Gloria Bell (2018) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A free-spirited woman in her 50s seeks out love at L.A. dance clubs.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Sebastián Lelio
Stars: Julianne Moore, John Turturro
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 49 out of 121 found boring (40.49%)

One-line Reviews (113)

A Fantastic Woman was also a really engrossing effort, with all eyes on leading star Daniela Vega.

In the end, if your life is too happy, if you have too much joy and you really want to feel depressed, go waste two hours of your life in this movie.

The film itself is a bit slow moving at times.

I have walked out of 2 films in my life - this was the second.

So boring .

It's not too complex at face value, but is definitely entertaining for the most part.

Sooo many long drawn out scenes that don't have any meaning, intrigue, suspense or even chemistry.

mindless, boring, it was hard not to walk out during the movie.

Boring .

We enjoyed it for Julianne Moore.

beyond that Zzzzz

This tale of "Gloria" - a 50-something woman seeking a bit of love and excitement is more than a little stereotypical - she's bored, divorced, and lonely.

Disjointed random bits of nothing happening between barely developed characters, scenes that go nowhere, & time-killing filler.

The conversations came over like an initial read through of a script rather than interactions between fine actors who were immersed in their roles.


It was just a flat, bland, unemotional film.

Yes, it is so boring that I had to say it before it was even over.

Gloria Laura Branigan Gloria, you're always on the run now Running after somebody, you gotta get him somehow I think you've got to slow down before you start to blow it I think you're headed for a breakdown, so be careful not to show it You really don't remember, was it something that he said.

Most of the scenes are interminable-they are either completely unnecessary or they drag on way too long.

The film's director, Sebastián Lelio, was remaking an earlier version of the same film, which is itself a pretentious artistic enterprise.

Boring & sad .

I think it was insulting and pointless.

OMG, Boring.

Bored to death!

Boring and struggling.


It was pointless, and he also seemed to disappear in the second half of the film.

It stayed boring and worthless until the end.

If you like fast paced, action movies with lots of suspense, this movie is not for you.

The relationship with her kids, her sick love life, her boring work, her loneliness.

Julianna Moore's acting is superb in anything she does, HOWEVER, this coming of age, into a certain age, into old age......

One of the worst movies I've seen.

Those moments seemed self-indulgent and comic, as opposed to profound.

We then get to know Gloria: she has two grown-up kids, and she has a boring job at an insurance company.

The most boring movie of the year .



A pointless film about a woman leading a pointless life .

This film's premise seemed intriguing, sadly, it was not the case.

well, there really is no plot.

But having three pointless, ridiculous and completely inappropriate nude scenes?

No plot and not a good story .

However, this is overall an entertaining dramedy for those of us who like the cast.

While not perfect, it's an enjoyable movie that first and foremost functions as a character study.

So they all participated in one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

In this case, even though Julianne Moore is generally fascinating to watch, all of those extended takes of her just felt like wasted screen time.

She has two grown children-a son (Michael Cera who was so bland in this it was like he wasn't there at all) who has a new baby and a missing wife.

A waste of time .


Just don't waste your time .. I'm not sure I can mention any good thing about the movie, maybe just the background music .. Otherwise the whole movie is really boring!

Super slow...

Gloria Bell (2019) - 7.1 Act 1 - 6.6 Act 2 - 7.1 Act 3 - 7.6Good Looking for a new purpose with kids doing their own things Looking for love About finding self worth Single middle aged woman going through life Great score Good use of music Care about characters Art house indie Score makes scenes more impressive than they are and really set the tone of the film Gives insight into characters mindset in scenes Music is used really well Julianne Moore is great Very good performances Went on a journey with this character Satisfying endingBad Boring at times Majority of film is stagnant Could have had stronger plot points to put more weight and emotion on the line

The whole film was dull and best forgotten.

In 70 years, I have walked out on three films.

I really enjoyed it, it was a celebratory and joyous take on a mostly mundane life.

Incredibly slow and boring .

Unfortunately, I found it unnecessarily long and boring.

I will admit that sometimes the movie focuses on something too mundane, such as her brushing her teeth, or leaves out too much, such as what happens to her at the Las Vegas hotel when she is on her own.

The duo Julianne Moore + John Turturro is stunning, knowing that Julianne Moore is gorgeous, as usual.

Everything in Gloria's life is bland and boring and she's a "nice girl" who is meek and mild and doesn't do anything to upset the apple cart.

I can see how some people found it boring, it's a slow paced movie focused on character development.

This is a superbly boring movie.

A glossy, visually stunning portrait of solitude and the many obstacles to true bonding and communication.

fast-forward as much as you can, & it's still too slow.

One of those artsy fartsy movies that thinks following around a character as they go about their boring, day to day lives is profound.

B O R I N G story, boring characters .

No plot, no acting, no nothing.

Predictable .

Don't Waste Your Money...

He is having marriage problems and seems like a miserable bore (so...

Lovely as she is, this was very self-indulgent fixation by the director, who was hired by the executive producer, who is Julianne Moore herself.

Slow and boring movie .

Totally disjointed awful movie with good acting , aq total waste of time and money.

super pointless...

Complete waste of my time...

You fall asleep.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

Gloria Bell (Julianne Moore) is divorced, alone, working a boring insurance job, with children growing away, ad finds herself frequenting dance clubs/bars.

Don't waste your time and money...

Entertaining Slice-of-Life .

too many loose ends that left you bored, not wondering, or wanting Moore!

That's why the movie is so boring.

Don't Waste Your Time .

Era confusing .

Some scenes are cut badly and are way too long.

Most entertaining part of this film was the end when they play "GLORIA" .

Worth watching even if only for the last 3-4 minutes of the movie.

Kinda boring.

Frankly I was bored right out of th box.

Really bored actually!

Life is boring and mundane-we don't need a movie that portrays this especially when the lead is so unappealing and dull.

There's no story, no struggle, no plot whatsoever.

I've seen quite a few unfair reviews saying this film was boring.

Empty .

So boring and too long.

Gloria is a bland boring unattractive sad sack who brings nothing to the table...

Dragged on in some areas.

Tried to stay awake .

But it's the slow moving, boring story of a bored, lonely, divorced mother with problematic adult kids (Gloria) who meets a bored, lonely, divorced man with problematic adult kids and a needy ex-wife (Arnold).

The characters were wooden, the dialogue was boring and how many gratuitous t*t shots of Julianne Moore do we need?

I was surprised that it actually had me gripped, I enjoyed it.

Funny, enjoyable.

As described in the bonus segment of the DVD, the goal was to present "an intense journey" of the protagonist.

If my life as I get older gets as dreary and loveless as Gloria's, I'm going to take a plane to Alaska and walk out onto an ice floe and be done with it.

then too often boring .

The acting and story kept me more captivated than the original which was slow and boring.

As was the case with the 2013 original, which featured a stunning performance by Paulina Garcia, the success of the remake was likely to hinge on whether the actress cast in the title role, would make this her own, letting us forget about the original role.


Very boring.

Dysfunctional and boring characters the Cats ok .

The movie is slow, meandering through nothingness until the very end.

Gloria Bell is an absorbing character study, for which Moore should be nominated, taking us through the joy of letting go through dance to immersing in affections ill-timed and disappointing.

I was so bored to continue watching it.