Godsend (2004) - Action, Drama, Fantasy

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A couple agree to have their deceased son cloned, under the supervision of an enigmatic doctor, but bizarre things start to happen several years after his rebirth.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Nick Hamm
Stars: Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 73 out of 190 found boring (38.42%)

One-line Reviews (176)

The movies simply started off slow and continued to maintain its turtle pace.

Those moments were suspenseful, this scene is almost at the end -- "Let's wrap it up".

For eg. when Greg Kinnear's character goes back to the city to try to understand the visions and nightmares his son is getting, just too slow and obvious.

Unimaginative and boring chiller that lacks intelligence, originality and chills .

I wish they would have given it more of an evil spin instead of a predictable occurrence.

Sure, far more academic subjects have been made into riveting dramas.

And, in addition to the movie's obvious and preachy statements about the course of humans' technological development and it's effect on our relationship w/ god (as one clever poster pointed out, Godsend could be read Gods end) we get a dose of Hollywood formulaic movie making.

"Fascinating, really.

When watching i was pretty much bored i must say.

It could be have been a bit more gripping.

Stamos and Kinnear seemed very lacking in their portrayal of grieving parents, like the atmosphere around them was dry and dull ; it showed in their acting.

" This was the worst movie i hope i'll ever have the misfortune to see...

Hide and Seek is another one of the crop of generic, bland, and vanilla "thriller" movies, and there's absolutely nothing about it that's worth watching, ever.

Robert De Niro is not good in this film, i don't know why, but he looks like he would bored.

From the first moment Robert De Niro appears on screen, you can derive he's an ill-natured scientist and even his professionally bland performance can't save this boring film.

please enthrall us once again Bobby with that intense grasp of character acting you once had.

Slow, spooky, and generic.

Illogical thrilling, it could have been better...

Robert De Niro urgently needs to do another gangster-movie, if you ask me, and needs to stay away from dull comedies and horror/thrillers.

My Take: Boring rehash that wastes its cast and its audience as well.

I suppose it was supposed to leave a lot to the imagination, but all it did was make the movie more confusing.

Please don't waste your time watching it!

I enjoyed it a great deal.

because its so very dull, apart from when the credits role Save your money and buy a more interesting film instead...

The old woman (Janet Bailey as Cora Williams) telling about the evil boy Zachary is another cliché, seen in "Ring," "Ring 2," "Missed Call," also in "Matrix 2.

The movie finishes in a rather dull way, makes you almost forget the horror chills.

This is an informative track, but it's very drab.

THe kids cute and enjoyable.

so really a waste of time.

What a waste of money.

If you are at all inclined to agree with me after this review, save your money.

Everything about it was so contrived.

And how unsatisfying and completely confusing can you make an ending for a film that was practically a waste of time to begin with?

And even if the story otherwise was somewhat predictable, I must confess I was intrigued what they were going to do with the kid at the end.

The funny thing is that even this feels like a bad cliché.

Yes, the film was so dull that I had time to notice little things like that.

As many have said here, the premise for me was really intriguing which is why I took this film home from the video shop in the first place.

set apart a good performance on De Niro, the first half of the movie is good, it keeps the interest, and the flow, but it comes to a point where the movie is just plain boring at it's best, then it turns into a mix between chuckie and Freddie joke, the suspense in the second half is really bad, the movie lacks of rithm and the base of suspense that is lose a little scare a little, it just predictable most of the time, performances in the rest of the crew is as good as you may expect, do not expect anything close to silence of the lambs, seven, six sense, the ring, not even at the signs level that fell sometimes into the comedy.

Overall, I believe Godsend is worth watching, so let's look at the positive points first.

have a crappy movie party but don't waste current time that you could be spending with your kids, or reading, or writing, or talking on the phone, or internet surfing...

Why was it so unbearable for Adam (Zachariy???

What starts out as an intriguing insight into the moral and ethical complications behind the concept of cloning turns into an uneven and flat attempt at cheap thrills that leaves you with more question then when you started with.

What starts out as an intriguing insight into the moral and ethical complications behind the concept of cloning turns into an uneven and flat attempt at cheap thrills that leaves you with more question then when you started with.

