Girl, Interrupted (1999) - Biography, Drama

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Based on writer Susanna Kaysen's account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the 1960s.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: James Mangold
Stars: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 51 out of 396 found boring (12.87%)

One-line Reviews (171)

This true story has some good points about life and how to live it, but the movie is often pretty bland and not very engaging.

Simply riveting.

She has powerful eyes and can be expressive when she has to, but other films such as "Alien: Resurrection" and "Autumn in New York" severely waste her talents, as she comes across as bratty and bored rather than enveloping herself in the plot.

Overall, this film can't be seen as a serious study of mental illness until close to the end, when things get intense, and you realize that these girls really are ill.

Girl, Interrupted is a thought provoking, highly intriguing drama, with amazing and Oscar winning performances from Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Clea DuVall, Elizabeth Moss and Whoopi Goldberg.

Girl, Interrupted is one of the top ten best movies of 1999 (better than the highly overrated American Beauty and the tedious The Green Mile), an involving and interesting drama that catches your attention from start to finish without appealing to over-the-top and exaggerated dramatic scenes.

It's very well acted, and that alone makes this movie enjoyable, since the study is only superficial and in part replaced by some action (Angelina Jolie's flights).

The film is totally bland, silly, uninteresting, and going nowhere.

The poignancy of the story, its heart and strength, is lost in dull, poetic self-absorption.

Addled, dull, mush-brained.

Well worth watching, some of the scenes are hilarious, especially the one at the ice cream parlor.

Ho hum.

However, I found the dead girl's personality just too much of a cliche and lacking in any real depth to care for her.

An outrageously flawless performance from the lovely Winona Ryder highlights this interesting, though sometimes tedious film.

She wasn't a least bit interested about the conventional social behavior, fell asleep at the graduation, went to bed with her mother's friend's husband, liked to write and didn't show any particular interest for college.

i tried looking up previews for this movie and all i can find is a different preview that doesn't have that song in it, it's kind of a slower song, so please respond if you have any suggestions!!

With a role as self-indulgent as any lead character is in a drama about an emotional journey to self-acceptance, Winona still managed to keep the character fresh without dabbling in any pandering.

The movie had many profound moments that were awe inspiring and gut wrenchingly painful to watch.

There is so much that I got out of this movie, but I won't bore you with it don't worry, and to all those people who thought it sucked or boring, watch it again and see what they're actually saying, or how it might relate to you.

It gets dull when you know exactly what's going to happen.

this was a really good movie, very suspenseful and full of action!!!!!!!

Surely you could look for social commentaries from this film but I think that analysis would only say that this is a boring movie, which it is not.

"Girl, Interrupted" is a suspect film that over-achieves due to dynamite performances and formulaic processes that have worked in Hollywood for decades.

Presented with the softly rendered and absorbing visualization of a young girl's decent into psychological insecurity; it is a hauntingly supple progression toward the half understood disturbance of what we might have experienced.

She's just bored, neurotic, self-obsessed and given to acting out little psycho-dramas to attract attention - in other words, a western-world teenager of privileged background, only more extreme than most.

The plot makes escaping the ward laughably easy and makes a mental ward look kind of fun (and boring).

I think it's a rather interesting and entertaining film.

It reminded me in many ways of that Jack Nicholson´s movie "One flight over a cuckoo´s nest" which by the way I found pretty dull.

Angelina Jolie does her best as Lisa Rowe (the Jack Nicholson Looks-Normal Rebel character), but is let down by a script that quickly renders her as a walking cliché.

However, even more fascinating than Kaysen herself were the supporting characters.

A possibly heartbreaking story lies within this somewhere but unfortunately it's mired down with stupid music, overacting and boring plot developments.

Both are equally compelling and moving in answering examining the questions: what exactly constitutes insanity?

But anyway Girl, Interrupted was an amazing film and I really enjoyed it.

But this film is all about the stunning performance by Angelina Jolie, proving that truly great acting sometimes does win Oscars (she got Best Supporting Actress).

Girl, Interrupted is the engrossing true-life story of Susannsa Kaysen and her time in a mental hospital in the 60's.

With the exception of a few holywood gimmicks, predictable cuts and music, this is a nearly flawless film.

