For Your Eyes Only (1981) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond is assigned to find a missing British vessel, equipped with a weapons encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: John Glen
Stars: Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 38 out of 285 found boring (13.33%)

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While a lot of the James Bond films relied on supervillians and fascinating gadgets and cars, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is perhaps one of the simplest movies in the series and is the best.

One of the most boring and foreseeable .

You got a cute Bond girl Bond inexplicably refuses to sleep with although she's present for no other purpose; in fact this Bond is remarkably sexless, bonking only the future Mrs Remington Steel until the end, when he finally gets around to the Chanel chick;you got Bond doing a Jon Voight impression up the back of a mountain just so he can lower a basket (to pick up his team) on a noisy winch that alerts the guards, because he wanted "the element of surprise" - this of course during the great Mediterranean helicopter shortage of 1980 - then he ruins the surprise for that portion of the guards who were asleep by engaging in noisy brawls and throwing people through windows;best of all, you got a macguffin sunk at the bottom of the Ionian sea for about two weeks, a macguffin everybody says is really really important, the recovery of which somehow requires a drive through Spain and a skiing tour of Italy followed by a couple of boat trips to Albania, before anybody dives for this incredibly valuable and time-sensitive thing, a salvage operation so simple, by the way, that it can be accomplished by a girl with a mini-sub.

Throughout the history of the Bond film, there has been a tragic lack of plot twists, misdirections, or surprises.

That then leads to him offing Blofeld in a pretty ridiculously entertaining pre-credit sequence that makes the rest of the movie seem more serious in comparison.

The ocean scenes are fascinating, and all the scenes of Greece and Italy makes you want to take a trip there.

Unfortunate too as it's the only really plausible and engaging spy story from the Moore years.

It had a fairly straightforward plot which was easy to grasp, but a little dull.

So basically, without rambling on further, this film is good, and very enjoyable.

And while "For Your Eyes Only" doesn't reach that level of greatness (no Bond film has since 1963), Roger Moore's fifth effort is still an exciting, unique, and fun way to spend 2 hours.

Yes but it's very contrived.

The skiing scene is absolutely stunning.

Great stunts as the thrilling opening chopper scene, and the famous Citroën 2CV car chase.

Preceding Locque's death, Bond says an unforgettable line: You left this with Ferrara, I believe.. A line like this brilliantly sums up the theme of FYEO: revenge The ending of FYEO is one scene that has every Bond fan on the edge of their seat.

After a dud like Moonraker, it was imperative that this series get back to basics and work on being entertaining again, For Your Eyes Only had some great comedy and some excellent action sequences as well.

The film should of been set exclusively in Italy with the lead character (Judy in the original) being Anglo-Italian The film works at a slow pace and is not fast or action packed that can keep viewers attention to a Bond film.

The rest of the cast are okay, but again, it's a slow film.

I saw how dull the film really was.

They make the films exciting, glamorous, and most of all fun, which is what most movies (and all James Bond movies) should aspire to.

One of the best in the series, and action packed all the way.

Topol (charismatic and on scene stealing form) and Glover offer up fascinating characters, with Glover excellent as Kristatos, providing the franchise with a cultured and believable villain.

The plot is good and action is well done, especially the scene where Bond and Melina are used as shark baits is very intense.

" Does That Bother Anyone Else, That In Every Other Bond Film Where Minions Empty Out Entire Clips At Bond And He's Not Hit And All He Has To Do Is Shoot 6 Times And All The Minions Die?

After rather dull Bond allies since OHMSS, we get a great, memorable one; Columbo, up in the ranks with Kermin Bay of FRWL and Marc Ange Draco of OHMSS.

The story is one of the most believable one in a long time, yet still intriguing.

It seems that FOR YOUR EYES ONLY takes bits and pieces from earlier Bond films and stirs them together to make an exciting new adventure for 1981 audiences.

If you do get bored something must be seriously wrong with you.

This opening is both exciting and poignant, with Tracy's grave and the Blofeld reference both being used to great effect.

Rating : 6'5 , well worth watching .

The bad: slow script, awful 80s music a painful to watch introThe good: the end of the skiing sequence is well done, and more realistic film.

