Gattaca (1997) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Andrew Niccol
Stars: Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 72 out of 699 found boring (10.3%)

One-line Reviews (390)

I suppose the big problem most people have with this movie is the slow pacing and the aire of self-importance associated with this story.

"Gattaca" tries to come out New Agey and tries and try to be a big message movie,but boy,I was bored to death from this slow,lifeless piece of s---.

Intense .

Moreover, this movie is both exciting and romantic.

Ethan Hawke is the riveting and the one to analyze.

The movie is rousing and interesting for both men and women, perhaps not for kids because they do not think about ethical and moral issues and do not have the background knowledge about cloning or gene research.

Jerome, in fact, kills himself in order to set Vincent free, and does in it such a way as to make sure that no remains are left behind to incriminate Vincent, despite the intense pain this must have caused him.

This is the beginning of an intense and highly gripping movie.

I Love this movie as much as I love Watching Paint Dry.

The film has a really strong and significant story but it is also confusing to understand who is who.

Honestly, I am really surprised by how exciting this movie is.

It's exciting, though provoking and surprisingly romantic.

Niccol's achieves just the right level from each of his actors - amidst so many horrible career performances, Law is brilliant here (as he was in Entertaining Mr. Ripley), whilst Hawke creates a compelled and compelling hero.

The total lack of atmosphere and clunky machinery contributes to the flatness of the story; against it, the characters (already pretty dull) seem less interesting, not more.

Most scenes of sentimental emotional upheaval leave me feeling a little bored and sometimes even annoyed.

Its very fascinating with all its sci-fi ness.

The cinematography is bland, and very orange, which doesn't seem to add anything of interest to the mood of the film.

The nature of Vincent's quest (he simply wants to escape the Earth, even if, perhaps especially if, he dies), makes us want him to succeed, and the way in which he succeeds is worth watching.

At times this film dragged out and left me wanting a little more action.

I found it reminiscent of some of Peter Weir's work; it's stylistically and cinematically breathtaking.

Some of the more emotional scenes are between the brothers, as the battle of pride takes them on the edge quite often especially as they play chicken with each other on the dangerous waves of the sea to prove what is better – natural humans or modified beings.

However, when one is not on the same level of health as other individuals, that could either lead to them playing it safe in their already mundane life or actually taking a risk with their limitations.

The film gets very thrilling after a while and it definitely has a good catch in it which keeps the viewer interested throughout.

Which is where the action is in this rather slow film.

Visually stunning.

Drab, Dreary Tone Obscures an Excellent Concept .

It's boring, a little later it's even more boring and if you wait until the end it's eh ...

At some scenes the film gets boring.

It's certainly far more engaging - and, indeed, thrilling - than THE MATRIX, which I should imagine has dated somewhat with its over-reliance on CGI effects throughout.

It's engrossing, interesting, thought-provoking, deep, special, one-of-a-kind.

A story with an unexpectatedly strong heart, pun intended, that fell short of the mark a couple times, but managed to tell a compelling and emotional journey.

First and foremost, I want to go on record by stating that I praise the film for what it attempts to explore; 'Gattaca' is woven with intriguing themes and topics throughout, as well as arguably some nice social commentary.

Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated and intense as their identities begin to merge.

From the get go, the plot proves to be quite entertaining, due to the curious lives of Anton and, of course, Vincent.

1 or 2 dull parts .

I give Gattaca credits for really nice photography and definitely also for good to great acting, but (sorry) for a European the whole plot is well too predictable.

Other than that, when the murder-mystery subplot enters the movie, to me, it lags, and doesn't keep up a fast pace, and is pretty slow moving.

Boring Good Idea .

Then, when you are prepared and intrigued to see this premise explained, sloppy scripting prevails and the rest of the movie is seeing trucks driven through yawning plot holes to the point...

Sci-fi film for sure but Hitchcock would have enjoyed it, too .

This alone elevates it above the likes of 'The Matrix', but it also shares certain other characteristics with a typical Polliakof film: a slow pace, the heavy use of portentious classical music and a self-important seriousness not completely supported by robustness of thought.

The acting is compelling, as is the music.

The cinematography, the acting, the plot, it all blended together for an absolutely stunning film that turns out to be a real tearjerker at the same time.

It's very powerful message is more interested in engaging your mind than in tugging on your heartstrings.

The Movie has the Tone of the Place it is Exploring, Methodical and Mundane to a Fault, it seems the "Life" or more Accurately the Human "Spirit" was Lost in the Lab.

