Friday the 13th (1980) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A group of camp counselors are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant while trying to reopen a summer camp which, years before, was the site of a child's drowning.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Sean S. Cunningham
Stars: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 99 out of 683 found boring (14.49%)

One-line Reviews (365)

The score was incredible – a take back to 'Psycho,' the acting was plausible, the novelty (at the time) and the fact the original was so stand-alone, meaning, it really could've finished with movie 1, made it an effective, thrilling and scary horror movie.

Some of the deaths/murders are quite unexpected and shocking, although they're a little bit dated, don't hold that against it.

But until we get to understand the reason for all the killings at Camp Crystal Lake, we have watched a movie with virtually no plot.

Despite the sequels to the original Friday being notoriously bad, this first one is okay The film does have some suspenseful moments and a lot of moments that are just totally gory!

Instead it highlighted an untapped mass market for mindless, plotless gore.

This one was quite an enjoyable and impressive effort that really has a lot going for it.

It seem pointless and boring.

It was not slow paced, boring actually in fact it was fast paced horror mystery slasher.

This is ruined by the most ridiculous killer of the 80's slasher film influx and throw in unconvincing, cliché slasher fodder and pretty unoriginal, predictable direction from Last House on the Left producer Sean Cunningham and you have a total waste of time.

Meanwhile, Brenda, Bill and Alice amuse themselves with a rousing game of strip Monopoly.

It's at times creepy and effective, but just as often, I found myself yawning because I understood that it was more about the body count than about any kind of reasonable plot.

On the one hand, the film is highly influential, suspenseful, overall quite atmospheric and it has some genuine shock moments.

Entertaining movie .

The acting is bad,very bad,the plot is stupid and the murders so predictable and lame that I almost laugh instead scare.

A very suspenseful and atmospheric horror movie.

Warning spoiler sort of This film probably was exciting, and fresh for its time.

Inspired by the box-office success John Carpenter's 'Halloween' enjoyed a couple of years previously, Sean Cunningham (previously known for producing Wes Craven's video nasty 'Last House on the Left') borrowed elements from films such as Mario Bava's 'Bay of Blood', DePalma's 'Carrie', Bob Clark's 'Black Christmas', and the aforementioned 'Halloween', and managed to codify the fledgling slasher genre into the trope-ridden cliché fest we have had to suffer since.

Overall it is an enjoyable film.

The story was pioneering back in 1980, and unlike the horror films of today, original and suspenseful.

In fact it has NO plot whatsoever.

Some may disagree with me but i truly believe that they are the most entertaining films in any genre.

After a slow build-up, there's also a nice pay off with a lot of action and jump scares at the finale; the very last scene being one of the all-time great jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

Besides the fore-mentioned things, it's good to watch, it's completely entertaining, and there's a very young Kevin Bacon and that always counts and it's infinitely better than the lousy remake made a few years ago.

Friday the 13th has often been cited has being a rip off to halloween, but that is so wrong because most importantly, this movie has come up with its own story, its own frightening and suspenseful atmosphere and its extremely unique and effective setting as Camp crystal lake and its surroundings.

pretty good in the "pointless slasher trash" genre.

If you are looking for a very similar movie but more entertaining try Halloween I or II.

It's also notorious for giving birth to the most boring screen slasher ever: Jason Voorhees.

This does try to build up and be suspenseful.

Cunningham does a great job as director giving intense killer P.


The picture is kind of sandy, theres a lot of dark skyes, rain and breathtaking sounds which gives a really credible picture of the deep forest.

*YAWN* Honestly, I was thinking this was the film where Jason was the killer, well, the first film where he was the vengeful murderer.

tisk tisk) and needed tension, this, for me served only to guide future tweaked versions of this for years to come before the 'ironic' 90s efforts 'showed us' how formulaic these (often enjoyable) films were, to set the process in motion again this time towards a more brutal, nasty end product that was evident in the 70s (see Wolf Creek, Haute Tension etc).

The unseen killer is really what makes this film so thrilling, you never know what's going to happen.

So the random, pointless scenes of strip monopoly, and swimming, and whatever other nonsense that when on in between the even more random murders is acceptable.

There is no story at all.

I just finished reading the reviews for this movie; and for those who slammed it for its lack of plot, acting, and whatever else, I just have one thing to say: It aint supposed to be Shakespear!

But I got the feeling it was a little slow to begin with, characters did not really die very creepily, they were killed one by one, just being knocked out except the last one.

That's all you can ask from an entertaining slasher flick among many others.

This film is boring.

I won't spoil it here, but it's definitely one of the most unexpected moments in horror movies for me.

Enjoyed it!

it was just too damn predictable.

A garishly graphic yet minimalist psycho-on-the-loose tale, this was an effective and engaging film, tightly directed and unapologetic in its lack of subtlety.

