Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) - Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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A boatful of graduating high school students headed to Manhattan accidentally pull Jason Voorhees along for the ride.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Rob Hedden
Stars: Jensen Daggett, Kane Hodder
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 63 out of 307 found boring (20.52%)

One-line Reviews (164)

There's one holy grail is this pile of dung though: at one point the token black kid engages into a long boxing match with Jason, with a predictable winner.

Cast is pretty bland outside of a hilariously high strung performance by Peter Mark Richman, and Kane Hodder who once again proves he's the scariest Jason.

Production values have taken a significant step up since Part VII, and the gore feels somewhat less censored, but it's failed by yet another repetitive, hole-laden plot and a reliably godawful set of actors.

Just from that brief outline I think we can all safely assume that it's not one heading for the Oscars, but it is very entertaining.

No suspense, no scares, just boring redundancy.

turns out They had an unexpected guest underneath the boat...

This movie is a drag to sit through, going even slower than the boat featured in the movie.

Such intense change in setting is welcomed and interesting and makes the kills that much more fun.

After dispatching it's occupants, and acquiring a new goalie mask in the most contrived way imaginable, Jason jumps overboard, and hops on a cruise ship full of tourists.

The deaths scene in this movie were not that good at all, i found dull and boring and to over the top and not gory at all, some of deaths scene were off screen and i saw way too many goof mistakes in the deaths scene and you might think, was that outtake they forgot get rid of?

The climatic chase through the sewers is quite suspenseful and Jason's death - dissolved in toxic waste - has to be seen to be believed.

Overrated, boring series entry .

Noiw I'm going to talk about the things that could of been improved on and the things that are an utter fail: This film is too Predictable.

Instead we get an hour of predictable blood sheds on a cruise (which also foolishly suggests Camp Crystal Lake is connected to the ocean) before the cast finally gets to New York in the final half hour.

*spoilers*"Friday the 13th, Part VIII" is one of the more entertaining entries in this infamous slasher series.

After watching the rather dull and boring Part 7, and having read that this was worse, my hopes weren't too high.

In this, they make him look like a zombie in those cliché' zombie movies.

Well, because the plot (if you can say this movie has one) moves so slow, I found this movie to be incredibly poor and boring.

At the end of Friday the 13th Part 7, he was dragged down deep to the bottom of the lake by chains ( again!

Then he boards a ship full of students (Boring!

Anyhow, Jason kills most everybody in very boring fashion.

Along with the great Jason look here, these make this quite enjoyable to hold off the few flaws here.

While it's not the best one in the series, it is still very entertaining and gets the job done.

Enjoyable 8th entry in the Friday the 13th series.

Overall the film is silly yet enjoyable

Kane Hodder still makes him a compelling killer though.

Good Movie, Worth Watching .

The movie improves somewhat when Jason arrives in the city, but the fact that a slow moving killer can go about his business with millions of people about is more a desire to add something new than an actual good in itself.

Waste of time .

After seven movies pouring sand in the desert, the eighth sequel attempts to refresh the franchise by introducing new elements, but it becomes so exaggerated and unconvincing that it may be even more boring than its predecessors, which repeated the same pattern.

Pretty enjoyable horror flick.

this is one of, if not, the worst movie I've ever seen.

I've always found this very 80's installment of the F-13 franchise to be enjoyable.

Apparently bored by lack of victims currently at Camp Crystal Lake, Jason somehow gets to a cruise ship headed for New York during a torrential rainstorm.

While there are some problems here with this one, it's still a reasonably enjoyable entry.

Amazing the things we find entertaining these days, isn't it?

The movie is boring,and foolish.

Where the film goes wrong are those areas that could have made it more entertaining for what it was: a slasher on a boat.

Anything beyond that is a waste of time.

Even without the massive false advertising that the title promises, the characters featured in this film are the woartnof the whole series and the plot is incredibly boring.

That guy gets unbearable after a while.

