Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) - Horror, Thriller

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Years after Tommy Jarvis chained him underwater at Camp Crystal Lake, the dormant Jason Voorhees is accidentally released from his prison by a telekinetic teenager. Now, only she can stop him.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: John Carl Buechler
Stars: Terry Kiser, Jennifer Banko
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 51 out of 280 found boring (18.21%)

One-line Reviews (161)

The beginning sequence talking about Jason was pointless.

This is a very cool element that makes the film exciting as you watch Tina try to warn people of Jason.

Tina's main confrontation with Jason is by far the most exciting set piece of this flick and I had a hoot watching it go down.

Director John Carl Buechler keeps the pace moving along at a snappy rate, stages the murder set pieces with aplomb (the brutal sleeping bag kill rates as the single most nasty highlight), and pulls out all the exciting stops for the lively and thrilling climactic showdown between Tina and Jason.

This chapter can be described as an average, predictable sequel in the series that never ends, but there are elements that are very entertaining.

Friday The 13th Part VII:The New Blood is a terrific and entertaining sequel that combines great direction,a good cast and a memorable score.

Overall, pretty enjoyable stuff.

Fun,but tiresome .

In the end I found it all rather dull with little in the way of build up to the kills & absolutely no pay-off or reward for sticking with it.

Average, but can be entertaining.

So far, so good, but it also suffers from the factor that Jason's continuous butchering teens tends to get a little tiresome after a while.

But again, what I liked about it was that the flash backs at the beginning were really entertaining and not like with the others were it was just some editing.

Thus, why this remains one of the most enjoyable entries in the franchise.

The Friday THE 13TH franchise gets a small dose of life from special effects artist John Carl Beuchler's directorial debut, who manages to inject this entry with just enough flair to make it a reasonably entertaining schlock fest.

Jason," which makes it sound more intriguing than it already is.

good entertaining Friday movie with new material to the saga .

Aside from the novelty of Jason having an equally powerful opponent to contend with, this tepid, contrived sequel has little else going for it, though Kane Hodder is very good as Jason, and film a step up from earlier sequels(which isn't saying much!

But, the death scenes were all too contrived and cheesy.

That being said, despite being a middling entry in the overall franchise, the good characterization in Jason and the wickedly wild and entertaining battles between Tina and Jason do make it worth a watch for slasher fans.

A Terrific,Entertaining Sequel And One Of The Best In The Series.

Directed by make-up artist:John Carl Buechler made an lively, sometimes entertaining sequel to the slasher series.

Very entertaining .

This makes the final 1/3 of the movie much more suspenseful than any of the other "Friday the 13th" films.

The visuals of this movie are thoroughly enjoyable, being the darker of the FT13 movies since the fourth installment.

All over, the last twenty minutes of this film are worthwhile, but fast-forward over the build-up - or you'll be severely bored.

The bits that lead up to that, over an hour of movie length, are totally boring and a waste of celluloid.

Boring and horrible at the same time.

Funny as hell, Entertaining, and overall a good film.

Ho-hum sequel that is terrible to put it bluntly.

But even if the gimmick du jour is sorta underused, this is still one of the more entertaining "Friday"-flicks.

The scenes where Tina uses her Carrie-esque powers to beat the crap out of Jason was entertaining, and when Jason's mask blows off he looks pretty cool.

Carrie) but the execution is pretty dull.

When the father died in the beginning, wouldn't the police (or somebody) have dragged the lake for it so that they could bury him?

It's also boring as hell.

By now Jason's motive is old and boring.

The plot for this movie is crap and this movie is OK but still one of the worst movies in the Friday The 13th series.

NEW BLOOD is an exciting & supernatural Mystery with a dark gloomy Atmosphere & a good musical score,this is one of the best sequels it's great fun,exciting & really well directed.

Along with "A New Beginning" one of the weakest films of this series,but still enjoyable.

This film lacks suspense, it lacks true horror, it's typical, predictable, and only worth the purchase if you're a major collector of horror films.

Overall, super fun and entertaining movie that any Friday fan or horror fan will enjoy!

Even it has horrible script and editing it have a so cliché and cheesy plot; evil stepfather who only use his stepdaughter to his own test and mother who don't believe her about his male friend being bad.

Boring and ridiculous.

This one disappointed me, but I still enjoyed it.

The Fridays had by this point had to tone down so much of the sex and violence that they had become boring and had lost something.

