Frozen II (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa's powers in order to save their kingdom.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Chris Buck
Stars: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 169 out of 1024 found boring (16.5%)

One-line Reviews (557)

That's all I got Animation: Realistic (except for the characters) Voice Acting: Cringeworthy ( it's a kids movie ) Story: Pointless Songs: Meh Oscar Worthy?

I'm only 2 years older than her, and I think it was boring and childish.

8 Stars for Original Story, Great Music, and Stunning Animation .

Again, in my personal opinion, I was floored & excited that Frozen went into some dark & intense places.

So predictable .

But this time she was bored to death, songs were bad and nobody remembers any of them for sure, some of them were terrible.

The animation was detailed and stunning, Olaf could not be any more relatable, and of course Anna and Elsa were the power duo of the century.

The music, while not as catchy and creative as the first movie, was good and was entertaining throughout.

Boring, weak and unoriginal story.

I have seen it twice and laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed it both times!

So boring, I almost fell asleep.

No message or example could be more relevant in this moment.

Most of this went completely over the head of my young daughter who loved the first film, and to be honest bored her a little as she turned round to look at the projection booth, eat her pop corn and wait for something resembling entertainment to appear on the screen.

The animation and visuals are stunning.

The sequences were cheesy and the transitions were awkward while the plot was confusing for children and stretched out.

My wife fell asleep and didn't even see the ending, and I wish I didn't either.

Besides the darker tone, I enjoyed it, for nostalgic reasons and because it was Frozen I give it and 8/10.

That's hard to follow and live up to, let alone exceed!

We loved it as a family and anything Can be better but I think it was very enjoyable

I think the movie is a success because, on top of the songs and everything, they didn't use the same formula for their storyline as the prequel Frozen, instead, it's a totally different directions with unexpected twists.

The movie was overall very disappointing and boring.

Terribly boring, Olaf's character is embarrassing.

I didnt like it that much, it wasnt bad per se, but this movie was kinda empty.


To be honest it bored this adult too.

An enjoyable time .

The villain in this was so stupid and at times I felt like wanting to fall asleep.

Ho hum.

A confusing plot doesn't affect what is a magical experience .

It felt like something happened, but nothing happened at the same time.

For animation 5/5 superb as always, for music 0/5, too many songs, not enough rhythm or proper lyrics, too many bad songs misplaced and crowded the movie, even my 8 yrs old niece was bored of it.

I enjoyed the adventure with some parts sad to watch it remained enjoyable with a savoury sweet balance.

The story tells a visit to the forest of the elements, where an unexpected event would have caused the city's inhabitants to be separated from the four fundamental elements: air, fire, earth and water.

I thought that there was some dull plot points and a few of the characters were either over or underused.

really enjoyed it.. .

it's pretty well executed for the most part, it keeps the intensity, and the events of the film more suspenseful and interesting, supplied with lots of good comedic moments mainly from Olaf and Sven, I also like how Elsa is now the main protagonist who now has to take the entire film, we get to learn about her past and what happen with her parents, there is also a really emotional scene also which did make me cry and so much more, it's all presented with lots of great elements that works!....

Despite all the spectacle, she remains a fascinating and important female figure in Disney's modern canon.

However, this movie just really feels like it's trying to make up with the storyline that's hard to follow with amazing visuals.

The story is all over the place and boring, no notable character development arcs, and it seems there is nothing much at stake.

Elsa's new song is stunning and catchy though, and in my opinion, is right up there with Let It Go.

There were still a few enjoyable songs in Frozen II, even though most of them don't connect well with the story being told.

Although the movie was stunning, the music was bland.

Visually Stunning, Lacking in Story.

No story line at all.

But it turned out disappointing as the entire premise on why the enchanted forest was blocked seems unreasonable and the key to solve the climax was too simple and cliche.

The emotional crux of this movie is absolutely breathtaking, and the search for identity in a changing world is so sensitively and emotionally portrayed.

This was visually stunning, the music is amazing (my family hasn't stopped listening to the soundtrack since we left the theatre yesterday), we were all in tears during the film.

As someone who was 11 when the first frozen came out, the second coming out all these years later was pretty exciting.

Disney decides to unnecessarily preach to us about reparations, while dangling it's liberal propaganda in our faces and then distracting us with witty humor.

There are a lot of predictable moments in Frozen II, in fact I feel like many parts of the story were directly stolen from better films.

The songs aren't as memorable and there's no signature power ballad, but the darker, more mature adventure and hardships the characters endure make it an engaging and emotional ride.

The songs are better, the story is more engaging and the characters aren't as dumb.

Even kids got bored and left the hall.

Older children may find it predictable and boring.

This was actually quite boring and predictable.

The storyline is unexpected.

The first frozen movie was a big cashcow for Disney so a sequal to the hitmovie was predictable.

The story is not perfect in the pace and it is simple, but on the most part it's very absorbing, it's just as fun and heartfelt as that for the first film.

My boys (5 & 3) loved it and all the kids we were with definitely enjoyed it.

AndB) The predictable storyline.

Super predictable and overused plotline that is hardly even mentioned...

Only one song was enjoyable (Lost in the Woods is a jam, change my mind).

No story, and awful songs every 5 minutes.

