From Russia with Love (1963) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond willingly falls into an assassination plot involving a naive Russian beauty in order to retrieve a Soviet encryption device that was stolen by S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Terence Young
Stars: Sean Connery, Robert Shaw
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 37 out of 380 found boring (9.73%)

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The action scenes are also well done, and although there isn't as many as may be expected in a Bond film, when they do occur they are exciting.

Some of these are the slow footsteps Grant takes at the beginning of the film while stalking 'Bond' during a Spectre exercise, the time it takes the character Kronsteen to look up at a messenger and back down again with his bulbous eyes, and Grant's relaxed interrogation of Bond on the train.

Although not too brilliant in acting, she had a special something which qualifies her as one of the most beautiful and exciting Bond woman.

They include a crazy gunfight at a gypsy camp, an intense helicopter chase, a short but suspenseful boat chase and three brutal fight scenes including the classic brutal and iconic fight aboard the Orient Express between James Bond and Donald "Red" Grant, a maze hunt that turns out to be a SPECTRE training exercise (this is also the credit scene) and a vicious hotel room fight.

Connery really grows into the role here, a long way from the pork-pie hatted clod he was in the first film but still untamed and prickly enough to be an exciting screen presence.

We get time to see Bond and the other characters as humans and when the action does happen, it's grand and exciting.

From the exciting and unique opening, to the final scene this movie gripped me.

The Most Realistic and Suspenseful Of The Bond Series .

From Russia With Love is so enjoyable to watch.

Before the mindless drivel that ruined the series in later Bond films (the tongue-in-cheek humor, the crazy gadgets and the same tiresome plots), this early entry to the 007 legacy represents itself as a standard fare thriller without the caricatured cat-and-mouse chases.

Suspenseful and topped with a brutal fight when Bond finally confronts the man who has been stalking from the very moment he arrived in Turkey, the assassin Red Grant.

This has all a great Bond film needs: great actors, memorable villains, beautiful girls, suspenseful plot and great action.

The shootout at the gypsy camp and the fiery boat chase are well done and exciting.

"From Russia With Love" is a stunning Bond feature!

didn't really work for me, and from Goldfinger onwards, the series deteriorates into vaguely entertaining, special effect centered, innuendo laden, no brain required stuff.

He provides an endless supply of gadgets and weapons to 007, helping him on his exciting adventures and attempting to foil SPECTRE's plot.

The actors are all superb, Connery is at his peak as Bond, and the story is intelligent and engrossing to boot.

Stirring highlights include the ferocious rough'n'tumble fight between Bond and Grant on board a train, Bond facing off with a helicopter, and a thrilling climactic boat chase.

This all is of course accompanied by an awesome soundtrack,Cons: The overall structure of this movie is a bit more rough and confusing than the first one.

The locations are impressive, the gadgetry comic-book brilliance, and the deadly train fight between Shaw and Connery must be one of the most intense, well-choreographed and suspenseful action sequences of its ilk.

The action and fight scenes are entertaining (grenades and helicopters don't mix well, apparently).

Action: There's plenty of exciting action scenes here.

In Istanbul, feverent conflict between the native Capitalist allies and the Communist Bulgarians threatens to boil over without ever quite doing so, but SPECTRE exploit this and there is a genuinely engaging dynamic to each of the parties being omnipresent for each of their respective reasons.

If you want intriguing espionage adventure, this is the best to offer.

The plot is much slower than modern films such as The World Is Not Enough or any of the Moore/Dalton/Brosnan films.

Aside from a bit of a plodding mid-section, I couldn't ask for more .

The budget is considerably larger than DR.NO, with more intricate sets, action scenes, and special effects, and also a stunning opening title sequence, the first to feature exotic dancing girls.

All manner of classic scenes follow as Bond travels to Istanbul and the climax aboard to Orient Express is unsurpassed; the scene between 007 and emotionless SPECTRE killer Grant (Robert "Shark Fodder" Shaw) being gripping and tense.

