Ghost World (2001) - Comedy, Drama

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With only the plan of moving in together after high school, two unusually devious friends seek direction in life. As a mere gag, they respond to a man's newspaper ad for a date, only to find it will greatly complicate their lives.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Stars: Steve Buscemi, Thora Birch
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 126 out of 491 found boring (25.66%)

One-line Reviews (351)

none of the main characters are likable in any way, they are just apathetic, cynical and dull.

I think that somehow I must have missed something, that deep inside there must have been a message or some profound fascinating inner meaning.

Ghost World leaves you with emotion rather than adrenaline.

Enid find him fascinating and buys a record from him.

The film is totally empty, boring and certainly not a comedy.

It meanders on and on with a slow pace, losing our interest, especially in the characters.

Boring and overrated .

His first entry was so stunning that the audience at the cinema where I watched this burst into spontaneous applause.

At first GHOST WORLD seems to be humming along just fine, but rather pointless.

I eventually rented it out and really enjoyed it.

A teen movie that is surprisingly mature and engaging .

I was somewhat disappointed as the film was both lacking real humor (tho there were a few lines which made me go 'heh') and the critique of our consumerist culture was clouded in a rather dull heard-it-before story of 'girl hangs out with old man and brings him new youth while he helps her grow up.

What a waste of time.

The most entertainingly boring movie of the year .

Most teen movies in their drive for marketability tend to sentimentalize, oversex and gloss-over adolecence so much that they ignore a lot of the confusion and sadness that comes with growing up in an alienating and often times grotesque world.

Pseudo-intellectual pretentious mediocrity .

If this movie had come out 5 years ago, perhaps it would have been new territory, but now we have Darla on MTV(who seemed remarkably like Enid right down to the glasses) and on the big screen we've had "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and several other movies that have depicted teen angst in a more original and entertaining fashion.

end of the year parties, everybody realizing who they are right befor the film ends, lots of pot smoking and drinking, cool hip music that usualy overshadows the movie, and pointless plots.

Filtered through their angsty eyes, everything is devoid of value and people lack sophistication, filling their times with banal activities, much hypocrisy and pointless gestures.

I saw this flick a while ago and enjoyed it for the most part.

It's fascinating the way Zwigoff and the cinematographer are able to visually capture the sense of distance and alienation that the characters are experiencing.

it was blah, senicle, and boring.

A fascinating character study that explores human nature and the consequences of our actions .

People bored with or disliking this film may simply not like the self-protrait.

It is still very entertaining...

I particularly thought the art teacher (Illeana Douglass) was fascinating...

When he gets on the empty bus that wasn't supposed to arrive, he has entered the ghost world, and Enid finally follows him on another ghost bus at the end.

what a let down, firstly, it was BORING secondly, the Thora Birch character has to be one of the most uninteresting, and unlikeable leads in a film, when you compare this to any kevin smith film, you will see a complete lack of imagination, ideas, and humour.

What a Waste of my Time.

Although I was unaware of the comic book this movie was based on, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, which makes it exceptionally good in my book- meaning that you don't have to know where it came from to understand it.

It was so slow and boring.

Pretentious, pointless, and horribly paced.

The director had a good story, very fine actresses but in the end, made an interesting film, but mostly boring.

I would have liked to of seen into her everyday boring world for more than just a few brief scenes.

Funny And Enjoyable .

anyone with clear-cut ideas and simple, easily achieveable dreams will think it's boring.

All in all, an enjoyable, lighthearted and bittersweet satirical comedy, with good acting (did I mention Buscemi is fabulous?

Slow and Boring .

This is truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

An art class borders on parody as the teacher dismisses other students' attempts over ridiculous, pretentious works such as a tampon in a teacup (symbolizing the degradation of women of course) not seeming to notice that this iconoclastic student is the most conformist of all.

I have to admit, Ghost World is a moderately entertaining character study, with some genuinely funny moments and a decent turn by Steve Buscemi.

The lives of young adults continue to veer wildly from the ecstatic to the crushingly boring, and back again, often many times per week, day or even hour.

The chick really becomes quite a bore whom I wanted to simply just.. not live anymore.

The comic is a masterpiece of observational dark comedy, and the film adaptation is different in some ways, adding a couple of elements to connect together some rather disjointed aspects of the comic.

