Get Shorty (1995) - Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Hohum Score



A mobster travels to Hollywood to collect a debt, and discovers that the movie business is much the same as his current job.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Gene Hackman, Rene Russo
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 157 found boring (6.36%)

One-line Reviews (70)

Watch if you're really bored...

It's boring to death, and it never finally picks up.

An often confusing story line, but a fun, entertaining dark comedy, Travolta is the real star.

However, I think the film lacks an intriguing plot.

The other characters were pretty good, and Rene Russo is stunning, as always.

It's that usual horns and trumpets, giving that funky and exciting feeling for the film.

The movie is fast, reasonably short in duration, and very, very, very entertaining!

The intense dialog becomes a showcase of John Travolta's characters' wit, which alone is not enough for a film to work.

This is a good, entertaining film with a great cast I recommend.

Filled with references from the movie world 'get shorty' is a fast, entertaining and a very enjoyable flick (8/10)

ZZzzZZzzZZz .

Add snappy pseudo-witty dialog, the criminal mob type environment, and as mentioned a good cast of actors and voila.

Get Carter had something about it, something solid and central and it maintained enthralling and gripping throughout.

It was an ultimate let-down to a movie that despite the confusing "details" of the plot, does provide an entertaining edge.

It's a pleasure to watch this very funny, entertaining movie.

It's not a substantial masterpiece, but it's hugely entertaining, and a spot-on parody, and I think that's all that matters.

This is one thoroughly enjoyable, funny movie that absolutely begs for a sequel.

In my opinion this is one of the most entertaining movies of the 90's which is saying a lot!

His story is littered with numerous subplots that are richly entertaining and a variety of characters whose eccentricities are a great source of dark humour.

Boring violent criminal movie .

The film is dialog intense.

You may or may not like his stories but you will never fall asleep because they are too slow.

"When I say jump, you say okay" his Ray "Bones" Barboni tells Chili, striving to sound threatening while mangling another tough-guy cliché.

There are some of the usual tough guy threats, beatings and shootings *yawn*.

The cast really help and the majority of them give enjoyable performances even if the aforementioned depth isn't there for them to do a great deal with.

A boring movie with no story...

`Get Shorty', which is faithfully based on the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name, is a film that crackles along at a good pace, moving along and weaving together a half-dozen entertaining subplots with incredible ease.

Fortunately we have the actors and direction to make it even better and definitely more entertaining.

The events just pile on, and yet it feels so immensely linear and uneventful.

I've seen Pulp Fiction, so I figured it will be another mind blowing piece of acting.

Get Shorty's movie-within-a-movie plot may seem confusing, but it is enjoyable and very watchable.

Boring, shallow, pointless.

Even James Gandolfini (from HBO's The Sopranos) and Martin Ferraro (the T-Rex's lunch in Jurassic park) are enjoyable in their small parts.

Well made film that has its flaws yet counters them with witty dialogue and an engaging theme.

The script has plenty of injokes to match the slick dialogue and narrative and the story does move along in a manner that is enjoyable on several levels.

Overall, good cast, enjoyable movie.

While I did find the storyline entertaining, I did find it extremely confusing to keep up with the specific "details" of the story - namely who is who and who did what.

An engaging caper movie that also satirizes the Hollywood scene… .

Funny, entertaining comedy with style.

And he convinces us, just as he convinces the others, that an entertaining movie can be made from this lousy script he's come into possession of.

Very entertaining (if you forget the toxic sequel ever happened) .

"Good, Entertaining Comedy!

Very light, very enjoyable .

To cut a long review short, nothing happens in this film, other than a lot of talking about nothing interesting.

What more can you ask for a boring Friday evening?

The starry cast is good value and all in all the film is entertaining; which was all I really wanted from it in the first place.

A thoroughly enjoyable comedy/thriller about a connected loan collector, John Travolta as Chili Palmer, who is sent by his boss, Dennis Farina, from Miami to Los Angeles to collect $300K from a drug dealer who has decided to keep the payment for himself by hiding it in a locker at Los Angeles International Airport.

This movie is entertaining and the hysterical humor in it works.

a fast, entertaining and a very enjoyable flick (8/10) .

and then the other characters start imitating him *yawn*.

The worst movie I have ever seen in a theater .

The performances are brilliant, extremely entertaining and hilarious to say the least!

He's volatile, intense, and extremely street smart.

The idea usually reads well on paper, the film feels like a good idea at the time; sees some scenes work better than others and while it doesn't really know what it wants to be, it's almost as if that in itself is part of the charm - it's only afterwards when you think back that you shrug, adopt a ponderous tone and wonder whether it was really worth getting excited about.

Fun movie, cool story, a couple of old movie qualities but enjoyable overall.

DeVito does a wonderful job playing the self-involved, pretentious Weir.

Crackling, hilarious dialogue, well-drawn characters, and clever insight into the movie business run rampant in this snappy little comedy.

Boring, boring, boring !

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

Funny and entertaining adaptation of Elmore Leonard's crime novel about Chili Palmer (Travolta, perfectly charming) a loan shark from Miami who heads out to LA after a pay cheat and winds up in Hollywood teaming up with horror schlock producer Hackman and B-film screamer Russo pitching a story and avoiding some not-so-pleasant criminal types along the way.

You know what, I really love Elmore Leonard, and a part of me feels that nearly any movie made from his works is going to come out as fresh, original, and worth watching.

Mildly Entertaining .

This movie is very confusing on first viewing as it moves around so quickly.

Travolta easily carries the movie and makes it very entertaining and funny.

Witty, enjoyable, fine translation of Leonard to screen.

Starring John Travolta hot off of "Pulp Fiction," it's an enjoyable film for those who love movies and those who love the mob.

Enjoyable crowd-pleaser...

) Even at an hour and 45 minutes, it never feels that long, due to excellent pacing and a great many compelling scenes.

John Travolta plays Chili Palmer, a Mafia loan shark collector whose boss dies of a heart attack one unexpected night.

Overall a very enjoyable film.