Game Night (2018) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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A group of friends who meet regularly for game nights find themselves entangled in a real-life mystery when the shady brother of one of them is seemingly kidnapped by dangerous gangsters.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: John Francis Daley
Stars: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 79 out of 535 found boring (14.76%)

One-line Reviews (318)

You might be thrilled in the beginning to see some familiar faces, but after a while you may find yourself falling asleep multiple times.

It was funny, super entertaining and it featured a cameo by Michael C.

Entertaining and decent .

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

A Hilarious, Surprising, and Unpredictable Comic Thriller .

There is an ambitious, continuous action shot that is genuinely engaging and subtle uses of CGI that add authentic comedic effects.

This was an enjoyable, original film with great actors that truly shine.

As normally with Bateman films this was very enjoyable and a fun night out.

Very enjoyable comedy romp .

Don't waste your money on it.

Really enjoyable and funny with fun characters and good jokes.

Now of course it's a predictable plot line filled with misunderstandings and people reacting in outrageous situations.

I don't think I made it past 20 minutes; at that point, I hated all of the characters and was bored senseless.

So funny and exciting from the beginning to the end!

But it has a fast paced filled with humor, charming fun characters, and a concept that plays like a board game of a murder mystery game.

Though many comedies of this calibre goes by way of becoming formulaic, Daley and Goldstein ensure you they've got the tone under control.

A very entertaining movie from beginning to end.

For us, we can all agree that the movie has no story content, jokes that doesn't really make you laugh, and basically you are just watching a movie that waste your time.

Funny but too confusing .

This was an enjoyable watch.

Then I started thinking "I know there's something better on TV - why waste my time watching this turd of a movie.

Wrapped up into this unexpected situation, they all have a role to play in solving the mystery, and they are all super funny, both in their own right, and when bouncing off their fellow partygoers.

It's funny and entertaining.

Pretentious upper middle class snobbery & narcissism on display for character representation.

This movie was so fun and exciting, visually impressive, and just the right amount of action.

Enjoyable, good clean fun with the odd bit of blood, that is even used to humourous effect.

Too few jokes, started off good and dragged.

As I said there are many twists that the story takes that leave you on the edge.

I've always loved Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman, it's great to see them work together in such a great movie, funny and well performed, I truly wish they annouce the second movie soon, cause it's just great, and the idea of the movie is very smart I haven't seen anything like it, the plot had many twists and it keeps you on the edge of your chair and makes you laugh at the same time.

) and Don't Stop Me Now started playing, it was really fun and unpredictable from beginning to end.

Their performances are elevated by a clever script that has a modern media comedic focus to it, that also sneaks in some unexpected twists and emotion.

It's quite fascinating- the day before I went and saw the film spur-of-the-moment, I had just-so-happened to watch the amusing 1985 film-adaptation of the board-game "Clue.

I highly recommend it.

Funny and entertaining .

"Game Night" has a similar setup to "The Game" but with the humor, ensemble, and style of "Horrible Bosses," resulting in a time that's as fun, twisty, and enjoyable as a real game night.

anyway, this particular movie strikes with such a nice compilation of weird and unexpected jokes that even the majority of IMDB agrees on its quality!

Such an amazingly enjoyable film, hysterical, funny - just outright hilarious.

Definitely a fun and entertaining movie that has a huge rewatch value.

The so called plot twists are so predictable.

From the beginning to the end this movie puts you on the edge of your seat!

Intense and funny .

What stands out is its excellent script and its unexpected developments.

It's nothing new or groundbreaking, it's just an enjoyable, well written and shot comedy that will make you laugh throughout.

The direction is simply boring, only consisting of shot-reverse shot and adding nothing special to keep your interest.

This was a very enjoyable comedy.

They have some memorable characters, the performances range from solid to great across the board, and even with being really funny, they do interesting things with the plot like a couple of genuinely unexpected plot twists.

It's got a very basic yet intriguing premise; a group of friends who think they're taking part in a typical game night accidentally involve themselves in a true criminal mystery.

The plot kept me on the edge of my seat, and kept me interested.

An Enjoyable Game .

One of the most entertaining films I've seen in a long time!!

The rest of the cast are really boring.

Game Night was an extremely entertaining comedy.

Overall, I don't really have any complaints with this move, its not my favorite, but it is very entertaining and worth watching.

The cast was amazing, the jokes were gold, and the twists made it extremely enjoyable.