The film tends to drag a bit during the underwater sequence, but the rock climbing scene towards the end is tinglingly suspenseful, whereas the final showdown is exceptionally low-key.

" There are a couple of exciting motorcycle chases on ice that will have you gnawing your fingernails as the villains pursue Bond.

The plot is touch-and-go (mostly go), the disco score is dated, and the figure skating character played by Lynn-Holly Johnson is a waste of time.

Conclusion: For Your Eyes Only is an enjoyable return to the more grounded early Bond films.

For little proof, just look at the bad guys, they were determined to kill Bond by the stupidest ways ever: boring him to death by endless skiing, running him over by a motorcycle, and throwing a hockey's puck at him !

The stunt choreography is exceptional and rather exciting.

The revival of the exciting Bond .

Beautiful intro, exciting ski stunts - and Roger Moore.

It was boring, seemed like half the movie they were skiing.

As Bond, Roger Moore finally gets his hair messed up, and more… He is at the mercy of a bald figure in a wheelchair who controls his destiny; chased by ski-borne motorcycles; assailed by spear-carrying fishermen and unlucky hockey players; attacked by sharks and enemy divers; tied up and dragged behind a boat along the sharp corals…The film succeeds in introducing many mysterious characters… Three of them are:Milos Columbo (Topol) who becomes the incarnation of Bond's old friend Kerim Bey...

I found the material to be rather lame and I thought the majority of the action scenes were fairly boring and never jumped off the screen.

Carole Bouquet is rather boring and plastic throughout the movie.

The scene where the villains dragged Bond and Medena over the coral reefs, intending to make them bleed into the water, thus attracting the sharks which were meant to finish them off, was very good, and also involved one of the more intelligent escape scenes of the Bond series.

The plot is one of the best and most intriguing of the series and the villains take on a certain realism that isn't present in most of the previous Bond films.

This movie has depth (in both plot and character) so if you're into pointless hollywood action and sexual drivel then this movie is not for you.

I'm one of the ones that personally enjoyed it.

It has a good story and some very exciting action scenes.

Bill Conti (of Rocky fame) provides an exciting if dated score, and the theme tune is powerfully performed by Sheena Easton.

The scene where Bond and Melina are dragged through the reef is simply a brilliant idea and executed just as well.

The villains and girls seemed dull and boring, and at times, I couldn't wait for it to end...

He is courageous, commanding, tough, and, most importantly, serious, thanks to new director John Glen (who apparently had to do some prying to slow down Moore's humor blitz).

There isn't anything iconic being said, but it all feels very believable and the conversations the characters have here are always engaging.

Rick Sylvester doubled Moore for the breathtaking mountaineering scenes.

The whole ice skating thing was pointless.

Bond trying to regain the helicopter contains some excellent stunt work and it is just an entertaining opening.

John Glen directs his first film in the series after having been the editor on some of the most exciting films.

All in all not the worst Bond, but not the best either, but very enjoyable none the less.

There's a thrilling action set-piece where Bond must evade an expert Olympian East German skier with a marksman rifle shot, and two motorcycle assassins down an Italian slope, encountering innocent civilians and other athletes competing in various competitions.

Yet another entertaining Moore Bond flick.

The storyline is realistic but exciting enough to create suspense, Roger Moore gives probably his best performance as 007, and he is surrounded by interesting characters.

But, Bond's ascension up a mountain to infiltrate Ari's men stationed in a monastery to hand over the retrieved device to the in-coming Russians(..approaching in their helicopter)is a nail-biting and breathtaking affair where he must contend with a mercenary attempting to send him spiraling to his death.

Moore continued his suaveness and charm in this movie, which I thought had a more faster pace in the plot and more exciting action sequences than the previous Moore entries, from the car chase to the thrilling ski chase - all set to a very 80s-style music score by Bill Conti.

He just has a really likable presence and his introduction makes the film even more engaging.

I fell asleep during one of the ski scenes.

For your Eyes only also benefits from a more intense, stronger Bond girl in the form of Melina, (Carole Bouquet), who wants revenge for the death of her family, and from Topol as Columbo, who is much like Kerim Bay in the film From Russia with Love.

The absurdity of the previous chapter is shed, and we get a highly entertaining adventure that appeals to fans and non-fans alike.

