Ghost Rider (2007) - Action, Fantasy, Thriller

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When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 177 out of 699 found boring (25.32%)

One-line Reviews (564)

anything worth seeing in Ghost Rider you can rent the DVD and watch on fast forward so you don't waste too much time with this tank.

Honestly this movie has so many clichés you'll be bored less than half way in and after waiting about 30 minutes for Ghost Rider to appear you just want him to get off the screen straight away since apart from looking cool he comes across as a complete dork and his dialogue consists of really bad corny one liners.

Mainly he fights like terminator, but worse, he is super slow/strong and just hits things and thats it without even a resounding impact...

His performance (and the movie) is stunning.

Character development was slow and poorly executed.

Don't waste your money.

Mix this in with a confusing storyline that was just stupid and you get a complete flop.

The rest of the special effects were top-notch and even really breathtaking at times.

At various points during this movie, the trite villain Blackheart kills people in cold blood by pushing his icy fingers in their hearts.

This is the worst movie since Catwoman.

Unfortunately, Cage only provides a series of his fun character in this movie while at other times, it's pretty monotone.

So non violent, predictable lines, tries to win the crowd with effects (Because that's all the movies good for).

The screenplay is so bad that even a sincere effort by Nick Cage and the breathtaking outfits of Eva Mendes can't save things.

Apart from a couple of cool chase scenes, Ghost Rider is BORING.

An Extremely Entertaining escape into delirious Blockbuster Heaven.

The soundtrack was great, with a couple of dull scores though.

What we have here is a 2 hour movie that feels like it's 3 hours of bad acting, bad writing, and a very uneventful story that never really goes anywhere.

Bad CG, bad acting, a plot line that just doesn't seem to exist, characters that are uninspiring out of the box.

I am really disappointed it has taken me this long to find this film as i really enjoyed it and would have paid full price to this on the big screen.

From cheesy dialogue to an uninteresting superhero and villain, this film just does nothing for the audience...

Action scenes were short,generic, and boring.

But very entertaining.

The plot is really solid, the performances of the aforementioned four are terrific, the cinematography is gorgeous, the visuals are mind blowing, and the direction is amazing.

Yes the dialogue is laughable when it is delivered, but that is what makes it so enjoyable.

It's up to you, but don't waste your time and money watching this drivel.

All in all the movie was very enjoyable.

Ghost Rider also tries to be scary, but nothing comes close to being frightening, and in the end, after all its constant failures, amounts to little more than boredom.

Even the most basic formulaic elements of film were marred by the script-writers.

An entertaining, visually pleasing all be it cheesy comic adaption .

It is merely, in my opinion, a fun, action packed, COMIC BOOK based film, made to simply entertain.

Honestly the worst film I have EVER EVER seen, I don't ever consider it a film, it was a series of the worst clichés and HORRENDOUS script-writing, honestly never seen worse, I implore you, DO NOT see this film, complete an utter waste of time, near the end I was just looking to go to sleep, it was that bad, disgusted sums it up.

Soon after, you get to see Blaze transform into Ghost Rider for the first time, which looks extremely painful for Blaze but enjoyable to the Ghost Rider.

The movie is supposed to be entertaining as it was, not translatable to things that actually happen.

But I had a free rental and I have no idea why, I just decided to go ahead and see what I expected to be one of the worst movies of all time, I watched Ghost Rider this morning and really, I'm not that upset with this movie.

Save your money!

That being aside, Ghost Rider makes for an somewhat interesting and entertaining film, on a comic book level, this is NOT Shakespeare...

In fact, it is quite entertaining if you forget you are a logical adult, and realize the fact that absolutely everything on screen is preposterous because it is meant to be.

Cage's performance as a stunt motorcyclist, Johnny Blaze is believable, but the overall feel of the film , including some bad one-liners (bad screenplay) and confusing moments, where nothing useful is happening causes it too fall short of expectation.

Rather boring escapade .

Far From Perfect but Entertaining .

The transformation scenes were quite intense early on and parents might want to consider this could be disturbing for younger children(lots of agonized yelling w/up close face shots of NC).

To be fair the visual effects were breathtaking and some fragments of a very few action scenes hinted on how the whole movie should have been made.

So he naturally needs to enlist the power some boring glorified movie extras who possess useless powers of Earth,Wind and Water OHHHHH I am so scared!

Okay, nice premise – now start confusing me… Seems the Wild West Ghost Rider (from the 1800s, I'm guessing) "outran the devil himself" because he didn't want to collect 1000 souls on one particularly meaty contract.

You know a $120 million plus movie is in big trouble when the most entertaining character appears in only one scene.

I've always said to myself that there is nothing that will take you for a wild spin than a good hard pounding, special effects, action packed movie & 'Ghost Rider' simply did just that.

The whole thing just felt so dingy- but not in a good way, in a way that made it boring.

Unfortunately, the melodrama was laid on disgustingly thick, the acting was terrible (Cage was decent, but the rest of the cast was either completely inept or having a bad year), the special effects were sub-par considering the quality most CG-based movies are attaining now, and the plot was just generally uninteresting.

I hope Marvel can create more exciting story for all generations, can't wait for the next fantastic four movie.

I viewed the Extended Cut, which I think was a mistake because there are certain scenes that just dragged on for no reason and sure enough, after watching the movie I looked up the differences in the two versions and these scenes were what was extended.

It was fairly poorly made, and the acting was bland, the music was too rock 'n' roll, nicholas cage doesn't suite the super hero persona, the list can go on...

Don't waste your time with this movie.

I really can't fault any of it (although Mr Cage didn't look quite like the Mr Cage we're used to, must be the dentures and dodgy hairpiece) They've turned a comic fantasy into a highly enjoyable full tilt movie blast.......

The worst movie experience I have had in a long time.

Eva Mendes character is pointless, it's plain to see she is only in the movie to show off her ample chest in low cut tops, and not much else.

the 'bad guys' in the film seem pointless - N.

yea a real joke, not like a super funny one, but more like hah..ha, that was kinda amusing amongst the linear predictable plot line.

still watchable and entertaining the 1st time.

The movie is rather boring until we get the transformation, although it tries to keep us entertained.

Way to predictable, and some parts, a little to lame.

It's entertaining to watch him play Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider.

