Godzilla (1998) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A giant, reptilian monster surfaces, leaving destruction in its wake as it strides into New York City. To stop it, an earthworm scientist, his reporter ex-girlfriend, and other unlikely heroes team up to save their city.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Roland Emmerich
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 155 out of 816 found boring (18.99%)

One-line Reviews (485)

The first thing that stood out for me in this movie was how enjoyable the scenes with the human characters were.

Now, I can agree that "Godzilla" has no real plot, no characters, no good acting (except, arguably, for Jean Reno), and a septic script.

The action got too into itself and was far too drawn-out, and the special effects were nothing to get excited about.

Overall, don't waste one cent of your money on this trash.

Emmerich, who surely knows how to turn out an entertaining popcorn flick (often at the expense of logic and character development) puts on a good show here, with solid special effects, fun chase scenes and lots of lots of destruction.

What a bore.

this movie was so bad, it bored me to tears...

Despite all the violence there is no blood or gore, but I still think it's way too intense for kids and should be rated "R.

This is an enjoyable movie to watch.

Enjoyable .

The scenery is splendid, the editing is good enough, some sequences are entertaining and Godzilla while different is very well designed.

I mean take any of the previous Godzilla movies they're all lame but enjoyable to an extent.

The movie is too bad to waste much time writing a review about it.

Unfortunately, this giant velociraptor loose in Manhattan is more boring than entertaining.

This may make it less realistic, but it's arguably more entertaining.

Jean Reno is a very good actor, but he has such a boring character he can't make him believable!

There's a limit to how much an original film with boring plot, bad effects can hold up after 60 years.

Who with an IQ containing more than one digit is going to waste money just to go and see another thrill-less, imagination-less, pointless plodder?

Broderick is at his worst while Maria Pitillo is unbearable as an idiot reporter.

It's certainly worth watching.

Seeing all his dead offspring, papa Godzilla goes on an all out rampage and this last fifteen minutes of the film offers the most exciting and entertaining sequences of the entire two hours and thirty minutes.

The story follows the tried-and-true formula: scientist/military personnel track an unknown threat by piecing together reports of unusual activity across the globe, monster appears in heavily populated and well-known urban setting, initial attacks on the monster prove futile, etc., etc. Set up as a summer tentpole, this movie takes the formula of its B-movie forefathers and expands it into a 139-minute extravaganza of exciting action and special effects.

We have an extremely weak script here that bores us with cardboard characters who keep saying the same old unoriginal lines over and over.

There is an idea that intense radiation causes creature to mutate by growing, and Godzilla was exposed to the French nuclear testing and is really big.

It was slow in spots and the acting stunk, granted, but I defy anyone to say they were bored from the time our heroes entered Madison Square Garden until the end of the picture.

It's somewhat entertaining-lots of monster destruction, with the military frantically trying to save the Big Apple from the Big Guy.

This is the first I have ever fell asleep in at the theater.

The build up in the film is excellent, the makers mount the tension in steady strokes, doing what all classic monster movie makers do, they have you waiting with gripping expectation of the creature by a series of scenarios and inventive dialogue.

Why did Columbia/Tri-Star waste their time and money on this piece of crap?

Dumb, yet entertaining .

And if you throw in inside jokes and humor for the animals the kiddies might have dragged along to the cinema?

I now feel like it was a waste of time..It just drags on and on with poor dialogue, flat undeveloped characters, bad acting (Broderick is detestable), over-used special effects and the lack of a plot whatsoever.

this film stands on it's own and is a fast action paced, highly entertaining movie with special effects that were the best at the time.

Unfortunately it's a dull, patchy, soulless, derivative, irritating snoozefest with exactly zero unexpected scenes or twists.

In my opinion, it's much more entertaining compared to the original 1954 film, and I give it higher points just for that.

There is, however, one moderately exciting action sequence, set in the ruins of Madison Square Garden, as the baby 'Zillas hatch and search for prey.

I was bored in this film, so much so that I almost fell asleep and when I saw the film unfolding exactly the way my brother prophesized it to do, I laughed.

