Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Animation, Action, Crime

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A cyborg policewoman and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master.

Director: Mamoru Oshii
Stars: Atsuko Tanaka, Iemasa Kayumi
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 44 out of 287 found boring (15.33%)

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Oh, and I know I've accentuated the thought provoking nature of the film above, but it is not simply a philosophical meander, instead being a tightly paced sci-fi thriller, with several intense action sequences that are superbly choreographed.

When I first saw this film, I didn't like it, because I found it very confusing.

Unfortunately it's a little confusing in spots and it took me a while to figure it all out (I was tired at the time I watched it anyway).

At the end, she combines herself with this 'Puppet Master'(after a harrowingly dull fight scene with a tank), with no adequately explained reason.

The artistry of nearly every element is stunning.

The concept is thought- provoking and fascinating; the inevitable extension of life using technology.

An interesting, and occasionally exciting anime, with a superb soundtrack and excellent visuals - the rain-washed city scenes are particularly effective.

I don't normally get in to "anime," but this movie was pretty entertaining.

This looks to be a simple question, however, in the context of the story it expands to absorbing and provocative magnitudes.

When I reviewed Akira, I thought that the action in that movie really worked and to a degree, you can make a solid anime film with a lot of special effects and a lot of intriguing ideas that can take over the movie itself.

Ghost In The Shell is a slow brooding philosophical film, with only sporadic moments of action.

This is a really good movie and I'll tell you why: it IS extremely intelligent (doesn't just try), entertaining, and imaginative.

I wouldn't call this the best movie I've seen, it's not that brilliant or good but rather, confusing and has alright action.

Visually stunning, a bit disappointing .

Lovely animation, fairly deep story, and very exciting action scenes.

Side Note: I couldn't find the original language version with subs, so I had to watch the English dub, and the voice actors they got were really bland .

Verdict: dull, massively over-rated and untenably so.

Main drawbacks are confusing dialog filled with techno-cyborg-babble,  two government agencies called section 6 and section 9 and it takes half the movie to figure out which one is which and who works for whom.

Anyway, it was on the other day so I thought I'd give it a viewing - man, was that a waste of time!

it all feels like this is exactly how it would happen in real life, and that is what makes it so engaging, and so scary.

This is a stunning work of speculative fiction and the first truly adult anime film to reach a level of literary and visual excellence.

Everything about this movie is just incredible, from the questions posed about humanity to the stunning animation.

The animation is excellent, the sound fantastic and the soundtrack was very appropriate--and the story well, while entertaining there is really very little truly 'new' here.

While I enjoyed to animation (greatly detailed and knowing no bounds but the illustrators imagination), the story itself was a bit too predictable for me.

The attention to detail is definitely enjoyable to see.

The plot is convoluted and confusing, with gaps and discontinuities which suggest substantial cuts and boring speeches which try - and fail - to excuse the plot's inconsistencies.

What I'm talking about are the chunks of the script that are nothing more than bland, drawn-out, and at times, very unnecessary exposition.

But the characters are poorly drawn , even for an anime, and their voices, with dull B-movie American accents, undermine the impact of the soundtrack.

However, though the style of animation is the same here, the artwork is breathtaking - in the evocation of a rain-soaked futuristic city, the choice of camera angles, and the stylised use of light and shadow.

The dialogue in the dubbed version is heavy-handed, wooden and pretentious-sounding.

The color palette is very dull, many scenes are dark, the backgrounds are aged and dirty.

Mamoru Oshii chose a very slow paced narration, very different from the manga.

And, I'm guessing these action scenes are supposed to be riveting yes?

A bit confusing .

This movie is ambitious to the point of being pretentious, which in this case in an odd way is a good thing.

Simultaneously, the action attempting to keep this travesty afloat is slow, boring, and all together unbelievable.

When it comes to the plot in a literal sense, it is maybe a bit predictable and you can certainly see the influence of William Gibson's 'Neuromancer'.

While the conversations are fascinating and build as the film develops, the characters themselves are generally emotionless in spite of the drama that surrounds them.

As visually stunning as this film is, the animation looks about like it did when they made "Speed Racer.

The first time I watched Ghost in the Shell, it was really confusing.

Entertaining movie.

Ghost in the Shell is full of fascinating dialog, such as this diatribe about the cycle of life and death by Project 2501.

The characters were stripped of any personality at all, they all seemed the same, with actors just as bland.

