Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) - Horror, Thriller

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Tommy Jarvis goes to the graveyard to get rid of Jason Voorhees' body once and for all, but inadvertently brings him back to life instead. The newly revived killer once again seeks revenge, and Tommy may be the only one who can defeat him.

Director: Tom McLoughlin
Stars: Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 29 out of 307 found boring (9.44%)

One-line Reviews (152)

And if you compare this to the pointless fifth installment, this film looks like cinema gold.

His slow head turns, his blank stares, his long pauses.

This movie is entertaining, it has funny moments, great killings, and Jason looks cool!!.

For starter it was too much fast paced and the story moved so quickly that you lost touch with it until the last sequences when all the fun had gone away.

Bad first hour that thankfully picked up for a mostly entertaining final half hour.

Part Three Jason gets his mask, very entertaining.

Thom Matthews is an extremely likable and compelling lead as Tommy Jarvis.

And while some might find it cool to see a Jason-monster from Dr. Frankenstein, I find this film is the reason that parts 7, 8, 9 and the upsoming 10 were made (despite one part enjoyable).

its just so intense and well directed and the pacing is great.

What a big, huge, elephantine waste of time.

" Or the self-reflexive wink at the ancient cliché of vehicle engines stalling at the worst possible time.

What makes Jason Lives very entertaining and memorable is the way writer-director Tom McLoughlin approaches the material giving the series a shot in the arm giving fans a movie that is stylish and atmospheric as well as very explosive and thrilling with intensity and fun.

Really enjoyable installment.

but it has to be the second most entertaining in the series.

The Killer cuts the camp phone lines (pointless as The Sheriff's office is empty anyway) & Sissy is unlucky 13th to die.

if you're into these flicks it's quite entertaining...

Highly-Charged Jason, Highly-Charged Movie .

Another Jason movie, but still entertaining .

Overall a fun movie thats entertaining, funny and has a great soundtrack.

The opening of the film has Jason imitate the James Bond opening credits gun barrel, there are other witty moments along the way, the slight storyline continuing helps it flow, and the song "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" by Alice Cooper playing in the end credits is really catchy, this is certainly one of the most memorable of the sequels in the franchise, an entertaining horror.

From its spectacular, squirm-in-your-seat opening to its exciting finale, "Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives" delivers.

Bits of tongue and cheek humor like that scattered throughout the film are part of what makes Jason Lives such an enjoyable experience.

Starting off with the fantastic opening sequence where Jason's resurrection in the cemetery with the grand Gothic action of the metal rod and the lightning bolt, the attack on the campers on the shortcut in the woods and the car-chase through the woods leading the police back to the graveyard all manage to give this some highly exciting scenes along the way here.

Apart from Jason X, this movie has the most death toll, Jason kills his victims in a entertaining way.

It's a fairly enjoyable sequel to this franchise and certainly a decent horror-comedy in its own right.

Also,the killing's in the movie were not as much suspenceful,entertaining and likable as in the other part's,people just came and got killed and we didnt even got to know the character's a little bit as in other f13 movies and relative unknowns who suddenly popped into the movie were dispatched just becuz they were with the teens who jason was going to kill,Big deal!

It's not a great movie but for fans of the series, Part VI works as the most enjoyable of the series.

And while those efforts are certainly a mixed bag, I think they made it work well enough here to make an enjoyable little popcorn horror-comedy, provided you don't think about the actual plot too much.

To tell the truth like Freddy said in the features on the DVD Jason is very boring and slow.

Matthews has this kind of charisma that makes for an entertaining performance and he has good chemistry with Jennifer Cook as Megan.

"Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives" is not Hitchcock, but it is a highly-entertaining effort that never once reveals its low-budget limitations.

Ridiculous, but enjoyable.

He moves slow and everything just like a zombie.

I mean after first installment - every sequel was average, mediocre slasher in conclusion with confusing fifth where you are left scratching your head in disbelief...

And even though zombie-Jason rules, the earlier movies are the most entertaining.