Not funny enough, too much unrealistic action sequences, predictable character arcs .

There is something riveting about Warner Brothers Pictures' and New Line Cinema's newest and unexpectedly twisted invention.

This comedy is particularly enjoyable because of this spooky part, because it balances the silly story.

The story was flat, uninteresting and predictable.

Definitely worth watching for any fans of humor or just to see Jason Bateman finally in a solid role again.

You're right, it's a banal and fanciful storyline, but it doesn't matter too much when the narrative approach works as it does here, indeed, the risky turns, that the script takes, end up being more laudable because it's a plot that could easily fall ridiculousness, tediousness and predictability broadens its radar with a diabolically twisted game night where physical and emotional comedy complement each other in an exciting way, getting a really strong connection between audience and characters.

The first group are those that find it extremely hilarious while the second group find the comedy part of movie really dull and make no sense.

A very well written, entertaining and genuinely funny movie.

Most certainly, waste of time.

The mishap where Annie accidentally shoots Max and his subsequent machinations in attempting to deal with the injury, proves routine and predictable.

A fun, entertaining well made comedy .

It was a fast paced breadth of fresh air and non stop laughter.

As for negatives, the plot is a bit predictable at times.

It has lots of cliche, completly cliche...

Simply put it is fantastic and is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen in quite some time.

The story is contrived, the plot makes no sense, is riddled with logical errors.

While clever details and wit do make their way into the script, the meat of the story is spent meandering through cliche scenes primarily motivated to get cheap laughs.

Despite the over serve of cheese, this makes for a great film in its genre if you enjoy comedy/Thrillers that are unpredictable.

Most of the best parts were seen in the trailer, other than that, a total waste of time.

Another element I disliked were the boring and predictable moral lessons in the movie's more serious scenes towards the end.

Game Night - A lot of fun and entertaining throughout!

It's one that can subtly allow a group of people to loosen up, talk to each other, in order to complete a certain goal or task, without, feeling like it was a boring waste of time or a mindless chore.

Predictable (mostly) and still very funny.

The other standout was Ryan (Billy Magnuson) who was just so dumb in a completely entertaining way.

Infidelity jokes over and over is pointless 4.

Dull, uninteresting.

I was bored last week searching thru on demand when I gave this a shot.

Silly but enjoyable movie .

On top of all that, the mystery elements have fun and tension with touches of suspense, always compelling, lively in pace and never losing interest.

Don't waste your money or time.

This story is very entertaining and hilarious.

It really wasn't a stretch for the capable actors as it was all on the page, but they were still enjoyable.

It was a waste of money and a waste if talented actors I wish I never watched it

A Waste of time .

More Entertaining Than The Average Board Game .

unexpected awesomeness .

I don't want to resort to hyperbole here, but the movie nearly reaches the point threshold of thrilling.

Lots of unexpected plot twists as well as action and great humor.

Enjoyable .

To my surprise, this is more than entertaining!

I was simply bored.

It cannot avoid using of certain smash hits - in fact, few - yet Cliff Martinez's compositions combined the traditional resonances of terror, drama, and action to produce an explosive, exciting, and peculiarly special score, given that, personally, he got to show hilarity coming from the images to be consistent with the sound accompaniment going from car chases to a frantic hunt throughout an onerous mansion, an unexpected finding.

Quirky, unexpected and fun.

Jokes were obvious and adolesent; plot obvious and boring.

So many dull, failed attempts at humour.

) while following a fairly predictable path early in the film is littered with some good one-liners and funny scenes (a bullet-removal is a high-spot) and includes a memorable twist in the final real that I didn't see coming.

It was an enjoyable movie.

If you're looking for an entertaining ride at the movies, here's why I think you should check out Game Night.

Entertaining if seeing monetization, sexual innuendos, drinks & fake humor is your thing.

Did the director fall asleep.

A headache of confusion.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are eminently believable and engaging in the lead roles, and the supporting cast felt spot-on.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fast paced this movie was; this film was, quite literally, a joke-a-minute movie.

Characters - All the characters are well-acted, interesting and entertaining.

There's also a thoroughly entertaining and extremely well put together longshot as the group pass an egg around a mansion as they're chased by goons.

Most mainstream comedies these days are incredibly predictable and only good for maybe a handful of laughs.

The story then drags on and on with one thing after another, the brother deserves what he did, the rest is predictable as well.

