Ghost (1990) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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After a young man is murdered, his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a reluctant psychic.

Director: Jerry Zucker
Stars: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 25 out of 265 found boring (9.43%)

One-line Reviews (120)

The ridiculous plot is entertaining.

There is such compelling evidence that any real detective work would of uncovered Carl Bruner and Willy Lopez and perhaps required both Federal as well as International Law concerns with the revealing of the person on the other end of the phone.

Language Spoils Touching, Entertaining Story .

As hard as that is to swallow, you leave the theater knowing that love conquers all.

I have never professed to be a fan of Goldberg, but this role was completely enjoyable and made the whole film even more worthwhile.

One of the most tender and engrossing films of the 80's followed.

First of all, I can accept ghosts as pure fantasy (as in A Christmas Carol), but the villains being dragged off after death to a presumably unpleasant place is neither amusing nor trivial, not something you should joke about.

All in all, it's not like amazing or breathtaking, but it's an entertaining sweet supernatural love story with great performances.

yet formulaic, love story?

And there's another cliché that the film tactfully reinvents, the 'Old Magic Negro', and it succeeds for two reasons.

The originality of the film's premise made my first viewing of Ghost quite enjoyable.

But despite of its somewhat predictable and formulaic plot,the movie succeeds due to the sincerity rarely evoked by the movie and the way it manages to please the viewer.

Ghost is thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable.

On death, the souls of the good are rewarded with heavenly bliss, while the souls of the wicked are dragged down to hell by demons.

I am very surprised its rating here is so slow.

Now, I'd say, don't waste your time on this drivel.

What surprised me the most when I saw this is how well it balances those melodramatic moments with the comedy, because I always believed this film was a romantic tale from beginning to end, but it really is more of an action comedy with several twists along the way (albeit predictable ones).

It was several years since 1990, and I had written it off as a pointless chick flick.

I've always been a sucker for fantasy movies dealing with visitations from the afterlife and whatnot, going back to "Topper", "The Bishop's Wife" and of course the daddy of them all "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Ghost" unquestionably taps into all of that, with good ghosts hanging around their loved ones until they find release through redemption, ascending to the light while bad ghosts don't get to stay long, getting immediately dragged down to the nether regions by irresistible black forces.

A touching and entertaining movie on all levels .

As a murder story is too predictable.

It's exciting and emotionally stirring - a great love story, an absorbing mystery, and a touching spiritual experience, too.

Entertaining and provocative...

Anyway, "Ghost" is a rather long and predictable story about supernatural love and vengeance from the grave.

Sam returns to Molly's apartment with Oda Mae, she is finally convinced of Sam's ghost when he levitates a coin, and Oda Mae allows him to possess her body to feel Molly and share a slow dance.

However, it is when you look beyond the novelty of the Ghost premise, that you see the film for what it really is; a very routine, predictable piece of Hollwood film making.

Swayze, Moore and Goldberg all did a great job in their performances, with an exciting story and plot by writer Bruce Joel Rubin and solid direction by Jerry Zucker.

Compelling is the performance of Whoopi Goldberg, one of the most striking of her career.

"Ghost" does boast one of the most compelling and moving love stories ever told.

The result is a movie with many humorous moments, visuals that really work effectively, a love story that is very moving and a mystery that is thrilling to watch.

Here's a film so full of clichés and tired ideas that somehow--miraculously--manage to stay fresh, presenting us with a great love story amidst an intriguing backdrop of murder and revenge.

Worth Watching Just to Watch Whoopie.

"Ghost" is a drama/thriller that is hugely entertaining.

The unexpected hit of 1990 earned a best picture nomination and a best supporting actress Oscar for Whoopi Goldberg's portrayal of Oda Mae Brown, a psychic delivering comic relief in a film.

Good and well worth watching.

A Really Entertaining Film.

There's supernatural intrigue and conspiracy afoot, but as exciting as that stuff is, it's the love story between Patrick and Demi that has kept generations rooted to the story.