But everything that happens is so incredibly predictable, that this film loses all its intrigue.

1/10 (a total waste of time)

As soon as the cliché ghost story elements of it takes off, you're in for something you've seen many times before.

Tame, mundane and entirely without courage.

The ending was pointless.

And how unsatisfying and completely confusing can you make an ending for a film that was practically a waste of time to begin with?

After all these years i can still put this flick on and get a good couple of frights, also finding it intriguing to follow the backbone of the story and twist, especially towards the second half it really gets my attention.

Obviously it's not comparable with Shyamalam's first work, because Godsend is so predictable, full of easy frights that we've watched in hundreds of terror movies (so we expect those frights as well), and a final turn that surprises no one.

This is a good idea, but the result is unfortunate rather boring.

I think if they want worst movies of the year they should rent stuff like "The Secret Window" then tell me which they think was worse!

This is a very thrilling film.

What might have been a potential silly (yet enjoyable) thriller has been squandered by inept storytelling, characterization, and indifferent direction.

Slow and lacking in genuine innovation or originality, this only serves to remind us that the actor who appeared in Taxi Driver and Raging Bull now seemingly has a large mortgage to pay off.

There were some suspenseful moments in the movie as their new/old child exhibits strange and dangerous behavior.

It wasn't supposed to be revolutionary, it was just supposed to be a good, but predictable horror thriller whatever.

While "Godsend" is no masterpiece, one cannot deny that the subject matter of this film; human cloning/genetic engineering is fascinating stuff indeed.

However, if the viewer can see through that, then it might be enjoyable.

Also the end poor and obviously showing that the boy is still troubled by it all so was a pointless time to end, and the point with De Niro looking in the obituaries to find another kid was wrong......

Godsend is a crap movie extremely boring.

I know that Hollywood newly found ha scary a child could be, but this film is boring.

This is one of the few horror movies I've seen lately that, instead of slashing and slicing its way through a pointless gore fest (which are fun by the way, just not great movies), is one that you may actually still be talking about by next week.

Nice horror, disappointing but unpredictable twist.

The character's are dull & the dialogue even more so, there is very little about Godsend that I can praise.

It's stupid, convoluted, predictable and ultimately leaves the audience feel cheated.

Basically it seems that at first they were basing a story around the old Adam wanting his body back then this crazy story about De Niro's crazy Damien like kid taking over..just so confusing and silly and, as a fledgling script writer, I cannot understand that these issues weren't sorted out at the draft stage.

The cinematography is mediocre, the soundtrack is bland, and there really is no reason to spend good money seeing it.

Maybe I fell asleep at the part when all this was being explained.

It's boring, stupid, and has one of the dumbest endings of recent times.

the music getting slower and slower until there is no music...

A story with a lot of promise, but with a slow pace and a very weak ending.

I found this movie enjoyable entertaining and somewhat thrilling.

The denouement is apart from predictable also very cheesy.

Subject matter could make for an interesting movie, had it not been treated with the usual approach, here it ends up being a tired predictable excuse for a movie, with a plot twist you have seen coming like a freighttrain going 200 miles an hour.

neither thrilling nor scary .

It was absolutely bad, all over the place and PREDICTABLE.

The ending was bland and uninteresting.

Director Hamm makes the thing look like a dreary TV drama & he fails to build any sort of tension, suspense or atmosphere.

Worst movie I have seen thisyear .

comic than what starts out as an intelligent thriller), we wind up with a completely ambiguous, meaningless and confusing ending.

But it's true here; Godsend spends about an hour and forty minutes going through the motions and boring the hell out of you, employing every "thriller" cliché in the proverbial law book along the way, and then just...

This film is a slow starter with run-of-the-mill performances by Robert Deniro, Greg Kinnear, and Rebecca Romijn.

Richard, the scheming, confident evil doctor is dragged by the coat at least three times and is apparently submissive.

The father too, looks in the cupboard, it's empty, his son arrives from behind and he screams frightened as hell...

It was exciting and interesting to watch and I really liked it.

What is confusing, at best, is the fact that when the original Adam died, he was celebrating his eighth birthday, and when we see the new Adam, he is about to blow the eight candles of the chocolate cake!

