Friday the 13th Part III (1982) - Horror, Thriller

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Having revived from his wounds, Jason Voorhees takes refuge at a cabin near Crystal Lake. As a group of co-eds arrive for their vacation, Jason continues his killing spree.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Steve Miner
Stars: Dana Kimmell, Tracie Savage
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 61 out of 363 found boring (16.8%)

One-line Reviews (207)

In 3-D this is lots of fun--in 2-D it's a boring mess.

It just didn't do anything for me, if I was watching it before I had seen any others in the series I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Friday the 13th - Part Dull .

Personally, I couldn't help thinking what a lot of effort it must have been for Jason to lift the body up there and balance it just right, but by this point I was seriously bored.

Friday the 13th Part 3 is dullest of the first 4 films.

He and his friends might even have avoided their fate as pointless fodder for Jason to slice and dice later in the movie.

It was too boring.

In this movie, he becomes the slow moving brute with the typical hockey-mask.

Some little one-dimensional character building later, Jason Voorhees (Richard Brooker) is soon hacking them up in various entertaining ways.

To be fair there are some good scares and the climax is exciting.

"Friday the 13th Part 2", to my surprise, turned out to be a pretty enjoyable piece of schlock.

The direction is very good and at times the movie manages to be suspenseful, even on today's standards.

Entertaining to the masses, unless you have a hatred for these slasher films.

However Jason is very entertaining in this one, and yes he does get his hockeymask in this one.

Cliché characters are in vogue though in this third installment: the older (and I mean MUCH older) boyfriend of the girl driven away two years ago, the two potheads smoking and sleeping all the time, the trio of bad youths out to settle a score, and, my favourite, the fat, unappealing kid who "acts" like he is dead with blood and an ax in his head just to get the attention he so desperately craves.

By no means a great movie, but enjoyable for a run-of-the-mill slasher .

The third installment of Friday The 13th is scary, but pretty predictable.

Sadly it takes again way too long before things really happens and the, I call it remake of the ending of part 1 does makes it feel a bit shitty.

in fact i found the movie to be boring in parts.

It's very boring, the charters aren't very likable, and very unmemorable kills.

For 70 minutes, the movie is every bit as boring as Part 2, due mainly to Steve Miner's inability to build up any good scares or shocks as well as the fact that he takes too long to get the movie going.

If a slasher movie does take time to develop the characters, it's lambasted for being "too slow".

The characters in this movie are more humorous than in the previous films, and it makes it more enjoyable to watch.

Jasons got his famous mask, all the characters are pretty likable and enjoyable to watch, and kills are all really creative and the blood and gore is on full display.

Harry Manfredini's score is highly enjoyable as always, and even gets a funky disco style reinvention during the opening and ending credits.

This is one of the most enjoyable Jason movies.

It's genuinely tense and exciting, for the most part, and a great note on which to end.

The ending chase scene is very suspenseful, and the movie in general keeps the viewer on edge.

It was slow and boring.

Overall, this is a flawed but nevertheless hugely enjoyable film which comes into its own in its second half, particularly the last half an hour.

A flawed but hugely enjoyable film .

We get the typical teenagers and the typical murders but everything because the murders and naked girls is just pure boredom, which I believe is due to the leading lady.

But the later ones are very entertaining.

These teens are the basic slasher cliche characters, ranging from the heroine to the geeky loser who seems to p*** everyone off.

Returning to an empty cabin, Chris and Rick investigate.

Of course, it ends up with Final Girl Chris against Jason, who she kills by hitting him in the head with an ax before falling asleep on a canoe and having a nightmare of Jason killing her.

However, they are still worth watching if only to say you've seen 'em.

From start to finish, the film stays entertaining throughout, ending with one of the series' best finales, as Jason chases his unfortunate final victim all over the place, giving us lots of thrills and scares along the way.

This film is horrible cheesy and stupid but it's a really enjoyable guilty pleasure and a pretty solid example of the slasher genre.

But in 3D, it's one of the most enjoyable movies ever made, with some of the best 3D effects ever.

It's just boring and bad.