So, while nothing that is going to make my top ten list of all time, I found this movie very enjoyable.

He was irritating in the first movie but now he's unbearable.

Such an exciting movie.

But the songs of Frozen II are so dissonant and pointless that I had to skip most of those, except for "All is Found" by Evan Rachel Wood.

It was very confusing.

Our whole family enjoyed it, we laughed a bit, we cried a bit and we left with that yummy warm all over feeling.

Let the propaganda seep into your child's mind without filters.

They got Joe Boring.

And no story.

There's no story .

Nice put together story line, very good songs, absolutely STUNNING jaw dropping graphics - the best.

They are really boring and charmless.

Which leads to the soundtrack, which is simply stunning.

Never less, it is still really enjoyable!

Additionally, the first act is actually quite engaging.

Providing answers to questions we never had, feeling uninteresting.

Surely not as good as the first chapter, but still quite entertaining!

It brings together the group of characters we've grown to love, with stunning animation and new ballads.

The storytelling is still good, yet the story itself degraded in complexity and power, and what we get is rather "a predictable sequel story" based on second-hand ideas, than a fairy-tale about princesses and sorcery.

Even though the plot made zero sense to me and I'm still trying to figure out if Elsa is even remotely human lol, it was a pretty good watch I suppose, I mean my daughter really enjoyed it when we watched it in the cinema & when she got to watch it with her sister on disney +.

But the movie was too predictable.

This won't add too many fans, but it is entertaining.

As an adult, I had a hard time following the story, and the reveal or conclusion was unsatisfying and dull.

Yes, "Frozen II" is a sequel but it's classic Disney and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

However I was so bored by hour one I just wanted it to be over.

The story is so dull and the songs don't serve any purpose to move the story.

Hard to follow the plot .

Even Olaf was bored to death.

Yet the overall narrative barely held together as a coherent story, from its entirely literal call to adventure then through one contrived conflict and convenient solution after another, ending a series of underwhelming climaxes.

But for what it sets out to be, it is surely entertaining and a great romp for families to enjoy together.

Some scenes were boring (unneeded), dialogues were repetitive (also boring), songs were not good.

Enjoyable, excellent visuals, lacking story.

Hard to follow unless you don't think about many parts of the story.

it's the first time I want to leave the cinema in the middle of a movie .

Disney made the story very hard to follow and like commercial interruptions every 8-10 minutes while watching a movie on network TV, it destroys the story and attention to the plot development.

And it's a shame because not much happened in the movie in the first place, and it had several pointless and/or unnecessary plot elements that went nowhere, not to mention some pretty straight up stupid stuff in it, like the whole thing with what happened with Elsa and her discovery and the result of it; just pointless stupidity that was meaningless and went nowhere.

The males are all shoved into the background as blundering incompetents, and Frozen II drags in the usual tiresome Leftist propaganda blaming "bad" Europeans for "oppressing" all other "good" peoples.

It can get predictable, as I know their dad is going to be rescued by their mom.

I, on the other hand, very quickly got bored.

The duet with the reindeer was pretty hilarious and the visuals were stunning.

The breathtaking vocals, immersive animation, beautiful message and intense story put all together makes it an all-time unforgettable hit.

The storyline is relatively engaging.

I loved this movie & I'm a 35 yr old man who took his three daughters to see it & i probably enjoyed it more!!!

Btw, the way the plot unfolds is really bad, it's confusing, it's delivered through a very bad exposition, and in the end it's completely irrelevant.

I'd say I prefer this one than the first one,they seem to put more efforts in this one,especially the visuals,they are STUNNING!

Enjoyable throughout with most songs hitting the mark.

This was easily the worst storyline, the other ones are just predictable.

When she is fighting with the ocean and the spirit of the water, it is totally cool and engaging.

Boring, unmemorable, no real melodies, only this annoying "Daa Da Daa Daaaa", which is some kind of brainwashing...

The plot in the sequel is just an excuse for the existence of the sequel, which does not work in any way, except for the banal desire of the studio to earn more and more on the already cult brand.

Overall i enjoyed it, maybe even a little bit more then the first one.

" or some others from "Frozen", but the tunes here are engaging and fun.

The Kristoff proposing to Anna subplot went nowhere really fast and it took up a sizeable portion of the movie; mainly consisting of Anna misinterpreting Kristoff's intentions due to her naiveté.

The music and visuals are stunning, and the background of this world is enriched and expanded is interesting ways.

I found the story to be quite engaging all throughout the movie, and the end in my opinion is fairly great.

With that said, it does have good stuff: the songs are great (especially with how jaw-droppingly odd the "Lost in the Woods" song is), the animation is gorgeous, the concepts are fascinating, they're just...

As always, the visuals are breathtaking and almost look realistic at times, the voice work is very impressive, and the messages throughout the movie are all great for kids, which is who this film is made for first and foremost.

A lacklustre plot is made forgivable if the characters we follow are engaging.

Engaging .

I found it really hard to follow, and I was just confused when I watched it.

Visually stunning, worthy to be frozen in memory .

Confusing, overly long bore .

Boring and no decent songs .

This is easily the best looking non-Pixar Disney film to date and it is exciting to anticipate the future of 3D animated films as a result.

Funny, interesting, and emotionally gripping.

