Friday the 13th (2009) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Marcus Nispel
Stars: Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 156 out of 589 found boring (26.48%)

One-line Reviews (447)

I'll admit that the original bored me to tears and I enjoyed Freddy Vs Jason, (probably because I love me some Kruger), and this one had some laughs—that's right, the laughs worked—and some decent moments as far as the genre goes.

perhaps the most cliché cast of all time: we have our token Black and Asian guys, our two blonde sluts, a douche bag and his girlfriend we are meant to care about....

(watch the film to find out more)My Opinion - I have currently watched this film twice and decided to buy this film on DVD (£3) and to be honest I enjoyed it.

The kills were just plain boring and don't even come close to a lot of the original movies.

They're entertaining b-movie slasher films.

One death aside, it is predictable, and the gore and deaths are less inventive then the early films.

I saw this with a friend and it was really effective in keeping me on the edge of my seat even though I was pretty sure what was going to come next.

It's completely pointless and irrelevant, the writing was unbelievably weak and everything wasn't entertaining at all, it was just boring on so many levels.

Overall, it was just.. boring and pointless.

Intersperse the sex with lame humor, and even worse dialogue, and you get a mixture of one of the new National Lampoon's movies, and a boring horror movie.

because when we get into the main film he ends up being pretty boring like the rest of the cast.

The bloody deaths committed by Mears as Jason are well executed but none of them are memorable, suspenseful, or original.

These plot points add a fresh look to a tired franchise and make this an entertaining throwback.

If u think of it more, what was the real clear purpose of creating such a character and still have the kids end up dying and oh how cliché, he finds his sister??!!

I enjoyed it.

They are pretty, but bland, except for Asian-American Aaron Yoo of "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist" who provides some comic relief.

There is not one single surprise to be had in the 90 minute running time, and the plot is contrived and formulaic to the point that the audience becomes bored from nearly the get-go.

But that's it, super bland, tedious acting with amazingly stupid dialogue and lots of boobs.

It keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat, which is what a horror film is supposed to do.

This feature is a mean and bloody one, and I enjoyed it a lot better than I did the 1980 original.

It's such a popular genre that consistently churns out pointless garbage.

It's entertaining...

To me, the running aspect is scarier because to me, it causes you're adrenaline to rush and that's exactly what happened to me.

First of all, it's boring.

It had no plot whatsoever, I don't even consider it a remake, it's basically a sequel.

I wont waste any more time on this movie so here it goes,1- This doesn't feel like Friday the 13th AT ALL!

If your'e look for slow dumb Jason, don't watch this movie...

No plot turns, okay violence, over used ending and it seems that script was written by a drunken monkey....

In the end, while advertised as a series reboot, the Friday the 13th Remake is undeniably the worst in the series, and will go down in history as one of the worst movies ever made.

I do agree that the first 10-15 minutes were good and that it lulls for a bit.

The first 10 minutes was only slightly bearable, then it just got really really really boring.

Rob Zombie went beyond the original, and made it enjoyable.

This movie is one big cliché, and u see dozens of movies like this each year.

The unrated cut might resolve a few things, or even add more tone, but for now, Friday the 13th is just a fun and predictable thing, or as someone once so well put it - comfort food, the Big Mac of horror.

It starts off by following the plot of the first three films – featuring Mrs Vorhees, sack-head Jason and hockey mask Jason – before falling apart entirely with cliché after cliché as the killer goes after a bunch of dull people.

Then you will see how bland and ultimately forgettable this new rendition truly is.

It felt pointless.

However, that being said, then this 2009 version of "Friday the 13th" is still enjoyable, because it is still Jason Voorhees that we are talking about here.

The Kills: very original and exciting ways to die.

Also the story is unbelievable, uninteresting, and u don't care about the characters.

And it's a cheap movie with terrible characters, no plot, sub-pair visuals, unrecognizable music, and no rewatchability.

Boring horror tropes and worn out character archetypes should have been left in the 80s/90s.

The characters are people who as soon as they are on screen you can't wait to see them suffer and die, which when you do is unsatisfying as again the kills are quite boring.

" And that's a smarter reply than any of the cardboard cutout characters in this waste of time would be able to manage.

Taking heed from its predecessors and the many, many features that it inspired over the past three decades, Friday the 13th is just as banal, braindead and perfunctorily cliché as you might imagine.

The kills in this were unexceptional and, at times, too time-consuming and unpleasantly dull, or just unpleasant, and not in an entertaining way.

Begins with a promising opening scene to help devotees recall the series origins but eventually falters into total disaster; no scares, no suspense, no character to care about, no plot to keep it afloat, not to mention lackadaisical direction and the expected crummy dialogue are the driving force of this brainless slasher exercise that offers interested viewers the chance to watch stupid teenagers terrorized by the masked murderer at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake.

2- Killings are boring 3- is boring, there's no emotion, no jumps, not scares.

Kicking off with one of the phoniest severed heads ever committed to film and then trudging through a string of dull, slapdash kill scenes (you'll be able to think of at least five better alternatives every time someone gets offed), this film seems to think that throwing in lots of pot smoking and really, really hideous silicone boob shots will be enough.

Highly impressive and enjoyable remake .

It is too bad he was not asked to direct this would be remake of Friday The 13TH, it was anything but original, okay it deserves some credit for having somewhat of a storyline, but then it soon becomes the predictable premise you all know it too be.

Instead of going on with boring sequels, do a remake of the original.

Che Che Che Che Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh (Yawn Yawn Yawn Yawn) .