And although Game Night isn't completely a comedy, as it's more of a action or thriller comedy, it still somewhat fits as it provides some laughs and is overall entertaining.

A little bit of both, actually, and it mixes both genres in entertaining ways.

There are some very unrealistic moments and character decisions, however it's a comedy not to be taken seriously, so with suspended disbelief it's quite enjoyable.

Interesting maybe first 15 minutes, until the stupid "jokes" and predictable situations come to the scene....

Even if the humor in the film is pleasant and conventional for the most part, the characters themselves are massively enjoyable.

It was more exciting and heartfelt than I expected.

Worst movie to date, no idea how this movie got its good ratings from!

Anyway it's entertaining it's fun I liked it.

The twist ending was very unexpected.

He held that straight shtick for far too long to the point where it just got embarrassing.

When I walked out of the theater, I felt satisfied with what I got.

This movie was fun and exciting and suspenseful.

Might be four stars for the twists except even they were somewhat predictable, and to get to that extra star you would have to waste what's left of your life w/New York style rom-com dialogue coupled (ha!

Waste of my time.

Awful movie, don't waste your time.

His awkward, monotone, always-in-uniform police officer schtick deserves real acclaim.

Hilarious, thrilling and exciting, Game Night is a very unique comedy that I would certainly recommend.

Turning the table-game formula into something so bombastic, enjoyable and disturbing is an example to follow for the upcoming comedies from major studios.

Fast paced comedy-adventure .

Funny, suspenseful and keep you going .

Game Night is one of the most entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable films that I've seen in some time with barely any flaws.

Worth watching.

The wife and I enjoyed it .

BTW, Rachel McAdams looks absolutely stunning.

Utter waste of my time.

After an enjoyable game night, Brooks offers to host the next one and although Max knows this is just Brooks looking for a way to show off his house, he accepts the invitation.

While elements of the plot can feel familiar (several of the movie's subplots barely skirt cliche, a rivalry between brothers, tensions over having a baby etc.) like any good comedy, its when the plot shifts that you need to start pulling out things from your bag of tricks.

Pros: Hilarious and original story, Jason Batemans' and Rachel McAdams' good chemistry, great acting, a good amount of the jokes were funny, and the Denzel Washington gagCons: Some slow pacing, an overlong runtime (The film lost steam towards the end), and some jokes were not very funnyOverall Rating: 8.0

7/10GAME NIGHT may not be a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but it's definitely a genuine blast and an entertaining ride from beginning to the very end (seriously, stay for the post-credits scene!

Surprisingly entertaining .

Game Night is boring, jokes that land are scarce, the characters are all uninteresting and annoying, their actions are rather cringe inducing than funny, and definitely not in a good way like Ricky Gervais did it in The Office.

Unfortunately, the movie was so boring it actually made me sleepy.

Predictable not funny .

A solid but clichéd premise (don't know how anyone can think this is 'original') utterly wasted thanks to a pedestrian script, unfunny gags that are painfully drawn out (eg the bribe scene), awful acting...

Other things that caught my attention are the over the top camera work, the loud acid soundtrack that doesn't really match the movie, and the weird, unnecessary fight sequences that go on way too long for some reason.

Lots of laughs throughout and it covers both snappy dialogue humor as well as slap stick humor.

The artsy-fartsy folks will be scratching their heads wondering what the heck just hit them.

A mixture of enjoyable characters and witty one liners help to make for a genuinely fun, albeit perhaps a bit of a forgettable, night out.

My husband and I both enjoyed it, and we usually have different tastes in film.

With its share of good laughs and somewhat cheesy outtakes, the movie takes you through a suspenseful emotional roller coaster.

For me, parts of the beginning felt just a little slow, buts that's only because they had to setup.

) with artificial contrived stereotypical Hollywood style non-acting (That was severe!

Boring directing.

The trailer does give away most of the funniest parts but the movie is entertaining throughout.

Bateman and McAdams are a lot of fun together, and it's exciting to see McAdams enjoying herself on screen for the first time since "Doctor Strange.

Fun, well acted and entertaining.

It draws a line that suddenly twists and turns, with funny characters that are entertaining to watch.


This movie is unfunny, unoriginal, unintriguing, and boring.

Unfortunately, the movie aside from the twist is kinda predictable.

A Light and Enjoyable Movie.

so it's not perfect, but novice directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (who's only previous film project was 2015's clearly missable "Vacation") have pulled off a really entertaining watch here.