Honestly this movie has so many clichés you'll be bored less than half way in and after waiting about 30 minutes for Ghost Rider to appear you just want him to get off the screen straight away since apart from looking cool he comes across as a complete dork and his dialogue consists of really bad corny one liners.

And like all cliché Westerns or their rock-n-roll, comicbook counterparts, there seems to be nothing his American Chopper-possessed bike cannot do, which even comes to his side when whistled like a loyal steed.

Look into my Eyes and suffer the boredom .

The latest version of a Marvel comic to film is here, and I must say, while I feel it could have been better if targeted primarily at adults rather than teenagers, I still enjoyed it enough to leave satisfied.

I understand that comics are very tongue-in-cheek and heavily ironic/predictable.

Which is a shame, as with a tougher villain, this could have been a top film and, as it stands, it is just an enjoyable movie.

and sometimes incredibly boring.

The two go hand in hand and I'm pretty used to the latter; bad films can usually be entertaining as long as they don't ever become boring – the cardinal sin of movie-making in my book.

), and a romantic subplot that is bland and tedious enough to serve as a signal for restroom and concession stand breaks for the die-hard action aficionado.

I was ready to leave an hour before it ended; it is that boring.

The Action or fight sequences are just boring.

This movie starts off very slow.

this director seemed to bring the worst performances and most drab dialogue out of some really good actors.

In Marvel films this device pushes many of the films to the point of emotional cliché.

Otherwise, this is honestly the worst movie ever made.

A fun and enjoyable film for all.

What may have been lost in translation could have accelerated this blockbuster mess into a somewhat enjoyable movie.

It was entertaining, and I love the character/comic.

Sam Elliott puts in a good performance, seems he's making yet another appearance in a Marvel film (as Ross in the Hulk) where he's the only human character worth watching.

The first half of this movie was rather engaging until Blackheart shows up and points to the rest being a special effects fest.

And it's quite formulaic to have this sidekick or friend get killed (or at least seriously hurt) by a bad guy, thus inciting the rage of the hero and driving him to 'beat the bad guys'.

It was incredibly drawn out, which isn't surprising given the fact that they had to take no story and stretch it over a couple of hours.

It was all too cliché.

As the film wavers uncertainly between being patronizingly predictable and absurdly nonsensical, butchering the comic book source material in the process, it still has the gall to take itself too seriously to even embrace the potential of being enjoyable in the "so bad it's good" sense.

entertaining action .

However, I found it enjoyable that tells me a story, with routines, hypes, and unexpected endings.

Enjoyable and one hell of a ride.

Mendes, too, charms the audience with her stunning beauty and sweet demeanor.

An hour into the movie I wanted to leave.

it was a waste of time.

Ghost Rider rides with ease in my personal Top 20 of the worst movies of all time.

yawn .

We all know that Mr.Cage is very determined to make this movie since he is a big fan of Ghost Rider,unfortunately,he became the only advantage of the 2-hour boring film.

Boring characters?

Worth watching.

I'm a big Nicholas Cage fan, but i must say that at first i was a little bit bored.

Even when I first saw this movie when I was like 11, I thought it was great with its action packed like feeling to it.

The action was repetitive and boring, most of the villains were disposed of in similar lame CGI fashion.

All in all, Ghost Rider is a very flashy and entertaining film.

If i was you i wouldn't waste your money on this at all.

If you want to see a film with no plot and full of meaningless SFX,this is the one!

To start off, you can tell the creators of this movie(Or at least Nic Cage) loved the characters and wanted to make an entertaining popcorn movie.

The result is extremely ridiculous,predictable,stupid and boring.

The action is thrilling, the special effects are spectacular (talk about 'flying down the highway with your hair on fire!

The final fight astonished me at exactly one point (the solution of the "I have no soul"-problem), but this was only for me being so bored all the time, that I stopped thinking about that really early in the movie.

This continues with cheesy dialog and predictable plot.

I can appreciate not having explosions at every turn in a movie, but this was one where I was consciously bored, waiting for the characters to stop being try-hard and cool and start blowing stuff up to entertain me.

As said before me, no plot, no good visuals.

All in all, a disappointment but still because of the stunning visual effects I'll give it a 7/10 !!!

Shame it's all stuff we've seen before (an unbearable loss and its life-altering consequences), the only variation being the contract young Johnny Blaze signs with Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) to save Blaze Sr.

But entertaining.

we all walked out in disbelief of what we had just witnessed..........

It's too slow and lame to be a good action-movie (although there are a few decent special-effects scenes), it lacks comedy almost completely and the story is too lame and shallow to carry the movie.

Bland, stupid and thoroughly rubbish .

Few things get more entertaining than seeing how Ghost Rider vanquishes with his fiery whip his un-dead foes, including one who is made of wind!

I find the movie Ghost Rider to be very well done the scene where the two ghost Riders are together was actually unexpected.

Worst Movie.

Watch only if really really bored, if you like B-Movies and are willing to see this as one, and love Eva Mendes (shes wearing clothes fit for a nun though), free tickets for the premiere(in my case) or really cheap matinée show is a must.

Exciting .

It could have been much better, but what was on the screen was enjoyable.

My advice is don't waste your money and I would really like my 6.60 back please.

Of course, big money, as well as reputation among one's Hollywood peers is on the line, so formulaic plot and CGI razzle-dazzle rule the day, and squashes any chance that this character might once again appear upon the silver screen.

I find him so watchable and entertaining in just about everything he does.

My husband likes the Punisher but I think I have grown fond of the Ghost Rider, the story behind this movie is really interesting and there are so many action packed scenes that I didn't get bored one bit.

Taking cues from the underrated and brilliant John Landis, Ghost Rider mixes comedy and elements of horror perfectly, combined with over-the-top action and an occasionally unusual sound track to form a truly different and highly entertaining motion picture.

There are some good ideas here, like Johnny not knowing if it is his skill that protects him, or his deal with you-know-who, but these are missed opportunities, far outweighed by boring crap.

The plot is so stupid, and stupidly slow.

One minute he would be young, confused about this deal he did with the devil to save his father then the next minute hes older and the devil has returned wanting him to work for him, but nowhere was this explained in detail, it was such a confusion.

The action scenes are mundane, and flat out just not interesting as well.

This is also the most cliché and deriative movie I've seen...

The acting is disgusting, the script is like something spewed out of the mind of any ten year old who has ever seen 'Power Rangers', and the constant cliché's are irrefutably the bullets that shot this film into the toilet.