"Girl, Interrupted" starts off on a great note, but then becomes standard and somewhat predictable, with a few shining moments throughout.

Even with little introductory material to establish her character, Winona Ryder creates a soothing, intriguing sole for Kaysen.

Winona Ryder plays a spoiled, suicidal rich girl with what looks like a repetitive series of ticks and shakes---it's not so much a performance as an overwrought improv exercise in acting class, and not a very convincing one at that.

Nurse Valerie calls Susanna "a lazy, self-indulgent little girl who is driving herself crazy.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen this year (along with Notting Hill).

Compelling .

It deals with raw human emotion and the confusion life can put you through.

The main thing that bothered me was that the script, storyline situations, and dialogue were all very cliched, hokey, and predictable.

In my teenage years I thought that this was the story about unhappy, depressed and lonely people belonging to the generation "we are going nowhere" who are seeking the way out of it all.

Her descent into an emotionally barren life of empty drudgery is actually based on the autobiography of Susanna Kaysen; her book chronicles the days of her life in the 60's.

This film is stunning on many levels.

This movie also had a moment of racial propaganda to it that many modern films have.

the "Susanna" character played by Wynona Ryder was fascinating and at the same time elusive.

Jolie completely immerses herself in the role, and gives a moving, intriguing and haunting performance as Susanna's best friend at the hospital.

This was a truly great movie but as a warning it might only be worth watching once.

I was disappointed to see that the film offers the idea that Susanna is merely spoiled and self-indulgent and not actually mentally disturbed.

30 minutes of running and Angelina Jolie comes by; boring character and acting.

" Meaning, she experiences confusion about her identity, her long-term goals, her friends, and her moral values.

This movie was not funny, as the previews might lead one to believe, but much more intense.

For a slice of life film to be successful, there must be character development or situations that are so unique and fascinating that they compensate for the story's lacking a plotline.

It' s enjoyable and full of life.

But when Whoopi Goldberg, the movie's designated mammy and head nurse, explodes, "You are a lazy, self-indulgent girl driving yourself crazy!

whatever it is,the whole performances are great,specially Angelina who gives a thrilling though heartbreaking performance.

But then you get to an original poem and the first line is "Darkness fills my empty heart," and you guffaw out loud.

Girl, Interrupted is rather self-indulgent, like watching children attack a bowl of Halloween candy, or witnessing family members playfully fighting over the last piece of pumpkin pie.

Trickster Angelina Jolie is fascinating in her academy-award winning supporting role as a kind of femme bad boy.

I haven't lived in the sixties either, but somehow the movie seems to tell me the exact confusion of a young adult at that stage.

The film rises above itself when it focuses outside of the institution and the group residents; that is when the film becomes compelling.

Truth to tell, Miss Ryder is a little whiny and tiresome as a "spoiled, self-indulgent little girl" (as Whoopi Goldberg in her wise oracle mode describes her).

I enjoyed it very much.

Very few dull moments here.

I'd just like to find some truth about this woman, and I've tried to find it, but I've come up empty.

Fast paced and exciting, Girl, Interrupted is definitely one of the greatest movies of 1999 and deserves all the credit it gets.

The hidden room, sneaking around and escaping were more tiresome elements.

The girls seem to run freely and wildly through the corridors at all times, popping in and out of each other's rooms, talking disrespectfully to the staff on hand, entertaining strange young men in their rooms under direct gaze of the people who work there and even bolting from the place entirely with astonishing frequency.

her emotional scenes are breathtaking.

This is a movie that is very entertaining, which never keeps you bored.

there have been mixed feelings about this film, and many have complained about the cliche's.

She made the movie more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Their wonderful performances make this one of the most interesting and enjoyable movies of the year.

Good, intense movie .

This movie brings out all emotions from anger to complete happiness , confusion and delusion, and laughing and crying.

Although "Cuckoo's Nest" was a far better movie, Girl, Interrupted is still very entertaining, and has much of the same wit as did "Cuckoo's Nest" Recommended for drama fans.

Jolie turns in a very charismatic and intense performance, and is one her best performances in my opinion, up there with her performance in Beyond Borders and the Changeling.