After the breathtaking 110 minutes of Gattaca, I felt as if I've never seen a Sci-fi movie so fertilized, so masterfully written and executed.

I nearly felt as bored as the desk-workers at the space-station.

The acting was good from all fronts and the beautifull Uma Therman was at her stunning best.

Director Andrew Niccol (A New Zealander) has established himself as one of the most exciting new talents out there.

I saw this film at the 1997 Toronto Film Festival, which was special in two ways, as it was the first film of any Film Festival that I'd ever been to, and secondly because I had the most unexpected teary reaction at the end of the film.

The story between the brothers may also have been a tad clichéd but in the context of the story, it was a lot more interesting, original and compelling to watch than I've seen so many times before.

Quite possibly the most fascinating - and underrated - sci-fi tale of the decade (oh, and Uma Thurman is always a pleasure to watch!

The worst part is that judging by the human race's breathtaking stupidity, this world is a very real possibility.

The characters are fully developed, the plot is intriguing and compelling, the cinematography and sets are beautiful.

It's a bit slow in the first half.

When you're in a calm, ponderous or thoughtful state of mind, watch this.

From the opening titles to the closing credits you are mesmerized with stunning visuals.

There are suspenseful scenes, like when Law's character crawls upstairs in order to help his friend getting away with murder, which is what brought intensity to the ending.

There's so much to enjoy in this movie, including an unexpected and fraught little twist at the end.

With an exciting mission to one of Saturn's moons just a breath away, the director of the program is brutally murdered.

One of those movies you may not have heard of, but so worth watching!!

Fun and entertaining .

The writer of this snooze fest obviously knows nothing of what Titan is actually like.

I rented it with my friend and we both fell asleep for about 30 minutes of the movie.

That's alright at first and some scenes, like when Vincent tries to cross the street without his contact lenses, are quite exciting.

The relationship between Hawke and Uma Thurman, who plays a wonderful ice queen, is riveting.

How this can be considered by many (it seems) to be a thought provoking slow burner is beyond me.

If you are looking for a good film which contains a mix out of exciting action and touching romance scenes, to watch you definitely should watch "Gattaca".

The story is genius, with me on the edge of my seat.

The music is as stunning a score as you could wish for more and the acting is spot on with Jude Law Playing his character Eugene perfectly and he is just a supporting cast.

It's suspenseful and paced perfectly.

A fascinating futuristic tale with a dire dystopia warning, it looks oddly beautiful, with a yellow colour scheme giving a glow to everything in front of the camera.

If you like boring, pretentious movies then this is a must see.

Finally Michael Nyman's score weaves itself through the plot beautifully, at once both gripping and deeply moving.

There is absolutely no plot.

All the actors are exceptional and the film boasts some truly awe inspiring moments.

Yet, for my dear readers' sake, I should be fair: GATTACA is impressing, moving, very touching—mainly due to Jude Law's unusually intense and striking, even astonishing performance.

It is suspenseful, and told with a realism which is rare to science fiction movies.

All the actors are exceptional and the film boasts some truly awe inspiring moments.

As I said, it could have been better, but my final rating is mostly going to be because of the stunning ending it offers.


Niccol gives us intense romance and thrill in this science fiction drama that once you've seen, it will never be forgotten.

Zzzzzzzz .

It was gripping to see what one human being will do reach his goals in life.

I highly recommend it to any Sci Fi fan.

Truly gripping and romantic.

However, "Gattaca" really surprised me by its intriguing story, and I think it is maybe the second best sci-fi of the '90s, just after "Contact".

Sure, there were some weaknesses, but the overall film was good and worth watching again.

But if you are looking for a brilliant story, an intriguing plot, believable characters and thought-provoking message delivered by some of the finest actors of our time, you will not be disappointed.

Even though the film is very slow pace.

To end on a further positive, I also liked the way that Niccol presented the film in an accessible and believable manner - there are a number of Sci-Fi films that are pretentious and self-important, but by keeping the focus on Vincent fulfilling his ambition and by keeping the dialogue rather natural it remains interesting and rather enjoyable.

The dialogue is purposeful, well constructed and avoids cliché.

The story picks in on modern evolutions and that's why it's fascinating enough to keep you interested.

Seven years after the launch of Human Genome Project it was fascinating enough for audience of that time.

Something to watch in the backgroun but too dull to give it ful attention.

Frankly, I struggled to sit through the whole thing and I had to fast-forward through the ponderous stair-climbing scene.