However, the film was still entertaining.

If you are a fan of fantasy, science fiction or comics, you may find watching this movie enjoyable.

I want to go see it a few more times in the theater, it gets my approval for fun action flick that is plenty entertaining, and I hope for sequels to follow.

This is specially obvious in the way Johnson fleshed out his villains, as if some characters are insipid, the villains here are dull, uninspired and serve no other purpose that to let the hero show off how amazing he is.

+/- 07th ending: extremely, good, only slightly predictable + 1/28th dialog: horrible -19th other: extremely cheesy, slightly predictable and horrible lines.

Tame, cowardly, boring and mostly an insult to the comic strip.

All this taking and sending of souls gets so tiresome for me, and it may be one of the movie's biggest weaknesses.

It's really enjoyable and It's filled with cool moments and shots.

At the beginning of this movie, viewers may find themselves only intrigued when learning about the age-old legend of the Ghost Rider and some may even dismiss it as boring bullish hype.

The film ran way too long and I watched several people leave the theater half way through it.

Wes Bentley, however, is uninteresting as the villain due to his lack of emotion.

Peter Fonda's presence would've been intriguing if it weren't for his bad acting, and on top of the bad directing, it made him almost insignificant.

Ghost Rider is as amazing and breathtaking as any other Marvel/DC Comic movie.

I hope, all that said, when watching this, expect to be placed at the start of the ghost rider story, I know some have said that the film lacks with action, and is slow running, I wouldn't quite say that, there is a fair balance of story, and some great action to crank on the stereo.

But i wouldn't waste any money on it.

It was really enjoyable that movie was pretty about Rider finding his powers, not like: Boom, hes a ghost rider, 2min after - boom, all enemies are dead.

com ,but then again ,they took a perfectly good idea and just killed it and dragged it through the mud ,so , 2 ,for wasting so horribly a good idea.

This movie is among his worst movies ever!

No story, no acting, no action, no visual effects.

And in the end both of them are thoroughly dull, and while they make a lot of noise, they have precious little to offer in the way of entertainment.

This is the biggest flaw in the movie: the fact that the scenes when Johnny is human become SO boring!

Nevertheless, whilst it is cheesy, with poor dialogue, a God awful script and the plot is pretty basic, it is actually an enjoyable film.

It is a boring movie mostly.

They can only watch in utter grief and dismay from their high-dollar theater seat as a hero they had likely grown up admiring is sliced and diced by over-dependence on CGI, paper-thin character development, wooden performances, and a lukewarm, sometimes confusing plot.

All in all the movie was very enjoyable.

The first half was slow with no substance and didn't start to pickup until half past.

On the whole the story was poor, Nicholas Cage was ordinary, Eva Mendes was superb, visual effects were fascinating.

Fast and entertaining .

The only exciting part is a scene can be seen in the Trailer:Two different generation of Ghost Rider ride together in the desert.

4 out of 10 bored riders out of Hell.

The special effects are very good and the story line is enjoyable.


*SPOILERS FOLLOW* Some formulaic elements fall into an almost archetypal grey area of critique.

It isn't an Oscar worth movie, but is a film to have a good time, is fun, entertaining, with action, and the type of movie that you can see in company with kids.

Perhaps part of why we enjoyed it so much was that we hadn't been exposed to the source material so we were able to enjoy Cage's version of Johnny Blaze more than if we'd gone in with a characterization already in mind.

His sometimes childish behavior and obviously enhanced eyes keep the viewer on the edge of the seat.

It's enjoyable at times.

We find ourselves stuck in harsh lulls and then we get hit with a not-so-actionie action sequence.

The only reason I went to see this movie in the first place was because my dad dragged me there, and the only reason I didn't fall asleep was because it was too loud.

8) The confusing matter of; did the lead, as a teen, sign the devilish contract willingly ?

The movie was mildly entertaining.

Fun, exciting, sometimes comical.

An enjoyable movie!

Viewers all around the theater were leaning forward on most scenes, if not grabbing their drinks or popcorn, or settling down after and exciting part!

Whoever was in charge of this one was bored, and the CGI is lackluster.

In fact, some CGI shots became so repetitive, that you start to wonder if the same clip was being recycled to save time.

My Rating: PG-13 for intense horror action/violence and some disturbing images.

Despite these problems, "Ghost Rider" is entertaining for its running length, and Cage's enthusiasm is infectious.

Not fantastic, definitely not bad, just very very fun and enjoyable!

Painfully predictable.

The movie started too slow with too much time spent on Johnny Blaze's youth before he became the Ghost Rider.

It's a B action movie with little to no story in it.

Very enjoyable movie.....

This movie centers on graphics has next to no story line, and I don't care how cool it looks after a hour its very boring.

Every time Nicolas Cage gave that soulful, ponderous, wrinkled brow look, I just wanted to hurl.

Speaking of which, the dialogue in this movie is the most drab, lifeless, second-rate fare that most youth theatre performances could put it to shame.

Entertaining, nothing special.

Other than the special effects the story is complicated for someone not familiar with the comic book, the dialogue is awful right from the beginning and the cheesiness is unbearable.

Eva Mendes, who is always stunning, was just that and only that in this movie.

Clad in black leather, his head a blazing scull, sitting astride an infernal Harley, the Rider is truly an evocative image.

The action sequences result in a lot of damage and mayhem, which is always entertaining to behold from a comfortable seat in the theater.

Considering just how bland Peter Fonda makes the devil seem, it is only Elliot who livens up any scene he's in.

The movie manages to pack in every comic book and action movie cliché imaginable, laughable casting, an illogical script, wooden acting, and jarring direction for straight-faced amusement.

She took my breath away in every scene she was in; she was just stunning.

Don't waste your money or risk your relation with friends showing them this epitome of boredom.

"Ghost Rider" was a fun entertaining film in all the wrong reasons.

Origin stories, by necessity need to start slow.

Plus the acting in the film is border line that's the best way I can decided it plus there is hardly anything of interest about this film It's just hard to give this movie any thing of worth because it has such bad casting, terrible looking characters and overall just a movie where the special effects are what makes the film worth watching that is pretty badI give Ghost Rider a 3 out of 10

Yet, all in all, this is an exciting ride, especially for folks who love comic books and their superheroes.

