Ghost Town (2008) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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Bertram Pincus is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. When Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: David Koepp
Stars: Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 32 out of 168 found boring (19.04%)

One-line Reviews (97)

The inclusion of Ghosts in the plot is utterly pointless.

Uplifting and Entertaining .

Boring and Miscast .

"Ghost Town" is a boring story absolutely miscast.

a very engaging script...

I don't understand why this Ghost Town soundtrack is not that popular, it contains a lot of great songs, like "I'm Still in Love (w/You)", "I'm Looking Through You" by The Beatles,"The Heart of Life" by John Mayer, "What I'm Looking For" by Brendan Benson, "Sideways" by Citizen Cope, "Which Way Your Heart Will Go" by Mason Jennings and etc.However, the storyline is cliché, no doubt about it.

Sure, lots of the film is derivative, hokey, and repetitive, but the cast and the story(despite its shortcomings) make it more than just another mundane film about ghosts or unlikely romances.

The plot is entertaining although it sticks to the usual patterns for a romantic comedy.

they are only confusing.

One Of The Worst Movies Ever Made .

The denouement is as tired as it is predictable.

This is an enjoyable, creative movie.

You may find it surprisingly enjoyable, as supernatural comic romps go!

Part of Ghost Town's problem is that Pincus remains clueless for far too long and only a heart-to-heart conversation with his Indian dentist colleague convinces him to change his ways (why the colleague is so suddenly able to work wonders with the thoroughly disagreeable Dr. Pincus where others have failed, is beyond me).

The characters are entertaining.

Bertram is rude and self-absorbed, yet witty and sympathetic and Gervais' flawless comic timing make Bertram a most engaging misanthrope.

Predictable story .

Funny, witty and touching in places and generally enjoyable.

What we get is a thoroughly entertaining tale with a fascinating lead character.

It is refreshing to find a film that is entertaining and heartwarming without being silly, vulgar or rude.

The plot unfolds well enough and has a decent pace to it that keeps some of the plot devices acceptable even if they are contrived at times.

Worth watching!

His timing and minor mannerisms add to what's essentially a somewhat bland part creating a truly memorable character.

Ghost Town is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy and i hope a spring board for the highly talented Ricky Gervais to showcase more of his comedy prowess.

I fell asleep 10 minutes in and woke up to Gervais making a racist comment about Chinese people.

In the second half of the story where Dr. Pinkus breaks up and then romances Gwen, the widow, the action is slower and not as interesting.

Even though the structure is familiar and walks on all the cliches that one can expect for in such genres, it is immensely entertaining and heartbreaking.

) The premise: a stereotypical "a-hole" makes the noble transition to "good guy" with the unexpected aid of some supernatural interference; hardly original.

There are more boring scenes than entertaining scenes.

The film is slow, uninteresting and it just doesn't grab your attention.

Hollow and predictable though it might be, "Ghost Town" manages to avoid any really damaging mistakes as it cruises along thanks to Gervais' style.

By the way, the first 10 minutes were really THAT unbearable.

The plot is a roller-coaster ride--building you up and then pulling you in a totally unexpected direction.

unexpected tears.

This was so worth watching.

Here, they are like yachts roped to a tug boat, heading out to empty sea.

original film, but badly acted and dull.

Very enjoyable, and will make you smile.

After the initial scenario is setup, the film loses ideas and direction and becomes dull and stale.

Not the most original, but entertaining at least.

Being dull and non-verbal isn't humorous.

I'm happy to say that I still find it very enjoyable, a quirky blend of supernatural and humor that happily finds its groove.

The female audiences win, for having yet another dull, predictable hankie-grabbing piece of crap to indulge in.

It is these little extras that make an already very enjoyable film even more fun.

This movie is completely predictable and not worth anyone's time.

Just a very predictable movie, it was funny at some times and the chemistry between Ricky Gervais and Téa Leoni was good, I will even add that Ricky Gervais acting like a prick in this film was amusing to watch.

The jokes are trite and not even remotely amusing.

His performance as an unsympathetic character who mellows is consistently entertaining and, more importantly, believable, with some funny physical comedy thrown in.

This warm-hearted film is a joy in its slow awakening of humanity in the frosty Pincus.