It's not as corny as the original, but it's extremely repetitive - just one slashing after another - and the ending, in which Jason constantly "dies" and then comes back to life reminded me of some cartoon heroes I like.

It's starts off slow, then picks up the speed, then slows, then someone gets killed, and so on.

Jeffrey Rogers was OK, but the others were pretty bland.

We get to see, a number of mundane 3-D effects from Yo-Yo being tossed at us to juggling tricks.

I was on the edge of my seat and the ending was....

Reasonably entertaining Entry in the series.

The movie had some suspenseful moments and some thrills, which always makes a horror movie good.

Still entertaining though.

All these the wonderful traits are strangely found in every F13 making it pretty much indistiguishable from the other nine making it pretty pointless to watch this one unless you're really bored, are obsessed with horror and have to see 'em all, actually like this trash, absolutely have to see the 15 seconds it takes for Jason to get his hocky mask and put it on.

The score by Harry Manfredini is another wonderful,suspenseful and intense score that adds to the film.

The "Friday the 13th" Box Set includes an entertaining, joyful commentary by actors:Dana Kimmell as Chris, Paul Kratka as Rick, Larry Zerner as Shelly, Brooker as Jason and Author:Peter Bracke from the book "Crystal Lake Memories".

The novella by Michael Avallone is enjoyable guilty pleasure trashy book.

I was never expecting anything great here, and while it is formulaic, predictable, and often very dull, it's still an easy 90 minutes of slasher entertainment.

An enjoyable film for slasher fans, I give it 7 out of 10.

To me is a classic sequel I love the 80's horror movies and this one is really a suspenseful good movie.

I just can't get enough of the cheesy 3D shots, especially the pointless scene with the yo-yo.

Although this entry in the series is less serious in tone than the previous films, offering very cheesy dialogue, dumb plot development, and some silly death scenes, it is still a very enjoyable film: there's plenty of killings, a fair bit of gore (although some of the deaths were trimmed in order to avoid an 'X' rating), a shower scene featuring a hot 80s chick, and several effective jump scares.

After all these years I'm going back into the Friday the 13th franchise and I'm still surprised how boring they can be sometimes.

This is actually allowed a little more breathing room here than in the second part but still doesn't reach the nastiness of the original, but luckily the final confrontation saves this piece from being a total waste of time as it's perhaps the best segment of all three films so far, with the central character actually using her wits and legitimate weaponry to damage her persistent pursuer a decent amount.

Livelier characters than the two previous IMHO dull characterless tensionless Fridays with some funny lines, campy moments, and some of the best on screen kills offered in the franchise.

Overall it's a great movie if you can bear with some uneasy boring moments.

There is no doubt that the series is influential, and that every Horror lover should at least see some of the films, but, as far as I am concerned, they are in no way essential, and I must say that, when re-watching the entire series recently after some years, my most prevalent feeling was that of boredom.

At least they're still entertaining.

The action really picks up during the exciting climax, which is the best part of the film and worth waiting for.

Still, there is a lot of boring (if quick) gore.

Friday The 13th Part III is a terrific and entertaining sequel that combines wonderful direction,a fine cast,a great score and good special effects.

So, while it is not as good as Parts 2 or 4 and no where near the original, it is a quality Friday worth watching, especially in 3D, so pop on them glasses and enjoy.

This third entry looks cheap, lacks suspense and has only a few gory, often repellent murders to interrupt the long stretches of general boredom.

They should have tried harder to make the movie more interesting instead of mainly relying on such a pointless throwaway gimmick.. It still made it's money though!

Somehow, you have to give a director credit for being able to make ninety-four minutes of feature film out of something so patently uninteresting.

When she finally tries the truck we all know it's going nowhere as the biker gang siphoned all the fuel in the day time before they all died.

Dana Kimmell is a pretty but bland 'final girl.

Mediocre and predictable .

As well, the film manages to get plenty of fun in its traditional slasher moments as there's a ton of incredibly suspenseful moments in this, from the barnyard massacre of the biker group as the group continually reaches another level to find one of their members killed unexpectedly, to the different stalking tactics against the friends in the house.

This film is a very entertaining and is worth buying the 3D edition.