May Contain Spoilers this was a highly enjoyable movie, not as enjoyable as the 1st, but i still liked it.

i found the 1st hour to this film the most enjoyable on the boat.

if "Jason Lives" was an example of the later entries in the "Friday the 13th" franchise using a contrived gimmick as a strength with its expert use of self-aware meta-humor...

I mean, how the hell could a monster as boring as Jason ever rise to fame?

The stereotypical characters are the most bland and annoying ones of the series, with the most illogical and stupidest decision making.

If you thought Part 7 was exciting enough, this one has gone too far!

The end is predictable.

:) I think this film is more suspenseful than other titles in the series and it fits in a type of horror movie which has more to do with the 90's and recent horror films that to the 80's flicks.

This is an extremely entertaining film.

Previously spending a WHOOOOOLLE hour or so of the film, on a kinda like boring boat cruise.

Not awful, but tired and pointless .

You only see about 20% of the film in new york but well worth watching on friday or saturday night.

Racked with empty plot holes and cheesy lines this should not surprise watchers AT ALL.

The one almost likable character is the principle/professor whatever he is, but he's still the cliche snobby old cremudgion professor character in every bad comedy and the film, for some reason, tries to paint him as an antagonist.

His deadly moves, be it the electric guitar impaler or decapitatingly powerful right hook, seem contrived.

Richman, who looks like a cross between Charles Dance and David Warner, is the kind of sneering, know-it-all, stern and boring teacher that everybody had at school.

The cruise ship scenario is incredibly boring to the point where it's practically offensive to its audience.

Kane Hodder portrays Jason, and even though he portrayed the best Jason in Part 7, Jason's physique in this film is boring, and by the numbers.

There are many other scenes that do this and that's why I found this film predictable all the time.

On the dash sits Julius' head, and the cop is dragged away by Jason.

The performances are all rather dull, especially the leading lady, which has to be one of the worst in the series.

However, this series made its fortune from repeating the same formula over and over again, so we get the same dull hack-and-slash hokum that came before.

Even my "favorite" in the series (#7) I would not watch again unless really, really, *really* bored.

The only Friday The 13th movie you should ever waste your time with is the original, and if you enjoyed that, try Part 2, or 3, and see how you like them.

The plot holes are so mind boggling one has to fall off the couch laughing.

The characters are bland, really bland, the only ones I remember are the ones that got killed on the boat.

Another fascinating part of this movie is the fact that Jason develops the ability to teleport.

Pretty boring and hardly a drop of blood .

This isn't the worst installment (The worst installment would have to be part 4 or 5 or 6, which basically were the same boring movie).

I actually fell asleep on this movie 5 times.

But getting through over an hour of Jason stalking the corridors of a cruise ship gets tedious after twenty minutes.

Unwatchable .

Entertaining and fun all around.

Even Jason X is a better movie because at least that film is fun and highly entertaining, though in a bad way, and at least that movie takes place in space!

This boring melodramatic crap drags the whole thing to a standstill, while every time Jason shows up for a quick kill, the movie lurches back into gear.

It takes silliness and senselessness to extreme breaking point, the concept poses a lot of confusion and errors in continuity and too much of the film is too ridiculous to even be entertained by it let alone take seriously.

The deaths are all pretty bland although some stand out.

Too Predictable & Very Unrealistic .

However, it'll still get **1/2out of**** A good film that is enjoyable.

Additionally, I was pissed about propaganda against metalheads.

All this would be somewhat forgivable if the movie was at least entertaining, but the kill scenes are just boring.

No, instead we have to sit through a long boring boat ride until the last 10 minutes of the movie when Jason finally sets foot on Manhattan Island.

While the film doesn't succeed as an effective Friday The 13th sequel, or even as a "watchable movie", it does provide some truly fascinating little known facts about New York.

It seems that many times throughout the film, the writers just completely forget that Jason is even in the movie, and the protagonists just kind of chill and do their thing for several long and tedious minutes.

Still, it's an enjoyable enough entry in the series and the last one before Freddy vs Jason that's worth watching.

