First Man (2018) - Biography, Drama, History

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A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Damien Chazelle
Stars: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy
Length: 141 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 347 out of 1024 found boring (33.88%)

One-line Reviews (981)

Story-wise, I felt that the movie hat some pacing issues and felt a little slow in the middle, and the final moon landing felt underwhelming.

It was a great movie, worth the watch.

An action packed movie with explosions and warp drives?

Also, some aircraft scenes were too internal and stagnant to be exciting which is a disappointment as director Damien Chazelle did such brilliant work on "La La Land" a couple of years ago.

It is watchable, but boring and long and mostly just sad.

Boring Claptrap .

First man, BORING.

Unwatchable due to cinematography .

Gosling gave the performance of a pretty dull man which of course he was not.

Don't waste your time if you haven't already.

It is boring a lot of the time.

The movie's portrayal of Armstrong as dull and lifeless is not only bizarre, it's just plain inaccurate.

The story however focuses too much on the family life on Neil Armstrong, played by an emotionless, boring, and cold Ryan Gosling.

X15 test flight excitement, loss of 3 yr old girl Karen during Apollo preps and most exciting Lunar landing .

This movie is quite tense at some point, but it's very, very slow at other points.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed it.

From a technical point of view, the sound editing is stunning, and makes you feel real.


Slow, Boring, and Predictible .

Yawn .

It's the only thing about the film that comes close to being rousing, and it deserves a better movie.

It was a terrible disappointment, so boring that I fell asleep!

This already excellent and fascinating drama (seriously, how any sane human had the courage to get one of these explosive, metallic death traps is beyond me) is elevated further by some stellar production values.

Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Visceral, Stunning, and Memorable .

It was just the bones of the plot surrounding the inner struggle of the characters that unfortunately made the film feels formulaic.

Yet, I found this movie, that I watched solely for Ryan Gosling and because of my mild interest in space movies, as intense as Apollo 13 and as well made as all of the other 3, or even better.

The lead character is NOT interesting and Gosling's acting performance (as usual) is wooden, making this movie rather tedious to watch.

I found it compelling watching every nuance of their performance up close.

The downside of this approach is that the film can be boring if you aren't going with it or if you wanted it to be more like Apollo 13.

This allowed for some great suspenseful scenes in space.

I have read other reviews of this movie and most of them refer to how boring it was, I don't think it was that boring (some people just have the attention span of a Gnat), however it did seem to drag on for a while in parts (mostly just annoying with the camera work), apart from the annoying ultra close-ups the flying/space scenes were good but the family scenes were a bit lacking, they needed more dialogue, I am sure that NA spoke to his wife a whole lot more than in this film.

It had a lot of intense moments, and emotion as well.

This movie is nowhere near as entertaining or uplifting (or even informative) as either The Right Stuff or Apollo 13.

Also this movie is boring, slow, and confusing.

I sincerely don't loved this one, all the technics aspects was well, but I didn't care about the story, I have to admit, that the best parts are on the rocket, training, and when envolves something about the travel in space, but the story, I thought boring.

The film was very boring.

Motivated by its theatrical trailer (and some of the positive reviews here on IMDb), I saw First Man the weekend it opened, and I enjoyed it overall.

How can you take the life of one of the most well known men on the planet and the most exciting missions that mankind has ever made and make it so utterly boring?

The close ups got annoying and I'm positive the real events were a lot more exciting than this film was.

Good, well made but simply dull.

First Man spends a lot of time gazing inwardly, but that's balanced by a series of riveting, high-pressure scenes inside the cockpit.

It admirably avoids transforming him into a cliché or a lie: this is no charmingly airbrushed portrait of a genial aw-shucks American hero.

I fell asleep twice .

If somehow a movie was made about watching paint dry, it would be more exciting than this.

and when it did come back, it felt contrived and somewhat cheesy.

He made Walter Mondale look exciting.

I get that as an astronaut and test-pilot, he needed a cool head, but there's a big difference between keeping a cool head, and simply looking bored and disinterested all the time.

We got bored and turned it off.

One of the most boring movie for the most exciting event ever made by man.

The Farthest (2017 documentary about the voyager missions) is far far more exciting, and that's a documentary.

Engrossing from start to finish.

Instead he probably got carte blanche after the success of Whiplash and La La Land and got carried away with a self indulgent bore fest.

The characters were so dull .

Don't waste your time on this.

Boring as hell.

To me First Man was entertaining from the beginning till the end.

Both my wife and I fell asleep SEVERAL times while trying to watch this.

Scenes with his wife or almost any of the NASA men as far as dialogue left me bored, seemed pointless, and thrown in randomly between his flights as drivers of plot.

I expect more than from damian chazel as great director but this movie is very boring and I slept in cinema.


Okay Neil might have been a quiet man but did we have to see him be so robotic and boring?

how incredibly boring!!

I find it fascinating.

But this film is so boring and slow that you spend most of the film saying "get on with it".

Snooze Fest .

Slow, very slow ...

Soooo slow and boring .

I think the main problems that arise in other people's reviews is that they all expect this movie to be glorified and happy since the moon landing is presented as an exciting and exhilarating moment in history.

Boring..! How on earth do you manage to make a feature film less engaging than a documentary?

) I was so filled with disgust I walked out of the theater, which is something I never do.

I think the second half was better than the first, and it had some very good individual scenes (especially when Janet gets Neil to talk to the kids), but it felt much too predictable and free of intrigue to be enjoyable, whereas Gravity maintained uncertainty and tension throughout, and The Martian did it despite the outcome being obvious as it was in First Man.

The broader spectrum of sound effects is equally compelling, particularly the clanking, creaking terror of the giant, possibly malevolent, shiny space beasts.

In the several overwhelming test flights to the ultimate climax we are met with stellar sound design, culminating the loud launches and crashes with unexpected silence is almost entrancing.

Ignore what critics Are saying- it's a snooze fest!

VERY slow and boring .

The family drama dragged on and on and really killed the pacing.

Dry and boring.

Running at the pace of continental drift and just as absorbing.

It was based on one of the most important and fascinating true stories and achievements there's ever been, and a very interesting man.


Amazing in how they made a moon landing boring .

Even though you know how it is going to end, you're still on the edge of your seat throughout these scenes.

Visually it was really good and some of the intense scenes sounded amazing.

It is one of the most intense experiences I have ever had while watching a movie.

Instead it seperates the viewer from the story beeing told making it boring to be frank - which is quite impressiv in a way when you think of the fact that this is a movie about one of the biggest achievements in mankind - The first man on the moon

Thanks for dismantling and burning a story of triumph, and making another entry into the unwatchable disintegration of modern movie making.

The story was beyond slow.

This film was one-paced and painfully slow.

The second most prevalent theme is that it renders the subject matter boring, and it does.

What a dreary mess .

Maybe I don't understand the art behind it but this level of shaky camera and extreme zooming, a lot of which was out of focus by the way, made the movie unwatchable for me.

There was nothing mundane, tedious or remotely boring about it or the amazing people who pulled it off.

It's a boring script,no bunget moovie!!.

Good story but too slow and too long.

Evocative poignant .

Intense and Intellectual .

I would expect them to make it exciting since it's the seven thousandth movie about the moon landing.

It's exciting and the culmination of the film's promise, both personal and in terms of plot, creating a fantastic finale that, I feel, gets slightly undermined by the dropping of the bracelet.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the annoying shaky camera continued, but the acting was very cliche and performed, especially by Neil's annoying wife.

The marriage is interesting with two compelling actors.


Boring .

Most boring person to do something interesting .

While we're at it, the ending too is remarkably bland and cold and ineffectual.

After 1 hour of shaky close-ups and nothing happening I left.

The *true* test pilot's mind is alert, sharp, keeping adrenaline balanced with clarity is the challenge.

The two hours and 25 minutes are just plain boredom.

Technically Brilliant with a few genuinely thrilling scenes but mostly a boring film .

I'd probably prefer a complete recreation spanning 10 * hour long pretty uneventful episodes of a HBO show.

Very boring.

Boring and depressing.

Miscast, poorly directed slow moving story about Neil Armstrong I would like to have my time back that was wasted seeing this abortion of a historical movie A sweeping story that was ruined by revisionist direction Watch the Series From Earth to Moon the Right Stuff or Apollo 13 Don't waste your time or money on this drivel

A Compelling Masterpiece.

The film is slower-paced and centers more on the emotional toll of everything that led to the first small step for man.

dull - perhaps taking such a literal/grounded approach to his character was a mistake!

I thought this was gonna be a great movie but it was too slow.

The special effects were on point, and i will say that a couple of the action scenes, for example the opening one, were truly riveting.

Firstly, it is far too long.

Incredibly boring.

The attempt to be very intense and maybe (given a revealing tragedy) intimate (?

Stunning in so many ways.

