Gemini Man (2019) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Ang Lee
Stars: Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 87 out of 432 found boring (20.13%)

One-line Reviews (289)

Ho hum .

There are no ideas, no plot, no intrigue.

BUT the script, action, and rush of the film made it extremely predictable and dull.

I loved the story, the emotion that was shown in the movie, I loved the way will smith acted and obviously I love the filming of the film, the ending didnt feel right but overall the film is good it contain action scene and the only thing that made me mad that the story was predictable.

But you may feel sorry to see how slow and heavy Will Smith became, and what made that worse is the computerized accelerated scenes for the younger Will Smith while the old Will Smith is in so the difference is noticeable.

Definitely worth a watch, I found it entertaining throughout.

Waste of time .

Honestly, the movie was action packed and didn't leave me dozing off in any way.

It has its flaws as all movies do but it´s worth watching.

Overall, Gemini Man is a lot better then the trailer makes it out to be but it's odd tonally flawed entertaining action film.

In fact it was very entertaining and enjoyable.

Boring dialogues paired with flat characters.

It had some ups and downs but it was really entertaining.

The shoot out scenes and the motorcycle chase scene was exciting.

The dialogue could've been re-written in almost every scene, the action was clunky and CGI'd over to the point where you want to get back to the boring characters to spare the movie some dignity.

Boring, bad script writing, bland .


Because of that, I gained unexpected tremendous astonishing visual experience from those shamelessly short minutes of fighting and car-chasing scene.

It had a strong opening, but then it went slow very quickly.

The action was mildly entertaining.

I thought it was a pretty entertaining movie.

"Gemini Man" opens with a suspenseful blast in sunny Belgium.

GEMINI MAN: I heard this one got some terrible reviews, so this will be a test of my credibility because I thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend it.

Yes it went a bit far with the cloning however I really enjoyed it.

Why use the technological advancements for a story that is so bland and unoriginal?

The story was kinda predictable though, bad company / person makes something good go bad, tries to kill the good guy & in the end the bad guy dies so it does not grip you in that sense.

Plays the same character, same seriousness, same demeanor, same monotone speech, same glazed eyes, same, same, same as every movie WS has ever done.

The dialogue is a little bad lil 80s ish at times and the plot is gery basic causing the movie to feel empty and feel slow.

I had zero expectations for Gemini Man and the movie delivered just that because unfortunately, having two Will Smiths doesnt mean that the film will be twice as exciting.

The humanity of the movie comes across as well as the action thrills making this movie a well-rounded and intriguing, engrossing experience.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead did a well done performance as Danny Zakarweski, a strong hitman who would help Henry to get through the danger, based on the unexpected trust between them.

Entertaining and worth it to see.

The film was so unbelievably flat that you wondered why 3D was used at all, with dull, dark photography that was boring.

Overall: Entertaining enough and at the end with Brogan is telling his clone about his prowess it felt typical good time Will Smith.

Entertaining movie, awesome visuality .

If anything it is actually dull.

in this decidedly magnanimous, & utterly riveting, picture.

A entertaining action film .

I fall a sleep during this movie, it is boring and the acting sucks!

Boring .

As indeed is this film, that's a bland, formulaic, action flick with no real build up and an truncated climax, that fizzles when it should burn.

Breathtaking effects for mediocre story .

This movie is awe-inspiring, technically advanced and an enjoyable creative force.

This scene actually a bit intense!

It's compelling.

Clive Owen is solid but uninspiring.

It's fun and entertaining, solid cast!

The subtle difference sums up and finally makes me think that yeah, the plot is so so, but it is super entertaining to see the real fight.

It was quite fascinating seeing the older and younger Will Smiths playing off each other during several key scenes, as the latter questions the meaning of his existence.

His lips don't move naturally, the eyes are wider than they should be, tears in his eyes look fake and the acting is slightly too slow, probably to make it possible to make Will Smith look that much younger.

Will Smith battling a younger version of Will is thrilling and exciting.

The scientist wanted to leave the project, after methods were designed to produce clones with no pain or emotion, he was killed after being discovered.

