Friday Night Lights (2004) - Action, Drama, Sport

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Based on H.G. Bissinger's book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Peter Berg
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Jay Hernandez
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 39 out of 316 found boring (12.34%)

One-line Reviews (155)

The emotion, drama, and team aspect will draw you in and leave you on the edge of your seat.

I can usually comment on a movie, the story line, the script, the casting, but this isn't a great movie, it's a wonderful, gripping story.

Sports movies tend to be formulaic too.

The movie strays from the novel, but it is still a thrilling movie following the MOJO Panthers to the state championship game.

Dull, drab, flat.

Also, the football scenes really keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

But that's a really long buildup for so little payoff, even if the plot does go in a slightly unexpected direction at the very end.

Friday Night Lights is a very entertaining sports drama that captures the real life energy of football.

This movie was an entertaining account of what high school football can be in some parts of the country.

Not only because it has ultra-fit Garrett Hedlund in it but it was just mind blowing!

Intense and well done, this movie peels back the layers of high school sports while it reves up the excitement at the same time.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that, although there was some artistic license taken with the historical accuracy here and there, the film follows the basic plot of the book and makes for an enjoyable movie experience overall.

This is the second movie where I've seen his character basically incapacitated within the first hour of a movie where he's one of the main stars of the film (the other being 'Spartan', where his character was the victim of one of the most unexpected and shocking deaths ever in film).

Final Acquittal:Movies: A waste of time.

Young men must balance the confusion of early adulthood with the stress of being sports icons.

This is a top notch sports film with terrific acting and tells a compelling story very well.

There is some confusion that isn't explained when the football team does well or poorly with and without a key player ...

But the mania of the Odessa community is both gripping and appalling.

I found it rather dull and a sad betrayal of the truth.

This movie was really good because it was exciting and dramatic.

The stress factor is on these kids as they strive to make these memories all the more worthwhile while trying to appease to the drab, unmotivated adults which lacks in any healthy relations.

The story was very boring because there were no dynamic characters.

A personal look of a football-obsessed town that is both exciting and heartfelt .

i still highly recommend it.

Honestly though, I found it to be a boring movie full of people sickeningly-obsessed with the pigskin.

It's an entertaining sports movie and fairly realistic because in Texas some people do take their football a little too seriously.

But it's a sports movie, so the story is of course sort of predictable anyway to begin with.

But in life, just like football, they play the game and sometimes things work out and sometimes they take unexpected paths, and sometimes they don't work out.

The story is about the most predictable, pressed and manufactured, cookie cutter story imaginable.

The characters were compelling and you really felt for them and their individual situations.

It is also more than a game, for many of the talented high-school-boys play to gain a place in one of the college teams, which may lead a way to wealth and fame - even for the poorest (here: Boobie Miles) Thornton's intense acting and the dynamically filmed play-scenes in combination with the effect-fully used music of "Explosions in the sky" create just enough depth to make this movie an enjoyable, serious sports-drama, that won't leave any emotional person on its seat towards the end.

One of the worst movies in recent years .

Good story, solid writing, and a cast of good actors and actresses makes this a very enjoyable film.

The football scenes were shot well, but the story lines were basic and predictable.

The characters were very formulaic--'the superstar who gets hurt', 'the son of a drunk and overly demanding dad', and 'the underachieving quarterback.

I really liked this movie as an entertaining football flick.

On the edge of my seat with anticipation, it soon became evident that this film could not deliver the goods.

While I certainly enjoyed it, I am shocked that no one thought to put the original game on the DVD.

The story is much better then most other sports movies I've seen (Varsity Blues and Any given Sundays comes to mind here) because it followed an interesting path, despite being somewhat predictable, and it shows a much more realistic picture of what really goes on with these 17 years old athletes giving their best.

The movie does tell a compelling story and the football scenes are exceptional.

The acting was very good (especially newcomer McGraw), the music and pace intense, and the direction was spot-on.

The football action is the most intense and realistic ever scene on film.

I have never noticed this actor before, but he is so intense as Mike Winchell that he makes you really feel for him.

I had to leave the theater, just over half way through it.

Later I was informed that football in the states does indeed get that intense.

Under the direction of Peter Berg who co-starred with Linda Fiorentino in "The Last Seduction", utilizes his power to tell an intriguing story while pulling no punches about it.

The film did an excellent job of showing the intense pressures placed on the coach & players.

for a semi-biographical film, one might expect that there could at least be SOME realistic development, but the little that there is in the film comes off as bland characters developing into a little less bland versions of their former selves (ie.

For those viewers who know football, and especially Texas HS Football, I can imagine they will find nits and picks throughout, but for a modest football fan like myself, this movie was both entertaining and educational.

very disjointed.

Waste of time watching this I just wanted to say that it was a waste of time to watch this movie, but I must at least submit 10 lines of review.