While also packed with some fine humorous moments and a fun, striking-looking Jason, there's enough to like here that makes this one enjoyable to be able to hold off the one big flaw in this one.

Mathews is pretty good at doing frightened/intense schtick and he's the best person in this film.

Though the last 20 minutes of Part VIII is very entertaining.

The "final" showdown between Jason and Tommy is quite entertaining as well.

But eventually the usual monotony sets in, the killings are standard and the movie becomes tediously repetitive.

it's nearly as entertaining.

Tommy makes a good hero, the storyline is well-paced and entertaining and there are a multitude of interesting characters rather than just brainless teenagers (although there are a few of those).

There's a lot of good laughs and also some decent suspenseful sequences and also an ending that seems to leave things quite open for many many more Friday the 13th films.

The pacing is excellent and the many entertaining sequences include a skewering of company "war games" and Tommy's frequent futile attempts to get a stubborn jerk sheriff (David Kagen) to believe him.

Much like Evil Dead 2 or Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3, when the film doesn't take itself too seriously, it can turn out a very fun and entertaining experience.

What makes this film work better than others is that writer/director Tom McLoughlin fully embraces the predictable, formulaic nature of slasher films (years before Kevin Williamson did the same with "Scream") and ends up making a rather meta entry into the series.

Exciting, good story, acting, effects, and music.

I'm not a big fan of the "Friday The 13th" series in general, and would not call any of its part 'great' or even 'scary', yet it is undeniable that some of the films are vastly entertaining.

Friday The 13th Part VI:Jason Lives is an excellent and thrilling sequel and is one of the best films in the series that is filled with great atmospheric direction,a good cast and a memorable score and soundtrack.

The DVD Box Set of "Friday the 13th" Series has an intriguing and fascinating commentary track by the director, interviews with the cast & filmmakers and deleted alternate death scenes.

But with an increased emphasis on humor and one of the tamest rosters of kills in the series, this outing is decidedly uneven, and it still falls somewhere in the middle of the rankings for the most enjoyable film of the franchise.

Cunningham's humdrum horror franchise, the fifth sequel which would have seemed like a somewhat pointless venture, as it has increasingly just become an excuse to milk as much out of the Friday the 13th cash cow for all it's worth.

But the effort is too weak, never really giving us a strong delivery in that field, always wavering on the edge of the Modern and Post- modern.

Harry Manfredini's score also seems to be more rousing than usual .

But it adds a lot to what was a very repetitive series.

I guess if you're really bored you can check this one out.

You have to really hand it to director Tom McLoughlin, who knew how to handle a sixth sequel at this extended point in time and somehow manage to keep it exciting and interesting.

This installment is just plain boring.

Part Two was boring and introduces Jason.

It isn't your standard, straight up horror/slasher film, its a slasher with some some personality, some dry humour, its also entertaining as all hell, unlike most slashers.

If it's true that the previous five might be a bit repetitive, in the plot, scenarios and characters, it's also true that they could be called masterpieces comparing to this low cost piece of crap!

This movie has to be the most fast paced and action filled movie in The Friday The 13th series.

Most range from "bad enough to be good" or "entertaining despite it's flaws" while some titles fall into "just plain bad" territory (A New Beginning, Jason Takes Manhattan and The Final Friday.

A couple of clever sight gags, such as a pre-teen camper falling asleep reading Sartre's "No Exit", show a bit of intelligence on behalf of the film-makers.

I admit, I love predictable horror flicks sometimes.

I remember watching it many times on VHS back then, and I still find it enjoyable and entertaining today.

Overall, this episode is fairly slick, sick and enjoyable, and one of the best of the series.

Paramount Pictures, Tom McLaughlin, Harry Manfredini, and everyone else that had even passing involvement in this film should all be dragged out into the street, tied onto the bumper of a Greyhound and driven out into the middle of the ocean.

In the opening scene the movie gets you hooked with a very exciting opening; without going though the previous movies.

