Frozen (2010) - Drama, Thriller

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Three skiers stranded on a chairlift are forced to make life-or-death choices, which prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Adam Green
Stars: Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 82 out of 344 found boring (23.83%)

One-line Reviews (256)

Movie is well made, worth watching, better than open water as i found that extremely boring.

This movie is absolutely boring because 80% of the movie deals with three uninteresting one dimensional characters whining and not putting together a rational thought on how to get off the ski lift.

What makes the film enjoyable is that each solution might bring a new problem, without the need to artificially build unbelievable plot twists.

Fairly absorbing survival horror.

Enjoyable to watch even without special effects or CGI.

I fell asleep.

A waste of valuable time!

Sounds thrilling...

scenarios come to mind during this often intense watch.

Green knows how to manipulate the audiences' minds by alternating between simple dialogue scenes (as frivolous as they sound, the script is a spot on if you know what young people talk about these days) and intensely riveting sequences.

Boring, bad movie.

My final gripe was the pointless undeveloped love interest (no idea why this was even included in the film).

Despite a lack of artistic direction and no sexuality, this was a thrilling horror flick.

I would not gory movie but it dose have really nasty scene, which will make scream and shiver however the whole movie intense from start to the very end, 9 out of 10

Horrible waste of time .

Great, suspenseful little movie which is a good example that a simple formula sometimes works best.

The whole business with the aggressive wolves is too contrived.


The dialog was boring banter with no relevance to the anemic plot.

But worth watching and you probably never want to go on a ski-lift again.

What I watched was very boring, and very far from another review i had seen on here, they mentioned the following.

Although it requires a bit of suspension of disbelief, it's a well-crafted and intense thriller .

Writer/director Adam Green relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, takes time to develop the main characters, builds plenty of nerve-wracking tension, and maintains a grimly seriously tone throughout.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever.

But other than that it is a very enjoyable movie.

Congratulations, what you just did was the most enjoyable part of your evening, because about 30 minutes later you'll sit back down and watch people talk, and talk.

The very few moments that hold any surprise are quickly doused by easily predictable conclusions.

It starts of slow, not giving much interesting details about the characters so that's basically just filler material.

This film was quite a thriller and it always kept me on the edge of my seat.

An efficient thriller that is horrifyingly gripping .

Once the time-killing setup has been dispensed with and we are looming high above earth with our defenseless trio, however, "Frozen" starts to build a dread that, while not completely terrifying, is at least gripping enough for its duration.

It's a solid hour and a half of old-fashioned suspenseful torture.

I'm sorry, but I felt this was a complete waste of time.

Equally ponderous is why the CAT operator stopped where he did and return to offices instead of completing inspection.

However, this movie just draws attention to it's own stupidity by being so boring and having wooden characters.


Taking far too long to consider their predicament, once they know they are stuck, the blizzard suddenly arrives.

Opening scenes have fitting college rock, sexual innuendo and predictable dialog.

Frozen was really entertaining.

Stunning real acting and touching storyline-UNDERRATED!.

This thriller is silly but generally engaging.

I enjoyed it and I'm a total dick.

Very fine for a horror thriller: intense, suspenseful, realistic enough.

To my surprise, this was literally one of the worst movies I have seen in several years.

Don't waste your time, even if you think maybe, just maybe, it might be worth a watch....

Be warned that this is an intense, horror-thriller that will blow you away.

While his fate is kind of known at that point, it's intense.

absolutely excellent - will keep you on the edge of your seat .

It gets a bit boring, then it gets a bit stupid.

Normally a movie this low-budget with noticeable errors, such as the 'cutting cables' that everyone complains about, would leave me detached from the characters and bored throughout the movie...

I'm not at all persuaded by Kevin Zegers acting in this movie, only one part of it was good, the rest more bland.

