Friends 25th: The One With The Anniversary (2019) - Comedy

Hohum Score



A tribute to the sitcom "Friends" on its 25th anniversary.

IMDB: 3.1
Stars: undefined, undefined
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 15 out of 40 found boring (37.5%)

One-line Reviews (22)

Waste of money when I could've just watched them at home.

Don't waste your money cost us $46 for 4 .

Save your money

What a Waste of Time .

Worst movie ever .

Total waste of money.

I love Friends but this was such a waste of money!

Waste of time .

Waste of money, just random episodes with no bloopers, interviews or best bits.


Waste of time and money.

What was actually shown was maybe 2 minutes of George Clooney and some other brief clips of the main actors and then 3 hours of random episodes.

Waste of money.

I'm a huge fan of the serie, but this was a waste of money.

You just get 3 hours of old episodes and some weird beginning.

Don't waste your time or money.

Complete waste of money .

No plot.

It was a huge waste of money and time.

This was such a waste of time and money!

Waste of time and money .

No extras, no interviews, no deleted scenes, just a colossal waste of time and money.