The few times you even do see naked female chests are not meant to be sexually arousing (note that I'm 16, at the peak of my horniness) and the philosophical questions brought up in the third act are incredibly intense, and obviously wouldn't appeal to the weak-minded.

Ghost in the Shell is a visually stunning animated masterpiece.

In the end their upper torsos are dragged around like trash and put on display - their faces and breasts still intact.

Other than that, I really enjoyed it, especially considering it came out in 1995...

While the film is visually and audibly near-perfect, The plot can seem a little bit confusing and unfortunately left me scratching my head and having a hard time comprehending what is actually happening away from the main story.

don't waste your time.

Overall, it's an entertaining watch with an eye for its historic and visual value.

However, the themes and stuff they talked about is worth watching this movie for so much so that I preferred the way they talked about it here then they did in other similar movies like Blade Runner.

But, just because I found it confusing, doesn't mean I didn't like it.

But this is so much more: this work of art has a complex and exciting plot, which goes far beyond nearly any animated movie there is; it's an excellent and realistic vision of our future, and is the perfect setting to ask ourselves once more: what is life?

The animation is absolutely breathtaking and very natural.

There was a mixture of technology, well-choreographed combat and intense build ups.

Complex, yet at the same time, compelling .

Brilliant but a little confusing.

Oshii's political themes and "still life" sequences are trademark, but to those with no stomach for his tastes, I argue his creative license is a fair compromise for compiling a LONG-running manga into a gripping, self-contained movie.

It's worth watching again just so you can decipher it's message, or comprehend the narrative itself.

The choreography and detail put into GitS's animation achieves the same stunning result as Matrix's special-effects magic.

I would have loved to seen the idea of non-self played with, and without such considerations I felt Ghost in the Shell was aptly titled, but in a bad way; it was sort of empty, following mostly western, sci-fi tradition, a victim of its own themes.

Think of it this way: a robot can have all the information a human can, but when given a choice between equally good things (such as which kind of ice cream to have or which of the seven urinals to use in an empty bathroom), it would prove itself incapable of this simple human trait.

At times characters give somewhat long philosophical and/or expository speeches; one should keep in mind the difficulties of explaining a universe and expressing thoughts so complex as those in this film -- contrived monologues are often necessary.

The philosophical musings actually manage to sound COMPELLING in the original version.

Cinematic use of camera angles, jaw-dropping animation, incredible stunts, and clever symbolism make these (short) sequences memorable and exciting.

Visually stunning and incredibly deep masterpiece .

Despite an occasionally confusing plot and a certain lack of closure to the ending, with this film, director Mamoru Oshii could rival Hayao Miyazaki(Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) for the best artistic creativity in Japanesse animation.

The quest to humanize the machine is not something new, but it's always interesting, and "Gosth In The Shell" is no different, one of the icons of Eastern pop culture, it's still a great film that brings extremely punctual reflections in a cliché way, and with much charm and elegance.

While watching it for the first time I had always this nagging feeling that some such scene would turn up and ruin the truly stunning visuals.

The characters - even good-humored Batou - feel bland and unimportant in the film, offering little more than an outlet to spew plot points and keep the story going.

The smart, fast moving plot, philosophical undertones of what it means to be human, and the stunning animation of urban scenes add up to a great film.

Having all of this done in such a mature style enabled me to take everything that much more seriously which made the arguments far more engaging.

It's not a bad movie by any means, but it's certainly confusing.

The dubbing - spoken as if everyone were a robot - added to the pain tenfold and, with so much dialogue going on to try to explain the plot and universe it all takes place in, it all soon becomes pretty unbearable.

Watch Ghost In The Shell and you will experience a visually stunning, captivating movie you will enjoy from beginning to end.

It found it interesting that so many people complained about the "slow pace" of this film.

I sat there marveling at the superb visuals and waiting for something to happen, but nothing of consequence ever did -- a few scenes cruelly tease you with some action, but the rest is one long, bland philosophical sermon.

But this story is action packed with a well rounded story that has plot twists which enhance and do not detract.

As for the movie itself I must say it's so entertaining, full of futuristic philosophy, the animations are just OK, and the script has such rhythm (although is a little bit confusing and hard to follow -or maybe I'm getting too old for this kind of products-).

It created an interesting an exciting new world and left me wanting more.

Wonderful backgrounds give to the melodramatic action scenes the most intense impression.

Mamoru is very tasteful in his utilization of intense action sequences.

Unfortunately, I didn't hear this in the movie and worst, the movie is boring.

Seemed contrived.

