

It's like a slow death.

Undeveloped and boring looking characters, poor writing, a bad idea gone wrong .

The others couldn't follow along, which is fascinating to me since everything is explained by the characters as the plot unfolds.

You would think they could have lifted the plot from one of the games, instead of the boring one they used.

The Spider-Man teaser trailer was more enjoyable than this entire movie.

Final Fantasy has about 5 scenes repeated over and over again using different props and backgrounds , resulting in an extremely boring picture.

Yes, my review is cryptic and confusing.

For one thing, probably the most entertaining thing you'll see rendered in Final Fantasy is the futuristic technology.

That's my reaction to the brilliant, fascinating, and captivating computer-generated animated film "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within".

While the initial story is fresh and original, some of the plot developments were quite predictable.

Fans of the game will be treated to an extravagant audio visual feast with plenty of action, thrilling explosions and weird creatures.

Go see this movie for what it is: an absolutely breathtaking visual adventure based on an incredible series of video games that stays true to Japanese film-making (as in a non-Hollywood happily ever after fairy tale).

Having a quest is not a terrible convention in adventure movies, it gives the characters a motivation for doing whatever it is they do in the course of entertaining us.

" All the recent Final Fantasy games including an intriguing mix of magic and technology, started majorly with FF3 (FF6j.

Original, beautiful, exciting, if a bit predictable.

Good and entertaining .

It's full of trite western clichés and boring.

Thousands of man hours were spent in Honolulu to produce this breathtaking work of art.

So although it's like an oddball out of the Final Fantasy series, it's still quite enjoyable.

Boring tripe best left in the game console .

Biggest waste of money on graphics i have ever seen and i hope such a waste won't happen on a regular basis with this type of great graphics.

Worth watching cos then you'll KNOW where they made the improvements for the various sequals.

The plot is muddled and uninteresting, and by the end of the movie you don't care what happens to the characters, you just want the movie to end.

The movie is worth watching just for the visuals and almost every shot looks incredible.

First, I have to admit that the plot was a bit hard to follow, and the dialog was either really corny or ripped-off from 'Aliens'.

The only really "fantastic" thing in the movie is the "alien" creatures, which are used too much, too repetively and gets plain boring to watch in the end.

The story is great, the animation is excellent, it is entertaining, and also interesting.

I hear words describing parts of the plot, like "convoluted", "cliched", "confusing", and "boring".

Unfortunately, its story falls short of anything but a rather boring Sci-Fi plot, which I'm sure is what caused it to be such a failure in the box-office.

And even the "bang, bang, bang" part was boring.

The virtual people that inhabit this movie are stunning; their eyes glow with life, their hair sways in the wind and glistens as the virtual lightsource envelopes them.

Fans of the series will also become very familiar with the characters in this film coupled with beautifully done harmonics that are awe inspiring.

It combines combines the classic dystopic sci-fi future with a scorched Earth, a few heroes struggling against enigmatic aliens and a corrupt military force, action style sequences that are at times quite intense, and the typical slow-paced Asian movie storytelling.

While I'd have to say it's not as much of a classic like Aliens, it has an awesome storyline and believable characters that just add to the fact that this movie is visually stunning.

Some of the lines are really cliche too.

Otherwise, the movie is one visually stunning vista or action scene after another.

the story, effects and visuals are stunning to say the least.

The script is a joke, impossibly hard to follow and a bit overlong.

Boring .

Not without flaws, but a very enjoyable movie .

-------No story?

Usually Japanese writers use a lots of occidental mythology to backup their stories, this time there's just a mere reference to Gaïa (the earth spirit) the rest is confusing, you got easily lost if you're not aware.

Animation films are entertaining when we know that they are animation films.

If you /do/ manage to get all the little details the movie throws out, the rest of the plot actually makes sense, and believe me, movies are a lot more entertaining when they make sense.

Visually, the film is stunning.

Each game tells a compelling story that is different from all the rest.

When I was little, my sister had a catchall phrase for anything that was lame, stupid, idiotic, or generally a waste of time: it's "hunka junka" (hunk of junk).

Stunning effects (at the time) and that's all .

And the scientific jargon can be rather confusing.

The story is original and interesting enough and its look and style also definitely makes this movie one well worth watching.

(SPOILER - START)I found this film entertaining and was particularly impressed by doctor Sid's character in all aspects.

The story, the characters were as compelling and interesting as anything I've seen in near memory.

The graphics are largely stunning, and anyone who argues with that must eat a couple of renderdrives for breakfast before I'll take them seriously.

if only it had character development and if the film went at a slower pace, since the film was a bit too rushed, it would've been a lot more enjoyable.

