Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004) - Horror, Thriller

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Ginger's sister Brigitte, now a werewolf herself, must try to find a cure for her blood lust before the next full moon while hiding out in a rehab clinic from a relentless werewolf.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Brett Sullivan
Stars: Emily Perkins, Brendan Fletcher
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 109 found boring (14.67%)

One-line Reviews (75)

It was a thrilling race against time with hope driving our heroine to find a cure for her rapidly 'dying' sister.

In a weird sort of way it was a coming of age movie.

Emily Perkins portrayal of the solemn, devastated Brigitte alone is worth watching this film for.

Personally, I felt that this flick was different enough from the original to warrant a sequel, and I think I actually enjoyed it more.

Loved itOn the downside, the editing could be be tighter, with some superflous characters, and the first hour is a little slow.

The movie just stretches to the point of boredom.

45 minutes in and still nothing, just pointless conversation that Im guessing was supposed to be the character development?

She has lost all her bite in this one, usually speaking in monotone about the male werewolf coming to get her sister.

At the end of the day, it's an entertaining film.

Poorly written, plot was obvious and predictable.

The script by Megan Martin is rather slow & I have to admit I started to lose interest about half way through when Brigitte & Ghost arrive at the cabin because thereafter virtually nothing happens for the remainder of the film.

Let's hope Ginger Snaps 3 reignites the magic with both Brigitte and Ginger returning (Ginger has a rather pointless cameo in 2 as a ghost).

Besides all that goobledygook, the flick was pretty much entertaining through-out and kept me interested in how the story would come to fruition.

Overall, it was an enjoyable film to watch, and when its released in April - Im buying it.

This is a pretty good sequel for the most part that's quite entertaining with fantastic performances, however it comes nowhere near close to matching the original in my opinion, still I highly recommend it.

This is similar to the original which tied it to burgeoning femininity, and while this one does manage to come off a little better at doing this, once again the novelty is off-set by the sheer boredom it brings out.

Well worth watching.

Add in some new deliciously evil characters and even a whole new killer with an amazing twist and you've got an absolutely stunning sequel!!

Well worth watching.

Yet, somehow, it is also fascinating.

The snappy script holds up well and the story moves along pretty quickly with enough excitement initiated and the twists are far from easy to detect.

This is a damn good sequel, made dark and dreary and totally believable by the performance of Emily Perkins alone.

This is a very strange, sometimes grindingly boring film.

You know the sort I mean -- clips of ostensibly mundane images edited together with some heavy music, to indicate a wretched emotional state.

After the explosively entertaining "Ginger Snaps", I had some doubts that the sequels could live up to the original.

here it is simply dull.

She is a destroyed person, both hollow and feral, empty and blank-faced one second, exploding with terrifying rage in the next.

This is well shot and has some tense moments and considering its small budget it is a remarkably accomplished and enjoyable piece of work.

All in all the film has much to be successful with believable performances, especially from the film's lead Bridget, a good storyline, suspenseful direction, a creepy score all adding up to a startling refreshing take on an otherwise dying genre.

Emily Perkins is amazing as always and is amazing here, she is extremely likable, tough but vulnerable, had pretty good chemistry with Tatiana Maslany, is incredibly gorgeous, was quite intense, and you will really care for her character, she really did match her amazing performance in the 1st here, and it will be very interesting to see what her character will be like if they make a true sequel to this (full Werewolf?

An unexpected end to the movie, which some will like and some will dislike, sets up an interesting premise for a fourth movie (if one is ever to be made).

Quite pointless if you ask me, since you already know where the story will be heading to, especially when you also have already seen the first movie.

I'm not saying the performances were poor, in fact most were very good (especially Perkins in the lead), the characters themselves seemed rather bland and uninspired.

Like the amount of boredom in this movie is actually unsettling.

But after an unexpected and tragic demise, Brigitte was left alone, now infected with the "curse" and on the run.