What helps in this case is the reasonably compelling story of the very troubled Tina (the sexy Lar Park Lincoln, displaying a convincing amount of vulnerability), at war with her own inner demons and with her despicable psychiatrist, Dr. Crews, who's far more interested in her abilities than with her.

Because the other entries are so stupid and deadly dull, you'll feel like a real fool after having watched one.

But alas, it takes forever to get to that climactic showdown, as the first three quarters of this show retreads old worn-out ground that is now feeling awfully dull and repetitive.

And what about the known staples of the3 franchise such as the kills blood and gore well while the kills are interesting and at times good they lack the creativity and suspenseful build-up you saw in some of the other films although there is a couple stand outs including one with a sleeping bag that is great.


This scene is very gripping and exciting, especially when we get to see Jason without his mask for the first time in several films, and lets just say the years have NOT been kind to Mr.Voorhees. The rest of the movie and the characters are uninteresting, and the deaths are no longer shocking, with the possible exception of the psychiatrist.

Average but entertaining sequel .

This intriguing but messy sequel to the "Friday the 13th" Series is fairly entertaining.

The final was more entertaining that Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes To Hell combined.

The final battle between Jason and Tina is so entertaining that my eyes were glued to the screen for the entire duration.

Jason being the menacing killer he is and some of the kills are fine, but the biggest problem is the storyline he is a part of and what goes on when he is not on screen, the telekinetic powers stuff is complete rubbish, and the accidental death of a father is a predictable idea, one of the only positives was seeing Jason's face under the mask again, other than that the whole film is almost entirely awful, a very disappointing horror.

The kills are awesome, definitely NOT a slow burner horror movie, this film is highly entertaining and there's so many victims in this film that receives gruesome and violent deaths from hockey mask killer, Jason Voorhees.

Another obvious addendum is a lack of plot and character development.

Overall, "Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood" is an average film, but it can be entertaining.

It was exciting to imagine the crowd in the theaters at the release of this movie.

The monotony of such events, and the tiresome, rigid adherence to the "death after sex" principle, fails to maintain interest.

I actually enjoyed it.

Lame plot turns into a predictable gory mess full of characters whose prime functions is to strip, have sex, get stoned, scream, and die horribly.

Nevertheless, it's a fairly entertaining installment that thankfully lacks the camp of III, V and VI.

Since many of the F-13 films have been repetitive, the writers decided to try something new: put on a Sci-Fi twist to the series.

Also enjoyable were the performances by Susan Blu (Tina's mom) and Terry Kiser (Dr.

pretty dull, huh?

Sadly the BBFC butchers have been at this film again, so all of the gore is kept offscreen, resulting in a very pointless and hollow movie.

He brings an unexpected subtlety to his performance, never going over the top or venturing into the realm of camp.

The special effects in this movie are also thoroughly enjoyable, especially the unmasking of Jason, which is the best interpretation of the unmasked Jason (once dead) ever.

The thing that works best here in this film is the exciting opening prologue, which lets us see clips from 1-6.

But it is still an entertaining film and worthy of the F13 moniker

The plot - if indeed it can be called that - sees a two-strand narrative between Tina and her psychiatrist (yawn) and Jason, who, in a virtual support role, just butchers loads of randy teens.

This film is completely waste of time.

Part 7 in the series is a mix of boredom followed by excitement, and ends with the best looking mask-less Jason the series has ever had.

This is entertaining until Tina's drowned father rises from the lake to drag Jason down, which seemed like an absurd way to get rid of Jason and end the movie.

The problem though is after this cool introduction the film slows down and becomes somewhat boring until the finale with Tina fighting Jason.

This 'Friday' installment has many, many couples engaging or about to engage in sexual situations.

Who would have thought that a part 7 couldbe so fun and exciting?

It's trash, yes, but it's entertaining trash, and I was rarely, if ever, bored, as I was with some earlier entries.

It seems pretty pointless to write a commentary on a movie that is closing in on twenty years old, kind of like someone in 1998 writing a review for Halloween.

Where was Jason getting all of these power-tools and new weapons from when there's clearly only the handful of now-empty cabins?

For the first hour this is lamentable, with boring teenagers, moronic humour, and a sappy romantic sub-plot between two central characters.

This kills are downright boring (though not the fault of it's director, the MPAA was especially prudish when downsizing the film's gore), it's got no suspense, the humor misses big time (unlike part 6) and the Carrie inspired twist is awfully handled.

Kane Hodder begins Jason proper, but it's a bland debut .