She gives the most bland, lifeless reading you could possibly imagine.

I went into FF:TSW expecting visually stunning animation and not much else.

All the "non human" visuals are still stunning (if a little shiny and plastic), and the anthropormorhpic stuff is better than I remember.

While it is an entertaining movie to watch, Final Fantasy fails to make its entertainment continually fresh - instead it hopes that the viewer will be able to marvel at the realism of its computerization for nearly two hours while giving away all its tricks in the first 30 minutes.

I thought it was extremely entertaining and well-made.

The first time I saw this movie, I was mostly bored...

To have them exceeded was a rare and unexpected delight.

Equally stunning is the progression of the technology used in the movie.

All in all, it's probably worth a rental if you're stuck at home under, like a Tornado watch, but be prepared to fall asleep.

Pure waste of time .

It is true that not all the movies need to have a very complex story in order to be good, but I think, that at least it could have been something more entertaining: This movie is way too boring, too predictable and too predictable to be enjoyable.

I literally fell asleep in some parts of the movie.

Someone should've put a warning on the marquee, "SAVE YOUR MONEY", next to the title.

Final Fantasy was a very enjoyable movie that was TRUE TO THE GAME!

The story is a solid, sci-fi tale, probably not told as well as it could have been, but its still interesting and exciting enough to keep me watching.

A Thrilling Fantasy .

This crap is boring with no story whatsoever.

This movie was simply breathtaking.

In trying to attain the subtlety of live actors the animators have made their creations lifeless and dull.

i highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys and appreciates the imagination.

This movie was so fricken boring to watch.

and bored .

This is an incredibly dull movie.

They obviously spent more on CG than the story line and one last thing: all this talk about replacing actors with computers is stupid because it takes far too long; it is very expencive; its very time consuming and you still need actors because the characters need voices!

However, any irregular ambiguity within the plot is swiftly disregarded due to the stunning animation.

My dad wanted to see this movie, I myself am not a fan of CG films, but allowed myself to be dragged to a screening.

The script is cliche and anyone who has played the games will see this is just squaresoft trying to feel important and deep.

While it isn't always bad, it is far too cliche, far too often, to be completely effective.

Enjoyable .

Despite all its flaws it was a very entertaining and visually stimulated movie.

The Most Visually Stunning Movie of the Year!!.

It's a first of a kind, all other computer creations like Toy Story, Antz, even Shrek (which i personally enjoyed) are nothing but cartoons compared to FF, which stepped beyond the familiar limits of computer animation, it's a motion picture in every sense and more exciting than any motion picture because such an incredible level of visual performance can not be reached by usual methods of filming...

Boringest, dullest, excuse for just all out CG feature.

" For me, Final Fantasy, as pretty as it was to look at, was dull, unintelligible, and totally uninvolving.

Jurassic Park III was a plotless film driven purely by CGI.

The soundtrack is enjoyable with a wonderful theme song.

But once one is finished appreciating the art and technology, boredom sets in rather quickly.

Duller than watching paint dry .

They look deadpan, the voice actors are dreary (which is a surprise as most of the voice actors are pretty renown in themselves) and there is not a single character I can relate to.

Nothing but a paltry, uninteresting and unremarkable film.

The plot was very interesting at first, but then became too predictable.

"Delving into the languid storyline here is rather pointless; I'll let you watch instead and be the judge.

The film score was spectacular and the animation was just mind blowing!

However despite this film having a bit of a weak story line, I still found the film enjoyable and hoping for a sequel, (even if just to see the main female character again!!

A Thrilling Sci-Fi Ghost Story .

FF:TSW is all style (bland at best), and no substance to speak of.

I really enjoyed it though, so despite poor box office performance, it's a DVD in my collection that I enjoy watching with the sound cracked up!

Movie is boring, characters don't have a life and script is same as regular action movie in nowadays.

Entertaining Despite The Novelty And Standard Script .

However, this movie was entertaining.

I love the exciting action scenes, which are just amazing.

Overall, the graphics where incredible, the story was neat (a little dull at times) and the sound was a little on the lame side.

As an entertainment movie of high quality, however, it stands out amongst many sci-fis, which in most cases are awkwardly simple, one-sided and cliche-laden.

While I enjoyed the vast majority of the movie, there were scenes where I think the pacing dragged a bit.


But I still enjoyed it.

The movie's storyline is lacking much too, choosing to adopt every cliché' available for that kind of film (think Armageddon as a video game).