The story itself isn't complex, it's a little empty even.

However the Ang Lee-Will Smith combination was enough to overcome any doubts and I am glad I watched this movie since I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it since it has some amazing action scenes including a edge of the pants motorcycle chase.


Definetely not as bad movie as reviews state, 5,4 noo.. i would say this is 7-7.5 action movie.. good action, smoothly rolling plot, nothing special, but still entertaining..

The whole experience was enjoyable and the creativity very much appreciated.

The stories about the main characters who face their clones, are one of the most thrilling stories to explore in the books, television series, comic books, movies and video games.

The script was laughably poor and the plot was predictable; a cat and mouse game across the world and something we've seen many times before.

The camera work and elements they used were genius and masterpiece worthy, they definitely helped carry this film to be the good and entertaining film it was.

Long story short, the first half was dumb, slow and boring, and the second half was dumb, blurry and infuriating.

The plot was good and the action scenes stunning.

Overall, Ang Lee has brought a refreshing, very entertaining and quite improved dynamic to action thrillers.

It's an entertaining, light movie to occupy a few hours of your night.

Well the HFR 3D was okay, but goddamn the other reviews were true, too many bad, unnecessary dialogue, predictable, story-line was bland.

The pacing of the film quite slow!

Very slow and boring beginning with a lot of unnecessary scenes.

Yet it's fun visually stunning most of the time, with some unique fight scenes and action sequences that I haven't seen before.

Especially to see how the conflict between the main characters and their clones, would keep going on until they both arrive to an unexpected conclusion.

Please save your money and see something else.

In "Gemini Man's" only memorable scene, director Ang Lee orchestrates a swerving, adrenaline-laced motorcycle chase with the assailant in hot pursuit of the hero through traffic on a winding two-lane street.

The action was solid and was directed wellOverall an entertaining action movie with some good performances with Will Smith being great as always, but overall pretty forgettable action movie with some great moments of acting but overall nothing much else standing out to be overly captivating, memorable or engaging.

An action thriller worth watching and enjoying with popcorn.

Probably the worst movie I have seen this decade.

Despite some good actors, a talented director and couple of visually striking shots, "Gemini man" was a joyless experience that tries to be deep, but feels empty.

Neither Ang Lee's innovative HFR technology or Will Smith's digital de-aging can save this lame, inert and frustratingly pointless thriller from being an utter high-concept mi .

I really like some of Will Smith's movies - Bad Boys, I, Robot, I Am Legend, Enemy Of The State, to name a few, but the most recent movies he made are boring and redundant and sometimes even plain bad ones.

I left the theater after one hour.

The last action scene, is the most intense scene!

Oh I forgot to mention the plot oh yeah this movie has literally no plot its just a clone trying to kill his original thats the plot.

The action sequences were good, cinematography was cool, the interaction between Junior and Winstead and older Smith was entertaining.

Conclusion: Will Smith keeps picking mediocre movies, I can't recommend you watching this, I was really bored.

From here it can get predictable.

The plot for "Gemini Man" is pretty simple on paper, but on film, it's a confusing mess.

Gemini Man is a good, fast paced, globetrotting thriller that will keep you engaged though you won't find too many surprises here.

We went to the cinema and a couple walked out halfway then another one and another one and so on...

A film that is equal amounts dumb, bland and uninspired, Gemini Man is the very worst kind of Hollywood blockbuster that is more likely to encourage sleep rather than encourage viewers to have a fun time with an enjoyable piece of escapist entertainment.

The plot takes a bit to kick in to full gear, but once it gets rolling, it's a thrilling ride some minor speed bumps.

This is a OK movie and actually has some very fascinating stuff.

However, the script is inconsistent, the tone is too serious, all the jokes fall flat, the pacing is uneven, and the scenes between the action sequences are boring and too expositionary.

I found the movie very entertaining and I also saw the struggle between the person one has become, the person one chooses to be and the person they wish the had become.

Clive Owen plays a forgettable cliché villain.

Very predictable.

It's action packed with a great cast and Will Smith did a excellent job.

Boring .

