Five Feet Apart (2019) - Drama, Romance

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A pair of teenagers with cystic fibrosis meet in a hospital and fall in love, though their disease means they must avoid close physical contact.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Justin Baldoni
Stars: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 22 out of 161 found boring (13.66%)

One-line Reviews (61)

Worth watching,such a hidden gem !!!

(even though he typically likes chick-flicks and some romances, hubby was bored with this one) 6.8 starts/10

Too cliche.

Five Feet Apart is a film that has got its heart in the right place but it's hard to ignore that when the film suffers from erratic character development, melodramatic dialogue, slow pacing and a constant assault of various YA cliches.

DISLIKES:Predictable Cheesy At Times Scientific Stretches The Parent Components.

Five feet apart man.. An emotional and intriguing...

However, the movie was terribly rushed but was drawn out.

There aren't really any risks taken and you're not going to get anything new, making the story very predictable at times.

Slow moving and predicatable .

She breaks free from all of the painfully cliched teen sick coming of age elements to give a star turn as Stella.

A boring teen movie .

God, I can go to a super market for a boring and tiring shopping tour every day.

It really is sappy and very formulaic.

Predictable .

This is such a lovely movie i enjoyed it throghly go for it guys 👍👍

I really enjoyed it.

And there's this gay best friend factor to make it even more cliche.

Save your money.

Your typical sad love story, but definitely worth watching .

It was very predictable and I feel like they threw in Poe's death just for the shock value, there was literally no point in it.

Nothing special about this movie, i was bored to death.

Really enjoyed it.

Worth the watch .

There were enjoyable and touching moments though.

Sad, depressing, frustrating yet interesting and engaging insight into the lives of several teens who are battling illness.

It's very cliche and formulaic.

Stunning .

It was just too predictable for me to really get excited about.

As for the parents, they were okay, but I felt that for something as intense as the themes in this movie, some more involvement would be seen.

Although this movie was amazing, I felt that the plot was a bit predictable.

There was a scene that was purposefully dragged out for the purpose of making the audience uncomfortable in a completely unnecessary way.

What a waste of time and money that will only appeal to those interested in a story of this type, obliviously ignorning all the plot holes.

Yes, its cliche, predictable and formulaic.

The film goes through the motions after a while and some of the plot points are predictable.

It does show how terrible CS is and I commend it for that but we all found it boring and teh characters unrelatable.

I found it hard to get invested as the events unfolded in a very predictable and inorganic way.

The plotting is thoroughly predictable and if you seen the trailer you know where the film is going.

Too predictable and sappy .

Just as sappy and predictable as any one of these "sick teens" movies can get .

Very much cliché as well.

Five Feet Apart is an emotionally compelling and deeply poignant teen drama that borders on conventional melodramatic levels.

Maudlin, cliched, predictable, goofs, ludicrously oblivious to medical procedures, policy and real life.

She has great chemistry with Cole Sprouse, though the writing felt far more blatantly formulaic from his mouth than it did with Richardson.

Falling in love while balancing on the edge of the death sentence is a very emotional subject.

The story and direction is cliché and predictable.

Will's last words when they parted were extremely cliche, not touching.

I loved almost everything in the movie, the topic discussed is not consumed a lot in cinema, people with a deadly disease and how they live, life between hope and falling apart, The funny scenes were well used to make the movie more exciting.

intense story of love & death .

I found this film to be predictable, poorly written and incredibly cliché.

I feel compelled to write this review for all of those guys who get dragged along to see some cheezy romance flick by the wife or girlfriend and can barely make it through without trying to duck into the adjacent theater for something action oriented.

Really enjoyed it.

Unexpected and Superb Acting.

Engaging .

All three of us were bored to tears with it.

This was extremely cliche.

Okay this was unexpected.

At the end of the day, the film is worth the watch despite the flaws primarily because of Haley Lu Richardson's absolutely charming performance.

Yes, it is quite predictable.

The movie was not bad, but it was very slow moving, repetitive and you never got the feeling you really knew the characters.

Ten out of ten highly recommend it if you have a spare hour and fifty six minutes on your hands as you will laugh and cry a lot like I did.

I wasn't going to see this but then when every 14 year old girl walked out of the theater sobbing I thought I would see it.