Under the penmanship of Mark Perez and directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the scenes are always unpredictable to the point where it becomes surprisingly intense but the scenes are always entertaining and never once does it ever meander.

Just a waste of time .

Extremely boring and unfunny .

I thought it was stupid, predictable and unsure a little, of what it wanted to be!!

Predictable, slow, and boring .

A Comedy Worth Watching .

Mostly very bland movie, nothing clever, nothing new.

Very Enjoyable Movie .

Now that's an entertaining series.

The movie itself was very predictable, and uninteresting.

With an intriguing mystery and some decent character development, you will get a decent adventure compared to most other ridiculous comedies that grace the theater.

This movie was enjoyable and funny and well done.

Entertaining and have some funny moments .

This is a good movie to watch as it is a unique and intriguing story which you've haven't seen on any other movie.

An end result consisting of dark humour, the occasional unexpected twist and more film references than iMDB itself.

It's so boring that I even don't want to talk about how boring this movie is.

I liked it a lot, very funny and entertaining.

His stony "I see you" face and monotone delivery steal every scene he's in.

But as I talk about uninteresting characters and bad performances, I have to mention the actor that has the most annoying character of the movie, and maybe of all movies I've seen in recent times, and his performance that made this character even more annoying and infuriating.

The most noticeable of course being how the movie is often framed to resemble games of various types and genres, with stunning use of the tilt-shift photographic technique to give establishing shots a miniaturized "board game" effect and mounted camera angles during the action set-pieces that make the sequences closely resemble a modern first-person shooter or racing game.

Playing up the "whats real and what isn't" dynamic of a dark comedy, Game Night is the first major comedy of 2018 and manages to feel both unique and entirely unpredictable.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

What a waste of my time!

If you're looking some place to waste your life, than watch this film right now.

It relies mostly on gutter humor, unrealistic silly mix ups and misunderstandings, along with multiple stupid and predictable plot twists.

Overall, the film is entertaining and funny; basically everything it should be.

It was also a very thrilling and exciting film.

With a talented cast turned loose on a loaded premise -- and a sharp script loaded with dark comedy and unexpected twists -- Game Night might be more fun than the real thing.

I really enjoyed Game Night and although it could have been great, its a perfectly fine entertaining comedy.

Worth watching!!

After Brooks is dragged away, the couples begin to solve the mystery using the clues provided by the actor; Kevin and Michelle play the game fairly, Max and Annie track Brooks' location with his mobile phone GPS, and Ryan and Sarah track down the company in charge of managing the game.

The last couple scenes are unnecessary and unentertaining, but the movie's still very enjoyable.

Like the board game, it is fun at first, but it easily can gets boring when repeat play.

Good idea and good starting (first 10 minutes) turn and end up with such a stupid and dull movie.

Game Night is a surprisingly incredible comedy that explores it premise extremely effectively, delivering a consistently funny, self aware and unpredictable comedy that's also full of references to popular culture.

Just well designed, entertaining plot for grown-ups.

A reveal-after-reveal black comedy grinds out the perennial problems of a man's sibling pressure and a woman's natalism instinct to actuate an unexpected game night which goes very much awry for the game-loving couple Max (Bateman) and Annie (McAdams), and their equally game friends.

It is hilarious, cringy at times and unpredictable.

Waste Of Time .

Then we have the worst movie of last year, Fist Fight.

The dialogue is witty and the story is very well written and it's written for the sole purpose of entertaining.

Worth the watch .

I was shocked to see my screening over half full, as I deliberate choose the showings I do, as they are normally empty!!

Last 40 minutes unfold to be pointless and catroonish.

We both enjoyed it very much.

But I did, after the second time I saw it, enjoyed it much more than I did the first time.

Game Night is an entertaining film, with a good cast.

Funny, fun, different, cool, enjoyable experience.

There are lots of little sub-plots that are kept up throughout the film, on top of its plot twists and outrageous moments, and it's entertaining from start to finish.

Very entertaining.

Rachel McAdams has an adorably gorgeous and always enjoyable screen presence and surprisingly perfect comic timing - side note: she is woefully under-represented in films today and I'd love to see her in a starring solo vehicle.

The next week Brooks throws a very intense game night from a special company.

It manages to be extremely entertaining and is actually surprisingly well directed, with some fancy camera-work and oddly visceral fight scenes superbly solidifying its thriller elements, while it never takes its eye off its comedy roots and therefore manages to keep a smile on your face even during some of its more obvious or on-the-nose moments.

