Frogs (1972) - Horror, Mystery, Romance

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A group of helpless victims celebrate a birthday on an island estate crawling with killer amphibians, birds, insects, and reptiles.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: George McCowan
Stars: Ray Milland, Sam Elliott
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 133 found boring (21.8%)

One-line Reviews (83)

Regardless of the fact that this is a rather shoddily-written and choppily-edited movie with some silly scenarios and, in some cases, really poor acting, it remains entertaining and compelling for most of its non-oppressive running time.

Watching the animals kill off the family was actually entertaining, if only to see how lame the deaths were (I'm still kinda wondering how a snapping turtle kills someone standing in 2 inches of water).

Boring would be a better way to describe them really.

Silly but entertaining enough Eco-horror that's pretty good fun.

Our stoic 'hero', who spends far too long sans shirt, disapproves.

just lots of bland photographs of swamp.

There is also a disjointed feel to it that the film's low budget and glaring continuity errors helps to emphasize.

The victims in the film are indeed killed by harmless animals, but not only that, their deaths are usually agonizing and drawn out.

"Frogs" can be fun and campy at times, but other times it is illogical, obnoxious, and dreary.

Sadly, the film itself moves at an even more leisurely pace than one of its languid leeches, director George McCowan clearly having no idea how to generate either tension or excitement.

The boredom, the boredom...

This has been the worst movie I have EVER seen.

But at least he amuses the bored audience a bit.

Some of these repetitive shots of so many kinds of creepy-crawlies, do instill a little fear in the viewer.

Just remember that there's a slow build up before you reach the goodies.

Ridiculous story maybe, acting of a low-budget quality, but still an entertaining plot.

This movie made me laugh, and I enjoyed it.

For a film about killer frogs, it's better than it has any right to be, but this is tedious stuff for the majority of its running time.

Bored Frogs.

It's mostly boring, rather then a terrible film.


Ray Milland gave an over-the-top-but-still-very-entertaining performance as Jason Crockett, the grumpy old man responsible for toxic waste dumping all along the island he lives on.

Well, it was a waste of rental-film money.

It's not Horror, neither Mystery nor Romance, it's just Boredom.

However, after the slow build up, Frogs became quite interesting.

Likewise, that alone makes the final half-hour here all the more enjoyable as it's basically a series of chases throughout the compound trying to get the remaining visitors to safety as the previous attempts fail spectacularly in a couple rather enjoyable encounters with an alligator in the swamps, a vicious spider assault out in the forest and the endless frog and snake attacks that lead throughout the finale as there's no shortage of these fun scenes throughout here.

Yes, even the turtles get a turn in one of the most contrived death scenes ever filmed.

don't waste your time here.

More boring than the bird-programs on TV .

It's not only just a not so entertaining movie, it also is a bit of a boring one.

But then again, it is a common problem among the horror genre (the other being the overuse of jump scares), so it feels a bit repetitive to start complaining about it.

I remember seeing 'Frogs' on some horror channel when I was about seven but I switched over after about ten minutes because it was so boring.

His film is a total bore, with endless scenes of dull chit-chat between unlikable characters and extremely dull death scenes.

Every scene in this movie (which mostly consist of the unpleasant family's pointless squabbling) features some drop-ins of frogs, and their croaking is on the soundtrack for 80% of the flick.

Tedious stuff for the majority of its running time .

t music carry this monstrosity along showing you that, yes, someone actually filmed something more boring than 24-straight hours of the New York City skyline (Andy Warhol did that once).

Instead, this movie takes the slow, silent approach.

a harmless rat snake,harmless geckos and anoles,even a snapping turtle,a slow moving one at that.

Even though this movie was thirty minutes too long, had no plot and didn't make any sense, it wasn't really that bad.

The pace is excruciatingly slow, and I'm not talking about Judy Pace who is in this one.

There is no serious suspense in this movie, but some gripping moments crop up.

A goofy and enjoyable fun.

But, all in all, it's just too dull and stupid to work.

Screen legend Ray Milland seems very tired but still gives the most enjoyable performance in the film.

)Overall, not a terrific film, not as good as I hoped it would be, but still quite good, and entertaining.

FROGS is an entertaining entry in the sub-genre of Nature Strikes Back environmental horror films popularized during the 1970s.

Whatever the case, it's a pretty enjoyable flick, silly though it may be.

The characters are bland and annoying and there is absolutely no gore.

It's also one of the most entertaining horror films you can see.

Somewhat Underwhelming, but Entertaining Nature-Gone-Amuck Film .

Silly B movie is no THE BIRDS, but moves along at a fast pace and has some enjoyable nastiness as people are attacked by alligators, tarantulas, snapping turtles, lizards and leeches.

The first half of the movie is mostly boring.

Incredibly evocative and flavorful title sets up the viewer for what is to come.

My first reaction: I found it to be a fun, entertaining movie if you DO NOT take it seriously.

Simple but entertaining .

absolutely ridiculous and perfect for that sheer boredom that comes when you should be doing something else.

The action really toads the line between intense and dynamic.

Feeble frogs, sluggish snakes, languid lizards, and apathetic alligators.

The script was predictable and it wasn't too hard to figure out who would get bumped off next by the p***ed off animals.

FROGS was announced as a horror comedy, but it takes itself all too serious to be anything near a comedy, and ends up being silly and boring.

In some weird way, though the lame plot, and stereotypical characters come together to make an extremely fun, and engaging movie.

Overall the movie is a very enjoyable experience.

"Suspense" boring to death.

I saw it originally at a drive-in when I was 10 and loved it, but seeing it as an adult, I was bored and annoyed.

'), "Frogs" is a hugely entertaining and surprisingly well-made ecological horror film.

Frogs terrorize some upper-class Floridians, while boring the viewers.

Between the melodramatic acting and the intense double takes of an expressionless frog it's quite impossible to get through this movie with out laughing.

I found the woman in her voo-doo inspired garish robes and hoop earrings just a little contrived when she screamed at the two servants, `Five score and seven years ago you earned the right to make up your own minds.

Thanks to the piercing sounds of Les Baxter's score and sheer variety of creepy crawlers on display, you are likely to cringe somewhere along the line in this ridiculous and often awkwardly directed, but nonetheless entertaining effort.

With the exception of Jason, Karen & Smith the characters are bland, forgettable and very much alike, their just there to pad things out.

the smile upon his/her face will make the experience of it very much more enjoyable for you!

Not good, yet still entertaining .

Yet it is a perfectly enjoyable film for horror fans.

) I was rather interested in seeing this, and despite some entertaining moments, the movie is a tad underwhelming.

And check out those unending shots of bored looking (Do they have any other look?

" The premise of nature rebelling against humanity's ecological indifference is a good start, but most of the characters are uninteresting, and idiots to boot.

"The worst part of this movie was the first 20 minutes in which absolutely nothing happened.

Actually, this whole movie is just way too bland.

One by one people start getting knocked off, often in amusing and also boring ways by just about every creature you can find that slithers in a swamp.

But I could have forgiven the movie for this, if it at least was a bit more entertaining to watch.

**PLOT SPOILERS** It's slow (at least 45 minutes go by until the first killing), has bad dialogue and all the deaths (with one exception) are bloodless.

Ray Milland is absolutely ridiculous as he plays a creep not unlike the one from THE THING WITH TWO HEADS (a film which was funny, and more entertaining).

Bored Viewers.