Forever Mine (1999) - Crime, Drama, Romance

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An affair between a cabana boy and the young wife of a sinister politician triggers a 16-year vendetta between the two men.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Paul Schrader
Stars: Joseph Fiennes, Ray Liotta
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 49 found boring (26.53%)

One-line Reviews (34)

Shlocky story, contrived and boring characters.

The dual role played by the unbearably unwatchable and quasi-intense Fiennes (proving acting is not a genetic trait), is excruciating bizarre and Gretchen Mol must have wondered after and hour of plodding dialog how she was not supposed to realize that the new mysterious Hispanic guy was her old flame.

A waste of talent, money, time, effort and thought on everyone's part.

Like many Victorian romance novels, Schrader requires a willing suspension of disbelief regarding plot devices and contrived situations.

The noir elements are the plot devices: meeting by chance, Catholic guilt, a woman coming between two men, a guy getting in over his head by getting mixed up with a woman above his social station, intense romance vs.

Also,the characters involved lacked depth and emotion as they were bland all throughout the film.

Be that as it may, Forever mine, as his recent `Autofocus' is more fascinating to analyze than `Mishima', where form and content were the same thing.

A good candidate to the title of The Worst Movie Ever Made .

Not surprisingly his following film was much lighter, a thrilling melodrama concerning a love triangle packed with the director's familiar themes: insane passions, religious devotions, criminals with guilty conscience and revengeful obsessions.

Slow and largely uninvolving Romantic Drama .

The movie's plot was badly written and heavily contrived.

The screenwriter of Taxi Driver has made a film that is a very good candidate to the title of The Worst Movie Ever Made.

Shot beautifully, this is a well written and intriguing romantic thriller by an awesome director.

"Forever Mine" is a somewhat flawed telling of an interesting and unpredictable love triangle story which is built around a solid core cast of under-rated actors (Fiennes, Mol, and Liotta).

The worst movie ever film was called HEALTH.

intense violence, and most significantly the color cinematography reminiscent of black and white efforts of years ago, utilizing multiple angles for repeat shots on the same sets and different tinted lenses to contribute the film's shift in mood or tone.

Maybe he set out to make the worst movie he possibly could and in that it is a triumph.

from an otherwise top-notch writer/director who must have been on one serious bender or another to create something so remarkably mundane, despite some nice work from Gretchen "The Notorious Bettie Page" Mol as Ella, the romantic focus of this half-baked bodice-ripper, and Ray "Goodfellas" Liotta, as the stereotypical shady, possessive, violent husband.

Or so it seemed since the ending was so confusing like the rest of the movie that we in the audience didn't really get what happened in the film never explaining if those involved in this turkey survived or not before the ending credits!

It is worth watching only for two nude scenes from the wonderful and lovely Gretchen Mol, who hasn't done much of that at all.

"Forever Mine" suffers from low budget appurtenances (music, sets, props, etc); an uneven flow which runs in the beginning and crawls through the middle; and an unnecessary murder which serves little purpose; etc. Those who can overlook the ragged edges of the film will be rewarded by some excellent performances and an evocative and compelling drama while, as the extremes of IMDB.

His 1999 film, "Forever Mine" is an intense Romantic Thriller about forbidden love and revenge.

But what really dooms the movie is that the story is too long, too slow, and lacking in explanation on a few key details.

Basically the cast was solid, but Fiennes, Liotta and Mol all had periods of appearing either bored or disinterested.

***SPOILERS*** Confusing final ending with an outraged and humiliated Brice not at all caring if he lives or dies out to kill both Alan and his cheating wife Ella as well as himself and royally screwing everything up instead.

The script is highly formulaic and dull, the characters are one-dimensional, there are several holes in the plot, and the ending manages to be both cliched and unsatisfying.

Predictable, by-the-numbers stuff without even any engaging performances.

I find Forever Mine, intriguing and tantalizing.

But why despite the actual, sometimes charming, gloss I felt that everything was dead predictable, being extremely clear-cut from miles away ?

Also,the story is clichéd and predictable whose story does not come up with something original nor satisfying.

One evening, while Mark is preoccupied with a business meeting, Alan leaps on his oppourtunity to charm and seduce the stunning Ella.

The storyline was solid, but the way the flashbacks were sequenced was confusing at times, to the point of distraction.

But for me, I enjoyed it as something to watch, and not to touch deeply, or dazzle outwardly.

As for the rest of the movie, Paul Schrader's script is lazy and dull, full of lines that a third grader could've wrote.