As it is, it just barely limps along under the power of a few snappy lines of dialogue and a lot of pretty vistas.

Final Fantasy is a breathtaking ride through a convincing alternate universe, fascinating in its design and style, and gripping in its action and drama.

In a few years, when this kind of animation looks like Pong to today's videogamers, Final Fantasy will be a ho hum title.

It isn't a masterpiece, it isn't a great film, but it is certainly good and well worth watching.

The most breathtaking piece of animation I have ever seen.

The detail and graphics are amazing; nice, clear sound and exciting.

Not too terribly exciting, but just enough to skate you through a boring summer day.

It has a cliched and boring plot that gets muddled in its own preachiness.

One understood the story line and enjoyed it.

One of the more common complaints was that the story line is cliched and dull.

then it would just be an ordinary sci-fi movie with NO plot, sub-par acting, and of course a pathetic attempt at drama.

Oh, the graphics are good, but the plot's from Doctor Who and it's too slow!

Quite boring.

The villain also plays out like a predictable and overdrawn powermonger.

It is a tragedy so surreal, breathtaking, and awe inspiring.

The incredibly realistic characters and beautifully rendered backdrops in this movie make it a fascinating work of CGI.

Only worth watching for the technology .

Perhaps this is only the first part in a bigger story, it was semi- open ended after all, but on its own the story was rather bland.

Part of me wants to call it the best-looking boring animated film since "La Planet Sauvage".

*SPOILER* If you've seen the End Act in not-so-great Evolution, you won't be surprised at how utterly, boringly similar they are!

i wonder if actors who saw FF felt a bit of worried about not so distant future when no actors will be needed to create most beautiful, romantic, thrilling, u name it, movies - and all inside pc box...

I recommend it if you feel like an entertaining night.

As a personal non-believer and sceptic in things spiritual, sometimes the whole thing felt like an propaganda exercise in Gaia theory.

The plot is weak and contrived, I predicted it from almost the very begining, including the nuances, the characters are shallow, and the dialogue is cliched.

It is gorgeous and breathtaking, and shows just how bad the "efforts" of Lucasfilm (who did the sound for FF) at the CG-rendered film elements of Star Wars really are.

The bottom line is, if you want to waste your time and money on a movie that is even worse than "Pearl Harbor" come see Final Fantasy.

This movie was a stunning example of Square's ability to produce quality visual effects.

I found myself completely immersed in the movie's gorgeous action scenes.

The main character, Dr. Aki Ross, is actually quite fascinating.

I read somewhere that it required one of their multimillion dollar SGI renderers a full day to produce a couple of seconds of usable animation - and the results show on the screen, in that the environments and machines and monsters and fantasy creatures all look great - beautiful, fantastically detailed, shimmering with energy and light, etc. But you also have to have a story, with real characters and actors and engaging looking people to tell that story, and that is where FF falls down.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is simply breathtaking visually and there is no surprise there.

the creature effects were both awe inspiring, and genuinely frightening.

For those who think we'll look back at this beautifully rendered pretentious mess a decade or three from now as some sort of milestone, I would remind you that they said the same thing about This Island Earth back in 1954.

The special effects are incredible but just as predictable as the plotline.

Okay, they're actually more like a hundred million a dozen, but you get the gist - it is rare to see a film that is truly innovative and entertaining.

The Negatives: Lack of Plot, the extensive use of jargon for the semblance of plot-forethought which I am sure loses a good half or more of any audience (including me!

Worth watching!

I liked the whole idea of how the phantoms got there, but Dr. Aki's search for the alien secrets was a little dull.

Entertaining .

Beautiful "cinematography," but a sadly predictable plot...

It plays like a cut scene from a video game, and because of this, it even becomes boring at times.

If you compare this movie with those that have come from America and are made to please Americans you will think that this film is all graphics and no story.

Despite the considerable voice talents in the cast (Donald Sutherland, Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, and James Woods), this movie has flat, uninteresting characters.

I personally was not impressed with the story because it was predictable.

The plot seems to be extracted from a B series Sci-Fi flick, the characters are half-dimensional, and the result is (of course in my opinion) something quite boring.

It is fun and it is exciting, too.


It has an intense atmosphere deep with emotion.

So, after the first half an hour of salivating over the CGI, Final Fantasy's story line leaves you totally bored and unconcerned over the fate of this world of fantasy...

May I suggest Resident Evil for a more faithful video game adaptation than this self-indulgent swill?

Overall a 7 for animation, compelling characters, and score.

A state of the art production, and entertaining feature with an entertaining yet serious and non-cliched movie subject, and good characters.

