Fractured (2019) - Mystery, Thriller

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A couple stops at a gas station, where their 6 y.o. daughter's arm is fractured. They hurry to a hospital. Something strange is going on there. The wife and daughter go missing.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Brad Anderson
Stars: Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 118 out of 666 found boring (17.71%)

One-line Reviews (391)

Worth watching with low expectations .

What a terrible movie, super confusing, even if you watch it until the end you'll ask yourself why, I have no idea how or why Netflix took this movie it was terrible

biggest waste of my ****** time .

So predictable.. Solved it in that fall scene when it first happened.

Predictable .

Keeps you on the edge.

Enjoyable with a twist .

Ok admittedly it's not the best, but it's worth watching and not a bad film.

It's a WORTH watchING TON movie!

Also the pacing is just incredibly slow.. with all the big names in this movie I was just expecting a better movie.

What a waste of time!

Don't believe the 2 star ratings I don't know what more they want, it's a heavily recommended movie with smart twists it will keep you hooked the whole time, I really enjoyed it well done!

I enjoyed it...

i mean there's too much plot-holes, too much cliche situations...

It was very predictable.

But I did feel a bit bored just watching a confused guy run around and insist that people believe his story.

Predictable but enjoyable .

The real star is Anderson himself, who has put a lot of time and effort into his direction and created a highly suspenseful movie as a result.

This movie has you on the edge of your seat the whole time!!!

It was semi-interesting and engaging enough to pass the time without being bored.

Don't waste your time .

Mind blowing at the end!!

This movie is the worst movie i ever seen in last 10 years the only thing beat that is GOT season 8

But even after the first tedious thirty minutes, it gets interesting because it creates intrigue that lasts to the very end.

Entertaining but predictable .

I did feel the plot was too predictable, even when at multiple times they try and switch things up for you which is appriciated.

Entertaining .

Solid thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat .

Too predictable .

Predictable and annoying .

Disturbing and intense thriller .

First of all I do not understand why the bad acceptance by critics, Fractured is very good film, achieves a solid thriller that plays a bit with the mind of the viewer, in my humble opinion I think it is a movie worth watching

Really enjoyable film .

Yes, it's sort of predictable.

My god is the film slow, and for the majority of the runtime its only Worthington's great acting keeping me from falling asleep.

My wife and I were on the edge of our seats throughout the movie.

I like this kind of Antonioni's "empty" world and dark daylight.

Super bored!

Very intense, superb acting by Sam Worthington.

In addition to an overabundance of clues, false clues, red herrings, and so on, there are just as many plotholes, gaps, and oversights in basic logic in order to allow for the confusion.

Unsatisfying and predictable .

This is the worst movie I ever seen in my life, as a writer and movie and series fantast, I've watched movies hours and hours daily for years.

All in all it was an enjoyable film that kept me entertained.

I thought the acting, cinematography, and editing were decent, but found the story predictable and the climax trite and lacking of depth.

Intense mind thriller .

Since this isn't *quite* the case, the ending did feel a little drawn out and anti-climactic.

Just a good enjoyable movie all around, 👍

But, last time but, it's fun and you don't waste your time.

I thought it was weird and kind of pointless till the end.

Kept me on the edge of my seat and left me with a knot in my stomach at the end.

Extremely predictable .

Set mostly inside a hospital, it might not have been the best thing to watch before a bypass operation, but still an enjoyable little thriller.

Predictable .

In most cases this would have been time to fall back on cliches and predictable obstacles, but Anderson takes us through a labyrinth of red herrings to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Very predictable I mean you figure it out within the first 10 minutes and then the rest of the movie is them trying to convince you otherwise.. Pretty lame, it's been done too many times.

Yes, it was slightly predictable.

Really enjoyable film.. Lots of twists, good acting and a solid performance from all involved.

This is well acted and suspenseful.

An amazing thriller that leaves you on the edge till the very end

Not a film that is Worth spending time with, and the film bring absolutely noting new or exciting to the genre, just unengaged acting and script combined with lowbudget .