It missed on both the cliche stereotypes as well as reality, and was just a complete mess.

Of course, I'm talking about Jesse Plemons and his character Gary, the king of all tedious characters.

It is far a far better and more intelligent movie than your usual Hollywood ha ha comedy with its predictable story, cliches and pattern - you will not be disappointed with Game Night.

The film is also a lot funnier than the trailer shows - it is a wildly funny, thrilling, action packed adventure film that will leave you wanting to watch it again.

No social agenda messages, no politics, just entertaining comedy.

Not a radical new idea or something that will be remembered for decades, but a fast paced, legitimately funny comedy that knows what it wants to be and mostly succeeds.

Wisely, he toys with us, giving the story some unexpected and fun turns.

This film was extremely entertaining and in a world of generic and unfunny comedies it was such a breath of fresh air to see in 2018.

Very Enjoyable .

An enjoyable movie for an otherwise boring night.

It's hit and miss at best, but when it's funny it's really funny; a gag-inducing bullet extraction and a hilariously slow negotiation involving a dim-witted philanderer trying, and failing, to play hardball are a couple of memorable sequences almost worth the price of admission on their own.

Some very good direction from two generally dull directors in the execution of a few complicated scenes, especially when they were running around the mansion and passing off the egg.

This is another enjoyable one.

It's not funny, its cheap and predictable just like every single comedy that comes out of hollywood.

It does start out a little bit on the slow side.

As the game unfolds, the connection of the brothers unfolds in surprising, unexpected ways.

Wasted cast and empty plot .

It belongs more to the B level class of comedy movies such as Horrible Bosses 2 or Central Intelligence or Due Date or Hangover 2 etc. There is nothing ground breaking about the plot, some of the wise cracks are great but the mundane almost cliche to the point plot that you can actually foretell what's going to happen next puts a dampener on any comedic flourishes.

The comedy in this film was bland and not funny.

Everything in this movie was cliche'.

I'm compelled to write a review for this movie because it was thoroughly entertaining and genuinely funny.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are particularly stellar in their roles, with a dynamic chemistry that is consistently entertaining to watch.

Don't waste your time.

Performances from Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons, Lamorne Morris and Sharon Horgon range from enjoyable to highly memorable.

While his role is relatively minor, portraying a creepy, monotone neighbor whose seemingly obsessed with Max and Annie, he's just abso-freaking-lutely hysterical.

We need more movies like this, really entertaining.

By far the worst movie I have seen this year.

Some jokes are very funny, but most of them are dragged to much, taking them to a stupid level of absurdity.

Far more entertaining than 'Black Panther'.

More so enjoyable and thrilling than funny.

It's a Boring game.

To keep it short, Game Night is an entertaining ride with lots of humor, a solid dose of action and even an appropriate addition of tension.

I am surprised to see that this movie got 7 rating, this movie was boring and stupid with predictable unfunny jokes, i laughed more at how stupid some scenes are.

A comedy that has actual DIRECTING behind it along with some interesting visuals and cracks at Edgar Wright-styled editing tricks, 'Game Night' is actually quite entertaining for what is, by-and-by, a mainstream dark comedy.

Good ondemand movie night choice (as opposed to having gone to the theater) The plot twists were fun to guess and figure out, but it got a bit confusing and annoying towards the end.

Best Movie to watch if you are with friends but bored with your usual game nights.

Showing their writers side, Daley and Goldstein mix snappy group one-liners with Action Comedy hits which raise the stakes of the game.

Overall just a real funny and enjoyable movie.

"Game Night", is a pleasant enough film that cannot quite determine if it is a comedy or dramaedy, but it does enough good things to make it an enjoyable outing.

Look at how much idiotic moments are spent between the two characters discussing an affair - and which celebrity it was - it was a waste of writing and time on the screen.

Boring and More Boring .

This is probably one of the most intelligent comedies you will ever find in Hollywood and I would highly recommend it.

Funny and fast paced .

And while much of this is dumb fun, there is an intriguing mystery to ground it all to a common point and keep things in line.

Filled with several twists in the end and with a plot that was actually quite entertaining and made to be kept watching to see what happens next.

Fun, at times genuinely funny, and always entertaining.

The direction is brilliant, especially the car chases which are surprisingly thrilling.