Let's say for example you hear the legendary cliché phrase, "Give me your hand!

It's atmospheric, suspenseful, has nice gore scenes and nudity as the original films in the series; and it's also far away from the ridiculous explanations of the last movies of the series (especially since the 6th chapter).

For everyone else though, this will prove to be anything but entertaining.

There is an entertaining topless water skiing scene and some well staged dismemberment.

More of a remake of Friday the 13th 2, this remake is another bland and bogus attempt to modernize a horror classic (even when the original wasn't that great).

I say this film was entertaining and Jason was awesome.

Its depressing the stupidity of movies that are being released now..anything original, witty or clever underperforms while dreary old crap finds an audience .

The violence is intense, the unique kills and nudity comes quicker.

this movie was a total waste of my time.

In some ways, it is more suspenseful than any of the originals and if I might add, a little scarier as well for those that are not as "de-sensitized" as yours truly.

It won't win any awards, but the new "Friday the 13th" is an entertaining slasher flick that serves as one of the best entries in the series in a long time.

Kinda boring.

I felt that the death scenes were drastically un-original and very repetitive, i mean i think he stabbed 4 people in the head in almost the same way just with different camera angles and objects.

Not as good as the original, but still an entertaining remake .

Everything that made the originals so enjoyable has been sucked out of this soulless remake/reboot/retread/ridiculous.

But the second sex scene in the movie (the one in the bedroom) was long and drawn out.

and it ends there poor ending, silly, complete steal and yet the rest is a different story, pointless, unsuccessful, stupid remake.

First off, Jason moves slow and methodical, this new Jason is fast as lightning.

All the scenes are very predictable.

Don't waste your time or money on FT13th remake.

Derek Mears is possibly the scariest, most unpredictable Jason ever.

I found this film very entertaining and fast moving and i thought the acting was fine from everyone and i thought they played their rolls well.

Personally, I've always thought that the initial five entries (Friday the 13th - Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning) to be quite uninspiring, slapdash and interchangeable.

I enjoy a lot of them, but this movie was so average and predictable that it lost my interest.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen they took a classic and ruined it.

From the beginning you will be on the edge of your seat.

If you want to watch brain numbingly boring horror that you've seen a million times then this for you.

The deaths are unimaginative, predictable and laughable.

and people that haven't seen it should just ignore the negative reviews and watch it, Its a Fun movie for what it is and i enjoyed it.

" And then there's a missing sister, who I kept confusing with the rich jock's girlfriend toward the end.

That said, I just watched it and enjoyed it.

It's very rewardingly entertaining as done with some real surprising and original humour.

Not a lot was brought to the table, and strangely, it was slow.

Pointless remake .

But the final experience is mediocre and it is extremely far away from the best films of the franchise which,by my point of view are Friday the 13th : The Final Chapter; Jason Lives : Friday the 13th Part VI; Jason Goes to Hell : The Final Friday and my favorite one : the absurd but enormously entertaining Jason X.

But everything else in the film is flat-out so-horrible-and-boring-and-not-even-remotely-fun that it should be avoided at all costs.

Its gritty, action packed and Jason is believable in this film (Derek Mears was outstanding).

Towards the predictable climax, the underground tunnels with the glowing Christmas lights reminded me of the climax from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2, while dumping Jason's body into the lake reminded me of the lousy ending of Jason Lives.

Mildly exciting if the rest of the movie was good.

Him running was cool to see since the walking became old and cliché.

As it stands, Friday The 13th 2009 is a film that is enjoyable despite itself.

Evenmy girlfriend was bored of this movie 10 minutes into it.

Overall, "Friday the 13th" is one of the most predictable slasher movies I've seen in a long while.

This film makes the aforementioned remakes (hills have eyes, Texas chainsaw massacre) look incredibly thoughtful, well-developed and, most important, enjoyable to watch.

The gore was delightfully disgusting, but I would have enjoyed it if there was more.

Despite the fact that all characters who drink, use drugs, or have trashy sex are obviously the first to die in slasher films, the last bit of the movie contained suspense, as Jason was stalking the 'good' teens who were the only survivors; there were also a few unexpected twists.

And by this I only mean the remake's of the "classics", which ones I saw: Dawn of the dead (it was OK, but nothing really interesting or new compared to the original), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which felt almost like a parody, a cheap movie with every cliché in the book, and tons of annoying jump scares), Nightmare on Elm street (which is by far the worst, managed to almost completely ruin Freddy), and Rob Zombie's retarded Halloween...

The characters were bland and horribly represented this generation.

The only flaws I have was the nudity everywhere, and the fact there's always the same kind of cliché groups of people that wouldn't normally hang out together.

The pointless teenager killer Jason is resurrected by director Marcus Nispel (the same from the pretty decent remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") in a lousy excuse for making a film in these past years, because Hollywood needs money and they get money out of these wonderful pieces of trash.

Having seen the remake I have to say it was the biggest waste of time ever!!

I also like that the director gave Jason speed, animal-like intuition and intelligence, in contrast to the original series' slow-moving, lumbering oaf.

Not helping matters is the fact that besides Jared Padalecki and Danielle Panabaker, who turn in fine acting performances, the rest of the cast is uninspiring in all their respective roles...

Fifth, the film is just too predictable that the movie bores you.

I'll certainly take something that brings new ideas and characters to the table, than a bland, shot-for-shot remake.

After years of anticipation and excitement, I left the theater last night very disappointed.