Fresh and Absorbing .

Intriguing film .

Additionally, Jude Law's character is greatly compelling throughout, his acting doesn't disappoint either and towards the end of the film creates praiseworthy suspense.

In addition, the plot was oh so lame and boring.

"The intense sibling rivalry between Vincent and his genetically enhanced brother, Antoine was emotionally moving.

The first half of the film is quite intense and suspenseful as well as provides a canvas for many ideas on the theme of identity, class society and elitism, fate and destiny and control.

In a word, this movie is stunning.

Besides the occasional lull, I still felt strong enough about Gattaca to give it a 7 out of 10 stars.

Despite the whiny narration, melodramatic music and romance subplot resembling a Barbie movie, Gattaca deserves a place in the movie cabinet because of its talented acting, suspenseful plot and dark, chilling message about genetic discrimination.

And the plot and the choices made by the director were so evocative of another world that it was essentially a vacation for my head as much as an intellectual exploration of the possibilities of a world centered on genetics.

Is that exciting?

A sci-fic suspenseful film that will both entertain you and make your think.

The plot is so contrived as to convene three parallel stories into convergence: Vincents story, of course.

Full of futuristic philosophies and technologies, this film includes exciting, edge-of-your-seat moments and challenges the idea of what it means to be human.

Even so, it manages to be relatively gripping, and there is more than just the murder plot that is not all so good about the film.

This film tells us at a slow intelligent pace with stunning visuals of one person's battle against the prejudice system .

Starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Alan Arkin and Jude Law, with a compelling story Gattaca is a must see, it was one of the better science fiction movies of recent years.

Her chemistry with Hawke is what makes the film emotionally engaging, because without her Vincent isn't really engaging on his own.

The film makes its point without being forcible, and still manages to be an entirely entertaining story, with very real characters that the viewer comes quickly to care about.

"Gattaca" is a very fascinating story, I must say.

Gattaca is an entertaining drama, and it explores something that will most likely happen soon.

A movie worth watching even with flaws.

After some time, this is clearly boring the viewer because there is nothing in between.

Otherwise, save your money.

It should also be pointed out this movie is idea rather than plot driven which means it`s very talky and a bit too slow for a mainstream audience and this isn`t helped by Andrew Niccol`s cold and sterile direction which isn`t a million miles removed from Kubrick`s 2001 , a movie I dislike intensely .

The idea of using the genetic code of a person as the ultimate segregation tool is fascinating.

The plot is occasionally predictable, but overall engrossing and believable.

I also found the child hood was confusing, I wasn't sure if he was not real or his brother.

The one annoying element of the film are the repetitive blood tests the would-be space pilots have to pass every single day, over and over.

Watching a guy constantly, collecting his own personal DNA in CSI-like fashion, and not display any emotions about it, makes for a pretty boring movie.

An intriguing, humanistic science fiction thriller, with elements of science-fact .

it is worth watching, even by today.

Very slow paced.

And anyone who defines a good film=exciting and fast pacing has no taste at all.

This is an enjoyable science fiction film that even those who don't usually like science fiction can enjoy; it isn't full of techno-babble… all we really need to know is that genetic scans are routine and there is a prejudice against those that aren't quite perfect; in this world genetic screening as replaced eugenics as the way to create 'perfect' children.

Andrew Niccol does a great job here, with great, camera work, awesome designs, keeping the viewer thinking, and it had a polished and stylish feel it to it as well, plus he kept the film at an engrossing pace!.

Good sci-fi, fascinating story .

This movie has an engaging plot and and an easy-to-love hero, thanks in large part to Ethan Hawke, who can't help being lovable.

Greenaway), I think Nyman's music is too intrusive and repetitive for mainstream fare.

It is worth watching at least twice as many clues are scattered through the story and only truly make sense once you've seen the end.

Quite slow and methodical in nature, it's still a bright rumination on a future that already seems within grasp.

Also, the parallel events of the lift-off and the suicide are too predictable and poorly executed.

The film unfortunately becomes lost in a murder plot towards the middle, and this stops it from exploring the most fascinating parts in more detail.

Gattaca is refreshingly low-key and intellectually engrossing, certainly a rare bird in a noisy, no-think genre.

"Gattaca" is stimulating, suspenseful, a...

Still, the production design is stunning and almost worth sitting through just for its own sake, and a mostly engaging plot makes for a pretty entertaining film.

"Gattaca" - A science fiction film which is very confusing and not as good as the headline is.