I enjoyed the movie, it was pretty fast paced, which kept me interested throughout, not really any boring moments.

Just _don't_ waste your time.

Well, about 50 minutes into it i refused to sit and waste my time on a movie that i would give all the Razzies to unchallenged.

As someone who has been a fan of Ghostrider (no, not some snot nosed punk who picked up one issue after his mommy paid for his blackbelt at the YMCA) I can honestly say that although very different and somewhat "campy" compared to the comic, this was an enjoyable version of the concept and if you watch the extras you can appreciate the effort and time put into the movie by the entire staff to make something visually fun.

The movie was one big action genre cliché, gone bad.

this piece of craps over an hour longreally i must implore you not to watch this film to will totally regret paying the admission fee, wasting good money to buy the DVD pr allowing it to waste an hour and a half of your life that you may never reclaim.

The whole flick is as predictable as a straight road through the desert.

boring plot stuff that I'm sure you're not interested in.

The conflict between the two characters eventually comes down to a final showdown sequences that should have been fun, but criminally lack the adrenaline it needs to be a climatic action farce.

The movie became so predictable it was silly.

Director Mark Johnson's third comic-book based film (after the dire Darevil and simply putrid Elektra) proves just that with this supremely boring joke of a film.

An Entertaining Film Which Does Not Take Its Self Too Seriously.

But just the overall delivery of the movie itself was purely bland.

All together a very predictable movie with a very predictable plot that made me yawn several times.

Anyway, it was not the best, but it was still an entertaining ride.

Entertaining, and that's all I wanted it to be.

One could list all the common flaws that would limit this movie to a maximum of 7/10 even if this were R-rated, but it'd be pointless because of that fundamental core flaw.

This is kind of a fundamental to be honest and makes the whole film rather pointless.

Could have been better, but still enjoyable.

Waste of time .

Overall, i predict you'll find it bad but entertaining

Apart from that, it was very enjoyable, and I would recommend viewing it at least once.

Overall i don't recommend this movie to anyone, its a waste of 2 hours of your life.

Somewhere though the movie got disjointed, and my daughter whose opinion i highly value said the same thing.

Any adult or older teen will probably consider it a big waste of time.

But I will personally say it was one of the more enjoyable films to see at a drive-in, and it does hold up pretty well with a few drinks and a DVD as well.

No plot, no dialog, cheese-fest film.

Throw in some of the most humdrum action scenes – only a skilled director can make a chase scene which involves cop cars, a flaming bike, and a helicopter really boring – and some totally pointless scenes ("I still have one ride left in me!

Fans of movies like Hellboy, Van Helsing & Daredevil - nowhere near as good as those 3 though.?It was still a fun & thrilling ride, I recommend to anyone looking for a fun action flick.

Ignore the climax's dull relaying of a theme and enjoy this for what it is, a mildly fun little airheaded motorcycle ride through the desert with some inventive eye candy.

Oh, but wait then comes the Directors Cut for the two above movies' which are so much more intense and the stories more solid.

) is spent in detailing how Johny blaze became the character portrayed in the comics, which leads to a very slow movie with no character development at all (in spite of seeing 20 years of their lives during the film) and no suspense at all.

I have chosen to do Ghost Rider as my film review because it is a very action packed movie.

A stylish but completely empty comic book adventure .

The Good: The special Fx are stunning.

When I saw the trailer for this film last summer, I was convinced that it was going to be another Marvel blockbuster, little did I know that the scenes in the trailer were the best scenes and the only scenes worth watching.

To top it all off there are so many clichés and the bits that seem original are just silly, which all adds up to one pointless film capitalising on the success of other comic book adaptations.

the worst movie ever made.

When the Ghost Rider is doing what he does best it makes for an entertaining and usually exciting experience.

The script was cheesy, there was no plot, and some of the characters did the stupidest things i have ever seen.

There is NO story, no emotion, NOTHING.

Worth watching at least once because for all it,s faults it,s still a decent film just not an outstanding one.

Predictable lines of dialog seemingly written by challenged parrots still reverberate through my cerebral cortex like Ichabod Crane as he terrorized villagers in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" causing them to combat those other shocked and stunned portions of my brain that still refuses to accept that I had actually sat through this flaming, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard nightmare.

Ignore all those elderly people they cannot handle fast paced highly stylized modern films This film is a great effort at excelling in storytelling many older folks won't get it or understand it This is an epitome of greatness for 2007.

I was irate because the trailer made that one look like something great but it was the biggest waste of time and money that I've ever experienced in my life.

I mean if you were to make a movie and pick pretty much some of the worst and most bland actors of all time you would get this film.

It was totally thrilling!

The acting in the movie is nothing above C grade, with everyone putting in their bit of constipated script reading and cliché muttering.

Enjoyable comic book adaptation.

It's main "sins" were the bad acting, the pointless moments of unfunny silliness and that it was developed for an audience of the age of 12 and a day.

Besides everything else, the Ghost Rider himself is surely one of the dullest characters ever created.

This is an exciting movie, based on a Marvel comic book hero.

Tripe, but entertaining tripe .

The morose undercurrent is masterfully conveyed; the acting riveting.

The acting is not particularly bad, but an inconsistent beginning arc, pointless romance, and extremely short fight scenes, don't help make a good film out of a cool premise.

I found myself simultaneously falling asleep and laughing my ass off over the whole debacle.

Until now, I thought Daredevil was the worst movie I had ever seen.

If all you want out of "Ghost Rider" is an entertaining supernatural superhero flick "Ghost Rider" delivers and is worth viewing for this purpose.

Unfortunately, this latest comic book extravaganza is exactly that, one long, bloated and boring mess that has virtually no redeeming features whatsoever to recommend it.

I, on the other hand rather enjoyed it.

Visual Effects for this movie have been stunning.

I really felt like I was watching a movie designed for infants, it was cliché, boring and I felt like I had seen it all before.

Cliché at its best.

and David Lynch , and it's lost him his hairline and put him in this movie, which as an audience member is a pretty close simulation of a boring and unendurable hell.

Though not the best comic book movie ever made, this movie was entertaining just like I wanted it to be.

But Wes Bentley's acting was dull and lifeless.

Exciting Marvel movie.

But neither should they get away with such banal sloppiness.

Plenty of enjoyable, decent movies have been made from characters and plot-lines developed out of comic books over the last few years.