First, let me say that I think the visuals are stunning.

Like others have said, the songs were bland and forgettable, aside from Kristof's hilarious riffing on Queen, Whitesnake and Peter Cetera (Chicago) all in the same tune...

Boring, pretty forgettable .

It's still entertaining, with some cool songs, beautiful images (the hair of the girls was so well rendered and the snow and fire effects were truly magical), and even real funny moments.

Could have been much better if the movie was a bit more serious and a bit less humorous, then again it's a kids movie, but still the humor at times feels boring.

Boring and cliche story, with the exception of the visuals.

Absolutely worth the watch for kids!

The story of convoluted and uninspiring.

The end product becoming a painful pretentious mess about what Anna is meant to be and what Elsa already is (Could you imagine Charlton Heston or William Shatner belting out lines in this movie?

The visuals are incredible, the songs are catchy, the plot is gripping, the characters are more developed and the action scenes have more...

I enjoyed it.

Anna was shunted off to her own pointless side-quest with Olaf, and Kristoff was...

Most of the humour surprisingly worked; Olaf has not worn out his welcome yet, which I was relieved to see, and Kristoff and Sven bouncing off each other comedically worked about half of the time, however this humour is in service to a completely pointless subplot.

Disney made movies to grab money and this movie have no story no sense no fantasy no understanding and no physics.

The music was bad why they waste people's money I don't know.

This film keeps true to the themes of the original but goes in different and unexpected directions.

Frozen 2 provides numerous of new and exciting events.

And so despite the long running time, it felt overall anti-climactic and boring.

A very enjoyable sequel .

So boring .

A safe card play by Disney but its still enjoyable and full of fun to watch it.

Since it's a movie primarily aimed towards children, it became predictable.

Don't waste your time on watching this.

Definitely worth watching!

Overall, Frozen II is quite good and enjoyable.

Just as entertaining as the First, Goes More Into Detail .

Lastly I recommend this movie if you're really bored and have nothing better to do with your life.

I also find it very refreshing to have a story be this intense without the need of a Disney villain.

Money making, significantly forgettable and boring.

The movie was slow going in the first and second act, picking it up for the third, which was great.

So many contrived instances that made me facepalm in my seat.

all I have to say is that they are the most boring, uninteresting characters in Disney movies...

Don't waste your money.

The animation was absolutely stunning.

Thrilling song and beautiful comedy.

As well as this we get to learn the backstory of some boring characters which made them cooler.

Awkward in an entertaining way.

I was impressed that the theme was born after enduring a long boring scene, and I was able to get into the movie.

Very disappointing, this movie was pretty boring and was so dark.

And it's very boring.

To our surprise this was utterly boring.

But, his song, which is so unrememberable it's not even worth looking up the title of, was a snorefest.

It's visually stunning, the story is GREAT.

Boring 2 .

Stunning movie .

Reading some of the reviews here saying it was too predictable or messy.

With the sequels "into the unknown" being (questionably) the main song, it's surprisingly drab.

The only saving grace is that my son found it just as dull as I did so at least i won't have to sit through it again!

Dark, dull and too many songs .

Have never had a problem with Olaf, Sven is adorable and Iduna is a compelling addition.

The plot is confusing while it happens, and horrible once it's over.

Very predictable.

I wouldn't say this is better then the original, but i would it's just as enjoyable.

I havent seen this level of natural detail since MOANA, and it is stunning from beginning to end.

I found this sequel boring, mostly because of the bad songs every 5 minutes (none left in mind).

Frozen 2 really messed up the storytelling the plot is all over the place and some part of the movie are so boring.

As a father of 11yo sisters I'm sure my girls found this movie quite empowering, and I quite enjoyed it as well.

The main conflict is also boring.

The movie was enjoyable, I'm not saying it was totally miserable to watch.

It's really worth watching.

Uninspiring sequel .

Where the first Frozen smashed cinemas and our icy hearts with more charm than Charmander, this Disney disappointment flirts far too often with boredom.

My guess is that the money was speaking rather than the artistic intentions of the filmmakers trying to tell a compelling story.

It makes little sense, it feels rushed, it kinda makes the whole movie pointless and it turns the movie into a borderline white saviour story.

Best of all, we get a story that Is compelling without being like anything that's come before-and that leaves you feeling real dramatic tension despite the fact that it doesn't follow a traditional narrative.

The story was just as good as frozen 1 and the songs in the movie were breathtaking.

The exploration of the past and its truth really creates an exciting plot that is very original.

This new movie offers some really good world building, all in service to a story that is pretty formulaic.

Second, the scene where Olaf recounts the entirety of the first movie went on for far too long.

It was really predictable, and the songs made me cringe.

They were able to really showcase the capabilities of Idina Menzel's voice, Olaf's naiveness made for another cute solo from Olaf and Kristoff finally has a full solo as well which I thought he did fantastic in singing and really gave off that 80's ballad vibe which was very entertaining to watch.

This is a movie with emotion and it is really funny and people who loved The first one Will love this i thought it was better than The first worth The watch

Although the plot does admittedly require some more polishing and time to truly bring its full potential, it is already an engaging entertainment with deep philosophical messages.

It has a thrilling plot, new songs that WILL get stuck in your head and Olaf is even more loveable and funnier!

