Glass (2019) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Stars: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 220 out of 1023 found boring (21.5%)

One-line Reviews (604)

Glass is fast paced watchable flick.

Intriguing and suspenseful film excellently played and compellingly directed by M.

The exposition of the movie is brilliant, the rising action is promising leading to a tense climax but the falling action is disappointing and the resolution simply uninteresting.

This was a surprising conclusion, with a mix of "boring" setup to awesome climax.

Boring plot.


Overacted pretentious BS .

Unbreakable is a exciting movie GLASS is not, it is boring and even the twists in this film are seen a mile away.

Went straight into the top 10 worst movies I ever watched.

To M Night Shyamalan I say, if you hate super hero movie fans so much, stop trying to be controversial and stylish and go bore off and direct something I won't waste time watching.

It was engaging, it kept me on edge, and it had twists and turns which are signature to the director that got me just like they always do.

To be perfectly honest, I felt this film wasn't as great as I felt Split was, it lacked most of the intriguing, claustrophobic and tense parts the kept me with big eyes the whole time.

Unexpected .

It may seem like a superhero story but plays with the cliché to an interesting twist.

The plot twist is good, and unexpected.

Waste of TIME .

Every time he is on screen it's fun and exciting.

the storyline was very well created and the return of the charactors made this movie very enjoyable.

but confusing.

And it feels somewhat long and boring in its first hour or so.

To understand the most prodigious of his storytelling machinations, we have to go back in time, exactly when "Unbreakable," a modest, riveting blend of drama, suspense and thriller, starring two of the most beloved movie stars of the 80's/90's, opened long before Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy officially kicked off the modern superhero genre, this being also one of the last lucky offerings before "The Last Airbender" and "After Earth" destroyed his reputation.

Night Shyamalan is a corny writer who can either harness his banalities in haunting, emotionally gripping ways, or let them run wild.

The previous films are thrilling, psychological observations of the human psyche in the superhuman form within two separate stories.

Sure,this type of storytelling is rather hitchcockian, but at least it's extremely engaging.

The supporting characters played by Anya Taylor-Joy, Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard, are placed in hopelessly contrived situations, behaving merely as vectors to move the story along.

Useless characters, bad plot, disjointed.

Dull .

It gets started off quite slow, gets a little better and its ending isn't quite as strong.

A Dull Let Down .

The plot moves at quite a slow pace, people will be deterred by this and say it's boring.

The end could have been better, exciting and interesting.

I like other films from this director/producer and was so positivebut this had no story at all.

The slow burning tension that continues to build really draws you in and keeps you engaged.

Twists are supposed to be surprising, shocking, thrilling.

Good actors in a dull movie.

Painfully slow and delivers a nothing burger .

If they were all three then it did the job very disjointed.

Boring and anticlimactic.

Jackson and Bruce Willis that make this movie worth watching and something to remember.

His following project, however, a fascinating psychological thriller titled "Split," was the one that announced to the world a glorious comeback.

There are a couple of short, uneventful fight scenes, with no outcome...

Waste of time

Totally enjoyable, James made the movie with his many characters.

This nail-biting flick has thrilling moments well delivered by the top-drawer director Night Shyalaman with surprising incidents , great ending and plot twists .

I found it deeply boring.

There was little world and character building in this movie, which made the film feel pointless.

What had all the ingredients to be brilliant was in stead dull, drawn out and rather fruitless.

It's all really pretty decent, really, and enjoyable more often than not.

As a fan of Unbreakable and Split, seeing all the characters in one single movie is exciting to say the least.

I found this to be boring to the point of nearly falling asleep.

His performance's alone is worth the watch, like damn!

I don't want to give anything away, but this movie is thoroughly entertaining to say the least.

Very very very.. boring(

The end is so intense, loved it from start to finish.

I expected entertaining, cliche action.

And one of top 5 worst movies I ever saw.

The plot twists were unexpected and very strong so that the movie goer understood how it all fit in.

Slow Middle...

Poor script, poor effects, bizarre storyline and worst of all boring.

really this feels like a ending that let people down this film was just useless a lot of times and i think M Night is a overrated film director of all time the movie i loved really first one in franchise Unbreakable i loved that movie to death then 17 years later we had a bad rubbish boring pointless split with James McAvoy a spin off sequel witch is based on Unbreakable, and i hated actor James McAvoy a lot i think he is boring actor of all time i hated him i think in role of him people a lot The Horde: A twenty-seven year old who is a former Philadelphia Zoo employee with 23 different personalities whose body chemistry changes with each personality, resulting in a 24th personality known as "The Beast i am like whatever he doesn't scare me i think he is annoyest character in movie franchise of all time i hated split i thought this would be better movie in franchise, but this ended not to well i don't understand why this got a 37% rotten tomatoes i still don't understand why it hasn't got worst movies in franchise ever just like with another movies.

Just go for a good enjoyable ending even if it's obvious!

NMS asks the viewer to suspend any rationale thought as the supporting cast surrounding the three main characters behaves so irrationally it heralds back to the cliche of people in classic horror movies that do the opposite any human being would do except the severely mentally challenged.

I don't recommend it, though Unbreakable and Split are at least worth watching.

But this time I felt my blood boiling as every scene become abstract and disjointed.

I expected the slow burn and liked the twist, despite M.

Bruce Willis with the dull character he played in Unbreakable plus Samuel L.

And yes, the inane dialogue was just that, pretentious, pointless & a pandering mess.

Waste of time .

The screenplay by Mr. Shyamalan wallows in convolution and confusion.

Save your money and wait for it on cable or Netflix .

everything is underdeveloped, sketchy, poorly toned, boring.

Night went back to his roots with this picture- in that he had an intriguing idea which he allows to fall flat before the story can realize its potential.

I saw Glass earlier this year and enjoyed it.

The action, when it's there, is pretty entertaining and well done.

Overall a very entertaining movie, I really enjoyed it.