I'm a big fan of Dan Clowes original comic, and Clowes himself co-scripted it with director Terry Zwigoff who made the fascinating must see documentary 'Crumb'.

The movie goes on and on and just when you think something may actual happen it sinks with a dull thud.

She is so painfully aware that life in the 21st century in California is empty and sad, that you have to feel for her.

Seymour eventually becomes good friends with Rebecca, having that main characteristic in common: they're both outsiders to the complacent and mundane mainstream.

Ghost World is inhabited by some entertaining characters.

' It creates fascinating characters and remains true to them to the end, never requiring them to utter a false-sounding statement or indulge in cheap theatricalities to get the point across.

But the film was uncomfortably vacant of any kind of energybeyond the mundane existence of a bunch of semi-quirkycharacters with no inner-energy or real engagement (for theviewer).

Enjoyable if a bit too heavy on caricature, graced by a fabulous Buscemi .

However, the pacing is somewhat slow and it starts to lose momentum towards the end.

From early on, Rebecca seems the more conventional and committed of the two, while Enid finds an absorbing distraction from their chosen path in first tormenting and then befriending weird old record collector Seymour (Buscemi).

And I'll tell you why; because it was boring.

This film just seemed lifeless and aimless; the conflict and confusion in Enid's life ultimately isn't gripping.

Is The empty bus taking him away from the pain of a failed dream?

this film thinks of itself as being original, but was as predicatble as any standard holllywood teen film, but without any laughs whatsoever, unless that is you enjoy laughing at other peoples expense, even if the targets are predictable and should actually incur our sympathy.

It's so basic and bland, and it has no special style or atmosphere.

Waste Of Time .

Although the movie had an interesting premise about a touching study of alienation that comes with no easy answers or excuses for those who cannot seem to connect in life,I found it boring and mundane for most parts.

Because partially due to the lack of story development after the first half, it seems to linger on longer than it should have.


The point to the story really only comes close to the end and even then, I felt it a bit confusing.

Yes, it didn't try too hard in the way of Happiness or American Beauty, and all but the main character were good portrayals of people just trying to get through realistic setbacks and tedious days at work.

I thought Ghost World was so boring.

Slow and boring .

Please don't waste your time it's not worth it

He wishes he could have a more rewarding career and a more exciting life.

It's just that Enid's callous behaviour became increasingly annoying and tiresome by the end of the film, and it made it a bit difficult for me to relate to her and root for her.

worth watching!!.

Ultra-uninteresting collecting dork.

The people that stated that this was a coming of age movie have it all wrong.

This is a great, intriguing watch for anyone who has ever felt bitter or cynical about their surroundings.

Self-consciously boring and pretentious as hell just don't bother.

Consistently Enjoyable .

This vastly entertaining film stars Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson as bored high school grads who try to find adventure in obscure places in a changing city filled with mini-malls & quick-stop food marts.

The film grasps firmly by the collar how the confusion of adulthood and importance of friendship is, while not making it all too mellow key and lacking originality.

Don't waste your time with this movie...

Mostly it was slow and dull (intentionally so?

It was funny at first, and Steve is in it, but besides that the movie dragged like no other.

Highlights are an excellent scene in a blues club that just about nails the American outlook on life and our lack of reverence and the ones in Enid's remedial art class, with the most misguided and pretentious teacher (Illeana Douglas) you could imagine.

They demonstrate this very vividly in several entertaining scenes.

Its a condemnation of the mundane.

Two friends who seem like the weird kids next door try to keep from boredom and wind up becoming friends with a creepy guy who they originally wanted to torment.

Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi are fascinating to watch in an odd-ball relationship, which the movie intentionally references to "The World of Henry Orient," balanced in between by a more grounded best friend, a terrific Scarlett Johansson.

After countless hours of boredom, they decide to play a mean-spirited prank on middle-aged loner Seymour (Buscemi), after which Enid develops a fascination with him and his unconventional lifestyle.

However, you just follow the boring life of two teenagers and that's about it.

Thora Birch does a fine job at the monotone, sarcastic, individualist Enid and deserved an oscar nomination for her work.

The two friends wander about the boulevards and empty residential areas of Los Angeles, making vulgar wisecracks to the weirdos they run into.