Beautiful pictures and breathtaking backgrounds.

I believe there were more then 10 songs and most of it were irritating and boring.

All in all, the movie is great, I really enjoyed it and I recommend that people go watch it, though the story is predictable, its still pretty entertaining.

I enjoyed thiss so much but this is very boring in some scene especially the fitting part when kristof singing...

The plot was hard to follow in some spots ...

Simple moments for kids mixed with long and really boring and abstract conversations about family ties, past and stuff that no kid understood, kids were running around and touching the screen.

Continuing the first style, the protagonist image is more full, it is a film worth watching the third part at the same time.

Entertaining enough.

And children under age 10 will likely fall asleep.

A must see for any Frozen fan, visually stunning and some very memorable tunes including the show stopping Show Yourself performed by none other than Elsa (Idina Menzel) and the mystifying Into the Unknown also performed by Menzel.

The songs are rubbish, the lyrics are empty and the worst.

This titel was a good one, they made it an empty something.

Frozen 2 is a great sequel that explores mature themes but is brought down slightly by a few predictable narrative revelations.

It's definitely worth watching over and over again!

Speaking of entertaining, Olaf is a character that's supposed to entertain everyone with his stupidity.

Horrible musical, no plot, incredibly boring.

Boring and childish .

That's the best part of this meandering, pointless, movie.

Frozen II reminds me a lot of last year's Ralph Breaks the Internet: not necessary and not as great as the first, but entertaining.

The plot is boring and it is a huge disappointment if you compare with the first movie.

With Frozen II's more complicated story line, the characters are reduced down to boring, unrelatable placeholders that only exist to reach a goal.

Slooooow, boring attempt to sell more kids music CDs.

but too many boring songs none can be compared to LET IT GO or LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR!

It was difficult to follow the story through all of the forced musicals throughout the movie.

S: 4 year old daughter got a bit scared of the giant rock men but overall enjoyed it while 9 year old son did not get bored of it which is an accomplishment in itself.

The biggest problem for me was just how predictable it was.


Predictable ending

This is darker and more intense than the first one and explores the Frozen verse's mythology and magical side of things in more depth.

Even realizing all the disadvantages of the film, I still enjoyed it.

Worst movie I have seen in a while, Painful to sit through a floundering story that was all over the place.

The plot was very hard to follow sometimes.

If you go in with a critical mind, you may not enjoy it as much, but it is very entertaining

This is the third worst movie I've ever seen.

This is such as predictable scene.

It was way too long.

I still enjoyed it for many reasons, it's still Frozen first of all and I also enjoyed it for nostalgic reasons.

The mythology is intriguing and beautifully crafted.

The breathtaking animation helps to elevate astounding voice work and heart.

She even made the same mistakes this time and is mostly unbearable to watch or listen to.

The visual effects are absolutely stunning.

Dark, Bland, & Boring .

The animation was great, the storyline was average and predictable.

The side-characters are boring and don't get anything to do.

The animation is breathtaking.

The worst movie being the emoji movie.

Wow the film looked absolutely stunning.

Absolutely Stunning .

You have been fascinating all ages of people.

With an emotionally complex narrative, Elsa's powers are explored and developed in a captivating, creative, fun, and entertaining way.

However, Elsa's character development was neat as well as her stunning changes in appearance.

Instead, i found it quite enjoyable.

It just seems a little odd that that was one of the only predictable parts while everything else was so convoluted.

Enjoyable Sequel, Stunning visuals, convoluted story, Good music .

I can safely say that Frozen 2 wowed me - it has a darker and more serious nature than the first film, and a compelling storyline.

Disney made a movie based on the success of the first but this sequel was boring, with no solid story, full with poor songs and a fast ending...

Enjoyable sequel .

Elsa & Anna are growing up & are given so much more character & depth here as this wonderful Autumn set story unfolds, each character is given strength & real emotion like real actors & the animation is stunning!!.

It's so slow, with an incredibly weak storyline, and lots of boring, depressing songs, all of which are totally forgettable.

I found myself excruciatingly bored throughout most of the movie.

Everything worked so perfectly that it's just so predictable.

The trailers delivered almost everything that they promised: uncovering mysteries, character growth, and the promise of high stakes, all while giving us these stunning visual moments.

I expected some drop off as Frozen 1 was top shelf but this one was fairly boring.

The music is more interesting, the message is less simple and cheesy, and the effects are stunning.

It has nice music, stunning visuals and...

Super entertaining.

It might seem overly simplistic, but I am writing the review during the covid confinement crisis, and these two basic ideas prove strong and universal rules of how to navigate an unstable, unpredictable, surprising or anxiogenus environment.

Unexpected .

Fun, Entertaining just like its predecessor.

, the one detail I also am really loving is the freckles, we know Anna has a lot, but you can clearly that Elsa has a few and Kristoff, usually in animated films, human characters just have normal skin without my features, I know Pixar can also add some freckles in some of their films also and I believe DreamWorks, Blue Sky has also done this, but it is a legit great little detail that I love, Olaf is creative as usual, the song "When I Get Older", is when I think Olaf gets even more creative, every unpredictable movement coming from the snowman is just funny, clever and creative, in fact all the songs in this film have beautiful and imaginative visuals in each and every one of them, like "Into the Unknown", "Show Yourself" and so much more, the animators worked the hardest they can with this film, to make it beautiful, stylish, magical, creative and funny and they certainly did a great of making this animation more spectacular then ever before!.