Pacing feels rushed in the telling of the story, which can feel jumpy, and dull because it's all so bloodless.

Nothing new, but slightly more entertaining than usual with some good effects and a few memorable scenes.

I must say that's a shocking and unexpected ending!

The score by Harry Manfredini and Fred Mollin is fantastic,intense and gripping and adds to the film.

A Ho-Hum Entry .

I found Part 7 to be one of the most boring Friday films to sit through.

While I thought there were a couple of redeeming qualities about this film (Lincoln's Carrie like performance, Jason getting a lot thrown at him and some good makeup), it is just as pointless and un-scary as so many of the other episodes in this series.

It got formulaic the first four times he did it.

I suppose that the quantity and quality of the gratuitous nudity was OK—one hot babe does the decent thing and strips off completely for a skinny dip—and the zombie Jason was kinda fun, but when I also find an impressive mullet (worn by an ambulance paramedic at the end) to be one of the most entertaining things about a film, then I know I've just witnessed a stinker!

Even the "kills" (to use fanboy parlance), which I'm assuming are the primary motivating factor behind most people watching this at all, are dull and unimaginative, and gorehounds will be supremely disappointed, as they're censored to the point where you don't see much of anything at all.

Exciting finale, good scare scenes highlight this entry.

Stepping in as director, Buechler showed he could create an entertaining and effective film around his stunning special effects.

It leads up to an engaging finale where Tina throws everything at Jason that she can.

As a result, with a cast a soap opera would reject and a script that Ed Wood would turn his nose up at, FT13 part seven becomes an exercise in boredom.

VII: The New Blood" (that's a mouthful) is par for the course, there a few slight differences that set it aside from the previous installments, making for one of the fresher, more enjoyable parts in the series.

'Friday the 13th Part 7' is so dull, so idiotic, so weird, that i almost fell asleep watching it.

The Friday the 13th movies, and indeed, slashers in general, are so formulaic that when you watch them you try to find something, anything, that sticks out, that you might be able to remember the movie for.

The film is dark, brooding, intense and most of all scary and violent.

The New Blood is a tremendous improvement in that respect, treating us to a thrilling, action-packed finale that never lets up.

Beneath the hideous make-up, Hodder impressively expresses the evil wrath of Jason with one empty eye socket and half a mouthful of teeth.

The deaths are uninspired in spite of the use of several large instruments, and the climax, whilst certainly different from the others and technically speaking well-done(in general the FX aren't bad, if this is so censored and they're so dull that it doesn't matter much), is pretty silly(you can guess what it is from the overall concept of this entry).

leading to an insane and actually quite entertaining final showdown.

It is very beautiful and nice nature and environment, and I are fascinating by the nature.

ho-hum and often grating, with characters like the generic nasty vain girl getting on your nerves very quickly.

The film is completely unnecessary, I do not understand why so many have done and this is undoubtedly one of the worst, the story is very bad and very boring, I do not recommend it.

I don't think that makes the film, but I find it entertaining for an occassional viewing if bored.

Even the woods chasing here is a great deal of fun, as the constant running around here and the stumbling around on the bodies at his secret hideout gives this quite a few rather exciting scenes, though the true fun of this here comes from the final encounter with Jason.

The score is boring because it's the same used in Jason Lives and House II!

This movie was more entertaining than all the other Friday the 13th movies.

Another exciting part to the movie was the ending explosion which for an 80's film was spectacular.

The kills were censored by the MPAA so this film is basically pointless.

As a result, this respectably entertaining entry in the series isn't altogether satisfying, although it definitely has its moments.

She puts a roof on his head, and nothing happens, she throws him through a flight of stairs, nope.

Still, even with the series trademark gore exorcised by Paramount, and a story that drags because it's busy setting everything up again, The New Blood is still a solid slasher movie, with some memorable scenes and a nice (if totally predictable for series fans) twist at the end.

Moreover, the cast have fun with the familiar, yet still enjoyable material: Terry Kiser contributes a solid turn as smarmy and self-serving shrink Dr. Crews, Kevin Spirtas makes a likable impression as nice guy Nick, Susan Jennifer Sullivan bitches it up deliciously as the snarky Melissa, Diana Barrows provides plenty of spark as spunky nerdette Maddy, and Elizabeth Kaitan exudes a sweetly ditsy charm as bubbly redhead Robin.

But the strong entertainment factor aside, this is a pretty bland entry on the whole to me.