Slow start; worse ending .

This movie is a pretty thoughtful look at what amounts to be a commentary on the boring lives most of us know we're going to live as we get older.

The story seemed very bland and one dimensional.

Painfully Pointless .

This movie was very entertaining.

Enid's boredom leads her to play a practical joke on a lonely man searching for a woman he met in a personal ad.

Frustrating and boring movie overall if you ask me.

' As for the sudden return of Johansson as Birch's friend, it was more than a little predictable, a concession to the already-too-depressed audience Solondz would never resort to.

Thanks to outstanding performances from all of the actors involved in this picture, watching the relationship between Enid and Seymour is both touching and intriguing.

Definately worth watching.

The overall production is excellent (the brightness and colors in the photography, costumes and sets is stunning)...

The dialouge was so funny, i recommend this movie to anyone who likes funny coming of age movies!

Nothing happened!

However, the acting is enjoyable - Buscemi is wonderful as the lugubrious Seymour and Birch is commendable as Enid.

Though a little slow in the middle and the ending keeps you hanging.


Outside of the USA, film buffs can get cynical about the over-processed Hollywood slurry that oozes out of cinemas and multiplexes worldwide, but then once in a while something unique and intriguing such as this picture comes along.

Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) are your guides through their world and they're bored.

As for Burch's cohort, the actress that plays her is too bland for the part, seemingly floating between Enid's world of self-hatred and a more straightforward world of compromise.

A more experienced actress might have elicited some sort of reaction from me, but Johanssen is simply too young and too bland for the part.

low key and nearly monotone, she's perfected the teen "everyone else is so lame" role.

It certainly has its flaws (the main flaw being the slow plot development).

Dreary, boring and pointless .

However, again, the ending left you feeling so unresolved and empty that it almost ruined it for me.

To compensate she has sex with Buscemi, allaying the feelings of insecurity as to her desirability aroused by this unexpected 'other woman,' then doesn't return his calls when he breaks-up with the only good-looking, professionally successful woman (Real Estate Agent) who had shown romantic interest in him!

It can be comical, dramatic, suspenseful...

Dull if slightly quirky coming age drama .

boring .

Overall, an enjoyable movie, as long as you don't expect it to offer you an easy way out into a life less mundane.

I felt a little drained of energy after watching it, and although it has a lot of thought and great moments, it makes me a dull boy.

The remainder will be in danger of watching a movie with no plot that doesn't go anywhere.

Slow and boring .

It was surprisingly empathetic and entertaining and I really, really liked this movie and I suggest you give it a watch.

But to do so Clowes and Zwigoff took one very small incident in the book, literally two or three frames, and rewrote it to create the character of Seymour, misanthropic record collector, and altered the course of the story from essentially a character study of two teenage girls and the slow death of their friendship, into a kinda sorta romance between one of them (Enid, played by 'American Beauty's Thora Birch) and "loser" Seymour.

I spend most of my time p***ed off at people who are stupid and hated an Art teacher of mine who was just as pretentious and shallow.

So far so predictable and for the most part it is.

I used to think that when a film had a good rating it was really worth watching, now I don't think I will EVER trust them again!

It's a novel take on the ever-so-common coming of age story, and brings to the screen some very interesting characters.

Watching this movie was like watching the journey of one of the most annoying female leads ever and yet it's engaging.

She has all the facial expressions needed to portray disdain, dismay, confusion, and sadness.

" Nothing happened!

It was a total waste of time.

The main problem was, much like a lot of movies today, the flick was a bunch of empty episodes really leading to nowhere.

Don't waste your time and money .

Anyone reading 'Ghost World' the comic could immediately tell you that there was no real plot to speak of, at least not enough to make an interesting movie.

Director Terry Zwigoff's previous film, Crumb, was a loud, unpleasant, cliched bore; in Ghost World, he redeems himself with a more enjoyable, richer film.

How Can A Movie So Pointless Be So Interesting.

Much more than in `American Beauty' where her boredom was boring.

But no, even this art class seems like pretentious, hypocritical nonsense.

Acted, written and directed very well, "Ghost World" is a must see to all who loved "American Beauty" - it's not equally good, must it's really entertaining flick about young people searching for them self, and like in the real life, destroying many things surrounding them.