Neil is trapped in his small capsule with only small views of the outside world spinning, and we share that perspective, feeling the terror as things go wrong against the empty void of outer space.

Scenes like these form a major part of the movie, which is quite long at its 141 minutes, turning it into more than average exhaustive viewing - probably even more so IMAX.

Damien Chazelle managed to make the story of Neil Armstrong's moon mission boring.

Its so boring.

From the first ten minutes I was bored.

This movie left me feeling disengaged and bored too.

The lesson of this is that astronauts are brave and resourceful but boring.

Wow talk about a bore fest .

I love science and astronauts but this is one dull film.

Everyone knows who landed on the moon, this is more about the build up and his home life and how he always remains focused, good insite to the astranault legend, I found it compelling.. this was never to be a fast pace movie.

Intense, complete silence like one would indeed experience in a world with no atmosphere.

It's just that you'll have to prepare for 2 hours of mostly wonderful imagery with no plot attached to it.

Snooze Fest .

Soooo boring .

The Cinematography, on a final note, breathtaking and groundbreaking.

I fell asleep during it then turned it off - not worth finishing.

Instead it offers more character in Armstrong, as hard as it is at times to like him, it is engaging for how he is.

A good documentary on Neil Armstrong but a dull film about the greatest single achievement in all human history.

Easily the Most Boring film of 2018 .

It's fascinating, thrilling, thought provoking, and showcases another side of history that even when we succeed, we always need to be ready to fail so that we learn from it and not repeat those mistakes.

Tedious, uninvolving and a terrible slog.

There are a lot of comments about the movie being boring, and I agree that if you were looking for a space movie as exciting as Apollo 13, then this movie falls way short.

But just let you now, sometimes movie goes slowly.

Another snooze fest from Ryan Gosling.

Yea, as a viewer, I want to look at a shaking helmet for 10 strait minutes instead of seeing exterior views of an intense event.

I'm not discussing how important (or completely not) her role was, I'm pointing out reason people call this film - boring.

Literally as I fell asleep half way through on a transatlantic flight to the USA :).

There are multiple examples of scenes so drawn out they become self parodies, and show self indulgence.

Bored myself to death watching this movie !

It's too heavy and slow.

It seems that many of you have become mentally dull due to the usual blockbusters from Hollywood, which are full of successive action scenes and dull "dialogues".

However, it dragged on and was very dry, reminiscent of A Thin Red Line.

The subject of the movie is exiciting however its been narrated too slow.

This movie had such potential, with the great actors involved in it and the exciting subject matter.

First Man is truly breathtaking and powerful.

But after two hours of the same monotone, it spills out like a mere afterthought, deflating the moment.

Long winded and boring.

There was nothing stopping Universal Pictures, including Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, from throwing in an extra 100 million bucks to make this film an action packed white-knuckle crowd pleaser.

Boring .

What a waste of time...

A real story based on real people and real events made this absolutely gripping.

During the intense moments had great music.

The moon landing felt a little disjointed, and as usual with films of this nature they are always strapped in seconds before launch.

If Neil Armstrong was have as dull in real life as portrayed in this then why didn't they make the movie about Buzz Aldrin.

Total Waste of Time ...

Mostly interested in the subjective feelings experienced by Armstrong during space travel on the one hand and the human cost to his family on the other this is a gripping portrayal of man who loses himself to impossible work to hide his grief.

With no disrespect to the director here, but seriously this movie was the ultimate boring snorefest.

It deserved a much grander and exciting telling.

Terrence Malick directs "First Man" so prepare yourself for a long artsy drawn out movie.

Boring .

01% of the worst movies I've ever see there was at least 40 min in multiple scenes of no talking.

Drawn out and disappointing .

A long, dull film about an unlikeable man and his unlikeable wife, filmed unwatchably with hand-held camera .

Boring, slow & BORING.

Each action sequence, while rare, is handled very well, and each of those moments is suspenseful and feels quite real.

The storyline was dull and boring no real character development.

It's a little slow in parts, and the acting makes Neil seem boring.

Damien Chazelle could have learned from GRAVITY and made a much more exciting film including the family drama.

The film is also dull and boring.

It was so slow paced and gloomy I nearly quit watching before the end.

It's a miracle that it worked very well at the end as well as everything else in the awe-inspiring, breathtaking, gorgeous-looking, extremely intense and immensely satisfying final act that followed a thrilling climax.

Had Chazelle's screenwriter, Josh Singer, been able to flesh out some of these characters more effectively, First Man probably wouldn't feel as slow moving, already hampered by its 141 minute running time.

Really really boring never getting them hours back ever.

Sad that a story of a great man was in the hands of self indulgent filmmakers .

Gosling powers through with a solid cast as Armstrong, and the film faults only really with some second and third act pacing (which is initially perfect) and how the breathtaking and powerful moments are few and far between.

First Boring Man .

"It's boring" "It's slow" welcome to 2018 where the most accurate telling of one of the most significant events in man kinds history is compared to a marvel film...

Absorbing .

A family drama about the first man on the moon, correct but boring, a lot of frames show us him and a voice saying numbers and things we don't understand.

I felt 65% of the film dealt with his pent-up emotions and aloofness, while 35% was devoted to the men and women behind the exciting achievement of man's first moon landing.

If I was in a movie theater, I might have walked out.

Slow and bored .

Directed by Damien Chazelle (La La Land, Whiplash), a great, riveting telling of the man behind and the events leading up to one of the momentous events in human history.


One of the most boring movies I've ever seen .

The tone in every scene is dictated by Chazelle's choices of how this story should be told with his crew and by the choice to deconstruct and humanize the legend, even if it means a slower pace, instead of just showing what he did.

During the interminable, mind-numbing (not to mention silent), closeups, I kept expecting Ryan Gosling to yawn.

The script, written by Josh Singer (the Post, Spotlight), is unfortunately rather mundane: it takes a look at Neil Armstrong's personal and working life fairly evenly in a very unsurprising fashion - the screenplay is pretty middle of the road biopic-stuff.

Sound effects are even better and it is really enjoyable to listen.

Either way the movie fails on both counts in an overtly contrived attempt to be raw.

Overall, this is a long, somewhat slow, slightly incoherent, rather inconsistent movie that includes a few great moments and a few terrible ones.

Sorry if i don't comment more it would be adding more of my precious time to some art that I didnt particularly enjoy because of its boredom.

How do you take the most historic event In the history of mankind, and make so boring as to be unwatchable.

Great balance of adrenaline, fear, loss and love.

The plot was super slow and not as enthusiastic as I would've expected.

Very empty personality

I'll give it another shot in the future, but it seemed very dull.

The pace is too slow and unefficient, enough to make spectators repeatedly look at their watches, and so are the performances.

Somehow they figured out how to make the first moon landing boring.

Drawn out.

It's a slow movie and a bored one.

If the subject matter interests you enough, or if you're into slow brooding introspective movies- as long as you know what you're getting you self into, you could give this movie a go.

The "family" of astronauts is touched on but again all too intense and I agree with one user who said it was all a bit sombre and miserable.

The only off-putting effect of this, was the story would jump abruptly feeling somewhat disjointed.

The sound is across the board magnificent - regular stalwart Justin Hurwitz's score is one of the best in years, a sometimes exciting, sometimes haunting amalgam of period appropriate vintage electronica that heightens or enhances anything it touches.

Snooze fest .

I would have tightened the thing up in editing, as I was getting bored trying to get into it.

The incessant background music over hushed tones and boring, clipped dialogue.

Boring to death .

I had heard opinions ranging from "Oscar favourite" to "overrated and boring" on First Man when I walked into the theatre.

Don't waste your time and money

So Boring.

If you cut out the space scenes it is a boring lifetime movie.

Biopic storytelling done right, First Man elevates above genre clichés to deliver a riveting domestic drama amongst a back drop of stunning space set-pieces.

Yawn .

What a fascinating topic told in such an uninteresting way.

Worst and boring .

It's a thrilling gut punch, full of the eerie silences, scraping metallic noises, whirring dials, serene beauty and absolute terror that inform much of the film's sky high action.

First Man is incredibly worth the watch.

In what seems like too obvious and cliche of a title, First Man has its visually stunning moments, most notably when we actually get to see the moon, but drags out and is painfully dull throughout.

The handheld camera thing is so tiresome, it should be put to bed NOW.

If a movie is this dark it's unwatchable .

They took one of the most momentous and important events in human history and turned it into a boring, lifeless snoozefest.

The whole cinema was on the edge of their seat and it was completely silent through out the whole movie.

The film is very intense throughout especially in the scenes in the run up to the moon landing.

Overall enjoyable for space enthusiasts, minus the action and drama.

We have no idea what the Astronauts went through, but this film gives you first hand eye opening, riveting, heart stopping awareness of their experience.

Because this negativity is such a predominant theme of the movie it makes for long, drawn out, boring scenes with little dialogue.