Intense thriller that will keep your brain working.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Plagued by strange memories of his own death, the child, Adam begins to sink into a world of scary and confusing dreams and hallucinations, hinting at his previous life, and violent death.

And the parts that were a little long winded were boring.


If you want something more entertaining watch the first Omen, Sixth Sense, Stir of Echoes Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

in between yawns .

With Jessie no longer able to have children, the couple agree to the illegal and experimental procedure (which also involves moving to a big empty house) and the new born is soon with them.

"Godsend" is not a flashy, bloody horror movie, but rather a slow moving, cerebral mystery/horror, that makes the viewer think, and wonder.

Definitely no plot.

) This movie is pointless and accomplishes nothing.

It says nothing, explains nothing, develops nothing, leads to nowhere, appears low-budget, and is a waste of money.

Everything in this movie is typical, cliché, Hollywood.

Possibly the worst movie ever made .

It turns out to be a heavy-handed, boring, poorly constructed schlock horror-film.

It was a god awful waste of time and money.

The motion picture blends terror,suspense,strong emotions,shocks and is a few slow moving and for that is a little bored,besides is developed at interior scenarios without outdoors barely.

It sound and look so thrilling that I have to check it out.

The script by co-producer Mark Bomback takes the topical issue of cloning & genetics together with your basic mad scientist horror film & for some strange reason ended up with a really dull, boring & almost laughable film that plays like a boring made-for-TV drama film for the first half before it descends into complete ridiculousness as it throws any factual science or logic out of the window & becomes a weak ghost story with a very predictable & annoying twist ending that you can see coming from a mile off & the final insult is one of the weakest, lamest endings that leaves you there saying 'is that it?

The actors give a competent but dull performance, even DeNiro, and the detachment is especially embodied in the troubled kid.

The dialogue is utterly dismal, the first two thirds of the film were move slow and create little interest in the movie for the viewer.

*Spoilers* This movie is a well crafted project , but despite good efforts the movie ends up being detached and predictable.

The realist drama in Godsend tends to be very slow and relatively uneventful--just as one might expect from someone not really wanting to make a horror film.

Rating 4/10, worth watching if you're a die-hard fan of any of the stars involved.

The whole film is very disjointed and doesn't flow well at all.

Every scare was predictable - paint by numbers stuff seen in a million other movies.

I was very disappointed with the movie because they took an interesting idea and made it boring.

A bit disturbing, yet somehow morbidly fascinating to watch, and not able to stop, this almost futuristic idea of what you can you do with life, and in a way death, boggles one's mind with amazement.

Oddball horror flick that has that little bit of science fiction mixed in to make a slow-moving and disjointed mess.

Complete waste of time.. SPOILERS.

Pretty dull mainstream horror/thriller about a kid who dies and gets cloned.

This feature starts with great promise and an interesting premise, but somehow manages to be boring, even when the young man starts to have frightening visions.

Practically nothing happens in the first half, except for a lot of discussions about morals and parental feelings (yawn) and the second half feels very déjà-vu.

The first half was best part of what was a very disappointing movie and then the plot became oh so boringly predictable.

'Godsend, The' is another mediocre attempt to mix up science fiction and suspense in a dull and boring story about genetic experimentation.

so don't waste your money..wait for the dvd to come to out rent this and a bunch of other crappy movies with a group of friends and discuss...

At least, I noticed the people around me jump during specific thrilling moments of the film.

and the plot was so bland...

Overall - it is a good thriller, with good thrilling atmosphere, nice camera work and one demonic kid :)

This is a movie, intended to scare people from genetic research - it is purely propaganda, not to mention the worst movie I have seen since Godfather III.

There's nothing there, it leaves you empty and bored; neutral to the whole mess.

And what's worse: it's so predictable.

Then he gets bored (or watches some Dario Argento film) and turns it from a great science fiction idea into a horror film.

I don't know, but what I do know is this movie had too many slow scenes in it.

Nowhere is this better symbolized then in the church fights, with its burning bible, and smoking church, but it ends up seeming contrived as it does not fit in the rest of the movies imagery.

I think this film was decent, entertaining and decently directed, just lacked a good script, it didn't make sense as well as it should have.