Also, the whole bus nonsense was very predictable; as soon as the old man was introduced, I new how the entire film was going to play out.

A loss of mother (unexplained), a detached and frightened father, graduation from high school, and a fear of additional abandonment and betrayal causes this pre-coming of age teen to wield a chrome plated shield to protect a fragile heart.

Movies about teenagers are boring because *teenagers are boring*: boring, BORING, B-O-R-I-N-G ---they have nothing to declare, less than nothing.

But after graduating, Enid notices (with intense awareness) that they are slowly beginning to gradually drift apart.

formerly did "Crumb," along with "Louie Blouie") Steve Buscemi and Thora BirchFor many, this movie will be a knowing expression of how things look for people whose uncommon honesty exiles them in the empty world lurking on the margins of American Beauty (in the endless retail strip mall that is America's back lot).

After going through the disappointing crop of films this past summer, I would reccommend for you to shell out your $7.00 and see this enjoyable little gem.

"Ghost World" progresses at a fairly slow pace and this is ultimately my problem with it.

Thora Birch was on most of the time and her story was pretty dull.

Fascinating coming of age film from Zwigoff .

From then, we primarily follow Enid (Thora Birch), who finds herself in an existential phase of her life, having escaped from her hated experience, but finding herself in a meaningless and pointless world, with little direction of her own.

Enid (Thora Birch) is a manipulative, self-centered little brat who manipulates and takes for granted everyone who cares about her, topped off with the de rigeur (and grating) teen girl pose of world-weariness and ennui, rolling her eyes at the bourgeois antics of people in convenience stores and bars, bitching about how dreary and false the world is and kvetching about how she wishes she could just get away from everything and do what she wants.

he probably got some awards, since i think that they wanted to get some artsy feel for the movie, like the vibrant use of colors and the dull feelings that the actors would have to portray.

It's one of the signs of the uninspiring, suspended surreality they live in.

It's like an AMERICAN BEAUTY for a younger generation, but hey, I'm 37 and enjoyed it a lot.

A Condemnation of the Mundane .

Definitely worth watching over and over again; Ghost World gets 8.5/10 stars for a well written script and a great acting job by both Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi.

Probably to a boring day job like Rebecca's is.

Rebecca's boring day job world can also have its high moments, just like Enid's geeky art-driven one does.

While on the edge of maturity they are still unable to control silly urges to play pranks which leads one of them into a relationship with a strange, lovable, obsessive loner.

She even had the ability to make the 1991 Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson drama, Paradise, engrossing.

I guess the main reason I dislike this movie was because it dragged so much and that I just can't agree with the main character's view on life.

What DOES keep Ghost World entertaining is it's well-executed sense of realism (you'd definitely believe these chicks just graduated from high school), and it's effective dry humor.

Well the bus does come and the bench at the bus stop is now empty.

most boring film I ever viewed on imdb recommendation .

Finally the end of lack there of left me empty.

This is the first film I've ever seen where I'd give it a rating lower than IMDb's rating (7.5). The movie was slow, from start to finish and there weren't any particularly funny moments.

This film was an unexpected gem for me i did not expect this film to be as funny as it was.

There were a lot of scenes where nothing happened and everything was totally expected.

And it's this realism that makes this film so enjoyable.

I recommend this film to anyone who is tired of watching the supposed mainstream "coming of age" films that Hollywood has been turning out for decades, which seem to become more inane by the month.

Kistch coming of age film with complex protaganist .

the performances are subtle and intriguing.

I normally go for the big studio productions but found this independent chestnut intriguing.

To sum it up in a cliché that would make Enid grimace: she has to follow the beat of a different drum.

Ghost World is a feverishly entertaining movie.

Steve Buscemi who I must say is an amazing actor, also does his job in this movie, BUT, is also an extremely boring character.

So far, everyone that I've sit down and watched this with enjoyed it.

Surprisingly touching and entertaining .

I was yawning in the end.

A bit on the coming of age theme,mixed with a crossroads in life motif help make the storyline move with plausibility and fun as the two teens grow into adulthood as fast as their bodies and temper can permit.

" He is a man approaching his middle years whose life consists of his dull job, his obese farting roommate, his mother, and his large and obsessive collection of old records that have a room of their own.