A boring one about the pride(American pride) and future of a High school football team.

One hell of a sports cliché fest .

The bizarre jumping camera angles and liberal use of pointless cuts and zooms left me queasier that when I watched Blair Witch.

This movie, though not entirely real (the accident that happened to Boobie, as an example, happened during a pre-season scrimmage against Amarillo Palo Duro at Jones Stadium in Lubbock, where he injured his leg by getting his foot caught on the AstroTurf), is a very engaging, inspiring and also chilling experience, which seems to mirror some things I have seen people in my country do to players in a different game, soccer.

What you're left with is some run of the mill football scenes, a predictable story, and not much else.

The quarterback is quite bland.

Here's hoping it's just as entertaining as the game itself – people can dream, can't they?

I have to say that I thought that not only was this film possibly the WORST sports film ever, but that it was one of the worst movies I have ever had the pain of seeing.

I recommend Friday Night Lights not only as a good sports movie, but a fascinating and heartfelt look at the American dream and what it takes to be the best.

If you adapt real-life in a boring and unattached way, it does not make for a good movie.

By the end, you could tell that certain players were supposed to have been main characters, but yet you're left with a very empty and superficial understanding of who they are.

Most importantly it has a very compelling story line; it's not your "typical -happy-ending-for-the-team" movie.

more like the most pointless movie ever made.

Lights is only so-so; worth maybe a rental on a bored Friday night, though I'm not sorry I saw the final ball game.

More predictable --given today's trash TV and the need to do what you can to keep people watching-- is the amount of open sexuality and hook ups availed to these high school football players.

Enjoyed it.

Having lived in El Paso for 7 years which is a Texas stones throw from Odessa - I could understand the boredom and desolation.

But regardless of the familiar territory, I can't deny that this film was powerful, exciting, and touching.

Only when we get to the final game in the Astrodome does the pace step up; the second half of the game is portrayed in vivid style, exciting, and the movie comes to life and becomes riveting for about fifteen minutes.

I attended high school in Texas shortly after this time period and can relate to the intense football climate in TX.

From start to finish, i was on the edge of my seating, i even caught myself cheering in the theaters.

The movie had its intense moments.

The reliance of Odessa on football is both breathtaking and sad in its necessity to the local economy, to the point that the coach is operating under a hammer constantly.

The production was a little uneven and was probably hard to follow by anyone who had not read the book.

just enjoy it for the football segments, but those were hard to watch, with twitchy, fast-moving camera work, ridiculous foley work with bone-cracking sounds, grunting like bulls in heat, and collisions that sound like somebody dropping ton-weight sacks of grain off a building!

That was why every match felt very exciting and heartbreaking to watch.

), Friday Night Lights is a film worth watching.

As I already mentioned, I am not a big sports fan, but from what I could tell, the football sequences were well done and quite intense.

Though the film's primary focus is the community on the whole, there are few, if any true, stand out performances in this film that will stick with audiences members long after they have left the theater.

you will be gripping your seat until the last second ticks off the clock.

The pressure is unbearable.

I despised Any Given Sunday, and was bored to tears by Remember The Titans.

I feel like I wasted my money to see this movie and I would not suggest that anyone go see it, save your money and watch football on ESPN.

It turned out to be intense, gut-wrenching adult drama, with darkness and small-town cruelty and despair so intense that it rivaled THE LAST PICTURE SHOW or even a surrealistic nightmare picture like BLUE VELVET.

Exciting and Revealing (Warning: Spoilers) .

Players under intense pressure as a result.

Also it was a little hard to follow - unlike in Remember the Titans where you see a little bit about each game in the normal season Friday Night Lights shows three games of the regular season.

Friday Night Lite - but enjoyable anyway .

And what made things even more intense was that this was a true story.

The other factor that made this film enjoyable was its almost documentary style approach to the story.

It was rough, exciting and most importantly very real.

It takes cliche sports movie plots and transforms it into a relatable, dramatic and engaging sequence of events.


but one is more enjoyable than the other....

In Odessa, Texas, where the story is set, businesses shut down and radio sports commentators opine with the pretentious air of political pundits when the Permian Panthers take to the field.

Peter Berg does a good job of directing, making the movie feel and look exciting.

Yes, I know, the movie was based on reality and reality can be sad, but when you leave the theater with a frown on your face instead of a smile, do you really want to call it the best?

But this is not "All The Right Moves" - clichéd characters surprise us with their depth (Tim McGraw's performance as the abusive father is an eye-opener, as is the path the character takes), and the team's fortunes take some unexpected turns.

Though some facts are embellished for dramatic effect, Friday Night Lights is an emotionally honest and compelling film, with characters that grow in depth and maturity, a rare achievement for a sports film.

There are moments that are melancholy and humane, intense and surreal, hopeless and triumphant.