Verdict - Disaster Storyline - Before I reveal you the stories, what I can say is that do not watch this movie and avoid it from any cost because it is one of the worst movies I have seen in my life because it is boring, irritating and stupid movies whereas it won't allow you to concentrate for this movie for 2 hours, however it is said that this movie is sequel to other parts like unbreakable or split, but I have not seen these, but this is an movie that is about an person who is mad and crazy from the way he walks and talk and he kidnap 4 girls of which this person is played by young character, however an old man which has an son find out that girls are kidnapped and they are trying to find out from this investigation, however the old man managed to find the girl and had an fight with the young man, however soon the police caught both of them, then they are taken into some sort of mental hospital or specialist treatment hospital if I say in this way whereas they keep them safe here and they cannot get out here because they have an special light which stops them, however we also find out that they think that they are the superheroes, but they are not, however this movie is so boring because it talks too much in term of dialogue and it gives you confusion of what they are talking about, it does not drag on you forward for this storyline because they do sometime talk irrelevant stuff, but I know one person play crazy character, but I feel this movie will make you mental when watching this movie, I am sorry to say this, however the doctors in this some sort of hospital are helping them to make sure that they are just human, however they do have family and friends who tries to get them out, but they cannot, however there is also another character in this movie who is probably like them, but he sits on an wheel chair and just wink, does not talk, however they are locked in different room, but later on, the doctor ask them question together from all of these 3 different people, however while this happen, the family and friends are researching from internet to find out the truth of whether they are superheroes, but soon one of the person who sits on an wheelchair is actually faking this, but he managed to find an way out, but only the wheelchair and an young person go out, because they want to go to tall building whereas it is opening day for marvel, whereas they want to show proof that they are superheroes, but also the old man managed to get out, but soon while they get out, family and friends as well as doctors and police find out that they escaped, but they just managed to get only out of the hospital in the car part only, however before they arrive, the old man started to have fight with the young person due to the previous incident because he thinks that he does not have superheroes power, only the young man has it, however later on, they also reveal the truth of what happens from the past like who got his parent killed which was the wheel chair man, this probably links to previous part which is about the accident from the train and soon all of them got involved in fight, but one of the family members are trying to help them to stop this, however one of them got killed from another enemies and two of them got killed by police, but it is just stories that should not be told because it does not make sense because it does not give us anything once we leave the cinema, however at the end of the movie, the family/friends upload the video from social media whereas everyone see to prove that they are superheroes and the doctors also find out this, but one information I need to talk about is that this movie has an long scene whereas all 3 people sit together and question them from the past life, so that they do not think that they are superheroes, however in my opinion, I think only one of them is fake superheroes who just show muscles and fight and scream as well and it is waste of time movie.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

Entertaining follow up to Shyamalan Unbreakable and split.

man this writing of film is confusing as hell, Kevin who killed her father and her friends she cry's about him and cares about him ?

Most boring 2 hours of my life.

Intriguing film and magnificently played film with special mention for James McAvoy , being competently made by M.

A little slow at times, but there are some exciting scenes and McAvoy gives a very entertaining performance.

She insisted, that the first marvelous event for David was the train accident, even though everyone knew, even the papers that back in High School days, David Dunn and his not yet wife had a car accident, and nothing happened to him there either.

Having not seen Unbreakable, or split, glass maybe a bit confusing for some.

However the story just drug on too long and was very boring with a few exciting things thrown in.

The movie progressively loses its identity and even the usual twist that occurs in Shyamalan's clever films is too predictable to leave a mark.

Of Shyamalan's trilogy ('Unbreakable' in 2000 and 'Split' in 2018) this is the least smart or enjoyable.

The ending was, as usual, unexpected.

By comparison, Mr. Glass and David Dunn appear dull and dreary.

Everything was either boring or done horrible, I mean REALLY BAD.

Glass starts like an intriguing supernatural thriller with bleak atmosphere as three men with mysterious powers encounter at a mental institution.

Boring .

We simply observe our three "supers" rot in an inert institution and I quickly grew tired of the gag of watching McAvoy switch personalities and Paulson spewing repetitive dialogue.

The cinematography and overall color of the movie creates a lethargic vibe, which is then added to the slow pacing of the film.

nothing happens, poor story like, where was the son when his dad was being drowned?!

Glass attempts to contravene what we've come to expect from a "super hero" movie, however it disappoints in perhaps the most frustrating way a superhero movie could: it's dull.

Don't waste your hard earned money!

Both characters are contained and only get to interact with a bland, boring lady who pushes an unconvincing narrative.

The first half of the movie was dull and the second half wasn't much better.

There is to much going on , very confusing and extremely long and dragged out .

Shattered expectations, yet mildly entertaining .

Finally, a Superhero Trilogy worth watching.

Talky and plodding for about an hour after we get the trio in the same location; once things begin percolating, though, Shyamalan starts delivering the ham-fisted twists, which are neither rational nor satisfying.

Something fast-paced, action packed, and rife with special effects?

This film was fair, it was entertaining.

First half of the movie is a waste of time, the other half, a cheap story closing.

The brilliant James McAvoy is simply breathtaking in his personality change exercise, even more so than in "Split".

This movie dedicates half of its time to give an awful performance by Sarah Paulson, trying to confuse the spectator but in my opinion the result was to bore the spectator.

After being surprised by how enjoyable and thrilling Split was, and seeing how it connected to Unbreakable in the end (also being a fan of Unbreakable), there was a lot of overall hype surrounding this film- Glass.


The plot twist was so predictable that, if that was supposed to be tragic, well, it fails badly.

And they bore them children who became the mighty men of old, men of renown".

Still, a very entertaining and enjoyable movie that I would recommand watching !

I know Shyamalan likes to do things unexpected and I do enjoy when things never end how you expect.

An unpredictable and good ending to a long trilogy.

My wife fell asleep watching this as it was just frustrating and embarrassing to watch characters behave this way even in a fictitious world.

This movie is mind blowing, I mean it has been a long time since I have seen such an AMAZING movie, this is really a movie that is made by a super human mind indeed, the cast and the director of the movie made such an intelligent masterpiece, the movie was unpredictable, It was really the best movie I have watched in a really long long time.

Good, but kinda predictable.

Thrilling .

What we have instead is a thoughtful thesis on psychosis and the superhero theory as explored in Unbreakable but even further into comic book lore which is quite a fascinating subject that stayed with me a while after watching.


The Camera Work & Editing is stunning and the Actors are, just as you can expect absolutely gorgeous and outstanding.

Boring .

If Glass had a decent ending I would give it a 7, because in spite of some slow bits I enjoyed it.

The only 3 things that really stood out as being wrong were The obligatory cameo by M Night which was pointless and kind of shameful.