-- EVEN IF you overlook the near-perfect script, direction, casting, sets -- even if you overlook that the movie is engaging and solid on its own, you end up with the inescapable fact that, FROZEN FOR A BRIEF MOMENT IN TIME, you have in front of you two of the most perfect faces Hollywood has ever produced.

In spite of the generally good performances, though, the story was a bit slow-moving.

surely this movie is worth watching, if if for no other reason than for really good acting.

Something Pretentious People Will Never Understand .

In the most tiresome, Winona turns down her bohunk boyfriend Jared Leto when he asks her to go into exile with him in Canada; she has to get better with her girlfriends, you see.

My only complaint is Lisa's epiphany near the end of the film - it is too contrived (I blame that on the writers, not Jolie…).

Having had some experience with madness, this godawful movie is the most pretentious disaster of a supposed expose of unhinged inwardness that 1: has ever been written and 2: has ever been filmed.

Angelina Jolie is really excellent as Lisa and she makes the movie, plus Whoopi Goldberg is entertaining in her side role as a warden with attitude.

I found the movie to be funny, charming and entertaining in depicting the relationships of these women in a psychiatric ward.

The movie seemed pointless.

I am also not a fan of Winona Ryder, as her talent is often stilted by very whiny, self-indulgent characters.

self-indulgent little girl who is driving herself crazy .

Lisa thus redefines her depression as a form of self-absorption, narcissism and self-indulgence, identifies herself as "the cause of her problem", exits the Hospital, decides to "be happy", "chooses life" and then learns to write "all her bad feelings and observations in a book".

He shows us that a film can be made intense with just powerful acting and a powerful script that takes no prisoners.

Aside from some angst-ridden whining by Susanna, and her occasional "adventurous" tryst with bad-girl antagonist Lisa, this movie still has the same dull heartbeat as many of its doped-up and drooling extras.

Girl Interrupted is a delicious exercise in self-indulgence .

There was no real plot, just a succession of incidents at the institution.

* When Susanna returned she became immersed in diary writing as a central therapeutic activity.

Otherwise a very nice 'actors' film, definitely worth watching.

Susanna is a victim of neurosis, great expectations, confusion, an uncertain future and the sundry other problems an average teenager's life are pounded with.

The film is absorbing in the manner of such flamboyant mental institution/prison melodramas of yore as "The Snake Pit", "Caged, " "The Caretakers" or "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.

It has a few poignant moments, but is more often contrived and unconvincing.

Shifting between touching and gripping, funny and sad, Girl, Interrupted is a movie worth the praise it is given.

Exactly what I thought it be -- Boring.

Pretentious .

She acquits herself nicely here, but her character is rather vanilla and bland, especially compared to the colorful cast of characters she meets while institutionalized.

Enjoyable movie .

In ‘Cuckoo's Nest' despite having little character development, the situations were intense and Jack Nicholson commanded our attention in every frame.

Long stretches of the film turn into drawn out gabfests in which the girls housed in this Massachusetts institution talk out their issues at frequently excessive length.

It was all about hi jinx and rebellion for most of the film, which is a bit of a Hollywood cliché.

Except for the confusing opening 30 second flashback scene, the movie is practically flawless.

Who would have anything to look forward to at 18 years of age when they had already realized how pretentious the adult world is?

I must admit, I cried during a couple of the more intense scenes, and I actually related to some of the thoughts portrayed by the stars.

Her performance alone is worth watching the movie for.

The movie is enjoyable and scores heavily on the performances by the actors.

The problem with "Girl, Interrupted" is that the main character Susanna (Winona Ryder) is rather boring.

Exciting movie with exceptional acting by Angelina Jolie as well as Brittney Murphey, Winona Ryder, and Whoopie Goldberg.

'Girl Interrupted' is a solid film, with interesting subject matter, and is worth the watch.

in fact, that is probably far from true; however, I will say that the subject matter is riveting and makes this film great.

For out of the shadows of a painfully boring movie comes Whoopi Goldberg.

Her performance is stunning!

I am glad I got to see this one free because I would have felt real bad if I had wasted money on this boring flick.