And "boring cheesy" isn't entertaining.

This movie tries to be suspenseful and nasty at the same time and succeeds well.

Do yourself a favor and see 'Halloween' or 'Scream' again (or if you haven't seen either of those, bolt down to your nearest video store and rent them- just don't waste your time on this).

Nothing personal, but i think that the film it turns very repetitive and makes me yawn.

The rest of the characters, a bunch of oversexed young camp counselors, were very sub-par in their acting performances and delivered cheesy dialog and dragged on the story a bit.

Also intriguing are times when victims greet the killer with recognition, letting their guard down before being murdered.

The sudden unveiling of the killer and motives was random and unexpected.

And just when you thought it was getting boring.

The best of the film is its famous unexpected and scary final scene which I´m not allowed to reveal...

Even often boring and sometimes toothless.

It uses the same formula that becomes tiresome throughout the first four films.

Suspenseful cardboard slasher dies of boredom .

On RottenTomatoes, this movie is certified fresh by critics, but how can that be said about such pointless waste of film.

Not a great film, but an enjoyable one.

Alas, the film plods along rather plotlessly and the characters/situations are mindnumbingly dull.

The film showcases bad writing uninteresting characters and a silly premise that I personally found hard to buy into.

What make this one so entertaining is that we never see the killer during the movie and we guess all the time.

Director Sean Cunningham creates a good atmospheric mood here, and has a surprising and exciting climax, helped by a memorably effective music score, that the graphic violence simply ruins, which is a shame, though this still remains the best film in this series, the first of eight films produced by its studio Paramount.

BUT its so drawn out and slow in coming that I can honestly say that I almost dropped my Laptop!!!

The worst movie I've ever seen.

It spawned an endless series of films in which young, nubile teenagers are placed in isolated settings, often engaging one another in illicit sexual situations, only to be hacked up in endlessly graphic and gory ways by a madman.

I saw this one part when one cousler was being chased by Jason and Jason was Walking really slow to get to the cousler and kill her.

After all, it was very suspenseful and made me sometimes scream, too.

But I still highly recommend it.

I´m so bored to be born in the year -83 (three years after Friday the 13th was released in USA).

It begins very nice but its get boring after a few minutes .

The heart pounding movement of the film is so intense, that was it able to give birth to numerous sequels.

Of course if the plot revolves around teenagers getting bumped off one by one then you`re going to have a problem filling the movie with compelling scenes and perhaps the only interest in the early part is the scene transferred to modern day America from those old Hammer horror movies where the girl enters the diner and asks for directions .

Strangely boring and sometimes toothless in retrospect, the original "Friday the 13th" is really only notable for starting off a long-running and much beloved franchise.

These make the film seem so much more real, and therefore enjoyable.

The film has no thrills, in fact it's PAINFULLY boring.

It's most definately the worst movie I've ever seen.

I will not ruin the scenario by divulging details, just know that it continues for far too long, contains painfully impossible events and damn near sabotages the entire film by approaching self-parody.

This goes on for two thirds of the movie, and needless to say, it gets pretty boring.

My only complaint is that some scenes are too dull, like when Alice is making coffee.

The only attention-getting thing he or any of his castmates manage to do is die, and while the build-up to their deaths is invariably effective, the actual murders tend to be rote and repetitive, at least those we see on screen.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the whole story is the mysterious background surrounding the camp.

Boasting 10 films in its original continuity, the fabulously entertaining (and dopey as heck) cross- over spin-off "Freddy VS Jason", a somewhat underrated reboot in 2009 and a planned new film due out sometime within the next year or two.

Truly suspenseful, and the violence is pretty good.

All those old clichés and tropes that even at the time had become slightly predictable.

Painfully boring for the first part, it slips into unintentional comedy punctuated periodically by the least scary murder sequences you can imagine.

As a measure of my boredom, I will refer to a scene in the third act.

Surprisingly Suspenseful .

This film features the usual slasher movie characters, but I find that these character are all pretty enjoyable to watch and none of them are too annoying.

Like Halloween, pacing is slow, highlighting the intensity of the murders by comparison, but Friday the 13th is slightly more boring than its predecessor.

This one is basically built around the absolutely thrilling suspense scenes here, where this one really manages to get numerous stalking scenes throughout here, from the opening stalking at the camp flashback to the real stalking here of the foot- chase through the woods following on from the thrilling car-hostage speeding through the countryside, the chilling encounter in the bathroom as a startling noise alerts a clueless preening victim which causes the extensive checking before the final startling attack makes for a wholly enjoyable sequence along with the graphic death and the extremely tense scenes searching in the rain for a lost voice only to have the tables turned into a tense suspense scene here all come off incredibly well here at generating a far creepier atmosphere than expected here based on the woodlands being utilized very well here.