A movie that keeps giving you goosebumps and sometimes a laugh, but mostly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The slow pace and highly intentional camera work make for a very entreating character study.

Fails from a filmmaking standpoint but semi-ironically enjoyable .

Too many stars acting and ending with a incomprehensible and boring movie.

To be fair to the movie, my rating came immediately after waking up in the middle of it, because it is so mundane and plodding that it will easily put a viewer to sleep unless properly prepared.

Very boring movie and soooo silly Very boring movie and soooo silly Very boring movie and soooo silly Very boring movie and soooo silly

However, viewed again with anticipation of a sixth sense or unbreakable, the slow unfolding of this story to its climax then twist was...

What an unexpected and awesome ending to this criminally underrated trilogy.

Worth watching again.

This was full of suspense thriller and confusion.

Much of the problem was the rather predictable action occurring in the hospital with little visual variety.

Every other scene I rolled my eyes because the movie approached everything in the most cliche and superficial way possible.

The supporting characters in this film seem very shoehorned in and have very little plot significance.

very very slow.

Everything feels incredibly slow, uninspired, uninteresting, and drab.

Night Shyamalan truly did try his hardest to create a suspenseful, tense and powerful climax to the trilogy.

Having them finally face off in a "fight" that shows how little "superpower" they have is just dull.

The basic plot of Glass was good and compelling, convincing too.

Nothing happens in all the movie (although that's not bad), it's really slow, it cooks slowly and it's the best part (unless we are thinking that), but suddenly everything goes to hell in the final act when it started to go up level, TERRIBLE, suddenly a sect appears that wants to destroy superhumans, it doesn't matter if you're good or bad (every good part is in the trailers and clips).

Mind blowing!!!!

The unpredictable twists and an emotional ending will definitely hooks up the viewers.

But 2nd and 3rd act a little slower than the 1st .

No Story line totally waste of time.

It really ruins the first set up that was quite engaging.

Pointless .

I'm aware that the death of heroes is a common thing in the comic books and play a significant role at times, but in this case it's just dull and the result of MNS disability to wrap up his films in an appropriate way.

and Samuel l Jackson looks bored, tried saying get me out of this piece of crap movie he is looking at camera like he is bored as hell not well.

Overall, Glass is a stunning psychological movie that kept the audience latched on until the end.

No story nothing.

Samuel L Jackson, implausibly already 70, is a welcome return as comic-obsessed mastermind Elijah Price, whose Machiavellian schemes make for an intriguing superpower.

This movie veers from being amazingly boring to plain idiotic.

It was great seeing movie 1st time around, but seeing it again was kinda dull.

However, McAvoy saves the film largely by giving us one of the most unique performances of the year, and the film itself provides for a very unique and intriguing experience, that is bound to capture your attention whether you like it or not.

The first cut may be the deepest, but the third is just plain dull.

It's not about people wearing spandex costumes, flying all over the universe destroying half the world (especially America) in the name of saving the world, with mind blowing & rhetoric VFX and having melodramatic sacrificial theme at the end.

What a disappointment and waste of money.

Its like a good old fashioned randy orton beatdown slow, methodical

Sometimes, cinema delivers the perfect unexpected trilogy - just ask Richard Linklater, who masterminded the Before series.

Really boring movie & nerve-racking .

After an hour and a half of boring psychoanalysis, and the beast constantly changing from one character to another, I got fed up with the film, and the ending was appalling.

What makes Glass even more boring is the soundtrack.

As well as marvelous and thrilling musical score by West Dylan Thordson , though he incorporated several of James Newton Howard's themes from Unbreakable (2000).

I waste a couple of hours of my life .

Despite its flaws, however, Glass was an overall satisfying film that brought to the table many great interactions and intriguing themes, along with a great sense of care from M.

Unbreakable was too slow for my liking (sorry!

Mind blowing!

In the beginning, the film felt slow, then during the middle, it felt fast paced, then back to slow paced near and during the ending.

There is a very slow section in the middle when all three men are imprisoned in a secure medical facility, and a psychiatrist works with them, one time with all three together in a large room, in essence trying to convince them they don't have super powers, everything can be explained by natural phenomena.

Past that, the movie is rather boring.

For me, seeing my hometown on the big screen was really quite exciting, even if there has been an uptick of Philly movies recently.

Underwhelming closure to an unexpected cinematic universe .

Unfortunately, the last time Shyamalan employed this type of self-reflexive meta-narrative, it was one of his most-widely-panned releases and certainly his most pathetically self-indulgent effort in "Lady in the Water" (2006), which starred the writer-director himself as the genius author with a martyr complex whose work is misunderstood by a movie critic.

Boredom at Ravenhill Memorial .

Let me start by saying that Unbreakable was te worst movie I ve ever seen in the cinema.

This is not even a movie, just a long boring trailer

I'd like to summarize the movie in a simple statement: "2 hours of slow, boring prelude for a weak ending and predictable twist.

Music is what made it suspenseful.

I'm happy to have this movie in my collection and I highly recommend it.

Night Shyamalan just makes dull movies.

The actors and actresses did an amazing job, but the storyline is confusing.

Still, it is watchable, and enjoyable.

Had my doubts but definitely worth the watch.

This ¨Glass¨packs a colorful and evocative cinematography by Mike Giuolakis .

Very good movie confusing end .

Predictable, stupid-to some extent, felt again, like a re-heated dinner.

Well what happens when you put a dull movie together with a good movie?

He and I both agree that it's just about the worst movie we've ever seen.

Ok storyline but a bit boring, I've seen all 3 movies now.

Instead, Shyamalan employs the use of interminable drawn out Average Shot Lengths (ALS) with his ALS striking comparison with films circa 1940 to the 1960's.

Second worst movie of 2019.

Samuel L Jackson plays the complicated title character Dr Glass, very well, adding the same levels of unexpected moves from Glass, that give the film its ultimate Shaymalam famous twists.

The biggest issue with the movie is how slow and boring it is, and I never complain about slow pacing.

The dialogue is dreadful, the pacing is bizarre, and the overall scenery is watered-down to the point of being boring.

What a waste of time...

It is boring.

To say that I became immersed in it, is an understatement.

In the end i wanted to end this torture, there were people who were yawning.

The fact that this element took a very unusual approach to the very cliché theme was really a great approach.

The film was entertaining enough and James McAvoy stood out as his character was great in split and he's great here too.