After the engaging over-the-top antics of Dr. No, EON Productions comes back to earth for the most realistic entry of the James Bond series, combining a superbly suspenseful premise with excellent character interplay, an intriguing background, and several of the most memorable scenes of the Bond epic.

overall, i enjoyed it.

It's well constructed and has a solid, fast paced story, with some great memorable action sequences and characters in it.

But this is an achingly dull movie.

Cliché story, music, effects and the amazing 1960s vibe works extremely well.

From the moment he enters Istanbul, Bond is immersed in a colorful world of espionage and surveillance, plots and counter plots, not unlike Kipling's great game.

Even the quite straight-forward story is really engaging and keeps things moving along an enjoyable pace.

It avoids the silliness that would plague later films, it's the least formulaic, and for his second turn in the role of James Bond, Sean Connery puts forth his definitive portrayal of the character.

While the modern Bond films are still very entertaining, I think they just fall short of the mark set by FRWL when it comes to the story.

Classy but Dull .

It's aged very gracefully and never goes into cheesy territory, it's plausible but completely exciting and is one of the coolest films of the sixties, watch it and see for yourself.

Not only do we have to wait an entire half hour before Bond really shows up(no, I'm not joking, it really takes that long for him to appear), but then we have him in some boring, forgettable mission.

Very suspenseful!

Still, if you don't mind the obvious rip-off of "North by Northwest", or the fact that SPECTRE have to rely on using their feet to get anyway - the knife-flick shoe - then this is a good, entertaining film to just lose yourself in.

Some thrilling moments happen in a train.

I did find the middle section to be slightly plodding at times and fairly talky.

The plot to this film is much more exciting than Dr. No, and offers a few more exciting action sequences, so the movie doesn't drag as much.

he seduces a young sexy Russian girl to get his hands on a Russian decoding machine,, what makes thing get interesting is that SPECTRE is back and they are trying to get their hands on it as well,, this movie pays more attention to the spy work that is involved,, less action,, more seductive romance,, still have the great cars, and hot women, overall a very good entry into the series , just a little slower paced.

Around 4 years later I watched the film again and really enjoyed it.

What a yawn .

The action-packed includes : impressive helicopter chase scene that is a homage to Hitchcock's cropduster sequence in ¨North by Northwest¨ , exciting battles at a gypsy camp , and fights aboard a train .

This movie is funny, charming, sexy, thrilling, and fairly well-plotted, although I don't particularly care for the way it was wrapped up.

An Entertaining,Yet Slow,Movie .

The woman: Daniela Bianchi is almost never mentioned in lists of memorable Bond women, but she is sexy, vulnerable and (unlike her predecessor Ursula Andress) actually has a compelling role in the action.

The villains we do see are the lecherous Rosa Klebb, played by Lotte Lenya, who uses poisoned spike in her shoe, a cold calculating chess master Kronsteen, played by Vladek Sheybal, and the lethal assassin Red Grant, played by Robert Shaw, with whom Bond has one of his most intensive and brutal fight scenes ever.

Anyone more familiar with the modern Bond films may mourn the comparative lack of action-sequences, but for those prepared to follow the engaging and unpredictable plot, there are some excellent set-pieces towards the film's end, such as the helicopter attack on bond, the fight in the train carriage (17 films later it still the best-executed of any Bond film) and the climactic boat pursuit as Bond escapes to Venice.

Some fans will find it a little slow.

The plot is perfect and the most enjoyable scene is the Fight between Bond and Red Grant aboard the Luxurious Orient Express.

Check out SPECTRE's training facility - a modern school for assassins/gladiators - intense!

It's a bracing combination that makes for a complex, compelling performance.

Dated now, but at the time, the fight scene with Robert Shaw was was so exciting not knowing that Bond always wins.

Significantly an improvement on the fairly mediocre "Dr No", "From Russia With Love" has a believable espionage plot, some effective suspenseful moments and a very evocative mood, partly created by effective use of setting, whether Istanbul, Venice or a train...