Even with all the scientific jargon and sometimes confusing imagery, the flow of the story is maintained, with haunting visuals and a soundtrack that is incredibly evocative.

In short: quite entertaining and much more serious than most of nowadays futuristic cinema.

The main character is especially uninteresting: when she supposedly undergoes a great change at the end of the film, she's just as wooden as before.

It's pretty unique for the genre and it has a really nice unexpected ending too.

I thoroughly recommend you to watch this film and I encourage you to look into the other GitS films and TV series' that are equally as stunning.

What writer, Masamune Shirow (Manga Author), and screenwriter, Kazunori Ito, give the audience in Ghost In The Shell is a deep and thought- provoking story of a world on the edge of great change.

The art is well done and the story compelling.

Overall, "Ghost in the shell", is an anime masterpiece that is definitely worth watching.

At the end of the day, the technology isn't what it's about, it's the characters who make the entire thing worth watching.

Quite entertaining .

The story allows for gorgeous action scenes animated in brilliant detail, subtle character-development, a very complex counter-terrorist plot that is somewhat difficult to follow, and extensive, sometimes long-winded reflections on post-humanism, philosophy of mind, and the nature of identity.

Kusanagi follows the vehicle carrying the body to an abandoned building, she is anxious to face the Puppet Master's ghost, she is nearly killed engaging with the walking tank protecting the body, her partner Batou (Richard Epcar) is in time to save her, and connect her brain to the Puppet Master's.

It's what makes the slow and methodical action feel tense instead of boring and makes our investment in the characters more concrete.

However, these problems shouldn't overshadow the fact that GitS is indeed a good movie worth watching.

The atmosphere is heavy and dull, very not anime-like.

tad confusing..but overall very entertaining .

A Visually Stunning Anime for Adult Audiences .

The rest is simply a boring gunpacked action with futile attempts to create a kind of "bladerunnerish" atmosphere, futile attempts to develop a kind of cyberphilosophy and as result no character attracts our sympathy as well as any other emotion at all.

This is the core song of the film, and has likely haunted audiences as well--it's gorgeously arranged and repetitive.

With complex and very rich themes of sexuality, gender identity and the concept of what constitutes "life", the film has many great talking points, and there's also plenty of fascinating twists and turns along the way to supply entertainment for those who are looking more for a traditional film.

In summary, a good action film, clever touches, good story and characters, some engaging and moving scenes...

But the animation is superb, the action (occasional though it may be)is riveting, and I still can't get the opening Japanese chorus out of my head.

The sound is unbelievably stunning on DVD Dolby Digital, with some of the most haunting music sequences I've ever heard, you really feel the music is around you!

Stylish, dirty, deep, shallow, melancholy or chaotic it's always engrossing and beautiful.

The action scenes were also stunning.

Intriguing, action-filled animated sci fi drama .

Our main "villain", Kuze, follows the same formulaic goal of taking revenge against those who made him what he is.

The artwork in the animation is stunning capturing the look of a manga comic.

I do suspect that a lot is lost in translation making the movie hard to follow and thus inducing said slumber.

Perhaps one of the flashier and hyped anime movies of all time, GitS flamboyant style and intriguing story has given this movie its place in anime history.

The short running time gives a functional first glimpse into this world and enough exposition to suggest a vast compelling future.

The movie also relies heavily on waves of philosophical monologues that, while interesting, slow the movie down to the point where you're basically watching a still screen with the voice track playing over it.

Still the story is worth watching this film and the score is just fantastic, though not everyone's taste.

The breakthrough movie based on manga was Akira, this follows with a an equally hypnotic experience, if you really concentrate, you can just about understand what is going on, the traditional hand-drawn animation is magnificent, especially surprising with the amount of nudity, gory violence and exciting action sequences, and accompanied by great music by Kenji Kawai, a most worthwhile animated science fiction.

The animation is stunning even 21 years later.

Watch Ghost In The Shell and you will experience a visually stunning, captivating movie you will enjoy from beginning to end.

What Motoko's motivations are we never learn, right to the confusing ending, and it seems they robotize her far too much when she has an actual human brain.

Mind blowing tale .

"Ghost in the Shell" is an intricate masterpiece of cyber-punk fiction and storytelling, successfully melding intriguing philosophical ideas with a coherent, well thought-out (albeit) confusing plot.

Rated R for scenes of intense/strong animated violence, nudity, and some language.

This is what makes rewatching it so enjoyable.