I know this film is more Jason Takes A Cruise Ship then Manhattan because 1 hr is mostly set on the cruise ship and the first hour goes slow around.

After watching Jason use cutlery and brute strength in fascinating ways for 7 films, seeing him limit himself to a strangulation and drowning here is quite a downer.

This one sort of ignores the "plot" of the previous sequels in that Jason killed people who went to the camp - this time he just got bored and decided to go on a nice boat ride as there was no other reason for Jason to stalk the boat.

All in all I'm a big fan of Jason, Kane Hodder rules as Jason, OK it is a bit of a let down in places but it's still enjoyable.

My resistance to the awfulness of these movies started to wane around Part 6, and after this one (one of the dullest movies I have ever seen), I simply can't go on.

In this film there is intense music and the theme Darkest Side Of The Night is enjoyable to listen to.

The plot is clever and it was really entertaining.

Eventually it gets boring and that will happen before they get off the boat.

Killing them is slightly more fascinating than the older 'college' kids from the other movies.

As it essentially consists of a pointlessly re-awoken, unexplainably slimy Jason plodding about on a cruise liner heading for the big apple, knocking off one by one, each nubile teenage passenger in various inventive ways until just a select handful are left.

Though I'm griping, this film is likable and entertaining.

In other words, you must let yourself be immersed in what's going on and truly believe that a thing like that could happen.

A group of college graduates from Crystal Lake are about to set sail on a trip to New York but they have an unexpected passenger as Jason decides to gatecrash the party in a way only he can...

While this one may not be the best in the series (or the most popular), I found "Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" to be a very entertaining and enjoyable Jason flick.

As if the clothes weren't enough to make you shudder,the lack of story and character development will.

It's not fun, it's not scary, it actually is fairly boring.

The problem with this time spent on the ship is that it can get pretty boring just seeing the characters do dumb things.

I found his role very amusing as the overbearing uncle to young heroine Rennie, the ending is just a huge bunch of question marks to me (very very confusing) I would only recommend this movie if you're only choices are Friday the 13th Part 8 or one of the worst movies ever made (fill in the blank), otherwise watch something better (I know you movie buffs out there are smart people) because this movie is just merely a financial gain on Paramount's part.

Otherwise it's one of the dullest in the series, though for some reason it fared best with critics (probably BECAUSE of its lack of gore and T&A).

The change in setting from boring old Crystal Lake was long overdue.

This film possesses easily the most banal, cliche, forgettable, and unlikable band of teenagers and human characters of the entire Jason franchise.

This is well worth watching.

Before I forgot I love that funny scene in which we see Jason with Hockey Mask and we just see with hockey mask a poster hanging on it and he looks right in the camera boy was I laughing that scene was entertaining.

However, as much as they were bad, every "Friday the 13th" movie until this one was fun and enjoyable, though, of course, far from a masterpiece and made without a lot of brain.

We do get something for the kids to run away from and a time-limit for them to get out of the sewer, and we do get a glimpse of Jason's hideous face as he melts into the waste, but it is a completely contrived setting that has no basis in reality, which is the one thing that always makes horror films (or films of almost any genre, for that matter) more effective.

This entry has Jason being able to materialise anywhere he wants, which is just stupid and the back story involving the main heroine and Jason was just pointless.

Aside from the change of scenery, the film offers a semi-compelling storyline or two.

If your not into blood , ax , gore etc. you will find this movie a waste of time.

The film is completely unnecessary, I do not understand why so many have done and this is undoubtedly one of the worst, the story is very bad and very boring, I do not recommend it.

Manhatten in this film seemed strangely empty of people except what was left from the ship...


It dragged too much.

This film is sooooo boring, the acting is atrocious, the blood is invisible and we have the hokiest ending of the series.

Great late 80's music and fine teenage performances make this film pretty enjoyable, though.

Very poor in death scenes, the most of the characters are boring, the FX are the worst.

Not only it is goreless, boring, and amateurish, it shows absolutely no respect for any of the films that preceded it.