Most people, however, think the time spent developing characters slowed the pace and made the movie boring.


I prefer to see the killer doing his stuff and rather than keep the killer behind the camera, we see him, making it a lot more exciting.

A Terrific,Entertaining And Memorable Sequel And One Of The Best In The Friday The 13th Series.

I was quite disappointed with this movie, the killing was utterly predictable and Jason was very weak by his standards set in each proceeding movie.

An entertaining, cheesy romp, if somewhat quite standard entry to the series.

The main trouble is no plot.

So i would say this was an entertaining movie.

A bored looking Jason dispenses his victims with all the enthusiasm of a janitor duly killing cockroaches infesting his sector.

Don't expect this movie to be as good as the first two Friday the 13th movies, but at least it's worth watching.

It's a typical slasher flick with the usual horror elements and a pretty basic plot, but one you would still find entertaining from the 80s.

This one managed to be one of the more enjoyable sequels in the series, though there are still some flaws to it.

Alternately dull and repellent.

Extremely Entertaining .

She triumphs in the film's final showdown, but has a bad dream where she is dragged underwater by Mrs Vorhees and goes crazy anyway.

A simple story and pretty much a rehash of the previous film but with more gore and more entertaining characters who you half will to survive unlike the last film where they are all annoying and stupid and you wish Jason killed everyone of them.

The biggest crime this movie commits is that it is so generic and predictable that it becomes boring.

), making for pointless moments.

While the film is boring for almost its entire running time there are moments within the film every once in a while that keep it watchable.

For those pretentious cynics who think that the Friday the 13th films are not great then there's nothing like a 350+ audience to prove you wrong.

anyway,to me,this movie is a bit more mundane than the previous 2.

Sometimes it's a funny joke but mostly it's boring.

Also, the gore is much better with a couple of ultra-ridiculous deaths rather than the boring ones of the previous two films.

We still endure some painfully awkward social interactions and idiotic decisions from the cast, and linger too long in their dry, boring daylight scenes.

There are some scenes in Friday the 13th Part III that may seem pointless today that were amazing in 3-D.

Originally shot in 3D, the film contains plenty of obvious 3D "gags" with things popping out at the screen, lending an even cheesier, entertaining vibe to the entire experience.

Jason's relentless pursuit and chase of the lone survivor Chris was intense.

You have to admire that they created the "Jason" character and made some pretty good movies with good suspenseful atmosphere.

But the rest is a total waste of time!

this is the one were jason gets his hockey mask,this is the most intense friday and this has the best ending of a friday movie!

This is the most exciting of the original three but is too formulaic: Kids go to cabin in the woods, Jason is in the woods, Jason kills off the teens one by one, lone heroine has to fight him in the end.

For every suspenseful moment there's something frivolous and goofy waiting just around the corner, for one thing that kooky intro music is horribly cheesy and so not Friday the 13th, there's no spookiness to it.

It was very intense in the theatres!

This is just an awful, predictable piece of trash.

part 3 is also entertaining.

One of the most memorable and most entertaining in the "Friday the 13th" series.

Unlike part 2, the death scenes are incredibly boring and come about very suddenly with no tension or buildup (much the same way part 1 did).

The atmosphere also adds to the chase scenes towards the end of the film which is one of the best chase scenes in the entire series and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The last problem here is the film's pacing, which is off and quite drags at places as the beginning is endlessly overlong with the massacred couple who are completely unworthy of being focused upon for way too long, the meeting-the-friends is too short and is over too quickly, while the middle section is bogged down with the irritating ploy of her trying to get her past out only to constantly force herself not to then try again and repeat the process.

In 3D it gets irritating after about half an hour or so, and in 2D its utterly pointless and makes the film look really crappy, just a crap load of stuff from rakes, eyeballs, yo- yos, all of the above really being shoved into the camera.

friday the 13th part 3, must have been great to see in the movies back when it came out since it was in 3-d, i was only like 3 when it came out so i did not see it, well anyway for the most part there is no plot to the movie, none at all.

The opening is recaps of Part 2's exciting climax.

It is pointless, plot-less, scare-less, quality acting-less!!