We are simply invited into the exuberant Enid's fascinating world through her eyes.

We get a taste of her acid tongue early on--after her graduation ceremony where a young girl, who has been the victim of a tragic auto accident, has given a banal speech ("High School is like the training wheels for real life") Enid says to her friend Rebecca, "I liked her so much better when she was an alcoholic crack addict.

She answers to the ultimate cliché of an art-school teacher.

It becomes a really drawn out ramble of cliches and depth lacking moments.

For fans of Daniel Clowes' outstanding comic book Eightball,GHOST WORLD may be a slight disappointment, but this is atotally enjoyable film, the likes of which is rarely seen coming outof Hollywood.

Connecting with Seymour, (Steve Buscemi) takes her life in an unexpected direction.

Rebecca and Enid are drifting as friends do post high clearly moving on to the mundane adult activities of earning money, finding a residence and furnishing said residence.

but even so- called 'policital' art is just as trite when it is conciously contrived.

Thora Birch recaptures her form from American Beauty, and the ever-intriguing Buscemi give understated and earnest performances here of disaffected, disconnected and distrustful people different only in how many years they lived.


Great ode to a coming of age .

Would this just be another quirky empty comedy?

Bob Balaban as Enid's overly gentle dad was enjoyable too.

I thought it was not possible to watch another boring movie like that one, but no, this movie was also very boring, boring story, dull characters, pffff waste of my time :( 4 out of 10)Why do people like this movie?

A main character is so independent, so observant, so beautifully removed from all that is trite, obnoxious, grey.

)You can easily manage to forget all this, however, by admiring the scenery: Steve Buscemi, as well as most of the supporting characters, are quite entertaining.

If you are a fan of larger than life characters, a gripping coming of age tale and laughs galore; then sitting on your sofa on a Friday night, with Ghost World playing on your TV, would quiet possibly the single greatest achievement of your life.

A true borefest .

Enid Coleslaw is a walking talking cliché, who the more we get to know her the more realise that she is the very thing she hates them most, and is the epitome of what the quote says, except swap bohemian for punk wannabe and you have her down to a tee.

shockingly bland .

This film is truly breathtaking, and an Oscar caliber performance by both Buscemi and Birch as they struggle in a world where they are misunderstood and nothing seems to go right.

Real emotions, ideas and actions come out in the film, making it an enjoyable watch.

Through one long, seemingly uneventful summer, Enid takes a good look at the world around her, and a painful series of events force her to find her own place in it.

This is not a movie I would recommend to friends, though I enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time to watch it, I'm positive there are many better things you could do...

The beginning being structured, hostile, and exciting - the pace of the movie gradually slowing down - and the end being muddled and confusing.

What therefore results is a interminably dull film that traces the appallingly priggish activities of a bitchy little cow.

Enid, in monotone: "Yeah.

Depressing, left me empty .

I feel there's just no story to it, it's just only about two whingy girls who find life rather depressing and stupid.

Zwigoff keeps the tone nicely in control and the film has an entertaining balance of drama and humor.

But what I really thought was great was how this movie, to me, was about the search for something meaningful and more importantly for Enid, something "real", especially more so in our often contrived and plastic modern world.

But the dull Ghost World which has become a symbol of the decadence of American culture and more generally of the entire Western civilization hasn't got the capacity to change the strength of the human consciences.

Of course I could be wrong, and making most of this up - over-analyzing a coming of age film, butt i like to think not ;).

Rebecca (Scarlett Johnson), the monotone best friend of Enid who seems to be cynical (and quite amusingly in expressing it), though not as much as Enid.


Either exciting surprises or grave disappointments.

This film is not that funny, far too long, and its message is cloudy.

Still, the film is very enjoyable with solid performances throughout.

It was a waste of my time, just as Enid is a waste of space.

From a superior comic comes a serious movie, extremely entertaining to both moviegoers, comic fans, and those who overlap the two categories.

The movie was drawn-out, way too long.

a really really deep, intriguing and subtly .

The film follows Enid & Rebecca in the summer after graduation in a small American town, as you might expect they get dull jobs and have troubles with relationships & parents.

You can probably relate to Ghost World probably if you're an American who views nearly everyone around you as completely wrapped up in a self-indulgent, phony, and excessively materialistic little world.