The result of my processing is this - I really like the movie for what it is; a well-made biopic of a fascinating man, and the vanguard of the era of movies that just happen to be set in space.

The second half of the movie, when they actually get to the Apollo missions, was intense, engaging, and visually stunning, and I'd recommend it for that.

Gosling's performance is dull and humorless.

Often looking confused and a bit bland.

Plodding storyline, incomprehensible events and appalling direction.

Fell asleep watching this boring movie.


Slow and depressing movie .

This movie is a typical Gosling movie (being slow, quiet & to stroll is in his contract I guess), not a good nor spectacular biopic on N.

Watching this film bored me to no end.

Which makes his story even more compelling.

This is probably the most amateur review that you will ever read but I literally fell asleep trice towards the end on the movie.

I was surprised that these people were allowed to successfully ruin one of the mankind's most exciting story.

Ryan Gosling is the most boring, unintesesting actor who consrantly gets cast as boring and uninteresting roles.. either he is brilliant at his job or just boring and uninteresting.

This was the first time I had to walk out from the theatre hall due to a shortness of breath induced by the claustrophobic camerawork (darkness, closeups, fuzziness) combined with extreme, unbearable sounds.

Which brings me to terribly slow pace of the editing.

Instead of dealing with the oceans of grief within him, he channels his intense stoicism and iron discipline into his new mission: taking leave of the surface of the Earth.

It was really intense!

The problem is that the events are portrayed as such a monotone and disengaged matter that I found myself looking at the phone every now and then.


Emotionally powerful with breathtaking set pieces.

Parts towards the middle dragged on.

I say this because a recent film by the name of Bohemian Rhapsody came under fire for being historically inaccurate and now The First Man has been called boring by some on this site for being very accurate.

First Man is a straightforwardly dull biographical film, that I couldn't relate to.

However, the movie did not entertain with its thin characterizations, emotional detachment, suspenseless climax, and very boring family narrative.

The screenplay is hard to follow at times.

The feeling we get whenever he's inside a spacecraft, everything shaking and loud, the claustrophobic sensations, are all very immersive, scary and deliver a great deal of adrenaline and suspense.

This really was an incredibly tedious snooze fest.

That makes this film so much more engaging and emotionally illuminating than the abstractions of Kubrick's 2001.

There wasn't a single character that was interesting , that lite up the screen.. all pretty drab.

However, it dragged on a bit, and some scenes were a tad slow.

waste of time.

Its slow, boring, and even when he lands on the moon then make it a depressing feel.

My only gripe is that some of the family scenes are unneccessary and boring, hence the script is not award worthy.

Dull .

First Man made our space program and successful flight to the moon, seem like a waste of money, time, and a dark time for our country.

Created using using computer-generated imagery, these aspects made for some breathtaking moments.

hang the movie of a boring person on that.

So unbelievably boring.

Boring movie .

First Man tries hard to be about more than just Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, but the harsh reality is the only intriguing scene is when we actually see Armstrong and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin land in the moon.

Yet this is a boring and soulless movie - I can honestly state that I have seen more compelling documentaries.

Slow like a slug .

So realistic made it turns boring .

I get that American cinema is all about reflecting and focusing on the dark at the moment, but my god it's a tedious and humorless film watch.

Damien Chazelle follows up La La Land with a breathtaking opening sequence of Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) as test pilot.

Other than that egregious problem, I was also stunned at just how boring and drawn out this film was.

But they all have one thing in common: they have no sense of humor whatsoever, and they are all boring/annoying.

Very nerve-wracking, gritty and engaging.

the detail in the scenes and effort to make it look classic was awe inspiring.

Intense and compelling film .

Focussing an entire movie around his character WILL cause A problem:boredom.

Still worth watching.

I wouldn't waste your time with this film.

I thought Neil Armstrong's portrayal was bland and melancholy.

I worry that in the years to come many will remember the film's unflattering characterization of Neil Armstrong rather than the warm, engaging person he in reality was.

Boring, revisionistic, inaccurate...

In an attempt to make an intense film they have overdone the sound/visual effects with respect to the rocket launches.

This role had to have bored him and the rest of the cast to tears.

But the low key, slow storytelling just made it boring.

2 - When Gosling in the quarantine his and her wife look each other soo long and so pointless like they have big argue.

If you are looking for some fast paced film with lots of action then it wouldn't be a movie about Neil Armstrong he wasn't like that in real life.

There is lots of slow stone-face dialogue, that was quite opposite that I was expecting of a film like this.

Boring .

Awful, slow, gloomy .

Extremely slow...

Slow, confused, very long .


Could this movie be more boring ??!?.

The movie is confusing with unimportant details and scenes from his life, the thrilling factor the story should have been based on was almost zero in the film even when it came to the event of landing on the moon that the whole movie was setting up to was completely boring.

You did the impossible and made our early Space Flights and landing on the Moon boring .

The vast empty space surrounding the shuttle in certain scenes brings a strange beauty to the serene void confirming why Armstrong and many others were allured by the mission.

Slow and overdramatized .

Foy and Gosling are engrossing together on screen, his compartmentalised pain clashing against her unwillingness to let him slip away quietly.

Stunning .

Boring boring boring .

Overall a enjoyable film for a movie night.

I just found it boring and wasn't what I thought it would be.

To sum up, I enjoyed the film; however, it was just a bit slow and dull in places.

Wanted to leave earlier from the cinema for the first time ever.

It's an emotionally dark movie, draining, and did I mention BORING!?

I felt like they must have chosen the most mundane and boring parts.

The movie was quite boring otherwise, not even Ryan Gosling could save this film.

And the boredom continued.

Boring Movie .

Slow moving at times, exciting at others .

Given that, hopefully, the theoretical reason that director Damien Chazelle, actor Ryan Gosling and their production team chose to make the movie, was because Neil Armstrong was such an interesting, likable character and his story so compelling that a big audience would want to see it and learn more about him.

Armstrong, portrayed as a quiet, soft-spoken and determined man of science, isn't depicted in any interesting or engaging fashion, which could be due to Gosling's boring, nuance-less portrayal.

Ryan Gosling tried his utmost to be authentic throughout the film, but he seemed distant and pretty dull.

Drawn out and boring .

The sequences in flight and space are quite gripping as well.

What a god-damned snooze fest.

But there are some very intense as well as claustrophobic scenes and the only way to do them well was to do them slow.

This is the worst movie I saw in 10 years .

The massive scope of the project to put a man on the moon is barely hinted at, all you see is an attempt at a personal story and it still feels empty, you just see a man brood, as if mystery were enough.

I thought a lot of scenes were way overdramatized, not scientifically accurate, not enough good information about the space program, and the movie was way too long or should I say slow.

Stunning visuals, shots that will increase the scenes pressure, great technical work and performances are what we wanted from this movie and it delivered masterfully.

The space scenes were visually and audibly stunning.

First Man's take was more form a subdued perspective, although seeing the landing through the lens of Neil himself, everything leading up to that moment and afterwards were just lacklustre and stale, boring if you will.

Lack luster premises, dull acting with one expression face, no good dialogues, horrible zoomed in shots with shaky camera, no enthusiasm, no physics or maths, very less related to the training or preparation of going to moon, unnecessary family scenes, relationships with zero connection and stretched out concepts.


What kind of filmmaker takes the most inspiring subject matter of all time and turns it into a dark, emotionless and boring film?

with Neil Armstrong's mission to the moon, the main task was to create a really hooking view, atmosphere or context so we won't be bored to death, instead, they only achieved an uninteresting drama with standar actings and a overacted Claire Foy.


Too boring ,too irritating runtime seems too long Surprisingly average direction from a academy award winner

It's beautifully shot and an extremely intense first-person account.

The movie made it seem like Neil was a very boring guy.

The acting is well as is the visuals and colors but as a film it was lore so depressing and generally boring than expected.

Well unlike this movie I wont waste a ton of time.

I even fell asleep in the last 5 minutes!!!

I'm sure we've all seen slow-paced films before but with such grand performances that could obviate that sense of tediousness.

So, if you are in the mood for a popcorn spectacle on a boring night skip this.

The scenes concerning his daughter were a total surprise, and extremely emotional, and you can see that it made a big impact on the Armstrong's, but the movie is mostly based on the first manned mission to the moon, which I found quite dull to watch.

The result was a bore-fest.

Dont waste your time with this mess.

Don't waste your time and pass on this movie.

Want to watch an entertaining and informative look at Apollo 11?

It's also much longer, slower moving, and outcomes are rarely ever in doubt and never culminate in exciting climactic sequences.

The movie was also too boring!

The pace it moved at is painfully slow with unnecessary shots to add to the slow pace.

I fell asleep after 15 minutes.

I have absolutely no idea how someone, anyone, can make a movie about quite possibly the most incredible moment in human history and make it so DULL!


Congrats on taking something so incredible and making it a bore fest.