This Godzilla is fun and entertaining, though borders on comedy.

In fact, I enjoyed it!

The only thing really startling about this film is that they could be so predictable.


From the opening titles, which clearly explain the origin of the title antagonist with a series of smoothly juxtaposed archive images of radioactivity tests and nuclear-bomb detonations with the French national anthem fading to nothing in the background being replaced by David Arnold's incredibly underrated score (and talent), is to me, a signal that this film is going to be of a very high quality and a riveting two-hour ride of escapism.

This gets tiresome very fast, and the other thing that drags this sequence down is that it's so obviously ripped off from Jurassic Park that it becomes painfully intrusive.

-cliche, cliche, cliche.

What a waste of time!

Japanese Godzilla movies from the 50's are still enjoyable and fun.

Another thing about this film, is that it tries so hard to be another "Jurassic Park", adding, of course, the rampage of the baby Godzillas and an enjoyable final chase scene.

Somewhat entertaining, and maybe worth a single watch, if you can stand to sit through the whole thing(or jump to lay past the half of it).

(One of the actors from the original Godzilla series, who was a featured guest at the convention, walked out during the movie-can't say that I blame him).

I really enjoyed it.

Yuch, both a waste of my time and my money.

It's a big budget sci-fi action film full of so-called spectacle, but at its heart it's terribly empty and lacking in any genuine dramatic content.

If you want to waste your time and your money, watch this turkey.

My pick for the worst movie ever.

(thats why they invented drama) This movie has it all, it is a thrill-ride that keeps you on the edge of your couch from the beginning to the end.

But besides this objection the movie was very entertaining.

This horrible waste of time, talent (whoops!

Well, maybe it was better than I thought even with its simplistic and somewhat predictable script.

The biggest problem is that it's simply too dull at the start.

BAD characters: The hero is boringly monotone, in appearance as in speech; the hero's girlfriend is a real bitch and deserved stepping on - why then bring the two of them back together?

But then again, who would complain about the effects if the film was thrilling and fun ?

Don't waste your time - see the original.

What an implausible work of boredom.

I haven't seen this since it played in theaters in 1998, but if memory serves me right, the title sequence was low-key and evocative, very well-done.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Matthew Broderick continues to show why he and his wife have no business being famous, and the supporting cast is given the usual monotone drivel that continues to fuel today's movies.

See only if you are bored.

Overall it is an entertaining if often painfully dated film.

Besides the obvious predictable plot, this film lacked many important things.

Worst movie ever made?

What the "all effects, no story" complaints miss is the impact of truly exciting special effects.

In between the post-Hiroshima anxiety of Gojira (1954) and the retributive-Gaia wonder of Godzilla (2014) there lies this Roland Emmerich disaster film, appropriately adapted to his action/comedy intensive priorities.

All special effects, no plot, acting or anything else.

I could watch this again if I wanted to since it was enjoyable.

As I see it there are three categories of bad movies 1) those that are boring 2) those that are unintentionally funny and 3) those that move you from the bottom of your soul by being so incredibly, mesmerisingly awful.

When you decide to watch a film like Godzilla, you are ready to suspend your disbelief but you hope that the events shown will be coherent and at the same time unexpected.

While the film is simultaneously giving us a lot of genres--sci-fi, horror, adventure, war film, drama, etc. the most unexpected motif is the almost cartoonish, spoof-like humor.

Did I mention that I really thought this movie was the worst movie of all time?

An enjoyable monster movie.

Now, I get that the original realized the concept and is a classic; but honestly were you entertained or bored for most of the movie?

In other words an exciting film.

But what a waste of my time.

The lines were lame and the plot, sorry there was no plot, only the idea of a big lizard that it must to be killed.

If you ever wanted to see a story that you can predict from the disc cover to the end scene and want to hate everyone in it and be bored by boring scenes, boring lines and boring screenplay while you're at it, this is the one.

When talking about a Hollywood movie, it should be entertaining.

There was no plot to the remake of the classic film we all know.