Overall, Friday THE 13th is not as bad as the critics say, but it is at least worth watching and it compares to the original really well.

and so many other actions that I could literally have written the script, which made the film predictable and ultimately, boring.

Definitely worth the watch for fans of the series and 80s horror movie fans.

Friday the 13th is a pointless waste of time and it was written by 3 people.

" jump scares the movie was fond of, and while I wouldn't call it a scary film, it was entertaining nonetheless.

While the movie had many frightening and suspenseful, and yet sometimes predictable, scare scenes, Jason Voorhees was developed into a truly terrifying villain.

Pointless remake of the 1980 film.

Jason Vorhees has had quite a legacy over the last 30 years, and with this reboot/remake/rehash/re-whatever of Friday the 13th we get a 21st century blitzkrieg through the tropes and clichés of the first three films, give or take, and with more stupid and predictable and what-the-hell things thrown in.

well we had gotten some movies at the pawn shop and this was pretty awesome after viewing meet the Spartans which was like the worst movie ever lol.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think any Friday the 13th fan will enjoy it too.

Whatever Siskel & Ebert may have said about the slasher genre, even they would have to admit Jason came up with far more imaginative ways to kill his victims in the original series than in this boring, by-the-numbers, pointless redux.

To be fair the actors only delivered what was required of them but the way the characters were written made them come off either as unlikeable or weak and bland.

It's hard to imagine any self-respecting white person would be friends with a black guy who was an oversensitive, "entitlement"-minded little waste of life, who got his panties in a twist anytime he imagined someone is out to "diss" him.

I think it's an enjoyable watch for fans of the genre (or Jason films).

The atmosphere of the cold and empty wilderness is almost as foreboding as Jason himself.

The first 20 minutes were absolutely great, it was tense, scary, clever, suspenseful and compelling.

Many Scenes are predictable.

It went out and did what it was supposed to, but if you are more into the suspenseful horror films, and not hack and slash with a few jump scares, then Friday the 13th 2009 is not for you.

Beyond a few cheap jumpscares this movie is surprisingly bland compared to it's predecessors, there is no atmosphere and absolutely no tension.

Pairing the late-in-series Jason up with Freddy Krueger was a good match (and another film that was surprisingly enjoyable).

This is a really entertaining slasher movie.

Friday the 13th does have it fair share of flaws but even with them the film was still entertaining especially if you don't take them seriously and just enjoy the film for what it is, a homage to the Friday the 13th movies and I must admit I had fun spotting the references.

Completely unexpected .

This film was quite exciting and intense or at least that's how i found it, i thought the film had a lot of Action in it and i loved the grand finale when the lead guy fights with Jason and they knock each other out.

Boring, pointless and totally unimaginative rehash .

Once again this composer knows what he's doing but the original score for the first four films is much more creepy and suspenseful, giving us that creepy feel that something or someone is watching our every move.

Yes, it's true, Jason Vorhees has become boring, even in a reimaging.

Finally they started developing two of the characters and then went nowhere with their story.

I like the original Friday the 13th because it was slow, suspenseful and it was a lot darker than this one.

I tell you that if you want to waste your time that you can never get back, then this is the movie for you.

The opening will surely have you on the edge of your seat!

The gang has various encounters with the hockey mask killer while trying to find Clay's sister, most of them seem cliché and rather boring.

It eschewed the suspenseful tension of HALLOWEEN, the artistic flourishes of TCM and the detailed plotting of most 70s horror before it.

The rest of the movie, of course, was very predictable.

So my final words are: The plot : Same as the old ones The Final: Predictable I was expecting more from this version, so if you are a fan of Jason (like me), don't expect too much in this film.

The ending was very strange and really not well thought out, i didn't understand why the last two survivors un-chained Jason from the chains took his mask off, dragged him all the way to the lake and dumped the 'evidence' in the lake?

Renting this, (which I should have just gotten the free download from my buddy instead of paying 4.00, but he was at work and I was bored); I expected to have just fun and be entertained like the previous movies , except freddy vs jason.

There's also plenty of pointless female nudity.

This movie is as dull and witless as a movie can be.

He was relentless, to say the least and had the script been better and done with more suspenseful editing, Jason would've been a force to be reckoned (sic) with!

There are also plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep the viewer interested and on the edge of their seat, and while the plot itself is much the same as the original, how it is developed isn't and for me thats what made it interesting.

ho hum), and no legitimate, real scares (although the gore might gross some people out...

And that includes episodes 5-9, which are hard to beat on the Unwatchable Meter.

Admittedly, there were a few good kill scenes, like the girl in the sleeping bag, but other than that: slit throats, machete to the head, BORING!!

So So, A Bit Of A Cliché' .

Anywho the rest of the film is so bad and predictable it hurts.

To be completely honest, this is a scary version of the worst movie of all time "the room".

Ho Hum!

But after a steady and methodical buildup in a creepily evocative atmosphere, and coaxing passable performances from his young actors, Nispel simply loses steam.

The setting looks great, and it's easily the best-composed Friday ever, but the effort is ultimately rather pointless and empty without adding something new to the mythos.

All in all don't waste time or money on this, it should be buried somewhere and left to rot.

It is entertaining enough, scary enough, and respectful enough to meet the requirements of a good remake.

The original was boring and there was hardly any Jason in it while the remake has more violence and Jason.

The opening was very atmospheric, fast paced and very creepy.

The movie moves surprisingly slow and the pace was uneven all around.

It was just bad acting, bad plot, and extremely predictable.