Nevertheless, the story is entertaining and exiting without many action scenes.

" Often I don't like films like this with a lot of engineering, but "Gattaca" was very impressive, the best technical film i have seen and enjoyed it.

My personal opinion about this movie is that it is very emotional, dramatic and exciting.

The plot is tense and gripping -- a combination of brotherly rivalry, ambition, romance, crime-story, dreams thwarted and realized, and all these different stories fit together well.

Although it's covering an interesting topic, it still seems somewhat weird and boring in some scenes.

Alan Arkin, Loren Dean, and Gore Vidal leave you wanting to know more about their intriguing secondary players.

This has brought up new kind of racism: perfect versus flawed Watching Ethan Hawke's role as Vincent evade the relentless pursuit of the authorities while trying to be on the Titan mission, romancing Irene (Uma Thurman), and micro-managing his samples from Jerome (Jude Law in a very impressive supporting turn) made for some the most riveting viewing ever.

A really slow paced film with not a lot happening and I found it quite boring now and again.

At the outset, she is a relatively intriguing character - possibly another invalid posing as a valid - and there seems to be promise of future development where we learn more about her.

Worth watching at least once .

This romance story along with a murder mustery sublot for which Hawke is a suspect and nearly be revealed as invalid , are hopeless tricks to fill the screen time (emphasising on the apparent lack of plot) .

Stunning, absolutely stunning .

It's worth watching the film for the haunting melody.

The settings, backdrops and architecture are visually stunning and provides the film with its artistic aspect.

The film seems awfully slow and without any real atmosphere.

this is a fascinating, and engrossing little flick, that i throughly enjoyed!.

For some reason the director chose to film every scene through a tobacco-coloured filter, making it appear as though you, the viewer, were immersed in a bowl of urine, peering out at passing events.

compelling premise .

The description of Gattaca's central themes, its narrative drive and its characterisation make it sound like a cold and un-engaging film with too much focus on genetic debates and intellectual philosophies.

Don't see this movie, it's a waste of time.

An entertaining picture that makes you think.

This is a great fascinating little flick, that i throughly enjoyed, and i can see why it's so popular, i highly suggest you see this, it's worth it.

The plot went nowhere.

Good science fiction makes you think --- to put the pieces together that makes the plot understandable and entertaining.

It allows for repetitive viewings for years to come, primarily because audiences will always be able to believe that the future they are witnessing may be right around the bend.

) and this is a film, I think Stanley Kubrick would have liked: very intelligent and provoking and cinematically stunning at the same time.

This film is definitely one of my favorites and I highly recommend it to all.

GATTACA - Worth watching again and again .

So people say it is boring and dull, I believe that "Gattaca" is passive, thought provoking and almost spooky in places.

which is boring as hell!

Unfortunately, the film became 'messy' throughout and felt moderately pretentious, and thus ultimately leaning towards the latter approach.

It is slow.

Gattaca which got an Oscar nomination in the Art&Set Design category offers an intriguing possibility for the future, a future I certainly wouldn't want to see come to pass.

Interesting And Intelligent But Ultimately Pretentious Science-Fiction Drama .

The conflicts Vincent has with his superior genetically born brother, his relationship with Irene (played by Uma Thurman looking really beautiful, and his talks with Gerome (Jude Law) are worth watching.

The wheel chair bound Jude Law is, as ever a compelling actor to watch.

A steady boring pace is maintained.

Oh well, at least most of the critics enjoyed it.

On the negative side, the investigation and suspense part of the film are somewhat predictable with a few flaws in the storyline, and there are a few lacunae regarding the life of some of the characters that I would have liked developed or at least hinted.

The mix of internal and external conflict that Vincent goes through, pulls the viewer in and makes his character so engaging.

It features small roles yet poignant performances from Alan Arkin and Gore Vidal and a stunning performance from newcomer Jude Law.

Another difference is Niccol's evocative filming style, with some wonderful widescreen compositions by Polish cinematographer Slavomir Idziak, one of Kieslowski's major collaborators, who brings to the project his trademark emphasis on architectural space and evocative emotional landscapes distorted by colour filters, skewed angles and distancing perspectives.

Life is interesting because it is unexpected.

Intelligent, thought-provoking and exciting tale of genetic engineering .

It's a bit cool and creepy, but slow and too self-conscious to really make a dent.

This movie was boring.

you have to watch it so badly, because it stimulates you to think about a exciting future.

I believe a lot of people see different things when they watch GATTACA and this is what makes this movie so deep and engrossing in levels that cannot be imagined.