It's worth watching, I am just not convinced it is worth paying to see at the movies.

I've read other reviews before watching it and thought to myself maybe I'll check it out but it's pretty slow and boring, Action scenes couldn't even save it.

Director Ang Lee delivers an entertaining SF/Conspiracy Action Thriller.

Good actors but the storyline is very boring.

In - a n o t h e r - instance, "Chief Film Critic" ; actually called Will Smith's Stunning multiple-role, ( - including one 'digitally de-aged' -) performance{ S } "a little flat", & went on to say that they seemed almost "wilfully generic".

This is another well polished crap, please save your money and go and see Joker in 2d.

The action scenes and some other scenes are actually very breathtaking.

This is an awesome action packed movie.

Very thrilling when Will Smith comes across a younger version of him.

The visuals take some getting used to after about 10-15 minutes your immersed in the Graphically Impressive action.

I enjoyed it.

I was expecting to be bored with a ton of dialogue and backstory and did not anticipate significant amounts of action.

Was it a total waste of money and time?

Better save the money for next action film "Dark Fate"!

Amazingly Boring .

Action Packed, High Octane Movie!!.

If you are into the technical side of movies, It is worth watching in the theater in the 3D-HFR format.

Special Effects are getting boring .

For me, that's self indulgent and lazy.

Stunts were entertaining, weaponizing motorbikes Jacky Chan style is fun to see.

in fact is above average and very very entertaining.

Another hugely detrimental aspect to Gemini Man's enjoyment levels is that once we become aware of what a cloned Brogan means and the reasoning behind why this dastardly creation exists, you wonder why we should be against it, making the whole point of Brogan's mission rather pointless as we end up curiously siding with Clive Owen's hammy "bad guy" Clay Verris who really truly does kind of have a point.

Enjoyed it.

Dull and Boring .

I watched this movie in 4DX and 3D at the Regal in Time Square, super amped to watch an entertaining film, I fell asleep by the time they got to Budapest in the movie.

Sure there are a few gripes and small issues, but it was overall fairly entertaining.

Will Smith's impressive performance in both his roles, the stylish action sequences, some intriguing twists and a fast-paced story are the highlights.

Will Smith used to be a good actor in movies like The Pursuit of Happiness & Men in Black But this movie was boring and the young Will Smith is super cringe What happened to you Will ?

They did good job deaging will smith but that didnt save his charcter from being boring and bland

Now Ang Lee knows a lot about action movies after his Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the action scenes are totally immersed and the direction is beautiful.

I can agree a bit with some negative comments on the story line, it had a certain ordained air to it in spots, but visually it was wildly enjoyable, just what I wanted for a saturday matinee.

Solid but uninspiring .

He has her take her clothes off in an encounter so pointless and tame it doesn't even rise to level of T&A.

Save your money .

After the initial novelty of him talking to and fighting his clone wore off, it got quite soppy and tedious towards the end.

However, the action was very entertaining in majority of the cases and even saved the film, probably due to its unreal physics.

Well the screenplay is not so sophisticated as it could be, probably because the target audience are teenagers, but there are some interesting action scenes worth watching.

But the movie has a dreary look that looks more boring that anything.

The characters fill their roles well, but the pacing felt a bit slow and the blatant product placement was appalling.

Unfortunately for everyone in 2019 we didn't get that, instead we were given a film that is mind numbingly boring with some of the worst CGI I've seen in a long while.

Presently,it's too talky and slow for its own good, though, and is unlikely to change most people's feelings about high frame rate.

They were seriously some of the most entertaining and inventive action i have seen in a long time.

To say it is contrived is to do a disservice to the word "contrived".

This was a good film that was entertaining and an original perspective.

I think in time it will grow to be a classic it's generic script and stunning visuals should age well.

Overall gemini man is a very good and entertaining action.

Gemini Man is one of the most unique and innovative movies of all time, filled with emotional and thrilling scenes to be unforgettable.

Still Entertaining Though .

However the script their given is incredibly boring and unfortunately very cliche.........

Surprisingly entertaining .