The cinematography is breathtaking and the colors of the (Imax) Kodak 35mm and 16mm film really do help intensify the feeling of the 60's.

What I ended up seeing was a dull, passionless, drawn-out account of those events and a bland portrayal of a man who is an American hero.

I have read an awful lot on both the American and Russian Space missions of the era, both factual accounts and novels that draw from that exciting period of human exploration; including the book First Man.

I saw the comments that this movie was boring and such.

You know when you have a to watch a movie in stages because you are bored after 15 minutes so you force yourself to try to finish it over weeks.

Normally love all things space/NASA but this was just too drawn out, too dull.

The Apollo moon landing is thrilling, as Neil makes several decisions as the Eagle lander is running out of fuel, during constant Emergency Warnings (faulty sensor overloads) to land on empty.

he showed it from the eyes of Neil.. i wanted to watch more.. but i walked out.. went home and watched gravity again..

But the gaps between the good stuff are really long and a bit dull.

«First Man» is a bad, dull, overlong and propaganda illustration of NASA official reports, that were adorned (with no good results) with technical data, a big dose of Biopic 101, a bit of fairy tale and too much domestic/jingoist melodrama.

What a shame, such a great story wasted by bad "artistic" camera work Unwatchable!

It is a slow paced emotional drama.

Just a waste of time film.

Boring fantastic/fantasy movie.

This movie is tedious and melodramatic.

Instead I watched a very slow family drama with the moon landing and its preparation as a backdrop.

Chazelle doesn't let his stars do all the heavy lifting though, the flight sequences are visceral, claustrophobic and nerve-shreddingly intense.

Unless you are curious about how to make a story of a great human achievement into a plodding, depressing 2:20 dramatic slog don't waste your time on this film.

Only one of three films I have ever walked out on in my life.

It is too long and most of the time it's super boring...

It's a little masterpiece, long story short, worth watching and enjoying.

First Man To Bored Me Near Dead .

Everything from the music to the way it was filmed just puts you right on the edge of your seat.

too boring .

Ingeniously directed, deftly scripted, exquisitely photographed, immaculately edited, strongly acted & evocatively scored, this powerfully melancholic, emotionally resonant & thoroughly engrossing account of Neil Armstrong's journey to becoming the first human to walk the moon is an undeniably impressive technical & storytelling feat that's accomplished enough to cement its spot amongst the best films of the year, and marks the third consecutive masterpiece from the immeasurably talented filmmaker.

I was bored to tears in the first 12 minutes.

To me this was simply a self indulgent film that really adds very little to the historical account.

Don't waste your time.

Slow and disappointing .

If propaganda music had been added to this movie i would have probably left during the seating.

This story has too much to offer and the result was dull.

While I never met Neil Armstrong, the interviews i have seen of him around the moon landing and later in life - he doesnt come across as the depressing monotone character portrayed in the film.

It delivers perfectly by giving me these moments of pure joy, excitement and rushes of adrenaline.

And more intriguing his Ryan's decision to use a naturalistic approach to his directing reminiscent of Lars von Trier's sci fi drama Melancholia (2011).

Slow and glad I saw this for free .

Suffice it to say, It's boring.

and it's compelling.

Painfully boring movie for such a monumental moment in history .

It was overall a very predictable boring movie.

However, despite the magisterial last 30 minutes, and some sporadically well-handled moments, First Man is underwhelming, and, for long portions, interminably dull.

Boring .

Sometimes Tedious .

Make something exciting and watchable and inspire a generation of people who are excited and interested to go out and read books on everything having to do with the topic and era.

Can't remember the last time I watched such a slow, boring, bland movie.

The effects and visualization were excellent, but I expected more sitting on the edge of my seat like I did for Tom Hanks Apollo 13.

A true great story but the movie was just sequence events and what make this more boring is the stuff specially Ryan Gosling, briefly A this should stay as documentary rather than to acting.


In general there is just some fantastic moments inside this movie worth watching.

Surprisingly Boring Biopic .

It is another piece of propaganda to show lie about Americans did everything in Space.

For me, the film drags on too much about Neil's "personal life" (yawn).

A Fascinating Look At One Of America's Most Influencial People In This Different Type Of Biopic .

In agreement with many reviewers here on what I did see -- slow moving and somewhat listless, with way too many extreme close-ups.


Slow paced wonderful biography about Neil Armstrong .

Mind blowing.

It is a breathtaking character study that reminds us exactly why we still love to watch movies.

Review: Man, this movie was boring!

I will preface my review by saying I love Drama and intense in-depth movies that most people find boring.

This movie was by far the slowest and most boring and long movie ive ever seen, and ive seen plenty of boring movies.

I think the plot is great and it's such a wonderful story, I couldn't give it the highest rating though because I felt like there were parts where it dragged a little and I also felt like there were large/larger stories that they sort of glossed over.

The space/test flight scenes and cinematography were excellent and had me on the edge of my seat- no faulting them- just incredible.

Boring as hell .

Another dull biopic.

But it makes the film feel even longer and drawn out then it needs to be.

Slow, lots of camera shake .

Full off historical mistakes and dull, plodding pace.

Skip this boring film.

Very slow paced movie made completely from the perspective of Neil Armstrong, it was exhilarating a bit during/along the journey as it gave us a feel of traveling along with the crew and it mostly resembled about how someone going for the first time would see and feel.

Overall, it's a bit boring.

I suggest you do not spend your money to pay for a ticket of this movie, boring in such a way that my friend has slept in the first half an hour.

Boring .

Slow, snoozefest .

It was just so intense and placed you right in the cockpit with Armstrong.

Once the Apollo reaches the moons orbit, the close-up shots of it from the peaky little windows are tantalising, and the landing itself is drawn out with every little detail and off-the-cuff problem solving, with a ticking clock in the fuel gauge adding even more tension to another scene that strictly shouldn't have any.

Slow, controversial and really bad music.

So boring, we both fell asleep .

It is overly long and often boring, and in the end it culminates in an unsatisfying ending that leaves you guessing what emotions Armstrong and his wife were trying to portray.

With the rest of the film being so straightforwardly dull and told with documentary style accuracy, this doesn't stand out as fabricated?

To sum up: far too much time spent on gimmicks and implausible character situations and dialogue combined with awful sound and a plodding story with nary a dramatic moment in it.

And it's horribly boring to watch.

Like watching paint dry during the winter.

Plus, there were too many extreme close-ups, especially of Claire Foy, and the movie dragged in spots.

It's a rather dull slog to the inevitable payoff which was all too brief.

Any set design, costume or production value is swamped by a drab and lifeless colour palette.

No story - no expecional performance from actors !!

I was looking forward to this movie because it sounded promising, however this is one of the most boring, tedious, selt-indulgent, painfully slow movies I have ever watched.

l ended up fast forwarding to the space bits as they were the only parts of the film worth watching.

Otherwise, use your time to do something more enjoyable.

Overall decent movie, just rather forgettable and dull.

Boring, slow & just poor.

Some parts of the first half of the movie can admittedly be a bit slow but once it pickes up the pace it becomes very enjoyable.

The biggest surprise of this experience (because it is, indeed, a cinematic experience) is that I didn't feel bored, even though I do think the film is too long.

So boring and a complete waste of time.

If you are not, just don't waste your time.

I feel like it could've been done better, been more lively and exciting and not so drawn out.

Thankfully there was Kyle Chandler as Deke Slayton and Corey Stoll as Buzz Aldrin to bring some enjoyable humanity to their characters.

His is a tale of grand success and global recognition, of course, but also one of frequent, intense tribulation.

Unfortunately the story of Neil Armstrong was left in the hands of self indulgent filmmakers.

The story, while a good one, felt dragged out a bit.

weirdly boring .

The film is slow in it's narrative, and the lead character doesn't speak much.

If you're hoping for an adrenaline-filled action movie, then you'll probably be bored out of your mind.

Boring, boring, boring....

The film starts up slow, with the feeling that one has started in the middle or somehow missed something important.

Such a great story,but they make the movie so dull and why?

Overly indulgent directing and editing (he's a sad boring guy who doesn't like much of anyone...

In short, "First Man," is an empty spacesuit of a movie more notable for all of the elements of good storytelling and honest humanity that are absent from it.

Why would anyone spend millions of dollars to bring us a biography of such a one-dimensional, boring, lackadaisical, even dis-likable character?

This movie was sooooo slow and for no good reason.

Even in this scene, Gosling feels incredibly bland and I thought he was a weak casting decision here to be honest.

It took four day to land on the moon this movie felt like 6 zzzzzzz

However First Man isn't just a well written, well directed, and technically stunning film, it's also expertly acted.

Bored stupid .

The film is so slow and drawn out I found myself drifting off.

An Experience both Beautiful and Intense .

Slow, Boring and a Bit Depressing .

Quite dull movie.

Ryan Gosling plays an always brooding portrait of Neil Armstrong that came off as one dimensional and uninspiring, if that is possible.