It is by no means a good movie, but it is certainly an entertaining one.

The script it beyond awful with every cliché ever written chucked in for one.

obviously, but it's definitely missing that feeling of the first ones, I mean the first 3-5 before they got pretty much unwatchable.

I will admit that the nudity/sex thing was a bit overdone, but at the same time, for me, it made watching the people engaging in said activities get killed that much more enjoyable.

This movie was worse than "Drag Me to Hell", which received a lot of negative reviews from the movie-going public, "The Room" (Please don't get me started on that abomination) and "Battlefield Earth", often quoted as being one of the worst movies of all time.

On top of that the kills are totally lame and predictable.

Even though sadly, half the characters are the stock, cliche tropes we've already gotten in these films, the other half feel like real people.

Right after the opening credits with the recap part 1( I didn't like how they did that BTW) we are thrust into the movie, which I'm going to say is the most intense opening sequence I have ever seen in a horror film.

From start to finish the film keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Personally I find most films like this a bit repetitive but for what it is I think it is a reasonable film, that had plenty of moments that made me jump and kept me on the edge of my seat.

He is a slow-moving killer, which is what makes him scary alongside his machete and hockey mask.

The first 25 minutes are unwatchable.

Another sequel would have been difficult considering Jason has gone to New York City, was dragged to Hell then started to take control of people's bodies, went into space and became half machine, and then fought Freddy Krueger.

The movie was quite interesting when it first started but ended up being a dull fare.

Typical, Atrocious, Formulaic, Incomprehensibly bad .

That long slow shot of the deformed boy is forever in my mind.

Everything is so cliché.

The teens were actually slightly interesting, the deaths were gruesome, and the action was pretty intense.

But if you look like a replay, or the writers are reclaiming myth when we pass a good time very entertaining.

Watching paint dry is more exciting that this garbage.

The film's opening scenes are its best moments because they are actually pretty intense and are an excellent tribute to the first four films from the original series.

Fun and Entertaining.

Few awesome minutes scattered through hour and half of boredom .

An unstoppable zombie with all the boredom of such a title.

There is no plot to this movie, you don't even get to know the characters.

I left the theater reminiscing with friends about parts 1 & 2.

Seriously, Don't waste your time or money on this film.

possibly the most bland bunch of "victims" I've ever seen which thereby cuts all tension from the film as you want these kids to die...

No storyline.

My Bloody Valentine is boring, ugly, and annoying.

Even the kills are kind of uninteresting.

The whole first scene with the first group of teens (both casts were bland) was not needed.

There is no story, there is only slaughter.

Pretty Pointless .

Chewie and Laurence are enjoyable re-imaginings of Jimmy and Ted from part 4, always cracking jokes and praying they get laid.

This was one of the more enjoyable and entertaining efforts in the series.

You want them all to die, and for the most part they do, but it is just so obvious and cliché; the only enjoyment you'll get will be wondering what horrific fatality can be coming next.

Apart from the acting this will be an enjoyable experience for fans of the FT13 series.

This was just the same as part 9,and Jason X in other words "predictable" there was nothing new at all (apart from Jason runs instead of walking and although this would never happen in a Jason film he keeps somebody alive in his lair till the last act of the film ), i didn't really care much for the characters either weather they lived or died.

A pretty fun and entertaining movie.

Don't get me wrong, there is some enjoyable scenes!

As for me seeing this movie I want waste my time or money.

The only part I did like was the very last scene, even though it was predictable.

However, for whatever poor ratings the film receives the entertainment value of the film is well worth your time and highly enjoyable.

Fast forward six weeks, and we find handsome Clay (Jared Padalecki) engaging in a fruitless search to find his sister, coming across local rich kid Trent (Travis van Winkle) and his friends, who are headed up to Trents family's posh cabin for a little rest and relaxation.

Marcus Nispel seemed like a good choice at first, since his "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-remake had been entertaining and an appropriate modernization of the original.

A total waste of time!.

So let's pretend this was the very first Friday the 13th movie ever made, how confusing would the starting be?

Don't waste your time on this.

A couple left the theater before me, that was old enough, that they must have seen the original movie in the cinema back in 1980 and I felt sorry for them.

Even worse, the film is incredibly callous and nasty to its cast (and its audience), using a parent's cancer death as an excuse to send one sibling after his missing sister, only to subject them to relentless torture and a pointless shock ending blatantly swiped from The New Blood.

I'll start off by saying that this movie was good for what it was; A predictable, dark, scary, gruesome, teen movie.

The killings are mostly bland and uninspired and the lack of tension is disappointing.

this film is a little predictable in the scare department, its almost as your lead into the scare through the sounds accompanying it and not being caught off guard so much, although I'll be the first to admit to being 'jolted' in my seat from time to time during the scare scenes.

They're original, bloody and highly entertaining (I don't mean that in some weird sick way).

It also helps having Derek Mears bringing one of the most intense Jason's to life in a truly "killer" performance.

Save your time, save your money, and save your soul by watching any other entry in the series.

Well worth watching.

"Friday the 13th," a remake/reboot/loose sequel to the classic 1980 slasher flick "Friday the 13th," is one remake that I find to be better than the original, or at least more enjoyable than the original.

Well shot, but uninteresting slash 'em up.

The chase scenes are exciting!

Pointless .

Mainly, the "teleporting" (no matter how fast you run, and how slow Jason walks, he's always right behind you) and the supernatural Hyper-Zombie nonsense.