They go back to their compartment and then FINALLY Bond takes control -- the scenes following are the best acted and most exciting in any Bond film .

This entry is very much enjoyable.

Shaw's muscle-bound assassin Red Grant contributes one of the more exciting action pieces on a train.

Again it was a brilliant adventure with the very intriguing train scene.

I recommend this film to people who like slower fighting scenes and a slower (while still exciting enough) plot and to people who think that a location in a film is very important.

"From Russia with Love" is the sequel that improves upon its predecessor in terms of action, scope, spectacle, and thrilling storytelling.

Sean Connery returns as James Bond "007" is this equally entertaining adventure as Bond becomes the willing target of assassination as both his government and SPECTRE are trying to locate a Soviet encryption device that would tip the balance of power between the East & West, which SPECTRE would take full advantage of, since they also plan revenge on Bond, for the defeat of their agent Dr. No in the first film.

This filming is boring!

The MGM/UA DVD once again is imbued with the hallmarks of a stunning menu and loaded extras.

I said about the film's stunts which are pretty good and it's the action scenes that really bring this movie to life, one scene with boats is fantastically done and although you can tell the bombs are being set off by a studio team strategically, it still makes for a thrilling sequence which Bond has to negotiate.

This time the action is more weighty and powerful, the plot genuinely intriguing and Grant makes for an excellent Bond villain and the greatest of the sixties.

This film that combines intrigue, romance, and action into an immensely entertaining film that even for audiences will surely enjoy.

This is the plot in a nutshell, pushing Bond to make some predictable moves and then get rid of him once he retrieves a Soviet encryption device.

The film looks amazing, with wonderful cinematography and stunning locations, and the action is constantly fast paced and the stunts jaw dropping.

So 'From Russia with Love' is really a quieter, more suspenseful addition to the Bond series, with more focus on Bond doing some actual spying rather than explosions every five minutes and Bond saving the world from some elaborate scheme.

No" and "Goldfinger", I didn't know exactly what the in-betweener would offer in order to enjoy it and appreciate it with the same passion, and that's exactly what I got, something unexpected.

As such, it would probably be considered a waste of time in today's stunt filled Brosnan era.

The slow pace of FROM RUSS!

The original book was actually kind of boring, despite the more interesting look into the minds of Bond and Grant and a different physical description of Daniela's character.

This film also includes one of the most exciting hand-to-hand combat sequences in a Bond movie when James Bond fights SPECTRE agent Red Grant, played menacingly by Robert Shaw, on board a train.

Dated, but still entertaining.

From Russia With Love is kind of boring, although has some excellent characters and some excellent action sequences.

But from time to time slow paced story (Gypsy camp), what stops me to rate this one the same as its ancestor...

Although, it does have a more intense opening, with a man out in the dark we THINK is Bond at first.

The fight scene aboard the Orient Express is suspenseful and gripping, just as good as any movie today with all the special effects available.

Enjoyable for all Bond fans, and of fans of Cold War/spy thrillers, as this is probably the purest "spy movie" of the Bond series.

The Turkish and Balkan settings are spectacular and the train sequence at the end is both exciting and suspenseful.

Sean Connery is playing bond for the second time in this exciting and action-filled masterpiece.

Goldfinger is remarkably more entertaining than "From Russia with love".

Yes, it's formulaic and often clichéd.

The film wonderfully mixes action pieces with character moments, shifting from loud and exciting to quiet and intriguing.

There are many thrilling action scenes, such as the gypsy fight, the boat chase, and the struggle with Rosa Klebb.

Secondly the action scenes are few and far between, and in today's world this new generation needs something more than dialogue to have an entertaining night at the movies.

A rock solid suspense/action/adventure genre-bender, From Russia With Love eases from gripping moments of tension to smart bits of detective work with almost no effort at all...

The action scenes are excellent in terms of variety and intensity, from more intense fist fights on a train to a boat chase to an obvious homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest.