Very, very dull.

SPOILERS AHEAD The visuals in this film are truly awe inspiring, the characters lifelike to the point that even their pupils dilate in light.

The movie would certainly had been bad and a bore without the Deep Eyes, the military characters of the movie.

Considering I like sci-fi, the story is the worst boring hokey pokey ever.

The dialogue is clunky, but there is enough heart-pumping, realistic action to hold the interest and make it enjoyable.

The movie is so boring it nearly rendered the five people that saw it at the theaters with me to borderline comatose.

The adrenaline was not pumping.

The story is boring, slow, and talky.

I have seen, and enjoyed, a lot of bad movies in my time, and I PARTICULARLY enjoy sci-fi trash like this movie, but I found that I just became SO BORED during the second half of this movie, and the honestly found it difficult to keep from walking out.

For starters, the plot was hard to follow.

Final Fantasy is very unoriginal and a complete bore, so don't watch this flick if you are looking for a solid storyline.

It's also pretty predictable and the dialog is bad.

I judge this purely as a standalone movie - and as such, it is worth watching.

For a person existing only from 0 and 1, Aki is a stunning numerical woman who acts better than living ones (Kirsten Stewart for example).

However, I found the plot interesting and suspenseful enough to last the couple of hours.

The storyline is interesting if at times predictable, and there's plenty of action to be had throughout.

the story was intriguing and fit the format well.

The voice acting was OK, but the plot was very, very predictable.

So in the end, if you want to see an entertaining CG movie watch Shrek, if you want good sci-fi watch Blade Runner, if you want good anime watch Princess Mononoke but if you want to be bored and waste your time and money watch Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within.

The more conventional animation of that film was far more beautiful and the characters were far more compelling.

Maybe some of these days they will find a great script and make a breathtaking computer- film that also has a good story...

everything is easly predictable and this god awful movies make you feel like you were just robbed of 2 hours of your life that you will never get back.

And his character Neil´s constant quarrel with Peri Gilpin´s character Jane, was tiresome from the very beginning.

The mix of colours, the unique dream sequences, the stunning landscapes create the best eye-candy you've ever seen.

Unfortunately we have here a dull and boring science fiction-action, which is a waste of these beautiful visions from animators.

It's really amazing sometimes what one, little word like "boring" can do to the fate of a flick.

The lines are contrived, unrealistic, and well...

The vehicles were really well done, the background scenery was amazing, and the characters were breathtaking.

But, again, the visuals are so stunning that this movie is recommended.

Flawed but still breathtaking .

Stunning Animation, Reasonable Story=Good Entertainment .

This story is too predictable, the morality tale being developed is overdone and the poor dialog really sunk this film.

I all about gave out a yawn when three main characters were killed within five minutes.

REALLY Boring!!

While it indeed boasts many stimulating and already-talked-about-to-death visuals (including impressive scenes of "Old New York City" complete with a decimated, algae-covered Brooklyn Bridge), FF's groundbreaking concept of a realistically animated film is lost in a dense fog of a thin plot, horrible groan-inducing dialogue, and cliched, uninteresting characters.

More unique and smart dialogue would've made the movie so much more engaging as well as fun.

The characterisation is understandably accused of being formulaic.

The story was pretty hard to follow unless you sat there paying attention to just the movie.

Sure…the lips were purposely drawn out of alignment with English to make it easier for the Japanese.

It's at many times confusing and the end makes little sense.

Absolutely stunning.

The Spirits Within' has contrived-storyline-yet-stunning-animation computer gamers have come to expect from the FF franchise, it had none of the interaction.

) I left the theater without being disappointed, something I cannot say for the majority of cinema fare.

However, once the shock value of the animation wore off, boredom kicked in.

The phantoms are fun to look at and it's frequently entertaining to watch the computer guys emulate real camera tricks and cinematic devices.

But if you like action packed Sci-Fi movies then you're bound to like this one.

We get entrenched in one boring action sequence after another and the wow factor of the film wears off at about the same time.


Action Packed.

Technical breakthrough bogged down by a pointless plot .

If this film would've had a story line to it, then it might've even been better than Shrek, but guess what, there was no story line.

The excellent voice talent and stunning animation allow Final Fantasy to drawn you in just as well as a live-action version would have.

A dull exercise in CGI .

As for the soundtrack, though I find it enjoyable as background music, it has no real emotion to it, and any underlying theme is hard to discern.

The movie isn't really even Fantasy per se, it's Sci-Fi (a problem I've been having with some of the recent games, like FF7 and 8) and becomes so tedious to watch after the first half-hour that, after I left the theater, I was raving about the Lord Of The Rings trailer that I saw and not the feature presentation.