That quibble aside, Godzilla is still a mostly very bad movie, lacking in exciting action and sporting the worst attempts at comic relief (the jokes here-which include quips at Siskel/Ebert, mispronouncing a guy's last name, a cowardly guy named Craven who can't stop sneezing-are even worse than those in Wild Wild West).

It's no ALIENS (1986) or JURASSIC PARK (1993), but the movie is exciting despite its flaws.

I felt that the chase scenes were great, I was on the edge of my seat.

Naff, yes, but atmospheric, innovative and entertaining even today, with their hideous dubbing, the C - list American actors dressed as Japanese (including the unavoidable blonde scientist, who's always a bit of a women's lib sympathizer in the beginning) and their Japanese counterparts dressed as American C - list actors, and the lovingly executed special effects.

Mediocre,yet an enjoyable film .

Reminiscent of Jurassic Park, the velociraptor-like beasts stalk our collection of stereotypes around a plethora of dark corridors, and the effect is all rather gripping.

That, by the way, caused me confusion.

The entire cast and crew must be embarrassed at this disgraceful waste of so much money.

Personally, this show as of those who condemn this movie, I enjoyed it, A COMPLETE MIX OF MANY SHOW TYPE (SUSPENSE, THRILL and lots more) what more can we ask if this wasn't done?

This was my all-time worst movie I had ever seen, until I saw Battlefield Earth.

That not withstanding, this is still a good production; highly entertaining; and creatively directed, enacted and presented.

Maybe therefore I could enjoy this movie for its own entertaining value, without having or wanting to compare it to other movies.

Godzilla is not only an inaccurate adaptation, it's also boring, and that's just plain unforgivable.

What I am here to talk about is the shere boredom induced by this movie that the Japanese movies never brought about.

But, I got to admit, Emmerich can make some highly entertaining turd films.

It is yawn-inducing, as is most of the film.

The characters were dull and it was too predictable.


an enjoyable couple of hours watching a giant lizard rampage through a city with state of the art special fx.

To this view, she was convincing and engaging.

this movie has been too critizised, i mean.. its no THAT bad, its just maybe the worst movie you could ever make out of the idea of a great mutated dinosaur in NYC.

Fell asleep during .

So give me one reason to even waste my time explaining the plot.

Godzilla isn't the greatest movie, but it is a great one to watch on a boring, Friday night.

They hated him because he wasn't the bulky, slow moving, guy in a suit that is the original Godzilla.

Here is a hint about How to don't waste your money?

Pure Excitement and adrenaline rush....

May people say that it had no plot.

But I feel myself that even if it's failed as a remake, it's certainly a thrilling movie in its own right.

This is a coming of age story for a woman.

It was fun and I enjoyed it; I've seen worse action movies.


If you want to condemn Jurassic Park 2 or Independance Day, find with me (they are pretty crap), but Godzilla is a thoroughly enjoyable film, enjoy it for what it is, not what it could/might have been.

In fact, it's even boring.

To put it kindly, this film is a mixed bag, for all of the impressive effects and action and on heckuva cool Godzilla design, there is an equal amount of poor acting, strangely unfunny humor, and boring characters.

One exciting action scene in a movie that runs 139 minutes.

The characters are either bland, hateful, forgettable.

The main character is Nick Tatopoulos, played by Matthew Broderick, who is the clichéd boring, dorky, socially awkward scientist who never are good main leads.

The effects look exceptionally realistic but looking past that, there's a increasingly tedious story.

At Times Entertaining and at Other Times Tedious .

The dialogs are bland and mostly snappy responses followed by action, the movie is completely LOADED with cheesy scenes/strategies of defeating the monsters/lines.

You can predict every single plot point and every single forgettable character's uninteresting arc from beginning to end.

Great special effects made the Iguanazilla come to life, but the trite story never gave him any personality.

After being hired to investigate the matter, scientist Nick Tatopolous jumps to conclusion that it must of been a giant lizard created from those pointless explosions, and we know who he is.

The makers of the film have been consistent in their approach, they have gone for an entertaining film with LOTS of special effects and they don't take themselves seriously for a second.

