Forces of Nature (1999) - Comedy, Romance

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A soon-to-be-married man encounters an exciting stranger after his plane suffers an accident on takeoff.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Bronwen Hughes
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 44 out of 190 found boring (23.15%)

One-line Reviews (136)

There is no evidence of them even remotely liking each other but since the rest of the movie depends on that happening, we are forced to endure coincidence after coincidence and cliche after cliche.

Thus, the unconventionality of the resolution comes as an even more stunning surprise than it otherwise might.

this movie was an utter waste of my time

Forces of Nature (1999): Dir: Bronwen Hughes / Cast: Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Maura Tierney, Steve Zahn, Blythe Danner: It seems like a force of nature when studios continue to pump out these dreary romantic comedies.

I was so bored from start to end!!!.

His rendition of Phil Collin's Against All Odds will tempt you to leave the theater screaming for the pain in your ears.

The whole thing was predictable from the beginning (except...

The direction was fast paced, with amazing cinematography, quite rare for a comedy, and wonderful, beautiful, magical effects that seemed both real and surreal.

It is an enjoyable ride, teaching them and us something about relationships, love, and life.

Forces of Nature is no classic, but it does have some unexpected merits.

No originality, no surprise, bad script, neutral acting, clichés: just another boring Hollywood formula movie.

Actually I can't comment on the entire film, as I walked out after 55 minutes of the flick.

Ben is a shmuck and Sandra is a skinny and hopeless actress, both playing terribly pretentious parts in one of the worst films of the decade.

I wish Ben and Sarah had ended up together in the end though but I didn't write the movie, but anyway I still give them credit because it was a fascinating movie because you never knew what was going to happen next.

Bullock is terrific, and plays one of her most fascinating characters to date, and although Affleck is as stolid as ever, at least its in keeping with the character he's supposed to be playing.

Surprisingly decent telling of a potentially tiresome tale.

Don't waste your time.

Compared to so much of the exploitative, clichéd, adolescent, emotionally empty, fantasy violence out there that gets higher ratings, 'Forces of Nature' is Palm D'Or material...

Because of this, Ben Affleck's Ben Holmes and Sandra Bullock's Sarah Lewis feel like bland caricatures and not identifiable people.

Both Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck are engaging actors.

Yawn .

Nothing happened in the movie and the end was "what-was-missing" for me to thing that this movie is really fool .

There is this dancing scene that seemed to drag on way too long and the constant reminder of some HUGE threatening hurricane is just plain silly.

It drags on from scene after scene, it's very boring, and the characters just don't seem to have enough charisma to keep the show alive.

Everything is predictable shortly after the beginning..

Forces of Nature does a great job capturing the uncertainty and unpredictable circumstances of life.

I knew Sandra Bullok and Ben Afleck from previous works which i enjoyed to i expected them to be enjoyable in this picture as well.

this is the worst movie that i have ever seen .

It sounded extremely trite, and I'm not too interested in Bullock or Affleck either.

appropriating plotlines from everything from "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles" to "Seinfeld" the story is predictable and unentertaining.

The stodgy character who is afraid of flying, of water, and of disrupting his wedding plans, is Ben Affleck.

The film is shot beautifully, and the director wisely chooses long lingering shots of supporting actress Maura Tierney's face, a face that is vastly entertaining.

A waste of time and talent .

A waste of time and talent.

Granted the screenplay is a little contrived the way it keeps throwing up obstacles to prevent Ben from reaching his wedding.

I expected Ben's bride-to-be to be a crashing bore or uptight priss, so the audience would root for Sarah and Ben.

Recommendation: don't waste your money OR your time.

It probably sounds very mature on paper and it is certainly a non-Hollywood climax, but it is incredibly dull and renders the majority of the preceding scenes pointless.

This is not a credit to either of the lead characters, Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock, both of whom I usually love, came off trite and type-cast...

Their misadventures grow tedious fairly quickly and events are not helped by Bronwen Hughes' uneven direction.

The first thing we may say is that the sound track is MAGNIFICENT but I would hasten to add that it is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME buying the CD soundtrack as half the damned tracks are MISSING from the CD !

I will say it deserves criticism for being somewhat disjointed and too reliant on plot contrivance.

Great cinematography; bad casting; predictable situations.

don't waste your money on this.

So basically I enjoyed it for its realistic approach to the end and because it chose to add fantasy to the other parts of the movie instead of maybe the end.

Slow Paced & Predictable .

Sure: I am not tolerant enough, but stories against my core values are a pain for me: Here, you got 120 minutes of anti-marriage stuff: -"it's a waste of time because you will divorce" -"you can't love only one person", "you can't measure your love to check if it is the real one",.....

Proving once again that Ben Affleck cannot act, this predictable movie is otherwise a waste of time.

It's not a terribly boring movie, but there are only a few minor exciting scenes here.

The film has just enough originality of direction to keep the visuals from growing tedious and the sound design is surprisingly stong for this type of film.

Thus, the stage is set for the predictable true love romantic finale.

July 2010 update: Saw it again, a pretty entertaining movie with a good message.

There are some really cheezy sentimental films out there that are still enjoyable despite any excess or melodrama.

I actually lasted 54 minutes into this movie before I was so bored with it I felt compelled to leave the theater.

There is ONE 15-second sequence involving slow digital hailstones, and it's too bad it was used here, because it could have been used quite magically in a better film.

It was mundane and dreary.

Some of the quirks are very predictable, some more surprising.

The story was also confusing-why did Ben go with Bridget instead of going with Sarah?