Starting from that brilliant title theme over those digital, Matrix-style opening credits, Ghost In The Shell is a hauntingly mystical and stunning experience.

The animation is breathtaking to watch, ethereal, fluid and very detailed.

The music is compelling and atmospheric.

Aaaanyway, beyond all of that, it's a damnably entertaining film.

The structure also jumps around quickly, making the plot feel somewhat disjointed.

Normally you can excuse it because they can't put it all in, but the result is a movie that makes very little sense by comparison, at times is tedious, and left me going "What!?

As one of the most visually stunning anime movies for its time (and to date, in all honesty) and with an incredibly thought provoking story and world, this has to rank as a true masterpiece.

One of Ghost In The Shell's beauties (and there are many) is that it actually has a storyline that is both compelling, captivating, and comprehendable, unlike many popular animes such as Akira.

He progresses GITS at a gorgeously slow pace, meticulously placing each intense action sequence in the film's sweet spots.

I want to become immersed, and I can very easily become immersed thanks to the soundtrack and artwork.

The story is unique and compelling right from the start to the end, the characters engage and the voice work(more in the subbed rather than dubbed version) is very dynamic.

Rather than be intense and futuristic, it was a simple high-pitched instrument of some sort, fit more for a horror or thriller film than a futuristic action anime flick.

An overrated and bland adaptation of an amazing manga by Shirow .

Compelling as the film is, I've had actual lectures that have kept me interested longer than some of Ghost in the Shell's more "spiritual" moments.

At these times, you marvel at how the movie can be so fascinating and yet so boring at the same time.

From the first frame to the last, the animation is fluid and stylish, and the artwork focuses on a dull blue color scheme, creating a moody and cold atmosphere that the cyber-punk genre is known for.

The animation was fast paced, smooth, and flowed amazingly well.

The DVD has a rather enjoyable documentary on the making of the film.

An action packed ride through things that could be very possible in the near future.

A stunning and complex cinematic warning .

This visually stunning movie plays with large philosophical questions like consciousness, identity, and ego cast against large technocratic corporations.

(especially when you watch it with subtitles) In fact, not all plots in the movie have tied up ends, which makes the film all the more intriguing.

Watch this movie for a stunning visual ride.

From that point on the audience is only presented with dull, superficial action, a plot that really has no context in its own world, and a philosophy a high school student would find elementary.

The plot is utterly intriguing.

the dialogue is horrible for the most part, and the movie is extremely boring.

The film has a complex, clever and engaging plot and excites the viewer and really brings into question many of the basic things in life we take for granted, even questioning our existence.

Don't waste your time.

While some may think of this as trite, I thought it was executed just as excellently.

These problems can be avoided though with the use of the alternative versions and this leaves an engaging and interesting sci-fi with all the visual and stylistic strengths you would expect from the genre.

The production values are top-notch, the action is intense, the story intricate, and the characters complex.

If fact the animation was such that I often forgot I was watching an animated film and enjoyed it as a great sci-fi thriller along the lines of Blade Runner or The Matrix.

Simply stunning .

The movie is very slow paced, almost 90% dialogue, only having a few action scenes peppered throughout.

The Major isn't exactly anime totty either, miserable monotone cyborg as a pin-up?

Absolutely brilliant and visually stunning work of animation from Japan!

Still, it's stunning.

It's a great opportunity to relax from the intense plot for a moment and just feel immersed in the characters world.

An outstanding soundtrack by Kenji Kawai makes you feel immersed in what society might be in 100 years from now (although plot is set earlier, I believe technology will not be so advanced until the 22nd century).

Slow it down on your VCR or DVD player and get a good look.

Beauty is in the detail, and with so much detail, you are really able to become fully immersed into the universe before you.

Overall, it is a very smart and engaging version of what would've otherwise had been a standard plot.

Ghost in the shell is difficult, but still a fix for the intellectual adrenaline-junkie .

This has THE most boring, stupid characters in any anime I've seen.

I do congratulate this movie for it's stunning 3D effects.

One of Ghost In The Shell's beauties (and there are many) is that it actually has a storyline that is both compelling, captivating, and comprehendable, unlike many popular animes such as Akira.

Great production and animation; though sometimes I think the 'slow panning over a painting' gets a bit old.

If you get bored waiting for something important to happen, at least the animation will keep your attention.

Oh, boy this is one of the worst movies I've seen in my life.

Beautiful art, deep ideas and fascinating mood to the movie.