It was particularly entertaining to watch every detail of Uma's face, body and performance and compare that to the way she was in Kill Bill.

"Gattaca" is intelligent, wonderfully thought-provoking and visually stunning.

Especially when it also deals with deep human themes and raises relevant questions about ethical issues and when it is loaded with fascinating symbolism and subtext enough to keep the reflective viewer occupied long after the final credits roll.

Overall the plot dragged, and in a way, once you got the idea, it started to flatline, as if the variables of what might happen were limited.

As long as the script sticks to the pseudo-thriller plot that finds Ethan Hawke buying the genetic identity of Jude Law and then trying to cover up his fraud, the film is fairly engrossing.

This narrative is engaging, it's themes work throughout the movie, and it's good.

In the end, when his help is no longer needed by Vincent, he makes a stunning decision that shows the audience the real impact of the society's hostility towards imperfection.

The premise is very intriguing.

Despite that, Jude Law made a stunning performance that deserves an award.

I found the main character and the female lead to be deeply uninteresting.

Endlessly quotable, beautiful and poignant and never melodramatic, this film is smart and heavy and full of compelling social commentary.

This had to be one of the most heart-gripping, soul-chilling, loving movies of all time.

I'm sorry, however inspirational the message might be, this is a boring tedious mostly cold fish.

Thought Provoking, Engrossing, And Fascinating Little Flick.

I don't want to expose too much of the story, but can only tell you that this is probably the most stunning and convincing sci-fi story ever told on the big screen.

There's a nice SF film in here somewhere, if only they had picked a single plot to go with -- preferably the relationship between the Invalid and the once-Valid whose identity he buys, as the glimpses of this that we get are absolutely fascinating.

A highly exciting science fiction dystopia that may become reality.

The sets and locales are modern in the style of early Sixties' internationalism, the music compelling, the lighting and cinematography superb, and the screenplay first rate.

It's cinematic and stylistic without being pretentious or overdone, and the way it is shot and put together reflects very well the film's bland and sterilized society in pursuit of perfection.

D) What a boring, uninspired title.

I found it intriguing and interesting.

Worth watching just for the dialogs.

An excellent film, worth watching more than once.

I only knocked it 2 stars for being somewhat predictable/cliché at times.

The plot is simple but engaging and all of the performances are first rate.

Somewhere along the way Vincent stumbles into a hollow, affection-free relationship with Uma Thurman that seems to spawn more from boredom than passion.

The sciencey bit is convincing enough to be accepted, and the film seems genuinely fresh and compelling.

There is a decent argument to suggest that Gattaca is more style over character substance, especially given that visually Niccol's movie is stunning.

It was breathtaking.

However the plot's slowness serves to give the viewer more time to consciously question the ethics and issues that are raised in the film.

It combines characteristics such as action, suspense, and some good science and is all wrapped up into this truly enjoyable bundle.

In sum, I can only strongly recommend this film because it is highly entertaining and exciting.

It's not among my favorite films, but it was an enjoyable ride and i'm glad I finally got around to watching it.

Quite possibly the most fascinating - and underrated - sci-fi of the 90's .

Every now and then, I get bored of movies.

That's because Vicent's actions, although everything is well-acted, seem totally pointless to me.

The cinematography is stunning, colours and lighting are just gorgeous to experience.

Law is absolutely the key to this movie, IMO, and he's riveting.

It could of been but it's just a dreadfully written and poorly executed bore.

I found the story very interesting and as I've now become a fan of certain science fiction, sci-fi that tells a story not so far in the future, I found this truly enjoyable throughout.

The conservative dress and dialogue, along with drab colors contribute to a historic feel.

Niccol and his crew managed to create a world that is both fascinating and frightening.

This is the only movie where I purchased the Original Score (conducted by Micheal Nyman) and enjoyed it thorougly.

The plot itself because of the dreamy feel moves at a relatively slow pace.

It's clear that this movie has more to do with sentiment rather than action or any other genre, and how beautiful it all might look, it is at times quite boring and that's due to the performance from Ethan Hawke who acts more like some statue that doesn't move a thing and same can be said about Uma Thurman.

Andrew Niccol's talent is breathtaking.

The chance between the exciting scenes and the love scenes make this film unforgettable.

V just to pass the time but i actually really enjoyed it.

This may not sound too interesting written like this but as a movie with the theme mentioned above, this is fantastic and has also a thriller elements in it, and thus the film is also extremely exciting in its suspense.