The scenes are too graphic, even to me (I see blood & guts & laugh: hahaa it's all makeup), I was holding my hands to my face most of the time & holding my breath every time something was coming up.. Stuff shown in this movie happens in real life that's why this movie will be like a slap in the face if u watch it & keep asking yourself, what if it was me in their shoe, what would I do, what would u wish u had learn before to help you save your life here.. We all know we're going to die one day, but it is unexpected, it could be in the most unexpected time or place, & watching this movie & putting yourself in their shoes, will make you appreciate your time & situation & might motivate you to finally do at least one the things you kept postponing all this time.

The entire movie was a waste of time.

surprisingly suspenseful.

I watched a good part of this movie in fast forward as the dialog became duller and duller.

this makes everything just random and pointless.

It started with a yawn, there was hardly any action, it was completely predictable and lacked really any surprise (at first, the only surprise to me was the semi-high IMDb rating).

"Frozen" does take a while to get going, but once it does it delivers some intense moments - and some gross-out moments, as well.

I wouldn't call it enjoyable, but definitely intense!

Indeed, the movie uses a simple story to create a fully involving and absorbing picture, and gets to make the viewer totally attached to the screen.

It has a slow start, so perhaps press play then do the laundry, the dishes, and put the lasagna in the oven.

The script is a textbook example of taking a compelling hook and playing it out to its conclusion no matter the cost.

If I start a list of the ten worst movies I have ever seen, this one will be on it.

Nothing happens in this movie.

a waste of time .

I really like this film i think its very fast paced and entertaining and its films like this that deserve to get more praise.

"Frozen" is a good ol' fashioned nail-bitingly intense experience that will leave you yelling at the screen long after the credits have rolled.

So, Writer/Director Adam Green, who also did the similarly enjoyable Hatchet, did an extremely effective job of keeping me both on the edge of my seat and grossed out.

If this movie were a comedy making fun of cliché horror movies, then it would be really funny.

The fear, pain and emotional anguish displayed by the characters is extremely compelling, and natural human empathy forces us to cringe and gasp.

The problem is this movie is highly predictable.

It had lack of action, lack of plot, and holes all over the storyline.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat wondering what next chilling thing will happen.

The concept is really unique and just watching three people surviving the Natural Evil (cold) is quite intriguing.

Don't waste your time.

Worth the watch .

We have people falling asleep with bare hands touching metal.

this film i was pleasantly surprised by,i found it quite Dark and suspenseful.

The premise is a little too contrived.

Pointless .

Nothing is wasted, everything works, and you are on the edge of your seat the whole time despite the almost non-existent plot.

I give this movie a six out of ten for the sole reason of how very entertaining it was.

The most touching scene involves a characters slow death by being eaten alive by wolves which (without even showing it) had people gagging, crying, and running for the door in tears during the screening at the Library Theater.

fast-paced, gripping entertainment forcing a sense of empathy .

Cancer¨ Frozen is one of those movies that even at 90 minutes feels long and boring; the reason is simple: It's a 20 minute film that seems to have been stretched out to a full length feature picture.

Wow did I waste my time.

Contrived beyond belief.

It takes an awful long, boring 20 minutes or so before this film comes to a stop; literally.

waste of time.

so I'm going to fill up the stupid ten lines of text requirement with this: Lorem opossum dolour sit amt, connected autopsying Elita, SD do assumed Tempe incitement IT la bore eat do lore Meagan Alia.

Although it did run out of steam in some sections, for the most part it was an engaging and exciting film that was superbly acted and directed.

Without a doubt, this is definitely the worst movie I have ever seen.

My own experience, three days spent trapped in the open by a sudden Montana blizzard, may have jaded my opinion of this movie but all in all I enjoyed it.

Alas it wasn't to be, and I have to say I was bored, very very bored indeed.

This movie isn't the most realistic movie ever, but I guess it is entertaining.

The acting was really good and it had some very intense gut wrenching scenes.

It wasn't dramatic, or suspenseful, and I will recommend you not see this film.

One of the worst movies EVER.

The worst movie I've seen recently .

Iv'e never been a fan of survival movies mostly because they're predictable and because MOST have to do with being stalked by animals.

A trio of likable characters, and snappy dialogue make this a film with an enjoyable build up.

For my money, though, it takes them far too long to realize that help's not on the way.