And since the studios then realized that it didn't take much to attract this audience, only gore, an endless stream of dull, dull, dull, dull, dull, dull clones and sequels resulted, at small cost and for great profit.

Like Halloween, the suspense slowly builds to an intense, very suspenseful climax.

Dated, But Still Worthwhile and Entertaining .

As much as I'd love to give this film a lower rating, there was something about it I found rather compelling.

Jason makes just a cameo in this one, at the end (if only he had dragged her down for real!

) It's a very aimless, meandering film, with sloppy plotting and far too much focus placed on seemingly-pointless sequences for it to attain the "roller-coast" feeling the director was going for.

While not as technically accomplished as "Halloween", I find "Friday the 13th" to be the more entertaining film.

Betsy Palmer gives an over-the-top performance which is truly enjoyable.

My Take: 8/10My MPAA rating: R for intense horror content including violence and gore, and for sexuality.

This scene is interesting because we learn later that young Jason Voorhees died at Camp Crystal Lake because the counselors were engaging in illicit sex and not paying attention to their charges.

The storyline is so generically contrived it's actually irrelevant and plays into F13 reliance on formula.

This was a good horror movie in 1980 but in 2003, it's slow and definitely not scary.

Close to the showdown it becomes more thrilling and we have the typical "final girl" screaming while she is discovering all the dead bodies.

The movie was nearly unbearable to watch.

The kills and gore in F13 is effective and adds to the film because the gory scenes are truly shocking and unexpected giving viewers an uneasy feeling that is felt throughout because the kills and gore are either seen on screen or off.

This movie, In my opinion is much more entertaining and scarier than the other big horror franchises "Halloween" and "Nightmare on Elm Street", the direction is decent, the sound effects rule, and the killings are merciless, creative, and gory!

**1/2out of**** Scenic, though slightly contrived

What the film lacks in plot, it makes up for in shocking make-up effects and one of the most memorable finales in slasher cinema history.

Nice kills, gore but boring most of the time.

We learn in an unexpected twist at the end that it is a woman doing the killing.

Boring .

And even though it's the new millennium, and psychological horror movies or the horror movies from Asia have become popular and made us more frightened than slashers, the unexpected killings and bloodshed, and the methods of Jason's murders and his appearance haunts me to this day.

Everything is simply boring… Everything is simply predictable… Come on!

Aside from some great scenes and an excellent suspenseful finish, the writing produced some cheesy lines and unlikeable characters from top to bottom.

The rest of the film is boring, and the horror violence is hilarious.

If you're a fan of graphic, explicit, ruthless, pointless, aimless, plot less, needless violence and murders, then Friday the 13th (and any of it's countless sequels) is the movie for you.

I don't mind the gore (which is not disturbing here), or the similarities with "Halloween" (which are few), or the acting (which is decent);what I do mind is the boredom and the monotony of this film.

This guy is actually hilarious and might have started the "crazy guy warns people away"cliché.

These movies have a lot to answer for After seeing it again after all these years the thing to strike me was how slow everything is .


I have to say it's pretty predictable who did it, even if you haven't watch the other films.

***SPOILER ALERT****I gave this title a 3 purely because of the entertaining deaths.

Every step is so predictable.

Friday the 13th is a classic horror move, and is worth watching twice.

Harry Manfredini is one of my favorite composers, because he makes the chase scenes so much more exciting.

I saw this movie when it was first released and I thought it was DULL!

And it is fun to see Kevin bacon get the arrow through the throat), there is absolutely zero suspense and on top of all of that, the film is painfully dull.

It bores the viewer with seen that, done that before approch.

Cunningham's camera-work is incredibly fluent and absorbing, the suspense is jolting, and the cinematography, along with the haunting atmosphere, is nothing shy of gripping and fascinatingly raw.

Cunningham, director of "Friday the 13th," probably the next most influential slasher film after John Carpenter's "Halloween" (1978), the film does have a nice suspenseful tone, some pretty creative camera-work, and some of Tom Savini's best special effects work outside of what he's done with George A.

Boring, predictable and not an intense thriller.

It's a shame that after her vivid grisly death, Cunningham allows his film to putter out on a long, boring shot of King floating alone on a canoe, awaiting the arrival of police.

It's more engaging, not to mention more well written, than the first half.

Let's face it: it's not high art, but this is one entertaining movie.

In the end there is one survivor and an intense chase sequence with an unforgettable ending.

Also I think that most critics failed to notice an admittedly suspenseful final reel.

The young cast provide an unusually sympathetic group of characters for what has become a real cliché group of characters.

