Ghoulies (1984) - Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

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A young man and his girlfriend move into an old mansion home, where he becomes possessed by a desire to control ancient demons.

IMDB: 4.2
Director: Luca Bercovici
Stars: Peter Liapis, Lisa Pelikan
Length: 81 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 20 out of 78 found boring (25.64%)

One-line Reviews (47)

Thus do we meet Grizzel and Greedigut, surely the worst movie roles ever essayed by midget actors (Peter Risch and the enchantingly-named Tamara De Treaux).

This movie was so boring that I was doing other things at the same time simultaneously.

I thought this movie was entertaining.

It just made it all the more boring and confusing.

That carries into this one with some incredibly fun moments from the creatures starting with the resurrection in the basement during the glorious Satanic rituals, the continuous disappearing clown doll around the house and fine graveyard sequence where they interact with the guests in some thrilling scenes here to take advantage of the great warped, cuddly look of the creatures.

The first half-hour or so was incredibly dull and boring.

I can just imagine a 1985 theatre full of parents taking their 12 year olds to this sickie, thinking it's going to be another action packed cute-critter flick like "Gremlins" ...

this movie is well dull at the start, then around the last 20 or 30 minutes and the ghoulies start killing people.

Which is too bad because the conclusion were the Ghoulies finally come out and do some damage has some cool effects and entertaining kills.

Bland 80s cheesefest .

This movie is beyond bad, I put it in my top 3 of worst movies I have ever sat through.

An abysmally boring Gremlins rip-off .

The movie isn't providing any scares and even though it has a decent atmosphere, it doesn't ever make the movie a tense, mysterious or exciting one to watch.

It's all about boring black magic and sorcery of sorts.

The special effects were horrible and the plot was dull.

But besides that good thing the rest of the movie was so boring I couldn't bear to watch more of this movie.

Unwatchable Zero stars

It's often so silly that it's jaw dropping, and for that reason it's worth watching for the type of audience that enjoys so-bad-they're-good movies.

Another thing that bothers me is the cliché of the plot.

I am baffled how this could get under a 4, as it has all the fun and charm of the 1980s, and is (in my opinion) far more entertaining than "Puppet Master".

This is one of Charles Band earlier theatrical works and I think it is truly entertaining.

I think one main reason I really hated this was it was boring.

The script by Bercovici & Jefery Levy is real bottom-of-the-barrel stuff from start to finish, it's incredibly slow & boring, despite being called Ghoulies the said little creatures hardly do anything until the very end, they just sort of stand there because the terrible special effects won't allow them to do anything else.

I enjoyed the look of the ghoulies, which were animated by John Carl Buechler, even though it's obvious that they were made on a budget, and at least the movie is fast paced, running through the usual clichés at speed.

This is hopelessly contrived and laughable as the ghastly dwarfs hang around and wreck havoc on a group of unlikable, snobbish idiots after Liapis fulfills his final master ritual.

The characters were kind of pointless, and just there to add to the body count.

It was just too silly and empty to really be entertaining.

the plot is a little dull part 2 is way better but its worth watching once or twice, and uhh...

The script is dull and drags along.

I love 80's cheese and campy horror, but this is way to dull and never amounts to anything entertaining enough for a second viewing.

But it delivers what a sensible person would expect from a plot summary like that: A "horror" movie that doesn't take itself too serious, and the trash factor is rather high, which makes it enjoyable.

The entire film never leaves the confines of the same house which consists of a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen & dining room, it becomes very monotonous & dull.

Lisa Pelikan was solid in Lionheart, but was bland here.

It's a fun and entertaining piece of horror trash if you're in the right frame of mind and is worthy of a watch every now and then.

Decent and entertaining first halve, pretty bad second halve, make an overall lacking horror/comedy.

boring, not great even for a B-film .

It amazes me how this film was so good, and then all of its sequels were just stupid and pointless.

Liapis is the focus of the film, though, and without him, Ghoulies might be more boring than campy.

Not scary, but very enjoyable .

The story itself is a pretty silly one that takes way too long to get going.

) from Law and Order-SVU use to be as hot as she is in this (I don't really like Law and Order, but will watch it maybe 6 times a year when I'm bored).

No doubt Ghoulies was rushed into production in order to cash in on the success of Joe Dante's Gremlins, but there is a yawning chasm in quality between the two films: Gremlins is ingenious, anarchic, demented, loaded with terrific black humour, features excellent creature effects and stars the yummy Phoebe Cates; Ghoulies is moronic trash with dumb characters and bargain basement monsters.

Entertaining hogwash .

This is worth watching .

Ghoulies adds up to be an entertaining and enjoyable waste of time.

This movie does deserve to go in the bottom because it was pointless,stupid and not much blood in the horror scenes.

Not that it matters but, for some reason, the end of the film reverses most of the evil that had happened throughout, making this a singularly pointless venture in the annals of screen history (and its being followed by three sequels all the more baffling)!