It goes from boring, to twisted, to psychotic and finishes off at predictable.

We just have to wait far too long to get there!

For a film about mental illness, Mangold managed to flatline every moment in the film; every confrontation and revelation is staged in the dullest, enervated way possible.

Flawed, yes, mainly due to it's unfocused plot and lack of emphasis on some situations, but overall the film is worth watching.

A fine movie, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Supporting cast members Clea Duvall, Elisabeth Moss, Brittany Murphy, Angela Bettis, and Jared Leto were all enjoyable.

And while some reviewers have remarked that Ryder's character seemed self-indulgent, spoiled, and simply struggling with non-conformity, Ryder's character articulated the grim reality of her own mental illness when she painfully admitted to Jared Leto's character that she tried to kill herself by taking a bottle of aspirin; which was a complete departure from the character's denial when she was first admitted to the institution.

very entertaining and interesting .

She's very compelling as an actress, and this film shows she's more than just a sex symbol.

I totally enjoyed it.

There were some very powerful scenes, but we seem to have to endure long stretches of relative boredom to get to them.

Ryder is stunning as the confused and depressed Susanna.

Pacing seems to give a film balance nowadays, making slow points in a story feel deep and necessary and, though none of the movie was particularly UNnecessary, it felt slow and I relied on the end for what the film should be - interesting and absorbing.

Being a true story, very little happens, as most real people lead brain-bleedingly dull lives.

Still the story is compelling enough to engage most viewers and there are enough stereotypes to just fill in the blanks yourself about several characters.

Girl Interrupted is worth watching for the superb performances from Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

The cast is entertaining.

Audience, Bored .

The movie in itself was boring.

She has this gift of taking weak, uninteresting scripts and making them somewhat tolerable.

what a pleasant surprise -- this movie delivered -- it was both moving and dramatic, with stellar performances, and also was quite funny, keeping it lively and entertaining.

It is thrilling to watch these 2 together on screen.

I stays boring for a while too.

Pointless mess .

Just like the reviews the movie got, people who are different are being judged by these pretentious people who think they're better than everybody else.

I guess, the only thing that stood out was the stunning performance of the cast with special mention to Angelina Jolie.

Girl Interrupted should have re-titled "Girls Uninteresting".

Simply put, this is riveting drama that refuses to let you off the hook for even a moment.

Yet it somehow manages to come out boring -- quite an extraordinary accomplishment.

"Girl" takes a life of its own, and becomes a fascinating character study of a young woman trying to live life how she wants to live it.

8%Overall: Girl, Interrupted is a brilliant film that is both fascinating and strongly disturbing.

What we get overall is about as edgy and exciting as an episode of "Felicity" set in an isolation ward.

The staging and camerawork seemed bland and formulaic, as did the script, providing a fairly sugar coated view of mental illness, until the scene in the basement of the hospital, towards the end of the film.

A steadily paced but utterly absorbing story about a troubled 18 year Susanna Kaysen, subtlety played by Winona Ryder, whose experience at a psychiatric hospital l in the 1967 makes a real impression.


To begin with both the films are set in mental institutions and chronicle life as it unfolds amidst those bland, white walls.

How does someone so boring and limited become such a huge star?

I started yawning after 10 minutes.

Great cast (Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphy, Clea DuVall, Vanessa Redgrave and others) and an perceptive and intense story about mental illness and coming of age.

The stuff added to the movie -- as opposed to what was in the book, which is bizarre but much more effective -- is contrived and annoying.

it was slow at times, but still entertaining.

And it did get so boring at times that I walked away from it.

Some if it felt really out of place but for the most part it was a compelling story.

So it's OK but predictable.

In terms of scripting the predictable elements are not so obvious as to prevent the film's dialogue to be both funny and truthful.

Honestly, the fictionalized/ dramatized version of Susanna Kaysen's life was more entertaining and relatable than the real one.

But even though Susanna is pretty boring, the film isn't.

In the film, however, little is revealed about the girl who killed herself; it's obvious the filmmakers are just looking for a quick emotion shot, throwing around a suicide just to create some sort of dreary, mental hospital atmosphere that is supposed to set the tone for the rest of the film.

) thus making the modern compliment a little confusing.