Furry Vengeance (2010) - Comedy, Family

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In the Oregon wilderness, a real-estate developer's new housing subdivision faces a unique group of protestors: local woodland creatures who don't want their homes disturbed.

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Roger Kumble
Stars: Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 16 out of 92 found boring (17.39%)

One-line Reviews (46)

So if you are looking for a funny entertaining film, it's not Furry Vengeance

Yes, it's really geared for kids but I enjoyed it too.

This may even be the single worst movie ever made so far.

Now replace all the funny human characters with painfully boring characters.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen!!.

The main problem i have with these characters is that they are bland,bland is one of the worst things your characters can be for the sake of the audience and gives absolutely no relatablity factor which doesn't allow for much character development as well.

There's too much bottom-of-the-barrel slapstick, an overpopulation of stupid characters, and predictable family drama.

There are some films that come out of America that are just dull, because they feature the same stencilled in characters, repeating the same story over and over again, just to make a couple of executives money.

The real problem is the direction, which is very uneven, and the slow pace.

The movie is not as bad as that, and the kids enjoyed it and got a few laughs.

But, while stupidity reins, boring the film ain't.

Still, the worst thing one can say about a movie is that it was boring.

Our 6 year old enjoyed it, he's at that age where adults being stupid, animals being smart, and lots of mess and stink are funny.

If entertainment is all you need, who cares if it's predictable, or not original?

And that type seems to be empty headed family comedies.

Fraser overacts dreadfully (but entirely appropriately given the nature of the material), there are entertaining turns from Wallace Shawn, Ken Jeong, and Billy Bush.

If the main actors had been Alice Drummond and Billy Bush, rather than having them as bit parts, this film would've been infinitely more entertaining.

If Kumble's artistic intent was to bludgeon all sensibilities out of audiences to the point where they are too catatonic to object to the film's trite environmentalist message, he is a secret genius - by the film's mid-point, I was practically weeping for the fate of the trees and squirrels and raccoons and other nature things.

Simply put, this is very effective storytelling that blends in comedy very well with its engaging storyline.

Bad efforts at other genres can be great for laughs, but when comedies fail to elicit laughs, they're just painful and dull.

Not awesome, but certainly Fun and enjoyable .

By far one of the worst movie experiences you can encounter.

PlotThe plot or lack there of is presented to the viewer in such a bland and dry tone,the bland and lifeless characters inhabiting this world leads the plot into an almost limbo like state of dry slap stick humour filled film,the main concept of the film is a simplistic and basis idea of animals attack man,man attacks animals in an almost as a tom and Jerry type of way,unlike Tom and Jerry this film lacks the comedic value and relies on factors such as Brandon Fraser's face acting.

I was very slow to get started and some parts in the movie were stretched on a little long.

In all fairness, the film offers roughly three genuine but meager laughs: one at how ashamed Brendan Fraser looks throughout, one in solidarity with Ken Jeong, and one at Rob Riggle belligerently refusing to be dragged down to the film's level (in his character's own words: "I do as I please!!!

Now walk out of the theater angry and demanding your money back.

Anyone older than eight will likely be bored and uninterested in this distasteful bland of animal abusive and wretched humor.

Fraser has fattened up for his role as a very unpleasant character who deserves all that happens to him, but the broad slapstick and second-rate predictable script gives Fraser no chance to display the sly wit of the Mummy movies or the subtle emotion of Gods & Monsters.

During this film, nothing in the actually film made me laugh, but I did laugh seeing the target demographic, a 5-year old boy falling asleep, not from fatigue, but from being plain bored.

When you have children of your own movies like this will become so much more enjoyable believe me!.

I get tired of Hollywood's heavy-handed messaging and this movie contains the usual environmental lecture (nature good, development bad - yawn) but even with that it was an entertaining kids movie.

I would say that the movie should nominated for the worst movie of the year.

I rebooted just in time to catch Fraser's corporate stooge's contrived third act change of heart, spelling out the film's treehugging message in capital letters, as the raccoon puppets all give thumbs up.

This movie is funny and entertaining.

Furry vengeance is a "comedy" movie starring Branden Fraser revolves around his character and his failing career as a property developer who's life is ruined by animals,this movie is one of those movies you can only watch at least once only with the company of friends or anyone that wants to sit through this that wants to be annoyed or frustrated,this movie was a bland,tasteless boring film with dry slapstick "comedy" and no real point to the plot or in general.

I think we all know now what the worst movie of the year is.

Brendan Fraser's slapstick comedy "fight" against raccoon and the other forest animals in this movie is absolutely unfunny and uninteresting to watch.

"Then, I think I fell asleep for a while/my brain finally mutineered and I slumped on the couch in a vegetative state.

Brooke Sheilds who plays Frasers wife, looks amazingly bored through most of this, not to mention there is no chemistry between Fraser and Shields.

Yes, it's a bit predictable.

All other reviews have been giving 1 out of 10, and proclaiming it as the worst movie ever.

On another note, the movie takes an unexpected turn in its second half.

It was quite predictable with the same jokes repeated, and there were no plot twists at all to give it any interest.

The ending's musical number was equally enjoyable, though many of the films it spoofed were the likes of those I was not familiar with.

The bored teenager role was acted with little imagination, the girlfriend just about imagining a soupçon of character.

Now amp up the hackneyed, overused plot to be even more cliché.