Freedom Writers (2007) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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A young teacher inspires her class of at-risk students to learn tolerance, apply themselves and pursue education beyond high school.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Richard LaGravenese
Stars: Hilary Swank, Imelda Staunton
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 28 out of 249 found boring (11.24%)

One-line Reviews (95)

This film avoids the cliché(almost always).

Shame on you Hollywood, for bowing to creating propaganda.

One cannot help but wonder, if this movie will inspire the good teachers to come out of hiding and shed the shackles of their mundane and wasted existence, as well as empower students to demand the attention and sacrifice of their elders.

The lighting is very bland and never helps create a mood.

The movie gets off to a slow start, and in the first 20-or-so minutes I thought to myself, "How is this any different from 'Dangerous Minds' and all those other 'inspirational teacher' flicks?

As a teacher, I found this to very self-indulgent for teenagers.

Rendering the big class turnaround as seeming contrived.

The story line quickly drew me in, as it was very emotionally gripping - so much so that I teared up a bit on more than one occasion.

This film is 100% relatable to probably anyone and if you can handle some emotional parts, it's worth the watch.

Every minute was entertaining.


It is so well-acted that one gets immersed in it so much one forgets one is watching a movie.

On the other hand, we get immersed into a political scandal that leads to a feel-good end that many younger viewers with compassion can relate too.

What a wonderful movie - my teenage daughters enjoyed it as much as I did.

It was good and I enjoyed it well.

Once again, another inspirational, entertaining and moving true film has hit the screen...

Somehow, if I was to pick, I would rather watch…, a similar movie featuring Matthew Perry based on true events, that I found a lot more entertaining.

Bottomline: 10/10 Well worth watching

There were some parts of the plot that bothered me though, I found the situation with her husband predictable in a bad way and I felt like it was an aspect of the story that was not totally seen through by the film-making team.

The film was worth watching and i felt that it wasn't to long and did not run on too long.

I enjoyed it so much.

She was the best character in the movie with her dedication and love for her job but every time I saw her and her husband on screen I just wanted to turn it off.

Reality is such that it is boring and repetitive, and we fear and hate it.

The stories of these kids are so real and so compelling, and one woman standing in the thick of it all, trying to make sense and help.

It was an entertaining movie full of emotion and powerful messages.

If you can get past those formulaic clichés?

The story of Freedom Writers is also predictable.

The main problem with the movie is the generally predictable plot and shallow characters.

It's well worth worth watching and will keep you interested from start to finish...

There are such intense moments, and so many messages, and truths brought out in the movie, that it is really eye opening.

Characters are very well portrayed and story is unpredictable just like real life is.

As the movie ended and as I left the theater, I was once again consumed by similar feelings and emotions that had engulfed me when I was watching "Boys Don't Cry" and "Million Dollar Baby".

It can be a very long and sad and boring and lonely day in a classroom without gradual student transforms.

They did a phenomenal job bringing this film to gripping reality.

Why is everyone so vocal about this formulaic trash?

Her performance reminded me a lot of my teachers in high school: ambitious and important but overall pretty boring and dull.

And it's a movie worth watching.

This is one of a long list of failures in the formulaic, and I think intentional destruction of the last shred of dignity the working class in America has.

Terrible Movie and Blatant Propaganda .

The type of teacher that she represents must be a very charismatic person but she comes across mostly as a dorky and boring kindergarten teacher.

This film is an gripping look into the LA gang culture and how it destroys the lives of these kids, how it causes educators to give up and turn a deaf ear, and how with some compassion and understanding we can all rise above it.

On the surface this movie looks like your typical formulaic school film.

Along with the lessons, is the fact that this is simply an emotionally enjoyable movie for audiences of different ages.

It was just so riveting, raw, and real.

The constant Jewish history references throughout the movie became completely tiresome, forced and unnecessary.

I've still given it a 7 out of 10 because whilst I feel it is inaccurate, the film was thoroughly enjoyable because of its young cast of talented unknowns and an extremely good performance from Hilary Swank with an insightful script to work with.

i can just picture every single minority based education cliché possible somehow seeping its way into this bull$hit picture, was Gridiron Gang, Finding Forrester, Coach Carter, Dangerous Minds, and 187 (Im sure I've missed about fifteen hundred others) not enough???

Worst movie of the year.

*yawn* (Hmm...

Freedom Writers, irrespective of propounding racial issues, is a really entertaining movie which can amuse the audience until the last moments.