In (formulaic) comedies, humour usually only works when there is an underlying realism used as a foundation.

again ghost town is worth watching just because it is well done and the comedy and the romance and chemistry of the acting is quite engaging.

In summary, Ricky's intro into the world of movies was enjoyable enough and I look forward to his next project.

He certainly keeps things interesting in an otherwise predictable story.

Finally, an enjoyable, adult comedy.

Loved this movie and highly recommend it to others.

It's a somewhat predictable story about a dentist (Ricky Gervais), who after a near death incident in the hospital, is suddenly able to see and talk to dead people.

For me though, once the movie gets into the second half with Bertram helping out Kinnear's character, who is a ghost after dying early in the movie, the movie starts to feel like every other romantic comedy with cliché misunderstandings and the "I saw that coming from a mile away" ending that mostly blows it for me.

The writing was engaging and intelligent.

The movie is nowhere near to a perfect comedy,there are plenty of hit and miss,but Ricky Gervais's humour and personality makes it very enjoyable and I also really liked Greg Kinnear's character.

I wanted to fall asleep at times.

The conclusion is corny, silly and predictable.

Extremely funny, totally unpredictable, and filled with little cameo nuggets that make you happy to see each weird character show up again.

No spoiler to say Frank (Kinnear) dies all but instantly in the film and thankfully, they waste no time having him try to figure out what happened or what his magical ghost powers are.

Starts well but fizzles into boredom .

Otherwise it gets annoying and/or stupid hence dull in a jiffy.

It is certainly more than just a little reminiscent of Phil/Murray from "The Groundhog Day", which also started out funny but then became mediocre and boring as soon as Phil made that very Hollywood-like "noble transition".

All in all this movie is a very good comedy and even though it has the same predictable ends as all romantic comedies do, it is extremely entertaining and great way to spend an evening.

FINAL VERDICT: It was OK,but sort of boring since this is an old concept.

Gervais takes an unlikable character (as he did on BBC's The Office and Extras) and turns him into a sympathetic and compelling man.

Pincus is on a slow learning curve.

Ending was unpredictable, and nice, though.

The basic plot for this film is a good idea, original as well, unfortunately the finished result is often boring, pretty grinding, and left you asking some questions.

A boring, selfish and self centered English dentist who lives in Manhattan finds it very annoying that he sees dead people, after he dies for a few minutes.

But still an entertaining film none the less, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

As it started out, I thought "Wow, this looks pretty predictable.

It was semi-enjoyable and had a romance that developed fairly well.

It is certainly worth the watch.

But no, despite the feel-good touch to it, the movie is slow at times and a little dry.

A bit slow in the middle but a good, entertaining movie.

So I saw it last Sunday, over all I think it was a pretty funny comedy, although I wasn't laughing as hard as the other audience members, but I had a nice time watching it, I think the reason why was due to how predictable it was.

I must mention the enjoyable performance of Jeff Heller as Naked Guy.

"Ghost Town" looked like an enjoyable movie and I had heard good reviews on it, so I decided to check it out.

A very entertaining movie all around.

"Ghost Town" is a movie that takes long time to develop something; the first hour of length is simply full of uninteresting conversations that lead almost nowhere.

So, as much as I enjoyed the first half, as usual, once the romantic part of the comedy comes into focus, the comedy becomes more cliché and less realistic.

Nothing Inspired,But Ricky Gervais Makes It Enjoyable, .

Even my friend who is a HUGE romcom fanatic was rolling her eyes and looking bored through most of the second half.

'Ghost Town' start well but soon runs out of ideas and fizzles away into boredom.

While the story is a bit predictable, the interesting characters, charming nature of the tale and all-around quality of movie-making make this film worth a watch.

This truly was one of the worst movies I have watched.

This did exactly what we wanted and we both thought it was well worth watching.

It reaches a predictable conclusion and gets there with a minimum of fuss.

The plot probably wasn't the most original, as a lot reminded me of 'Ghost', but it was entertaining enough.

I mean, really - they do ask the most mundane and unrelated questions.

I was often the only person laughing in the theater; Ricky Gervais' very dry humor is not to everyone's taste.

Overall, I found 'Ghost Town' to be a fantastic comedy that is thoroughly entertaining.

Entertaining and heartwarming .