Clever and will have you on the edge of your seats.

The narration is very tepid and slow.

The film is genuinely suspenseful, leaving you honestly unsure how events will pan out, and on the edge of your seat to find out how.

Waste of time .

Forgive the slow first 15 minutes after that it bends your mind .

The film setup and introduction to Ray's situation is gripping and the film gets right into the plot, setting up the mystery well.

I immensely enjoyed it.

Well obviously is something wrong with this movie; and something is good with this movie; First; the director makes you think "either Sam is mad or it is an organ mafia behind all this plot; so it is predictable; especially when you learn his first wife is dead , then he is clearly mad; The only thing that scenario (and director) was succesfull is "was joane and little girl are real?

Slow build, anticlimactic .

Maybe a few plot holes, but it was entertaining throughout.

Far-fetched but all too predictable story about illegal harvesting of organs in a county hospital.

The movie builds great suspense and keeps you on the edge then self destructs.

Way too predictable.. I fast forward to the end and was exactly what I thought.

this movie was so intense...

So if the last 5 minutes of the movie wouldn't be so predictable, it would have been an awesome one.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat near the length of the movie, Invites you to root for the protagonist to uncover the mystery.

As a thriller it works, however predictable.

The place is slightly slow, but it is still an enjoyable solid thriller.

Unpredictable, twisted, exciting stuff.

Unexpected, but slow to get going .

The suspense buildup was fine, but the ending itself was underwhelming & predictable (as i stated above).

Countless times the ending is given away, and the movie is just a slow death till the end.

I would have gave this 8, perhaps a 9 (I only mark movies 9 or 10 for outstanding movies and few I have done) so for me to think 9 shows how much I enjoyed it, so why only a 7?

Sure it's a bit slow for the first 30 minutes, which is what I assume that most of the reviewers failed to get through, but the remainder of the film was gripping and really well done.

The best part is the way the director managed to make it captivating, thrilling n poignant.

Entertaining paranoid thriller that...

It's predictable and I guessed it before even starting the movie.

It's very sad and compelling.

Fractured is one of the most emotionally tense films of 2019, featuring an intriguing premise (although admittingly implausible) and a likable lead helmed by Sam Worthington.

I liked the movie, it was entertaining, never boring, and there was much to think about.

Incredibly predictable .

Me and the wife really enjoyed it

Very gripping, well done movie.

Loved the ending, totally unexpected

Story is pretty intense and you keep guessing until very end.


Was pretty entertaining.

Mostly predictable .

It is pretty dark and I enjoyed it.

Shutter Island was a lot more intriguing in that respect.

Genuinely one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worth watching.

A good thriller movie worth watching .

Too often the film is reduced to static shots of arguing hospital employees, however, which gets a tad irritating and repetitive.

This is a tense and riveting thriller.

If you want to have a fun 100 minutes and some intense mind twisting, that's your movie.

Suspense, mind blowing, and haunting.

This is a solid thriller all around, might be a tad predictable but very entertaining and exciting.

"Just sit back and enjoy an entertaining movie if you like suspense thrillers..

The father sleeps and wakes up and asks to see them but they say only he checked in with confusion.

Movie is from the start thrilling.

A must watch.. this movie really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Predictable from the beginning, really long winded and quite frankly, boring!

Terrible, don't waste your time.

It was too slow.

Entertaining enough at least to make it through without being too tedious.

We enjoyed it to a mild degree.

The audience will be fully invested from start to finish due to excellent pacing and the way the intriguing plot unfolds.

Fractured delivers on its promises, in this thriller setup, we find ourselves swaying from one theory to another, recalling the details and following the narrative pretty carefully, all of that makes for a great thriller filled with twists and turns, this director like to hide his answers in plain sight and make you question everything you think happend, this psychological test made this even more enjoyable, it is true that when the mind is at a state of shock will do anything to protect it sanity and this film is an excellent example of that.

Creepy if predictable .

And the ending more confusing than ever.

Why wait for an hour and a half for a banal ending and watch the main character who has obvious headaches?

The ending was easily predictable in the beginning.