He twists the entire story to tell a tale that is conflated, confused, ubsurd and downright boring.

It is a long movie, and it drags on at times, and Ryan Goosling gives a rather dull performance, the other supporting actors were decent at times.

I would say the most fascinating period of technological advancement in the history of man.

So "First Man" is a slow paced movie whose focus is on the emotions of a man.

But, there's something else that Chazelle brings to the film that heightens the experience in an unexpected way.

Slow and Shaky .

See any other movie than this, don't waste your money or time.

The Earth scenes were drawn out, slow, and emotionally heavy.

Yes it's interesting to show the family side, but I found this movie really boring.

A very slow and quiet movie about a very private man.

The only criticism I have was the dull color tone of the movie and the feeling that some of the scenes seemed to be filmed with a hand held camera.

Languid pacing, shaky cam, forgettable melodramatic Oscar push .

First Man is a disjointed mess with no clear objective other than to prove to the world that no one is perfect.

The movie really works well as an enjoyable, entertaining, exciting drama-biographic story of Neil Armstrong's path to going to the moon and his family/the people he worked with on the way at NASA.


Their relationship is the beating heart of the film and just as compelling as every flight into space.


I thought they took one of the most important achievements in mankind and made it very boring.

The biggest problem of the movie is the script, which is pretty bland and cold and typical.

He wants a compelling character study of Neil Armstrong and he wants an account of the Apollo 11 mission.

this is also a movie shown in theatre (not in some universities for educational purposes) which also, crucially, importantly, imperatively needs to be entertaining.

ho hum here we go to the moon .

This was super slow, drawn out and boring.

So freaking boring sorry, even the sad parts.

I was looking forward to it, but I fell asleep twice through it.

I was surprised at how much I had forgotten about the 'space race' that I grew up during, so despite knowing the final outcome, I found the film educational (in a good way) as well as entertaining and nostalgic.

I was pretty sad to see that such an important event in human history was turned into a snooze fest.

The slow dance that First man resembles will definitely put millions asleep.

This film was dark, depressing and boring.

But a bad and uninspiring script and dark filming style killed First Man!

How can Damien Chazelle make a film about drums more exciting than the first man on the moon !.

Worst MOVIE .

You could practically sense Chazelle himself living and breathing in every frame of Whiplash and La La Land - two films that were, on the surface, quite different, but which married complex character work with intense musicality to quite remarkable effect.

I found that part of film slow, boring and a tad pointless.

Boring bad moovie .

Sublime, yet slow.

Very slow plot.

But the film was dreary and formulaic...

Story telling was dull and it could have been kept between 60 to 90 minutes.

DON'T watch this boring , pointless, shallow and sleepy movie.

Decent but too slow .

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that Mr. Armstrong didn't go through life looking and feeling that sedated, bland and wooden.

Like watching paint dry...

However, I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

Literally nothing happens in this movie.

The best part of the film is the scenes of the spaceflights, very well done, but the rest is just a mishmash of what I like to call 'uninteresting fluff'.

It was long and extremely boring.

Alternate review title: It's a good thing Neil Armstrong happened to land on the moon, otherwise a biopic about him would apparently be really, really boring.

So dull that the apex of the film has left me wanting to write a bad review instead of seeing what happens.

Boring as hell.

There is no story line for all supporting actors.

The director and write took the single greatest achievement of all-time and made it into a boring, depressing mess.

Boring .

The movie was quite dull, it did not respect the historical facts.

This was definitely the intriguing, awe-inspiring crowd pleaser I was hoping it'd be!

One of the most boring films I've ever seen.

The way he brings it to the screen is unbelievably visceral and completely thrilling, giving the audience a very unique experience compared to most other movies about space travel.

It is a new and certain way to deal with a insomnia.

Accordingly, the celestial wonder, assisted by Paul Lambert's crisp visual effects and Justin Hurwitz's delicate and heart-pumping score, gets isolated to just the breathtaking Gemini 8 and Apollo 11 sequences.

Boring :( .

Moreover, I find it more intriguing how the use of TV here inverts its historical role of presenting the Moon to us earthlings by, instead, doing the opposite for Earth in a film focused in space.

It was absolutely stunning and hypnotizing in it's trepidation.

The screenplay writer and director should be dragged behind horses for such an egregious crime against humanity.

Great acting and directing, albeit a tad formulaic.

But overall, the movie was boring.

Suffice to say it was very boring and very inaccurate and certainly not worth waiting for.

It's testament to Chazelle's immense talent that the entire climactic sequence, all 30 minutes of it, is suspenseful, poignant and breathtaking, despite the outcome being known in advance.

The worst movie in my life.

I mean seriously, 141 mins of irrelevant shots of a swing, long walks, pointless conversations, multiple long shots of the moon, and constant irrelevant directions towards his daughters' grieving?

The sound is also paired with some breathtaking cinematography.

I love Clair, and Ryan is ok, but like the others said , it's really slow...

Left the theater feeling like I wished I had gone home to see Apollo 13 for the 28th time.

How to make the moon landing boring .

Well, nice picture and sound but movie is really boring.

I'm old enough to remember the actual events, The the news announcers were more exciting than this.

Ya boring .


Walking a few steps after character and managing to wave camera everywhere, from empty corner to character and back.

Boring .

Directing, screenplay and historical references make the movie very interest and enjoyable.

Immersive and boldly chosen visuals and sounds on the ships (blurry, claustrophobic, loud) are paralleled by more shaky-cam close-ups and tense drama on earth, leading to stunning physical and emotional release on the bleak, vast, and silent lunar landscape (Gosling is solid throughout).

It's also a slow paced movie, which I like those kinds of movies too.

It delivers perfectly by giving me these moments of pure joy, excitement and rushes of adrenaline.

In my opinion the film balances and contextualises the personal and human side expertly with the more technical and scientific elements that make the story of the achievements and hardships of the initial tests and eventual moon landing so extraordinary and compelling.

If you're looking for an exciting movie this is not it.

Leave it to today's filmmakers to take one of the most thrilling events in modern history and turn it into one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

The intro got you right on the edge of your chair and gives you a good view of how it would have been to be a test pilot in those years.

The most boring space movie ever.

Makes walking on the moon incredibly BORING.

The music was occasionally intrusive, and some scenes teetered on the edge of sentimentality.

This has to be the slowest movie of the past 20 years.

This movie was so bad that I would have walked out after 45 minutes if I had watched it in a movie theater.

Hard to believe that a director could take something so monumental and boil it down to such a boring, depressing tale chock full of uninteresting, dull people.

His is a tale of grand success and global recognition, of course, but also one of frequent, intense tribulation.

I really liked the idea and I kinda liked the movie but I found it to be disjointed and slow......

I was excited about this one, but ended up falling asleep several times before turning it off.

Snoozer .

too confusing and very slow.

Decent, rather than gripping.

You hear every rivet creak and every panel of the hull groan under the intense pressure.

This movie might be boring if you expect adventure and action 24/7 which my younger siblings did.

If you have a scan through the reviews here, there's a decent split between those who found First Man to be a semi-masterpiece and those who found it a little boring and even a little depressing.

Boring, fell asleep.

He should get a razzie award for that performance cause it was slower than sling blade eating taters.

Consequently, some of the moments on the ground seemed a little slow in comparison.

Very entertaining and thought provoking movie.

The plot drags badly, the character of the small community of astronaut and their families are all so cliche, I'm not claiming it is untrue, just cliche.

However, on the most part 'First Man' is visually stunning.

The domestic stuff is pretty dull.

It manages to create just the right amount of panic, confusion, control and excitement.

They succeeded to make a big bore out of it, a typical Gosling movie .

I like the actors normally in any other Movies, this however was a very slow paced and felt like less than a documentary of a persons life.

Wait until it comes to Netflix and scroll through the boring bits.

That's why I'm guessing the slow paced and failure to intrigue me is due to the team behind the camera.

boring boring boring.

Overall an entertaining watch.

Aww man, bored .

I was looking forward to this film but apart from the opening 5 mins it is a boring disappointment.

I was expecting soooo much better than this bore fest.

So, it's worth watching just the get an insight into the barnstorming years of NASA's space race with the Soviets.

Waste of 120 minutes of my life .

Honestly this movie is a complete yawn-fest.

I knew the outcome of the mission but was still on the edge of my seat.

They developed the characters better, the flight training scenes and simulation and take off were captivating and exciting.

Only the lift off, flight, landing and moon scenes where steady and enjoyable for the full 30-35 mins, and a few shots where I guess his hands got tired and he used a tripod or stabilizer.

Technically, Damien gives a show apart, mainly in the use of the cameras, aspect that had already been highly praised in his previous works, the scenes inside the ships are stifling, claustrophobic, beautiful, tense and full of adrenaline, mainly by the use of his the film is always directed at shoulder height, with many mid-plane scenes, gray photography, the artistic direction of the film is really great, which ends up often compensating for the slow pace of the movie that uncomfortable, slow pace that is due to the script and assemblies that confuse and misconceive their acts to the viewer.