I found this to be disappointing, especially since this movie seemed very dull without the 3-D effects.

Plot-wise, there is no plot.

The characters are completely uninteresting and you don't care what happens to them whatsoever.

It was pretty suspenseful, I mean I did not know whenJason would strike or how he would kill his next victim.

Very enjoyable slasher .

Part I was a little dull, Part II was better, Part III was terror.

To me is a classic sequel I love 80's horror movies and this one is really a suspenseful good movie.

The first act is a bit slow to start with a few too many gags that feel contrary to the later portions of the film.

What makes the movie still good and enjoyable to watch at all times are its characters.

Jason delivers some cool death scenes, my favorite is the store owner's, it's fun and suspenseful.

The story is way too predictable.

It is virtually plotless, depicting how teenagers are killed off one by one while staying at a farmhouse by Crystal Lake.

Sure some of them aren't as good as others but compared to most horror sagas, pretty much every installment here is great or at least very entertaining.

Part 2 was so slow so I hoped for a better episode.

One of more entertaining sequels.

This film was much more intense as Miner showed us in part 2.

While Parts 1 and 2 had mostly pointless middle sections, the one here goes by rather painfully.

Not the worst of the series, but it's mostly unscary and dull.

Another Exciting Installment .

I just know it was slow and boring with no killings worth remembering.

It's just like the previous entries; plotless and often tedious, but with fairly entertaining climaxes.

Directed by Steve Miner (Lake Placid, My Father The Hero "Remake", Texas Rangers) made an entertaining, campy, thrilling sequel to the "Friday the 13th" movies.

The main character in this one hands him the worst beating yet, and it's always entertaining to watch little Dana Kimmell fight the massive Richard Brooker and win time and time again.

A gory and entertaining entry of the classic F13 saga!

This time the action takes place in a barn and a couple of bikers show up unfortunately though this just makes for tedious going.

The script is cheesy and simplistic and the 3D effects were pointless and generally cheap-looking, even for the 80s.

"Friday The 13th Part 3" (1982) was another pointless sequel hoping to ride the wave of the original film's box office success.

Let's count on awful 3D effects to cover the non-existent plot, the lack of suspense, and the inept pacing!

Today people regard all the "Friday the 13th" movies as silly, predictable, and cheesy - they certainly are, but they are also some of the most entertaining flicks you will ever see.

In final word,if you love Horror Films or the Friday The 13th franchise,I highly suggest you see Friday The 13th Part III,a terrific,entertaining sequel that is one of the best films in the series.

While Friday the 13th films all pretty much suck on some level, part three is slightly more entertaining than most.

Despite an enthusiastic young cast of unknowns, it could have really used a bolt of energy to liven up the slow spots.


But it started to get a little tiresome.

Okay, the acting was okay, the gore was medium level (not a full blown slasher yet), Jason was as cool a killer as ever, the problem, nothing happens for about an hour!

There are a few nice, little scenes that do work, but for the most part the movie consists of awful acting, boring characters and a weak story.

Note to directors : If you`re going to direct a movie in 3D with a woman in a shower can you ensure she`s filmed from the waist up facing the camera otherwise it`s a waste of time filming in 3D

It is very exciting and horrifying horror-movie.

Enjoyed it at the Movies .

This movie is full of hilariously enjoyable 3D gags with or without any glasses or a big screen.

The most entertaining of the series.

Flawed but still enjoyable sequel .

The final chase sequence is, as others have noted, action packed and suspenseful.

Zerner is probably the most entertaining and probably the best performer in the film.

Predictable, moronically stupid, and a TON of fun.

It is actually pretty boring for most of the run-time, which is dedicated to trying to make you care for the hilariously unlikable and underdeveloped characters - not to mention delivering an absurd amount of false jump scares.

I found it to be fairly fast paced with some good characters and some very good death sequences too!!!

Watching Jason repeatedly killing these "types" is excruciatingly dull.

The next installment, The Final Chapter, differed from all its predecssors in that it was actually scary and consistently entertaining, making it the first wholly enjoyable film in the series.