From beginning to end it will have you on the edge of your seat and guessing at every turn!

Albeit being somewhat slow and predictable, they still provivde for an acceptable ending.

It's boring, turgid, stupid and is not in the slightest bit original.

Kept me on the edge of my chair the whole time.

Other than knowing how it was going to end i enjoyed it a decent amount

It was suspenseful all the way through and that ending, which came as a shock, made it so much better.

You must see this movie if you like a complete suspenseful thrilling movie, dont trust the ratings here, something isnt quite right.

It's an intense thriller in a sort of claustrophobic atmosphere, super acting and very well directed.

Too predictable.

The movie is well done but really predictable.

Predictable .

It is very exciting.

Movies with predictable endings, bad storyline, bad films in general...

Unfortunately there is a lot of just boring stuff in this film and its really important things to do with the story that I just didn't care about.

Started off slow.

Overall decent, I just feel the casting made it more predictable for me than it would have been had there been someone who seems...

It was also very predictable.

It's good to see another writer actually making an effort with a plot, while so many plotless movies get the limelight.

The setting of this movie is extremely boring.

And the film does get a bit predictable.

I found the movie very slow and boring.

Interesting and very unpredictable .

Predictable beyond comprehension.

A very predictable plot, really bad acting, and story that leaves the viewer with two questions, "What the Hell was that about?

That being said, I thought it was well made and was entertaining enough.

An entertaining movie.

Good movie, it is worth watching.

It's well worth watching and will keep you guessing to the end.

This was a very enjoyable movie, and wasn't as predictable as people have said.

This movie was thrilling from beginning to end.

But it's awfully predictable.


Brilliant acting, suspenseful story and a tense atmosphere throughout the film.

Full of slow motion and confusing scene!

The pacing felt slow and it was too predictable.

Thrilling as it is .

A totally mysterious, back and forth, and suspenseful film.

The pace was agonizingly slow for the first half or so; I was tempted to fast forward.

It was psychological, suspenseful and actually had very great acting by the main character played by Sam Worthington.

The plot becomes very predictable, that even during the ending when the movie tries to place you in doubt of what you believed, you still know what to expect.

It is still entertaining.

Suspenseful .

I found it boring, the end made it somewhat interesting, though there are also some problems with it.

Entertaining On Gray Day .

Whole time it was too slow and stressful to watch, "GO ON THE ELEVATOR ALREADY, YOU SAW THE LEVEL" "GO WITH THEM.

Very entertaining.

The movie starts out very slow then heats up fast.

Very gripping, well done movie .


Extremely predictable horrible movie .

Still, it's worth watching.

A good thriller but with a predictable ending!.

Starts great, but gets lesser and lesser intriguing as it progresses.

Surprisingly entertaining .

A good and entertaining movie honestly, don't understand the bad reviews.

The most predictable, bland and hard to sit through movie I've had the displeasure of watching

Still, I enjoyed it and was kept engaged through the end.

Compelled me enough to watch it to the conclusion, but the final twist was predictable and much of the plot was non-sensical.

Been done before and predictable .

Regardless how it ends, so far it's very intriguing and Sam Worthington can deliver confusion and despair like a real person, like the tradies he once was, not a trained actor

Whole time it was too slow and stressful to watch, "GO ON THE ELEVATOR ALREADY, YOU SAW THE LEVEL" "GO WITH THEM.

The movie itself is shot in a bleak colour pallete, dull and dreary which fits perfectly within it's context.

It was odd and unnecessarily disjointed, with just two possible endings.

» Therefore, even the most interesting and intense scenes and episodes of the film are completely disappointing.

After an hour into the film I could feel the film struggling, starting to become slow and extremely repetitive which will annoy most viewers.

Thrilling , Frustrating, and Exiting .

Liked the movie but the ending was too predictable.

Now that was a mind blowing film that even hurt my head that keeps you on the edge of your seat and doesn't keep you on the waiting list for long with It's fast paced action and overall a decent film that was great to end my night.

Wow mind blowing .

