Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Still haunted by his past, Tommy Jarvis - who, as a child, killed Jason Voorhees - wonders if the serial killer is connected to a series of brutal murders occurring in and around the secluded halfway house where he now lives.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Danny Steinmann
Stars: Melanie Kinnaman, John Shepherd
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 52 out of 354 found boring (14.68%)

One-line Reviews (173)

Corey Feldman's cameo is worth the watch.

Director Danny Steinmann adds nothing new to the series but he handles the slash-and-stalk sequences fairly well, and there are a handful of suspenseful moments in the movie.

Rather Tedious and Painful to Watch at Times .

i still think this is the most entertaining one in the series.

This is the worst movie next to the eighth one.

So, it made it a lot more thrilling to watch.

The acting is cheesier than usual, but the film has some very colorful and memorable characters, that do stupid, yet entertaining things (like the couple that sing the duet together in the outhouse while the guy craps, the robot dancing, etc.) I enjoyed watching the backwoods mother and son.

Well lets just say thank God my dad fell asleep in the theatre due to a heavy work week because when Debissue Voorhees unveiled her assets in a long sex scene filled with nudity, I became a big ( no pun intended ) fan of hers and woman of that body type.

Among his fellow residents is the extremely intense Victor (Mark Venturini- THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), who has a bit of a problem w/ his temper, resulting in a messy homicide.

All that said, there were some pretty funny moments that made it worth watching.

Yet a film of this nature wouldn't be as exciting if the killers were easier to stop, so the filmmakers sacrifice any quality to their sequels in order to replace it with quantity.

Doubts raise as Jason is slow, dull, and weak.

And whilst the heroine doesn't exactly bare flesh, she does get very wet during the predictable rain drenched finale, and she ain't wearing a bra!!!

If I want to be sickened by extreme gore I'll watch again "Guinea Pig:Flowers of Flesh and Blood" instead of this,but if I want to see an enjoyable slasher with plenty of nudity I'll choose this one.

This is definitely one of the dumbest and most enjoyable out of the series.

This is a waste of time .

The teenagers in this installment are the most under-written and uninteresting of the whole lot thus far.

A very entertaining film .

It's really fascinating.

And while I have to admit that this one goes against everything that is Friday the 13th, it is quite entertaining, funny and so improbable and impossible ( even for a Friday movie ) that I enjoyed this one immensely.

its extremely entertaining, there is a high body count and amazing score.

OK movie but the worst movie in the Friday the 13th series .

This is just possibly the worst movie of all time--and this is coming from a series of lovably bad movies.

Director/co-writer Danny Steinmann deserves credit for effectively creating and sustaining an engrossingly sleazy atmosphere throughout and eschewing the by now exceedingly tiresome summer camp slaughter format for a fresh and different approach that's essentially a vulgar American version of a giallo complete with numerous red herring minor characters (although the killer's true identity is pretty obvious the moment he appears on screen), a hefty body count (22 murders altogether!

There's nothing particularly clever or intelligent about this movie, but it delivers some good visceral shocks and a few semi-unexpected moments.

Say what you will but "A New Beginning" ( aka Part V), is one of the most entertaining and re-watchable segments.

Directed by Danny Steinmann made an suspenseful horror film that also tries to be a mystery thriller and it works at some certain tense scenes.

There is some nudity as well, mainly from Debbie Sue Voorhees, which is very enjoyable.

Enjoyable 80's slasher trash .

The ambush on the greasers on the roadside, the surprise on the necking couple in the woods and the attack by the diner all offer some solid slasher motivation scenes giving this a rather great series of somewhat suspenseful stalking scenes.

This instalment is particularly trite and silly, with an extremely loose plot, exceptionally unlikeable characters who deserve all they get, and a lack of creative murders.

Okay, so this film ain't no exceptionally fine, subtle, and tasteful work of sophisticated cinematic art, but it is so incredibly crass, coarse, and unapologetically trashy that it's always entertaining and occasionally even downright sidesplitting in its gleeful go-for-it offensive nastiness.

In final word,if you love the Friday The 13th franchise,Slasher Films or Horror Movies in general,I suggest you see Friday The 13:A New Beginning,a flawed but entertaining and interesting sequel that is worth your time.

This is better than the last "Friday the 13th" because it's more entertaining - in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.


Although Die Hard fans of the series, truly loved the atmospheric opening with Corey Feldman back playing an young Tommy Jarvis and the strange, intriguing if questionable closing sequence.