There are some minor plus-points - the soundtrack is iconic, there are plenty of annoying characters whose deaths you can eagerly await, and there is a silly but enjoyable final 'shock'.

i was familiar with the series from that point on, and when i first saw the first film, i enjoyed it a lot.

Even though the plot itself does drag on at points and it's not hard to predict who dies, the general stakes turn the film into a suspenseful thrill ride, and once we reach the famous climax, all these murders add up fantastically.

Cunningham handles non-suspenseful, character development moments fairly well, and there's a handful of artsy camera/lighting moves (especially one of the end shots of the lake.

The score by Harry Manfredini is brilliant,intense,scary and one of the best and most iconic scores in Horror film history and it truly adds to the film.

It is boring.

though it's a classic it can get a little slow at times, i believe there were 9 kills in this movie and it did need them to push forward.

The contrived premise of the film does not detract it from delivering the goods in a gory, grisly fashion.

It is very good, very suspenseful, and very scary.

if this movie was more entertaining.

This ineptly directed, at times downright boring thriller somehow became a great commercial success and many people, even today, consider it a "classic".

The climax is a long way from a petering out one, instead the film goes out on a very strong bang, right up to the unexpected and freaky final jolt clearly inspired by 'Carrie'.

Since this was fake, they ALL deserved to die - horrible slow and painful deaths - and even if it was real, I think I'd be more saddened by Mrs. Voorhees demise.

a fairly unmemorable, yet entertaining rip-off .

This pattern becomes predictable and even laughable.

Once Betsy appears on screen the film is thrilling and she adds a lot of life (no pun intended) to the whole proceeding, which was lacking from a good part of the film.

And then comes the movie's empty-headed method of putting the audience in the place of the killer, with the camera oftentimes taking the murderer's point-of-view.

This movie might not have won any awards, but it's bad acting, poor special effects, and simple plot highten the enjoyment of this very entertaining film legend.

Intriguing Work Of A Film.........

Worth watching!

With it being the first of the regularly tiresome series I had assumed that this film must have something to it that justified it being such a long running series.

You see, the rest of the movie was so dull, dull, dull, dull, dull that the few good seconds of concluding cool stuff looked absolutely brilliant in comparison.

Also,where as Halloween was just about terror and atmosphere,F13 is a movie was about scares and gore and the scares in F13 are suspenseful and well-done making the viewer feel a sense of dread and fear and is done with great build-up and when the scares happen your heart is racing and when each scare in the film happens the movie becomes more and more intense as it goes and you will feel like no one is safe from death.

) the original in this series is still to this day (23 years later) fantastically enjoyable!

This film was more of a chore and a bore...

The last twenty minutes or so are pure cheese at it's strongest but it's suspenseful enough.

How this happened I don't know, as despite the franchise's cult following, and the iconic character of Jason Voorhees (who doesn't appear here), the Friday the 13th films are as mundane and as formulaic as practically every slasher of the era.

This movie is just another slasher, which would set up for more boring slasher flicks from this series, until "Jason Goes to Hell".

" but not realize, this really was the one that started all those iconic "Oh, it's you, I'm safe" formulaic scenes.

The story is simple, but rather than being a bad thing, its lack of plot complications is oddly comforting.

The movie is kind of boring at times and the whole "never see the killer until the end" formula is one that I do not really care for.

Just pointless, gory, and graphic.

Adrienne King is a pretty bland lead, and we don't really care what happens to her.

I will admit that It was really the later versions and other movies of this magnitude that were rather pointless.

"Friday The 13th" is a low-budget and simple shocker that succeeds in entertaining.

It goes on way too long.

Very few of them are worth watching.

Only 18 days before Halloween, another frightening holiday, anyway, I think the film is worth watching if you are into the horror stuff.

Whatever it is, one thing is certain: "Friday The 13th" is a time-tested, eternally entertaining and flat-out fun little horror film.

There's no plot to get in the way of the slicing and dicing as a group of counselors show up to reopen a summer camp with a sordid history (a drowned boy and two unsolved murders happened there years before) and are killed off one by one by in grisly and effective scenes.

The dumb and far-fetched plot elements meant it was never going to brilliant, but up to this point it had enough suspense & tension to make it worth watching.

But until there it's gonna look like random and pointless deaths.

Otherwise, I fell asleep.

Setup is effective but structure is sometimes dull and given to bad dialogue.

First off, if you are expecting an intelligent, unpredictable, scary, unforgettable movie with amazing fight scenes, then this is NOT the movie for you.

The point is that the story is a classic, but the movie lacks the feeling of being on the edge of your seat.

Though it was more graphic (since it was the last created it had the most advanced technology), i felt it was corny and a waste of my time, for the most part, and Im 13 years old.

Once Betsy appears on screen the film is thrilling and she adds a lot of life (no pun intended) to the whole proceeding, which was lacking from a good part of the film.