If you are steeped in the more recent additions to the series, you may find this to be slow-moving and complicated.

I can't say it's because they're old and slow, I like a lot of films from the same era and I am a big fan of the books.

Riveting and fancy main titles by habitual Maurice Binder , furthermore eye-popping production design by Syd Cain .

There are a few extremely contrived scenes – in particular the quarrel between the two Gypsy girls – that you know were merely placed there for that very reason.

The second hour makes up for the slow first, as we are treated to a climax that takes place on rail, road and water.

It all proceeds with Sean Connery's superb performance, the first and one of the best of John Barry's wall-of-sound scores (though the film sees fit to reuse some of Monty Norman's cues from Dr. No), the excellent performances of Pedro Armendariz and Robert Shaw, the engaging settings in Turkey, and the overall realism that contrasts well with the engaging over-the-top antics of other Bond films.

It'll just waste your time.

It is far better to watch an exciting Bond movie than a Dramatic one.

Although, I would imagine that most action-film gurus (of today) out there would find this film to be rather boring, and I have to say, I can see why.

Terence Young returns as director after having began the popular franchise with the effective and entertaining Dr. No.

The film's main theme perfectly fits the tone of the film, a constantly building ballad with Matt Monro's clear vocals that create a slow burn that leads to a richly satisfying conclusion.

Simple, old fashioned and enjoyable plot .

This movie has all of the cliches of a typical Bond movie - hot women, diabolical villains, super agent gadgets, etc. The one thing that I found fascinating about this movie over all the rest is the atmosphere, which is different than any typical Bond movie.

Here, his name is Red Grant and it's Robert Shaw who gets to play this character; ten years from this film's release we will see the same Robert Shaw in Spielberg's thrilling and ground-breaking fish-film "Jaws".

Enjoyable title song and stirring musical score fitting to action by John Barry in his classic style .

Bianchi isn't quite as memorable as the previous Bond girl, which might be do the locations and lack of a bikini, but she still manages to be very entertaining.

Of the Connery/Bond flicks, From Russia with Love has always been my favorite, despite the rather boring gypsy camp sequence.

Grant and Bond's violent tussle in the poorly-lit train carriage is probably the most dramatic and intense scene in the film.

From this point onward the series seems to rely more on stunts and gadgets than an engaging story.

The main problem with the film is its slow pace, although this adds to it in certain ways.

The dialog is so interesting and intriguing as we slowly learns who SPECTRE is and how they operates!

but i still found it tedious at times.

After the watchable but very dry "Dr.

His choice of angles captures the action in tense and fascinating ways.

After the novelty of seeing the 1963 classic up on a big screen with what was a genuinely good remastered print had worn off, I am ashamed to say that I got a bit bored.

As is like a roller-coaster , as is fast-paced , light, excitement, funny and entertaining ; it's a winner for oo7 fans and non-fans alike .

Director Terence Young, working from a smart and tricky script by Richard Maibaum and Johanna Harwood, relates the absorbing and intricate story at a steady pace and maintains a generally serious and gritty tone that's punctuated with inspired moments of fine dry humor.

The romantic scenes, which take place in breathtaking Istanbul and Venice and the action scenes, which take place in the mountains of Yugoslavia and the Adriatic sea - are an example of the right setting.

The gypsy camp sequence was indeed "slow" though necessary and was also subject to much re-editing as can be deduced from the final cut.

Connery as Bond gets to fight his two most splendid adversaries (Robert Shaw as the psycho killer Grant and Lotte Lenya as deadly-kicking Rosa Klebb), befriend his best ally (Pedro Armendáriz as Turkish section chief Kerim Bey), and explore with the ravishing Bianchi Bond's most intriguing romance of the Connery era.

Connery is the best James Bond ever, and this movie is a very exciting ride.

The most outstanding scene is the breathtaking fight between Bond and Grant in a narrow cabin of the Orient Express at night with never-seen camera angles and rapid-cut martial arts action before 007 strangles the killer with his own weapon, a watch with a disposable steel wire.