The narrative structure of Glass is divided into fragmented flashbacks and an unpredictable turn of events that inspire more meaning to the title.

It's a compelling watch all the way to the end because of them.

Not a huge plot twist or Alfred Hitchcockian ending, but instead, unfortunately, a dull one.

The movie was so slow and kept making me think that there was more, so much more, after all this build up I thought I was going to get a mind blowing ending.

"Glass" is a tedious and boring film to watch.....

They are compelling characters built up over two movies.

And boring.

Every dumb cliche had me letting out a sigh.

The apparent plot twist in the end was predictable and had me caring not a single bit as I was just waiting for the movie to end.

No action, no fight scene, boring drama, build up for nothing

A movie with some good performances and intriguing ideas that would have been pretty good if it had had a decent ending .

Interesting how advertising can make this out to be such a great movie when it's boring beyond belief.

It's the worst movie from the trilogy.

Glass was boring with no more than a few fight scenes, all poorly filmed in some kind of weird first-person style which made no sense.

This part is both brilliant and boring: the brilliance is in the way it questions all the beliefs built in the previous two films and in the first act of this very one, leading both the characters and us watching to wonder if we weren't just being delusional.

With this cast, make a completely empty and meaningless film - we must still try.

I enjoyed the slow pacing.

Waste of time .

What a BORING piece of crap .

I couldn't really see the point of it, it was a very slow film compared to split.

Don't waste your time.

Terrible -dont waste your time.

One of most boring and pathetic movie ever .

It will likely prove too slow for those who only liked Split, and too incoherent for those who only liked UnbreakableIt also suffers from an ending burdened with lumbering twists that feel unearned and in need of some more foreshadowing.

Given that, if you're really bored and want to get angry at a movie then this would be a good one to watch

The movie is definitely worth watching if you liked the others.

Finally, despite my complains about Glass, this is actually enjoyable into extent fresh take on the superhero/comic-book movie.

The main problem with the film is that it attempts the impossible in reconciling the disparate tones of the exquisitely slow-burning deconstruction of the superhero tale in Unbreakable with the taut, horror-tinged paranoia of Split, a psychological thriller.

Fun and entertaining .

This was, for me, more enjoyable than Split, much more like Unbreakable.

Others will think of it, as boring.

The universe created with Glass, Split, and Unbreakable are almost better than the Marvel or DC universe movies, if you ask me, just because they're more realistic, but they really better stick to the realistic superheroes approach, and keep it high quality, or they're just going to end up being the same as Marvel and DC movies, which I think people are getting used to (I don't want to say getting tired of, since they've gotten better and are enjoyable too, like Ant Man and Deadpool).

What a twist at the end, totally mind blowing.

Overall it's engaging enough to be watched by interested people.

As I had watched Split and Unbreakable, the whole Mental Institution concept seemed pointless because I already knew about there powers and what they were capable of.

Complete waste of time.

Greateat sequel to unbreakable, Make sure you watch that first ddo it will make more sense, great acting and little twist wont say were , overall i enjoyed it and well worth the watch 👏👏

Waste of time .

This is a very entertaining film that perhaps reminds us not to be friends with psychopaths.

This is a much slower-paced and more Drama/Thriller than action movie (although there is some action here and there).

The movie introduces a new character, Dr. Ellie Staple, who is even more boring than the movie itself.

The story is fascinating and the movie does not drop a beat until the credits are rolled.

And of course the frequent use of some mental disorders' symptoms propagates misinformation about them further confusing people and demeaning patients with such mental disorders especially when DID is considered.

It's just boring.

Glass was well written and directed just like Unbreakable and Split and also had the unexpected twist we all were expecting.

It's a snooze fest.

The dialogue seems like it was written by a 7-year-old, the characters are bland and severely lack complexity, the script is LAUGHABLE.

This is one of the kind, which braking boring box office formula that trending.

The fights that were there were entertaining.

Waste of time.

Left feeling dissatisfied, was quite boring, script wasn't quite right.

The movie goes on and on like this and becomes rather tedious.

That little ending to "Split" with David Dunn showing up was cool and unexpected and it served its purpose.

The thronged masses in the train station at the end, staring numbly at their electronic devices, being exposed to the presence of something unpredictable and dangerous that's been hiding under their very noses - is that us?

I don't really want to say anything to spoil the story, I went in blind and enjoyed it a lot more than had I seen any spoilers.

For me this was the most thrilling and engaging movie of the trilogy.

Tedious build up to anti-climax .

Long and boring.

The only thing good about this third episode was James McAvoy's performance, Started so well then snowballed into long drawn out storyline with a patchwork ending.

Shyamalan has made a career out of weaving the supernatural with the mundane and, of his seventeen films, atleast eight have relied on twist endings.

Please leave your Hollywood mindset at the door when you watch this and enjoy it for what it is: an entertaining movie that was well made and executed.

Bored of reading complains about the ending and the deaths.

Utterly disjointed to the point it feels like plots were started and then dropped?

Always on the edge of my seat.

Finally; as I always try to do with my reviews; If you read this before watching the movie - and you are a bit like me - I hope this will adjust your expectations and make the movie even more enjoyable.

The first 30-45 minutes it felt to me like it was a bit dull.

The first two acts of "Glass" deliver exciting, action-packed drama, bristling with intrigue.

The characters are the same as in the previous movies, well played by their actors and very enjoyable to watch.

I even saw 5 people fall asleep in theaters when this came out and two walkouts.

As with unbreakable, and Sixth Sense the build up was slow and the clues were carefully placed.

This is what superheroes would be like if they existed in the real world, not the avengers and superman overpowering, overwhelming and cliche powers.

I was bored most of the time because the story and the characters never progress.

Well worth watching .

And let's be honest: they're dull.

long, ponderous, and lacking a good payoff .

It is predictable.

I enjoyed it very much and would definetley watch again.

The second act is my biggest flaw with this movie, it was super slow, and confusing.. like how Glass is getting out of his cage?

This movie spends so long trying to convince characters and audience alike that there's nothing special about our three leads that we're left to wonder if there's anything special about the movie itself, and that draws focus away from four very strong and enjoyable performances in an admittedly lackluster story

Enjoyable and wrapped up the trilogy .

Worst movie .