I originally saw this movie last Halloween on Spike TV and enjoyed it's over all cheesiness enough to go rent it.

Maybe if your a real die hard Friday Fan you'll like this movie but it was a waste of my time to watch.

It's okay, but it's definitely not much better than part 7, which was nearly unwatchable.

Very entertaining.


This waste of time should be titled "Jason Takes a Boat on the Way to Manhattan", since we don't arrive in the Big Apple until the last fifteen minutes.

The idea of Jason being in a big city is fascinating, since Jason can finally get a taste of city life, rather than the usual forests on the outskirts of New Jersey (namely at Camp Crystal Lake).

The climax is one of the series' most confusing (incoherent even), head-scratching and laziest.

The chases in the ship here are truly a lot of fun as the frequent confrontations along the way provide the kind of enjoyable kills here in requiring this one with plenty of exciting action down in the boiler room, throughout the cabins and different start rooms and then finally out on to the deck of the ship here as the survivors attempt to flee the damaged, sinking ship with plenty of fun deaths in these confrontations.

Totally personal thing I admit, but I found this to be the most boring and unsatisfying of the series....

Another yawner in the amazingly long-running series that puts Jason in New York City of all places chasing a bunch of stupid teens again who have Crystal Lake connections.

With the above comments aside I found this to be a most entertaining and watchable movie with some hidden humour.

Anyway, an entertaining above the average Jason-movie.

Dull and uninspired .

He plays the jerk of the film to perfection and his death is enjoyable.

As you can see by now, this movie is so predictable I could predict the whole film in the first ten minutes.

Plot is quite stupid and movie is boring.

In this entry, a group of teens take a party boat downriver, but have an unexpected stowaway in Mr. Voorhees, which for the first hour becomes a low rent ripoff of "Alien" with junky riverboat instead of a spaceship for the monster to take out the passengers one by one.

Enjoyed it .

"Jason Takes Manhattan" is an example of the franchise using a contrived gimmick poorly and to its detriment.

Look out Fans, were gonna make another gratuitous sequel, that is both dumb and entertaining.

it appears ol' Jason is bored of Camp Crystal Lake and has taken to the high seas to attack the Love Boat!

Lot's of people dying, some terrible scenes with idiots escaping to dead ends, but you need idiots when Jason moves as slow as he does.

Doesn't take long before Jason trims down his cast mates, in a contrived twist of events Rennie conveniently is psychically linked to the young boy Jason Voorhees begins suffering visions of the boy drowning or pleading for his life.

The students are dull and the killings unimaginative).

Save your money and see an Evil Dead film instead.

Yep this movie is stupidly entertaining, with Jason on a cruise ship.

Opening with a strong power ballad, this Jason/Friday the 13th is one of the more entertaining of the franchise.

I cant say anything nice about this its got absolutley no gore,story I urge you dont waste your life by watching this filth u couldnt get anything from it unless you were studying on how to make one of the worst movies of all time.

JTM is an entertaining Slasher movie that stands out from the rest only for having Jason in Manhattan and being Jason's last movie in Paramount.

The characters are uninteresting to say the least.

Of all the evocative, atmospheric locales they could have switched his bloody tirades to, the big Apple just doesn't seem like the ticket.

Cheesy sequel offers a change of setting - and is surprisingly enjoyable .

This entire movie takes place on a boring boat with a boring cast.

The movie is quite boring, which it really shouldn't have been since it actually took place in a location other than Camp Crystal Lake, it should have been much better than this.

It's still better than parts 5 or 9, and still an enjoyable diversion.

boring .

The only entertaining piece scene in this mess of the movie are the scenes in New York, which I somewhat enjoyed.

Waste your money on the dvd, just rent this movie or buy it uncut if you can.

The rest of the Manhattan stuff is just a waste of time.

So for me, this film was not exactly good, but I always thought part six was actually the most entertaining and the films declined until Freddy Versus Jason livened things up again.

anyway,this is one boring movie.