Everything is rather dull when Jason isn't slashing and gashing his victims.

Overall, Friday THE 13th is not as bad as the critics say, but it is at least worth watching and it compares to the original really well.

Overall I would say this is a bland movie that is not worth the time and energy to sit and waste two hours of your time hours watching a genuinely bad slasher remake movie.

From this point forward, the film becomes a typically bland remake.

When it first came out in the 1980's it was a great film and then came part 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and up to 12 production and it started to get boring.

Boring, not really that scary.

They actually dragged most of the movie down.

But it is a good horror movie entertaining and very intense, scary and creepy as well.

It's just much more entertaining.

Only worth watching for Julianna Guill .

Note: At one point in the movie, one of the characters says this line of dialogue - "Let's all be one big, happy cliché!

This movie brought back the roots of what made Friday the 13th films bloody entertaining except Jason goes to hell and Jason X, erase that outer space bs narrative off.

This is because in order to be visually evocative, these movies use almost every camera and lighting trick in the book.

But other than that I enjoyed it.

I like how it didn't try to appeal to 13 year olds at sleep overs like "Prom Night" but it actually tried to appeal to proper horror fans because "Friday The 13th" is truly horrific, with a really thrilling finale.

From start to finish, it was boring and terrible.

He was creepy and distorted, and it was actually pretty exciting when his mask gets ripped off.

), contrived bits (a completely forced and ridiculous homage to the original film's ending happens about 10 lousy seconds after the "heroes" dump a dead(?

It feels like an incredibly long music video (true to Nispel's background) where it is impossible to relate to any of the characters on screen, let alone care about them when they are boringly and predictably dispatched by Jason (seriously, there are not even any great kill scenes).

Yes, within 10 minutes the movie goes from entertaining so completely boring and lame.

Don't waste your time.

I mean there is at least ONE HOUR where NOTHING HAPPENS!

But in the end, all this film boils down to is another rehashing that is the thing now, with these remakes of more intense horror flicks of the eighties, where 2006's Hills Have Eyes set the tone.

You might just as well drag out your DVDs of the old series, which now look curiously tame.

very boring indeed i really hope the Nightmare on elm street revamp will not turn out the same as this low par re vamp did.

There you go the whole of the movie, every slasher cliché is present and accounted for, so when you go watch this be prepared for two hours of crap you've seen before.

We've seen enough of them over the years to the point where it's become cliché (kryptonite to horror).

A pointless remake of a series that should have ended years ago.

Simply stunning.

This pointless and stupid spectacle proves that the series has long run its course.

And because of that slowness and relentlessness at different times, this film IS reminiscent of the original series.

I'm sure it will be a hit with grown men who live at home with there mums reading comics and dressing up as Darth Vader once in a while for sexual kicks..DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME

It seems like a slower version of the original.


Yes, everyone knows what to expect out of a movie of this sort so there really should be no surprises of what you're getting yourself into when you sit down to watch it, but it's still entertaining and I'd recommend it to both longtime fans of the franchise or to people who simply are looking for a pretty decent horror flick.

In short, after the terrible "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Amityville Horror" and "Hitcher" remakes, Platinum Dunes finally does an entertaining remake.

The kills were ultra boring.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone growing up in the 80's as well as anyone who would like to see a good horror movie.

Predictable, not scary and not funny.

The second half of the film is rather lethargic & a little bit dull, none of the kills are very inventive or imaginative & while I did get a bit of a shiver when Jason first donned his iconic Hockey mask & stared at himself in the dusty broken mirror I was rather unmoved by the whole affair.

It's basically the first 3 movies (minus the boring parts) rolled into one.

Pointless retread .

Underwhelming, formulaic "addition" to the Friday the 13th franchise has hockey-masked psychopath Jason Voorhies killing a group of teenagers who make the unfortunate mistake of trespassing on his property, the wilderness and surrounding area of his home and Camp Crystal Lake.

As far as horrors go, it's boring, all the deaths are predictable, all the jumps scares are predictable, the "shocking moment" at the end won't give you any bit of a fright if you've already seen the original, this movie was made for a bit of cash, it's simple as that, they don't care what people say about them, they got what they wanted, the fans are displeased but they got payed, and that's all that matters to the selfish people who decided to reboot a beloved franchise just because they could.

This one features full-on, almost explicit sex, F-bombs dropping almost every minute, and long, drawn out, unpleasant kills that make it more tuned for the "Saw" or "Hostel" crowd.


This movie was thrilling, exciting and the perfect remake.

This movie is saved a cruel and unnecessary bad rating thanks to how enjoyable it was.

Obviously whenever someone is moving dramatically slow towards a shower curtain and the scary music is gradually growing louder, the killer ISN'T going to be behind the shower curtain.

Dull, Dreary and Off-Target, This Remake Adds Nothing to the Friday Legacy .

It is predictable and badly written.

In someways, Marcus Nispel's remake is as entertaining as the original.

I expected far more intense slasher and was let down.

Blondes and brunettes way too hot to look like the real people they're portraying, the same gritty camera actions like shaking or making way too dark or everyone on film looks like they're sweating, lackluster kills, no plot depth, no passion!

The film is entertaining, has creative deaths, a very sexy supporting actress, and will keep you glued from start to finish.

Doing so ended up jarring the entire story to a stop because you are so caught up in the confusion of these moments that your brain is on overload by the time it settles into one coherent storyline, then they mess it up even more by introducing and killing off the token characters that film every cliché in the book.