It's truly beautiful, with wonderful graphics and rousing songs.

The plot is simple and, sometimes, when the character sings their emotions and thoughts, a bit slow.

And after watching it, I can say that this is a fun hour and a half movie that is visually stunning and emotionally resonating.

The story is sloppily written, trite, and just disappointing.

The song is kinda decent, but the purpose of the song was so cathartic and liberating that it was kinda fascinating to watch.


Like I said, the whole movie feels kinda pointless.

Very obvious crash grab by disney, there is basically no plot at all.

Stunning visuals .

Great visuals and songs but no plot.

Definitely a movie worth watching if you like the first one.

No story .

Second half was very thrilling and we were at the edge of our seats!

Overall, Frozen 2 is quite entertaining with a good story, great visuals and music, and great character interactions with Elsa and Anna.

No catchy tunes, desperate storyline and tbh really boring to watch.

Trolls is the second worst movie of all time that I've seen.

Bravo to story writers and visually stunning CGI.

We left the theater somewhat disappointed and certainly confused about the take-aways.

This "Movie" has stunning visuals and NOTHING else!

It is literally a waste of time and money, one of the worst cartoon Disney made .

The first 15 minutes was funny, cute and engaging.

Don't raise your expectations too high, though this should be an enjoyable enough ride for fans of the first film.

Very formulaic, predictable.

It was very hard to follow and didn't make sense for the most part.

Black screen bored me .

Overall this film is a waste of time.

It was absolutely stunning, they knew their audience and made it deeper and more beautiful, the story was so fulfilling.

Still recommend if bored or nothing to watch.

To top it off, the new elements introduced in this film are either predictable plot points or over-done tropes.

How any kids likes pointless movie .

This is a forgettable, lazy movie that is so empty that it's actually just sad.

Kristoff is pretty entertaining and I actually do buy his relationship with Anna more, and it's fun to see him propose to her .

"Into the Unknown" and "Show Yourself", both of which leave a vast emotional impact, are the best, though "Lost in the Woods" is also pretty entertaining.

The story is simple and empty, even though there are elements of teaching ("taking the right next step" etc).

But Frozen II is still an enjoyable ride.

I felt good watching it in theatres, but after I walked out, and started thinking critically about what I saw, things started to fall apart.

Truthfully I found this movie pretty boring.

Otherwise it was enjoyable, the songs were great as always, the evolution of the characters was a nice change.

The emotional feels are lacking and/or feel contrived.

A good film with good intentions but ultimately bland .

Adults will enjoy it too but probably find it bland.

Still entertaining and my daughter enjoyed it.

In fact, the first special effects are enough to be breathtaking, especially the dynamic scenes where the earth is frozen and snow melts.

The new musical numbers are pleasurable to the ears; namely "Into the Unknown", which is emotionally riveting.

In fact, the scene that made it into the "dark trailer" was thrilling at most, nothing edgy or scary folks.

The songs are not quite as catchy as the first Frozen and there is no true power ballad to match Let It Go (cue a sigh of relief from parents), but still are powerful and in true Disney fashion, tall a story while entertaining.

This breathtaking action epic is must see.

I found this very boring and pretty much the same as the first movie.

I thought that there was a few parts of the plot that were a bit dull and boring.

Some beautiful animation of course, but the story seemed rather complicated and confusing for children.

I want to say that this movie is visually breathtaking and the animation is superb.

This adult enjoyed it a lot!

The story was all over the place, too many things that led to nothing, stories didn't connect very well together, plot holes left and right, the solution too simplistic and predictable, nothing original or groundbreaking here unlike the first movie.

It felt like it had no storyline at all and definitely no climax.

Some songs were good and other ones kind of boring and annoying.

the pace is too slow.

The songs were great, and although the movie did have some serious themes presented, it included several hilarious sequences which I believe are enjoyable for all ages.

We both fell asleep wishing the nightmare would end so we could leave.

The story here is really good and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

the story is pointless and you will be so happy to see the end credits.

Incredibly boring.

Sure entertaining.

The story has a really solid 2nd act, 1st was a little slow and the 3rd was a little too cookie cutter.

The film achieves this, but somehow the personal mystery gets a little undercut by pointless politics.

Don't waste ur money .

The parody of pop rock music videos from the 80s was the ONLY part of this sequel worth watching.

Very predictable and unsatisfying story.

So we see Olaf playing mime games with Kristoff and Sven as teammates and the fun is interrupted when Elsa starts hearing a mysterious melody, a sound I kept humming when I left the theater.

I find the need for a hero pointless, because you already know what is going to happen.

They stuff a contrived story down your throat - having to explain everything at each step because nothing made sense.

them songs every 5 minutes got me bored

It's definitely worth watching for all fans of the original movie.

Recently, Disney movies and especially Disney sequels are horrendous and merely unwatchable (I'm looking at you Maleficent: Mistress of Evil).

Tedious Storyline .

First part is best for emotions and story while the second part is more mind blowing only on screen.

Very entertaining.