The scene were Kristatos is pulling bond and Melina through the water is recycled from Live and Let Die making it slightly banal and the end scene just drags the viewer to the end.

The mountain-climbing scenes in the final act stand out as suspenseful action and there's lots of other beautiful Greek locales in this movie all around.

She can come across as dull and, as a result, forgettable amidst the sea of other Bond women, past and future, who left their mark on the series.

From "tragically crap" to "cheesy fun" to "strong and exciting" to (ignoring Moonraker) to this, Moore's reign has been a continual series of one-up-manship.

It is impossible to get bored watching this movie.

Anyway, this is a very watchable and entertaining movie...

It's a highly enjoyable and refreshingly basic entertainment package with no silly cartoon ingredients from "Moonraker".

it even teaches previous Bond movies how to make underwater scenes exciting!

Though I don't think the overall finish is as good as The Spy who Loved Me, this is one of Moore's better outings, even if it does have a rather pointless opening sequence that could have broken the film had it not been for the plot strengthening after the credits.

This is a better than decent, more level-headed entry that's just a little bit too bland at times and slow, and lacks any real true excitement that films like these really should have in abundance.

These sequences include a thrilling ski chase, as well as an edge of your seat mountain climb.

The plot is very good, amusing, and exciting, and seems like the kind of spy mission that actually occured during the Cold War.

Exciting, Eye-Popping, Globetrotting, Blockbuster James Bond Spy Flick .

But despite everything, the film had a very slow development for a James Bond film, I thought that the villain (though good) had a bad motivation and also thought the film had a bad use of the soundtrack (that both the " James Bond Theme "and" For Your Eyes Only "are some of the songs).

) and Kristatos's death-by-coral attempt on Bond has to be one of the most drawn out ideas ever by a villain.

Although not anywhere near greatness when comes to acting, Carole Bouquet still makes for a compelling Bond Girl.

This for me makes the whole movie something worth watching.

They found a good balance between the more serious and the humorous bits and made it a truly enjoyable experience.

With great locations including Corfu and Cortina D'Ampezzo in Italy, For Your Eyes Only is a satisfying and thrilling entry in the series.

Also, the underwater photography in For Your Eyes Only is stunning.

Action sequences are one of the best, having the best skiing action sequence, the whole sequence was just amazing and entertaining from start to finding.

Overall, it's on the entertaining side of average.

There is a rock climbing scene that is intense!

Mr Roger Moore yawns through two long unforgiving hours...........

Bouquet is perhaps smarter than most Bond girls but she is also rather dull.

Here it becomes a standard Reds under the beds paranoia plot which Mr Roger Moore yawns through for two long unforgiving hours.

But after seeing this film, I just know that bond has moved on from boredom.

After the enjoyable fantastical set pieces of 'The Spy Who LovedMe' and the all out gadgetry of 'Moonraker', the producers of theJames Bond films decided it was time to get more into reality withtheir next film, 'For Your Eyes Only', a very enjoyable film.

Overall, enjoyable and simple.

Furthermore "For Your Eyes Only" benefices from a phenomenal title song, courtesy of Sheena Easton, and some of the most breathtaking Bond girls.

There is an enjoyable car chase in a Citroën in the Greek countryside that is light-hearted without feeling silly.

One of the most entertaining Bond flicks that is very re-watchable.

A thrilling Bond adventurescene!

The picture contains comic-strip adventure , sensational pursuits , silly set pieces, great stunts, tongue-in check humor, automovile chase, frantic unstopped action , an impressive tour over razor-sharp coral reefs, amazing gimmicks and stimulating images like are the happenings on the spectacular pursuits on the snow, the overwhelming underwater scenes, and the breathtaking battles .

Lynn-Holly Johnson's Bibi Dahl character is as pointless as it gets, out of place and superfluous to the plot.

But he plays the role with a ruthless nature that fits and he certainly looks the part as his scenes with Moore are always engaging.

I will admit despite my enjoyment of Moonraker, it did get a little silly and occasionally tiresome (not very often though).

But somehow it just doesn't all hang together, the Austrian scenes go on far too long.

The plots are predictable and uninteresting, and the attempts to weave in scraps from the intro song in the dialogue and in other ways, get contrived.

Another entertaining 007 adventure .