Jackson and the weird/boring character he played in unbreakable and then toss in James McAvoy and the thrilling character he played in Split and you have a 5/10 movie.

However, after really absorbing and thinking about the ending and realizing what M.

It's different, intriguing and quite dark compared to more known installments.

Thanks, this is a favorite and very thought proviking story that is entertaining and not as scary as Split.

Glass eventually builds to a climax between The Overseer and The Horde, and an unexpected plot twist which angered many moviegoers, although Price achieves his goal of revealing the existence of superhuman individuals to the world.

The super feats were mostly a few cheap lifting of heavy things; cheap tossing scenes; cheap bang into solid structures leaving dents, etc. The introduction of a psychologist as superpower naysayer was interesting at first but soon got weaker as a bland character w/repetitive weak arguments against superhero traits.

Shyamalan's best films include an element of the paranormal, the most compelling of which was "The Sixth Sense.

I love Hollywood movies but hate how most of them are predictable, because no one dares to leave that bitter taste at the ending.. Reviews will stink and cry babies will shout demanding alternatives.

Yes, it still had my favorite actors in it, but their performances were disjointed and didn't connect.

don´t waste your time watch "split" instead (same director)sorry

Other than to witness the amazing acting talents of James McEvoy don't waste your time watching it.

It's always bland and superficial.

It's slow and patient.

Suspenseful Watching .

Also really dull.

"Glass" is slower.

The movie started off well but thought it dragged out a fair bit in the middle.

He is fascinating.

It is Watchable and Enjoyable.

While it's true that the last act of this third installment is insanely brilliant, off-kilter, twisted, as everything surrounding the filmmaker, and cinematically fabulous, act one and two are practically a mess, a deadening pileup of weird decisions that instead of infusing new perspectives into the nowadays suffocating superhero genre, indirectly undermines the exciting plot threads and the style/artistic exercises of the two previous prequels.

The ending was drawn out, and I never thought it would end.

Don't waste time and money for this ordinary movie.

i personally liked it and got immersed in it, and couldn't wait to know what will happen.

One small nugget of the horrendous directing was the dreary hand combat between McAvoy and Willis, strangling each other in a first person, circular dance with their hands on each others' throats.. (Just like the dance scene created for Travolta and Gorney during "More than a woman" in Saturday Night Fever, that have become such a joke meme in movies ever since.

Enjoyable throughout the entire movie.

Pretentious, dumb-as-bag-of-spanner's garbage from the same guy that (somehow) brought you the truly wonderful "Unbreakable".

There is not, one, not two, but three twists at the end; one of them I found really contrived and lame.

it's so slow to get started and then it crashes and burns badly!

We are not animals in a cage, allowed only to enjoy the mundane of everyday life.

don't waste your money.

What begins with a solid story line takes a dive into an empty finish.

The antagonist had a mind of confusing claustrophobic corridors full of menacing mechanisms, he felt trapped inside his mind.

However it's the unique mix of these stories from the pre released films brought together in this informal trilogy and their unexpected relations mixed with a modern day classic comic book style film, that I firmly believes has brought him back to that high standard.

It's fine up to a point and the characters are fun to watch, but it builds to a rather disjointed unsatisfactory climax where the 3 characters never really come together in any way.

This "movie" I can describe as a boring, horrible, stupid mess.

I really enjoyed it all the way through.

I forgot this movie as soon as I walked out of the theatre.

I actually really enjoyed it for its deep meaning and how the director reflected the whole superheroes genre into real life scenarios.

One of The worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Feels B and empty.

But this movie is just hyping up to a climax that never happens, the movie is slow and boring.

I thought the movie was enjoyable, I didn't find it overly long or unnecessarily drawn out.

Another snooze fest .

This movie is very slow and very boring.

The cast played their parts well, but the film was underwhelming and boring.

Night Shyamalan who Wrote and Directed Unbreakable and Split and now He finally has a unexpected trilogy which fans didn't think was going to happen when Split came out in 2017 and Shocked Audiences with the reveal that Split is connected to the Unbreakable Universe and Were finally going to See Bruce Willis Character David Dunn and Samuel L Jackson's Mr Glass.

It was very boring that i have to skip a lot of scenes.

The idea of these three characters coming to a head, the best, the hero, and the villain are what made this movie confusing movie better.

His ideas are compelling and perhaps he needs to collaborate with someone who can give his work a more critical pass before it moves to production.

From an always ingenious McAvoy, over a stoic Willis to an unpredictable Jackson they all get along very well on screen.

Unfortunately, what follows is what is my main gripe with the movie: nothing happens in the second act of the film.

Only more confusing....

Gotta say, Bruce Willis is a nice fan treat, but his actions were slow and low.

So slow.

I think we've become so use to fast paced action that when a film like this comes along we always want more.

If it was at all: the dialogues are so bland that you fall asleep under them, the ending would be nice if there were not one and a half hours in front of her in front of her.

Not happy, what a bland mess, people dont talk like exposition flows out of their mouth M.


The story was really terrible only worth watching is james

Some would look at it as underwhelming, uninteresting, un-needed twist.

The 2nd act is slower ( not a bad thing) and tries to more complex than it is.

The tie in is weak and the ending is weak and the plot is pointless.

THE WORST movie i ever watch..totally bad storyline

The movie Glass emerges as meaningful and intellectual compelling.

The result was disappointing, boring and a total mess.

While Split revealed a very exciting fact in the closing credits scene, it seems that the secret is out on Glass, Shaymalan's newest film.

the reason that i enjoyed it was the superb cast specially James McAvoy with his stunning and mind blowing acting as kevin wendell crumb who have 24 personalities which he played beautifully.

Boring .

The fascinating central triumvirate of larger-than-life characters is integral to this: James McAvoy excels once again portraying 20 heterogenous characters, switching effortlessly from the excited lisp of 9 year old 'Hedwig' to the domineering matriarch 'Patricia'.

Don't waste you time.

This is smart, unpredictable, well acted and beautifully filmed movie.

I looked forward to this , it's a slow burn and set the premise for a masterpiece.

Entertaining throughout...

Disappointing slow ride to an unspectacular finish.

Witnessing James McAvoy's transitions between personalities is one of the most enjoyable aspects of watching his character.

A little slow.

The storytelling was slow and boring, just like Unbreakable.


Bringing McAvoy's multiple personas together with Bruce Willis's character (David Dunn) and Samuel L Jackson's Elijah Price (Mr Glass) was unexpected and intriguing.

