Ghost Stories (2017) - Drama, Horror

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Skeptical professor Phillip Goodman embarks on a trip to the terrifying after being given a file with details of three unexplained cases of apparitions.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jeremy Dyson
Stars: Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 51 out of 245 found boring (20.81%)

One-line Reviews (129)

The story is just boring with a last ditch attempt to make the story have meaning thrown in towards the end.

The story was so boring I actually stoped watching (which I never do).

Started out intriguing.

After a promising start and setup to our film I was invested, but as the stories begin the film drops to a much slower pace.

I mean that I watched it just to kill time before bed, and expected it to be bland and boring, with maybe a few good ideas.

Each of the individual tales are well told and provide the expected chills that a title like "Ghost Stories" is intended to convey, but when it comes time to wrap things up, the picture seems to fall apart in a pretentious gimmick that unravels in such a way that everything that went before seems meaningless.

Worth the watch.

And I was a bit on the edge of my seat.

Without going into too much detail, "Ghost Stories" may seem like a mediocre fright fest at first full of serviceable jump scares and "confusing-for-the-sake-of-being-confusing" plot developments.

This portmanteau film is made up of 3 scary ghost stories, all investigated by a man of science who is convinced the paranormal can be explained away with mundane explanations.

Utterly Gripping .

And it was frightfully devoid of anything scary or thrilling.

It is possible that the dénouement might be seen by some as disappointing, but the slow-burning lead-up to that moment is very effective.

Feels like it should have been a 60 minute episode of some show, and even from that perspective, the ending was rather bland and the story had nothing to say.

Chilling and a little bit Hammer-House, but always entertaining...

3 stories, each without reason or merit, then it goes even weirder what is possibly the devil, a victim of buying who got killed when the coma lad was a kid comes back and haunts him, as with all British films, its pointless, long and super dull.

Paul Whitehouse plays Tony Matthews, night watchman, haunted by something nasty in an empty warehouse.

Got to say here and now, not a good film, boring even in places and definitely not the scariest thing I've see.

Highly chilling and enjoyable anthology .

Scary, funny, intelligent and all round entertaining.

After a slow start, the first story involving Paul Whitehouse is the highlight here.

Story starts off well then it just turns to the usual mundane mad axe man scenerio that you often see in modern horrors.

This was scary, scary enough that an unexpected noise in my house while watching it, made me jump.

The screenplay was always bound to be both bizarre and intriguing, since Dyson has been a past contributor to TV's "League of Gentlemen" and other equally surreal programmes and Nyman has been a major collaborator with the stage-illusionist Derren Brown.

Such a shame but still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Don't waste your time...

Good cast but quite dull.

' It opens well, with a kind of 'found footage' approach to it, by interviewing our protagonist (Andy Nyman) as he's a 'professional debunker' who goes around Britain 'exposing' supernatural tales for something mundane and ordinary.

I really enjoyed it.

Anyone expecting the film to be pretty with stunning visuals is simply watching the wrong film.

When it comes to british writing, I personally admire the likes of Armando Iannucci, Chris Morris, Peter Baynham, Gervais/Merchant, Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright, or Charlie Brooker - substance, satire and sharp wit, which the latter few can also deliver in a way that can also be extremely suspenseful and/or horrific (Black Mirror).

Presenting a compelling story that stands out from most of the recent horror flicks I've watched so far.

Waste of time .

Instead, what I got was a huge steaming pile of pretentious pseudo-intellectual bilge that's scarcely coherent in places and can barely be described as a horror film at all.

Honestly, the cases bored me.

Was very enjoyable until....

Intense film - great plot, real knucklebiting moments of fear.

He always teeters on the edge of over-acting, but he was nonetheless entertaining to watch so credit where credit is due.

Intriguing and Thoughtful .

" Totally worth watching, just for the, 'wait, what did i just watch!?

It's entertaining stuff.

Besides the eerie environment, it looks like different people came up with different stories, and they were compelled to bind all of them together, which makes this movie an absolute waste of your time.

An incredibly entertaining romp through the genre.

Disjointed and uninspiring .

It is genuinely creepy when you're watching it for the first time - though reliant on quite a lot of horror cliché (abandoned hospitals, dolls, failing phone signals).

religious tensions that went nowhere...

It was boring as hell and the story was just dumb.

Overall this film was a waste of time and 1hr 37minutes I'll never get back.

It's much more intense.

In its basic form, it's three virtually plotless spooky tales held together by a big reveal at the end.

Just a shame that everything leading up to the ending had been so utterly and completely pointless and devoid of anything interesting.

Intense and unpredictable .

We encounter shop dummies which move, little girls appearing, strange creatures jumping on top of cars and letting themselves in through the backdoor, apparent suicides, anoraked figures (with empty hoods?

It had great performances (especially Alex Lawther, he was amazing), all the stories were interesting and compelling, all of them had well crafted atmosphere and tone, the horror element was decent ( even though it had some stupid jump scares) and watching it again, it has a lot of easter eggs and elements that you wont notice during the first watch, something that makes this experience more appealing to me.

A good cast, with a (generally) good writer but as always with horror/ghost stories the whole thing was very predictable and rather derivative.

The great bits do make it worth watching though.

Paul Whitehouse gives an indifferent turn as a security guard who encounters the spirit of a ghostly child in the drawn-out first instalment.