The chemistry between the two sisters which was in a large part what made the first one so enjoyable is completely gone!


Overall I highly recommend it.

The setting of the film from the city, to the asylum to the small empty cottage is brilliant.

Tatiana Maslany is brilliant as Ghost, she played the creepy psycho very well yet she still managed to be quite likable, she was also energetic had some good lines, had a wicked character, and was totally unpredictable, I predict big things for this young actress!.

As a stand alone movie, it was really quite entertaining.

With group masturbation sessions on the schedule and another werewolf roaming the grounds, she soon realises that her stay at the asylum is going to be anything but uneventful.

After having seen part two I am left with a sense of irrelevance, because the movie, while entertaining enough, just wasn't outstanding or particularly memorable or fulfilling to conclude part one.

She soon learns that the main characters in this place is a dull little chatterbox who could be 12 to 18, who knows.

It's not like the movie is boring or anything and it also never drags or annoys but looking back at it, it still was all being pretty pointless and just not that interesting.

For these stunning performances alone, Gingersnaps II deserves the attention of appreciative audiences.

One of the better elements here is the film's rather entertaining way it handles her growing and oncoming transformation early on, with the film working nicely due to the circumstances present.

Otherwise, this one was quite enjoyable.

And I kinda liked the ending, pretty damn unpredictable, and kinda satisfying to boot.

And while this sequel was entertaining and kept me frequently on the edge of my seat, it cannot stand up the original.

The first film was dark, entertaining and witty and had a good amount of tension and scares.

There is also a refreshing absence of profanity here - the witty dialogue didn't need much of it, and the colorful, fantastical observations of the disturbed Ghost are far more entertaining than any four letter word ever could be.

This was really interesting werewolf movie, I didn't find IT boring, which i thought I would, but it was really entertaining movie,They had some really nasty bloody deaths in here too and i did like how the werewolf looked, it was little scary.

Breathtaking Artistry .

This film incorporates both of these formulas into an excellent, engaging horror story.

I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I was really disappointed that Katharine Isabelle was so wasted in this as she only has a few lines, and I thought Tatiana Maslany was brilliant as the psycho Ghost as she was really creepy and unpredictable, plus it had quite a few tense scenes.

But these things don't really diminish `Ginger Snaps 2's' accomplishments, and it remains an entertaining and original new horror film--a very rare thing these days.

The story follows Bridgette who after being bitten by her own sister on the last film is now also suffering the painful and slow process of becoming a werewolf.

Still this movie is worth watching provided you liked the part one and like horrors in overall.

There were moments where it was predictable although the meanders at the end were totally not foreseen.

Refreshingly, this particular franchise is proving itself a very unpredictable one…

We are led to believe she was behind her grandmother's accident, but which is later dispelled as only a mundane household mishap, a bedtime cigarette.

She has lost all her bite in this one, usually speaking in monotone about the male werewolf coming to get her sister.

I don't think Ive ever seen another movie, horror or otherwise, where absolutely NOTHING happens for so long.

This is an enjoyable and surprisingly competent DTV follow up to cult hit Ginger Snaps.

get creative people on board to use the engine of unexpected popularity, or expected popularity, for inventive film making.

It was dark, suspenseful, gory as hell, funny at times and continued to tie in a woman's sexuality with her transforming into a werewolf.

Gone however, is the engaging (and infinitely more quotable) dialogue of the first along with the comraderie of the sister protagonists and any character growth at all.

The story was interesting and diverse and especially towards the end it managed to evolve slightly into something unexpected.

This intense script sustains escalating tension and presents a powerful finale not easy to forget.

Which in some ways is a drawback because it's a little *too* realistic to always engage; it's a bit dull at times, just like rl.

There are two main formulaic werewolf plots ...

Perkins is a very interesting lead and Maslany's loony, unpredictable Ghost keeps this film afloat.

Simply put, their artistry is breathtaking.