Perhaps the fact that the story is unpredictable.

I rarely can't watch a film to the end, but this was so slow it was like watching paint dry.

"Ghost World" features enormously engaging performances.

It doesn't add up; from characters that are more caricature to chew up scenery to a dullolder guy -younger woman relationship that is all but exhausted and nauseating, I was bored by it.

One of the things that I loved is that nothing happens.

This, these are the variations, the mutations, those slightly off the mark that make life flavorful and varied..that keep it from being mundane .

The characters were forced and uninteresting with the "lets make a movie about jaded, pseudo-intellectual teenagers" mentality, only to end up with characters that are essentially goth, minus the ridiculous subcultural manifestations.

They initiate an incident involving him that is cruel in the extreme, and when they follow it up rather than just dropping it and letting it (and Seymour) go, their lives take an unexpected turn, and for the first time they get caught up in their own scheme of deceit.

A hilarious party following graduation ceremonies, accompanied by the Mundane Synthesized Trio, Margaret (Ashley Peldon) who's going to have a marvelous summer at drama classes - and let's get together soon – `and Dennis…who we'll never see again.

If you are given the choice between watching paint dry, and watching this film, choose the paint.

Perhaps if you are female and remember high school as something that was beneath you, then you can really identify with this film, but for the most part it's just an ok ride from the usual banal fare.

It's slow, pointless, and the pacing is awkward (I almost felt as though the filmmakers were intentionally leaving gaps in-between dialogue exchanges so the audience wouldn't miss any lines during all the laughter that they were sure would ensue).

but above and beyond that, this is simply a fascinating character study of the type of people that there is a sad shortage of on this earth.

The audience watches as Rebecca conforms to adult life, by getting an apartment, securing one of those "first" mundane jobs, and steps into the way of oncoming adulthood.

In that sense, I found Ghost World an enjoyable film.

If that was supposed to be the point, it disguised itself as a boring movie with characters that were neither likable nor unlikable.

Zwigoff kept the film as close to the roots of the comic genre as was possible - keeping the world mundane and unexciting, mirroring that of the perspective of the protagonist.

Even Brad renfro, whose endless talents are barely used in his small part, fits in perfectly as a somewhat slow abusee of the two girls.

The end felt a little disjointed to me, as if they were trying to wrap everything up in a bow so we knew where we left each of the characters with little statement on the friendship she had taken for granted, which is what I found more interesting, especially considering the comic focuses more on both girls which I would've found to be more intriguing.

Their slow divergence as the film progresses is a hard thing to view because you know that neither want that.

Well the first 20 minutes are very funny, the comedic pace begins to slow down dramatically after that, and the whole movie adopts a serious tone, ultimatley becoming a film about, sigh, relationships.

Enid and Rebecca's world is populated by a wonderful selection of freaks and misfits who are all both funny and tragic at the same time, and some of my favourites include the awesomely pretentious art teacher ("mirror, father, mirror"), Doug at the convenience store ("you have to buy me dinner first!

Overrated by sad critics who thirst for intelligent teenagers in their cinema, "Ghost World" is nevertheless an interesting, occasionally fascinating look at someone living in a complete state of oblivion - her life crumbling around her - with no real hope for the future.

Rather, its a quasi-fascinating view of people who fall slightly left of the in-crowd, and how they interact with each other.

Still enjoyable, though.

The pacing seemed extremely slow and with it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion (especially the version I watched which was 137 minutes over the theatrical release of 111 minutes).

but then i just got bored.

The film oscillates interestingly between absurdity and subtlety, creating a unique story that reveals the confusion of being human.

There are those, however, for whom the film will definitely resonate and no doubt become a firm favourite: disaffected youths, geeks, losers, and weirdos who are able to identify with the main characters' lack of direction in life and sense of confusion at the world around them.

It's worth watching for only the first half alone.

And given the fact that this story is adapted from a comic book, there is an unexpected depth to it, along the lines of `American Beauty' or `The Ice Storm.

Her thoughts, sentences and actions are completely pointless.

The movie floats around from start to finish without any clear direction as these two teenagers in the middle of an identity crisis, the rhythm is too slow and the characters badly exploited, we would have appreciated a better distribution of the roles between Enid who is a bit too present, and Rebecca who is too discreet.

