Fortune Defies Death (2018) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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The Woods family gathers at a cabin resort to hear the last will and testament of their wealthy patriarch George Woods ten years after his death. All vying for the much-anticipated Woods' ...

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Jennifer Hulum
Stars: Julie R. Ølgaard, Justin Ray
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 5 out of 60 found boring (8.33%)

One-line Reviews (29)

Like what a film festival critic said: "A film that requires intense concentration and focus to appreciate to its fullest".

But stressing some tedious moments would only become distracted.

The film is super entertaining.

The movie starts out a bit unfocused but as long as you stay on and pay attention to small talks or things, it eventually becomes quite intriguing.

With an eloquent combination of cinematography and editing, while the movie couldn't claim to be a classic mystery, it is a complacent, laid back and enjoyable entertainment, that's clever enough to keep you guessing until the end.

Great action has gripping story.

) , this show was enjoyable for me.

In this time you are feeling bored in the bad situation This movie will relieve from extreme monotony.

I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie.

On top of which is a dazzling script with 9 main characters drawing out from their distinguished personalities that had brought to life by an amazing directions and stunning performances.

" While the movie with the characters is ultimately driven by greed, dangerously played between life and death, there is an intense atmosphere of dread and stress throughout, sown wonders of how the tragedy can really last so long, of all resulted in a terrifying conclusion.

Honestly, don't waste your time.

I was on the edge of the seat with my hands on my knees feeling tense like "a suspect".

In opposite, this sort of genre - a mix of a puzzle movie and a whodunit - often requires an intensive concentration to view - had become less appreciated in the recent years and such consequence has turned filmmakers away for a quick success, the horror genre, so to speak.

I'm glad that I watched the movie because it is absolutely riveting.

But I understand some people may get bored because they don't know where to look when things are remained enigmatic.

The powerful and intense atmosphere of dread and stress throughout those idiosyncratic eccentric characters have made the film unique and poignant which may stay with you for a while - I can't think of any murder mystery like this before and it certainly made me cry and frightened.

Really entertaining!

Stop those low-budget Mexican dramas (I watched the dubbed version for Spanish, to give the dramatic load of Latin dramas), adorable, fun, full of holes and inappropriate situations, unfinished scenes, but engaging...

This movie is interesting and enjoyable.

Brew slow but jaw-dropping with an unexpected climax as you really get the moment of "Oh my!

Intriguing story with classy writing style.

But It's completely entertaining though at the same time.

Great movie and really gripping.

Really thrilling .

Honestly, don't waste your time.

A twisted mystery with all things unexpected .

But I found some repetitive information in the early half of the film, I would prefer to cut the film 8-10 minutes shorter.

But it's done in a way that is interesting and engaging.