She arrives in a sleepy little town on the edge of the lake where, shortly after, the local diner patrons warn her of the curse of "Camp Blood.

Also the last scare in the river was truly unexpected, bottoms up for the director in here.

Friday 13th isn't bad, it simply isn't good either with it's lack of character development, poor death scenes and essentially no story to speak of.

Only Betsy Palmer gives a moderately tasteful performance, but she makes a belated appearance in the film after many mundane and monotonous sequences.

Everything you'd expect from the series – tacky, clichéd, lazy and boring .

The horror and suspense here are not only sharper, but elevated by a campy comic sensibility that makes rewatching this sequence tremendously enjoyable as we pick up on various layers, depth entirely missing from the rest of this production.

If you are a fan of basically plotless, mindless gore, where teenagers are doing all kinds of things they shouldn't, and paying the ultimate sacrifice, their life; then "Friday the 13th" doesn't disappoint.

The most shocking bit for me was actually the most mundane killing.

The way the camera 'stalks' the victim behind trees and bushes, and the way the camera chases after it's victims as the point of view of the villain is unique and exciting, and adds a more tense and faster chill to the movie.

Things are very boring and slow-moving, virtually the only worthwhile part of the film being its climax out on the lake.

One of the few good things that can be said about these movies though is the the kills, very inventive & satisfying teen slayings, probably even more so than in the Halloween movies but other than that you will find yourself very bored through most of these movies with weak storyline & little suspense.

Seen today, Friday the 13th has dated a little, and the film is rather too bland and simple for its own good, with not much time being spent on characterisation.

Compare that with the long, drawn-out death scenes of later installments.

It may be that so much of what we are provided has become a cliché in the ensuing years.

Lastly, while I get that the ending was clearly sequel bait, it does leave much questioning to those who have just watched this film for the first time, as it comes off as more confusing rather than startling.

But there's no denying that Friday, much like all its sequels, is the exemplification of entertaining, fun 80s cinema.

But it is a very empty, thrill-deprived horror film and the fact that it spawned an entire franchise only makes me like it less.

This is still an entertaining film.

__________________________________________________________________ Well, this film is a worth while scare fest for some people but some of us find it a yawn fest.

It's just so incredibly dull and derivative.

The worst kind of trashy films are the ones that are dull.

its chilling, thrilling, terrifying, and gory.

It's just plain dull.

The rest of the cast are pretty much the standard dull counsellors who have sex and die in graphic matter.

A gore fest, with some truly inventive kills, which separated this film from many of its predecessors, in that it actually invented new and unexpected ways to die.

There are too many films where convincing actors star in an entertaining film and then drop out completely after that film was released.

At its release in 1980, this was a surprise box-office smash, since film goers had never seen gore F/X quite like this before, which is ironically the problem, because this story was suspenseful enough without it, that the gore merely cheapens it.

The pacing is off.

Friday The 13th is an original and thrilling edition to the slasher film collection.

Overall, Friday 13th is a film with some very noticeable strengths how ever they are bogged down by too much filler and bland characters and plot holes.

Savini's Makeup fx make it worth your while, and it has to be said the final sequence is exciting...

Really bored .

Good make up effects but film is disappointing and dull.

The acting in "Friday the 13th" is mostly plain or, in some cases, over the top, which, along with the silly dialogs and lines, provides the film with an enjoyable campy nature.

It's so absurd,boring,not frightening or interesting in any way.

Fake ending with crap and predictable scare.

This is by far the best in the series with part 2,3 and 4 being worthy sequels but part 8,9,and 10 being dire and boring.

Now I enjoy this film, I give this a high rating but do admit that the film, if viewed without the knowledge that it was really the first of its kind, will seem boring and stale.

Anyway the story goes 2 camp counselors are killed, then a girl on her way to camp Crystal Lake, and she's killed, then other counselors (except for the lead girl Alice portrayed by Adrianne King) are killed one by one and when you see that Mrs. Voorhees is the killer you don't buy that an old woman in her 50's or 60's could've done all of this, so after a LONG boring chase Alice lops off Mrs. Voorhees's head and in the lake she's pulled under by a home decaying Jason and it turns out to be a dream.

No matter how bad a movie is, if it is copied often enough to become a cliché, it will end up historically important as the movie that INVENTED the cliché.

Friday the 13th does have genuinely chilling moments that make you feel uneasy, especially if you are watching the movie alone, and good atmosphere as well as having a great setting, a camp in the woods, which has become a major cliché in the Slasher movie sub-genre, not to mention some great special effects done by Tom Savini.

Don't waste your time on this poorly acted, directed, written piece of crap.

It's too bad that the screenplay doesn't give them any interesting personalities , they all pretty bland .