It wasn't boring, but it just moved a little too slow for my liking.

It is never boring, but the somewhat slow pace works against it.

The shootout at the gypsy camp is a good set-piece, while the climax has both a North By Northwest inspired helicopter attack and a battle on a lake that are both very entertaining.

I've always enjoyed the humanizing chemistry between Connery and Pedro Armendariz's larger-than-life Kerim ("I've led a fascinating life") Bey, the most charming of Bond sidekicks; their friendship comes across as genuine and multi-dimensional.

It is an outstanding, gripping and genuinely dangerous scene and played for real and the SMERSH/SPECTRE actors/crews really earn their pay!

More Stylish, More Thrilling, More Fun .

Where the previous film refused to show Joseph Wiseman's villain until much later on, From Russia With Love plays its hand in the opening scene when it depicts Robert Shaw's hulking thug "Red" Grant engaging in an early instance of one of those aforementioned games of sadism, pain and death.

The film had several slow and unessecary parts, and at several places could've stopped with a good ending.

"From Russia with Love" is a straight spy adventure with lots of action and beautiful women: The attractive masseuse oiling Grant in the garden of Spectre training camp; Sylvia Trench, the "interesting old case" who returns to frolic in a canoe on the Thames; Kerim's slinky mistress lying on the settee, chews 'her breads and whines for attention;' Leila, the belly dancer at the Gypsy camp overwhelming Bond with her abdominal skill; the stunning two Gypsy girls (Vida and Rosa) whom Bond is told to select the victor in their Gypsy fight to the death; the lovely Tatiana lying naked in Bond's bed with only a black ribbon tied around her neck...

If DR. NO provided the framework for what would become the 'James Bond' series, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE would introduce the style, with a pre-title action sequence, worldwide settings, intense, occasionally 'over-the-top' action sequences, carnivorous (if G-rated) sexuality between bedsheets, nifty gadgets by Q (as portrayed by Desmond Llewelyn, in his first 'Bond' appearance), and a 007 who would be even more sophisticated than in the first film.

and stay from reach of mundane quibbles.

The characters are interesting, the film is thrilling, the villains are creepy.

Returning for a sequel a year after Dr. No, Sean Connery is Bond in this very thrilling 2nd film.

Bond's wine knowledge: This is the movie where the significance of this cliché comes into play.

It can occasionally feel a little boring, so this may not appeal so much to some viewers who are used to more action.

Perhaps the reason for this film's success is its gripping and intriguing plot, which though intricate, is easy to comprehend-the brainchild of Bond's creator Ian Flemming, which first appeared in literary form in 1957.

The raid on the gypsy camp (with Jimbo uncomfortably watching a to the death cat-fight) and that brilliant scrap at the end with Robert Shaw's SPECTRE double agent Red Grant is thrilling stuff.

I feel like this film was more exciting than Dr. No, as Dr. No had some pauses too long to talk about plot.

No" that it's not for people who need non-stop action in order to be entertained, but is probably worth watching for those who can enjoy slower spy thrillers with a reasonable amount of action.

This minimalism becomes an asset - to make an exciting spy thriller you don't need to burn on screen in crashed Lamborghinis the equivalent of the gross domestic product of a small country.

The build-up to this fight is probably the most suspenseful section of any film in the series.

Although this film starts out a touch slow, it definitely picks up steam as it unfolds and gets cracking in the taut, gripping and suspenseful last third.

As I said, it's all told in such a fascinating and intriguing way, that you'll never EVER get bored!

This "quiet" Bond flick is filled with great performances, an intriguing plot and substantial villains (i.

I found this very much slower, which I did not enjoy all that much.

A well-shot film; the backdrops of Turkey and of Venice are simply stunning.

The character of Kerim Bey is perhaps the best Bond ally the series has seen - so much more interesting than the various incarnations of the tiresome Felix Leiter.