Brilliant Acting, intense rocket flights and a unbelievably beautiful Soundtrack.

The director also seemed to have a political point to make by injecting even more irrelevant fluff about racism, poverty, and the rest of the same old tired, politically correct propaganda.

2+ hours just dragged on and on.

About the film, I find it extremely slow to see and too much claustrophobic.

It's dull.

A boring moon landing.

It is such an uneven film with bouts of boredom along with jolts of some wonderful visuals.

This must be a case of the kings new clothes because I found the film First Man dull and very boring.

With breathtaking shots and sequences, and flawless musical and sound delivery, this picture is meticulously orchestrated to shake and amaze viewers.

An inherently exciting event goes down badly.

I found myself bored and falling asleep.

very boring and would rather not to see it again considering it one of the weakest biography films I have ever scene which should have become from the best.

The result is less an Apollo 13 or Right Stuff and more of an Interstellar-deeply-felt, yet frigid to the point of leaving one at a conflicted loss, both for the intriguing character motivations and for the astonishing technical crafts on display.

lit bores you to tears leaving out the excitement of AMERICAN achievements.

The story of mankind's travels to the Moon is a riveting story of heartbreak, suffering, ingenuity, courage and perseverance.

lets put the camera 2 inches from the characters face in the most intense sequences that could utilized for wonderful special effects...

First man:Prologue's pace was fast in a good way, but at parts it got slow.

The Gemini uncontrolled spin is really thrilling.

Dull and dismal.

To set, I loved the movie, "Apollo 13," which was interesting and edge of your seat action packed.


The moon landing sequence and following shots on the moon are absolutely gripping, and in IMAX, blew my mind.

First Man is a stunning film.

This was an attempt to make a film that seemed so realistic to real life that it was as boring as real life.

A movie worth watching.

Intensive and exciting interpretation .

It was very slow and boring and I almost fell asleep.

Yes, boring.

It was very boring to me.

I left early because I already knew how it ended.


It was so boring.

His atrociously annoying shaky-cam and zoom in/outs were way overdone and unbearable.

This film for me kicks of the incredibly exciting awards season with technological fashion even if the story isn't as compelling as reviewed.

even the non-boring family parts, the parts in space weren't that impressive to me.

Long, boring, waste of time .

A terrible waste of time.

The director had a wealth of space and technical story lines to follow but a large bulk of this film deals with Neil and his wife (Zzz).

A well-made biopic of a fascinating man, and the vanguard of the era of movies that just happen to be set in space.

Someone made a movie about the first walk on the moon and managed to make it even more boring than the most boring documentary movies ever made about grass growing.

Still, this true movie is worth watching.

Action shots during the launches etc held for far too long.

There were a few good bits, like his test-flight at the beginning of the movie, but my overall experience was that they somehow managed to make a story about landing the first man in history on the moon, a very boring experience.

Unfortunately the rest of the film is quite boring, nothing really interesting just filler between missions and this spoils it from being a great film.

Otherwise enjoyable!

At its best, FM is a fascinating history lesson about a nation's decade-long ambition to reach the Moon, and the willingness of a group of men (and one man in particular) to risk their lives in pursuit of fullfilling this dream.

Chazelle does an excellent job immersing the spectator into the spacerace using compelling visuals and cinemantography, whilst givng us an insight to what went on behind the scenes.

Had potential but way too long.

When this stone-faced dialogue or long silences are "enhanced" with shaky-cam, it becomes a tedious experience to watch.

After the docking, when everyone was immersed in the exultation, there was a problem with the spacecraft.

Thoughtful & compelling .

Damien Chazelle does a fine job making First Man visually appealing, the scene on the moon that is ever so brief is stunning, the musical score by Justin Hurwitz soothing, the production deisgn and cienmtogprhjy eye-catching at times.

Dull, too long and ultimately a poor reflection on one of the century's defining if completely crazy accomplishments.

It's a much better investment of your time to watch the excellent and truly awe inspiring Apollo 11 documentary film.

The dialogue is almost non existent, and most of the characters flat and devoid of interest, most of all- the character of Neil Armstrong which is portrayed as a joyless dull man.

True it's a bit by the numbers, with a solid dose of Hollywood tropes, but it's gripping and fun.

I found this movie slow and weird.

Instead of focusing on the actual moon landing though the movie shows the slow build up to the launch and human tole that was lost.

The movie itself is well made and there are visually stunning moments.

My wife and I were left so empty after this dirty, wet mop of a movie.

Bored, plus dizzy?

Movie was quite boring.

Coming off of one of the most colorful and exuberant films of the last decade with La La Land, Damien Chazelle made a grim, colorless, and just plain dull film with First Man.

All of these emotionally impactful scenes are supported by a beautiful score that at times seemed whimsical, and at others suspenseful.

Boring movie and just depressing

All I can say is I was so bored I had to forward through some scenes.

Boring boring boring

l find these films boring and frustrating.

Despite this iys worth watching at the cinema for the space scenes.

I know this is a part of the American history and a most celebrated moments and a group of men unique and achieving the seemingly impossible, but for me this was just a waste of time.

Eventhough it was one of the most exciting moments in history.

What you're left with is an incredibly long movie, with huge swathes of boredom and inactivity.

There is even a couple of crash-zooms to people sitting at a desk, bored.

If you want a dreary portrayal of one of the most interesting periods in history, great.

Different perspective on Neil, however flatline dull.

I was hoping to like this, but it just moved too slow.

Don't bother, waste of time read on...

Truthfully, the movie is very slow (so much so that I dozed off at one point).

Abridged, superficial, self-indulgent and shallow.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz such a missed opportunity .

This movie depicts one of the most formative events in modern history, when man entered the space age and turned it into a long slow process and dismissing the man with the epic quote for the first landing on another terrestrial body as slow and dysfunctional individual.

A bore-fest doesn't begin to describe this plodding story that sadly depicts Armstrong as having no redeeming qualities as a human.

Interesting subject but simply too boring .

Good, but boring and depressive.

so unlikable, so obtusely stoic, so mindbogglingly unemotional and boring, that no one in the audience gives a damn about watching him.

At times structurally it's disjointed, with some of the back and forth not always clear while aspects could have been delved into further.

It gives a message that Neil Armstrong didn't have any enthusiasm, he carried on his going as a boring office job!

Stunning .

An emotional journey with a stunning direction.

but the movie is boring as hell...

But what's worse, it's sort of pointless.

The use of the shakey hand held camera and silent scenes make this and incredibly tense movie, worth the watch

Director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash, La La Land) is clearly passionate about this era, because First Man takes a part of history and takes it's audience on a thrilling adventure.

Dull as toast .

Actors are just having a calm dialog, while STANDING in one place or slowly walking - and they shake the camera, like it's an intense action sequence...

Very slow & boring .

It paints us an empty and soulless picture of the Apollo missions and of those involved.

This is without a doubt, the worst movie of 2018.


Epic tale downplayed To sometimes trite life affairs, This is his account.

Depressing and boring .

In addition to this, I feel some sequences and things were dragged out a little too long, and could have been shortened.

You would think that documenting an amazing accomplishment would make for an engaging movie.

Another "hey we won the space race" movie, and honestly it's just boring as hell.

Tense exciting documentary drama, based on actual events.

Before that the movie was a little bit too slow to my taste and it didn't have that much to say.

However, I do think this is preferable to altering history, changing people's roles, and performing other modifications to create a compelling narrative.

Very boring.

Boring movie, too boring to watch even doraemon is better

Visually stunning and emotional .

As a result one might think that even a two-year-old baboon could make a halfway entertaining movie about the subject matter.

This was dark, gloomy, sad, and BORING!

Flag waving American propaganda .

I remember Jimmy Carter wanted John Glenn as his running mate, until he discovered how boring he was.

boring movie .

Slow .

Damien Chazelle succeed in leading the whole film flawlessly, brilliantly executing and controlling every single framework, leaving me with feeling of authenticity and real breathtaking scenes.

Just lots of intense silent dramatic stares onscreen.

Few scenes are exciting by mostly the soundtrack.

The director of this movie has obtained beautiful and stunning visual and audio effects.

Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat during the entire Apollo 11 sequence.

It's also a counter-point to the sheer adrenaline rush that is his job.

Snooze fest .

Too long and boring .

Had Van Sant made First Man it would probably be even more obscure, more silent, slower, and people would trash it mercilessly.

I wish I could say more about this movie, but for me it ties the record with 'The Road' as one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

Like many others I found this movie wooden and boring.

This automatically escalates the already intense flight sequences because the audience is now thinking about Armstrong's family just as he would have been during those sequences.

The characters were so dull unfortunately.