On the plus side I managed to stay awake for the whole film.

The chase through Cartajena was exciting.

PROS:Will Smith's Fantastic Daul PerformanceAng Lee's Strong DirectingStrong Supporting Cast (Especially Mary Elizabeth Winstead)Fun Action Sequences (Especially A Motorcycle Chase)The De-Aging CGI Is Actually Mostly ImpressiveThe CinematographyIt Knows What It Is And Embraces ItCONS:The Very Un-Original ScriptLots Of Cheesy Dialogue (And Exposition)The Ending CGI Is BadFirst Act Is Slow Paced (Some Scenes Could Of Been Cut Down)

Yes the trailer gives it away but it was thoroughly entertaining, the plot made sense and Will Smith did a pretty good job.

If it wasn't for the truly fantastic cast (Will Smith is always impeccable, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong deliver great performances), Gemini Man would easily be one of the absolute worst movies of the year.

but anyway now since past this film got made starting will smith as lead role witch i like will smith as actor Bad boys 1&2 films, Independence day, enemy of state, Ali, I, Robot, Hitch, I Am Legend, Hancock, Suicide Squad, Bright now tothis film witch i did enjoy and seeing this in 3D wasn't bad experience but 3D isn't that special, to this film it's pretty enjoyable the story and script was good, Clive Owen was good in this film as well as villain.

In fact all this tactic does is slow everything way down for something the audience already knows.

Gemini Man was alright, nothing special, mildly entertaining.

Despite its video game-style narrative (there's even a first person POV oner in a key moment), Gemini Man is arguably more successful - or, at the very least, more entertaining - than Lee's prior HFR filmmaking experiment, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.

Entertaining and Good Action Scenes .

I enjoyed it, as did most others i watched it with.

As generic and predictable as it could be.

The clones were entertaining and you could really sympathise with them since how they felt so different and really Aspergian and that they couldn't understand what it was really like to be human and they felt created to carry out a single task.

Action packed thriller .

Gemini Man is an enjoyable run of the mill action spectacle, though itself a clone of other films of the past like Looper, and is overall a standard vehicle for Will Smith.

Gemini Man suffers from a major problem; it's boring.

Apart from all that the plot of this film over-complicates itself and is an absolute bore.

The movie was starting great and the action scenes was intense and good and then we see the first appearance of Will Smith Clone .

Gemini bland .

If you are looking for good action, this movie fits the bill perfectly, my mind kept rushing to Mission Impossible movies where the action scenes are very intense, but the story is basically your run of the mill good guys vs bad guy , which of course is a beaten to death story by now, but I am still surprised that how the director (Ang Lee) still manages to make it entertaining, I never was looking at my watch while seeing the movie (which is a good sign) that the movie is entertaining.

In fact, we'd dare say you'll be bored stiff during the two-hour duration, because other than the action, there is little momentum to the storytelling at all.

It was too bland with absolutely nothing standing out and it could've been wholly replaced.

Some good points but tedious at times .

The action even felt boring and predicable.

The "twists" are extremely predictable unless you're 10 years old, which is the only way I could imagine someone enjoying this movie.

Also, some aspects of it were highly predictable.


This film is the combination of an uninteresting script, bad directing, terrible acting and poor editing.

Boring from start to the time you walk out of the movie theater, the script makes no sense, you better off tear a 10 dollar bill to the toilet, at least you won't waste the time at the movie theater.

Even more fascinating is the fact that the film has been in development hell for upwards of two decades and apparently right now was the best time to give it a release?

Super bored!

The story lacked and was predictable and young Will Smith was just awkward.

Gemini Man is an action thriller that delivers some exciting action sequences, set pieces, and a decent plot.

Badly written, poorly executed and generally quite dull, the technology used to make will smith younger is just distracting and looks so fake.

It gives exactly what it promises -- a chance to try new technology with a predictable story concept.


The action was alright but was often boring.

All in all, a solid Hollywood action film, it's no masterpiece, but very enjoyable.

However, Will Smith's performance along with his CGI counterpart (that foretells a revolutionary transformation in how the role of movie stars are managed in the future) do offer some very emotive and relational elements that offer this movie a distinctive and compelling storyline.