It's just a jarring entry in the series that doesn't quite fit in, especially because of the somewhat contrived "mystery" aspect questioning whether or not Jason has returned from his seemingly definitive death or if Tommy's gone nuts.

Masterfully directed by Danny Steinmann, it is a supremely entertaining exploitation slasher film.

The little kid who played Reggie acted better than any other actor in this pointless film.

After a dream sequence (yawn) the film starts with Tommy being transported to a halfway house of sorts, after spending years in institutions he is now ready to start making the transition to normal life.

Some are reasonably suspenseful and you can basically count on some gore and nudity.

The lead female is quite annoying if you ask me but Reggie is pretty entertaining.

So bad it's entertaining .

A pair of rockabilly dudes, one of whom wanders into the forest to defecate (that was unexpected, as people outdoors generally wander off to take a leak, instead).

The direction is terrible, the film is dull.

All characters are annoying and painfully stereotypical, the (oh so funny) redneck family and the hysterical central character Tommy are particularly unbearable.

When they are boring, there is just no reason to watch them.

A Flawed,But Entertaining And Interesting Sequel.

Overall, an enjoyable slasher, if you can get past the fact that this is an entry to the Friday the 13th series, albeit an irrelevant one.

Worth watching only if you're really bored or really drunk.

Since the concept this sets up was not followed up on, the entire thing is pointless(it's very clearly a "middle" picture, bridging two flicks, the latter of which does not exist), and as it's done with such little care, we never get into it.

Friday The 13th Part V:A New Beginning is a flawed but entertaining and interesting sequel that combines fine direction,a good cast,a memorable score and nice special effects.

While the film is littered with a boring and / or useless cast and characters, there are a few highlights.

Another way this film strays from the normal horror routines is by having a male in the lead (John Shepherd as Tommy), though it's not like he is present very much, and he is so boring that he is painful to watch, a far cry from Corey Feldman and Thom Mathews who play Tommy in parts 4 and 6, respectively.

The characters were stupid, the plot was dumb and the ending made the whole movie pointless, avoid it like the plague.

6 is unlike the others - it is gruesome, humourless and intense.

They're showing a day-to-day marathon of the main 8 films (witholding the truly forgettable and pointless 'Jason goes to Hell').

At least 70% of this movie is filler, completely pointless scenes that refuses to end, characters acting as stupidly as possible, annoying your butt off while doing so, until you actually cheer for the murderer when he kills them off, restoring what little tranquility that's left in you when watching this disappointment.

But there were some characters I did enjoy like Ethel and her son Junior who I thought were very entertaining and quite funny and was also glad when they were killed off, and the new Tommy this time played by John Shepard did a bang up job playing the troubled youngster and also his kung fu moves were awesome.

And if you're looking for a Halloween film to watch with your buddies, I'm still searching, if you haven't seen this before give it a try because this a very underrated entertaining film that the whole pack cane enjoy.

For many of us, Jason had grown stale by 1985, and the idea of another whodunnit (a la the original) was intriguing.

It's not boring, but it's a waste of time in every way.

John Sheppard who plays Tommy is a bore to watch.

A horror film like Friday the 13th part 5, well, I usually got scared by horror films, but with this one I fell asleep.

The local Sheriff suspects it's Jason Voorhees, but that's refuted by the mayor who claims Jason was cremated (which would cause some confusion for the next film).

well done with many suspenseful moments.

She I suppose is the closest to scream queen for this film but her character is placid and sort of boring.

Suspenseful, great story, o.

This movie called Friday The 13th a New Beginning is a sort of crap movie and by far the worst movie in the Friday the 13th series.

However, the film too often slips back into silly slasher territory and with direction as dull and kill scenes as tame as this, that simply isn't good enough.

i think entertaining beats scary sometimes.

There has been no story development on Jason Voorhees since the second sequel.

I get the feeling, especially from the "shock" (ie, utterly predictable) ending that the producers were really ready to move the series forward and leave Jason dead and that is worthy of praise.

Melanie Kinnaman as Pam is another waste of time.

The acting is not good (Shepherd is the sole exception), Melanie Kinnaman being awful, and the clumsy and far too simple dialogue, that slips more into vulgar camp than darkly tongue-and-cheek, and the mostly annoying and dull stereotypes passing for characters fare worse (the only one to be interesting and get proper development is Tommy).

His direction is utterly uninspired, the stalk scenes are boring and redundant, drag on for what seems like an eternity and the pay offs (kills) are for the most part rather dull.

When a film has the words Part 5 on the tin you normally think, oh here we go another film they're just trying to make money out of, yes you are probably right however this film was surprisingly very entertaining.