) And I found I don't mind Manfridini's music so much in still suspense moments, but his action cues do more for causing a migraine than putting me on the edge of my seat.

That shocked me more than anything I've ever seen, because it was so unexpected.

This one has a lot of brutality and gore here and is dished out quite nicely despite the really aggravating trend of showing the male deaths in graphic shocks with the females being stalked in suspenseful manners.

The whodunit aspect of the film for those who are watching it for the first time will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It's ridiculous and over the top, and while there are some genuine jumps and scares that make Friday the 13th an entertaining thrill ride, and enough unique material to prevent it from becoming a simple Halloween clone, it ultimately falls slightly flatter than its spiritual predecessor.

The middle of the movie was suspenseful too as the killer really begun the killing spree at that point.

The film is essentially a cliché teen horror film.

Part of this is due to the somewhat empty headed dialogue and unevenness to the editing.

As far as being entertaining, I don't think that Friday the 13th has suffered too much, although it has turned into an entirely different kind of entertainment than when it was first released as a horror film.

Overall I like this film a lot even though it did have it's moments where it was getting sort of boring an 8 out of 10.

It makes the movie eerie and suspenseful and also the twists in the story work out nicely for the movie because it isn't really what you would normally expect.

It was so predictable.

It's such easy fodder to tear into but it's also entertaining despite all the flaws.

I've sat and completed the whole movie for 95 minutes and I felt violated… I kept pinching my hands just to stop myself from falling asleep… Wow, horror movies of the 80's, in particular the low budgets ones, seemed to be a suck fest!

Nevertheless, it's definitely a horror movie worth watching, especially for fans of the genre.

F13 isn't just about blood and gore because the film also has a great,suspenseful atmosphere that is dark,creepy and at times gritty with falling rain,the sights of trees and cabins look realistic and intense making the Camp locations look very frightening.

It's of course not that "Friday the 13th" is a bad movie, it's just also one that is being quite standard and formulaic with as a difference that the execution of it all is done just a bit better and more effective than other genre attempts from the same period.

Of note are the terrific Harry Manfredini score, which gave us the most memorable 'cue' of any movie killer (ch ch ch, ha ha ha), theres a great deep in the woods in total darkness atmosphere, plenty of jolts to freak the audience (Jason outta the lake still gets me), Kings stunning move with the machete at the end, and of course the startling Tom Savini f/x.

It was just too predictable.

The special effects by Tom Savini still work very well and are worth watching it.

It has its moments and there are suspenseful parts.

I strongly recommend this film to anyone who likes horror, maybe not strong and disturbing horror we see in many other movies (modern, classic, whatever), but an entertaining amount of people getting killed in a creative way.

Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull.

This inspires Jason's mother to go on a murderous rampage when the campsite re opens, including memorably giving Kevin Bacon an unexpected tracheotomy.

Jason, The Last House on the Left) made an moody if wooden acted, slow moving suspense horror film that brings out the goods.

Okay, 'Friday the 13th' can excuse itself from the charge of being clichéd due to the fact that it was the very success of the movie that established the clichés we have come to be so bored of.

To give credit to the filmmakers, the deaths are pretty slick (I have yet to see the uncut version of the film yet, but oh well), the mood is pretty intense especially in the last 20 minutes, Tom Savini's special effects - what's left of them in the film, at least - are off the wall, the Manfredini score chills you to the bone and I can honestly see why it's so popular finally, though I'm not sure I agree with the reasons why.

Betsy Palmer is hilarious as the maniacal Pamela Vorhees and Harry Manfredini's tacky but effective score will have you on the edge of your seat.

For one thing I believe the Friday the 13th Franchise is much more successful and entertaining than that of Halloween.

It is very good, very suspenseful, and very scary.

but the length was too long, and this movies soon turned out to be something very boring.

The leader in entertaining "And Then There Were None"-styled massacres with cool, bloody death scenes by the dozen.

Jason Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Jason X Friday The 13th (2009) Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning Friday The 13th (1980) Jason Goes To Hell (The Final Friday)I really don't believe this is the horror classic it's hailed out to be, in my opinion the following film Friday The 13th Part II is the classic of the series: it has a better atmosphere, suspenseful moments, and great kills and JASON is the killer as it should be.

Did I mention it was dull.

Watching Jason kill his victims in the sequels quickly got boring.

The killer (whoever it is) is certainly unexpected and the suspense builds up until the nerve-wracking climax turns up!

It is fascinating that Friday the 13ths locations is it in Canada that I want to visit.

It nevertheless was quite entertaining and the acting wasn't too bad.

Even the movie are considered as some of the original slasher films that sets up the genre, Friday The 13th is just too boring and cheesy too watch for me.

Friday the 13th sets out to do what it wants to do; and that is, make you sit on the edge of your seat, feel uncomfortable and unnerved, to make you frightened when you go to bed after watching it.