In addition, the ending is completely predictable and from the first moments, it is possible to find out that the young teacher's effort and dream about educating troubled students will come true and face serious problems with her husband.

It's not that it was an unwatchable film like, Urban Menace or something, it was just boring beyond belief.

Absolutely thrilling!

Shame on all the bloody bastards who wasted money to make this awful propaganda film.


I thought this might be another cliché, never quite measuring up to "To Sir with Love", "The Blackboard Jungle".

The truly gripping story Freedom Writers takes from is put on screen in a truly wonderful portrayal without over dramatising or over acting any of the scenes they play out very natural.

My first thought was " this is another Dangerous Minds, Lean on Me or Stand and Deliver", and while it is in that teacher wins over class genre, I really enjoyed it.

She went on a speech about propaganda the Holocaust.

a eventful waste of time .

It's well-made and watchable but far too predictable and formulaic.

It was pretty powerful stuff and that, combined with the acting, the story and the well done soundtrack made this film worth watching.

Hilary Swank, who has the best eager beaver manner in the business, is pretty well definitive as Erin, but some of the kids are stunning as well, particularly April Hernandez as Eva, the hardest nut to crack, Jason Finn as Marcus and Deance Wyatt as Jamal.

Emotional, enjoyable and inspiring at the same time.

Overall, I would like to say that I enjoyed it very much, and would recommend it to people who enjoy inspirational movies, drama, and who can sit still through a 2 hour movie.

Her decision to challenge the gang mindset of the class by comparing it to Nazism, and eventually using the Diary of Ann Frank as a teaching tool that got into the kids heads was fascinating.

It's worth watching.

Listen, I seen them all from "Dangerous Minds" to "Coach Carter" and yes my expectations were low because of it and i guess it's probably why I enjoyed it all the more.

Transforming what could be considered ordinary and repetitive material into a beautiful piece of art.

It is backed up by a compelling story with some serious action to fit.

It's so Hollywood, so cliché, that it makes you get an allergy while seeing this movie.

Very, very intense movie.

The plot is moving and despite of its traditionality still intriguing.

She is a great actress and does have the edge to shape up these kids, but she's the only person and actress alive in this story that is predictable and contrived.

The purpose and subject matter of this film was very engrossing to me -- racial injustice, especially when it comes to youth that don't get fair opportunities.

To sum up, Freedom Writers is pleasantly amusing and it is worth watching once, although it is not one of my favorite ones.

Every pupil, no matter their race, cannot see Woodrow Wilson High School as anything but a waste of time, until Gruwell teaches them that they each live with hardships that are nearly identical.

I enjoyed it a lot though i'm not a big fan of Hilart Swank fan she did connect to the roll rather well though seeing the similarities between her and the students as well as the actual Erin Gruwell.

I find it quite ridiculous that people are going to say that they didn't like it because it was boring, to slow, etc. Seriously people, you need to open your eyes and look at the bigger picture!

Detention for all involved; as an uninteresting story of kids coming around to their senses by way of a woman's teaching abilities is given a soppy and uninvolved exploration.

This is a great movie, it is an effective drama where the big emotional scenes more often feels real than contrived.

Most of the time it's either predictable or melodramatic.

Though the film may indulge in every genre cliché it is afforded too heavily to engage the weary viewer, the movie is not a complete loss.

This is one of those feel good movies and sure it is cliché.

What a great beginning to 2007 to see this tremendous film, THE FREEDOM WRITERS, with a stunning performance from Hilary Swank and a cast of young men and women who make you "cheer and cry" all through the film for their stories and their personal journeys.

I understand his purpose and it but it was boring and slowed the pace.

The story line quickly drew me in, as it was very emotionally gripping - so much so that I teared up a bit on more than one occasion.

Don't waste your time or money watching this.

The story was inspiring and allowed you to take something away from it when you left the theater.

It has a great story, and, though a bit short and has its drawbacks, is definitely worth watching.

The purpose and subject matter of this film was very engrossing to me -- racial injustice, especially when it comes to youth that don't get fair opportunities.

Throughout the film, Erin Gruwell is the telling example of hope, inspiration, and honesty in a world surrounded by hate, cruelty, and confusion.

Enjoyable only if you have not seen any other film this subject has offered .

Gruwell's experience with these youngsters is compelling enough in its own right without having to stack the deck against her unnecessarily and reducing everyone else to the level of callous villain just to make the point.

The film is touching, yet entertaining, and one that people can easily relate to.