Even the great nicholas cage was a bit of a bore sadly.

There is no attempt to be original here; quite the contrary, it appears as though this film sets out to cherry-pick the weakest and most predictable one-liners from the cesspool of hero-villain Motion Pictures and then attempt the seemingly impossible: make them worse.

the story didn't even have any adrenalin to be pumped, just like another action movie,worse, completely dull and empty.

Peter Fonda was chilling, in an unpredictable kind of way.

Still, I enjoyed it.

A bad review on the other hand can add so much to a movie that it can make even the worst movie good.

So if I have to sum up this movie I would say: "This film is a waste of time (and money)!

A thrilling thrill ride that's...

So, I would recommend it for those who like fantasy and wish to pass some time in a somewhat enjoyable movie that is simply entertainment.

Johnny Blaze is the greatest motorcycle stunt rider in the world, thrilling audiences everywhere, by jumping over helicopters, among other things.

It just goes from one boring set piece to another and the Ghost Rider isn't a particularly good superhero either, his two powers from what I can tell, is a flaming chain and a death stare.

Overall, I thought this movie was good fun and quite enjoyed it.

Everything is done paint by the numbers and the end result is more boring than exiting.

Best of all, the special effects are appropriate to the storyline; they are exciting and dynamic and provide most of the entertainment value.

Nick Cage's performance is once again in that depressed monotone voice of his, as he sleepwalks through this role.

Overall Ghost Rider is one big disappointment that just redeems itself from being a bad movie by being entertaining.

The battles between him and Blackheart's associates (representing the primary elements) are pretty exciting and the visual effects are competently presented.

Nicholas cage was a great choice to play ghost rider BUT for some reason he fails to fully commit to the character and it feels like for most of the scenes he was either bored or just couldn't be bothered.

But I just think they took a little too much time getting to where they wanted to be..there were some pointless scenes in there that made me wait longer to finally see some action.

I can't remember when was the last time I walked out of a movie.

I enjoyed it and I think most of your average movie-goers liked it also for what it is.

All I do know is that it was an enjoyable film, and I was thoroughly entertained.

And then they inserted scenes that dragged along agonizingly, at which point our roller-coaster descended to lows that were actually below ground and rolled up out of them so slowly you thought it'd never, ever make it, ever.

The movie was so boring.

Visually, the film was stunning.

All in all, I would still say an enjoyable movie if you don't compare to, or have seen some of the other movies which I've mentioned above.

but if not, you'll find the plot too simple and some stupid and predictable parts.

Worst Movie I've ever seen .

Exciting supernatural horror action fantasy thriller from Mark Steve Johnson (Who brought you "Daredevil") is based on a popular Marvel Comics character.

There are no plot twists and the fight scenes are horrible.

Complete with numerous plot holes, a cheesy, uninspired script full of overly clichéd dialog and lazy, slow paced action scenes with lackluster special effects.

With all the other stunning visuals, I'll give it an 8.

Nicolas Cage's performance is a confusing one.

The few fights with his enemies are far too short and I was feeling quite bored more than half the time.

Still worth watching, I guess.

Ghost Rider looks visually stunning, and the special effects are impressive.

The Ghost Rider itself was TRES KEWL, and I enjoyed it, but in the end this film is like a dorito; full of cheese and corn, doesn't nourish or sustain, but enjoyable enough on the way through.

The dialog was god awful and cliché'.

The absolute WORST movie I have ever seen .

WORTH WATCHING NOT A WASTE OF TIMEone or two problems with the storyline.

Since I have some space I will respond to some of the comments on this board -- it seems like some people are trying to analyze it far too much and make sense of things that in my opinion are just humorous and silly and therefore enjoyable.

very entertaining, and action movie, lame series of 'bosses'.

Screaming and laughing while his skin is exploding and burning, it's intense (surprisingly so for a PG13).

Make a few changes here and there and you have the script to another predictable and often lucrative rom-com.

The love story was alright in the first half hour but when he grows up, it's just a bore.

Waste of time and money...

Sorry but this is the most boring Marvel character, at least if I'd to pick by the movies made.

There are films that are bad, but still a good time because of the feeling you have when you leave the theater.

This American & Australian co-production was written & directed by Mark Steven Johnson who previously made the lacklustre Marvel comic book superhero film Daredevil (2003), here Johnson turns in a much more enjoyable comic book film that has quite a bit going for it.

By the time that the Ghost Rider dons his trademark leather studded jacket, I was too bored to care, so later in the movie when Johnny Blaze utters "is this thing ever gonna end?

Unfortunately, Ghost Rider is incredibly slow.

Blaze enlists the help of the Caretaker (Sam Elliott) to aid him in his fight, and things proceed in a predictable if enjoyable fashion.

Let's hope that those involved shall realize this as well and "Ghost Rider 2", which is currently in its early production stages, will be a more interesting and better movie to watch, or at least more entertaining.

I remember trying to get into the movie so hard that I fell asleep for 15 minutes from exhaustion.

For example, the riding up the building scene from the trailers is quite long and is definitely a highlight of the film, with much more happening before and after.

Dull, Lacklustre, fails to make an impact .

), were enjoyable but essentially bland.

Mildly entertaining, this is not among the best of comic book adaptations .

Ghost Rider started out slow but eventually got very exciting.

A lot of people don't like it, mostly everyone who I know who has seen it found it mildly entertaining at the very best.

The director had learnt his lesson, deciding to make it more thrilling than daredevil.

I reserve criticisms of the plot to those who want to waste their time noting the film's infinite number of failings in that area.

It's what I call a "Saturday night Movie": enjoyable, fun and entertaining.

While there are some remotely funny moments, most of the time the humour seemed contrived, and you'll probably cringe at some of the cheesy Western reference, no thanks too to one of the tracks performed by Spiderbait.

Silly stunt story with boring jumps, pathetic dialogues and well you can call it special effects.


They wont blow you away, just barely keep you from falling asleep.

Ups: Great CGI, compelling characters, good enough story/plot.

People need to stop taking this movie so seriously and just take it for what it is as an exciting popcorn action flick.

Ghostrider is a super entertaining movie, good action, thrilling rides, cool villains, I loved this movie.

A fun ride, aimed at tweenage boys, I suppose, but still enjoyable for most everyone .

I mildly, very mildly, enjoyed it.