By trying to recapitulate the older version (if that is indeed the reason for the movie's simplicity), the movie becomes bland and falls short of its new age potential.

To be fair, Friday the 13th was somewhat entertaining.

That was entertaining.

The movie was also very well paced, just when you start to get bored of watching the teens explore the cabin, get drunk.

Jason) and although that movies could not be considered particularly good,I have found some of them to be enormously entertaining.

Each murder was taken from films 1-3 and the end is so predictable that you could leave after the final chase scene and not miss anything.

It became very dramatic and predictable, which ultimately makes you YAWN!

He is supposed to be slow and scary and without thinking out plans and warning systems.

What was unexpected was that Padalecki didn't come on screen until after the first 30 minutes.

Jared Padalecki is not given much to work with here, but he is always enjoyable to watch, thanks to some help from Danielle Panabaker.

Despite the story-line problems, the opening attack is incredibly fun and full of action with three big stalking scenes, some brutal kills and several solid suspenseful moments that serve as an amazing intro.

Since 1980 we've had twelve Jason movies (counting his brief appearance in the first), so did we really need yet ANOTHER slow, stalk and slash entry set at Camp Crystal Lake?

(from a guys perspective of course)This is all I have to say about this horrible remake, I love the original and will never spend another second on this new crappy, cliché, piece of junk, bubble gum version of what once was a great film.

Long sections of the film are actually quite dull, and the two-dimensional characters are disappointing.

Our main characters are: Clay-Our boring male lead who is searching for his sister Jenna-Douche bag's girlfriend who makes the most stupid decision I've seen a character make in a long time....

Too Predictable For Its Own Good!.

Danielle Pannabaker tripped through the movie with a slack look on her face the whole time as though she was bored to be there.

About the only thing really wrong here is that the opening was a massive mistake as to waste twenty-five minutes of time here with them since the first are only body count kills and doesn't sit too well.

Way back in 1985 I watched in confusion as the favorite horror series from my childhood took an awful and unexpected turn for the worse.

It's fast, slow, fast, fast, sloooow, fast, fast, seen it before, dumb, done.

While I will say that it was probably a good idea to present Jason as more of a human being in this movie, personally I've always found him more intriguing as the supernatural zombie he has become in part 6.

First of all, I understand that a certain amount of T&A is commonplace in most slasher movies, I've been a fan for 30 years; however, the amount of sex and attempted humor simply slow down and hinder this film.

It's a Friday-movie by all means, and Jason does vicious things, but between the carnage are some wonderfully stupid (and even somewhat heartfelt) characters, making up a nice ensemble of enjoyable and somewhat stereotypical people.

The Blu-ray also includes an interesting Terror Trivia Track with Picture-In-Picture, Three entertaining featurettes, two alternative scenes, a deleted scene and a digital copy (It's only good until June this year).

it was also kind of boring to be honest and when i read that there was going to be a remake i just laughed.

I should have walked out at this point.

"My Bloody Valentine 3D," which came out like a month ago, was better and more entertaining than this and also had more to offer.

As well, there's the really fun and enjoyable final battle here in the tunnel where there's some really fun battling between Jason and the lone survivor, some brutal brawling that's vicious and intense while also getting in some decent suspense and action here from the rather fine stalking throughout in the creepy tunnels in his lair.

i did not feel campy-Nessy in the movie that i am used to in the Friday 13th movieEven with all action in the movie, i was still bored,while watching the movie, some of the kills were descent in the movie.

But maybe because I'm close to 50 now, or maybe because I left the theater thinking I'd been here and done this many times already, and maybe because "F13 '09" would probably be more exciting to a new generation who hasn't already been through this adventure before, I almost wouldn't mind if there wasn't a sequel.

The original film series is no masterpiece, but this reboot was so typical and suspense-free that I was bored from nearly the beginning.

2009 was a huge year for remakes, with the immensely enjoyable "My Bloody Valentine 3D" and the extremely effective "The Last House on the Left" on the belt.

During the final battle,it seems something subversive or unexpected is about to happen...

There are about two or three unpredictable scenes at most.

Jason himself is well portrayed and it's enjoyable to see him large and in charge in his turf.

I could go into detail about everything that is wrond with it but that would take way way too long.

Everone knows about Bree, but what about that pointless wake-boarding scene with Chelsea.

The story is suggestive of the series being completely stale and takes forever to get going after the first 20 minutes, with very little happening and with a lot of gratuitous, cheap and pointless elements.

Do I sound bored?

Not only does it run nearly 10 minutes longer, but it makes the film lightly more enjoyable.

She's so engaging and lively that she emerges as the only likable person in the film (despite the fact that she's portraying The Slutty Girl who dances provocatively in front of all the men present, then has sex with her best friend's boyfriend) and was the only character I hoped wouldn't end up on the business end of Jason's machete.

It gets a little slow and boring after that when we get to know the other cast members.

onwards that the series becomes entertaining and worthwhile.

" This is, in my opinion, the worst movie made in the franchise.

I practically fell asleep during this boring, embarrassing, badly acted snoozefest.

It's worth watching, although the thoughtful Friday fans will undoubtedly take exception to it on some levels!

I've never seen any of the other Jason movies before except for Jason X which I didn't like but I kept an open mind when watching this movie and I felt the same feelings that I had with Jason X, everything was just off and it was just pointless.

It was short but suspenseful and believable, I think in real life this conversation would be pretty much the same.

ActingI actually don't mind Padalecki (clay) as an actor but here he fails to bring any likeabilty to clay, granted he is working with a horribly bland character so i cant be too harsh.