Only the showdown has been exciting: the slow-motion sequence with a decapitated Pamela Voorhees and the final appearance of young Jason were the two most shocking moments in an otherwise average film.

It had an awesome, often creepy atmosphere, some harsh, sometimes over-the-top kills, a few attractive characters, and some VERY suspenseful sequences.

And yes, there are many good scares and suspenseful moments, and until the very end the viewer has no idea who the murderer is.

Cunningham this is the one original slasher that spawned no less than 10 sequels to date & countless imitators, even more than John Carpenter's suspenseful Halloween (1978) I consider Friday the 13th as the original slasher that pretty much kick started this popular sub-genre.

The repetitive music, the unseen killer, and the bodies dropping at every turn have always given me chills.

The music, though trying to be suspenseful, is never original, sounding like a cross between Jaws and Halloween, and the same thing over and over again gets extremely tedious after a while.

"Original Nightmare on Elm Street", "Original Halloween" and "Original Child's Play" were so well done that it was extremely enjoyable, whereas I personally found the film very quiet on many different occasions, with no real surprise to me.

This film has good atmosphere, a few suspenseful moments and great (if bloody) creative murder sequences.

It's suspenseful, it's funny and it's fun, and that jump scare with the boat at the end is one of the best in horror movie history!

This movie did deliver chills and was very much worth watching.

There's no story here, it's just one long buildup to a massacre.

However, it remains an entertaining film, and its influence cannot be denied.

Friday The 13th is one of greatest Horror films ever made,an excellent,scary and suspenseful Horror classic that is filled with great atmospheric direction,a wonderful cast,a creepy and iconic score and amazing special effects.

I wish more horror films were made with this kind of slow build up to the suspense and total pay off.

Given that horror legend/genius Tom Savini is on hand to do the visual effects, the murders are terribly bland, with only Kevin Bacon's early demise proving remotely memorable.

Additionally, absolutely nothing happens.

and it really scared me, I mean I enjoyed it and my parents too, and that´s difficult for they don´t like horror movies very much.

It's got the short shorts, the stormy night, and the obligatory sex scene (with Kevin Bacon and the stunning Jeannine Taylor, no less).

It has good kills and good makeup but it's very slow.

The ending was far too prolonged and really dragged.

It may have the goofy acting that many of them did, but it's still worth watching.

This was one of the most suspenseful of the series, right up there with Part II in that department.

An Excellent,Scary,And Suspenseful Horror Classic.

Maybe one of the more recent Jason movies will be entertaining...

Entertaining Rubbish .

There is a lot of nostalgia feel to the film, as it did help establish the now overused clichés of slasher films like the last survivor being a woman and having pointless nudity and gore.

Highly derivative, boring and worst of all: Not scary.

Nothing happens for so long.

Friday The Boring .

The storyline takes an unexpected twist when Ms. Voorhes makes her comforting, motherly entrance.

Betsy Palmer is an intimidating late addition to the film as the now legendary Pamela Voorhees and the fight scenes between her and King are incredibly suspenseful and well-choreographed.

But it's so slowly paced and messy in this movie, it's hard to really get into it.

Friday the 13th may have terrible dialog, mediocre actors, and a story line that has been mimicked time and time again, but it has one thing going for it: it is so damn entertaining.

I felt that for some portions of the film it was rather dull and boring.

It took many long and dull, dull, dull, dull, dull years after Friday the 13th for it too happen.

It is original, thrilling, and down right exciting.

This film, while often cited as being tedious, excessively violent, and a prime example of cheesy horror flicks of the 1970's-1980's, is actually better than its reputation would have you believe.

It's boring.

Tedious drivel.

but if I really had to complain about something, this movie is way too long.

There is just pointless, ugly deaths of empty teen characters.

It's very gory and gruesome, though not pointlessly so, but it is also very frightening and suspenseful.

Mind you, the film does attain a degree of intensity during the climactic scene, but overdoes it with the shock ending, which does make you jump but is essentially pointless.

The movie's over 20 years old, and by today's horror movie standards, it's pretty tame and predictable.

Dull, Atrocious & Exceptionally Mediocre.

well it is entertaining!

The shaky camera-work is interesting but the film itself is boring.

Instead of biting my nails or sweating or watching out for the killer, I found myself thinking about my computer science class, a subject which bores the living daylights out of me, and how I could solve my next assignment.

) This is a very entertaining movie, and although it may not be Grade A, it sure as hell can be as entertaining as one(at the worst a Grade C.

All the actors and actresses playing the teens are uninteresting, playing oversimplified characters with basic drives, and therefore lacking in any real depth or intrigue.

What really makes this film worth watching is the kills!