The settings are also quite intriguing as the mental institution has a vibe of insanity, isolation and secrecy.

An unexpected end and the last lines of samuel tell the whole truth

I will admit that the "twist" in Glass is relatively satisfying and wholly unexpected.

In general the cast is good: Willis is fine (albeit a bit bland) as the laconic Dunn, Jackson is very good as the unique character Dr. Glass and McAvoy is again excellent playing the rapidly toggling personalities of 'The Horde' (amazingly, he manages to make the potentially gimmicky role both authentic and menacing).

Boring conclusion to a boring trilogy .

This film is kind of boring, which is a shame because Unbreakable and Split are good films.

Split was awesome and better in quality but it was some slow.

arguments from previous movies were so pointless.

Nothing happened, most of the stuff was very predictable.

There is thousands of those in the internet, far more controversial and entertaining.

The beginning is all Split, complete with kidnapped children and McAvoy's intense changeability.

Unfortunately Glass is slow, uninteresting and makes a mockery of Mr Glass (Samuel L Jackson).

I still like Unbreakable more but I would say that this was slightly better than Split only because that one dragged on a bit too long.

My advice: don't waste your time on this, even if they offer it for free.

Moments of tension are well-handled and the climax is more satisfying logically than it is exciting; although the action is correctly firm.

The movie is slow paced,very short budget, and i wasn´t expecting a MCU movie, i am an unbrekable fan.

It's fascinating how it realistically blends comic book structures into storytelling, moving along within the canons of the all-time comic book proceedings.

Always a waste of time.

It was confusing to say the least.

I suppose there was a twist or two but they were predictable and anti-climactic.

But it was an exciting moment to watch this movie

Fight scenes were boring and no matter how good McAvoy was as his character it just seemed to be too much of him changing personalities.

Original and Engaging.

In reality it's pretty much a confusion and disorder of two genre that didn't know what it was.

I find this movie pretty enjoyable.

It was very enjoyable though.

James McAvoy is a Legend..All in all its a nice movie, worth watching...

I didnt find it boring in the least.

Night, intense music and an emotionally satisfying ending.

Now as for the third act, which is supposed to be the ultimate finale of this built up trilogy fell flat, and the film got rather boring for me.

Dull as ditchwater.

But overall, this was a wholly enjoyable movie that had my brother and I discussing it the drive home.

Beginnings a bit slow...

And this third installmet : ¨Glass¨ (2019) who closes the stunning trilogy .

And then the predictable plot twist which in real life would not change anything at all.

At the end happens a surprising outcome when there takes place a dangerous confrontation in unexpected results with the appearance by the astonishing Beast , as Kevin has 23 personalities and the 24th is finally to be unleashed.

Worst movie .

Glass half empty...

You need lots of patience to enjoy this, but i got bored and could not finish it.

It's incredibly boring.

Boring.. .

We're talking about Shyamalan, a name attached to both bewilderment and surprise; for better or worse, "Glass," a film I followed carefully throughout the production, is not the first disappointment of the year, but it does be the most bittersweet yet entertaining ride a movie buff will have in the first two months of this new year.

The movie is strange and confusing at the same time.

You know it was boring!

The trailer was amazing but the movie is boring I thought the movie is a comedy movie in my opinion it is a bad ending and I think there's missing scenes

James Mackavoy is always is a delite and his acting is always very entertaining to watch.

Fantastic acting by the cameleon James McAvoy.. wasted on nonsense story.. this movie was boring i had to SPLIT it in 3 parts.

Slow start...

Glass is ineptly paced and written, with broadly drawn supporting characters, too-obvious motives leading to a predictable "twist," a lack of suspense, and virtually no payoff.

Great actors, low-budget, boring story line.

Don't waste your time.

As the movie progresses however, it loses some of its atmosphere, creativity and wit as the film turns from a psychological thriller into an action film where the fascinating three main characters are degraded to superheroes that could come straight out of the uninspired, repetitive and stereotypical Marvel universe.

In a slow way, the story unfolds and takes a strange amount of the runtime to explore the characters again.

But I found it plodding and rather silly.

Glass is well-thought with impressive thematic ideas regarding tragedy, trauma and acknowledgement, and meticulously crafted with powerful performances and splendid cinematography that unifies the look and feel of its predecessors, but its abrupt and underwhelming end due to confusion between cynicism and realism made it rather unsatisfying to be fondly remembered.

fell asleep for a bit...

Very drawn out and got boring long before the half way mark of the movie.

Every Scene has meaning and they didnt waste any time with unnecessary Digressions.

Although, James Mcavoy makes the movie worth watching.

With the production design being claustrophobic, he was given a great opportunity to have his characters clash, but he seemed to try to channel it, and it personally got boring halfway through.

Slow paced, good acting, some weaker than other scripts.

After an hour, I was beginning to get bored, mainly due to the slow pacing.


One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I kinda understand what Shyamalan was going for, and this wouldn't be as off-putting for me as it was if David had a compelling character arc that lead to this, or if he simply had more to contribute to the overall narrative.

Well worth watching if you are into Psychological thrillers and who doesn't like a bit of Hedwig!

So many unexpected twists and turns.


I fail to see how it was clever or that there was a twist, it was predictable and disappointing.

To those looking for a gripping, vintage Shyamalan film, I enthusiastically recommend this one.

The movie is senseless, and for the movie-goer its a waste of time and money.

Personally, I thought that we were going to get an in-depth look into Elijah's character as we did with Unbreakable for David and the different personalities of McAvoy's characters in Split, but we ended up with pointless hospital jargon about comic book heroes and fake superhumans.

Most of the shots in this film are boring, and the plot itself has some major flaws.

I actually had to watch it 3 times as I literally fell asleep watching it every time.

Boring, had to struggle to stay awake .

Glass is well-thought with impressive thematic ideas regarding tragedy, trauma and acknowledgement, and meticulously crafted with powerful performances and splendid cinematography that unifies the look and feel of its predecessors, but its abrupt and underwhelming end due to confusion between cynicism and realism made it rather unsatisfying to be fondly remembered.

If u r looking for a movie that u can really get into and one that keeps u on the edge of u'r seat then don't bother.

James McAvoy is absolutely brilliant in the film, his portrayal of a man with multiple personalities is riveting to watch.