Original, and hugely entertaining .

I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies but this, as well as making you laugh endlessly, keeps you on the edge of your seat as well as entertaining.

Classic movie and highly recommend it for everyone.

It's suspenseful and deep.

Hugely Entertaining .

Dull artist loses her even duller husband in some type of N.

So if it's a predictable mystery with a poor lead actor, why is it such a popular film?

One of the worst movies i've ever seen .

Funny romantic and suspenseful everything you could want in a good ghost story.

overrated, dated, cliché, white noise in terms of movies in general.

The other ghost turns out to be one of the most entertaining characters of the film.

However, while its admirably ambitious to try and display different characters through different genres and weave between them, it does mean we get immersed in one side of the story story and have that dissatisfying feeling of being disconnected from others in the film.

Ghost is a very entertaining film on many different levels.

The story is effective and is certainly a revealing and engaging look at the afterlife.

A smart, entertaining, and heartfelt tale of love and redemption, with occasional touches of comedy and suspense, crafty special effects, and perfect performances from the three leads.

They had flashes of excellence between more mundane moments.

The leads are all good in their roles and the film is enjoyable enough if you look past a few of the plot holes.

Then leave that character we were immersed in and that's dissatisfying.

Her addition gives the film an incredibly fascinating and entertaining dynamic.

But "Ghost"'s thrilling metaphysical value also originates the magnificent ending which is probably the closest depiction to heaven ever gracing the screen.

Ghost is one of the best romantic films ever made, It is simply beautiful, a very intense romantic drama, with some bits of fantasy and comedy, and lots of heartwarming and captivating moments.

the humor she instills in her character just breathes life into an otherwise dreadfully dull movie.

A intriguing story, of deception, death, the after life, and greed.

The film has no cohesive photographic style, though, and the art direction is similarly disjointed.

Overall, a very entertaining and engaging film with some over the top moments, and an ending almost as "bad" as Fatal Attraction.

When Moore is later consoled by Sam's best friend and banking work-colleague Carl, the bigger picture quickly became clearer, leading to a reasonably exciting if slightly over-the-top conclusion as Sam races to save Molly from joining him in the hereafter as the bad guys come after her.

The film is therefore uneven, but fascinating just the same.

A compelling murder plot.

the Extra-Terrestrial and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, gets me every time I watch the ending, I cannot help but cry, and it's always enjoyable, directed by Jerry Zucker (Airplane!

I find "Ghost" to be a highly entertaining bit of silliness.

It's an interesting and entertaining story from the start to the finish with believable and enjoyable characters.

This one is formulaic.

Although often marginalized by my contemporaries, colleagues, and the world of academia at large, the character of Ode May Brown is one of the most riveting, pivotal, and important literary characters of the past two centuries and quite possibly ever.

There are thrilling scenes involving fights for those who like action movies.


A slightly insubstantial but entertaining ghost story .

He is robbed and subsequently murdered for his password to the computer in order to empty the laundered money from the accounts.


Whoopi doesa fine job in her role even though it is something of a cliche (theminority as comic relief).

This film is highly entertaining!

You have the freedom to talk, but don't misguide people into thinking this is a bad movie just because you are jealous or drunk or having a bad insomnia.

Ghost not only has wonderful, likeable characters in Sam Wheat, Molly Jensen, and Oda Mae Brown, but it has an engrossing plot that moves right along.

Still watchable and highly entertaining!

The best thing about "Ghost" is the pleasant and enjoyable score by Maurice Jarre.

The believability factor here is absolute zero, so leave your brain at the door -- but the film is funny, entertaining and moving at parts.

Corporate Movie-Making At Its Most Predictable .

The plot of it is too predictable, and at the last part it is rather too corny because there is a obvious structure of conflict between the good and the evil.

propaganda for spiritualism ?

Tonight I watched it during a bout of insomnia and wow, is it bad or what!

It makes you laugh,cry,and puts you on the edge of your seat.