A somewhat dull Bond entry .

The score by LSU alumna Bill Conti seemed of its time from the early '80s but it was still entertaining to me and his title song as sung by Sheena Easton is still a favorite of mine.

I was a teen then and bored out of my mind and went to see it during the summer of 1981 with my high school buddies to kill time.

He's utterly forgettable, and has a correspondingly boring death.

For Your Eyes Only gets very boring, most of its action scenes only go for like 1 minute!

The action is crisply filmed and edited, including a remarkable ski sequence and a stunning mountain climbing sequence in which Bond is almost thrown to his death.

This movie, to me, does the best job of making Bon fantastical yet holding onto that core grain of believability that is so crucial to crafting a compelling character.

Add to the mix a fine cast, notably Carole Bouquet as another strong character in the list of 'Bond women', and you have a satisfying and thrilling entry in the series.

Blofeld is there from the outset, but this Blofeld is totally uninteresting, and the vistas shown in the opening sequence are not exhilarating, not entertaining.

This in combination with a return towards a more old-fashioned story lines and down-to-earth action sequences (literally, when compared to "Moonraker") results in "For Your Eyes Only" being one of the most relaxingly enjoyable and adrenalin-rushing Bond adventures in the entire series.

Some parts are a bit slow in all honesty and can bore you if you don't pay attention because some parts are just packed with dialogues, where as some parts are overly used action so although it works out well in the end, bit's can be partly dull.

While it did not outgross Moonraker, it's financial intake was close and while it does possess the entertainment factor that both Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me did, it is an artistic success, with great performances, an engrossing storyline, wonderful characterization and superb direction from John Glen in his directorial debut for a Bond film.

I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it more than Rodgey's other outings (see what it's like when you jokify the name, Roger?

As Bond explained, he was merely engaging in detente - 'You don't have it, I don't have it!

Maybe holds a spoilerAfter the tired, boring 007 films "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker," producers Cubby Brocoli and Michael G.

Roger Moore plays Jame Bond again in the exciting adventurous 'For Your Eyes Only'.

Other flaws include dull villains and a terribly uneven Bill Conti score which sometimes really works and sometimes is woefully ill-judged.

Among all the James Bond films of Roger Moore, For Your Eyes Only is the best and most compelling I've seen.

It's not without its faults, but it's an enjoyable enough experience and a considerable improvement over its predecessor.

Despite not having a line, his intense expressions and quiet presence definitely leave an impact.

So, while it is not apparently everybody's cup of tea, For Your Eyes Only stands near the top and is one of the more enjoyable and fast paced Bond films there is.

Another memorable scene features Bond and Melina being dragged on a rope by a boat over a coral reef.

It's funny and exciting at the same time, and I think I never have seen more fantastic action-scenes in any other movie like in this one.

They range from Bond attempting to take control of a remote controlled helicopter in mid-flight to a surprisingly effective car chase, excellently filmed ski sequences, suspenseful underwater sequences and a climbing scene that features one of the most impressive Bond stunts ever.

There are fine chases on snow and on the road,a thrilling keel-hauling sequence which was actually taken from the book {but not the film}of Live and Let Die,two underwater fights and a truly exciting rock climbing scene where Moore actually looks in peril!

In the second half, the tension unwinds a bit with a long, tedious underwater sequence that succeeds only in slowing the film down.

Chases and exciting action scenes abound.

The tension is terrific, you will be on the edge of you seat while bond is on the edge of a mountain.

This movie is yet another example of how entertaining the Roger Moore Bond movies are.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY proves a Roger Moore 007 movie can still be entertaining without the goofiness.

They are even duller that the main villain.

The characters are well cast and the classic Lotus Esprit gets an appearance in the film though in my view there could of been an exciting car chase with esprit in Italy rather then destroying it.

Lastly, the surreal, fast paced depiction of James Bond's fight scenes at different locales namely a sky resort, a mountain and an undersea boat make 'For your eyes only' a highly entertaining film with appreciable amount of thrilling moments for fans to cherish.

The beach fight and chase is exciting, reminiscent of O.

There's a wild and unusual car chase, a raid on a shipping port trafficking drugs, a thrilling climb up to the villain's base, and probably the best ski chase in a Bond film that also takes advantage of a bobsled run.