They had to make sure Elsa have an amazing transformation because Let It Go was such a hit, so they tried to think of one reason to do so, and that makes the 5th element reveal rather dull.

Would I say I enjoyed it more than the first one?

So i wish the film was consistently entertaining throughout.

Aside from that I found it enjoyable.

The effects animation is painterly and stunning.

Engrossing world building, song and story .

Movie was very boring and the plot was copied from every other disney movie seen.

I walk into the theater expecting to be entertained with new catchy songs, stunning visual effects, just like it's successful prequel and wasnt let down since the movie kept on doing such an amazing job in the musical aspect of the franchise, mostly thanks to the very talented voice actors that all returned for their roles and also the new blood.

Was soo boring.

However that scene was entertaining.

Argument very confused and boring....

Unless there's nothing else to see or do, save your money.

Old yesterday, and really enjoyed it!

On the other hand the plot sucks, It's very messy and boring.

Those of you who love Disney movies in today's day and age should be all too familiar with the way Disney fills it's modern day features up with social justice propaganda and environmental stewardship instructions, or any other fad of the day.

I found it boring and needs a fkn gecko fire thing to add drama.

Overall, this movie was way worse the first one, quite surprising they went this way, boring and stupid story line.

A lot of questions about Elsa are answered and in an entertaining way.

Frozen 2 has confusing story, lots of plot holes, unnecessary new characters with no backstory, and lots of annoying songs.

No story just another episode .

It is breathtaking and an emotional roller coaster.

There are intense scenes, and the choices the characters make are relatable.

Frozen 2 offers a mysterious,thrilling and exciting new adventure.

The story for me was unexpectedly good and both creative and entertaining.

The songs are amazing and it's all so intense.

The detail in each hair, tree, etc was stunning.

I imagine that a lot of parents were able to find it at least entertaining.. and then to find out that Weezer performs the song in the credits is just too fun.

As for the complaint that there's no story...

I thought the original had great music and visuals, but the story was entertaining and the characters were relateable.

Predictable, rushed....

Stunning animation, better-than-ok music, ho-hum plot line .

Sure some things were kind of predictable, but I truly enjoyed it and the visuals were stunning without going overboard on the effects like in the original trailer for Sonic which tried too hard to make him realistic and got fans in an uproar.

Boring and boring .

The story made little sense and was far too long.

It is visually stunning.

It's still quite enjoyable and has more story than one would expect in a sequel.


enjoyed it .

The new songs were enjoyable, even if there was no song quite as good as Let it Go and others were trying to replicate the magic of the first movie.

Slow moving, sluggish script and way too much singing.

Overall, I consider this movie to be better than average do to the stunning visuals and strong (yet cliche) theme.

Altogether Frozen II is an engaging sequel, one that I believe could fully stand in its own right.

Even for Disney standards it was just too much cliche imo.

Skip to the closing credits and enjoy their music unencumbered by the confusing sketches that preceded it.

The story is boring, there isn't much of a story in the first place.

Forgettable and boring .

I was bored more and more in this story because the family drama came into the story.

"Into the Unknown" was a little much, like it was written to showcase Idina Menzel's vocal power, but overall, enjoyable score.

They were totally boring.


I don't know why they would do that, it feels like a waste of time.

It's either trite or it's snooze-inducing, take your pick.

Not as great as first movie, Too much singing part, Bored Story line .

The story was quite convoluted, but there were some good themes and I found the story interesting, even if it was hard to follow.

No memorable songs, boring, predictable plot.

The animation in Frozen II is stunning.

The problem with this one was it had the absolute worst, uninspiring & horribly boring songs!

The film starts promisingly enough however rapidly descends into a total yawn fest.

Makes the whole a bit boring.

The "Story" is boring and more like a torture.

The movie is really good, animation is stunning, storyline is also good though the ending felt rushed and should have been extended by couple of minutes, it also left some of the questions unanswered.

I as an adult enjoyed it, and so too my mother and my wife.

The characters got rushed through some quick set ups, told us a bunch of plot points they just pulled out of the air, hardly had any time to make us feel for them, enjoy their company or laugh with them,All in all it was a confusing, un-fun, technically good looking and sounding, waste of an afternoon.

The story is both complicated and dull, and there isn't one memorable song in the whole movie.

Stick to entertaining children, not indoctrinating them.

It just dragged on and on, making no sense at all.

Worth the watch .

The storyline got a bit confusing at times and I think the message was lost.

Stunning fantasy....


Then there is the old cliché about the noble savages, for the lack of a better word; tribes that lives in complete harmony with nature.

We enjoyed it very much.

Slight boring .

I like how the plot builds a totally unexpected background story, where we get answers to the riddle from Frost 1.

Enjoyable .

But sometimes sequels feel just a little pointless, and this was one of those times.

Slow with no story .

So boring I fell asleep.

Most of the time I watching glow in the dark empty black screen behind the scenes.

Beware the Global Goddess Religion depicted in the Frozen movies, and teach your children to open their eyes to Globalist Propaganda, so that they may not be so easily manipulated.

Very good kids movie, but little boring for adults .

On the up side, the visuals were absolutely stunning.

Well i think this is the worst movie sequel, this movie destroyed the first one.

There's fun & laughter as Well as darker more emotional parts but it's all completely entertaining at all times.