Not much in the way of skin, relatively restrained gore and the aforementioned hokey humor make this one a fairly boring entry.

Too much Fast paced .

It was exciting from beginning to end and for all of you who believe that Friday the 13th sequels stink, here's a good one for ya.

However, if you can suspend your disbelief and look past a lot of the flaws in the plot, you are in for a very enjoyable experience.

Tommy Jarvis is yet again played by a new actor Thom Matthews who gives a solid performance really strong and engaging performance and he's also really good looking which really adds to the boost.

well, thinking what i said about humor, you might think this one is one to skip if you looking for a good scare, but there is a very intense scene with Jason getting ready to take out camper Paula by redecorating the cabin with her-Jason loves red.

"Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI" or "The Unexpected Virtue of Self-Aware Meta-Humor"- The best entry in the franchise.

The direction by Tom Mcloughlin is amazing and stylish,with Mcloughlin always moving the camera and giving the movie an atmospheric and stunning look.

One of the most entertaining, funny, fast-paced of the "Friday the 13th" series.

This film thankfully eschews the standard cliché of having to define characters exclusively by singular quirks, and everyone feels a bit more grounded and realistic.

I truly enjoyed it along with Alice Cooper song on closing credit...

From the start in the graveyard, this movie has very few slow moments or times where it lets up.

Jason Lives & bores the viewer to death.

There's no nudity here & the gore has been toned down but it has a very high body count with many inventive kills, it's fast paced, well acted & is hugely enjoyable.

An engaging cast includes Jennifer Cooke as an extremely feisty final girl, and a roster of victims such as Renee Jones, Kerry Noonan, Darcy DeMoss, and Tom Fridley.

The score by Harry Manfredini is sensational,creepy,intense and is one of the best scores in the series matching the tone of the movie perfectly.

tres pretentious)

Mindless, numb numb, entertaining.

Thom Matthews of Return of the Living Dead fame replaces dull John Shepherd as Tommy.

This is the worst movie in the FRIDAY THE 13TH series.

I enjoyed it.

It can get very tiresome, very quickly.

The death sequences are intense and unique.

Unlike the previous five films, which were all formulaic hack-&-slash, this one has a lot going for it.

Part 6 was scary and very enjoyable.

It has everything a Jason movie needs, the intense Jason scenes, the sound FX, the music, the acting, the filmography, the locations, everything ties together to make a great movie.

Ignoring the stupid way that Jason is brought back from the dead the film itself has no plot at all - most of the others in the series had at least a flimsy plot onto which they could make money out of.


Does it have the most intense portrayal of psycho-killer Jason?

Friday the 13th was good in fact the best, then came the disaster, a number of pointless sequels, I did not like this one at all, it was fake in nearly every aspect.

Maybe since then I've seen scads of similar movies and am conditioned, like everyone else, to spot every cliché a mile away (speaking of clichés).

This has an exciting and fun opening sequence including an excellent beginning credits James Bond-like montage, good cast that has fun with it, innovative killings, and a twisted sense of humor.

An Excellent,Thrilling And Entertaining Sequel.

More entertaining than horror .

Otherwise this is as boring as a horror movie can get.

The series is not on par with the likes of the Halloween or Hitchcock movies, and the cheese factor does show, but it is still entertaining in its fast-paced plot and hair-raising scenes.

Very entertaining.

Worst movie in the series so far!

As mentioned above, I am not the biggest fan of the series, but some of the films are highly entertaining, and this one is definitely one of them.

There is lots of awesome and pointless violence, heaps of lame jokes, and an awesome soundtrack (Alice Cooper!

Worth watching!

Overall a fun movie thats entertaining, funny and has a great soundtrack.

This is one of the few movies in the series where there are genuinely suspenseful moments.

Thom Matthews puts more of an emphasis on the supernatural nature of Jason's character here, (This is the first of the "zombie Jason" movies, where Jason is an actual monster/zombie rather than just a psychotic and murderous deformed human) which leads to some creative and EXTREMELY entertaining kills.