Painfully slower.

On one hand, it sucks that after this many years, David Dunn is dragged face down through the mud, then drowned in A PUDDLE!

Tedious and Silly .

I enjoyed the movie until the end: I expected more from Shyalaman than creating a "background force" cliche ending.

Jackson) is still just as crafty; and adding to that, an unpredictable, Kevin Wendell Crumb as the final puzzle piece to that interesting gathering the first trailer promised is quite fulfilling.

there's nothing much of Samuel l Jackson character in this movie ever because all he does he sits down in wheelchair he is sitting quiet and got his head turned sideways saying i am freaking bored of this crap.

There was a time I got even bored.

Willis is poor, but this unfortunately seems to be the new norm - he seems bored and/or financially obligated with most things he does of late.

Seen this film a couple of weeks ago when it first came out and I found the film intriguing and also really good.

The introduction of a fourth, unexpected element in the final movie was well developed enough to make sense and fits perfectly with the narrative so far.

What a waste of time.

It's a very slow paced film and that may prove to be a problem for any audiences after the pulse-pounding thriller that the trailers would suggest.

I enjoyed it .

Snooze fest .

Was there a stunning CGI part of 45 minutes in the movie that eventually was editted out or something.

Shyamalan's worst movie .

But the movie leading up to that is pretty entertaining.

Glass is the conclusion to the Unbreakable trilogy and has an intriguing story and build up that takes a different approach to the superhero genre, and makes you and the lead actors wonder: is all this real?

Night always gives us something to look forward to come the final act, but things were a little predictable, and just didn't live up to the hype that was theirs for the taking.

It does unfortunately suffer a little bit from what most sequels to great films do; it doesn't hold the level of mystery, suspense or terror of its predecessors which had the upper hand of introducing these characters that were unpredictable at the time.

Very enjoyable.

To shock us with an unexpected twist that they actually are special?

Finally, something worth watching, along with all the suspense of M.

The film will have commercial success since people prefer empty superhero flicks over Shyamalan's more intellectual works.

I dont like Shyamalan's style anyway, but Unbreakable's sequel becomes Unwatchable ...

It left me feeling just as annoyed,bored and depressed as watching Unbreakable did back in 99'.

The first two-thirds builds an intriguing atmosphere, despite spending too much time pondering the question of what it would be like if superheroes really existed (doesn't every superhero film tackle this in one form or another?

The tone isn't as mysterious, gratifying or engaging as Split.

In fact I did not see the last part (1/3) because it was to boring for me.

It was so slow moving and could have easily been condensed into a much tighter film.

A boring walkout experience .

I was absolutely in love with this whilst watching it, everything added up, it was enjoyable, everything g was going in the right direction, original actors playing the same characters, story was good Mcavoy was just amazing, everything was going great!

Willis do the exact same boring guy as usual, the man is a pain to watch for so long now, most of his films are just bait and here more than ever.

There are issues of course, clumsy dialogue and forced exposition not withstanding, but at the same time there is enough here to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

Up until that point, the rather slow pacing and Elijah appearing completely sedated, lulled me into a state where I couldn't predict when or how he'd make his move.

Is this movie worth watching?

The entire plot was bored.

Nothing happens and the end is a big anti climax.

Thought "Unbreakable" was glacially slow?

If you're looking for some marvel-like superhero movie filled with action and fighting and adrenaline then this is not for you.

Glass is a reflective and engaging exploration of the subject of justice, strength and super heroism.

The last act of the 3 part trilogy, which is a wonderfully unexpected gem of a trilogy and is only so upon the final films completion.

The cast is intriguing while James McAvoy arguably saves the film, although this will depend on your taste for his previous performances.

I found it to be boring and uninteresting for the most part.

Personally, I enjoyed it for the ideas it tries to convey and the very limited budget M.

Far Too Slow .

Extremely lazy writing, horrible directing, just a complete waste of time.

James McAvoy acting is the only reason I did not stop after 30 minutes, this movie is extremely slow with payoff and some of the dumbest decisions by smart people will you see.

Truly an entertaining film

), the story is intriguing, and the ending is exactly what your typical superhero film isn't.

Previously 'Unbreakable' was boring and 'Split' was interesting.

Wow what an amazing one it's Soo unique and different and the acting was so strong and moreover a strong script to chose and act.. Preferably a best connected movie of Split series watch out for a thrilling one

But as the tedious plot wore on, the movie gloated with the cringe-worthy acting jobs of both McAvoy and Paulson.

Other than that the story was a bit slow and not enough of action with the main characters.

Boy Oh Boy was my wife and I completely blow away by a smart intense and action packed movie that it belw our minds.

it's suspenseful, it's disturbing, it's intelligent, it's clever.

This would be fine if it was more interesting, but after a promising opening, the middle felt flabby and repetitive and the ending fell flat.

It's not a bad soundtrack, but it's slow and calming in some aspects.

A snooze fest .

Entertaining again .

7/10 - intelligent and entertaining film features an all-star cast with performances to reemphasize their talents

The plot is really dull.. nothing happens 'til last 20 mins.

pointless deaths, lazy storytelling, wish I'd never seen this film

Amazing intense dramatic events with mind blowing ideas.....

Dont waste your time this movie falls apart halfway through.

It is dark, disturbing, intriguing, exciting, and intense all at the same time.

Once again we aren't trusted with being capable to understand things without someone reiterating them to us, burdening once more the dialogues with over-exposition and, well, boring us a little.

This was a long, drawn-out homage to comic book heroes lacking both substance and imagination.

Waste of time .

The third & final instalment in the most unique, unexpected & unlikely of all franchises, Glass concludes M.

This movie is an unfocused, boring mess.

Very enjoyable though not as impactful as it should've been.

It's so predictable and utterly stupid in the last 30 minutes or so.

Don't go to watch this, don't waste your money and time.

Repetative, meandering, confusing and definitely a waste of time.

The biggest draw of Glass is its distinction from other superhero films, which makes it a highly enjoyable experience throughout.

Why an empty hospital for hours after Darryl gets killed?

Fell asleep half way through the movie unfortunately.

Complete waste of time, boring and full of talking and philosophy

The motion picture was well made by Night M Shyamalan , writing , producing and directing , though being some claustrophobic and slow-moving .

What a tedious introduction, huh?

