Freaks (2018) - Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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A bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father's protective and paranoid control.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Zach Lipovsky
Stars: Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 276 found boring (10.14%)

One-line Reviews (174)

It seriously had me on the edge of my seat.

Very interesting, and suspenseful!

there's just nothing that interesting here, the story line is just so drawn out and never really makes you care about anyone or anything much that is happening.

You know how it is going to end, everything is super obvious and if you are a sci-fi fan you will get bored pretty fast.

Let's just say that after the very dramatic and intriguing first act; things start getting more scarier when the girl is able to get out of her home against her father orders and when we finally understand what happens; tension grows even more up to finale that avoids any politically correctness.

I really enjoyed it.

An experiential drama of building hope, from a most unexpected source.

Worth watching just for her performance alone.

I thought it was pretty boring.

Gets boring second half is not bad.

The effects were decent and this movie has a lot of genuinely suspenseful, scary and shocking moments!

You will be on the edge of your seat for the entire movie in the best way!

A once marvel fan here, I have become less and less excited with each release as they have become repetitive, dull, and uninspiring.

Entire film too much talking and confusing scene!

Definitely not a 10,just a little too long ,reasonably enjoyable flick...

Loved it and very thrilling.

Exciting from start to finish.

In the end, this is an intriguing origin story.

Pretty absorbing and enjoyable.

It's an extremely entertaining movie, I actually liked it enough that I'll probably watch it again before too long.

Another lame propaganda movie .

This movie really is compelling and impulsive.

But I can't really enjoy it because it was way too obvious and boring.

Slow start, great ending .

very good movie fascinating.

Ratings that say "slow burn" are fake reviews, so all these please ignore.


What's left is this distillation of thrilling discovery and yearning, carefully unwrapped over just 100 minutes.

Advancing from various TV works and director for hire roles, Lipovsky and Stein mess with a somewhat familiar yet refreshingly unpredictable sci-fi/thriller landscape, as they thrust viewers into the mind and world of Lexy Kolker's young girl Chloe, whose home imprisonment at the behest of her father (played by an as good as his been in years Emile Hirsch) is either a needful move by her protective father in a world he says is too dangerous for her to enter or the move of a madman whose bonkers view on the state of the planet is disallowing Chloe a chance of a normal life.

It got me from the first second and kept me on the edge of my seat until the last.

I went into this movie with low expectations, because I actually mistook it for a different movie that's also about persecuted people with powers, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.

Seen in a completely first person sort of view (the girl), it puts the audience behind the lens of confusion.

Finally, an unexpected gem .

This movie is soooo boring, when you feel that you lost 1:44:56 of your life.

Get somebody making these movies like it used to be where some politically correct propaganda agenda and reused plots take a back seat to actual creativity.

Propaganda aside, artistically the movie doesn't bring anything new, I especially dislike the blood coming out of eyes/mouth (nose) being used nowadays to signal superpowers.

The first like 50 minutes are pretty slow paced and dramatic and you think you know what the movie is about.

Entertaining SYFY Film .

And then the pace picks up and the movie turns into something totally unexpected.

I was on the edge of my seat.

Action quite bloody but too slow!

I did find this movie to be a bit slow in the beginning and it had me questioning if this was going to be good or not.

the story is predictable...

I felt so bored at the same time.

But its very confusing.

Absolutely Stunning .

Some things may be easy to spot and predict, but it's still quite original and very entertaining.

Negatives aside, the movie is entertaining, the story pulls you in, the acting is solid and it really is well worth watching if you like sci-fi / action movies.

Every cliche and pit-fall is avoided while the execution is superb.

Really enjoyed it, well done.

After about 45 minutes of very slow build-up, I was almost ready to turn it off (and I suspect many people will stop watching after 20 or 30 minutes).

As it stands, the moments of brilliance that are scattered throughout this duel directing effort suggest an exciting career ahead for two filmmakers who have showcased here, with very little fanfare or budget, that their imaginations and directional nuance could well deliver a genuinely special feature event in the future, while Sci-Fi acolytes in particular are sure to enjoy the delights that Freaks has in store for them across a largely unpredictable ride.

Too many boring conversation and confusing scene!

The reviews are entertaining though

By the time the super powers are revealed and the "freaks" are explained, it doesn't add up to much, and it's way too predictable.

Well worth watching .

I am a big fan of independent films (especially horror and sci-fi), and when done right they are often better and more entertaining than most big budget films.

This movie grabbed me right from the beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

The characters are well-developed and the story is intriguing even outside of the thriller elements.

The mystery before the payoff of what is going on, was just dragged on for too long.

Like Emile Hirsch and was looking forward to see what he delivered here, but starts way too slow for first third of movie.

The girl is amazing and the ride is fun and exciting.

Boring .

Exciting and original...

And even though it's a slow start, it does set the mood for the rest of it.

Unwatchable .

Really enjoyed it!

Movies don't necessarily have to have original plots to be good, they just have to have something about them that is original or intriguing.

An unpredictable original film .