It's not the typical Marvel movie that's meant for Stan Lee fans (who doesn't make his usual Marvel film cameo), but it can also be for those into cult and fantasy genre movies due to the fascinating demonic themes.

The plot line was very bland.

But after that, when it should begin to meander and slow down a bit, it just keeps up the pace and does not stop.

it is waste of money and time...

Both entertaining and a disappointment .

So count with me : 1) Cage's supposedly funny performance is mostly pathetic (His antics, like making faces to a mirror, oozed silliness), and the rest is sinfully predictable.

For all superhero movie fans, this one is worth watching.

First of all: When I watched this movie last night (got dragged in by others), I didn't expect anything great, so thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

It's the most annoying, dumb and worst movie (3 in 1) I've ever seen.

Johnson truly captures the feeling of a comic book in his story, but sadly it also carries the problems that this kind of stories have, like for example a very shallow characterization, several underdeveloped subplots, and a predictable and clichéd plot.

Plain and simple, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This 'film', by far is the worst movie I have EVER seen.

This movie was a waste of time.

I went to go see Ghost Rider a couple of weeks ago and I am pleased to say that I quite enjoyed it.

His costume looked like he was spoofing each and every cliché from each and every badly-made superhero and vampire movie.

At some part in my life I must have walked out of a movie theater before because the film on show was too bad to be bothered with.

This is one of those films that wants you to crack open a beer, kick back, and empty your brain before the opening credits end.

Mark Steven Johnson's latest movie is a lot like his recent Daredevil adaptation in how you might leave the theater.

The only thing worth watching is the visual effects .

In the very least it was entertaining.

He's was a type casted actor before this movie and frankly I've grown very tiresome of all his movies!!

Visually the movie is stunning, the Special effects top notch.

Instead what we have is an incredibly stupid, utterly bland film that is so aware of its target audience that no sane person over the age of 14 could actually take it seriously.

But nothing can help the film recover from its lazy screenplay, awkward dialog and dull villains.

Instead of a fun and wildly entertaining ride, what we got is one of the worst comic book adaptations to crash land in theaters since Batman & Robin and Catwoman.

Entertaining movie, not great on any level.

Directed by the guy who brought us the equally bad 'Daredevil' this film is so formulaic it goes something like this: Ordinary person gets special powers.

BUT if you enjoy things like snappy dialogue, fleshed out characters, and interesting directing, then DON'T go see this movie.

Needless to say, the film is enjoyable just to look at.

it's also really boring and doesn't have a spec of good action.

The language is relatively dim, and the action sequences, while dark in manner, are tiresome to watch, and do not last long.

Despite the fine production design and decent Special Effects you still leave the theater disappointed.

It's a complete comic book fantasy and I highly recommend it.

The entire audience left the theater in a really somber and clearly unsatisfied manner.

Nothing happens until many years later when the devil calls Johnny to bring back the devil's son, who has decided to go behind his father's back and take over the world.

Stunning performance by Eva Mendez's chest.

Don't waste your time with this one.

" With that said, if you go expecting a cheesy, action packed film, which is clearly there to simply entertain you, not like some other films, which set out to lull you into thinking this could actually happen in reality for the duration of the film, then you should enjoy it.

I saw a trailer and one or two small clips for this film, based on the Marvel comic, I thought it looked entertaining enough, and the critics giving it two stars wasn't going to put me off, directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Daredevil).

The fact that some scenes dragged and some scenes made no sense hurt the movie.

But here he is just so flat and boring to watch.

But even he seems relatively bored with himself throughout most of the film.

Silly and enjoyable for a rainy day.

No story-twists.

I guess this is why "Ghost Rider" gets off to a slow start, even with some rather stirring scenes of a young Johnny Blaze working with his dad in a carnival motorcycle stunt show.

If you like a movie where you can turn off the critical thinking part of your brain - than this refreshingly entertaining fantasy film is for you!

Despite having a lack of action and being chock-full of goofs, 'Ghost Rider' is fairly enjoyable and mildly exciting.

) The story is entertaining, despite its rough spots.

The villains were interesting, however, they were defeated in dull and unimpressive ways.

A truly sickening waste of money that lumbers between scenes with all the grace of an amputee elephant falling through a series of windows onto a grease covered ice rink.

The scene right before final fight seems tacked on and pointless--kudos to the visual effects though.

Too long and too pointless to really do much more than make the most minute cinematic impression on its audience.

A fun and entertaining movie.

It's probably up there in the ranks of the most shamelessly entertaining train-wreck Hollywood spectacles, right up there with the likes of Howard the Duck and Zardoz.

After a slow set up the movie kicks into high gear with the first appearance of Ghost Rider.

The only things worth watching this movie for are the special effects and the attractive, yet boring, character played by Eva Mendes.

They probably would, they're pretty good, in a better made film, but here they're dragged down to ordinariness by the rest of the production.

The Rider's penance stare scenes are way too long.

Movies like Spiderman, Superman Returns, X-men 1 & 2, Hellboy have shown that even the most fantastic of concepts can be both entertaining and thought provoking if married to a decent script and cast.

It was entertaining, exciting and done awesome and I wish they'd stick close to the characters more often as they did here.

And the climatic fight between Ghost Rider and Blackheart is absolutely stunning.

No plot?

I thought that i should say there may be spoilers just to cover myself I found the movie very enjoyable and felt that every actor and actress gave their best performance.

I saw Ghost Rider today , matinée price, and left the theater satisfied.

Instead of cranking out another soft and wimpy flick about demons, hell and tortured souls straight from the formulaic, cardboard factory of clichés, what we should have gotten was a fun, dark, R-rated blast more along the lines of Blade or The Crow, heck, even Spawn had more bite and attitude!

He was dull and he mumbled his lines way too much.

Ghost Rider is an action packed, well shot, stunt filled, special effects laden mindless fun!

but enjoyable .

As a superhero, our title character is arguably the most dull and uninteresting of all the Marvel icons.

This movie was the most predictable piece of trash I've ever seen.

While predictable, the materializing of the previous ghost rider is quite delightful.

Very entertaining worth watching .

I thought the plot was bad too cliché and the hero's motives made little sense.

Veterans Sam Elliott and Peter Fonda are also on hand, but they are bogged down by the screenplay that make their characters pointless.