This movie has a slow built up in suspense, which accumulates into a very touching dramatic final, that still gives me goosebumps thinking about it!

Ethan Hawke as the lead was immensely boring and monotonic, Uma Thurman as the romantic interest was not much better.

It's somewhat like the book 1984 where the physical objects, machines, buildings, clothes, etc. are conspicuously lacking in detail; they are drab.

This was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.


At some point it's a normal movie, easy to understand and follow, which makes it a bit boring.

The acting was great, plot well thought out, and the overall product was very interesting and entertaining.

It is quite slow, not many twists and turns, no action, etc. It is nonetheless a very interesting depiction of the future.

Terrific acting by Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman in a very suspenseful thriller about the futuristic society where people are genetically engineered.

Intelligent and suspenseful but can be painfully slow.

Consequently this film is very uninteresting since it's not really exiting.

Suspenseful futuristic thriller, handled intelligently for the most part.

I generally found the plot absorbing for at least the first 45 minutes, but it tended to drag a lot and was rather predictable once you got the gist of what was going on.

"Gattaca"'s one-track narrative endeavor towards its theme seems more compelling and passionate than Truffaut's "Farenheit 451".

Now I had figured out by this time that there were likely to be other intriguing little details I've missed, so I was fascinated to read from another reviewer here about the boy Vincent falling with a toy rocket in his hand.

The strongest scene when Anton asks how vicent won swimming in opened sea, the reply is stunning, Vicent answers: when I swam I never thought about the return, this scene remember F.

It was intriguing to think that someone had surreptitiously created such a timely and prescient expose.

Do watch the movie for great screenplay,stunning cars,and great sets and decoration and Uma Thurman delivering a great performance in one of the most glamorous role of her career accompanied by excellent acting of two leads well played by Eathan Hawke and Jude Law.

actually, NOT an accident at all, as you shall see when you have seen the film), using samples of his hair, skin tissue, blood and urine to become one of the Gattaca people, plus Vincent's determination to undergo the intense training.

Smart and entertaining sci-fi .

Moreover the story sucks really hard because even if you fall asleep and wake up again you would get back into the story because nothing really happened.

Gattaca is an absorbing science fiction film that poses important interesting ethical questions about the nature of science.

His portrayal of the once-golden boy, now hopelessly broken yet still alive, is riveting.

Yes, it is slow and yes, there is almost no excitement.

For the "normal" people the movie could be a bit boring because it given really action.

The story engaging and surprising.

Now, instead of seeing cheesy special effects and no plot, I was shown a good plot and some character inner-conflicts.

For the odd few seconds you suspect the film is going to come alive but then it returns to plodding along towards the inevitable conclusion, letting the viewer sink further and deeper into his or her aquarium of urine.

Visually stunning and background is one of the best part,including a fast Paced screenplay its keeps you focused from beginning to end..Gattaca is a underrated gem of 90s,really this film deserve a equal cult status like seven,sixth sense,fight club A must watch movie and highly recommended for hardcore film buffs...

We know it's clerical work because the filmmaker shows him in a cliché clerical setting: sea of cubicles with employees working like disposable, interchangeable parts in a large machine.

This really is a great, enjoyable movie.

In my opinion, Gattaca is worth watching because, despite some of its shortcomings, the main 'meat' of the story is actually pretty interesting.

boring as hell!!!!.

Only once in a blue moon is a movie produced that raises the bar for quality, ingenuity, a unique visual translation, deep human relevance, and a lofty ideal all the while presenting an intriguing story for the audience to chew on.

We've talking watching paint dry boredium.

Along with its ambitious ideas and engrossing plot, Gattaca is a taut, memorable cult sci-fi thriller.

So if you think that you will like this movie because Sci Fi films usually have fast paced stories and lots of action don't watch this film because you wont enjoy it.

The problems of the film are compounded by a weak murder-mystery element tacked onto the plot, and by the dull and bland acting of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

Mainly the story is set at the Gattaca station which is boring to watch.

It's a very exciting and also romantic film.

I watched Gattaca without a single second of boredom, it is exciting from the first to the last minute.

Gattaca is a visually stunning film.

In addition, the score, which out of context has been panned by music critics as repetitive, perfectly balances the feel of the film.

In my opinion the actors have done a great job, but in many scenes the music missing, so that they appear boring.

The writing and original concept are what is truly worth watching the film for.

To me, I like how they based the movie around his backstory, however, it was dragged out for too long.

It cannot become boring because of the lot of symbols and details.