Suspenseful, twists, great movie need to watch

Considering this film is set mostly in a hospital, it's an incredibly dark and dull setting.

You will find yourself emotionally immersed in the choices Monroe makes or doesn't make and in the end, understand why it ended the way it did.

I actually enjoyed it, mostly because it was extremely well made.

Hands down one of the most breathtaking movies i've ever seen.

Incredibly predictable.

This is about as suspenseful and well-done as you can get with such a premise.

Also, the unnecessarily dramatic, suspenseful music and mediocre acting gave the movie little promise to begin with.

Despite being somewhat derivative with a narrow storyline, this little film actually entertained well and was surprisingly gripping.

Sure, it has some thrilling and suspenseful aspects, but overall it moves quite slow, the music is overly dramatic, every scene looks to be filmed behind iPhone's "dramatic" filter, and every newly introduced character looks like an alien.

Garbage don't waste your time I would rather have watched paint dry.


Good but predictable, so nothing you cannot imagine .

Great, suspenseful film from the beginning, right up to the beginning of the last 5 minutes.

A bit dull .

The beginning of this movie was slow and after 10 minutes I was gonna turn it off, I'm glad I didn't.

I have seen alot of reviews talking about the predictability of this film, it is predictable versus it is not.

Most predictable movie you'll ever see .

Really Sad and worth watching film .

Predictable my ass.

It was suspenseful, creepy and heartbreaking all in one.

Very predictable.

It was ambiguous till the very end and the plot twist was simply amazing I enjoyed it alot

The ending is unexpected is enough to make you go "Whoa".

Well worth the watch.

A good thriller should have an unexpected twist at the end, not one that is obvious before the halfway point of the movie as is the case with "Fractured".

Film will keep you hooked with mind blowing twists.

Nevertheless, I made it through and found that family members saw it themselves and enjoyed it.

Most predictable film ever.

Even at the end, when they were showing what he "saw" and what really happened, they also gave yet another flash as to what "could have been", just confusing it further.

I was hoping it would swing into the more interesting story of the hospital being corrupt and harvesting organs etc but it fell back on the predictable much like the recent joker movie.

I would highly recommend it.

Quite boring with a predictable twist.

Sam Worthington as always put his all into it and was convincing just a pity that the story was so predictable.

Looking technically, yes, this film is predictable.


Predictable .

Pretty predictable .

Horribly written, cliche, unrealistic reactions.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Regretting each mints i spent watching this pointless movie

Don't waste your time.

This movie was predictable.

That cliche is so overused I find it impossible to sit through.

In the end we have a decent, enjoyable and quality thriller-drama-mystery movie...

Most likely not, but it will keep you glued and guessing throughout it's run time and most certainly does it's job in delivering a suspenseful ride along the way.

Wildly predictable .

We really enjoyed it - good thriller - nothing wrong with this at all!!!

I don't prefer them as they make me nervous, but the trailer seemed good and exciting enough to give it a try.

The story is very predictable, even the twist at the end is almost expected.

It's a movie worth watching.

The first half hour of the film is very boring, so getting into this story is quite difficult.

"Fractured" is, by all means, an enjoyable and entertaining movie - a nice little atmospheric medicore mystery flick.

I had thought I'd guessed the story from the first 20 mins in, so it all appeared quite predictable, the film gave little hints to support the story I had guessed it to be, so it appeared even more predictable, thing is at the very end, I was totally wrong.

The first two thirds of the movie move slowly, a horror movie technique that usually means the last third will accelerate and we'll get action, revelations, closure, etc. Yeah, all of that happens, but the "payoff" is actually rather confusing.

I was on the edge of my seat all the way through.

You can definitely enjoy this film, it is suspenseful and dark, mysterious and put together with solid acting and grungy Fargo style vibes.

The other actors do fine, and I say that as monotone as I can through the keyboard--they neither amaze nor offend.

Really enjoyed it .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worth the watch

Direction is good, but the end is on the predictable lines.

Unbelievably predictable.

Quite suspenseful, and no matter what the other reviews said, it's worth a watch.

