Get the Gringo (2012) - Action, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



A career criminal nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a young boy.

Director: Adrian Grunberg
Stars: Mel Gibson, Kevin Balmore
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 145 found boring (8.96%)

One-line Reviews (100)

The story is interesting and the excitement exists from the beginning to the end; it is truly hard to look through the entire film and find a single moment which is considered boring for me.

Waste of time to watch ugliness .

Although the movie may be a bit similar to Mel Gibson's Payback,but still Get The Gringo is fresh and entertaining.

Get the Gringo was an exciting action comedy that featured some unpredictable plot twist and turns along the way.

The plot that writers Mel Gibson and Adrian Grunberg came up with was original and left you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, a movie that has the feel of an Oliver Stone type movie that is fun to watch and is entertaining as well as violent.

An Old School (Exciting!

I think this film works out very well, it is entertaining and interesting all of the way, a great film for the guys :) You should see it if you haven't and especially if you like Mel Gibsons action movies.

Overall, a hugely enjoyable 95 minutes

HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION is a more entertaining film than it has a right to be.

It's worth your time because the acting is so strong and the action is intense.

All in all this movie is a Mel Gibson show which is highly gripping,thrilling and which I found is all the more absurdly entertaining.

It's just so cliché.

This fast paced, action-drama delivers the perfect stage for his return"Get the Gringo" is gritty, witty and down right dirty.

There is a really good storyline in this movie, one that it very easy to follow, it is compelling and interesting and it has a good amount of action to it as well.

I think it would make for a fascinating documentary to explore how such an institution could be so morally and politically bankrupt.

This was a bad-ass film, I watched it because I was curious and because of Mel Gibson, as I am an all time fan, and I have to say from screenplay to a great storyline to the fantastic directing to all the actors - main and supporting - and to the film all together, I am happy to have watched it and enjoyed it.

The plot itself is quite cliché and boring.

I will give Adrian some credit as there were some very intense action scenes that were well executed.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that I thought that this was an enjoyable film which pretty much kept my attention from start to finish.

I was bored honestly...

Gringo isn't perfect but Gibson gives it life when it begins to drag and his presence alone makes this a solid, enjoyable experience.

It is only because there is no category for "Most Offensive, Dramatic, Funny, and Entertaining".

An entertaining & violent movie that has the feel of an Oliver Stone movie.

In all honesty this is probably the worst movie I have ever seen...

The movie is an intense fast-paced one, very well shot and acted.

Watching this movie was like watching a movie version of "Prison Break" season 3 on adrenaline...

Action packed, a roller-coaster story, Gibson's brilliant came-back.

Entertaining enough for what it is, and moves briskly with plenty of action and nonsensical violence in a compact 95 minutes.

Grunberg manages gets that Mexican feeling of lethargy and violence coexisting that you might see in a Roberto Rodriguez film but here it is pulled off with more skill and complexity, and most important of all, the whole piece is very entertaining.

This movie is non stop action and fun from start to the finish and will have you on the edge of you seat and laughing in other places and never lets up.

My plot summary above is only really what I managed to pick up of it, confusing and messy as it was.

The characters are dull and have no development to them.


A hideously boring and bland film that idolizes the pretentious Mel Gibson .

The action and violence is intense.

Gibson shows again what a talent he is, and what a waste we can't watch him without all the baggage his personal life has brought.

The movie starts off with an exciting car chase in the desert near the Mexican border.

Not highly memorable, but an entertaining film .

I really recommend seeing this movie, its not a masterpiece, not Oscar worthy, but a really enjoyable and fun action piece that will surprise you.

It also seemed the plot was really hard to follow.

Gibson's character is very resourceful and interesting, plus the kid character (Kevin Hernandez) he interacts with is not half bad, but the rest of the cast, especially the villains, are pretty much cookie cutter and thus dull.

Fun and entertaining action .

Get the Gringo is a really entertaining film with good amount of laughs and action sequences.

Its literally a cliché action movie, milked from a dead cow.

I Enjoyed It .

The plot of this movie is dull, the characters are dull, the music is garbage and the editing is so poor that it actually gave me a headache.

I found the story to be great and I was deeply immersed into it.

Every character including Mel himself are bland 2d shells of people who have nothing redeeming about them.

I think that this was Mel's way of thumbing his nose at "Big Hollywood" in more ways than one and we get the benefit with a terrific, fast-moving and entertaining movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just don't waste your time.

It is worth watching just for the Mexican city-within-prison scenes all by itself.

It is a solidly enjoyable b-movie with superficial grit and slickness throughout the film.

These sorts of scenes make it really confusing to watch the film because you sit there and ask "why were these scenes put in?