Jackson all make you feel as if you are inside the movie, living all the intense moments they go through as your own.

Well done, the most unexpected superhero saga of the 2000-2010's.

Waste your time if you'd like.

Yawn .

Waste of time .

I'm in SecurityGenre: Thriller/Fantasy My Score: 7.4Cast=10 Acting=7 Plot=9 Ending=9 Story=4 Intense=7 Pace=5 Suspense=7 Imagine=8 Twist=8Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.

Don't waste your time.

It's a shame that such stellar actors appeared in such a boring movie.

It was incredibly original, riveting in the sense that there was a subtlety of mystery in the storyline.

The lady that plays the psychologist was super boring.

So by now, you've watched all the previous movies leading up to this and you're confronted with a bunch of pointless dialogue until...

A Glass half empty .

He works with the surprise factor, making the plot events unexpected.

His performance's alone is worth the watch, like damn.

Twists and twisted action packed.

I like the theme, but I thought it was a bit boring at times.

The action is poorly done and very disjointed.

This movie entertains for starting 5 mins , after that it gets boring and pathetic and nothing happens in the movie .

It's unexpected .

I was playing on my DS while watching this and it was still agonizingly boring.

UNBRREAKABLE was a fine, inventive, and above all, exciting motion picture (up until that ill-advised final freeze frame with its docudrama captions.

The fight that ensues is perhaps a little closely filmed, but tension filled and exciting.

it feels unfinished, leaves you a empty glass.

I thought Glass was dumb and boring and not even the cast could save it.

The roles were limited and much of the beginning was so boring I didn't get it at all.


Waste of time and money, no point in the movie, long and boring

Save your money.

He has good story ideas, but someone who can actually write a script needs to tear his writing apart and put it together in a way that makes sense and feels like it's worth watching.

The Movie sets in on a thrilling Moment & keeps its Momentum until the very End.

Yet for all that, I thought this was a compelling story with a phenomenal performance by McAvoy, who positions himself as a contender for the role of a 'real' super-hero villain at some point down the road.

Really weak, even boring .

GLASS is a moderately engaging telling followup to UNBREAKABLE.

I get why it was created the way it was but it was slow and a little boring.

If I had been in the movie theater I would have walked out.

This movie was to boring for me, and I did not feel much for the story.

Slow buildup, interesting interaction between characters.

Worth watching, what you expect from the movies

For those who haven' seen those 2 I'd think the whole story will be somewhat confusing though?

Probably one of the most interesting and fascinating stories so touching & real.

So boring.

There is a beginning, middle and end to every story, but with Superheroes there is a particular formula that's generally more evocative of childhood fantasies and wish fulfillment, making for exaggerated situations and unbelievable showdowns.

It doesn t follow the usual structure of a superhero movie, which would be ok except it just feels awkward, stagnant, nonsensical and dull at many points.

I enjoy realistic fight scene, the brutality and power can make it even more entertaining than CGI filled scenes.

Don't waste your money or time.

Was expecting Unbreakable + Slip = popcorn!.. instead got weird story line, actors got paid, production got noticed, an entertaining assemblage of names selling the possibility of two previous cinematic masterpieces, resulting in a script with half the oomph.

On the upside, the movie's saved by James McAvoy, who's superb as Kevin and all his personalities once again, a slightly exciting score by West Dylan Thordson - who blatantly borrows "Split" compositions, - a commendable, delicate resolution by Shyamalan and a third act so well executed that it'll surely leave you speechless, something that, in one way or another, the filmmaker keeps doing masterfully.

The movie is pretty slow and doesn't match the the previous 2.

Don't quite get the 'surprising ending' idea, it's entirely predictable and very much a follow on from the fore runner movies.

It starts out appearing to be a sequel for two films that actually worked, but it turns into a weird, pointless drama about a shrink.

There are moments of violence which are brilliantly done and one in particular that sent tingles down my spine from how unexpected and stealthy it was.

However both of these are spoiled by the very slow developing storyline and somewhat cryptic script.

A decade of gaining fans trust back all to squander it for a static slow character study?

The starter premise of the movie to me was fantastic; the exploration that these superhuman characters we have come to know may actually just be mentally ill is an intriguing idea and something I wanted to explore in more depth.

This was truly a boring flick, and nothing exciting happened the entire movie.

There are way too many scenes in the film that seem pointless, there are loads of things that don't make sense and then it all ends in a lacklustre mess with an attempt at a plot twist that only served to drag the film out further - by which time it felt more than long enough already.

As well as a thrilling and frightening musical score by West Dylan Thordson .

This movie starts slow, and doesn't accelerate its tempo at any point.

Very clever and thoroughly enjoyable .

Unfortunately I found the final result quite boring, superhero's with mild superpowers, rooted in the real world, just aren't interesting.

All three characters come together in a unique and fascinating way.

I really enjoyed it!

Mind blowing script....

What makes it so dumb is the simple fact that the intensive exploration of the protagonists already took place in the prequels and thus wastes enough time spending on this unnecessary aspect that lead to no results or didn't add anything new to it.

I enjoyed very much until the End: I expected more from Shyamalan than creating a "background force" cliche ending.

I gasped, I giggled, I enjoyed it thoroughly

In summary, Glass seemed a confusing mess to me and my movie theatre-working friend.

It let me with an empty feeling, like I needed to see more.

Bold, Well-acted, Often Entertaining, Messy .

It's a great concept let down by poor writing, low-budget execution, and a repetitive, uninteresting storyline.

The first half of the film gave us action packed reimmergence of Bruce Willis.

The story is very slow and, basicaly, the whole movie looks to live off of James's different personalities.

James' performance was amazing but the movie was so slow and boring that I left early.

Hopefully, when I watch it with a full caffeine load, I can stay awake long enough to reach the parts of the movie that are supposedly phenomenal.

We feel empty at the end waiting for a surprise after credits...

"They had so many ways to execute so many parts of the plot and the story in general, but so many defining points where just flat and boring and cheap.

Did not like it, it was boring, and not because I expected a super-cheesy super hero movie, I'm not even a fan of those.

It's not up to par, but it's still entertaining, and it serves to put this trilogy to end.

Split was brilliant, original and enjoyable?

And though there are a few shortcomings & mishaps along the road, the film as a whole is way better, gripping & more interesting than what the general consensus is designating it to be.

Unexpected twist.