It shows how the untimely death of his daughter clearly had a massive impact on the man, just as the death of others in the program did, Yes there is the view that blowing the hell out of everything would make it "better" somehow, but life is more mundane than that.

This will be short, First Man was possibly the most sit on the edge of my seat intrigue that I've ever experienced.

Positive: the authentic and exciting realism reflects the hellish danger and let's you experience how it must have felt, to be there yourself right in the middle of the actionshows the boundless sense of duty, scientific curiosity and ambition of Neil Armstrongextremely entertainingspectacular opticsNegative: simply simulated lunar surface

There are few people as easy to immerse into a movie than myself, as long as a movie is entertaining.

Watching paint dry minus the fumes .

This films pace was WAY too slow it was annoying.

Also, the film was overly slow in places.

Instead, I fell asleep.

Overall Boring and Lacking .

Too many dragged out scenes - was this film even cut for final?

"First Man" features some thrilling space scenes which utilizes film stock and IMAX 70mm.

The current edit, for me, was agonizingly dull.

It's so boring and so slow and so usless, don't waiste own time!

In the end, it could have stood to be a bit more compelling.

This is an exciting story of one man's efforts to give his all to his country, U.

It's a very good entertainment with intensely gripping passages.

The problem with this movie: IT IS BORING.

Consequently Neil Armstrong comes across as a self involved and unlikeable individualnost of the characters wer one dimensional and uninteresting.


It reminds me of a horror movie because being a pioneer can be scary; space is unpredictable and it was amazing that it was done given their conditions.

Don't get me wrong, It's a sad story behind it but I thought the movie was made very depressing and boring.

The characters were not particularly engaging and the way the historic sotryline was portrayed was, in my view, slightly dull.

Cliché as it may be, they're awe inspiring and the stuff that stirs the imagination.

First half is pretty boring .

It did created a little claustrophobic and intense feeling.

Slow and dramatic, this will test your patience if you're expecting a moon landing storyline.

Chazelle doesn't amplify faults or heroism to histrionic levels, neither does he engage in the kind of reductive moral absolutism and offensive simplification (bordering on propaganda) that blighted a film like American Sniper.

This is not one of those movies, it seems to crawl along at a torturously slow pace.

How can something so exciting be made so dull?.

A very compelling and emotinal movie about exploring the unknown.

In the end, it's just not exceptional enough to truly linger in the memory, but it's involving, well acted and examines a fascinating real life character/event that were two parts of one of the defining moments of our age.

.. That 1 minute, much much more boring then whloe Blindness (2008) movie.

It had a lot of great information, however it was slow paced, boring.

The early scenes of Armstrong as a test pilot are engaging and even better is how he shows just how flawed the space program was until finally perfected when the moon landing was accomplished.

Worse, they tried to build a two and a half hour film around a central character who was presented as boring and one-dimensional.

Exciting and thrillling .

Honest yet Boring .

Boring .

It manages to create just the right amount of panic, confusion, control and excitement.

There were also some pacing issues throughout the film where it was a little slow without building on the story or characters.

This movie however bores you to death by leaving out most important details of his plight and focusing on his weaknesses.

Besides, the film did feel far too long in my opinion.

Some people mistake it for an action film, and call it boring.

While the last hour of this 140-minute movie is absolutely riveting, it runs a tad too long in establishing the familiar historical environment, down to using 78 RPM records, and then the song "500 Miles".

Otherwise, strap yourself in for one long, boring ride with lots of faces, faces, faces and more faces while your eyes strain to focus on constantly slightly moving images.

If not, maybe not so much, as it's a little technical and plodding.

The entire movie is intellectually, physically, and emotionally stunning.

It's a really enjoyable movie.

A personal, gripping, and realistic look at what got us to the moon, I give First Man 4.5 stars out of 5.

And how could you make a film about Space Flight so boring?

Inaccurate and boring.

Waste of time.

How can you make a film about an interesting topic so miserable, slow and lacking?

The very very hard technical aspects from leaving the lunar surface till the Astronauts was back safe and sound on earth, was not shown at all, which made me sit with a empty feeling.....

Movies are supposed to be entertaining, and while historical events are often difficult to depict in their entirety in movies, they should at least make an effort to be somewhat historically accurate.

I do not recommend seeing in a big screen, it is a waste of money.

American propaganda .

The movie is gripping, and provides an outstanding insight into one mans perspective on one of mankind's most breath taking achievements.

But it was a bit boring.

This film is a visually stunning, incredibly moving with a beautiful soundtrack, it really is hard to dislike anything.

After a fantastic opening scene, the film concentrated on the most boring and sad family affair called The Armstrongs.

Soo boring.

Flat out tedious with no need to ever see again .

Damien Chazelle goes into biopic territory with this compelling film about the man who first set foot on the Moon in 1969.

The story (as presented, not the actual, real story) is boring and drawn out with many irrelevant scenes, conversations, etc. The cinematography absolutely stunk.

As boring as an episode of some fake 'reality-tv' show and totally overhyped.

So boring I stopped watching to write this .

If the slowness was removed it would have shortened the film time a bit which would have been nice.

In any case, it's a horribly boring movie.

I've seen a few movies about the space race before, and generally they have a mixed spectrum of quality but are mostly enjoyable.


Things like that, could had made the movie so much more exciting.

It totally deflated the achievement by focusing on and portraying his wife as a negative flat and in this movie ugly (on the inside) shrew, and Niel being as emotionally flat and dull as her.

However, you are already immersed in the film.

Snooze fest.

Real boring.

This movie is a intense portrait of Armstrong, his family, close friends and colleagues.

Expected something similar and exciting like Apollo 13.

All I can say it was boring boring boring, and rather depressing.

And the final scene, whilst most reviews say pointless and boring, it was far from that.

The movie drags with a dark amateur documentary tone until it drops over the line to simply boring.

But despite that it's phasing is very slow , like super slow !

It's also quite beautiful, stunning, the moon scenes are literally out of this world in all senses.

The story lacks a quicker pace in the second act since there are gaps where nothing happens.

Maybe have a extended 'boring cut' released later on disk.

Quickly we are back to the suburban white-bread American home with his wife (played with wide-eyed edge by a stunning Claire Foy) and their young children, the youngest of whom is at the end of her short life.

Then between that and lots of slow scenes of staring, paused long silences, did not really capture anything for me.

So don't wait until you can see it at home or on the phone or heaven forbid, a boring-ass airplane.

Hell, it's one of the most intense experiences I've ever had.

For a movie about one of the most challenging and daring feats in human history this movie was incredibly dull and boring.

What we got instead was rather boring and lackluster.

Very slow and boring movie.

Boring and shaky, with unlikeable characters .

Terribly slow and boring .

This movie was far too long, it could have easily been 30 mins long.

I walked out of the theater after he walks on the moon.

Seriously, is the space program really this dreary?

But there is still a large chunk of a 141-minute movie getting close to boredom by failing to engage me in its narrative or characters.

Extremely interesting subject but so pretentious and boring.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Amateurish and unforgiveably boring.

If you are young and don't know much about space program in the 60's, skip this boring, depressing movie and watch documentaries about this glorious achievement!

Moon scenes were cut and again very slow and non exciting.

Damien Chazelle expertly handles some of the more suspenseful sequences with incredible ingenuity.

That documentary leaves you feeling elated and amazed whilst this just left me feeling bored and cheated out of the money we paid for ths Blu Ray.

This is a slow moving, boring, humorless look at the 1960's moon-landing project.

such as Gay rights, insurance for all and immigration was just silly Hollywood propaganda.

Snorefest to the Moon .

The most tedious film I've seen in a while.

Worst movie of the year .

don't waste your time trying to waste this sleepfest.


Despite it's slow pace it's gripping from the start to the finish.

This was a waste of time, money and the opportunity to inspire future generations.

I can't label this film as bad precisely, but really boring and slow, very uninteresting in all possible ways, an awful cinematic experience.

Constant intense shaky cam in still shots and regular room scenes.

An intense reflection on one man's journey to the moon.

Neil Armstrong almost certainly had to be focussed, driven and probably a bit anti-social in order to get onto the moon program in the first place,but to portray him, as this director does, to be a dull guy who could certainly do with some continued grief therapy is a big error.

Gripping, emotional, immersive, magical.

Script is boring, pacing is boring, acting is incredibly boring, everyone lookin so emotionless and melancholic all the time, zero chemistry between actors, shaky camera, boring boring boring.

I went in with some hope that Gosling would do something else exept being quiet surrounded by spheric music in a slow paced movie with lazy acting.

A guy in our theater fell asleep and was snoring loudly through most of the second half.

Shallow in historical approach, poorly paced and emotionally empty.

Boring, slow and lackluster .

OMG it was so boring .

Slow, boring, tedious and extremely laboured...

visually stunning .

Glorious and stunning movie about one of the most important achievements in the history.

It's simply impossible to describe with words how intense this opening scene is.