That said, "Get the gringo" is a good, simple old-school action thriller with some humorous moments and it's enjoyable as such.

Like Oceans 11, the story cleverly unfolds with intriguing insights into both the criminal mind and the Mexican corrections system.

Bottom line is that this was a quite enjoyable movie.

Indeed, Gibson is in top form in his latest movie, far more enjoyable and entertaining than 'Edge of Darkness' and definitely more accessible than the darker-themed 'The Beaver'.

I enjoyed it.

" He is wonderful here, and manages to inspire a number of intriguing scenes that rarely become too comical or too unrealistic.

com for movies that are worth watching, Rabbit out...

Not one of Gibson's more memorable or best films, but still very entertaining.

You'll also have to overlook some inconsistencies in the plot and some confusing scene transitions.

The plot is a bit silly, but great characters, some memorable scenes, really unexpected locations and scenery, the production design was quite extraordinary, well-paced, good action sequences...

It's a thoroughly entertaining romp where we cheer for the crook who, though far from honest, is a much better bet than anyone else around.

Vastly entertaining, it didn't sell out with any heavy-handed social message, politicization, or tokenism, which, unfortunately, has been the cheating, conniving and slippery way that Hollywood has escaped having to put forth much (if any) cleverness or hard work in its offerings.

His hate-filled rants that once scattered the internet like littered candy-wrappers, identifiable aging, and modest releases over the years have proved that he may be wandering around a plain of confusion and uncertainty.

" It's been several years since Gibson has entertained audiences with such an exciting movie.

Get The Gringo is a stylish move with loads of action scenes,dark,gritty,humorous,violent and above all entertaining.

Here we have a nice tight plot, spot on humor, believable and exciting action, solid acting by all involved, all within a small yet intriguing setting.

Despite a slow second act and cookie cutter villains (less said about them the better) I was never bored by this film.

This is just one of those great fun entertaining 90 minute films that is never boring, thrilling, funny and interesting.

Worth watching!

It is a simple enough story, almost ignoring the businessmen plot line, but there is plenty of stuff to pack a punch, including some exciting gun play sequences, a chase or two, and there are also hard-hitting moments that may make you cringe, such as child violence, all in all it is an entertaining action thriller.

"Get the Gringo" is over-the-top, and ridiculous--but it is an entertaining watch.

An unexpected delight .

The story is all over the place- it's all forced- ALL the action is cliché and very predictable (especially the police scenes and the gun fights)- and there isn't any dynamic or underlying subtext to the characters or the plot.

Get The Gringo is fun, at times funny, throws in a few grimaces and is packed with action that, while not up to the pace or jaw-dropping fluidity of The Raid, is nonetheless absorbing, engaging and the most fun I've had in front of the big screen this week.

Which means that this film is even more enjoyable because once more you get to see Gibson playing the badass we knew and came to love in the past.

In among the minions who exist on the edge of poverty and despair, the Driver finds a 10 year 0ld street-smart ally (Kevin Hernandez) who with his mother team up to help him adjust and plan an escape.

The story is interesting but predictable.

Depends on where you live i seen 'Get the Gringo' as it's other title 'How i spent my summer vacation' is a 'Sleeper' of a movie it's a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

Driver learning the ins and outs of this prison was different and I found it wholly entertaining.

I've watched this film many times and it's just a really enjoyable action thriller with the touch of comedy so you can't take it to seriously.

The main problem is the framing of a very sweaty, dirty, and unpleasant show that is suppose to be funny and exciting and it delivers a down-beat locale with child and woman torture and gore.

The film lacks any real substance or coherency, with a disjointed story that doesn't seem to go anywhere.

The characters are engaging and the story is gripping.

The film would have scored higher if it was a little more believable in places, although the film was very good - fast paced, entertaining and with the unexpected always around the corner.

The plot is pretty slow, the film takes ages to get going.

This is a good and entertaining movie though, just not at that level.

A poor remake of Payback set in Mexico, which is refreshing and interesting for its prison location and unorthodox gritty dark side, but as it progresses it increasingly rejoins the usual dumbed down predictable popcorn movie formula it shuns earlier, and sadly repeats too many obvious moves and plot qualities from Payback.

The storyline is very entertaining and not predictable.

Great film - worth watching .

There were long, boring, expensive action scenes that were totally unnecessary.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat and is never boring.

Gibson is great in the film and the movie itself is an enjoyable insane film ride!

This movie grabs your attention from the beginning and it is really a wonderful witty enjoyable ride.

Not much action, but shoot out scene in middle of movie is worth watching.

The setting is undeniably intriguing but it's wasted on a subpar crime story that is increasingly implausible, stupid, cliché ("He killed my father!