Despite having some of the most stunning visuals in film history, this movie suffers from one fatal flaw, and that is a stinker of a story...

The movie moves at a glacial pace which mistakes pretentious histrionics for intelligence.

But then 'Final Fantasy' is from the same writer as the 'Final Fantasy' games - tedious affairs with next to no interactivity, illiterate scripts and emaciated character development.

Some of the great talents that lent their voices to this picture, such as Steve Buscemi and James Wood, seem so mundane, predictable and downright clichéd.

The dialogue and interactions between the characters are laughable, the plot is new age mumbo jumbo which will appeal only to vegetarian schoolgirls, and the whole thing starts off slow, and just gets slower.

As a technical achievement, I raise my thumbs up, but as an entertaining movie, I really can't.


The movie had it´s exciting moments, with great environments.

But the plot is what actually makes the movie worth watching - as long as one doesn't get bogged down by the (so-called) speaking parts.

Since then, I've watched it several more times and have enjoyed it every time.

All in all, this makes FF an enjoyable evening-at-TV experience.

Please dont compare the games I love to this visually stunning flop.

Now after the first time I watched the film I was bored beyond belief...

I thought it was a boring action ….

and if you want to see a good movie, save your money and rent one.

It takes more than fancy computer graphics to create something worth watching!

To have made this film with conventional actors might have been impossible, and the end result would certainly have been nowhere near as engaging.

It is fascinating to realize that this film was ready and released in 2001.

Probably the story can be created more exciting by adding at least 60% likeness to the game itself.

I'm recomending this movie, never the less, cause it's revolutionary and visually stunning.

a very enjoyable metaphysical science fiction film .

I went to the theatres and found the room near half empty.

It's exciting and fun.

I knew nothing about the background, so I figured it was just a waste of time.

The audience share's his confusion.

Not only did this movie have only a fraction of the emotion and power felt in the games, but the pace was so, so slow.

First off, I want to get one fact on the record: I saw "Final Fantasy" only to compare it to "Tomb Raider," and because it seemed that a tense, exciting slugfest between these two movies, both spawned from video games (I've played neither) with immense followings, would steal the spotlight in the notoriously drab summer of 2001.

Even I could cough up a better storyline then this snoozer of a film!

The freckles on Ross's face allow for intense close-ups.

Over rated, Predictable, and just plain bad.

Predictable story line with a couple of bright spots.

Or they play for the rush of adrenaline.

"Final Fantasy -- The Spirits Within" (FF) certainly breaks new technological ground, and it is fascinating to watch for this reason alone: having witnessed other technological milestones such as Terminator and Toy Story one can marvel at the technological advances and speculate on the impacts it will have on the future of cinema: will it break Hollywood's fixation on stars, will a virtual star ever achieve the stardom of a Julia Roberts or a Clint Eastwood?

"Delving into the languid storyline here is rather pointless; I'll let you watch instead and be the judge.

They just went into the theatre, leaving their brain at home, and expected to see something like Aliens or Starship Troopers and instead they got this slow paced anime-styled flick with a complex storyline.

Even though some of the plot points were more than a little muddled and confusing.

The most unexpected ending of my moviegoing summer so far, I'd encourage people to see it.

Dr. Ross seeks a plant in futuristic New York and what follows is countless action violent scenes to pointless avail.

The only thing that keeps this movie from being quiet possible one of the worst movies of all time is the graphics (which will probably win the movie a few Oscars).

This movie is awe-inspiring, breathtaking and a breakthrough.

it STRIVES to be a complicated and intelligent plot, but all it really does is make itself confusing.

I wonder, however, how many people play video games solely for how they look, irregardless of how dull they might be or of how insulting they may be to the player's intelligence.

Altogether, worth watching just for the animation.

First off, I want to get one fact on the record: I saw "Final Fantasy" only to compare it to "Tomb Raider," and because it seemed that a tense, exciting slugfest between these two movies, both spawned from video games (I've played neither) with immense followings, would steal the spotlight in the notoriously drab summer of 2001.

I'm quite a fan of mainstream sci-fi movies, but even so I have to say this is one of the most breathtaking movies ever made.

Trite and Boring .

Now, this animation is breathtaking.

This was the dullest animated movie next to Bambi that I ever seen.

Don't waste your money.

And while I don't hate this movie,the truth is that I found it to be terribly disappointing: Most of the time, this film feels flat and uninspiring.