Superb riveting film, with human undertones.


This documentary is worst than the worst movie's list I had.

As for the acting, I'm not sure if (especially) Neil and his wife's personalities were that drab, because if they weren't, then Ryan Gosling sure looked bored acting out his character.

Impressive and compelling .

This movie is a waste of time and solely focused on very narrow and negative moments.

Slow, dark, hand held camera...

Being the first human to walk on the moon was the most fascinating and exhilarating subject possible but they made it all seem rather dull and irrelevant.

Yawn fest.

Whilst these where all household names, they were also men, fathers, husbands, friends and they had normalish lives away from being blasted into space - people should remember that most of what they did could be deemed as "boring" compared to a rocket launch.

Awfully boring, lack of action, and the family dynamic doesn't make me apathetic to their plights.

It's presumptuous of the director to take the "glass half empty" preachy tone, and therefore dismiss such an iconic image of American "can-do" technological prowess.

The launch scenes felt more simple and drawn out than tension raising, and didn't grip me at any point.

Such a beautiful score and the scene when Neil steps out on the moon is just breathtaking.

Ambitious yet grounded, still yet moving, and silent yet rousing, First Man is an absolute marvel of genre filmmaking.

While the segments set in outer space help to define the film's three-act structure, following Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) from test pilot to Gemini VIII to Apollo 11, they are the breathtaking set pieces that give this movie its strength.

Script is not very exiting, it makes Neil Armstrong look like a boring man.

Slow, the key points were not used to provide tension to the viewer.

So many scenes of him thinking, staring, not talking, being distant, thoughtful, and just plain boring.

It's a gripping tension between conventional (the script) and experimental/loose (Chazelle)....

Don't waste your time on this flick!

A Thorough, Fascinating Glimpse at Armstrong's Inner and Outer Demons .

i was so unbelievably bored.

I was bored most of the time and fell asleep twice.

Do yourself a favor and watch "Contact" or even "Space Cowboys" but don't waste your time on this film.

I went to the cinemas to watch it and I just talked to my friends because it was boring.

All the camera kept doing, was zooming into closeups of his inexpressive, boring, almost zombie-like face.

I seriously fell asleep after 40min.

Dul dull dull dull dulll .

First Man is the most boring and slow paced film you'll watch this year, or: how to see a two hour movie about Ryan Gosling in two facets: depressed or poker faced.

the close ups, the constantly moving camera, the impossibly slow scenes.

Unfortunately, all you get is a flat performance from Gosling that teaches the audience nothing about the man he portrays, claustrophobic direction that fails to put anything into context, and a story that should be rousing and heroic rendered completely flat and lacking any emotion.

Neil Armstrong didn't come across as a very nice character, a bit boring really, bit like the film.

How can they make landing on the moon for the first time boring?!.....

Ignore those that claim it's boring and long, I have to wonder what those people's attention spans are like.

A slow & negative perspective to a humankind's most inspirational milestone .

I'm sure the space scenes lost a lot on the small screen and it all looked fairly authentic but 'First Man' lacked being the gripping drama the 'The Right Stuff' certainly had.

If you're looking for an exciting space movie like Armageddon, this isn't it.

Shot on film and with sound design so carefully crafted that you feel the rocket will fall apart at any second, it's an intense experience that truly makes you feel like you're a witness to these event.

The narrative keeps cutting to new happenings real fast and yet the movie seems too slow till the end.

" This is so focused on Neil, however, that the only other vital part here is his wife, Janet, as played by Claire Foy, who marks the right balance between expressing what her husband won't, or compelling him to, and without being reduced to a stereotypically tempestuous housewife.

Also, I get the tragedy of the death of Armstrong's young daughter, and the stresses this and the very nature of his career put on his wife and family life; but they've taken a 9 year segment of the most daring technological, and human achievement in human history, and made it slow, ponderous and boring.

Kinda slow .

But this movie proves that these stories can still be compelling.

boring dull melancholy boring and dull .

Soooooooo boring!

How can any account of this period be so dull and poorly presented?

A personal, gripping, and realistic look at what got us to the moon.

Very boring and slow direction for an event and time inhistory so great.

Zzzzzzz .

I have, for many years, had a fascination with space and the race to do everything first and have eagerly devoured any new film which covers the events of those exciting, nerve wracking, explorative times.

And it's compelling.

It's a bit long and slow to start, but the family drama on display is compelling and offers an unique perspective on the effects of the space race.

This movie ia a total boredom, and shame on them for not wanting to show the planting of the American flag on the moon.

At times, it is a bit boring, but for me, the last 30 minutes were worth any pain and boredom.

It was really boring.

Extremely slow!

The movie is boring, boring boring.

His wife, Janet, is very well played by Claire Foy but her character too is intense and aloof.

You get an immediate sense that Neil Armstrong is such a stoic and humble individual that his personality could have easily come off as boring.

I don't know if it's the genuine life of Neil Armstrong, but it was boring to death especially the part with his family, dialogues will make you fall asleep.

Takes one of mankinds's greatest adventures and turns it into a boring grind which is way too long.

Singer who has some great films to his credit (SPOTLIGHT, THE POST) has written an emotional and thrilling story.

What do you say about a well made, well directed, and well acted movie that bored the tar out of you?

It certainly takes a special skill to take subject matter like this and make it boring.

However the dark & dreary way he portrayed that period in history was totally out of touch with the reality of those times.

As an introvert and father, this was a compelling two hours.

The movie is slow and introverted, exactly like its subject.

Seriously .. how do you make a film about going to the moon so BORING?.

Ideal in case of insomnia

Apparently Neil Armstrong was boring.

But this movie was paced very slow, and I didn't feel connected to any of the characters.

reallllyyyy slow.

Worst movie I've seen in a while.

Worst and boring movie ever seen.

Dull, Dull, Dull .

Entertaining for intellectual adults, not intended for kids or teens.

What a terrible and tedious way to honour this planets first ambassador.

If you want to watch a realistic, gripping tale of the human and emotional cost of going to the moon (just 60 years after man first flew!

This movie is as entertaining as watching a dirt cold crumble.

It's riveting even when the camera locks down onto the astronauts in their tin capsules and refuses us the closure of cutting to a wide shot; we are strapped in there with them, resigned to the same fate of hoping thousands of calculations and scribbled numbers will bring success.

First Man spends a lot of time gazing inwardly, but that's balanced by a series of riveting, high-pressure scenes inside the cockpit.

Decent flick but very dry .

I had great expectations about this movie but it was incredibly slow, boring, and long.

Except that it was really boring and setup of the story was really poor.

Dull, Boring and Horrible , none of these adjectives would begin to describe this terrible movie.

The problem is that Armstrong was a very dry, unemotional individual, a character who doesn't lend himself to great drama.

Modest and yet also extravagant and compelling in the visuals.

This movie was good but not great and considering chazelle's past work:whiplash(one of my favorite movies of all time)and la la land(love it as well)this was a bit of a disappointment,i do know he didnt wrote this one and it is a shame because i think he is a great writer who could have give more life to the proyect,the movie has a great soundtrack and photography and goslin's performance is as good as always,foy's performance is on of the best things in the movie,the only problem i have with the movie is that it is a little bit tedious from time to time and it didnt have to be this way especially since chazelle's previous work managed to be entretainging and unique at the same time,8/10.

Terribly boring.

The story moved kinda slow.

When one chooses to make a film about real people and real events, it is important to not only get the most critical details of those actions correct, without omitting the most poignant, but also to determine how to translate those events into an entertaining narrative.

First man is a long, boring and uneventful movie that doesn't know what it wants to be.

I have a friend whose dad was an astronaut with NASA, he told me this was a boring movie.

I gave it 5 stars of 10 because the movie was well made (except for the music), but it was just boring.

And despite knowing a lot about how this great historical event went down prior to seeing this, there were still plenty of tense moments accompanied by a great film score and tight editing throughout that managed to make it thoroughly compelling to watch!

Besides the dramatic scenes with the Armstrong family (which were also great), the Space shuttle scenes were fascinating.

This movie was great and very entertaining.

Boring at times, too.


Sooooo boring, total waste of time, 2 hours I can't take back

Even watching the actual contemporary footage, with or without comments, is more compelling.

Tell an exciting story about an exciting guy!

Was excited to watch this but found the movie boring and uninteresting.

Boring fell asleep .

I think Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff were far more engaging.

This movie has its flaws, like a really slow first act.

Ryan Gosling who is usually very charismatic was diluted and dull here.

There were only a few spots where it was a little too slow.

If you cut out the at home scenes it is a disjointed documentary.

Gripping first person views.

Another snooze fest from ryan gosling.. So yeah, i guess i got a ton of spoilers - blank stares from rGosling all over the place.. Whatever little excitement i had left for the film was drained by the sappy love story.. Nope.

But, if you enjoy documentaries and biopics, then grab your popcorn and enjoy the (slow) ride!