Save your money .

I did enjoy seeing Will Smith in another movie and there were certain aspects of the film that were entertaining.

While not completely flawless, the CGI is very impressive and equals that seen in most Marvel movies today from its de-aging process to its intense fights and action sequences.

Gemini man was rubbish and boring!

As it is filmed at 120FPS, and in 4K, meaning only a handful of cinemas around the world is able to show its absolutely stunning visual spectacle.

It is too uerile for an adult audience and too boring for a younger one.

The characters have no depth, the story is totaly bland and the action in it's best moments is super average.

And if it's true it is even sometimes predictable, especially at the end, it's far enough for the kind of movie Gemini Man is.

Good action scenes, entertaining.

Although they play it safe it does excite, it does draw you in, and it is enjoyable.

Overall, if you're not expecting too much originality (other than in the digital younger version of Will Smith) and you like action films, you will probably find it entertaining.

Definitely a crossed film here, a bit of Fresh Prince of Bell Air meets Will Smith as in Suicide Squad crossed with buddy cop coming of age second chance.

Thanks to some strong work by Smith and its better set pieces, Gemini Man partly succeeds at overcoming its bland plot and occasionally iffy visuals.

" Director Ang Lee literally and ambitiously navigates O-Sensei's Mastery journey in unexpected resolve.

They are thrilling and exciting.

Entertaining action movie .

"Gemini Man" plunges down a predictable path from fade in to fade out.

Instead, it's an entertaining enough action flick with a wasted sci-fi hook.

There are some moments that visual director Ang Lee implements that provide it with excitement albeit insanely ridiculous, but overall it follows all too familiar plotting and formulaic writing that everyone has seen before.

This yawn worthy film had no depth to it, every scene was predictable and dialogue was so poor it made the film cringeworthy at the emotional scenes as you can't connect to it.

I thought it was super entertaining.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Don't waste your money.

entertaining movie .

The villain is too grey and the resolution too predictable.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout many of these scenes watching it in 2K 3D at 120 FPS.

Compare this to the more recent John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum which was light on story, but was still an entertaining movie.

The conversation in the film feel so weird and boring!

Ang Lee direction of an action flick is entertaining and exciting.

That is thrilling because it is so real.

It's mind blowing knowing that these super spies, clones, actually exist and you may past by them in the street or supermarket.

An enjoyable movie although the huge missed chances to make it a great one.

There are a few exciting action sequences with Will escaping from a team of elite soldiers.

What's worse is Clive Owen was really uninteresting too.

Just wasn't good enough compared to previous works of Ang Lee, it felt completely boring other than just CGIs and 3D effect and the clear motion of the HFR that kept me awake.

Predictable .

Unfortunately, "Gemini Man" boils down to a conventional second-rate thriller with a contrived gimmick.

Story wise it was boring, predictable and didn't pay off anything.

There are some reasonable chases, guns blazing and explosions, but then it is taken up by an unconvincing script and plot, the chatty scenes definitely slow it down, the novelty of two versions of Smith onscreen wears thin, and it is just too much style over substance, a good idea not done very well, a disappointing action thriller.

It may sound appealing to have two Smiths in the same movie, but you'd wish they'd went right back to the genesis of this project and change up the whole DNA of this dull, almost lifeless, big-budget failure.

Not the best Will Smith movie, but a solid enjoyable flick overall .

There is one intense and exciting climax taking place in a small town with an elite soldiers and an engineered soldier fighting against Henry and Dani (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

I remember reflecting on Avatar after I saw it at the cinema and thinking that despite the generic plot it was such a thrilling experience that largely to the 3D.

I have to say, the movie, no matter how unrealistic the plot is and how often there are wtf moments, still is pretty enjoyable.

Great acting by Will Smith, excellent action , engaging story, and interesting premise with some interesting moral discussions .

I did find the character of Will Smith's Gemini to be compelling and is what I found to be the best part of the movie.

the Fresh Prince makes for a bland movie.