On video the movie sucks, just look at that guy swinging a yoyo into the camera for 30 seconds (yawn) They relied on the 3D effects too much to carry the movie.

Standing out are trouble making bikers Ali (Nick Savage), Fox (Gloria Charles), and Loco (Kevin O'Brien) - definitely a priceless trio, Tommy Chong lookalike stoner Chuck (David Katims), and lovable, pathetic Shelly (the engaging Larry Zerner), the man who will go down in history as having provided Jason with the hockey mask that was to become part of the iconography of the horror genre.

So all in all one of the most amateurish of the series but easily one of the most enjoyable.

Or the completely overlong and pointless death of a couple you actually wanted to die in the opening.

The ending of the woman surviving and going insane has gotten extremely boring.

There's a lot of entertainment to be had at the expense of "Friday the 13th Part 3" so if you're a fan of the series (which is not a serious of good horror movies, it's just bad gory fun) this will be quite entertaining.

And then for the next ten minutes, it drags through one of the slowest openings in slasher history.

He wanted to make the film suspenseful , terrifying and gory.

The film is boring to watch,and it did not scare me.

It's a great addition to the collection and worth watching just for the "3D" affects.

Fascinating, every thirty years or so, there seems to be a renewed craze in 3-D.

The confrontation with Jason and the heroine at the predictable climax is maybe the best so far.

I found this movie to be far more fast paced and exciting then parts 1,2 and 4.

Overall, this is a really bad film but conversely one which is extremely enjoyable to watch.

You'll have to see it, it's just too confusing to get into.

To be honest this was suspenseful.

K, for starters i'm not a big fan of slasher movies, so Friday the 13th movies are only valid for me as a bloody camp waste of time, that sometimes can be entertaining (or boring in the most of the part).

But on the basis of watching this on video, it's entertaining and scary.

If you get a chance both versions 2D and 3D are worth watching please note that a widescreen formula does this film so much more justice.

The 3rd installment of Friday the 13th uses a crafty 3d technique to make it one of the most entertaining movies in the series.

) And while it is entertaining, I could definitely see some audience members being turned off by the constant "3D comin' at ya!

There are lots of boring moments, stupid dialogues, and silly cheap suspense we have to go through for getting some thrilling scenes.

Richard Booker is excellent and memorable as Jason Voorhees,with Booker being creepy and intense.

Still, the film was more entertaining than many of the other slasher-type movies released in its era.

First of all this movie had NO storyline whatsoever.

This film does have some slightly suspenseful moments, and the acting is downright awful, which really doesn't matter because this is a "Friday the 13th" sequel.

The final chase scene is great, but the rest of the movie is boring.

Sure, it's very repetitive and the stalk and slash antics get tiring very quickly (there are still another six - or seven?

I've been going back and re-watching all the old classics, I'm working on the Nightmare on Elm Streets and the Friday the 13th films right now, and in comparison it's amazing how much more callous and brutal the Friday the 13th films are, while the Nightmare on Elm Street films, while equally campy, I tend to find much more entertaining and well-made (not that that's saying much.

Except for the biker kids and a few of the deaths, I found this one really dull.

This 3rd entry in the Friday the 13th series is goofy and dumb, but nevertheless an entertaining slasher flick.

Well, this movie has some good 3D effects, but there is NO PLOT at all.

The atmosphere and look of Part III is one of best in the series especially during the night time scenes which are dark and mysterious and makes the some of the scenes more suspenseful and creepy whether Jason is in the scene or not.

Part 3 is no exception--after a somewhat spooky opening, it devolves into a pointless, poorly-acted, and awfully dull slasher flick, with makeup effects that are rough and often laughable (be sure to hold back your chuckles during the 'unmasking' scene).

You could actually point to this movie as having every single teenager cliché in it, before they were clichés.

Some of the effects aren't exactly Oscar worthy, but seeing an eyeball pop out towards the screen is always entertaining.

The "Friday" films are known for some of the most entertaining chase scenes, and this one is no exception.

It's entertaining, fun, and you'll have a blast watching these goof-balls bite it in interesting ways.

So while it would be better to ignore this and just watch Parts 1,2 & 4 the film is far from unwatchable.