Flawless (1999) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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An ultraconservative police officer suffers a debilitating stroke and is assigned to a rehabilitative program that includes singing lessons, with the drag queen next door.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Joel Schumacher
Stars: Robert De Niro, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 107 found boring (14.95%)

One-line Reviews (49)

Without this, people are empty.

Add all those qualities together and if even not a classic movie, it is a movie worth watching (more than once just for Hoffman IMHO).

Wht is enjoyable about this film is the simple layers it unpeels in exploring this relationship.

Very entertaining .

This film is both interesting and entertaining mainly because of the fascinating relationship and chemistry between DeNiro and Hoffman.

as predictable as the premise may be.

I thought this film could've been way better if both characters were involved more in the story because I found it confusing at times to know what's going on.

One is the overly familiar and predictable arc the film travels; we simply know well in advance where this story is taking us.

The development of this friendship is what makes this film truly enjoyable and entertaining.

I saw this film on a plane and thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the performance of Philip Seymour Hoffmann whom I found spectacular as a lonely, vulnerable, witty drag queen reaching out to recent stroke victim, homophobic DeNiro.

The usually fabulous Hoffman was unwatchable, even when De Niro was on screen.

Also notable in a supporting role is Skipp Sudduth as Walter's friend, Tommy, who must deal with his own confusion in dealing with Walter's situation, and the people with whom he now finds him involved.

Waste of time seriously!

The situations and characters are rote, the unfurlment of emotions predictable.

I have seen a number of his movies and find them all to be fascinating.

While I didn't expect fireworks, that combination alone should have brought at least a compelling tale.

The movie was pretty generic though, denying it a rating of something higher then a 7, and despite the fact I said it moved pretty well, there were a couple of slow spots that took place.

While the whole "drag scene" was a bit camped up for the masses, it was quite entertaining.

It's not for every body, but it works and the performance of the two leads drag it up from the dull film it could have been..

Lots of people stating how emotional and enjoyable this film is, so I had to see it myself.

The ending is predictable from the start...

The predictable plot really reminds me of an average movie from the late 80's.

DeNiro in my opinion has been uninteresting for decades -- his particular method is to find something in himself as the root of each character.

High Praise from me :) I watch films constantly and this one was riveting and brilliant from the first scene...

Pointless .

A drug-czar subplot is old hat, and the dancehall girl-with-the-heart-of-gold stuff is an obvious cliché (it's all been done before).

We know this because though the character is trite, Hoffman's person in the character is genuine.

Contrived .

And so we are provided with deaths, gunfights, parties, and tragic telephone calls: all of which are contrived, plot-driven devices, which demean the relationship between the two central characters to the kind of schmaltzy emotional pornography which usually involves Robin Williams (the script stops just short of including an AIDS death, or a speech explaining Koontz' hatred of homosexuals, although one can be certain it would have had something to do with an abusive father).

I wonder what it costs him, and whether he will start to coast as dull fame descends.

On the one hand, the drag queens are all made to seem fun and likeable, but, on the other, they also all fit the cliche of homosexuals often presented to the outside world.

I highly recommend it.

" That film achieves the type of thematic unity and gripping emotional power "Flawless," despite all its good intentions, never really manages.

except for the over-the-top-and-pointless 'bad guys'.

PSH is particularly compelling.

He raises what would otherwise be an enjoyable.

In the end, I feel "Flawless" is a waste of time; the movie goes on and on and when it gets to the climax, the outcome is minimal.

Unfortunately, Schumacher's way-too-lengthy direction and mundane screenplay made `Flawless' an almost `unjoelful ' event.

It's also too easy to say what is really irksome and artificial about this plot and its characters--a cliché of a broken down older cop and a apartment building shared with drug dealers, drug users, and most colorfully, a whole slew of cross dressers and transvestites.

Flawless is an interesting drama that talks about unexpected help from unexpected people.

Worthwhile like visiting the zoo can be - never absolutely outstanding, but seldom completely boring.

Entertaining .

The rest of the cast delivers an entertaining array of characters, which just adds to my disappointment with the film.

The film may detour into the predictable but it is enjoyable and the closing credits are a gas!

I didn't think this film was that great because the storyline was all over the shop and pretty boring.

And while drag queens and macho heroes are quite cartoonish in their own right, the writer/director and cast did a great job fleshing out this very entertaining story.

I know you don't have to be a drama queen to be a queen, you don't need to sing to be a female impersonator, and heaven forbid anyone should sing 'glad to be gay' or limpen their wrist a la Naked Civil Servant - but, hey, sometimes you just want to embrace the cliché.

Though the story becomes a little predictable after a while, Flawless is still worthwhile viewing.

Thoughtful writing + commited performances = entertaining character studies.