Maybe the best scenes in the movie are mostly depicted from the trailer, leaving the uneventful moments untouched.

But stunning visuals do not make a great movie.

No story line that I could care for -- the whole movie just didn't make sense -- lots of techno - and New Age babble for dialogue ("should we save earth through Gaia or by blasting away on the super Zeus cannon, Commander Evil?

Now, does that sound "boring" to you!?.....

Truly bland and emotionless, nobody wants to waste their money just looking at their so-called fluid antics.

(Dislike)Movie is hard to follow plot wise 5.

What compels me to watch this movie every so often is the craftmanshift and intense attention paid to details by the animators.

The series is known for it's engaging storyline and wonderful characters along with some riveting action, so i thought the movie shouldn't be that bad.

She's empty.

A good thing too, as otherwise we might have been in for a very dull time.

While the world of CGI has had a stunning impact on ENHANCING films in the past, and eye candy animated projects like BUGS LIFE, TOY STORY and the wonderful 2001 SHREK have been very well received and produced--a digital rendered "real" life film had to happen.

The voice actors dialog is disappointing and so predictable.

The good points : The visual is stunning they did their homework.

To sum up, it's an entertaining movie, very beautiful to watch, and that shows Square Picture's potential.

However, i did buy the DVD which i found to be a waste of money.

Considering it from this point of view, it's a stunning achievement.

" Then left the theater and forgot about it.

Technical marvel but confusing story .

Stunning visuals, the obligatory Final Fantasy cameo of Sid/Cid, and good voice acting marred by a typical manga-style story (i.

As a result, the twisting and exotic storylines from the games - which were what made them so interesting and compelling - have been ditched in favour of standard Hollywood "man against alien" action crap.

Complex story, breathtaking animation .

Story was fast-paced even though a lot of people say that it was boring.

I guess they paid more attention to that movement, and so the more boring stuff is slightly stiff, or scripted.

A breathtaking moment cannot be made sole by bunch of polygons, special-effect things, lots of explosions, rock musics, shaking the camera crazily, etc. It needs script.

I personally enjoyed the story line, this film was very entertaining and I applaud Squares's effort, I look forward to future films by this company.

Perhaps if the movements of the characters where stylized a bit more, made a little more expressive, they might have seemed more engaging and a little less awkward and creepy.

The visuals, as heavily covered by many others, are breathtaking.

a predictable, if pretty, scifi flick filled with man of the space opera cliches we've seen before: tendril-twisting aliens, self-sacrificing wounded space marines, a military commander bent on using brute force...

First, the graphics are breathtaking.

All the critics say "It's generic and dull, blah blah.

) What I got was far from one of the best films I've ever seen, but still very, very entertaining.

Breathtaking imagery!

The story is plodding and non- sensical (even for Science Fiction) to the point that nobody in the group I went to see this film with could explain to me what we had just seen.

Visually stunning .

Stunning cut-scenes, too bad it was supposed to be a movie...

I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

The plot, like I said, makes little sense but it ends up being a predictable fight between the bunch of good guys (all the cliches are intact with this group--the square-jawed hero, the feisty heroine, the wise-cracking jerk, the strong female and the token black guy) and the bad guy (some military general very badly voiced by James Woods).

Some scenes are even worth watching.

Why is that when a fantasy movie tries to examine the essence of life itself it is disregarded as boring or "been there done that" cliche.

What I received was the most visually stunning movie I have ever seen, and a well directed, well told story with all aspects of genres represented.

Some scenes are even worth watching.

Although sometimes bits of it seemed a little 'too perfect' if you could call it that, with the fight scenes and a few other bits, overall it was a stunning movie, thoughtful, poignant, breathtaking, innovative and heartfelt and it is well worth a watch so you can make up your own mind.

" But I found it rather engrossing, and sometimes pretty suspenseful.

The story itself was reasonably entertaining, even if there wasn't much background, explaining some of it (why only 8 spirits, etc).

(yawn, been there seen that)The CGI 'actors' were exactly as I expected.

The fascinating part is that you realize what is happening to the film industry, in the area of computer rendered environments and beings the machines and software is undergoing a constant evolution that hardly rests for even a second.

The plot is confusing--something about spirits of a dead race invading Earth or something like that...

And there were some great action sequences which made it well worth watching.

Pointless and disappointing.

Incredibly stunning film .

While the visuals are stunning in their beauty and intricacy, the characters are all cardboard, and the plots don't make any sense.

If you are looking for a movie that looks good, but makes no way for a decent plot, by all means watch it, but i was expecting alot better from this movie, especially since so much work was put into it, the movie had really dull characters, was re-occuring (to waste time), and wasnt written very well....