You can reflect on any one moment and have it fit with your new perspective, and new plot information, like a glove, fed with fantastic visual references and narrative details evocative of an incredibly detail oriented screenplay and a precisely planned production, to the point where the piece feeds the mind for ages after the credits have rolled.

There are so many really dull, poorly acted, incredibly routine "horror" movies out there, this was a refreshing bit that's a cut above the rest.

Kind of entertaining .

As an avid horror fan, I found this movie to be boring, extremely dull and not effective, at all, in terms of being scary.

well made really creepy and spooky the twist at the end is amazing totally worth watching

A few good scares and gags, but all in all very slow to get going.

Slow buildup for ultimately nothing .

It takes every single cliche out there and throws them all together in a new way.

A few jumps here and there but otherwise quite boring

All in all a very enjoyable horror movie.

All in all, I found it really enjoyable.

But in the most uninteresting, far-fetched, cheap and stupid way possible.

The others are certainly spooky, but that first tale put me on the edge of my seat.

I had the entertaining experience of seeing the play in the West End in London (again, starring Nyman as Goodman), and it was an impressive piece of stagecraft.

Overall, still a really enjoyable movie despite this flaw, and a good addition to your list of worth-watching scary movies.

A total waste of time.

Is this one of those unexpected gems?

The third story is by far the most boring and follows Martin Freeman as he readies a nursery for his unborn child.

An unsettling, creepy, scary and unpredictable horror movie.

One of my only criticisms is that I found the ending a bit disconnected from the rest of the movie and a little drawn out, it almost felt tacked on to make the movie longer.

very slow at times.....

Good acting by a few especially Alex Lawler, but all pretty predictable including the ending where the writers couldn't be bothered to think of something original or inspiring....

Intensely scary in its moments & engaging & brilliant in its narration.

The film is also somewhat bland with a never ending amount of jump scares which never seemed to grab me.

Solid performances and a very intriguing and creepy story.

That being said, the overall story arc and the drawing together of the strands for the unexpected (although not terribly original) conclusion, is intriguing.

Ghost Stories comes across as highly proficient production, and as an easy and very entertaining watch.

A complete and utter waste waste of an hour and a half of my life.

However, while films of this type usually offer some genuine scares and a coherent plot, without giving too much away, the stories themselves only serve as a slight frame to hang what will eventually become deeply pretentious and self-important naval gazing by the writer to the extent it appears to serve as therapy rather than the actual film.

Incredibly enjoyable.

British movie of horror is more intense with the audience and gives the audience the feeling of being there, inside the scene, not just for watching the horror story.

He was delightfully awkward and intense.

A well executed 'Tales of the Unexpected'.

The 3 stories werent that scary and left me wanting something more engaging and thrilling.

I liked the beginning, and the first ghost story dragged me further into it.

The movie is a slow build, enticing the viewer on what will happen next.

It begins with one of the most tedious set-ups in horror: the sceptic academic has their empiricism put to the test by the uncanny.

In Australia I had never heard of it and stumbled across it on IMDB, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is okay to have a twist, but if the twist leaves you feeling empty, then it has lost it effect.

The only thing worth watching here was parts of the segment that revolved around Martin Freeman's character, and also the ending.

Though just like with Cabin in the Woods, this made the film extremely predictable.

It is the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.



Either way, its substantial, stimulating and entertaining.

There are far better independent British horror worth watching.

The acting is great but some scenes are way too long especially the first story honestly I was waiting for something incredible by the end of it only to feel weird and not in a good way.

The ending was obvoius, boring and not at all scary.

Except, they were all very clearly connected in multiple ways, "boring and not scary at all".

But all in all, definitely worth watching if you enjoy a good supernatural movie.

I'm seeing a lot of Casual film critics saying it's Boring, Incoherent and saying the writers don't know what they're doing.

Format: DVD Language: English Released 2017Director: Jeremy Dyson, Andy NymanStarring: Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Paul WhitehouseThe last in my insomnia driven horror movie marathon is 'Ghost Stories', a twisting horror anthology.

Don't waste your time on this when you could be watching paint dry.

The rest of the film deteriorates after this leading to a ridiculous cliche and patronising ending.

It's just that it's really, really boring and seem to go nowhere.

Well, quickly summarized, then the entire movie was pointless.

Maybe I expect too much to be entertained (which is of course, why I'm watching the movie in the first place), but I just can't stand films that build you up, make you invest 90 mins of your life and let you down with a naff and confusing ending.

Dont waste your time on this crap.

The plot twist is totally unexpected and stays with you.

The performances are pretty solid and the movie mostly looks decent, but for me, the majority of the movie was boring and pointless.

predictable nonsens .

The trailer made it look like a riveting ride but it turned out to be a bit of a yawn fest.

There are very strong moments in each of the stories, but ultimately they were a little tedious and forgettable.

Worth watching

Waste of your time .

The three stories featured are good but pointless, irritating and pointless and the one with Martin Freeman.

Concluding, hugely impressive and well worth the watch.

The tempo is rather slow and the movie only 98 minutes long, so every story and character has relatively limited screen time.

It's pretentious and at the same time incoherent.

They are ALL better than this waste of time that somehow got funding and a famous actor.

So why is this even worth watching?

there's no plot in any of them.