I was bored through most of it and I left the theater with no intentions to ever see it again.

Its a very exciting game with them losing just coming up inches short of the game winning touchdown.

What I got was something clichéd and boring.

It shows the intense desire and need to win.

Don't get me wrong, the acting was alright it was just that the plot was so unoriginal and it was unbearably slow-moving at times.

Nearly unwatchable...

One is Coca-Cola's rousing, high production values commercial, "Football Town, USA," suffered through by untold millions of moviegoers.

I guess that 'winning' season was too boring of a story, huh?

The movie Friday Night Lights is a very dramatically intense movie.

Yes, I thought it was boring.

Still, if you are a high school football player, want to become one, were one, or know/knew one, this is an entertaining film.

This creates not a documentary feel, but several waves of intense nausea.

It's refreshing, it's engaging, it's what you want in a sports drama.

Unfortunately, while the thrill of the football play is there in the film --for die hard football fans-- the whole of Friday Night Lights is a canned, predictable stock movie we've seen a hundred times before.

This movie truly was enjoyable.

In my opinion, one of the most entertaining sports movies is Friday Night Lights.

Frankly, all this makes for much more gripping and intriguing fare than the gridiron and there'd be a lot going for "Friday Nights Lights" had Berg and Cohen cared to dig a little deeper.

If you want to see this story told in a much more interesting and entertaining way, rent Varsity Blues.

The film fulfills every cliché it possibly can and includes ridiculously predictable plot elements.

there were enough "slow moments" that I think a bit more of the passion of the school and all the football related activities should have had a part in the movie.

I was permanently on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next!

The play-off scenes are a tad confusing and I would have liked a little more history of the Permian Panthers scrolled at the first of the movie such as the scrolling they do before "Red Dawn" and other movies based on an event relating to its history.

Any sense of interesting insight into the people's lives is lost due to the mundane plot content and the slo-mo, shaky cam style that is infecting Hollywood; it doesn't make things feel real, on the contrary it makes them feel over-directed.

Every character that you would expect to see in a sports movie is here, every last cliché.

com main page for this film for their names] reflect confusion alternating with confidence.

Waste of time watching this.

Best Football Movie Ever Made -- Two Hours of Pure Adrenaline.

Derek Luke as Boobie Miles is a standout for sure, playing his role in times of building the cliché of himself up and really acting when times get tough for himself.

The last twenty minutes are so were quite enjoyable to see in the theater environment (people were actually cheering and applauding).

Unlike most sports movies which are rife with clichés and generic characters, "Friday Night Lights" is a gripping, realistic portrayal of high school football and its effects on people.

This style of directing didn't work during the dramatic scenes, however, and often left the viewer in a state of confusion.

Some terrific visuals, both in the quick cutting ferocity of the games, and in the long aerial views of the empty Texas plains.

Director Peter Berg kept "Friday Night Lights" from eliding into a boringly typical sports film by devoting much time to the individual lives, some very unhappy, of the team members.

I put this one in the same stack as the boring hockey movie with Russell Crowe.

Over all this was a entertaining film and there was never a boring bit in the film and this film is a must see.

I highly recommend it because this film is really touching and realistic.

The football action itself is excellent - gritty, hard-hitting, exciting and realistic, if perhaps a tad too polished for a high school team (even a good one.

Even if they did, the film is nicely executed and very entertaining to watch.

I realize that Friday Night Lights will never when an Oscar but the performances are solid, the story intriguing, and the action is fast paced.

Instead, the over used story lines that were portrayed in the film became something of a bore, and the nice cinematography couldn't save this film.

With the exception of Boobie Miles (Derek Luke), "Varsity" has far more memorable football players; in "Friday" they're bland by comparison.

Save your money...

I myself who before seeing this movie thought football was a ridiculous waste of time, enjoyed it very much.

The racial irresponsibility this movie showed -- the typical cliché of lilly white vs.

The actors deliver uninspiring performances, the flattest coming from Billy Bob Thornton, whom I usually enjoy.

It may be dreary for many to handle, which explains much distaste for the film.

I became totally immersed in the movie.

Yet "Friday" is a compelling realistic take on the same topic.

This vertigo-friendly mix of Michael Mann + Oliver Stone + MTV + Cinema verity = a gripping, sports drama that grabs on like a linebacker on a face mask, and occasionally it hits as hard.

lots of good montages and intense scenes.

Some terrific visuals, both in the quick cutting ferocity of the games, and in the long aerial views of the empty Texas plains.

In my opinion "Varsity" is the better film simply because it's more entertaining and entertainment is the name of the game in cinema.

I have never noticed this actor before, but he is so intense as Mike Winchell that he makes you really feel for him.

A very tense, entertaining and a little pathetic sports-drama with an outstanding soundtrack.