Enjoyed It .

Predictable and drawn out .

I dont understand typicall great film like this just got score 6.2. Thrilling, emotional, and creepy hospital.

Thrilling thriller .

An engaging psychological thriller.

Retardedly Predictable .

The ending I had to watch twice because I enjoyed it so much.

Keep me on the edge of my seat.

So very predictable and the weird tone that happened after made it way to obvious to ask any sort of questions regarding the whole film.

", and "Why did I waste my time watching it?

Worth watching deff.


Predictable plot .

Predictable and Stolen Plot Points .

Sam W does act his pants off to partially save a weak predictable story and some lazy writing...

I think the people that enjoyed it and said "ignore the reviews" are the people that didn't see the end coming (which is somewhat doubtful) or didn't care about the plot holes and predictability.

Way too predictable and you can guess in the first few minutes what the "twist" is to be

I really like Sam Worthington and overall this was an enjoyable movie that kept me hooked until the very end.

Riveting Entertainment from Netflix .

Worth watching .

Kept me on the edge of my seat all the way till the end.

Waste of time; don't watch.

Well worth the watch!

FRACTURED is an intriguing little thriller that comes to us courtesy of Netflix, and sees Sam Worthington giving one of his best performances - intense, and fully committed to the character.

Ending was predictable.

The middle of the movie feels very repetitive.

This is a gripping film and makes you question it all.

Worth watching

The worst movie I've ever watched it .

Worth watching.

Sam Worthington was great and I liked the general story but they let the movie down with a predictable ending.

Good but pretty predictable .

Police don't arrest someone for murder just because they find blood (no body or weapon) - or threaten to arrest them just because they're annoyed, nor do nurses just inject someone w a pre-loaded sedative (that just happens to be lying around; and doesn't even knock the person out), then put them in an exam room that somehow locks from the outside and also has adrenaline/epi-pens just lying around, not even in a locked cabinet.

While the ending is predictable to someone who has watched many movies of the genre, its the way it unravels and gradually makes you doubt yourself that makes it excel.

This film is so good with an unexpected final You have to follow of the signs to understand the end

When I see "twist" in the description and reviews, I expect it to be bold and unexpected.

What we are left with as a final product is an increasingly dull, far-fetched and frustrating experience, one that would be akin to taking a tour of your local hospital as that's exactly what it feels like as Monroe hurriedly races around the facility that he feels has dealt with his wife and child in a nefarious way.

So predictable.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

This movie will take you through twists and turns that will confuse you just as much as Ray is confused, and will have you on the edge of your seat.

So slow what your point what you want to tell us ?.

This movie is totally waste of time.

horribly disjointed, ultimately not interesting .

I loved the way the tension built up pretty much from the very beginning, I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the film.

It's been a very long time since a movie had completely captivated me and hanging on the edge of my seat.

Had me on the edge of my seat...

This movie features nearly every psychological drama cliche - starting with domestic scuffle, continuing with lost memory issues and ending with alleged distrustful medical staff.

Waste of time.

Great acting by Sam Worthington but story is so predictable.

One of the worst movie I ever seen, I waste 1:40 hour of my life

Seriously, don't waste your time.

Engaging Pace, Moody Atmosphere & A Flawed Mystery .

Gets somewhat predictable at the end.

As the title suggests, the concept was good and to be fair, the thrill aspect was riveting.

So boring .

I love it, it's entertaining and it was better than I was expecting it to be.

Good and entertaining .

This constant need to expose us to the mentally insane is just predictable.

Dont waste your time, sure wish i hadn't!

Worth Watching .

Well worth watching.

That being said, the way we found out was more unpredictable.

The story is very predictable.

For the technicality and overall acting performances it deserves 8 , the movie was spine chilling, suspenseful and a twisted but somehow unexpected twist.

Even though a bit predictable it still has a lot of suspense.

Enjoyed it from beginning to end.

And then the predictable twist that makes it completely inconsequential just cements this as a successful flop.

Plenty of twists that keep you guessing, very enjoyable movie

Yawn .