It manages to be funny at the most unexpected situations, like the incredulous scene where the taxi is inside Godzilla's mouth.

A movie worth watching twice or even maybe three times.

Little to no plot was explained along with the origins of Godzilla like there was in the original.

How is it that Apache helicopters have a hard time keeping up with Godzilla, but the taxi cab (surely a much slower vehicle) manages for long minutes at a time always to stay inches ahead of Godzilla?

Despite the low-budget effects, it's much better than this big bore.

and the last twenty minutes were supposed to be the most suspenseful part of the movie...

The film is more boring than bad in my eyes.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys lots of action and FX.

The effects are worth watching, the monster behaves in the way you would expect Godzilla to behave.

Then one can appreciate the thrilling set-pieces more thoroughly.

I mean really, did they expect us to be entertained by the idiot humans and their pointless talking.

The worst movie I have seen at a theater in my life, and the first one I walked out of halfway through.

A flawed yet strangely still entertaining Hollywood mess-up...

Every critic on the planet thought Godzilla demonstrated with absolute perfection what not to do when making a film, so 'I was bored' is my best excuse for why I saw this.

It's a fun movie and is very entertaining.

Tacky at times but overall suspenseful .

It's a long,boring and almost actionless action movie!

A pointless addition for Matthew Broderick's once-good career, Godzilla is nothing short of a let-down.

The pointless scenes dragged the movie down even furthur, suppling this movie with an endless supply of plot holes; how can Godzilla fit in a subway tunnel if he towers over high-rise buildings?

"Godzilla" was entertaining, special effects were nice and the actors managed pretty nicely (No doubt, Jean Reno was best of them).

Overall, one the the worst movies I have seen this summer

I tried watching this again and was befallen with the same basic endless boredom.

Emmerich mistake #1: making Godzilla look like a lizard made him banal, too real-world.

Although you try to not focus on humans in Godzilla movies, the humans are just unbearable in the film.

With its conventionally wooden characters and empty story, the Columbia/Tri-Star CGI epic is an accurate tribute to the traditional matinée entertainments of the 1950's.

Godzilla must be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and believe me, I've seen a lot of bad movies.

generally boring, little entertainment and a bit of back story which just doesn't hold up for an hour and a half.

I'll be bluntly honest in saying I spent at least two hours bored out of my skull.

The titled character makes too few appearances for my tastes, but the story is still entertaining.

Worst Movie Experience in my Life.

There was no plot, horrible acting, miscasting, an unbelievably stupid military, too many news-happy reporters, and lots of stereotypically mysterious, coffee-drinking, chain-smoking, complaining French people, who somehow had a hand in it all.

I have watched it on numerous occasions for a long time now and I always think it is an incredibly fun and entertaining movie.

It's still not a great Godzilla movie, at least not how I quantify that, but it is an enjoyable "big monster movie" on its own merits.

At over two hours size does matter, and this is far too long to be fully enjoyable.

There was no real plot, the special fx had holes in it, the acting was terrible and a whole lot more.

I tried to watch it tonight and fell asleep.

Godzilla is, I mean is the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life!

Pseudo-Godzilla is Still a Fairly Engaging Guilty Pleasure .

The showdown in New York is consistently exciting with swarms of "Blue Thunder" like attack helicopters unleashing their firepower on Big G.

The good news is that this is a really fun and entertaining movie.

The worst movie I have seen in my entire life .

Boring, boring, boring!!!

With gripping tongue-in-cheek action sequences, which are usually chase-sequences and a believable romance made appealing by an attractive female lead and Matthew Broderick's pleasant easy-going on-screen persona, the film is one that can be watched again and again despite pedantic responses from fans of the (highly dated) original movies.

And unfortunately, he isn't running around trying to be proactive, setting up traps and thinking on his feet (if he were, that all by itself would have made this movie much more enjoyable).

He looked pretty bored to me.

Godzilla is fun and entertaining for people that like all the standards with some cool fx.