Of course this one isn't as good as the previous ones,mainly because it lacks the first four films mean spirited edge,but it is still a pretty enjoyable slasher flick.

Rene Clair often insisted that his films play to empty theatres.

As far as the other characters go, most of them are a bore and you just want to see the fake Jason kill them.

The movie's not as gory as it could and should have been (censor interference reared its ugly head again), but it's still consistently entertaining for its 93 minute running time.

It just sits there on its own, a dull, confusing mess.

it's still a very suspenseful very fun slasher film.

This one will be enjoyable for those who liked part four, and will be one of the last good ones until part nine ("Jason Goes to Hell").

But lacking a true artist such as Tom Savini, and employing a hack like Steinmann (who only made 4 features in his entire career, including hard-core porn), the film is repetitive and plain dull.

it was an entertaining movie (if nothing else, you laugh at the bad acting).

Enjoyable even without Jason .

This film commits the ultimate cinematic sin: it is boring.

Continuing the trend from "The Final Chapter" in having a strong child role, Shavar Ross of 'Diff'rent Strokes' is the engaging Reggie the Reckless.

The killer's identity (using Jason's mask and machete) is predictable.

Oh you want for a review, well this entry is ultimately the most unwatchable entry in the series.

Not the best of the series, but still very good, that said, after the excellent "Final Chapter", the year before, any follow up would look a little uneventful.

Though one thing this one does feature is a totally unexpected kill near the beginning.

Not even there for a day, and one violent inhabitant kills a mentally slow man who had annoyed him, which starts off a chain of events that seem to indicate that Jason may have somehow come back from the dead, and is up to his old murderous ways...

Still enjoyable, but I found myself bored and confused at times.

Characters are empty, uninteresting and/or obnoxious (except for the little black kid and his older brother), and Jason himself continues to have none of the idiosyncrasies that most other slasher antagonists at least get as a means of distinction.

Heavily criticized, but one of the most entertaining and re-watchable installments .

BOTTOM LINE: "A New Beginning" is just a fun and entertaining deep woods horror flick with numerous highlights noted above, including black humor and camp.

Still, worth watching a few times for sure.

Sorry, I'm just angry that I bought it for $12.95. Anyway, when you compare this to movies like HALLOWEEN 5, or even Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II, you can see that it's really boring, plot-holed, and all in all, just terrible!

Well, the creative forces that wrote this script change that around just a bit, unfortunately it is just as tiresome as it was before.

(38%) Many claim it to be the worst of the series, which is understandable, but this for me is way too entertaining to pass off as worthless.

Shepherd does okay considering his entire role is looking stunning and terrified about everything.

Dull-as-dishwater John Shepherd is the new Tommy, replacing Corey Feldman (who appears at the beginning in a dream cameo, confusing things unnecessarily).

The ending is pretty weak, and the very end is just confusing.

It's not a great horror film, but it is still throughly entertaining and underrated .

Whereas parts 2 through 4 turned the series into one huge mesh of cliches and predictable endings, Part 5 gave the series a breath of new life.

We end up with a film too silly to repeat the excellent grimness of #1, #2, and #4, and yet too inept to recapture the entertaining goofiness of #3.

For the most part it plays like your basic Friday the 13th outing, but it's decidedly dull and off-putting somewhere too, and doesn't have any real suspense of horror ambiance to it, it just has a strangely offbeat and obnoxious tone running through it that really doesn't gel with the overall feel of the previous four movies.

"Friday the 13th Part V" is a definite improvement over the corny original, the dull "Part 3" and the pitiful, embarrassing "Part 4" (I haven't seen "Part 2").

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, made me smile, while keeping me on the edge of my seat at the same time.

*spew* *cough* *yawn* *sigh* .

This film is so bad it's entertaining!

Pam's scream sounds very fake (she's very slow to react) and finally someone dressed as "Jason" smashes into the house.

Which is not to say it's bad; like I said, Part V is one of the most entertaining segments.

P-lease do NOT see this film,there is NO plot what so ever...

Friday THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING is probably one of the most hated sequels in the history of cinema but I must say that I think the film is a lot more entertaining than many of the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequels as well as several films from the other major horror series.

It was just so unexpected.

We find ourselves with a pretty strong (if somewhat confusing)opening....

very little blood, NO JASON, more stupid characters than you could shake a stick at, NO JASON, an incredible boredom factor....

The story is a mess, but the movie is genuinely entertaining and the opening scene is actually pretty creepy.