First off, let me say I am not some Ghost Rider or Nic Cage fanboy.. That being said, this movie was pretty damn entertaining!

They are egoist and they live on the edge to the hell.

There is a little action in it, if I can call it that, but with those awful computer animation solutions it is rather funny than entertaining.

They wont blow you away, just barely keep you from falling asleep.

The final scene made me cringe more than the entire movie thus far; it was just that predictable.

It all builds up to a horribly cliché showdown, and a chick flick ending just for a twist.

The Marvel-based, skull-burning character finds his script adaptation feeling methodically predictable even to non-fans, despite the special Gothic and Texan flavor that tries, unsuccessfully, to pull the movie further away from it's generic trappings.

The comic was re-invented in the 90's by Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares but the comic never was too successful compared to another Marvel's comics because the powers were really bad and the comic was boring.

In the DL Punisher, everything had to be discussed and thought out and the motivations pointed out, etc. Leave aside that DL's acting was bad and the other factors, it made for a boring slow story that even the critics hated.

" but the movie was entertaining enough and fast-paced enough that you could generally over-look those bits and just enjoy the ride.

the worst movie ever.


I have seen a lot of movies and if there is a point in having a 1 rate on a scale of 1-10, I think this movie fits the rating as its the worst movie I have seen this year.

It is a tad better than "Daredevil" in forms of special effects and action scenes, but is also down near "Hulk" territory because of the boring human script.

Rest assured, this is nowhere near being the cinematic atrocities of Fantastic Four and Hulk, which are two of the worst movies I have ever seen.

OK..I put this up there with a few other Marvel based movies that were beyond dumb but entertaining.

AND Kudos they did it as their name will be written in BOLD and BLACK letters for giving us such a all time worst movie.

waste of time .

There's way too much build-up and talk leading up to what the film is really about and I'd say that the ending goes on way too long as well.

reasonably entertaining .

The film is very predictable, the dialog is cheesy and unintelligent, and the characters outside of the title character have no development whatsoever.

I'm a huge aficionado to comics but I never followed Ghost Rider's adventures(on any of its versions)because its characters were bad and the mystic stories with a lot of spirituality bored me.

There are pros to this one, and it's not that terrible, but it's certainly a waste of time.

It makes good use about what's most interesting and exciting about the character and tosses aside most of the dross that accumulated over 3 decades of well intentioned efforts to fill up pages and make money off the concept.

A truly stunning film.

) and we really enjoyed it immensely!

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

The history lesson was slow and too long, and several times cage was playing Elvis playing the ghost rider.

run, run as fast as you can away from this movie, because after you waste two hours of your life, you'll just waste more time complaining about how much it sucked.

It is minute after minute of lame characters, uninteresting love interests, and boring dialog.

Only two times in my entire life I've left the theater before the end of the movie.

The whole movie was slow and when it came to an action scenes it was over within 30 seconds.

Sure its corny as hell, but hey, its the first entertaining movie of the year.

This is based off of a comic, yes, one with a ridiculous story to begin with, so obviously it will have a bit of silliness to it and it might not make for a "good" film, but it was plenty entertaining and true to its roots.

I laughed at the parts I was supposed to laugh at, and though some were a bit cheesy, I still enjoyed it.

Overall, the movie is somewhat enjoyable if you're not taking it too seriously.

Moderately entertaining generic superhero flick.

Other than that, the story is only mildly engaging.

A showdown which bores & is completely predictable.

Lets see, it is dire, a shoot-em-up with bikes etc (yawn).

ever, maybe, stealing just about every action cliché imaginable.

But i guess i was pleasantly surprised when i saw the movie was fast paced and had light hearted humor thrown in for good measure of laughs from the audience.

Although there could have been some more action, but the action was intense and wonderful.

And OMG, the amount of clichés were just too many, to predictable and boring, i thought Cage would had do a great job, being him a great fan of the comics, i guess he's crying in pain after seeing this piece of ****.

Entertaining and underrated .

in my opinion the ultimate in banal, writing by numbers, creatively moribund rubbish.

it was like watching power rangers Sunday afternoon - the plot is extremely dull, the dialogues are stupid,...


If not, you may be bored with it.

The plot points are horrific I mean when I found out the main demon was the devils son I nearly died from the cliché.

Now other than bad acting, this movie was completely predictable, you can tell what is going to happen each moment that it makes Miss Cleo seem psychic again.

the worst movie ever.

Constant use of monstrous images and evil spirits make the film not only repetitive, but pointless.

While this movie has some entertaining moments, such as Johnny's stunts on the freeway, it's mostly just dull and clichéd.

However, Ghost Rider is still an enjoyable film, and certainly represents an improvement over Daredevil, Johnson's last Marvel outing.

the exposition was quick but very enjoyable to watch.

A extremely boring movie that is easily out done by Buffy or angle (yes even Angle).

Honestly folks, I would almost never do this, but really, really, REALLY, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME or YOUR MONEY!!!

Mind Blowing.

Practically everything about this film was a waste of time.

Altogether, "Ghost Rider" suffers chiefly from hackneyed writing, lackluster villains, and pointless action scenes.

i'll be the first to acknowledge a rather boring script, really really corny lines, wooden acting at times and a movie that just didn't live up to the hype.

It was fascinating enough that even the mediocre actors in this movie was ignored by me.

That was the most pointless thing in the movie.

Entertaining if you have nothing better to do on a wet Sunday afternoon.

After siting though the entire movie I found that I very much enjoyed it.

However, the storyline and the delivery are mostly interesting, entertaining enough to capture notice.

I have read a lot of the bad hype that the flick has receieved, and I believe that this is partly due to the fact that people go into these types of movies expecting amazing advances in cinematography as well as a gripping and dramatic plot.

I liked this movie cause it was enjoyable and adventurous...

It's overall kinda bland, and not super worth watching, even just to make fun of it.

I rather enjoyed it.

No more sugarcoating: from Mendes' fake breasts, female cliché (even that was poorly executed!

Even Spider Man had moments of exceitment and would put you on the edge of your seat.

Other than that, the action was exciting, the humor was funny and the romance, although a little over the top, was sweet.

The visuals are mind blowing, the locations for all the scenes are perfect, the performances by Cage, Mendes, Elliot, and Logue are terrific, and the cinematography is GORGEOUS.