This fifth sequel was entertaining, funny, gruesome, and the timing was right, to all the cast and crew i say way to go


And the beginning of Part IX is very entertaining.

And yet again Tommy is played by a different actor, making things only a little confusing.

Written and Directed by Tom McLoughlin (Date with an Angel, One Dark Night, Sometimes They Came Back) made an surprisingly entertaining sequel to the seemingly endless "Friday the 13th" series.

Although heavily cut, the movies' kills are not all that spectacular, some are inventive, but in order to boost the body-count a lot of the kills are quick, dull machete kills.

While part 5 is boring and has no soul, part 6 is a documentary on how making sequels a success!

Now, besides Tommy's character we also have a "small" group of camp counselors instead of the usual group of 8-10 pointless minor characters who are not in the film long enough to notice.

One thing that separates this is perhaps its pure enjoyable nature.

Although this movie lacks any actual horror, it is still an entertaining and great sequel.

the second most entertaining in the series .

Surprisingly Entertaining .

This movie also has action I forgot to mentioned but it has ton's of action it is great entertaining action horror film.

Exciting, breathtaking, stunning!

The people in this one aren't nearly as annoying as those in most of the other films, which makes this film more suspenseful.

This is 80 minutes sans credits, and it's entertaining throughout.

Because of this, the film doesn't take itself too seriously and, as a result, we get what is probably the most enjoyable film in the whole franchise.

Jennifer Cooke (Megan) was sexy and was also a great character she's my 2nd fave heroine in the series next to Amy Steel, and what's also nice to see that she's not one of the virginal stereotypes heroines, she's quite flirty and likes sex as much as anyone and she's also the sexiest girl in this movie and the entire series and plus her chemistry with Thom Matthews was really engaging and spot on.

It is a waste of eighty-six minutes of your life, from which you will literally remember nothing, even if you watch it as part of a group.

I dont know why, but he seems really intense in this film.

His dull, blank reactions to everything around him are hilarious.

This film has it all, it's fast paced, entertaining, terrifying, gory, funny and sexy all in one big package!

Needless to say, this cast is the best out of any of the films, with some really compelling performances (a thing that the "Friday The 13" series isn't known for); which really makes for a standout film.

A lot of self aware, tongue and cheek humor, along with some good forth wall breaking moments, really makes for a fun and enjoyable experience.

Still it is a rather enjoyable installment of the series.

An unexpected highpoint in the series.

Jason Lives is action packed, gory, humorous, suspenseful, and even kind of heartwarming all at the same time, the score and soundtrack are amazing, The male and female lead have great chemistry, the acting is pretty decent, the characters are very likable, The kills are creative, and Jason(played expertly by C.

When you look past all the flaws that Friday the 13th part 6 has, you will probably find an overall entertaining movie.

The kills are entertaining without being too gory, although the aftermath of a murder in a cabin has to be seen to be believed.

Makes a nice surprise from the moronic humour of Part 5 and the deathly-dull retread that Part 4 was.

This film is excellent in that from start to finish it is entertaining.

In final word,if you love the Friday The 13th series,Jason Voorhees,Horror films or Slasher movies in general,I highly suggest you see Friday The 13th Part VI:Jason Lives,an excellent and thrilling sequel that is one of the best films in the franchise.

Out of all the Friday movies, it is the most enjoyable and worth watching, while most of the others aren't.

Gory, fast-paced, entertaining, and funny.

Jason Returns to Crystal Lake in This Dull, Redundant Slasher Turd .

Amusing at first, ultimately tedious.

It was one of my most enjoyable screenings that I ever experienced in that theatre on the premiere evening!

Tommy Jarvis seems to be based somewhat on Ash from the Evil Dead flicks in this movie with his attitude and one liners, but Megan is nigh-unwatchable due to her horrible overacting and poorly executed intentional childish attitude.

The two of them together make for a wonderful combo and it's highly entertaining seeing them run around trying to figure out a way for them to kill Jason.