I will say this, 'VII' is worth watching for one reason only: It was awesome watching someone kick Jason's butt.

So, for a sixth time, we get to watch the same film all over again for a tedious 90 minutes.

Jason comes back in what is the worst movie of the entire franchise(F13th-Freddy Vs Jason).

Kane Hodder is excellent as Jasonn Vooorhees,with Hodder being menacing and intense.

The 7th movie in the "FRIDAY" series is probably the strangest, but is also one of the most entertaining and bloody.

There is nearly no character development unless you consider "booze drinking, pot smoking, self-indulgent, sexually obsessed and shallow" characters to be considered character development.



I don't know why, but what I do know is that the serious tone killed any chance of this movie being slightly enjoyable.

There's a black couple with a predictably short life-span; an ugly duckling who becomes beautiful and bites it; a flirt who cruelly plays with the men; a sci-fi geek who lives in a fantasy world; a bland guy who turns out to be unexpectedly resourceful and all manner of other boring people.

There is really no story here other than the girl who is being treated by a psychologist (Terry Kiser) to help her overcome the trauma caused by using her powers when a child and killing her father.

This movie is 100% predictable and it doesn't change anything in the series.

The only good ones worth watching IF u are a Jason fan are 1-4 and forget the recent sequel!.

The final battle between Jason and Tina is one of the best and most thrilling in the series from a visual and physical standpoint as we have never seen Jason dominated by a person he's chasing and you don't know who's going to win or lose.

As usual most of the soon to be dead people aren't really that interesting, and the acting as usual is pretty drab.

The DVD Box Set from "Friday the 13th" Series includes an enjoyable commentary track by the director and actor:Kane Hodder (Who plays Jason in this one), interviews with the cast & crew, trailer and rough deleted footage of alternate kills with commentary by Buechler and Hodder.

I personally think the "serious and scary" scenes of F13 are far more humorous and entertaining than the "funny" scenes.

Its definitely enjoyable to see him get his end.

An extremely tedious retread of the tired formula which proved to be the last gasp for "teenagers in the woods" stalk-and-slashery.

Writers Daryl Haney and Manuel Fidelo get lots of entertaining mileage out of the inspired Jason versus Carrie premise and present a few delightfully hateful characters who one roots to see get offed by Jason.

So dull is FT13 part seven that I don't even recommend wasting a recordable DVD on it, leave alone the thirty-odd dollars it will cost to legitimately own a copy.

retarded but it was pretty cool and unexpected.

Opening credits have the disco ball lighting mask, following a recap boringly edited from footage of the earlier ones and Crazy Ralph narrating about the "death curse".

Apparently this seventh entry of the "Friday"-franchise was already supposed to be the one where he fights Freddie Krueger, but when those negotiations went nowhere they decided to slap this together.

Entertaining sequel .

Jason gets electrocuted, impaled with a dozen nails, and burnt alive before he is finally dragged back into the icy waters of the lake for (hopefully) eternity.

The characters in this are slightly more engaging characters than we're used to, well the mains anyway.

Now It's just boring to watch these mindless morons run around Crystal Lake and the same thing just happens over and over again.

It at least gives Jason a reason to have to slow down or fight a little harder than normal.

Other than that, We Have a Friday the 13th Film With All the Goodies Like: Exciting Deaths, Good Looking Girls, and A Heart Racing Adventure From Start to End.

Among the great qualities here is the fun this has in doling out the kills here, with an exceptionally large body count that offers up numerous exciting and creative kills here that still rank among the series' best.

this 7th installment is decent enough,but slower than the other 6.

If you're a fan of the genre, do not miss it, it's a flick worth watching.

The acting is better, the characters are enjoyable, and Jason gets his hands on all kinds of different weapons.

Nonsense plot, boring kills .

The movie may start oflike a slasher flick but the last 20 minutes of the filmare so exciting and exhilarating that it feels like you'rewatching a big-budget action movie with Jason in the middle!

Jasons slams a girl into a tree, stabs a few, throws one outta window, its just a little too dull.

This is also the first movie in which the Jason character slightly separates itself from the vengeful son into the more appealing and fascinating embodiment of walking instant death.

This was easily the most enjoyable and underrated efforts of the series.

This film has all the hallmarks of previous entries in the series (Poor acting, no plot to speak of, plenty of dead teenagers) and yet I found it to be quite entertaining.

Unfortunately the climatic ending was a great disappointment, and it seems as though the writers just thought of the easiest and most predictable ending to go to.