Dull, and seriously lacking invention .

This one is somewhat unpredictable.


That's saying something because as movies go, the Friday THE 13TH series has to be one of the most joyfully repetitive of all time.

The scares and seriousness are starting to wear off with "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" and instead we have something a little more comical, a little more campy and a little more entertaining.

It makes this movie seem pointless once the credits roll.

Overall the movie feels like a series of scenes indiscriminately stitched together by an indifferent director, but like so many failed movies it can be fascinating to watch.

This movie is the fifth sequel to "Friday the 13th" and another junk movie for the long list of the worst movies ever made.

Overall, this was the most entertaining of the Series, and one of the most sexy.

I could go on and on about how enjoyable this film is.

So there's more pointless death for you.

It had decent killings, no plot, and a surprise twist.

Overall I think this is easily the most entertaining Friday film.

It actually somewhat entertaining in a (really) silly way.

The unbearable acting (especially with the redneck family and poor Joey), the cliché and overdone death scenes, all the unnecessary characters, and the lack of Camp Crystal Lake combine to make this the ultimate Friday the 13th travesty.

It's never exciting, even the ending is dull.

It's boring, it's stupid, and it's plainly a bad film.

But, I still found this to be a rather enjoyable slasher.

Don't waste your time watching this one!!!!

As played here by John Shepherd, Tommy is a bland and empty character.

You can only have so much of each before it gets boring, and A New Beginning gets boring very quickly.

Contrived and stupid beyond belief.

This is one of the worst "Friday The 13th" movies mostly because of how pointless it is.

I am not a big "Friday" fan in general, and have always regarded this very repetitive series as dreadfully overrated by some of my fellow Horror fans.

From the bad characters, to repetitive kills, this film is what you would expect.

What a terribly boring movie .

How they think this is the worst movie ever made.

It felt like, in those movies, the slash and dices moments were use too repetitive.

It didn't do as well as the previous installments and Jason was brought back for part 6, however I do think this is a very enjoyable installment in the series, and I do appreciate how the filmmakers have tried to inject some originality into what I think, was going to be a completely new series.

I know people will say that all the horror movies are pointless killings.

Death by boredom .

Aside from the prolonged stalk and slash ending (predictable), there is little real horror here.

Camp Crystal Lake is replaced with a mental hospital deep in the woods, and we are forced to watch really boring and unimaginative death scenes (except for one involving a redneck and a motorcycle).

It all comes together in an exciting chainsaw duel in the nearby barn.

With this dreadful 'whodunnit' style plot that crams in as many predictable genre clichés as possible, director Danny Steinmann stands about as much chance of delivering an effective horror as the film's fat kid does of escaping a nasty death.

They didn't show much in number 2 either, but that film was also significantly more suspenseful (and had much better developed and more likable characters).

The series itself is formulaic so calling this one dumber than the other films wouldn't make much sense.

Now little Reggie the Reckless was a character that I did like and was rooting for, what a cool energetic kid, he brought a lot of fun to the movie, and that goes for Miguel Nunez Jr who was so effortlessly entertaining to watch that he so deserved a bigger part than what he got.

Speaking of the film stock, the entire film has a dull and lacklustre look to it throughout; was there a different film stock used in this, than the earlier films?

In closing - Friday 5 god-awful; the series is fun and mindlessly entertaining; smart people can faithfully watch this 'true' filmmaking before their eyes.

Nothing more I really have to say about this Friday the 13th, but it's one of the more entertaining Friday 13th picks, thanks to it's characters, and it's setting of story, a new beginning in itself.

Aside from being entertaining like most of the installments, it should be pointed out that Part V does something better than any other film in the series: It shows the long term negative EFFECT Jason (and his mother) can have on people.

one of the teens is a slow fat kid that gets murdered early on by a nut thats also at the half-way house.

But someone's doing a pretty lamentable impersonation of him in this dull sequel.

From the quirky halfway house residents to the crazed backwoods hicks, to the wacky Demon, this film's characters are very entertaining, and on many occasions, quite amusing.

it's not the scariest,but the most entertaining,and watchable of them all.

Worst movie that DARES call itself a Friday movie.

It's still an enjoyable film.

It gets boring as there aren't any camera improvements.

Okay, most us know that this is by far one of the weakest movies of the whole series (none are weaker then Jason X) but going back and watching this movie after probably 15 years, I will admit that I enjoyed it.

However, if I'm being truly objective, I have to grudgingly concede that there are some enjoyable bits and pieces in A New Beginning.

Worth watching!