For those who want to watch a gripping movie with beautiful animation, gorgeous soundtrack, and interesting plot line, then this is a movie for all FF gaming fans out there.

Another concern is the plot - while I found it intriguing and compelling, some sections are quite obscure and convoluted.

We were both so bored and appalled by the awfulness of this movie we shut it off with 30 minutes left.

Unlike sci-fi generals who are megalomaniacs or power seekers, Heiner is driven by an intense hatred that will make him do something disastrous, something that will drive him to the brink of suicide.


In the most breathtaking of scenes something would go wrong...


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was a movie i chose to watch randomly, im not a fan of the game, but i just decided to watch it for its stunning visuals.

Dull beyond belief.


I'm being really critical of the movie, but overall it was a pretty enjoyable flick.

A pointless movie that makes no sense .

Even more enjoyable on second and third viewings!

The characters babble on with so much fancy-schmancy jargon it is often confusing.

Regarding story and plot, I think some of the background concepts were iffy (Gaia, spirits, ghosts), and may have been what turned off so many viewers and critics; certainly the conflict between the military and the scientists seeking a non-lethal solution was cliché.

While it indeed boasts many stimulating and already-talked-about-to-death visuals (including impressive scenes of "Old New York City" complete with a decimated, algae-covered Brooklyn Bridge), FF's groundbreaking concept of a realistically animated film is lost in a dense fog of a thin plot, horrible groan-inducing dialogue, and cliched, uninteresting characters.

Here are the three most obvious things that are horribly horribly wrong:1) Pacing - There are no high points, no low points, no fast scenes, no slow scenes, just dragging minutes of plodding monotone explanation.

3)The story consist of emotions like--Exciting,romantic,comedy,sad & happy.

The CGI is stunning (the hands are the weakest point; the Donald Sutherland character is breathtaking), and easily gets it an extra point.

As an avid [read: obsessed] fan of the Final Fantasy games, I had originally hoped for all the usual Final Fantasy trimmings: spiritual and magical elements, intriguing plot and characters, and of course all the traditional inside jokes.

The backdrops are stunning and the effects are well done.

The story is a bit hard to follow and the ending can be confusing if you don't pay very close attention.

The CGI is excellent and the visuals breathtaking.

Music is excellent, really making you about cry at the sad moments and exciting you at the ( most ) incredible action scenes I've seen in a long time.

This movie I found to be very boring.

Great animation, and likeable charecters, but boring, and a horrible and unoriginal plot.

The plot is pretty standard--Earth is a wasteland; most of Terra's population has been wiped out by the unexpected invasion of mostly-invisible aliens called Phantoms.

I was quite immersed in the action and storyline, so I didn't mind that they were not perfectly like real humans all the time.

So if you want to see a movie that can keep you on the edge of your seat, have spectacular graphics, and a good plot, go see Final Fantasy the Spirits Within

The story starts off at a slow crawl, and it stays like that for the first hour and a half.

All the "intense" and emotional scenes from this movie feel demotivated.

The animation was unbelievable and the backdrops were stunning.

The movie was visually breathtaking (though i was trying my hardest not to nitpick given all the great reviews on its looks i really was looking for flaws, so sue me!

It is about as boring a 2 hours as I have spent in the last few years.

Visually stunning .

OK I will admit the plot is nothing new, and some of the dialouge was corny, but IT WAS ENTERTAINING!

I can give points for that but to quote a cliche, nothing beats the real thing.

There are still moments when the plot seems rushed, and there's certainly more they could do with it, but in general it's a nice, suspenseful ride.

The villain was boring.

Enjoyed it quite a lot don't understand the bad reviews what were you expecting real life?

But the producers of "Final Fantasy" clearly had the forethought to use modern-day technology to tell a ponderous, more mature tale that had not been done previously in computer animation.

The "actors" are dull and lifeless and the dialogue seems forced and equally devoid of emotion.

Beautiful to look at but boring .

It's boring, badly animated, no one ever looks close to realistic, apart from two scenes, which are ruined by bad camera handling (meaning the camera doesn't move like a real one would).

General Hein is so uninteresting that you wish James Woods were playing the role live action.

It was anything but 'entertaining'.

Nevertheless a perfectly great and entertaining movie to watch!

The movie itself is worth watching because of its dazzling special effects.

The other horrible thing that Final Fantasy could have done but didn't, which would have contributed to the cliche criticism, would be to have a sickly-sweet happy ending, which it completely passed up, in favor of a very dark downer ending.