This movie makes the mistake of choosing a cliche theme which is typical of Disney movie.

Spend so much but all you got is on empty black screen?

Unnecessary sequel, absurd non sense with confusing story .

This is one of the most visually stunning animated movies out there without resorting to gimmicks such as first person 3D drops and slides.

I wanted to like this one, looked forward to it, but within minutes it became clear that this was going to be one of those movies that want to be good by making them epic, which makes them boring imo.

Frozen II is an beautiful, powerful and phenomenal epic with intense emotion you can sense.

I really enjoyed the first movie but I feel very bored when I watched the second one.

Even the songs felt forced and dull.


It made for a film trying but failing to punch well above it's weight, more like a direct-to-video Aladdin sequel with higher production values then the unexpected breakout success of Frozen.

Weird and disjointed.

Entertaining and amazing for all ages .

The film is stunning with wonderful lighting, a stylish and thoughtful use of colour, detailed character animation, beautiful locations and quality character design.

This movie is well worth watching.

Elsa is simply a bland, lifeless shell with the sole purpose of singing Let It Go and acting as a plot driver for Anna, Kristoff and Olaf.

This movie is rushed and is so unrelated to the first movie that it becomes dumb, as well as this some of the characters are just awful like Elsa who is just the most boring and annoying character ever.

My kids enjoyed it so at least was good.

However the story is a little thin and confusing leaving the audience with more questions than answers and an uncertain path for sequels (though Disney will undoubtedly try to keep the cash cow going).

BUT on the other hand, I would recommend this movie for everything aside from the slightly confusing plot.

The animation was gorgeous but the entire movie felt empty and disappointing .

Devoid of the enchanting flavour & invigorating aura that made Frozen a classic for the new generation, Frozen II does steer into darker territory as it should and even had an interesting premise about mending the cracks left by forefathers in addition to Elsa's search for her origins but it fails to balance it all in a fascinating fashion and doesn't dig enough to strike a heartfelt chord.

Enchanting story, visually stunning and the humor is much more entertaining.

However, when all is said, the visuals are stunning, it is straight to the point, and doesn't try to top the genius of Frozen.

I think I enjoyed it most because I was not expecting anything to be as good as the first.

Cinematography/Costume - 8 out of 10 Breathtaking artwork and visuals transport you from one incredible scene to something truly epic the next.

I believe Elsa's and Anna's mundane life would be more interesting to watch than this quest of nothingness.

My partner fell asleep one third in and I envied her.

Great movie I enjoyed it.

Breathtaking and Inspiring .

Maybe some people will prefer the first one, but believe me, it's totally worth watching many times!

The rest of the film is unimaginative, the story is so predictable, I had it figured out within the first 10 minutes.

Anyone else will stare in wonder (assuming they can stay awake) at the incoherent plot.

The joke hit-rate is very high, the characterisation is rich and it's visually stunning.


As the two doze off, their father, the king, tell them the story of when he was little, there was an enchanted forest filled with people known as Northuldra's.

Farther more, only Elsa having any specials powers in a world of otherwise completely normal people only serves to alienate her father to the viewers and cause everything to be more purposeless and confusing.

But any girl who fell in love with Frozen 1 at age 12 years ago will not be caught dead watching this tediously long, confusing bore.

I do have to say the music was not as good as the first film (I know because after I left the theater I couldn't hum the melody of a single song).

In terms of the animation Frozen 2 is practically perfect and the heavier reliance on magic allows for several breathtaking scenes.

The animation is incredible and the film is visually stunning throughout.

I think the story was a little too complicated for the length of the film, so it feels a little rushed, but I really enjoyed it.

Boring and disappointing .

I really enjoyed it!!!!

While the animation was beautiful, the plot was dull, confusing, and pointless.

Very intense, lots of ideas.

It's the most dull story I could expected.

Waste your time .

Just to make this play much more exciting, I pretended to kick her.

The ice-related theme provides the opportunity for some really stunning sequences.

Extra notes: The music is very bland and boring.

This movie has stunning animation and graphics, yes.

Frozen 2 was mind blowing.

Just skip this one and save your money on something worthwhile.

However, the storyline was flat, boring, corny, and kill-me-now slow.

Enjoyable sequel .

Beautiful, Stunning Visuals .

It looks great, brings in some nordic mythology, but personally i found the story a little predictable.

The storyline is touchy and engaging, the graphics are first-rate, and the musical score is just fantastic.

She was the problem that every film needs to have as the integral latching-on point to give a concise and exciting narrative.

A confusing story-line.

Stunning .

Not as good as Frozen I, but still enjoyable.

I am a huge fan of Disney and frozen especially me and my best friend love this story and saw it the night it came and already knowing the lyrics to all the songs hahaIt is beautiful visually stunning and amazingly animatedThe music is phenomenal and so moving Favourite song is Show YourselfOlaf was better than ever and so funnyAnna and Elsa we got to see more of their personalities and their sister dynamics which is adorable to seeLoved kristoffs 80's queen themed song it was awesome and such comedic relief.

The songs were bland.

The story is even more predictable than the oscars.