I enjoyed it on a quiet Sunday evening.

i give you an example of what i mean: when the first guy jumped down and broke his legs, i thought that's very intense and shocking.

It was extremely slow to start with and unfortunately failed to pick up the pace at all.

The story has excellent twists and plays on real human fears and its also exciting and tense because you will i get out of this situation?

Our terror increases as the tragedy progresses, we feel the freezing panic inexorably gripping us, together with a terrible sense of powerlessness.

It's unpredictable and chilling.

And yes, there are at least half a dozen of other discrepancies in the screenplay, but fact remains that "Frozen" still and will always remain a lot scarier, more intense and realistic than any horror movie featuring zombies, alien monsters or found footage ghosts.

Due to a banal misunderstanding near the end of the day, the trio gets stuck on a chairlift while its dumb employees shut it down and close the resort until the next week.

You can feel the adrenaline running through you're vanes and, just like the main characters, you will be in a constant state of terror.

The dialogue would have to be sublime to make up for that, but instead we get bland.

The first 20 minutes are completely uninteresting and boring, not a decent opener for a survival horror.

Entertaining .

e: Falling asleep with bare skin against the metal bars.

Like watching paint dry for example...

Too predictable if you ask me.

Oh, and it was highly uninspiring to have two (out of three) people die the same exact way.

Definitely in the TOP 10 Worst Movies of All TIME.

Biggest Waste of Time .

Im glad I saw this for free but I walked out.

The acting is a trashy mess, and the writing is corny and predictable.

It's not perfect; that feeling of pointlessness certainly came into effect, it is a bit slow-paced, and a tiny bit repetitive.

It is a lot more entertaining ripping it a part than trying to enjoy it as a thrill ride.

Frozen (2010)*** (out of 4) Incredibly intense drama about three people who are left stranded on a chairlift.

Everything is very predictable in the light of the single title, so if you've seen the trailer or read the story the movie is finished.

But the confusion of swapping one dumb staff member with another dumbo who needed to pee was enough with artistic license to make this plausible.

So when they get into trouble and have to fight unexpected obstacles (let's just say these are situations you don't want to find yourself in on any given day), you feel the horror and terror they are going through.

its slow.

Boring, uneventful, badly acted and not scary .

Due to some contrived plot advances and confusion, the three of them get stuck near the top and the place closes down for the week.

The lines feel contrived.

heres what happened, people went on a lift, the lift stopped, nobody knew they were there, one of them jumped, snapped his legs, got eaten by wolves, another climbed along the wire, climbed down a ladder got eaten by wolves, the other one hung and dropped from the already broken ski lift seat, tumbled down a mountain to be rescued by a man in a car, and fell asleep, the end.

Yes the movie was thrilling, And yes I'd really be scared if caught in such a situation.


Frozen is painfully slow and worse than that, it's predictable.

Really was expecting something interesting, and found out a boring, senseless movie...

Worth watching!

Wolf attacks added an exciting wrinkle to the story's problem.

The contrived setup was barely plausible and took so long I felt like screaming enough already, just get on with it.

I think the only thing I found pointless, other than it was a little nod for the horror fans, was Kane Hodder's cameo.

after few skipping of the boring scenes i realized it was more of a final destination type of flick even those were more plausible.

There is no complicated story, neither is there lots of CGI to compensate for the lack of story.

It gets pretty boring pretty quickly, with only a few scenes that will keep you interested in between.

First, the part of the film that makes it worth watching - the performances.

The thing that is truly awful in this film is how stupidly over dramatic the three become after about twenty minutes of being stuck then spend ages going on about irrelevant nonsense from their pointless lives.

Oh that's right, never mind, this is a contrived Hollywood crapfest.

Watching our three characters' struggle for survival is interesting at first, but it quickly descends into boredom and mediocrity.

The fact that the majority of the film takes place in a ski lift and that it still manages to be entertaining and tense is a real testament to the actors.

You should always allow artistic license but when you have unrealistic plot line after another you just become annoyed and bored.

Intense and frightening survival horror .

) The cinematography was so-so and the music was frankly dull.