To each 1960's guy their own, but this movie was flat, unmemorable, over killed the Bond-theme even when completely unnecessary and crawled at a snail's pace without the slightest of intrigue.

Until the end, the pace is kind of slow, and might lose more "modern" audiences, particularly those used to incredible stunt sequences every 20 minutes.

I did find some parts of the movie a bit dull, after some actions, the movie calm down again and I found middle part of movie even more slower then first half hour.

This film is very enjoyable, credible and cohesive, and has won me round to the Bond series at this early stage, after the disappointing "Dr No".

But it's enough of an excuse to hang quite a number of exciting sequences on, including one of the most convincing fight scenes ever filmed, period.

After the dull and boring Dr. No, the series officially got started with this.

From a suspenseful train sequence to a bizarre poisonous shoe finale, there are just so many ideas that feel right and never seem contrived or ridiculous.

He was energetic and exciting in the role, in complete command of each frame.

"From Russia with Love" is a splendidly entertaining film against exotic Istanbul and Venice backgrounds...

Combined with lush scenery that is photographed and explored deeply and the first of many magnificent John Barry scores, "From Russia With Love" still stands up today as a classic example of pushing against the odds to create a thrilling piece of entertainment that is serious and is one of the best to watch multiple times.

I didn't like it the first time I saw it, only tolerated it on my second viewing, but since have enjoyed it thoroughly on all subsequent viewings.

While the plan is of course a ruse, MI5 aren't sure of the ulterior motive, prompting some unexpected encounters with deadly assassins.

With a story that is engaging and rewarding to those who pay close attention, and action that is high on tension and low on absurdity, From Russia With Love represents the best that the Bond series has to offer.

For the first time, we see the dazzling heights James Bond would reach occasionally, and this is a riveting, razor sharp cold war thriller with heaps of escapism, suspense and soul.

The book, though somewhat longer than most of Fleming's Bond novels, I also found more suspenseful and an easier and more thrilling read.

The poor girl thinks her final hour has come,but nothing happens.

Moreover, the most famous action moment in the film – the fight between Connery and Robert Shaw in the train – has an intimacy to it that would never occur to the filmmakers who made some of the subsequent films in the series, where the idea of 'big must be better' seems to have been a tiresome motto.

Mind you, this isn't the most fun Bond movie to watch, but I still enjoyed it.

It's brimming with colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Ted Moore .

The story is very low-key but exciting enough that it doesn't drag on.

It has great gadgets, great villans, a stunning Bond girl, and some of the most memorable action sequences ever.

I'm really gonna make this a quick review, because for the life of me, James Bond Part II, or From Russia with Love was so forgettable, so boring, that I practically cannot remember over 20% of what I just finished watching.

Maybe it isn't one of the most enjoyable ones (like "Goldfinger"), but it's a truly exciting SPY film, which cannot be said about the latest Bonds.

This film includes a gripping confrontation of Red Grant and 'James Bond'.

Nevertheless, this is a gripping cold war spy story with Bond once again fighting SPECTRE's villains and encountering beautiful girls along the way.

The film is a good one indeed and although my review might criticise it a lot, the movie is in fact very entertaining and brings even more to the screen that we love about Bond than many other Bonds do, a great job.

The series could have taken a total different course: becoming suspenseful thrillers rather than chic action movies.

And the fight scene between Connery and Shaw still holds up as one of the most intense, exciting punch-ups in any of the Bond films.

With one sequence set onboard the famous 'Orient Express' (a location Connery would appear in again, in 1974's MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS), which would culminate in the famous Grant/Bond brawl to the death, another action scene, of Bond attacked by a helicopter (in homage to NORTH BY NORTHWEST), and a climactic high-speed boat chase, FRWL successfully balanced both a suspenseful plot and terrific action.

The enjoyable film leads into some memorable scenes where the great 007 beats the odds.

It is very enjoyable and keeps you active.

Barry gives this movie the real elegant taste, with his seducing instrumental theme, a vocal version sung by Matt Monro during the final credits, the rousing "007" theme and lots of wonderful, exotic musical moments that are giving the real "Bond touch" to "From Russia With Love".