Add to that superb acting, a compelling story line and a serious message about genetic screening that looks more and more relevant every year, and you have one of the finest sci-fi stories ever put on the big screen.

His performance provides the only real entertainment in this cliche ridden monstrosity that seems as though written and directed by a film school poseur.

All in all it is not our favourite film because it is confusing for the audience.

(please with it I highly recommend it)

Over all great movie, definitely worth watching and analysing.

Two of the characters, brothers, have 4 different actors (perhaps more) each for four ages, which gets a bit confusing.

A movie is a composite product with many different ingredients and some writers, directors and actors craft more compelling or entertaining or spectacular compositions.

Altogether if you are looking for a fast paced Sci Fi film with lots of action stay away from this film.

It is thrilling at times, while at other times completely entrancing.

The sets are great to look at, and Jude Law gives off an intriguing early performance.

"Gattaca"'s one-track narrative endeavor towards its theme seems more compelling and passionate than Truffaut's "Farenheit 451".

It may not be your all-time favorite drama, or even sci-fi, but Gattaca is worth a watch because of Law's superb acting, the suspenseful plot and the overarching message that genetic imperfection is no reason to discriminate.

At the same time, there is an equally complex and exciting drama played out as Hawke's character so often risks discovery.

Gattaca was also boring.

Its highly competent players, instead, tell a compelling human interest story.

The Result is a Predictably Boring Place where Everyone Dresses Alike and Develop a New way to Discriminate.

A little bit boring is also that there aren't really much details in a lot of scenes which made the mood really quiet and boring.

Emotional and Intense Movie, Although with Downfalls .

The acting is quite good: Ethan Hawke projects a compelling mixture of determination, resignation, and fear.

Gattaca is also incredibly effective piece of cinema and very beautiful piece of art as Michael Nyman'n music is again gorgeous and photography totally stunning.

At the extreme of each, we get stunning failures.

The direction and acting was excellent..I especially loved Ethan Hawke's and Jude Law's performances and of course Uma Therman was stunning as always!

Like I said, it is a very fascinating idea, and not too far-fetched, really.

the boring, superfluous swimming scene) except the situation when Ethan Hawke recognizes the cruel murder that has been committed.

Apparently it was not a box office success, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes drama and speculative fiction.

The two concepts run side by side and are really quite stunning in their execution.

It was truly intriguing just to see how far Vincent would go to achieve his goals in a society that has predetermined his failure.

It really makes for an engaging film.

"Gattaca" is stimulating, suspenseful, and almost terrifying.

Again, it is Law who simply dominates the set; a fascinating performance, and exquisite.

For those into highly suspenseful, action packed movies the pace of this film may seem a bit slow.

However, the premise of a future split into utopia and distopia based on your genes is an interesting one and the characters are all engaging to the point where you get drawn into the story.

Usually I can ignore stupid plots if other elements are engaging enough ('Legend', 'Bill & Ted 2', '5th Element'), but even here the sets and styles are all boring.

Bored by the script, the cast, their posturing about in front of a camera.

Also, he's a solid director of actors, and gets a performance from Hawke that gets better every passing minute he's on screen, and especially Jude Law who has to play someone who is both "crippled" (but don't say that to him) and full of ego, which is a combination that makes him the most fascinating character here.

An original, and thrilling, sci-fi mystery .


In it, he states in a rather dry manner that we will choose to do so.

Seeing Gattaca for the first time I was bored.

Alan Arkin is the enjoyable himself and though he is in a minor role he still gives that certain edge for the film and with a cast like in "Gattaca" you can't go wrong.

The movie is dramatic and the story proves exciting as our hero tries to beat the system, the police and the latests in scientific tools and methods.

Uma Thurman is stunning as the object of Hawks tension and provides a perfectly mysterious character.

The acting is superb, the actors look so stunning and clean cut, wow!

The production design is stunning and the acting very good.

The murder is the worst kind of meaningless McGuffin - we don't know or care who the victim was, it pads the story, it's only there to reunite the brothers and it completely wastes the great Arkin as a boring cop.

Watching Ethan Hawke's (Great Expectations, Hamlet) Vincent evade the relentless pursuit of the authorities while pining to be on the Titan mission, romancing Irene (Uma Thurman), and micro-managing his samples from Jerome (Jude Law in a very impressive supporting turn) made for some the most riveting viewing ever.

fascinating and oh so terrifyingly true .

And both movies are fascinating and full of emotion.