Disney have played an absolute blinder here, with the first Frozen they created a true classic that captured the hearts of kids and adults alike, but I think they've managed to top it with Frozen IIThe visuals are stunning, the music and songs are great, the story moves along at a perfect pace and the characters we know and love all work to produce a truly magical experience.


An Exciting Time for Film .

Kudos also for the music which I thought was a lot more engaging than the first movies' tunes.

It was really enjoyable!

The music was too often and too boring.

I still think the first was better, but all in all, the movie was enjoyable, the animation was lovely and the storyline pretty interesting.

Too confusing for kids of any age (or even adults for that matter).

Now for the movie, the first hour is so boring, the writing is lazy and overall feels very rushed at times, the movie could have done a bit more efforts in explaining parts of the plot or making some scenes last longer, while at the same time could have cut certain scenes and still didn't make a difference.

The songs are like a torture, too!

The animation was stunning.

Maybe because I went into this movie not expecting anything, it was a really enjoyable watch for me.

Much more could be said of this, but it is a shame that Frozen 2 wrapped all of these ambitions in a confusing and extremely fast-paced way, losing some of the audience in the process.

Frozen I was an enjoyable movie for me, nothing more than that.

Boring and...

It's different but similar plot, setting, superb animation and use of colour keeps it entertaining and enjoyable throughout.

Brown is great as Mattias, Jason Ritter is pretty good as Ryder, Evan Rachel Wood is good as Iduna and everyone else does a pretty good job delivering their performances, most of the characters we all know and love are back and are even better then ever, with only two new great characters while some old and new characters don't do enough to support the film in any way, although the voice acting does save these characters from being dull I suppose, but overall, a good mix of characters, some are, funny, entertaining and memorable, while others....

Breathtaking epic is emotional, beautiful, stunning and visually immersive.

Visually it's stunning, the musical numbers were funny and moving and the story line didn't feel forced or contrived.

I felt like the over-arching purpose of this film was to showcase the talent's singing voices rather than tell a cohesive, engaging story.

The visuals were stunning as well

Boring .

My 3 year old kid got bored and wanted to leave the cinema.

Instead, the story (this time) was rather dry, predictable and even a little boring at times.

The production is stunning and better than the first.

They could've made it a really good movie if they just kept that focus in one flow my son and I agreed we thought they would have found there parents alive that would've be a wonderful part .. my daughter fell asleep...

The animation is absolutely stunning,the amount of detail that has been managed to be animated is insane and I appreciate it from the details in the clothing to the texture of the snow.

Torally boring .

The fact is Disney has become one giant cliche with their songs and writing.

It might even be more visually stunning in places than Frozen I.

The middle hour or so was just flat boring.

The animation was quite excellent and top notch, and the story quite engaging.

It is a dark plot and some intense fear scenes.

Full of music every 5mins, no story line and simply old fashion boring.

While the general story concept had promise, the actual script felt contrived.

The graphics are stunning!

The animation is even more stunning in this one, especially some of the scenes involving the ocean.

Other than the "Lost in the Woods" song, this was a complete waste of time.

Couple good songs, the rest were kind of boring (especially Kristoff's.. that whole scene should have been cut).

The story-line didn't call for itOlaf was childish, boring and just annoying.

The lush animation is supplemented by fascinating cinematography, colorful visual and sound effects as well as the implementation of realism in just the right amount.

There is little plot, and it feels like the songs are fillers for the lack of plot to bring the movie up to the required runtime.

But ultimately, 'Frozen II' really is fun, if a bit complex, and Olaf is hilarious, so it's plenty entertaining to take in(-to the unknoooooooown!

Having said that, it's still worth watching for Frozen fans.

Despite everything, Frozen 2 was enjoyable and humorous.

Number one was way more better and exciting ...

The film remains entertaining, technically brilliant and has very likeable characters who are excellently voiced.

The story is definitely bigger this time around and has a much clearer plot with plenty of comical moments that are perfectly balanced with more intense scenes.

Also, it was super entertaining.

An 80s music video-like romp from Groff's Kristoff is especially entertaining.

It's complex, engaging and well written...

I enjoyed it and never felt bored or mentally tuned out.

The first animated movie my little child didn't want to watch to the end, that's how boring it was.

From her running against a tide of waves to fighting against the four elements (water, fire, earth, and air), there are imaginative and incredibly entertaining scenes, which give the movie a level of entertainment superior to its predecessor.

I couldn't forget this emotional, phenomenally powerful and intense epic that made my number one favorite movie.

Disney seemed to forget everything that made Frozen so enjoyable in the first place - the simple plot line that made room for comedy and charming characters.

Consensus: This movie is a boring, lazy written movie that has the typical sequel-curse.

, it's so breathtaking, it almost has a photorealistic look to it, the effects with Elsa's powers and inside of the forest look so magical, colourful and impressive with what they can do and what they look like, each character still has that signature Disney design to them, they all look identifiable with their inquiry and great designs, with the beautiful looks of Elsa and Anna, the cartoony look of Olaf and so-and-so, the new characters look very interesting especially Lieutenant Mattias and the Salamander, Arendelle and the Forrest look incredibly beautiful, there is so much detail in every little area, I love it!

If I had to find a positive in all of this (besides the beauty of the animation), my 2 year old granddaughter really enjoyed it.

Set Design and Animation: Frozen 2 was a STUNNING !