Tense and Very Enjoyable Bond Film.

There is a real sense of vulnerability to Bond throughout the mission and the story remains gripping throughout as we await SPECTRE's next move.

The movie is also more slow-moving and some times, it kinda looses me.

We have a rousing shootout in a gypsy camp as well as Bond downing a SPECTRE helicopter with a Sniper rifle, with explosive results!

I can't say much, as like the first Superman movie, I usually stop the film or fall asleep before it's even halfway over.

From Russia With Love (1963): Dir: Terence Young / Cast: Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi, Robert Shaw, Lotte Lenya, Pedro Armendariz: Second exciting 007 film with sarcasm pointed straight at enemy forces.

The action is much better and more exciting,yet is still suspenseful.

He seems a bit more relaxed and there are especially fine, evocative scenes of him becoming friends with the Kerim Bey character, his contact in Istanbul, and becoming familiarized with the new locale (great location shooting).

He makes Kerim Bay a light, enjoyable character who exudes charm and warmth on the screen during all his scenes.

Although, one might find this film to be a bit slow on the pacing compared to more recent Bond films, I personally love this film for two reasons: 1.

In my opinion, this movie is better than Dr. No, purely because I like the story more, and it's much more intense!

Stunning women and sinister villain pave his way.

There is little to no campiness in the movie and it handles itself almost totally seriously, which I find more engaging in a good Bond movie.

This movie takes a while to get going and first half hour I found the movie really slow, I just could not get into it.

Second of all the story is original,classic and very exciting.

I'm not rating this movie based on how well I think it was made, but rather how much I enjoyed it.

And the plot is actually kinda plausible, if a bit bland.

This is a highly entertaining sequel.

The first twenty or so minutes are kind of confusing if you are not much of a Bond fanOverall I would say that this is still a very solid effort for Bond and that this movie deserves good reviews and is quite under rated compared to other Connery titles in the series.

The first half is very slow moving and uninteresting.

By that I of course mean the exciting introduction, then the intro credits with a sexy girl next in line.

I find this maybe the least enjoyable of all the Bond films.

Quite possibly 007's greatest screen outing (GOLDFINGER is the only real contender), this taut adventure dripping with thrilling foreign intrigue is one of the few Bonds that actually displays intelligence.

It's more than 5 minutes long with nothing but dialogue, and it's the most exciting part of the movie.

The film starts off rather dry - a collection of standard scenes where Bond gets his mission and jets to Instanbul.

POSSIBLE SPOILERSI first saw From Russia with Love when I was 14, and like many other people I thought it was boring and slow, certainly compared with other Bond films that I had seen.

In the film's last act, however, a bunch of huge twists emerge, and it becomes one thrilling action scene after another.

In addition, the setting is terribly boring and uninteresting.

The plot is wiser, the characters have more to do, the action is much more developed, and the character-to-character dialogue scenes are some of the most intense scenes I have ever seen in a movie.

Evocative photography ,much of the film was shot on location, with only a bare minimum of back projection used ; something quite unusual for a film of 1963.

He is a composer that knows what is needed for certain scenes, he is always spot on at building tension or being the backdrop to some thrilling action parts.

I did also feel that the first part of this film dragged too long and in saying that also, whenever a new scene came around Bond would stay there for a long time as if the producers didn't want Bond moving quickly, it does seem Bond stays in Turkey for forever at the beginning and then suddenly leaves.

But am i alone in finding it awfully Dull in places?

the 2nd Bond film,, what's different about this Bond film from many of it's later successor's is that it is of a slower pace, Bond isn't saving the world right off the bat,, this one is more about him learning the ropes , especially in Instanbul where he partners up with someone who shows him the ropes.

" The adventure is more pure spy novel than most of the films in this series, and has so many of the elements that make Bobd great thrilling entertainment, It even has a sexy cat fight with bounteous beauties to recommend it.