Smart writing, great spectacle, and bottom line entertaining .

But later it turned out to be thrilling and exciting.

An Enjoyable Low Budget Sci-fi / Thriller .

The detail of the movie , the concept of it was so compelling .

Hands down the most fascinating film in years.

I get the being locked up in house and feeling claustrophobic, but that lasted just way too long.

From start to finish, I was kept on my toes and leaning on the edge of my seat.

Suspenseful, fun to watch.

Oddly enjoyable, want to see more.

This is movie is so exciting it almost kills me to resist spoilers at this point.

I haven't written a review in a while, but this movie was a breath of fresh air and so entertaining that I had to at least recommend it here.

Very enjoyable thriller .

intriguing origin story .

The story found here is much better than many of the so-called blockbusters and the characters are interesting, engaging, and flawed.

Great story, unexpected, clever and funny.

A few months ago; Brightburn converted Superman's beginning story to an horror tale; this one uses the X-MEN concept on more realistic and suspenseful way.

Unexpected storyline, acting on par and very good casting.

Exciting and definitely the thriller of the year!

Perhaps a bit too slow and cringy in the beginning which might put some off, but definitely escalates to in-your-face instant karma events and other thrilling scenes which make you cheer for this supernatural family every step of the way.

it triggered my adrenaline rush.

This thrilling movie will keep you wanting to find out what's next!

all in a nutshell if is an enjoyable movie and worth watching...

This was, uhm well, downright boring and uneventful...

Glad I saw it, great acting, very unique style , superpowers mutants seen in more realistic world away from cliché Marvel and Dc comics.

As for the movie itself, I don't recommend it only because it's so tedious.

The ending is a bit trite and predictable, but the ride to get there is enjoyable.

Really slow exposition that isn't so interesting as much as it is predictable.

This was an extremely boring, poorly written and badly acted mess.

This movie was enjoyable with great acting by the 3 leads.

A really good, mysterious, intense movie!

Actually quite bored!

Overall, I'd highly recommend it to anybody who likes the sound of a tense, R-rated thriller about super-powered people.

The movie was enjoyable and had a happy/sad ending.

This movie was shockingly good and very entertaining.

Worth watching .

Thrilling fun.

Well, where it goes, although the ride stagnates at times, are dark and eerie places touching on the horror genre, and then surprisingly, it pulls back and takes an unexpected left turn into something completely different.

" Imperfect parents/grandparents, a suffering child, the intense and core desire for change, and magic.

Sadly neither of these two things were sufficient to salvage the movie from the boring wreck it turned out to be.

No story at all, extremely far fetched and the acting is like a school pantomime.

Mysterious and intriguing .

Well made and entertaining .

Even their poster has phone numbers to call, etc.The problem is you need to make an engaging movie in order for people to want to look under the hood and see what's going on there.

Visually stunning.

From there the film evolves into a slow burn science fiction film that takes an interesting look at the superhero mythos, while also acting as a coming-of-age family drama.

A bit mystery but overall quite bored!

And just like Logan, I'm glad they made it R-rated, because, at least for my tastes, it definitely added an enjoyable dash of spice.

This was unpredictable and kept me engaged.

It's unforgivingly slow.

It's funny that this low budget film is more compelling, compared to Fox Studios.

I love how it's told from the perspective of the little girl because everything felt dreamlike and confusing until she learns more about the world, which is when things become clearer as a viewer.

I consider myself a hardned sci - fi fan and yet this film kept me on the edge of my seat to the last minute.


I just think there is better out there to watch, but if your bored, give Freaks a try.

So exciting.

Enjoyable Movie .

From the half way point on, I was bored.

However, as the movie progressed and layer after layer was peeled back, I was rewarded with a very engaging tale.

Viewers will spend the first one-third to one half of the movie trying to figure out what the hell is going on, but the film makers exercise perfect pacing by laying out minute clues that build toward an exciting climax.

You don't have to be a die hard super hero fan to enjoy it either, this is definitely one you can watch with the girlfriend, just don't expect loads of action or interdimensional space gods battling to save the planet, it's much slower paced than that and much more intriguing.

The claustrophobic atmosphere and smart script literally kept me on the edge of my seat for much of the picture.

One reviewer gave this a 9/10 and their title is 'Pretty enjoyable ride'...

And, I loved the way the writers / director really did an excellent job keeping the audience truly guessing about what the HELL is going on, playing out the story and clues at just the right pace that I personally found quite riveting.

Freaks is a slow-burning movie that never really takes off as far as I'm concerned.

A slow burn -- never really takes off .

Chloe's confusing and changing allegiances to her dad and grandpa is a clever device that spices up this top notch thriller.

Remind me classic movies like Stephen King's "firestater" but in a more intense and suspense and of course better cinematography.

Unexpected awesome movie.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

This film is a little slow at times but all in all an enjoyable watch didn,t cost millions and delivered on every level really good

Superhero cliche #1: mutants hiding from a Gov that wants to kill them.

So it was really enjoyable to watch the story unfold.