The movie was slow in my opinion, it felt like hours before he even 'switched forms' for the first time, and the actor(s) who played the devils were absolute garbage, their acting was pathetic.

All in all, Ghost Rider is something to be seen on a very bored evening when there is absolutely nothing else to be seen.

Tame, cowardly, boring and mostly an insult to the comic strip.

I thought the idea of Blackheart absorbing all of those souls was sweet..though I was hoping that he would have transformed more.

so that was entertaining.

His portrayal of the character is decent, although I did find a lot of the dialogue, particularly whenever they would start the whole "is this my destiny' style monologues, very tedious and cliché.

Special effects are excellent, plot is thin (meta/physical/phorical cowboys and indians in action) and is really a vehicle for the effects and some visually stunning stunts.

These extra stories add to the piece, but the basic storyline is really all that is necessary to make this an entertaining movie.

The scenes where Cage turned into ghost rider for the first time were fairly intense, and I found myself marveling at the coolness of his transformation and powers.

This is by far the most cliché' and generic movie I have ever suffered through.

It was actually pretty entertaining, though some parts were lame and/or too predictable.

that was intense.

The movie was exciting the entire way through.

However this is not a piece of art, but an entertaining pizza movie

they should have kept it simple and snappy.

At least my girlfriend fell asleep an hour into it.

The comic book "Ghost Rider" is not released in Brazil, but the movie is entertaining and funny, with a good story based on Faust and great special effects.

Zap forward at least fifteen years, and Blaze (Nicolas Cage) is doing positively insane bike stunts and thrilling crowds all over the United States.

) and as a result, it is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of mindless action.

I viewed the Extended Cut, which I think was a mistake because there are certain scenes that just dragged on for no reason and sure enough, after watching the movie I looked up the differences in the two versions and these scenes were what was extended.

Please watch this movie for a textbook on how to make that idea boring.

Like, not all cheesy movies are bad, this one is exciting!

Peter Fonda as Satan is perfect and entertaining, as is Sam Elliott as the old Westerner.

I mentioned before that this movie is extremely deriative and cliché of almost every other action/superhero movie out there, and it is.

If you can't find anything better to do, or watch then please don't waste your money, go see a decent film - this one isn't worth the entry price.


i fell asleep.

Ghost Rider is a ho-hum affair that you can readily give a skip.

My friend enjoyed it quite a lot, my son and I rated it higher than Daredevil and the first half of Hulk, lower than the second half of Hulk.

The Villains look boring and weak.

I guess with so many bad, cliché action movies it become some sort of bad movie club.

Knowing what to expect now, I actually rally enjoyed it for a second (and third) time.

Overall, this is a pretty enjoyable film with great special effects.

The actors seem bored and uninspired in their roles, and Nicholas Cage seems wooden even for...

It has its flaws, but it was purely entertaining and has its place among other comic book adaptations.

Well, fairly easily, it would seem, if all parties involved seem determined to ignore the biting intensity of the subject matter and bring the story to screen as a watered down, painfully predictable tale devoid of any redeeming factors or cinematic merit whatsoever, as is unquestionably the case here.

Now an adult, played by the oddly appealing Nicolas Cage (who is a die-hard Ghost Rider fan and had to have his tattoo covered up for the film), Blaze is continuing his life's mission of stunning the masses.

The one hope that the movie could be visually stunning and have great fight scenes was dashed by the lackluster and unimaginative effects.

I walked out of the theater feeling like I had just wasted over an hour of my life.

Even the elementals in the film were nothing more than distractions, and although Ghost Rider has more than enough ability to handle them (even if easily), they used repetitive actions and the simplest of solutions that a teenager could have thought above and beyond.

I mean a lot of money went into making a production like this, one wishes, that there was a little more substance and preciseness which would have enabled it to be a far more entertaining movie and bigger blockbuster hit.

Visually Stunning .


But very entertaining .


On the good side, Eva Mendes is enjoyable to watch and Nick cage was funny.

I almost just walked out.

I've seen a lot of shitty movies in my life but this is the worst movie ever to hit the movies in my opinion.

The film itself is entertaining enough and is kind of cool considering how it blends a mix of genres such as fantasy and western.

If you want an in-depth commentary on society this isn't for you but if you want a fast pace, thrilling, no brainer then watch this film and be prepared for non stop action.

That consisted of characters that were barely two-dimensional in a story so predictable that even without knowing the comic you could tell everything coming about half an hour ahead.

Just saw this film and to be honest i fell asleep twice.

Don't waste your money on the DVD when it comes out, just watch the trailer and you'll get the only good scenes of the whole movie.

A very enjoyable movie .

It was so cheesy, and JB's speech at the end was just (bad acting) predictable.

Yes, there are some definite plot holes, and while the acting isn't the greatest, this movie is good enough to watch a second time; especially when you're just looking for a few laughs, some merrymaking, and a cure for boredom.

There's way too much build-up and talk leading up to what the film is really about and I'd say that the ending goes on way too long as well.

Of course it would be tough to exceed the level of X-men or Spiderman, or even come close, but regardless, it is nice to have the Marvel comic characters being made into enjoyable and watchable film versions, rather than those lame made-for-TV or animated series.

In fact, the villains are all non-threatening and highly non-entertaining.

The irony is that although this film is flawed beyond belief, it's enjoyable and worth watching as questionable as that sounds.

Frumpy Eva Mendez is Johnny Blaze's long-suffering romantic interest, Wes Bentley gives a pointless performance as the devil's son, and Donal Logue tries overacting to save the movie.

While Eva Mendes reminds me visually of Barbara Carrera, she lacks Barbara's fire, making all of her scenes with Nick, in a word, boring.

But her character's significance to the overall story outside of a trite device?...

I enjoy Nicolas Cage and Sam Elliott a lot, but their roles were so poorly written that I wanted to leave immediately.

Ghost Rider started out slow but eventually got very exciting.

And the way he done away with Blackheart's posse were so uninteresting and unimaginative.

Boring .

Really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The pace was lackluster and dull--this is my biggest pet peeve about Ghostrider.

The storyline behind Ghost Rider was extremely boring and un-interesting.

The plot is predictable.

Without giving away details, I think I'd have rather seen this movie done in the old style of TV serials, where the superhero faces a number of conventional criminals and realistic situations, rather than facing a group of contrived demons that barely come across as threatening.

but maybe just do something more exciting like stealing from the blind.