However, it seemed that the further away the formula strayed from its roots the more irrelevant and pointless our beloved Jason character became.

The mariguana field in camp crystal lake hilariously stupid, there should be gay caracthers kicking jason's boring butt with high heels!

I think it is because Michael Bay is better at doing action movies since this movie has plenty of violence in it to give me a slight adrenaline rush.

So Predictable it's Fun.

It was perfect and still couldn't touch the original, but it wasn't what I'd call FT13th, utterly pointless.

A week after watching this and I don't recall a single murder from the film, it's that dull and lacking in creativity.

terribly annoying actress Everything else The score is generic and dull...

All the deaths were completely predictable and completely funny.

see all this stuff is very predictable and all this happened in the first 20 Min's.

The jump scenes were predictable and got annoying.

What a bunch of cliché acting like your classic druggie the sluts and the stuck up arrogant rich boy.

Most horror films now are so predictable, you can almost guess who will be killed next, when they'll be killed and even how and its nearly always the sound effects/music that give it away.

I was actually quite surprised that I found this movie so entertaining.

The acting was well acted and so I lay the blame on the director of this film who made it predictable and slow.

Danielle Panabaker is dull as hell as Jenna...


Save your money.

It's fun, frightening, exciting.

A bland remake made worse by highly unlikable characters.

Let's put it this way, when the cliché rich collage guy and the equally cliché troubled outsider have the exact same look and haircut you soon realize more time was taken worrying about fashion then story.

Overall, the film was highly enjoyable and entertaining, Nispel has done a great job with this movie and I hope we get the sequel soon.

No surprises, no twist, no story, no nothing, just Jason chopping people up.

However, I have seen a few of the other 13th movie and a few of the scene in the new movie become predictable.

It gave us a supernatural and shocking twist in the most unexpected moment, at the end of a movie, in which nothing supernatural happened before.

He's a slow, plodding stalker.

I wanted to be able to claim that he'd given this almost 30 year old, tragically stagnating series a much needed adrenaline boost.

Groups of beautiful people go camping to have themselves killed by the infamous Jason Vorhees in predictable, uninspired, bloody ways.

There are parts that are slow and attempt to calm us down as the audience, and there are parts that are relentless.

After the first 20 minutes of nothing happening (it begins with the "story" of the inane "teenagers" instead of engaging us with a hook and hold involving Jason), I found myself nodding off throughout the remainder of the film, resulting in a 90-minute exercise in tedium.

However, these are things that most older teens will inevitably do on camping trips, or at their own parties, and is only to be expected to appear in any horror film that must rely on spectacle rather than engaging characters and plot.

Predictable … One of the worst movies ever .

Then the numbering system disappeared until part VI (one of the only sequels worth watching), VII, and VIII, after which the whole titling process changed completely.

Granted to me that made it still enjoyable for what it was as it was nice to see Jason in a gimmick free environment again.

The movie has its fair share of problems (I'll get to some of the more heinous in a moment), but at least I found most of it entertaining.

Plays mostly at night, can be frightening and it's got suspenseful moments.

Don't waste your money, don't waste your time, don't waste a single second on this movie.


The action arrives hard and fast, with bloody brutal kill sequences and some intense chase scenes.

It delivers everything a slasher movie fan can dream of - plenty of gore, very gruesome killings, high body count, endless suspense, creepy and same time mesmerizing wood atmosphere, very good music, nice cinematography, very good acting, thrilling dynamic plot and good dialogues.

It's a pretty good Friday the 13th film, and true enough to the series to be enjoyable.

The killings were brutal & highly enjoyable if you're not freaked out by the decapitated bodies.

There were elements from the Final Chapter despite what the propaganda says.

As far as the death scenes go, most of them were predictable, which is actually kind of a let down.

So sad to say, this was sloppy, irritating and pretty much just plain boring.

But, obviously it isn't going to be a perfect slasher film, but it is however a highly entertaining one.

I went in with an open mind but ended up falling asleep!

It is a waste of time and money.

So boring after first 15 minutes and there is no thriller at all,even a child can predict the scenes.

This is a movie made for fans of the series, from guys who know deviating from the formula (see Parts 5, 7, 8, "Jason Goes to Hell" and "Jason X" as examples) can hurt the chances of an entertaining "Friday the 13th" movie.

Right off the bat, I have to say this film looked exciting and fun by its publicity.

Well, I learned at least one thing from watching this utterly pointless and frustratingly abominable new horror film… "Friday the 13th" 2009 is NOT a remake of Sean S.

Here are just some of the questions I was asking myself when I left the theater.

I left the theater sorely disappointed, and that doesn't happen often with me when it comes to horror movies.

what happened to the slow build ups and friends being there for each other and suspense.

If you are going to fill your film with clichés then do it right, and the best film to pull of every horror cliché was Freddy Vs.

I found this to be a very fun, entertaining 90 minutes.

now, i can understand having a flashback to explain the death of Pamela Vorhees, but jumping right into another one is pointless.

I was bored stupid with it.

I am so tired of Hollywood making horror movies brainless and empty because they think everyone is either drunk or 17 in the audience!!

It has NO story.

If you are a fan of the original series, and by that I mean the Paramount releases, then don't waste your time.

OH and the first 30 minutes were pointless trash...

He's a nice young boy but he's also very predictable, I mean, it's not that hard to see what's coming.

The deaths don't have the yuck factor, the characters are boring and it feels kind of flat.