This movie is absolutely unwatchable so I will give it the lowest possible one star rating.

Suspenseful and thrilling.

The subtle effects throughout the film are effective and stunning.

This movie was entertaining with some twists.

The movie has it more from the suspense building and the intriguing story.

Very thought provoking and intriguing movie.

Some good performances probably save an inconsistent first half but that's more than made up for with a strong, engrossing and entertaining second half.

It had been on the iTunes top rentals for a while, but the trailer while somewhat intriguing, just seemed not good.

I would definitely recommend this very enjoyable film to all.

Great story line and plot, unexpected, engaging, funny and gritty.

The film was also a refreshing veer away from the formulaic superhero genre in that the main cast was populated with realistic characters believably interacting with each other.

Really confusing for no reason.

Nor can I really claim to care, because the storyline was abysmal and downright boring.

Freaks (2019) - 7.0Act 1 - 6.9Act 2 - 7.1Act 3 - 7.1Movie starts like a post apocalyptic thriller with an over protective father and his daughterThey live in a run down house but the outside world seems pretty normal just slightly offChloe's mother is beloved to be dead and this is something that Chloe has a hard time with as she really wants a motherWe see that Chloe's fathers eyes bleedAn ice cream man lured Chloe to his car and we discover more about this worldIt turns out that the ice cream man is Chloe's grandfather and is trying to see if Chloe has any special abilitiesWe learn that Chloe has the power of mind control after an altercation and her mother has powers tooThe movie now transitions into a sci-fi super hero movie mixed with a family dramaChloe's mother is being held captive in a mountain facility and her grandfather wants to save her with the help of ChloeChloe has visions that are really her being able to be in a room with people and be in their location, with her mother and her neighborsWe see on the news that abnormal people like Chloe and considered dangerous and it is illegals for them to live amongst normal peopleThis makes sense why her father has been so protective of Chloe as the outside world hates abnormal people, they call them freaksChloe uses her powers of influence on her father and puts him to sleep to escape the house, her eye bleeds for the first time which is a sign that you have used your powers and are an abnormalChloe's father wants to live peacefully and the grandfather wants to save his daughterChloe's grandfather has the power of invisibility and Chloe's father has the ability to use time bubbles and slow down timeHer fathers abilities explain a lot of things that are going on in this worldChloe and her father have been living in a time bubble that acts like real time and 7 years have past while outside the time bubble it's only been a few monthsThat explains why the father tries to stay awake as much as possible so he can use his powers to influence the outside world and keep Chloe safeThe father decides its time to give Chloe to the neighbors but Chloe's want to be loved manipulates the mother and scares the family out of it and report them to the policeChloe is starting to get aggressive and do some bad thingsThis film could have been solved a lot easier if there was some communication between this familyFeels like Stranger Things in the sense that bleeding after using their powers and they feel drained as wellUse Chloe's powers to get into the mountain facility to free her motherAt the same time an agent is in the house trying to get Chloe as a government project and use her for goodFather and grandfather have to sacrifice themselves to give Chloe enough time to get her mom out of the facilityThe mother as the power of flight and can kill people if they are in the vicinity of her take off or landingMother flys to Chloe and flys her out of that areaChloe says that if anyone tries to come after them they won't hide and they know how to deal with them, Chloe and mother have no problem doing whatever it takes to surviveChloe's circumstances have turned her evil, the outside world treats her like she is evil and an outcast so she becomes oneBoth sides are in the wrong in this worldAverage people are afraid of the abnormals because they have powers that can threaten their lives and have in the pastAbnormals are afraid of the outside world because of how they are all predicted as evil and are being seen as a threat and dangerousThe film keeps its cards close for the first third of the film giving the audience more questions than answers but as the film develops the world becomes more clear to the audience and ChloeAll the little things that were confusing are answered later in the film showing that the creators had a vision that they executed quite wellThe action scenes are interesting and work wellLexy Kolker gives a really good performance has Chloe, she is the driving vehicle for the audience as she discovers things as we do, a lot of emotion in her performance as wellEmile Hirsch and Bruce Dern both give good and mysterious performancesFilm is written well and has a clear and well executed directionFilm was a surprise for me as I knew nothing going into itI nice surprise that gave a nice turn to the superhero genre

This movie was a waste of time.

I enjoyed it.

First half is very slow and we could not understand story well.

But I was pleasantly surprised how well this movie was and unexpected it was.

This is a dark movie and shown though the eyes of a little girl with a lot of suspense added, the film is interesting and intense.

All in all, I found Freaks to be entertaining, and that its concept had been well-executed and delivered.

This made for a very engaging and entertaining film.

Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie.

Thrilling, best movie I've seen in years .

Intriguing and frustrating .

If you like Sci-Fi dramas and are good with a slow start but escalating and engaging story, then just go watch the movie, you will most likely enjoy it.

I thought the movie was great, constant plots twists keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.

Mind blowing thriller .

Pretty Enjoyable Ride .

The flow is as disjointed as this review itself.

It was so thrilling and confusing.

Recommend it's worth watching