The acting is pretty darn good, the action is surprisingly gripping, and the location and direction is so good you can almost feel the cold.

priceless and for that alone it was worth watching.

The attempts at small talk among the characters as they await their fate apprehensively is too mundane and uninteresting.

I could only hope more films were this engrossing.

" and "the descent" this movie will keep you on the edge of you're chair long after the credits faded away.

Finally a film worth watching.

I found this film to be very intense and exciting and it made me want to keep watching.

Frozen is one of those minimalist movies with basically no script and no budget.

Very unique and i think worth watching.

That's a really slow way to get down the mounting.

Another, this is rather good, not bad, but this movie was just TOO suspenseful.

This movie is extremely intense.

Now, you might watch the trailer like I did and thought, "that is going to be so bloody boring!

Nothing in the movie is far-fetched or overly artificial, and combining that with how brutal (I found myself wincing pretty often) it can be at times is a solid recipe for a tense, entertaining experience.

Smart Scripting and Attention Grabbing Scrreen play makes it really entertaining .

Once their up there the movie is intense.

It's basically a type of survival horror movie like "Open Water" in which the protagonists – as well as us viewers – are confronted with some of our deepest fears imaginable: complete isolation, hopelessness, slow & painful death and being completely powerless against superior enemies.

Also, it starts out slow, forcing you to get to know these people a little bit, this increases the intensity and sympathy later.

Most of the movie kind of felt empty and as though someone had placed a giant black hole in the middle to absorb all the suspense there could have been.

Even if it did, I think the audience will still say it was a boring movie.

I can't say for sure, but one thing I do know for sure is that Frozen is a thoroughly enjoyable thriller.

Frozen is a very talky film and this may bore some whose attention can easily wander.

Then people would complain how boring it was.

Though somewhat talky at times, the film is intense enough to warrant attention.

Gripping would describe it.

Pretty damn intense!

Even worse she supposedly falls asleep in the lift with her bare hand gripping the metal safety bar and wakes up to find her skin frozen to it?

If it was made by students for a school project it still is unwatchable.

Please, please, don't waste your precious time on this crap like I did; I feel soiled and tainted now.

Worth the watch even though it is quite a simple movie it has quite a good depht to it.

A Gynocentric Waste of Time .

If you are expected this to be dull due to the simple premise of three people trapped on a ski lift, you'll be wrong.

I enjoyed it very much.

Thrilling, chilling, daring, brilliant - a masterpiece of the heart .

The writers, director, and producer should be dragged out into the street and shot.

Yeah, that dragged on a bit too!

Also, the beautiful photography directing helped making this film thrilling and entertaining.

It is a really intense horror drama without anything supernatural, without any special effects and without an excellent budget.

It started very slow, and with the actors acting (sic) like they were reading a script for the first time, it was just hard to pay attention.

After now viewing it again a few years later, I actually enjoyed it more.

And so, as a consequence, we as an audience are forced to oppressively boring conversations and excruciatingly painful dialogue.

At one point, it was mentioned that there were cameras in the resort - surely as a basic procedure you would check cameras first to make sure that the resort was empty.

SPOILER: It's cold, so I'll just leave my exposed hand attached to a frozen metal pole and doze off......

The basic premise of the film is too intriguing and never leaves you with a question mark like most other thrillers.

" Boooo Hissss What an incredible waste of time.

I must say that this film really sucks you in and makes you feel like your in the film and the tension really builds up and the film had me on the edge of my seat!.

Tedious .

If you can stay awake through the mind-numbingly dull dialogue at the start.

Worst movie ever .

The suspense and thrill keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Its a kind of film that sneaks up on you and afterwards you think jeez that was actually really entertaining.

This got boring very quickly.

mind blowing.

After watching it, I flt as if this movie was really a waste of time.

but apart from a couple of silly moment this film is short and sweet and entertaining.

"Frozen" will freeze you in your seats.. Gripping thriller.

i had just seen buried, which was a whole lot of terrible, and expected the entire movie to be boring simply because of the premise of being "trapped" somewhere.

It was freaky enough and "thrilling".