Unfortunately some were just far-fetched, played out, or just too predictable.

It's suspenseful.

There is a very dry spot as the film nears its third act that borders on boring, and seems more like a forced narrative device to stretch the running time out.

I must say the beginning was the most boring-est part I have ever watched in my film life.

It turned out to be a little short, scary scenes were dragged on at times and were not really scary.. just boring.

The characters are shallow as can be, most deaths aren't as bloody or as shocking as we remembered them, and everything that happens in between the bloodshed is extremely tedious.

The script doesn't really replicate the first film's narrative, such as it was, but neither does it come up with any notable updates beyond the news that the woods around old Camp Crystal Lake are now full of illegal marijuana-itself a more recent horror cliche.

The film is definitely enjoyable.

Too many dumb teenage sex scenes and just too much BORE!

The original slow pace was more terrifying because no matter what they'd catch up to you or would be around the corner.

This part has the most entertaining characters.

)This movie is well-shot and energetic with OK performances, but I'm pretty sure at some point in the near future I won't even be able to remember whether I saw it, or am simply confusing it with some other horror sequel/reboot.

The characters were very poorly written and completely one-dimensional and bland.

I personally think he's the most boring slasher ever (alongside Michael Myers from "Halloween"), and I didn't care much for "Friday the 13th"; I save the best praises for its superior 1981 sequel, "Friday the 13th, Part 2.

There are some hiccups here and there, some stuff doesn't work as well as intended, but all in all this is entertaining as (Jasons) hell.

Still, the original movies are mostly a bore, if we're being honest.

Worst movie ever.

The action is intense, there are plenty jump out of your seat moments, and of course, what Friday movie would be complete without Five totally gratuitous Nude scenes?

Dull and stupid, annoying, weird, and bitch girl......

In fact this movie was just plain terrible, It contains everything that most horror movies contain these days: extremely predictable story, an even more predictable ending, terrible acting, and LOTS of sex, which is completely irrelevant to the story.

Friday the 13th is what it is, a reasonably entertaining piece of junk cinema that was never meant to test anyone's intelligence.

So, other than half of the main characters, specifically, the second group of kids including Travis Van Winkle's character Trent, being one dimensional dumb teenagers solely written to get killed off (except maybe for Danielle Panabaker's character Jenna; she and Padalecki have good chemistry together), and the STUPID cliffhanger at the end, this movie is a great example of how to retell a story, and a character, and make them both more engaging, and more realised.

A geek, a hot girl, a needless guy, a horny guy, a redneck, a cool dude, a dumb blonde, a stoned guy, a black guy, a slutty girl, a dull cop, a rich prick, a good girl, a hero guy and the final girl.

It's not really a movie that is being effective with its scare moments, also because of the reason that it's all quite predictable and formulaic.

Talk about a ridiculously predictable ending.

Sure, there were some scares, but very little surprises, ripped off scenes from 1-3 and shots that might as well been preluded with "Exhibit Cliché 1, 2, 3.

The story was predictable, as expected.

Entertaining rehash .

The characters are flat, boring, and lifeless cardboards cut-outs.

If anything, I find the original films more enjoyable.

I know I like it, but it gets a bit boring.

He makes sure that his victims die a slow and painful death.

Nevermind the absurd and predictable "gotcha" ending either.

The sex scenes in it were totally unnecessary, and the cliché of the slut dies and virgin either A) lives longer than the rest or B) gets away KILLED ME.

" While I wouldn't call Nispel's vision as soulful and endearing as Zombie's, he has turned "Friday 2009" into an expectation-satisfying, engaging, reverent, and sufficiently bloody exercise in postmodern fear, reaffirming Jason as the type of antihero who won't be kept down.

The opening prologue of the movie is perhaps some of the best material the series has seen since its glory days, and the kills aren't too shabby either, but everything that follows is trite plain and simple.

As you will probably read in other reviews, he's not just some big-dumb guy with a machete anymore, and this may be a bit of a spoiler, he's a big-dumb guy who now has the ability to catch up to you, and uses a variety in the ways of killing people instead of just walk-slow, hack-slash-until-you-die.

Ah, Our killing machine Jason, We all know Jason Voorhees, He's slow right?

In conclusion, I was not disappointed at all by this film, in fact I enjoyed it so much that I had to see it more than once, for those Jason fans out there you will enjoy this film without a doubt because it's more of a continuation than some remake that'll make you feel cheated of your time and for those who are new to the Friday the 13th series you will enjoy this film, and also expect and hope for a sequel to this film.

Pretty entertaining rehash of the Sean Cunningham original.

However, and as much as I found this latest offering in the "Friday" franchise to be incredibly dull and unoriginal, the original movie isn't all that anyway.

I will say the final 20 minutes are incredibly suspenseful.

Dull and overly long (even at a mere ninety minutes), this particular jump-start is a clear case of style over substance.

Save your money and go buy a cheeseburger or something.

Additionally, the logical rules of which characters are supposed to make it to the final reel isn't followed here, which adds a few nice and unexpected punches to the rote kill cycle implied by the title.

this thing was boring,suspense free(except for maybe five minutes)and populated with mostly bad acting and the required sex scenes.

A predictable slasher for the mainstream audience...

not scary at all this time, just a joke laughed at by most in the theater), a real lack of suspense and build up, scenes that aren't filmed quite right (a camper's looking down at pot plants, next has gotta be a shot of Jason's shoes and a slow camera tilt up to him, right?

The story is predictable and slow.

waste of time .