Although, as mentioned previously, the themes explored as well as the overall plot are engaging enough to make for a decent watch.

Except for wrapping things up too neatly at the end, this is quite an intriguing film.

The story also carries compelling messages about love and ambition.

Gorgeous photography, blissful soundtrack, gripping suspense, touching drama, wonderful direction and great acting performances.

Finally, there's that ever-so-necessary plot twist at the end of the film which I won't spoil, but feels extremely contrived and implausible.

It is an inspirational tale of beating the odds and the system, a touching love story, an intriguing murder mystery (although not the main focus), and a thought-provoking reflection on the potential impact of technology (genetics in this case) on society.

Gattaca is a brilliant and stunning drama that I am completely outraged that it is such an unknown and underrated movie.


This film was really an excellent film whether you look at the cast, which was very well composed, or the cinematography, which was breathtaking.

That an Oscar-winning actor of yesteryear is seen doing menial chores and cravenly offering to dispose of Hawke's empty coffee-cup, seems deliberately scripted to emphasise the draconian and ruthless nature of the regime.

Worth watching once.

Imaginative and thought-provoking film with a compelling story that is ultimately quite moving, with beautiful art design and sets.

The murder story is completely unnecessary and makes the movie tedious, pretentious and way overlong.

Gattaca- a science which is very confusing.

It is breathtaking to watch.

Ethan Hawke's performance is passable, if bland.

Maybe they like the exciting plot with its dangerous ideas and strange attitudes about life.

This movie is far above average in every respect: great actors who play at their best (Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Tony Shalboub, Xander Berkeley), a great story, an exciting plot with surprising turnarounds, perfect setting and design, and absolutely no stupid effects which are so common in mediocre SciFi movies.

Like the movie itself, the score to Gattaca is annoying, overbearing, and cliche ridden, with six notes repeating, over and over again on top of a standard chord progression.


This is one of those exceedingly rare works which will stand the test of time, as one of the most compelling examples of the scifi genre' ever produced in this context.

Hawke is smashing at playing strong characters (eg 'Alive'), Law is very convincing as the depressed former athlete and Thurman as one of the Gattaca people whom Vincent meets and falls in love with, realising the somewhat stunning truth.

The design is also stunning.

The film was beautifully shot, and an engaging futuristic tale without the silly customary one-piece uniform with the red banner from left hip to right sholder and the knee high boots which we have come to know, love and mock.

GATTACA is a thoughtful, unique, and compelling story.

I would be disappointed, if it was fast paced or exciting.

Hawke is wonderfully subtle but very compelling as Vincent.

Visually stunning and thought provoking sci-fi.

It's definitely worth watching, for fans of the genre.

Yet the suspense is unbearable.

Again, really fascinating and sufficiently realistic so that we feel very concerned.

Suspenseful and thought-provoking.


This future seems curiously empty.

Particularly fascinating is the scene in which Vincent/Eugene, out with Irene for an evening on the town, loses his contact lenses; of course, Irene doesn't know that he has very poor eyesight.

This movie was made by someone who knows how to make a movie, and more important by someone who knows that stories should be amazing and thrilling.

The cinematography was stunning.

While the story may seem a bit thin and unrealistic at times, the film is definitely worth watching at least once to savour its atmosphere and cast performances.

transcending, intimately engrossing, subtly inspiring, humanity loving movie .

We've all found it fascinating and have enjoyed discussing it long afterwards.

The whole package seems unfinished and sometimes boring .

An intriguing sci-fi drama virtually reminicient of films like "1984" and "Planet of the Apes.

Composer Michael Nyman provides his usual soothingly repetitive new-age mood music.

Also, the dialogue is appallingly banal.

What makes this film so interesting is the completely original way in which this core concept was woven into a story that is compelling on so many different levels.

Fascinating .

The film is slow in places, the ending predictable, and the moral clear--you don't know the measure of a man until you know the man.

An enjoyable watch and a "makes you really think" movie.

The art-direction is simply stunning and is up there (even if different) with Dark City, Casshern, Azumi, and more such films.

Being a scientist, the name of the movie turned me off as being contrived and lame (those who got the double meaning in the title would be unimpressed, those who didn't get it...

Its understated approach towards special effects and wow factor let the low-key attitude of the story and the actors create a believable and enveloping world that are intriguing as well as intelligent.

this just looks visually stunning.

You'll be bored.

in movies, have been mostly about aliens, transformations and world domination, and i got really bored out of it.

It's plot seems a bit contrived and unoriginal, though.