This film has humor, seriousness and above all action packed drama.

It's a good and quietly intense way to open up.

FRWL may not be as action packed as the subsequent Bond movies, and it sometimes drags, but it is still one entertaining ride.

The plot, which I believe follows Ian Fleming's novel closely, involves real espionage and gripping tension, as SPECTRE try to trap and kill Bond by luring him to Istanbul to collect a valuable Russian encoding device.

but the truth is that they were so damn funny, so entertaining, the perfect product to make the hours fly.

Bernard Lee is enjoyable once again as M.

The only tedious part in the film really is the extremely long Orient Express scene...

The fight between him and Bond was very realistic and exciting.

I find the movie to be boring for the first twenty minutes.

I was terribly saddened by his character's death as well, but it was the trigger to Grant's entrance in the the arena and it was meant to make his conflict with Bond, more personal, Bond can't escape the train literally, and the mano-a-mano confrontation with Grant was the film's most intense moment.

The first movie had Bond go to Jamaica to try and find a missing colleague, in that film the action was much slower pace compared to this movie and the action is done with more style.

The picture contains comic-strip adventure , sensational pursuits , silly set pieces, great stunts , tongue-in check humor ,frantic unstopped action , amazing gimmicks and stimulating images like are the spectacular chases , the overwhelming scenes, and the breathtaking fights .

I completely recommend From Russia With Love to any serious Bond fan, though modern audiences may find it a bit talky and slow.

In summary, FRWL is a gripping, stylish film which does not let gadgets and one-liners get in the way of telling a good story, and telling it well.

In all honesty, I thought his character was kind of boring.

A smartly crafted slice of Fleming-originated fantasy spy-work, garnished with a suitably thrilling infusion of high adventure.

Even with all of its good,From Russia with Love still has a few flaws,the pacing is still a bit too slow,there isn't really any action until the third act,and one scene involving gypsies,although part of the plot,just feels like filler.

There's a constant build of tension throughout the film that, despite being slow paced, keeps the film from ever feeling dull.

Believe it or not, on my first viewing of this sequel, I found it to be extremely disappointing and pretty dull stuff.

The next Bond movie would even top this one ("Goldfinger"), so this series got off to a rousing start.

Intelligent and highly entertaining with a fabulous cast that includes Lotte Lenya (with the poison knives in her shoes) and Robert Shaw as villains, this is simply the best James Bond film of them all.

It was slick and fun - I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how much I'm looking forward to re-visiting the other films too.

FRWL is excellently filmed, and all of the locations, particularly Istanbul, are stunning and used to maximum effect.

The mysterious man with the White Cat is also introduced here, which I find very exciting.

From its thrilling pre-title sequence, to the impeccable staging of the raid on a gypsy camp, right on through the climatic boat race, and final showdown between Bond and Klebb, the latter sporting a poisonous foot fetish that is to die for, From Russia With Love delivers an action packed bit of stylish nonsense that is worthy of the moniker, "Bond…James Bond.

There is an exciting fight sequence in a gypsy camp, a nighttime assassination in an Istanbul street, and the major highlight of the film, a train ride across Europe in the Orient Express.

As entertaining as they are I urge you to forget about the jet packs, invisible cars, spaceships, piranhas, ski chases and underwater lairs of later instalments and treat yourself to a solid spy adventure which proves that Bond doesn't need gadgets and gimmicks to be the best screen spy in the world, he just is.

The fight scene on the Orient Express is the most exciting and best choreographed that I have ever seen, and Shaw's Grant makes a great nemesis for bond (Shaw was great in "Jaws" too!

This time it's cold, sometimes exciting and dramatic as usually.

There are many other bits of business that make this one of the more realistic as well as entertaining Bond films.

'Russia' is more of a slower film, with fewer action sequences and more focus on Bond actually being a spy rather than an action hero.

The action is there, and it is drawn out perfectly.

If you love action, adventure, tastefully gratuitous sex, anticommunism, and thrilling cities, then see this film.