Floor is Lava (2020) - Reality-TV

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Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers.

IMDB: 4.9
Stars: Rutledge Wood, undefined
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 18 out of 107 found boring (16.82%)

One-line Reviews (37)

Boring and way too easy challenges (I'm pretty certain you could speed through that first room in under a minute).

The idea of the show is pretty good and is somewhat entertaining.

boring show with annoying announcer .

they're just slow.

After the first replay it's just plain boring.

There are some funny moments, fails, and interesting looking obstacles, but the show gets slow and stale fairly quickly.

The concept, the lack of difficulty of the challenges, the cheesy optics of strawberry koolade masquerading as " lava" all make this the saddest excuse for impersonating " American Gladiators" - total waste of time

It's nothing groundbreaking, but entertaining nonetheless.

This show was refreshingly entertaining much like Ninja warrior and Escape room without the cerebral puzzle.

The rules are poorly thought out and make the game uninteresting.


Predictable .

In the first episode the narration was too intense trying to make the mediocre layout interesting, explaining every tiny detail.

And that's even after fast-forwarding through the boring interview portions of the show and just watching the obstacle course portion.

However, the show is so cringe it's kinda funny, like it's a bunch of grown people playing the floor is lava, it's entertaining!

Stunningly bland and uncreative show .

They took way too long to start running people through the actual gauntlet.

That issue gets even further exacerbated about 5 episodes in when 2 teams' runs are so drawn out that they basically just cut down the last team to 5 mins (not exaggerating) and just went in with them halfway going "we join this team already in their run.

The contestants can be annoying and they can drag out what should be a ten minute episode in to twenty.

Either way, the slow teams suck.

From as predictable as lines like "And the doctor is in!

It's dumb but it's short, watchable, and moderately entertaining.

TL;DR This show is dumb, boring, tried it's best and failed.

Yawn .

Currently, both shows are pretty much unwatchable.

Not only annoying, but repetitive in each team attempt.

The courses quickly become repetitive, the narrator becomes irritating, and the contestants me reactions and actions seem fake on multiple occasions.

This show is boring.

Its soooo unpredictable.

There is plenty of cringe from the contestants, but the show is fairly entertaining once they actually get going.

This is a silly, ridiculous game show with a ridiculous premise that is entertaining.

It's pretty entertaining.

Yeah, it's fake, it's not creative, it's boring, it's not entertaining for adults or children, despite a desperate attempt to appeal to both.

Very contrived.

40 minute episodes were WAY too long, 3 teams of 3 making their way across a ~10 meter room gets old fast.

Things like "we must use this painting as a bridge" upon first seeing it or "I think you pull the rope" in a tone that suggests they're bored.

5) Some teams are slow, and boring.