Quite honestly, I fail to comprehend how an 82 minute movie with as much action as this one could possibly be termed slow.

I enjoyed it.

To add to the oft-confusing, but gripping story, are some of the best visuals ever - check out the montage as Kusanagi makes her way to work -stunning.

In my opinion, the critically panned Japanese offbeat comedy Funky Forest: First Contact is a hundred times more entertaining that G.

Its pace is so slow that it put me to sleep the first time I tried to watch it.

Like most Anime, there is a lot of character development and dialogue mixed with stunning visuals.

Its based on a combination of very deep and meaningful conversations, dark and very beautiful art style and entertaining combat, doing a great job in all of these.

Yawn .

Fantastic story, amazing ideas, stunning soundtrack, praise, praise...

No matter, what anime-defenders may claim, animation-wise, it cannot compete even with the oldest Disney movie, and even the much older Akira was more stunning, I thought.

The story is captivating, the character intriguing, the depth is bottomless and you are left in a state of wonder at its end.

The action, though limited, is very well-choreographed and very much leaves you on the edge of your seat.

The ending is the worst part in a fairly boring anime.

Robocop (1987) eight years earlier did a better job of the climatic fight/combat scene, while Aliens (1986) eleven years earlier presented a much more compelling action sequence and mechanical/combat machines.

It's not actually much on the action side of things (though it has it's moments), but it certainly is worth the watch, especially to see mostly the imagery and how the characters live and interact with it.

I enjoyed it.

There are some really striking sequences, many of them involving the main robo-girl wearing very little, and at least one five minute stretch where nothing happens plot-related and we just get to look at stuff, and unfortunately none of it belonging to the main robo-girl.

This is a visually stunning piece of work that should be viewed for that fact alone.

Philosophical babble flings left and right among pretty imaginary yet I was left more bored than amused.

and consciousness was a fascinating one and found the film pleasantly deep.

In light of more recent sci-fi such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Transcendence, and even RobocCop when you think about it (all of which have a strong thematic connection), GITS does have some relevance and an intriguing idea in a world that is evolving digitally far, far quicker than it is evolving socially or ethically.

Intriguing plot with decent development.

However, huge number of philosophical scenes(mainly with Mjr Motoko Kusanagi who often considers her humanity)is an important and stunning part of the movie(showing major's self-consciousness and gripping,animated, futuristic Japan).

Couple that with a message which is neither original or particularly valid at this point in time, what could've been a corking film is instead boring and disjointed.

At the first go this movie is a little hard to follow.

The music is also superb, and the sometimes languid pace of the movie feels like a benefit rather than a problem.

How I define Quality: The plot is dense, characters are fascinating and the animation is fantastic.

The main problem is that the writers made the script so focused on being deep and intellectual, they forgot to make it really entertaining.

This anime is very slow paced, mostly filled with far too much philosophical conversations between characters - which basically does not mean anything.

Intriguing animated cyborg story .

Futuristic fast paced action movie .

As it stands, it's stunning - and if you're willing to accept a film that's a little different to other styles, then you won't be disappointed.

The shots of the post-apocalyptic city along with the very haunting soundtrack was very intense.

Great Animation but a Predictable Story .

My girlfriend fell asleep both times.

As beautiful as it looks and how compelling its story is, I find that Ghost in the Shell lacks a personal touch that could have made it far greater.

This one fails: The animation is slow which is anti climatic for the action sequences and dull the rest of time.

It's slow death.

The story is very smart and engaging as well, offering a wide range of metaphysical concepts that have gone so far as to inspire another philosophical (and more action-packed) phenomenon, The Matrix.

Ghost in the shell succeeds in most areas, but the story can be hard to follow if you don`t pay attention all the time.

It instead takes a less conventional approach to it's pacing--an anime of this sophistication demands a tasteful, slow ride up the plot ladder.

It not only is a great anime film, but also a great film period and deserves its place in the category of other masterful Sci-fi films like '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Blade Runner', 'Gravity' etc. that evokes emotions and intriguing questions about the society as well as the individual.

And the chinese choir chorus makes for an unusual but utterly stunning new cyberpunk soundtrack - Kenji Kawai must be congratulated for avoiding the typical techno/d&b cliches.

Except, of course, where Blade Runner was concerned with the destruction of Replicants/androids, GitS shows us a society where "cyeberisation" or the augmenting or our bodies with machines is the cultural norm, which makes for refreshing and compelling viewing.

In my case, it was pretty hard to appreciate because things happen very slow.