Ghoulies II (1987) - Comedy, Horror

Hohum Score



The Ghoulies wreak havoc at an amusement park, disposing of those who mistake them for mere fairground attractions.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Albert Band
Stars: Damon Martin, Royal Dano
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 10 out of 59 found boring (16.94%)

One-line Reviews (29)

Music/Soundtrack 9/10: The music is really enjoyable to listen to as it differs from creepiness and alternative type music.

I thought it was really cheap, really boring, and really lame.

I refuse to totally dismiss this, because I find it quite engaging, in a guilty pleasure sense.

The enjoyable cast features familiar faces from other horror films: Kerry Remsen ("Pumpkinhead"), Sasha Jenson ("Halloween 4"), Starr Andreeff ("Dance of the Damned"), William Butler ("Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III"), and Donnie Jeffcoat ("Night of the Demons" '88).

plus the humour much funnier than the first film which i thought was a little boring .

Much to my chagrin, what they did next was bore the hell out of me for the duration of the film.

The carnival setting was more interesting and funner to watch than the dull gray mansion of the first film.

But it's damn ENTERTAINING!

This is because of the simple reason that this movie is so entertaining to watch.

Damon Martin ("Pee-wee's Big Adventure") is our likable young lead, Phil Fondacaro (who played the title role in "Troll") the engaging Sir Nigel Penneyweight, and J.

It is one of my favorite horror films as I had watched this dark, sinister, (a little bit) suspenseful and scary film as a kid many times.

I can't think of much to say about this film because it was rather bland.

If you're a fan of Gremlins, then you should definitely check this out, it's a fun, fast paced movie with lots of entertaining moments, and it also has a classic 80's feel to it, which is another bonus.

The plot flows a little better(but not great, still very disjointed) And 3.

It's still hugely enjoyable and charming to me and I love it a whole lot to this day.

Seriously though don't waste your time with this movie.

Those hostile little beasts are at it again in this adequately entertaining sequel.

It's a stupid, fun movie that's perfect for that moment when you're kinda bored and maybe a little stoned and have time to kill.

Sadly, the first film centred on the – pretty bland – humans, whereas the real stars of the show were the nasty little puppets who terrorised people.

While the cheese might be something that turns off a few aren't into it, what really lowers this one is the rather bland and lifeless scenes here of this one really doing nothing while having fun at the carnival, as these are just boring, drawn-out and really not all that interesting showing the group not really doing anything in this section.

Don't waste your time .

This sequel also manages to have a fairly fun setting and when you put all of this together you've got a mildly entertaining film.

And Ghoulies II is entertaining indeed.

The rudimentary animatronics, decapitations, electrocutions inside are banal to even a very young public weaned on the very best of horror gore effects in movies and the horrors shown on reality tv all the time.

The humor in Ghoulies II is also entertaining (unintentional and otherwise) and it helps keep some of the more boring plot stuff.

Otherwise, this one was quite enjoyable.

In all Ghoulies II is a disjointed but entertaining film.

This is carried over into the film's highlight scenes where the massive version of the creature runs wild at the carnival and begins attacking both the concession stands as well as other patrons and forcing the group to fight off the beast using a variety of impressive and enjoyable tactics, generating a lot of action and a nice bit of cheese here with how the finale plays out.

Cheaply made & boring sequel features poor effects and a ridiculous finale.