It's a thrilling look at how, even though we humans have extended ourselves into nature with technology, how reliant we are on that technology.

Adrenaline - shaker .

Last, the wolves was an unexpected turn for me.

but honestly, this is the WORST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN.

The only slight problem with the film is the script and usually I would rate films with weak scripts a little lower, but I've given it a 7 because it is one of the most gripping and intense films that I've seen for some time.

There's A New Number One - FOR WORST MOVIE EVER .

do you do that?.. So, no cell phones, no telling anybody-don't know why-, and lastly but very important, this cannot happen!.. every chair that is empty is RED marked, and only after all chairs are RED marked is the chair machine pulled off.. so, .. weak weak weak and dumb movie for dumb people.. And, yes there are cameras stationed on the tracks, so owners of the ski resort can check how is the weather, station etc.. doing.. and they would pick up this idiots that don't deserve to live anyway cuz they are soo badly scripted that it makes this movie one of the worst in 2010!..

THOUGHTS:The movie was downright gripping.

Inconsistencies and boredom ruin a fairly unique idea .

These characters are realistic and their motivations are as well, but watching them talk, cry and quickly turn on each other just makes for a dull experience.

Frozen is far from perfect, and gets off to a little of a shaky/predictable start with its characters.

I also appreciated the multiple camera shots of "nothing": the mountain, sky, trees, and empty chair lifts.

Frozen was a total waste of time and annoying as hell.

In conclusion, the actors in this movie were extremely dumb making it unbearable to watch.

The rest of it is so gut wrenchingly boring that I had to fast forward through it in short increments.

the movie offers "some" cruel and intense moments.

The script nearly predictable.

It is not a great thriller, but it is compelling, terrifying, and engaging despite (perhaps because of) its minimalist approach.

To conclude, I really appreciated the movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes movie that play in nature or in isolated places and to anyone who likes realistic and tension filled dramas or slow paced horror movies.

I thought that this was a great and different idea for a film and it is very suspenseful.

frustrating and rather boring.

What there was was a satisfyingly gripping story which kept us entertained throughout.

OK, the good bits, the acting was good, the dialogue compelling and involving and it made a good story.

Dan, in particular, comes off as pretentious and condescending and – worse of all – boring.

This was the most realistic (for dialog and emotion) and tense (for intense realistic injury and suspense) horror film I have seen in along time.

this movie is upsetting chilling grisly intense terrifying gruesome as hell effecting as someone dying.

Well, it was slightly enjoyably once the main event finally did got started but the predictable ending took that slight enjoyment away instantly.

Overall, this film was a waste of my time, and that time is something I will never get back.

This brilliant idea is underwritten with some of the most boring filler exposition dialogue ever written (except the exposition is done for 20 minutes in the middle of the film ugh.

This was, without question, one of the most terrifying and suspenseful movies I have ever seen.

Thrilling, suspenseful and fine horror too in some ways.

Frozen is certainly an exciting and gripping film that is also well made with generally excellent acting.

Maybe the most predictable film ever made.

There was one character introduced in the beginning who doesn't appear in the rest of the film, which seems odd and pointless(or maybe I'm missing something?

In fact I think most will be bored and ready to hit the fast forward before the film is done.

Frozen is an effectively suspenseful (and at times uncomfortably realistic) survival horror flick that had me captivated once the premise got moving and never let up.

I walked out of the theater felling angry about it.

enjoyable with a real sense of terror .

Now otherwise, taking it for what it is, Frozen is pretty f*ing thrilling.

It works great and kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole running time.

Pretty damn thrilling .

Rather it is the what-if moments that can be drawn out from real life that makes it all the more frightening, since there's always the nagging thought of the same happening to oneself, that makes the mind whip up its intense imagination into overdrive.

Yes, it's really that gripping.

What follows is quite intense and at some points very hard to watch, my Mrs had to leave the room at 2 very strong points in the film.

This is a terrifying concept, and I was surprised at how serious and intense it frequently came off as being.

The acting was horrible, the script was poorly written, and the film followed no plot whatsoever.