It's as predictable as anything.

In addition third is way too slow, the middle is decent, and last third is way too quick.

A hospital harvesting organs is way more sinister and they should have ended with that, rather than the predictable "mentally ill man is deluded and kidnaps someone".

A ripoff of Shutter Island which was very predictable right up until the end.

The writer play with mind that twist the story from the flowing story to confusing story.

And then it is just waiting, repetitive, to discover it's like neither of those movies.

The only thing was slightly disappointing was the 1st part of movie was fairly slow and the 2nd half was rushed through meaning you couldn't appreciate the finer details at times.

Everything else comes off a very cliché.

He did everything the movie is slow at start.

My wife and I both enjoyed it, we found ourselves guessing what was going on during the whole time.

I really enjoyed the first half an hour, interesting characters were established, pacing was fast, story - engaging, atmosphere felt like that of a decent mainstream horror movie, cinematography was gloomy & editing fitting.

Well acted,well written and well directed suspenseful horror movie Sam Worthington does a good job of acting.

Highly entertaining and edgy thriller, with great direction, sound effects, and music.

I found myself getting kind of bored throughout.

predictable failure.

Worth a watch if you're bored .

Solid thriller and worth watching if you're a fan of these types of movies.

The ending of this movie was definitely unexpected (at least for me) they do a good job of you around in circles and make you cast doubt every which way.

Granted I kind of understood it from the beginning, it was still entertaining.

waste of time.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Predictable .

I usually loves unexpected plot-twists .

The fast cuts, like the aforementioned adrenaline scene, didn't help, either.

However, I found the story to be very predictable, some people like predictable films but I'm not a huge fan; takes out the suspense.

Entertaining, but a bit predictable.

Predictable and Slow .

Worst movie ever........

Went on way too long.

Boring and predictable.

Firstly, the critic reviews for this film are atrociously pretentious, please ignore them and most certainly avoid watching the trailer and/or reading the synopsis.

Thankfully i skiped lot of parts because it was boring at times.

The problem with this movie was among a few other things, how unpredictable it was.

so it really did feel like the viewer was spoon fed - making the whole affair rather dull.

Definitely worth the watch.

Enjoyed it very much.

The acting was incredible, the storyline gripping.

But the pleasure arise from the journey to the truth, and the journey here was exciting.

Keeps you on the edge of your chair.

Movie is waste of time.

Familiar but Entertaining .

This was so intense and brilliant...

The story is very predictable after first 30/40 minutes.

But the acting and the intense mode throughout deserves this 8 rating, If u wanna lover this, skip the last 5 mins

Other than that its a pretty boring and predictable thriller..........

Bit of a rip off, but worth watching if you haven't seen The machinist

Engaging and suspenseful until the very end!

and then you had to go and ruin it with perhaps the most cliché and unnecessary twist ending just to generate some social media and search engine buzz.

The story on the other hand is widely predictable.

The plot is beyond human stupidity, the execution by the director is embarrassing and confusing and the actors made me want to shoot myself.

Very predictable....

Yes, you could say it's a little predictable (think "Don't answer the phone in a horror film Drew!!

Speaking of halfway, the first half was soooo slow that I just wanted to turn it off.

Predictable to one degree or another.

As I was watching it, I thought, "Either this is super predictable or they're going for a 'plot twist' and he really is making it up in his head.

Far too predictable, huge gaps in the story and a ridiculous and boarder line comical plot.

Still, an entertaining movie to watch all the way through.

Besides the lead actor's aggravating acting and the preposterous allegations, very little could've saved this cliche of a film.

Very entertaining.

Really good, gripping film.

Absolutely stunning, so many plot twists.

Great thriller even though a little predictable .


It was too slow.

To be fair to Worthington, whose as good as his been in years as Monroe, he seems actually interested in the role unlike much of his post-Avatar career and had the film managed to feel more unpredictable and plausible, Fractured may've been able to be a fully-fledged guilty pleasure, the likes of which are few and far between on Netflix's original offering smorgasbord.

Very Enjoyable!!.