The writer should have explored the issue rather than use it as an excuse to make an inexcusably dull film.

He looked bored and his performance just wasn't very interesting.

This is another 'don't waste your time' movie, but if you insist, like I suggested in the other review, be sure to have plenty of tasks at hand to do while watching - that way it won't be a complete loss of your precious time!

It's the Cliché death of child, parents shattered, want him back and will do anything (I.

Boring in the Middle .

It has the slowing most boring beginnings ever in a movie then it grabs you by your shirt and scares you with cheap shots (cheap shots is what makes horror movies great) and creepy moments, but the movie ends with such a confusing ending that we're left wondering: are they going to make a sequel and if so will Robert De Niro (who I might add saved this movie with his as always brilliant performance).

" And he's obviously a good actor -- completely likable and natural as the real kid, and terrifying -- and unpredictable -- as the clone.

Yep, that's about as spooky as it gets & the so-called exciting climax that takes place in a shed is underwhelming to say the least.

It was very slow to start and we were frustrated waiting for 'the key' or the 'smoking gun' so that we could put the information together.

His mistake was trying to incorporate Shymalan's trademark "twist" element, but also to distance from the "kid sees dead people" cliché.

Probably the worst movie ever made.

Unfortunately the camera serves only to make a boring film very slightly scary, slightly.

The horror elements were very predictable.

The "twist" was predictable.

Even if you go into this film giving the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt for ripping-off Rosemary's Baby, you'll still have problems with the film's uneven and utterly confusing second half.

It's a shame that Hamm wasn't able to pull this movie off, it had an exciting idea that I was looking forward to.

It is boring, slow, unintelligent and badly acted.

The atmosphere of the movie is great too - winter season, leafless trees, dull colors, howling wind - keeps you focused that something nasty would happen right away.

Thy cud have made the story quite gripping and formidable.

Trite, boring, pretty bad acting, preachy, and overall, pretty worthless.

It's alright i mean people are toting it the worst movie of the year.

Instead of exploring the interesting human dilemma of wanting your child back after it's death or the emotional consequence of being a clone, this film goes for the dull shock tactic of scary monsters from the after life!

" The boy drawing evil pictures showing that he is possessed is another cliché from "Ring," "Sixth Sense," and "Dark Water.

Don't go if you want to be scared, do go if you would like to waste some money.

Expecting a suspenseful, perhaps chilling, afternoon at the theater, what I got instead was almost two hours of two adults asking a little boy "Are you all right?

Aside from a modestly effective twist near the end of the movie regarding the real identity of the child "Adam," this was a bland movie pretty much the whole way through.

Boring and annoyingly full of logic flaws.

The story was really lame and predictable.

One of the most trite scenes: Robert De Niro (who sure seems to be following the dollar a lot these days [see "Shark's Tale".

The film was completely disjointed, didn't make a whole lot of sense and did nothing to grip me.

If you absolutely have to add Godsend to your "seen it" file, make sure you get it with a 2-for-1 coupon and watch it on a boring Sunday afternoon alone on the couch, curled up with a tub of Ben & Jerry's---then it would be okay.

What starts as a truly absorbing horror/thriller, starts to make less and less sense as events turn towards the ridiculous.

The ending was beyond pointless.

The only impressive thing about this film was the writers' and directors' ability to include every single already-done cliché about evil kids, evil twins, a strange mystery, etc. -- and manage to make them all fall flat.

Pro - Christian propaganda .

In the church scene where Richard makes his confession (pretty standard symbolism) he declares that the pain and frustration is unbearable.

Even if you go into this film giving the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt for ripping-off Rosemary's Baby, you'll still have problems with the film's uneven and utterly confusing second half.

Fantastic performances, an intelligent script, beautiful photography, unpredictable plot twist after the next.

I had to go see it with a group of teenagers and one of them fell asleep.

The twist is cliche and not really much of an ending at all.

If it's on TV, grab a member of the opposite sex and use the few adrenaline points for a little excitement.

His grief in the opening act is compelling and he says a thousand more things by saying nothing and slumping to his knees between the door frame of his sons room than Rebecca Romijn-Stamos does by screaming her son's name as she stumbles through the woods.