For example, Illeana Douglas, who plays Enid's art teacher, appears like a pretentious person (and art was a good example to use).

See too "American Graffiti", "Ratatouille", "Harold and Maude", Lumet's "Running on Empty" and "The Wanderers".

A rather dreary outing.

While I was watching Ghost World I thought it seemed rather self-consciously hip and the ending seemed pointless.

Would not watch again and would not recommend to anyone, there are far better coming of age movies.

Ultimately I found it funny, sometimes touching, and very enjoyable.

Seymour ends up taking the brunt of her confusion.

There's really no grand conclusion in the end, instead this movie starts on a very high intriguing level and manages to maintain that level throughout the whole movie.

Its a borefest of unprecedented magnitude, with roughly 2 minutes of humor, and too many unbearable, uneventful, snore-moments to count.

While Rebecca(Johansson,pretty and intriguing,if seemingly drowsy)is able to keep herself employed steadily and on the path to achieving her very simple goal,Enid(Birch,kid-like AND sexy,equal parts disturbing and sympathetic)drifts aimlessly,unable to keep a job,barely able to keep her grades up in the remedial Art class she's been sent to to make her diploma official.

) Birch is Enid, a contemplative or an observant on the so- called `losers',she is also a would- be artist(caricaturist) against `pretentious' art.

Butt its far from a boring and tedius study of people and their, sigh, relationships.

Too powerful to be cliché, too brave to be traditional, too unique to be ignored .

Excellent & stunning panorama of America's values at all ages.

"Ghost World" is worth watching because of the wonderful aura created by its director, Terry Zwigoff, who has an eye for presenting an unconventional situation with humor and intelligence.

Buscemi is really good in co-lead role as older guy she thinks she should save; their chemistry together, despite or because of Buscemi's aloofness, is fascinating.

mind blowing....

The art teacher was predictable.

What I got was completely unexpected, and nearly eleven years later, I'm still utterly obsessed with this wonderful and pretty much unique film.

A compelling portrait of the artist as a young woman .

A much better coming of age movie would be "Y tu Mamá tambien".

A film that you become immersed in.

' Although the plot of the movie is not fast-paced, it remains interesting, due to the brilliant and entertaining script.

Yeah, I know, "its a coming of age story" blah blah blah.

All contrived, all far removed from its source, all as real as a slushie from the Sidewinder food store.

Pointless waste of talent .

That may or may not be an accurate description of real life in the suburbs, but it certainly makes for bad drama: Somebody without a goal can neither succeed nor fail, she's just going nowhere.

but the movie itself is just simply boring and predictable.

The entire course of the film is dedicated to the notion that you must seek out more than the mundane, and that the "Don't worry, Be Happy" mentality is nothing more than the agiotage of soulless people who market John Tesh to the masses.

The dull chick is so annoying & irritating.

The characters are very believable, honest, and engaging.

Is this means that she wants to do a new beginning or she has bored her life next to her father and she cant deal with the ''bad'' and suspicious society ?

The film starts off so promising, but after a while Enid's socalled rebellion becomes tiresome.

You would think it would be entertaining, but it's really pretty bland and I definitely wanted to put a bullet in her head towards the end.

Enjoyable Rookie Movie .

Just boring.

If you like seeing great acting in movies that explore our coming of age and our infatuation of people who are possibly weirder than you think you are, go see Ghost World.

There's a stand-out supporting performance by the always-brilliant Steve Buscemi, who was cheated out of his 0scar, and Thora Birch is also stunning as Enid--subtle, nuanced, restrained - a masterful performance.

But it is clearly not a typical one, as the events in this story are very mundane.

And the visual style is evocative and inventive.

This adds more to the reason I found it enjoyable.

Is Ghost World a pretentious film, or merely about pretentious people?

The film is funny, poignant, subtle, intelligent and entertaining in equal measures.

Though the plot is thin, Birch, Johansson, Buscemi, et al take fully dimensional characters on a down-beat, yet riveting adventure through every day life.

when she meets a pretentious, introverted loser.

This is the most boring, stupid and pointless flick ever.

The second high school finished it became a slow moving roller coaster ride for the both of them.....