The only thing I wish it had a little more of is a non predictable plot line.

The chase scenes were superb and imaginative, the story line was interesting (for a change) and the film sets and locations were breathtaking.

It made me nearly fall asleep, my friend next to me fell asleep.

Some scenes you noticed the CGI, I think it was done really well and a great action packed movie to see.

Felt flat and monotone.

David Benioff and Billy Ray wrote an entertaining screenplay.

I couldn't take it anymore half way through and I walked out of the theater.

Enjoyable Movie .

the story is no story .

The story and the dialogue seemed contrived, wooden and predictable.

Finally, it's a watchable action movie that has a lot of elements of Netflix production, which means everything is average but enjoyable to watch in home with your family or friends with a bucket of popcorn.

Some flaws but very entertaining .

Save your money and skip this movie.

It would go between fast to slow very dramatically; and erratically.

Bland action combined with a lack of entertainment made me review this to warn others!

Boring bellow average action schlock.

Don't waste your time by watching this boring movie.

A predictable narrative with some out of place jokes and some real head-scratching moments that nearly turned the film into a parody.

Its kinda boring.

Worth the Watch.

And I highly recommend it to you.

Watchable enjoyable.

I thought it was fine, wife walked out bored .

Sadly, the reviewers are right that the plot and characters are very simplistic, with a predictable and low developed plot shoved into the run time, where focus on action leads to hasty wrap ups and a sloppy finish for this reviewer.

Enjoyable movie.

This movie had will smith so I thought it was a safe/entertaining action movie.

Unfortunately, this movie bored me to the point that I started looking at these IMDB review while the final action is happening.

But even with his face completely still and empty of emotions, the eyes just look too doll-like.

Even Clive Owen, normally a dull actor to me, comes deliciously alive here.

But if nothing else, it was fascinating to watch a film with that level of clarity and definition.

This is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a year or two.

It's fast paced and the visual effects are excellent.

It ends abruptly, utterly disregarding the only interesting plot point (still very predictable), by not developing it any further than one sequence.

Will smith still proves he can hold his own and there was a lot of tension and fast paced action which was great as well.

Some of the plot flips are confusing.

But it has so many holes in the story that in my opinion, despite the major effects it's just dull and boring.

Great acting, great story line from beginning to end and I was on the edge of my seat for the most of the movie!

Without high hopes about the movie, I quite enjoyed it wihout much care on the flat storyline.

" It is as the early pre release reviews said, it IS, indeed, utterly breathtaking!

The film starts off well and quite hearstopping as we are introduced to Henry (Will Smith) as a hired assassin entertaining his "last" hit, which entices his thoughts of retirement.

It feels that the side characters were there only to have Smith talk to someone and the villain was generic to the point of yawning.

The distinct upsides: The entertaining screenplay by David Benioff, Billy Ray, and Darren Lemke and the strong compelling Will Smith on both sides of this existential conflict.

It was a very boring time to be hand despite the effects and technical aspects and a hardworking cast.

Beyond that somehow the Jr. character gets more real as the movie progresses enhancing the story in unexpected ways.

Was expecting this to be rubbish but I actually enjoyed it very much.

There was no plot at all.

Perfect movie to Fall Asleep On .

Ang Lee directs a wildly entertaining action movie with incredible technology.

The movie becomes boring and predictable and there are hardly any twists (or) surprise elements in the movie.

Generic, predictable, and filled with almost offensive exposition.

It has a fairly bad script and a silly central conceit, but it's entertaining enough to feel worth your time.

Boring, lazy and unimaginative is how one would describe the new Will Smith starrer 'Gemini Man'.

Everithing in this movie is rushed and predictable.

You're lackluster, boring and one dimensional and having two of you on screen is not going to make you two dimensional when all you can do is play the same role over and over and over.

I could easily watch this again - even knowing all it's twists now (and there were several that were quite intriguing too!

Unexpected .

Maybe people (myself included) are just bored with all the fanfare around technology/special effects in cinema.

A heavy-handed, formulaic melodrama, "Gemini Man" concerns cloning and killing humans without scruples.