And after that it seems to get repetitve, and predictable.

Instead you'll see an eerie, suspenseful and gory classic where the killer's identity is not revealed until the end.

On the other hand, the story is overall pretty dull, and, if one is a bit more familiar with the Horror genre, the film is not quite that original after all.

I thought it was slow and boring, and didn't deserve its praise.

What makes this film engaging is the mystery surrounding the killer.

It does seem to get a bit boring at times just a little.

If you're bored with the other crappy Friday sequels, Part 1 is definitely worth your time.

I wouldn't recommend this film even to bore someone.

I think that it's the best way, because if you start to watch the newest ones, or even the remakes, then you will find this one very cliché and predictable, while the exact opposite happens.

Plus, the movie was very slow, not a lot of movement in the film which makes it drag on and on.

Even "Sleepaway Camp", which was clearly trying to cash in on this film, is debatably the better (or at least more entertaining) film.

As a matter of fact, it is as boring as hell, and not even the incredibly wimpy kill scenes can save it.

Cunningham,with a script from Victor Miller,starts a storyline of the Voorhees family and Camp Crystal LAke that is intriguing enough that it becomes a real shame that the ensuing movies--and while I haven't seen most of them full-through,I have seen enough of and read up on all of them to know how they turn out and what plot twists(if any)were offered--up until 1993's Jason Goes to Hell seemed to drift further and further away from the real "curse" of the camp nicknamed by the locals as "Camp Blood" and more toward new and more memorable ways of offing characters in each film.

More suspense than slasher element here and a great appearance at the end of the picture from Palmer help make this first installment of a very long series of films entertaining, thrilling and worth a second look.

Between nodding off and my head dropping to the floor (j/j) I found this camp slasher popularly considered the best and the original of it's kind very dull.

As far as the "Slasher" genre goes "Friday the 13th" is one of the most entertaining and innovative films of all time.

The scene in the end of the movie when Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) cuts off Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer) head and u get a good close up when it happens and u should pause it and watch it in slow mode.

The original, which you would expect to the best or at least prove moderately memorable, is dull, predictable and shockingly unimaginative.

I mean, it's a decent movie, but it does tend to get a bit repetitive.

Despite the cheesy acting and a plain plot, I actually thought the film was a little entertaining.

Watched this for the first time with my teenage nieces and we were bored and disappointed.

The many sequels have truly harmed this film's reputation among the classics, but the truth is that while this movie is far from being a perfect movie, it's creepy and entertaining enough to deliver fun even more than 25 years after its initial release.

We never see the assailant or who does those murders but when it comes one hour around the movie it self's becomes interesting, intense, fast paced and goes bloody around.

) finally realizes that something is amiss, that the film takes off and starts delivering anything like gripping suspense.

The kills (besides Kevin bacons) were dull compared to a lot of other movies, the characters were just annoying teens and the villain is just a mom.

Okay so it's gory, scary and even exciting.

So while Friday the 13th may not be much to talk about when it comes to quality of movie, but it excels when it comes to being enjoyable.

In final word,if you love Horror film or Slasher movies,I highly suggest you see Friday The 13th,one of the greatest Horror films ever made and an excellent,scary and suspenseful Horror classic that deserves to be in every Horror fans movie collection.

It manages to be absolutely and utterly boring.

The exciting is on top.

It isn't all that original and it had a number of other movies stealing the camp killer idea (the Burning and Sleepaway Camp), but still, Friday the 13th manages to be entertaining all the way through.

The plot is very simplistic, yet very enjoyable.

Technically it's boring.

They are so bad, but comically entertaining.

The movie's unexpected box-office success ushered in the 1980s slasher era, which is one of my favorites from the horror genre, and it also launched one of the most beloved horror franchises in the genre's history.

It's 90% bland youths and 10% anything close to what I thought a slasher was supposed to be.

The movie may be worth watching to see Kevin Bacon take an arrow the the throat alone.

I have seen this film a couple of times now and I have enjoyed it.

We get down to 1 girl left and this is nearly 2 hours into the movie then the plot is finally explained.

The acting is average at best and the film steals POV shots from "Halloween" and music from "Psycho" and still manages to be entertaining as hell in its own right.

The climatic fight between Palmer and King is exciting and still pretty strong stuff and Jason's final jump out of the water still packs a jolt.

But hey, this is still a entertaining campy movie.

Then I realized that maybe it was slow because it was on TV and had commercials, and had most violence taken out, so I gave it another chance, and loved it.

Constant, drawn-out tension shots burn through the minutes, and the characters talk the usual filler that we're supposed to breeze over because we're clinging to our seat edges wondering what the killer's going to do next.

This film is not a real good horror movie, but more of a bore.

The movie overall is very suspenseful, and I love the setting for the film, the eerie woods.