Whilst watching the film I had to put up with numerous smirks, comments and nasty remarks from the audience as they watched it, which made me realize that even **stunning** CGI is not good enough to fool people into swallowing the half-baked storyline.

It has stupid jokes, dumb dialog, stupid characters, a flat out boring and weak plot, and most of all awkwardness.

gave it a 1 to even out such a high rating by people that let there eyes decieve them from a trite science fiction plot.

The lighting effects were simply stunning (just watch James Wood's character's jacket when he walks), the detail on the character's faces were amazing, especially Dr. Cid.

Square simply has fantastic artists, with vivid imaginations that produce breathtaking visuals.

it's worth watching just for the animation itself!

Being a 106-minutes special effect, this movie faced heavy critic because of the lack of story and uninteresting characters.

The Bottom Line: Entertaining story, unbelievable CG Animation.

The digitized people and places of Final Fantasy are more gripping than anything to hit the theaters this summer.

But this is one of the most Empty, Dark films I have ever seen.

All in all, this movie is a very entertaining experience.

Baldwin sounds bored and Buscemi has one lame one-liner after another.

Other than that, it's the story part I had trouble with and that causes this movie to become quite boring at times.

At the end, this only serves to proof how the lack of a good (Or at least entertaining story) are enough to destroy what could have been great film.

The character's one-dimensional and boring.

There are some cool scenes that would do good live action justice, and the story does have some interesting ideas, but this movie ultimately rests on the fact that just about every scene is fascinating to watch for novelty's sake.

This thrilling and visionary fantasy--with a high budget that included the cost of its new animation studio--was D.

A little sad to see the old sort animation leave, but when these visuals are this imaginative, creative and absorbing, why carp?

With this ironic twist, we recognize both the dazzling future and the dull present that Final Fantasy, as a landmark in film technology, helps to illuminate.

Even when things aren't quite right, it's a breathtaking achievement.

What I found was that the movie had a very tortuous plot, bland dialogue, lots of fairly slow moments, and a pretty stupid and uninspired plot.

The graphics were breathtaking, no one with an solid idea of graphic design argues there.

Graphics-> This is the BEST thing about the movie, you can swear that they are real people at parts, if you watch this movie for a reason, watch it for its visuals its truely stunning.

The main characters were gray, boring, undistinguishable "people," who apparently don't have tongues.

Everything is formulaic and lifeless.

The CGI animation is fascinating.

When I saw it in the theatre three young people (I'm guessing between 10-13) seem to get bored (and subsequently I almost dove over the seats to threaten their flapping mouths!

I guess I rambled on for far too long now.

I don't even know why the people who made this film bothered to call it "Final Fantasy", when it didn't have anything to do with that franchise of video-games: They could have name it only "The Spirits Within" and it still will be the same thing, since this is something completely different (But not in a good way) I just don't know why the director of this movie Hironobu Sakaguchi (Which is the creator of the games) decided to remove all the elements that make "Final Fantasy" so popular in first place (Such as the combination of magic and steam-punk technology, the mythological characters) turning what could have been a great epic film into a boring, dull and clichéd story about an alien invasion on earth.

The story is confusing, like a straigthened "AKIRA".

I mean REALLY cliche.

Music score is also another breathtaking element, written by Elliot Goldenthal and performed by the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra.

The lack of plot and story background really hurts this movie.

Anything over 100 minutes generally is too long for an animated film, in my opinion.

FF, while thoroughly enjoyable, was somewhat dark, though not as dark as, say, End of Days or Mimic.

15 minutes into the movie and I was bored.

Somber, but entertaining .

But even with an advantage as huge as this , the writers still ended up writing an incredibly bland script that's populated by bland characters and doesn't even include a big exciting action set piece to justify the all of the blandness thats going on.

Upon reading many reviews before I watched this movie, I was a little iffy, but I was surprised when I left the theater when the movie was released back in 2001, after watching this movie countless times, I reached the conclusion that I actually liked this movie.

Square awes us once again with stunning visuals and unique characters.

It basically had no plot.

Visually stunning and exciting animated epic .

The pure visual impact of this is breathtaking, and after half of the movie you will have forgotten that you're watching a virtual reality.

But the entire movie was just too predictable to be enjoyed.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has amazing, stunning visuals that you must see to believe and you sometimes forget that the characters and the world are actually CGI.

The Positive: For being an animated movie, with simple voice-overs, the story was quite entertaining.

A completely bland chick who has no spark or personality.

) Earth has been mostly destroyed by evil alien ghosts (zzzz) and now, the people have two main choices: 1.