Over all I was a little disappointed with this instalment in the franchise but it is still worth watching.

Except for that I think the ski and mountaineering stunts are the most exciting thing with this Bond movie.

Sounds like an exciting premise doesn't it.

They had just made their biggest box office killing with the last Bond release, the ridiculous and formulaic "Moonraker," so changing direction and respecting Bond's roots was a noble effort worth applauding.

John Glen films everything in a bland, almost TV-show like way.

The film is paced almost perfectly, it knows exactly when to speed things up or slow them down and at no points does it become boring despite some dialogue heavy parts.

As is like a roller-coaster , as is fast-paced, light, excitement, funny and entertaining ; it's a winner for oo7 fans and non-fans alike .

Also I must say some of the scenery in this movie is absolutely stunning and there was no big sets like in Moonraker for instance.

Also, too many of his movies had ski chase scenes on the snow and For Your Eyes Only probably represented the longest ski chase scene and it was pretty boring.

Also, the ending in a remote monastery is somewhat anti-climactic; the most intense and memorable scenes take place in Cortina and under water in the Adriatic Sea.

This thrilling film deals about seductive James Bond as the ultimate spy hero who is assigned by MI6 a dangerous mission to recover an important device that control over British Polaris nuclear subs .

It's a stunning, thrilling and adventurous film experience.

After a thrilling scrape with Blofeld at the beginning of the film in which Bond starts by tending to his wife's grave, Bond is thrown into the assignment.

) It's funny because the director lets it drag out a bit and break up the rhythm while it adds to the suspense.

I did enjoy this film, but I will be honest and say that it is a tad slow and times, and that it often feels dragged out and longer than the running time suggests.

Speaking of contrived, there's the fight scene between Bond and the hockey players.

though the ending was fairly flat and predictable.

"For Your Eyes Only" is a slower film all around.

So, while "The Spy Who Loved Me" is Moore's best and most entertaining venture into the world of Bond, FYEO does a great job at doing something different, and with it's blend of exciting action sequences, good locales, intrigue, and an involving story that keeps the viewer interested, this is my 6th favorite 007 adventure and I recommend it to anyone.

There is a abundance of action in this movie, including a breathtaking ski-chase and an intense showdown in a Greek monastery.

Roger Moore showed that he could be serious and the action is exciting without being outlandish.

It is exciting.

The action-packed includes , exciting underwater fights, and cliffhanging assault of a rousing mountaintop fortress filmed in Meteoro monastery .

Anyway, this is one of the best bond movies and I highly recommend it.

A relentless bore.

Easy to follow and the cliffhanging conclusion was well done and somewhat suspenseful.

I have a couple of complaints, but the film was very enjoyable .

Carole Bouquet was flat and uninteresting as Bond's 'love' interest.

After James in Space in Moonraker, he is back down to Earth in this very exciting installment of the series.

Nevertheless, the movie fast paced and remains of my my favourite Bond movies.

And how can we forget the famous chase scene where Bond, at the wheel of a disjointed Citroen 2CV, makes cross-country by the Andalusian hills?

It is definitely an enjoyable experience.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981) *** Bond must locate a missing nuclear sub and becomes partners with the lovely Carole Bouquet whose plans for revenge for the murders of her parents add to the action packed scenario.

A novel feature of FYEO is that Bond actually has to work out who his enemy is, the choice coming down to the suave Kristatos and the wily Columbo, and the film does a good job confusing us as to which of them it is, until all is revealed.

Boring Bond is a total pile of grit...

"For Your Eyes Only" gets off to a rocky start, teasing the return of Blofeld in an irrelevant helicopter sequence more interested in giving a middle finger to former "Bond" writer/producer Kevin McClory (who won the rights to the character in a court case) than meaningfully entertaining "Bond" fans.

It's trashy but entertaining, in the mold of several earlier entries in the Roger Moore catalog, and there's a distinct lack of overly ambitious action sets in outer space, so I felt comfortable and content with what I got.

It can be extremely exciting (OHMSS, The Spy Who Loved Me).

It's brimming with colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Alan Hume .

"For Your Eyes Only" takes a lot of queues from "OHMSS" and I quite enjoyed it.

He was noble, deserving and great but eventually the scripts were becoming banal.