Instead, the movie resorted to the usual stunts and tactics, that while entertaining at times just lacked the originality they could have held.

Every single character here was either stupid, unrealistic or just plain boring.

Now I wasn't the biggest fan of the double switcharoo at the end, but that's only because it was rather predictable.

Definitely looked like a cheesy, predictable, and typical spring comedy.

Even though it lost steam and wrapped up in a very cliche manner I liked the overall product.

One of the worst movies ever .

VERDICT: With a terrifically talented cast turned loose on a loaded premise with a whip-smart script Game Night is definitely more exciting than the real thing.

There are even unexpected twists that don't seem too obvious.

Some great one liners, great acting, funny twists and overall a very enjoyable romp.

LIKES:-Multiple comedy styles -An intriguing mystery -Decent Character Development -Clever Adventure at times Game Night is a comedy that works well in terms of the multiple styles of comedy packed into the small-time frame of the movie.

It was funny and thrilling all at the same time with lots of twists and turns; the cast chemistry was great as well.

" followed up with a bland "Oh no, he died!

Silly but enjoyable.

This film was fun, well acted with a good story and very entertaining.

Suspense + comedy + romance ---- enjoyable .

Also because most of the jokes are obvious, and therefore also predictable, or too stupid to be fun even because of some inadequate and ill-calibrated comedy times.

Worth watching!

For the audience, determining what is just a game and what is real is the enjoyable endgame, and not easily solved.

The pacing is a little slow and the runtime is overlong (The film loses steam towards the end).

Bored Game .

The super slow luggage conveyor I probably laughed too hard at.

It has a lot of funny and Alfred Hitchcock like suspenseful moments.

Even though there are slapstick jokes and some dark comedies, but this movie is enjoyable for all.

Unwatchable- not funny at all .

The characters were well drawn and funny, and the side plots were all engaging and humorous.

Surprisingly I found this to be quite enjoyable.

To me, this looked like a run of the mill comedy; some funny bits, some slower bits, better viewed at home, where I can pause and walk around or grab food if I grow bored.

The props used to slow down the characters are used as wake-up to inject some sense into them.

It's fast paced and the direction by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein is amazing.

To sum it up: An unexpected unusual, a little excessive Hollywood comedy, including a very huge quantity of jokes/gags and turns, a great cast and a competent director, who did a good job in cutting, directing and building a nearly never ending tension.

Film was fun and entertaining and its not trying to be something else.

Good clean entertaining comedy.

Fairly predictable Jason Bateman played himself.

When this brother came up with the idea of game night, there is unexpected event coming; the real criminals are coming and nobody notices it.

This is a good entertaining movie if you are looking for a few hours to kill.

The movie is fast paced with a great all around story that centers around a group of friends Game night and batemens character's releationship with his brother.

I didn't go into it with high hopes, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

A comedy based on numerous misunderstandings and twists can not afford the luxury of predictability and in "Game Night" everything is too predictable; looking at it you can understand every step it is about to take and the time lapse between the intuition of the spectator and the event of that step is too long, the film takes too long to take place and so ends up being really uninspiring and banal despite the 'excellent concept.

It's entertaining Saturday night viewing where you don't have to think too much and can just have a bit of a laugh.

Hollywood will continue to churn out bland trash like this because it probably pleases the masses.

I walked out of the theatre after about 20 minutes of boredom mixed with agony.

I enjoyed it.

The story itself was quite round, but had quite a lot of unexpected turns.

Entertaining, but it kind of dragged on.

Entertaining and simple .

There's a kind of explanation for the randomness of these effects during the (very entertaining) end-titles.

Something I entirely unexpected.

Boring .

There's unexpected plot twists as well as great humor.

I felt immersed in the lighthearted story.

Given all the mysteries, and theme of game night, I had hoped for a little more antics that mirrored the games one usually plays at a game night, like an intense scrabble mystery, or a Jenga like obstacle course.

Also, some of the jokes that were really funny at the beginning are used again and again and become impotent by the end, especially those involving a rather slow minded individual who says stupid stuff.

I will say, I was pleasantly pleased by the extra twists and turns the film includes towards the end, some of which I genuinely wasn't expecting, but the overall story was just too predictable and 'seen it all before'.

Well directed by John Frances Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the film is always entertaining, largely due to the expert comic timing of its cast.

You don't expect great action and direction from a comedy film, but it is truly breathtaking direction.