This is a kitschy movie but surely entertaining and tender.

Carl interrupts, so Molly and Oda Mae flee onto the fire escape, in the loft under construction he catches Oda Mae, but Molly saves her, before being grabbed and threatened by Carl with a gun, Sam disarms him and chases him to the window, trying to throw a hook at Sam he shatters the glass, and Carl is impaled by the falling glass, he becomes a ghost, and like Willie is dragged away screaming by the dark creatures.

Furthermore, the "mysterious killer" story was so predictable it ruined whatever interest it might have had.

Although often marginalized by my contemporaries, colleagues, and the world of academia at large, the character of Ode May Brown is one of the most riveting, pivotal, and important literary characters of the past two centuries and quite possibly ever.

Ghost is enjoyable time and time again, and it is still remembered for its originality and impact years later.

'Ghost' is just brilliant - its more than a romance: it's thought-provoking, hilarious at times (thanks to Whoopi Goldberg), thrilling, mysterious and even sometimes shocking.

But to me Whoopi Goldberg's Oda Mae Brown could easily pass off as one of the most near-perfect, intriguing, mesmerizing characters to ever be featured on celluloid.

"Ghost" was the unexpected hit movie of the year 1990.

This movie is beautiful and breathtaking.

) It's touching, thrilling, and other-worldly.

But for Titanic, I even can't concentrated on it, I got bored and going through it became a hard job.

Ghosts can feel sensations and only touch or move things if they're able to think themselves as ghosts, it's an exciting part of the film to see a man learning his powers to be able to use them as weapons.

Of course, to communicate with Molly, Sam has to find a suitable conduit so enter Whoopi Goldberg's Oda Mae fake medium character and an entertaining sub-plot caper where she and Sam conspire to thwart Carl's embezzlement plans in person at the bank as well as the inevitable scenes where Goldberg first becomes aware of his at first unwelcome presence and later when she's trying to convince Moore of Sam's "existence".

I nearly shouted to her with my heart and soul but nothing happens in front of me.

In fact, while its first few punchy moments showed promise, it's first half hour is an utter lame bore.

Ghost is actually a film that draws up some fascinating dimensions concerning the spirit world.

The murder mystery and suspenseful danger to an innocent person is skillfully done.

The twist with Sam's death, the story with his best friend Carl (Tony Goldwyn) made the movie even more enjoyable to watch.

This one felt many more times different than the others I've seen and I will watch this many more times than the typical modern day and boringly predictable paranormal films.

Agreeable and fascinating love story .

The visual effects are stunning, especially for back in 1990, that's one of the things this film was praised for back then.

You would think a dead man could afford to be fatalistic about such things, but Swayze wants revenge, and after a slow start (to both the film and his vendetta) he gets it, with reluctant help from a bogus medium (Whoopi Goldberg) able to hear his disembodied voice.

Interestingly enough, it is also hilariously funny (mostly thanks to Whoopi Goldberg) and suspenseful.

But when it turns out his death was all part of an elaborate setup, Sam enlists the aid of charlatan psychic Oda Mae Brown (Goldberg, gloriously entertaining) to warn Molly that the killers are after her now.

All in all, "Ghost" is romantic, funny, suspenseful, and a good movie for a Saturday night!

" -Hy ZaretA fantastic watch if you like to be swept away and enchanted, but kept on the edge of your seat.

Of course, with any film, there's going to be some dull points.

I give any movie credit for not being bad, since there are so many dreary movies out there, and Ghost is not bad.

Many of those scenes scenes kept me on the edge of my seat.

As I said, this is a highly entertaining film.

If it weren't for my pet peeve of using the Lord's name in vain, I would rate this film with high marks because it's very entertaining.

The film is entertaining, although it is cheesy at times and the visual effects don't live up to today's standards.

It's a warming, life- affirming entertaining movie and good clean family entertainment, an old-fashioned Hoolywood movie in the best tradition - and what's wrong with that, as someone once said?