Well, the fore-mentioned reasons are enough; it's entertaining, exciting, rich in greatness of action, suspense and adventure, a ridiculous body count - James did the most of it -, the usual tolerable romance and Topol is a kick-ass sidekick, and let us not forget that Desmond Llewelyn as Q is also present to steal the show with his remarks and utility gadgets - the sequence where he does a profile sketch of the villain's henchman is hilarious.

All this and Q having a more expanded role than usual (due to original M, Bernard Lee, being in his final days) makes For Your Eyes Only one of the most enjoyable low-key James Bond adventures ever!

Riveting and fancy main titles by habitual Maurice Binder , furthermore eye-popping production design by Peter Lamont.

I'm a massive 007 fan, a big Roger Moore fan as well, most of his 007 films are great, except this one, so So SO disappointing, it was unbelievably boring and i only watch the first hour or so and thought, enough is enough and took out the DVD, worst £7 ever spent!

Some of the action was pretty intense too.

The photography in this movie is superb - it was shot by Alan Hume (Return Of The Jedi, Runaway Train), one of Britain's greatest cameramen, and he does everything from strap the camera to a bobsleigh to stage an interior fight underwater with stunning, razor-sharp looks.

Not so much in his face, but in his overall slower movements.

Stunning Bond girl, great chasing scenes with Bill Conti's music without gadgets making it amazing well done.

Glen is rather brilliant in conducting the Cortina ski chase, but the rest is merely the execution of formulaic beats.

Oh yes, twists in the plot really make it worth watching too.

I liked the setting for this one and the story gains from it with some beautiful things used within and things such as Bond being dragged through Coral being oddly nice to look at.

Bond, Topol and the daughter of the archaeologist, Melina, all go after Kristatos, leading to a thrilling finale in a monastery.

Slower Bond film in many ways .

As a consequence, this is a storyline and script that is somewhat closer to reality than Bond had been in more than a decade with the result being a film that is much more suspenseful and even exciting than it's over the top predecessor.

I could go on and on about this Bond film but the importantthing is that it's fast, funny and thrilling.

The movie is more down to earth and realistic than alot of Bond movies and very very exciting.

Enjoyable title song by Sheena Easton and stirring musical score fitting to action by Bill Conti (Rocky saga's composer) ,following the John Barry's classic style .

The climb up the cliff-face was on the edge of your seat stuff and the ski-chase was ingeniously executed that has you willing Bond down the mountain throughout.

The women: Carole Bouquet is rarely mentioned, but she is an intriguing and reliable leading lady.

"For Your Eyes Only" is another entertaining movie in the James Bond series (the 12th in the series).

This is a pretty suspenseful scene among several in "For Your Eyes Only.

There are high society pool parties, mountainside car chases, ski thrills, ice skating, underwater intrigue and an exciting cliff-climbing close.

Another problem is that the story is entertaining but it can get rather dull in parts.

The film will appeal to James Bond series's buffs but good for fans only ; because this one goes on far too long and has provoked so much debate among 007 followers .

Bond bad guy Kristatos played by Indiana Jones and Star Wars actor Julian Glover is bland and forgettable, lacking weight especially when compared to other serious Bond outing villains like Kananga and Licence to Kill's Sanchez or more recently Dominic Greene to name a few.

There is one great scene in the second half, when Bond and Melina are dragged through the ocean and coral reef.

The main villain behind it all is kind of bland and uninteresting.

The chase in a Madrid village and countryside with Bond using Melina's embarrassingly small Citroën trying to outsmart two superior vehicles as the enemy follows behind constantly shooting, is also ridiculous, but entertaining.

All of the actors in the film are top notch, and the beautiful scenery of Italy and Greece, is just breathtaking.

Bond's dark haired damsel was stunning until she spoke.

I do feel that the movie would've been a lot more enjoyable if it were edited down more, there are many scenes that seem very drawn out.

If you remove the action sequences, the central story is kind of dull at times.

Topol is very engaging in the role of Columbo, one of the most charismatic and memorable Bond allies since Kerim Bey in "From Russia with Love".

This is easily one of the most thrilling James Bond movies and is probably about second or third best of the 80's Bond films (License To Kill was the best of that decade).