The cinematography is superb and the acting is also quite enjoyable.. a must see

this movie suffers from a confusion of genres & intent .

The movie is slow paced and very predictable.

The parents are cliche'.

Julia roberts the queen of these films are always rather predictable and rather shallow.

Nothing happened.

From start to finish, this is one of the freshest, most sincere, exciting, approachable and lighthearted romance films I have ever seen.

When traveling to Savanna, Georgia, where the wedding is taking place, he is experiencing all sorts of transportation difficulties, in which he gets to know troubled passenger Bullock, a young abandoning mom, who's still facing coming of age problems.

Recommended, especially in the current lull of movies before Memorial Day.

An unexpected delight .

Overall I would recommend it as a rainy-day rental since it's quite enjoyable to watch and only a couple times do people do things which make you beg them to not be so dang stupid.

Frequently, one is stodgy and the other reckless.

Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck charm in this romantic comedy that is topped off with a totally unexpected twist ending, despite its secondary failings.

I expected more, but still entertaining .

Drawn out, ridiculous, and really quite awful .

One of the first 'manic pixie girl,' saves the boring normal boy stories.

Forces of Nature does have some unexpected depth.

Stylish but pointless.

The theater was nearly full and as I stay to read the credits I could both observe and hear people as they left the theater.

And we found it very entertaining and not particularly predictable.

I can't pick a better actress for the part, and the things that pop out of her mouth are unexpected and just plain funny.

Even then, cliché notwithstanding, the movie was terribly funny to watch.

Bullock And Affleck Make An Engaging Couple In Movie With Surprise Ending .

Both characters were silly and boring.

I expected more from Sandra Bullock ,but this is still and unpredictable fun romantic comedy.

Engaging Right From the Start .

While some elements can be entertaining, I just found this movie way too long for the material it had to work with.

What makes it worse is that there are some really funny moments in the film, cruelly holding out glimmers of hope--then the film plods on for another 15-20 minutes before the next good scene.

But FON raises some fascinating and unexpected left field turns.

Then, the film is also quite funny and entertaining.

This film's directorial vision is clear and is visually stunning.

I take on board all the criticisms cited here about this film and I accept that most of them are justified, but I have to say that I had an enjoyable hour watching it (missed the first 20 minutes...

In conclusion, then, the film without being a major work of art, has far more to commend it than to condemn it despite the initial twenty minutes or so being totally uninteresting and flippant.

we know that you know that it's all so fantastical and contrived...

Affleck had already done both Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting, two phenomenal films, with Sandra Bullock appearing in Speed, a fine example of a truly tense and exciting thriller.

And it really works, the script is excellent and Sandra Bullock works her usual engaging magic.

It's so good that repeated viewings will probably be even more enjoyable.

Sandra Bullock is particularly engaging, though co-star Ben Affleck gives an uninspired performance.

A great movie falls flat with a nicely done but disappointing ending, and I left the theater crying.

The ending, which I really like, while on the surface coming across as an unpredictable twist, was not entirely out of the blues, and here we come back to Tierney.

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and in fits of laughter.


Forces of Nature is sure to be one of the most compelling and exciting new movies to hit the big screen in 1999.

i really found this funny and enjoyable one to watch.


The supporting cast is entertaining, as well, and the dialogue is witty and intelligent.

It's a bore from beginning to, well 54 minutes into the film anyway.

Full bore full of lame situations just so to romantic link the leads.

If that says something about why I enjoyed it, it might also explain why I liked it more than some others.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my wife and I both thought that it had a feeling to a screwball 30's comedy like It Happened One Night.

Did I say Forces of Boredom or Forces of the Pities .

In addition to the funny parts, the `showdown' scene in which they gave each other a piece of their minds, while again quite predictable, was well acted with a good mix of fire and poignancy.

There were enough laughs to keep it lite and enjoyable.

I am stunned by how many people are disappointed by the ending of this movie, saying it is depressing, unexpected, unwelcome, dissatisfying, etc...

Empty .

This was a very comical movie, with a somewhat predictable twists until that last curve, which you'll either love or hate.

This was by far one of the worst movies Sandra Bullock has starred in.

It's all about slow movement through a wide space which leaves the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

Trite .

Also, the movie's plot is very unrealistic, but in an entertaining sort of way.

Forces of Nature is a really enjoyable film.

Although advancing through this story is sometimes amiable fun, the ending results are forgettable and pointless.

Force of Nature(1999)contains an AMAZING and Stunning Cinematography by Elliot Davis(Out Of Sight),believe me is one of great cinematographer of last these years!

a comedy worth watching .

Too bad their characters are so annoying and uninteresting.

But I have to say if Sandra Bullock wasn't in this movie, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as it is.

However, this didn't make up for the fact that overall, this was a tremendously boring movie.

Ben and Sandra are fine and the rest of the cast is enjoyable.

Waste of time and money .

Only Hollywood can make such a recipe for a BOMB:Take a BLAND story concept, two BAD actors, the director of HARRIET THE SPY, add some ANNOYING computer generated effects and DISTRACTING camera work....

Totally, predictable, say, in an insulting way.

The humorous strip tease, a totally unique rain scene and the surprise ending overcome the drab subplot to make this an entertaining watch.

The film has been applauded for the realistic (low-key) ending which is certainly better on paper than the usual formulaic ending and on this I pretty much agree.

That is why I really think this film is worth watching.

My favorite part about this movie is that it was unpredictable.

I never spoil the endings of any movie, but this one, while unpredictable, made for a huge plot hole.

Fun & Entertaining.

This has the same empty, calm, soft feel as that film.