It was one of those feel good, believe in yourself type of movie, and I left the theater feeling like I could go and do anything, even if someone wanted to shatter my dreams.

A few parts made me laugh which redeemed it from a rating of one but other than that I felt that the movie was extremely boring.

Through the movies, I (like many) figure today's teens are uncomplicated, one-note bores who are as lame as they are stupid.

The main pitfall is that in attempting to create a story about life being `fake' and that only outsiders are `real', you stand a fair chance of actually being conformist and contrived yourself.

They are strenghtened by the wonderful, mostly hilarious cartoonish stereotypes that surround them, like Enid's father (Gosford Park's Bob Balaban), the creepy John Ellis (Pat Healy), the pretentious art teacher (Illeana Douglas), and the obnoxious Melorra (Debra Azar).

RATING: ***1/2 out of **** The so-called "teen movies" offered in recent years have been of a dull and empty variation.

On the one hand, its the start of a whole new and exciting life.

The title refers to the utter banality of the suburban existence, of lonely TV meals, of nuclear families festering in apartment blocks.

Nevertheless, for me he's a comics guy, a prollific and enjoyable one at that, and his strenghts clearly lie at that art form.

Talented actors and great look; went nowhere.

Another "what's-the-meaning-of-life" (yawn) movie.

Not to mention, the storyline is different from pretty much every coming of age story I've ever seen.

Good story, fine actresses but boring .

This movie beautifully captures the bleakness and confusion of that post high school summer funk most of us have found ourselves in.

The girls are Scarlett Johansson with stunning features, a voice that occasionally croaks, and a mammoth bosom; and Thora Birch, a pudgy Jewish girl with glasses that define her as a loser.

I saw this movie over the weekend and truly enjoyed it for a number of reasons: 1) smart female protagonists with real bodies; 2) Enid's incredible fashion sense; 3) witty observations on the many banalities of U.

But above all else, Ghost World is one of the most entertaining films I have seen all year.

But then, anybody can make a pointless movie, which is not why people go to the movies.

- Everything is predictable, expected.

i watch films to feel elevated and transformed, if i want boredom then there is plenty of that on offer already without watching more of it.

Found it a lightweight, but enjoyable, diversion.

Unless you enjoy thinking about a movie as you watch it, this is guaranteed to bore you to tears.

It is hilarious at times,intelligent, thought-provoking, fascinating, honest and wonderful.

Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson play Enid and Rebecca, two moody teenagers who deem others to be phony and contrived; everyone belongs to a clique or a group, and all these groups are seen, by the girls, to be devoid of any worthwhile substance.

The pacing was lopsided and boring.

Enid's reaction to the old man's death is addressed in the final scene with a compelling denouement.

Pretty quirky film, enjoyable if you trust yourself and it.

Enid is a total genuine, eccentric person while Rebecca is just ordinary and boring.

Important thing is that the story is realistic and well-written, the contrast between Thora Birch and Scarlet Johanson in clothing and looks is also fascinating, due to the fact that both girls have a cynical attitude.

Worth watching...

A movie going nowhere .

Filled with memorable characters and scenes, `Ghost World' is a thoughtful and highly entertaining film, deservedly recognized with an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay.

At first glance it looks interesting and thought-provoking, but the more you think about it the most annoyingly pretentious and inane it gets.

Very enjoyable odd film.

An austere, gripping character piece about the future.

Actually, I began to get bored about half an hour through it.

Somewhere in the boring lackless plotline this film tries to develop a 90's rebellious teen character to capture a youth audience.

Finally, to the NY Times critic who asserted that this was better then "The Graduate", you should be dragged out to the street and beaten with your own stupidity.

Birch is good as the film's lead too; she only breaks the monotone of her character when one naturally would.

But the movie ends up being filled with too much pretentious artsy subtext and with too little substance.

It was very boring, unoriginal, predictable and did not draw the depth from the characters that one would expect from an outskirts-of-Hollywood film.

The narrative revolves in all three around characters who have reached a juncture in their life where the road splits many different ways, causing confusion.

Nothing happens.

The movie itself just reeks with "Wow, what a kewl movie we made", unfortunately it isn't, stilted dialogue, Thora Birch spanning the emotional gamut between Jan Michael Vincent and being comatose and just sheer boredom do not a good movie make.