Fun Size (2012) - Adventure, Comedy

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Wren's Halloween plans go awry when she's made to babysit her brother, who disappears into a sea of trick-or-treaters. With her best friend and two nerds at her side, she needs to find her brother before her mom finds out he's missing.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Josh Schwartz
Stars: Victoria Justice, Johnny Knoxville
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 12 out of 37 found boring (32.43%)

One-line Reviews (24)

The company's penchant for bottom-brow humour, borderline-insulting stereotypes and colourful sets over a competent plot again rears its disfigured head with Fun Size: a film so utterly contrived that even its target market of bright-eyed tweens may begin to question Mum and Dad's sanity in stringing them along.

It does try very hard and despite all odds it is surprisingly funny at times, and even a little touching however predictable it might be.

I found this movie VERY funny and the main characters very compelling, Jane Levy's character is probably one of my favourite supporting character's in a comedy film at the moment.

Johnny Knoxville as always ridiculously entertaining.

I liked how everything comes together though even if it's done in a predictable and unoriginal manner.

She wants to go to NYU, has an annoying, but likable, 8-year-old brother, Albert (Jackson Nicoll) and a single mom (an appropriately toned-down Chelsea Handler) who "shops at Forever 21" and is dating a boringly dumb model named Keevin (Josh Pence).

A night of crazy adventure is usually fun and compelling.

This is a plain, dim-witted, over-the-top and rarely funny film, which has an uninteresting storyline, stereotypical characters (the glamorous girls who fall in love with hot boys and the nerds with big glasses and rabbit teeth) and gross jokes (gross as in reference to sexual acts).

This is, yes, another entry in the tired genre I call, "maximum antics, minimum laughter," a film that has so many different setups and quirky events that it forgets to make them funny and entertaining.

This is one of those predictable and unoriginal family movie.

It is one of the least funny comedy movies I've ever seen, I didn't get a laugh or even a smile, the characters are recycled, pretentious and soulless.

The characters are dull and the cast can merely recite tired jokes, except for Jackson Niccol as the kid who just makes facial reactions and shrugs a lot.

The Nickelodeon brand adds to that confusion, being that parents expect to trust it for family entertainment.

Unexpectedly enjoyable .

In the end the girl is destined to come to some sort of realization about what she really deems important, which is predictable and does not add much to the movie.

Intertwined in this menial plot is just about every cliché conceivable under the tween dramedy genre.

Hence, the confusion over some irate parents who don't think it's appropriate for their young ones.

Not really funny so much as amusing, 'Fun Size' is an entertaining, if disposable, little treat.

It might be enjoyable for a small minority of people, but I'm sure most will be quite bored by it.

wow, that is a bland plot.

Wren's friend April, another self-indulgent character, only upset about the fact that she is missing the party being thrown by the hottest kid in school, is not even remotely likable, either, and Roosevelt and Peng are simply love-interests and helpful nerds that come in the nick of time.

Unfortunately, they take a slow route, and he evades them.

The Chicken shack scene was priceless and despite being cliché so many of the physical comedy scenes, and situations that they get into are genuinely funny and certainly worth watching if you can put your expectations in check.

The supporting characters are engaging as well, especially the little brother.