Generation Um... (2012) - Drama

Hohum Score



Three adults during a single day in New York City, one filled with sex, drugs, and indecision.

Director: Mark Mann
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Bojana Novakovic
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 62 found boring (50%)

One-line Reviews (58)

Don't waste your time watching this movie just to see Keanu Reeves.

A complete waste of talent, a complete waste of space, a complete waste of money, but above all a complete waste of time.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Boring film that probably tries to explain something with no luck in my eyes!

The first half of the movie scraps along in a grinding waste of time other than a couple of interesting scenes.

" is a pretentious shallow film about nothing.

To sum it all, its boring, sleep inducing, no thrills, no engrossing nude scenes, no alluring sex, no nothing.. I call this Generation Uhh!

Waste of Time .

There is no real plot, its just a mess.

I get what this film was trying to do, and I could see how it was going about it, and that is what spoiled the film; it seemed too contrived.

I thought there were some fine depictions (these people are out there every day) and some good lines, even if only for their trite realism.

It's about the mundane and sort of average life of a New York City guy and girls connecting with one another while showing a bit of each others inner thoughts and scars.

If you wanna waste your time to see an awful and no-content movie, I strictly recommend you the Generation Um.

obscene waste of time and money .

The pointless plot is about the lives of three uninteresting persons that live in New York: John (Keanu Reeves) is an unemployed guy and small-time thief and pimp.

is very confusing plotted.

is boring and confusing .

This movie is easily the worst movie I've seen of 2013.

I also found it difficult to keep watching through the middle of the film as it was very slow paced.

The best endings are those which are both surprising and completely obvious, and the finale here was an expertly executed maneuver which I fear the subtlety and beauty of was lost on the critics who dismissed the movie as aimless or boring.

Simply because one doesn't care for the characters, does not mean they were not well projected - and further, just as not every song necessarily holds to a formula (tempo/chorus/hook/fade-out) why should films require a dazzling open, fitted character biographies and a streamlined progression to some contrived resolution.

Finally, the Worst Movie Ever .

It's mundane, it's terrible, even the character himself said: 'Maybe you should say something interesting.

Don't waste even five minutes of your time on this turkey.

Nothing happened.

It's just pointless, moronic nonsense; something only a brain-dead imbecile could possibly enjoy.

As opinionated as the sharing of thoughts between the characters maybe it was still interesting and intriguing.

" was one of the most slow-paced and uneventful movies that I have ever seen.

In fact nothing happens the rest of the way.

Worst movie in the world just got owned by this monstrosity.

I became terminally bored of Hollywood blockbusters a good while back now so I really welcome downbeat,understated, true life studies which is what this film is.

This movie has now been marked the worst movie I've seen in the year of 2013!

What a horrible, pointless film.

) The characters seem to exist by floating from one moment to another, stuck in a big swirl of bland repetition, and the audience is tugged along for the ride.

Don't waste your time .

Pointless .

{But that's just the point: These characters are bored and apathetic and don't feel much like talking about their childhoods, what they want out of life, etc.}This film gets three stars from me because of its immediate realism, natural acting, and detailed camera work--the footage of NYC is quite captivating in places.

On the one hand, there was the generally poor showing on IMDb (low rating, several dismissals as boring/uneventful), the relatively bland poster (which conveys little except that the film features three beautiful people) and a pretty uninspired title.

I felt like sitting in one of their conversations, not necessarily to participate, but merely to watch and be empty of worries, even just for a little while.

It's dumb and pointless beyond comprehension.

)Self-important indie film checklist: film within a filmno danger of plotno danger of character developmentedgy filtered camera angles and shotsforced naturalnessconfused mommy daddy babblingactors who needed a film on their resumé "acting"requisite character confusion.

I saw this engrossing examination of the other side of human existence; a side that as portrayed in this movie would probably be unfamiliar, unappealing and unflattering to all concerned.

I got up and turned it off, bored out of my mind and senses.

It's basically about 3 people's typical mundane life in New York City.

If a film is to convey the sense of a lifestyle convincingly, it has to follow its subjects through the dull, solitary periods as well as the lively ones.

And I think it'll need some great competition to beat their slow and boring run through the movie.

Again, plotlessness is the entire point in portraying 24 hours of down-and-out on-the-edge existence in NYC, but I'm obviously not the only one who, despite this film's good intentions and fine ironies, found it hideously dull.

Why all the intimate, mundane details?

The problem is it doesn't, and I walked out of the theater feeling really cheated.

Boring, depressing and bad edited.

Unwatchable, uninteresting, and not worth watching for money.

It is slow and ponderous and I can see how it must have tested many people's patience.

3 pretty characters in a dull, boring movie.. .

Incoherent Bore and Complete Dud .

How compelling is it to watch Keanu eat a cupcake?

This film is literally unwatchable.

I find it to be a waste of time and money and really doubt any effort or energy was put into the making of the movie since the sound quality wasn't even good.

That consumed most of our thinking for most of the movie and it was like a little puzzle going nowhere while waiting for something good to happen.