This is the best pre-credits in the series for me because its both extremely silly and exciting at the same time.

Normally this is fine and has worked even for some of the later Bonds to come yet in this particular instance, it seems overdone and cliché.

Nobody is building gigantic oceanic laboratories in the middle of the Mediterranean, no secret hideouts in volcanoes, no plot to take over the world, or to exterminate the entire human race.

The scene with Bond and Melina dragged behind the speedboat, for example, is taken directly from the novel of 'Live And Let Die', and many characters appear in Fleming's short story of the same name.

The action sequences, while more realistic, are genuinely exciting and varied.

The skiing in this movie is exciting too, it must be said.

The fact that it takes awhile to find out if Julian Glover or Topol plays the villain is intriguing and many of the action sequences are top-notch and mostly logical considering the partly-confusing premise.

The action sequences are spectacular for the time, and the story is very engaging.

As for the villain of this 007 title, he is very mundane and uninteresting as was the villain Largo from Thunderball (Ironically, the Largo character in Never Say Never was quite improved upon).

The action sequences were intense and extremely climactic.

Like THUNDERBALL, the underwater sequences are slow and dull, filled with endless scenes of stand-ins for Moore and Bouquet.

It is easily the preeminent Roger Moore Bond film, and is well worth watching in every area.

The same cannot be said for Julian Glover, whose adversary is so dull and immediately forgettable he's almost invisible while sharing scenes with his fellow actors.

" For Your Eyes Only", in fact, has nearly everything one could look for in a Bond film- a good performance from the hero, a beautiful heroine, exciting action sequences and an excellent theme song from Sheena Easton.

The film also boasts some cool underwater sequences, an amusing car chase (with Bond driving a Citroën 2CV), and an exciting finale set in a monastery built atop a huge monolith.

The Underwater Scenes – The scenes where Bond and Melina are dragged through the sea are as good as anything you'll find in a Bond movie, filled with exciting and dangerous looking moments.

The film has so much going for it, yet falls just shy of being one of the all-time great 007 adventures because it lacks both a compelling story and, worse, a memorable nemesis for Bond to battle.

The subplot about Columbo's 35 year rivalry with Kristatos is very compelling.

They just believe that the cars race, the planes acrobatics, the climbing, the diving are never seen before sequences that the shots are endless, too long, repetitive and finally boring!

In my opinion, the best action sequences in the Bond films are the speedboat chase in Live and Let Die, the oil tanker pursuit in Licence to Kill and most exciting of all, the ski chase in this absolute peach of a film that is a definite improvement over Moonraker, and is clearly the finest Roger Moore 007 film.

Bland, James Bland .

Stunning French actress Carole Bouquet plays Melina Havelock, a strong willed woman who is out for revenge following the death of her parents.

As it stands, it's a pleasant, suitably engaging watch, with many strong moments undermined by inconsistent silliness and a general sense of hazy disengagement.

The movie is really fast paced, I really wasn't bored with it, it is highly entertaining.

A few too many fight scenes which got tedious, but some of the chases were exciting.

Bond himself is less cartoonish and silly than he had been for a while, and the more realistic action scenes (especially the thrilling mountain climax) create more suspense.

Not only is this a visual treat for the eye, but keeps you gripping the sides of your seat.

To sum up, I have always enjoyed FYEO and I think it is extremely entertaining and one of the most action-packed Bond films.

In fact every single potentially suspenseful action sequence is ruined by the incongruous sounds of the instruments used.

Glover, while pulling off a good performance, is uninteresting as a villain, as he only wants to get money from the ATAC, although this could have been an intentional choice to keep things grounded.

This film had plenty of exciting moments; highlights include a car chase in a 2CV, the ski chase where bond is pursued by armed men on bikes and the final confrontation in a remote monastery.

Roger Moore's 5th adventure as Bond, and after reaching silly heights in 'Moonraker' it's great to see Bond back on Earth again, and all the ingredients are here for a very entertaining thrill ride, the action, the stunts, the gadgets, stunning locations and beautiful women, not to mention some of the most convincing acting in the Bond series.

Another problem I had was with the villain who was simply boring and never made a splash in the film.

The result is a delightful spy adventure with plenty of intriguing characters, plot twists, and romance…