When a movie is unrealistic, it snaps me out of my immersion and reminds me that I'm sitting in a theater watching someone's poor effort at making me believe that I'm watching something more exciting than my mundane life.

It has a few good action scenes, but the whole film is just too slow(and possibly too long...

It was very entertaining!

It is utterly pointless, therefore, to make a Godzilla film without any Godzilla in it.

This movie on the other hand "is" entertaining.

But isn't it a bad sign when, in the case of movies like Godzilla, you CAN'T get caught up in the action, because you are completely distracted by the flaws in the plot, the endless lifting of material from other films, the truly despicable "heroes" and the fact that the monster is BORING?!

Co-written & directed by Roland Emmerich who simply has a knack for insulting the human intelligence with his illogical, nonsensical & insipid features, Godzilla is no exception from his other works in the disaster genre for it completely slaughters the legacy of the monster, is so ridiculous that it's laughable for the most part, is filled with truly annoying characters, and yet has a quite enjoyable side to it.

But the characters are unlikeable, the plot is predictable and Godzilla, the monster itself, would suit a dancing film rather than a try-hard thriller.

And that's just what happened here; you can tell whenever the writers thought they were being terribly witty, exciting or even thoughtful with a certain line.

A tired and boring formula .

Stupid, dumb, idiotic moron movies like this one are making swarms of cash, while the little-known better pictures are being dubbed as "boring".

He's a bore, but what's worse than a boring character?

I remember watching it on television on one Sunday, and it was just as enjoyable.

Directed by Ronald Emmerich (The Day after Tomorrow, Independence Day, Stargate) made an extremely silly entertaining film that is loosely based on the 1956 Japanese picture.

By the time I got to the big climax in Madison Square Garden (and all those baby Godzillas running around to justify the high admission price as well as ensuring more dumb sequels) the overkill literally bored me out of my skull...

Good cure for insomnia, that's how I see this film.

), and most of the scenes are boring.

Instead, what we have is poor acting and very long boring moments in between every battle.

Sure it's stupid and really all about the special effects, but that's what makes it enjoyable to a certain level.

In fact, it's more entertaining than the original films.

Seen apart from its famous brand, this is a fairly entertaining popcorn movie.

Bad acting, cheesy dialogue and all the action takes place in that typical "dark and rainy night" motife that has become cliche of most special fx movies of the day.

But the writers made a good enough effort to tell a linear story, one that is exciting, often funny and of course, amazing to watch.

This is an enjoyable popcorn movie...

It is so bland and boring, and not the way an American movie remake should be.

They're all very enjoyable.

So long (and boring) it almost chews up the entire running time of the film.

There are some Godzilla films that surpass this, and any Michael Bay film, both in terms of adrenaline pumping action and even heart.

I found it a very enjoyable, fun movie to watch, with great special effects.

I thought the Godzilla who looked Great and found whole movie very fast paced, I never get boring at all.

This film is bad in every sense of the word, it serves up cliche after cliche after cliche and worst of all no payoff at the end!

They claimed that Emmerich's giant monster movie bore little resemblance to the long-running Godzilla franchise.

This movie is the way below worst movie and This movie is Jurassic Park, Titanic and Dead Poets Society combined.

They're to be entertaining.

In fact they're quite fascinating.

Extreme boredom.

It was a bit entertaining to say the most of it and there were impressive effects.

Whoever thinks that Matthew Broderick delivered a stunning performance in this movie obviously hasn't seen any others in their entire life.

This film's a bit of a paradox, on the one hand it does have its awesome moments and is frequently thrilling and entertaining, but it is also so damn dull!

The only thrilling moments often feels recycled from "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" only exception, those two movies executed it far better.

My problem is that it's so shallow and dull.

Just save your money and watch it on NBC like I am doing if you have nothing else to watch.

Broderick being bland and generic.

With big budget Hollywood movies being what they are, there is a tendency to be formulaic.

There is no plot.

Let me tell you the worst movie experience...

Boring (need I say more?

There is something fun and magical about this film and even if the critics hate it, it's still more entertaining than the newer Godzilla movie is.

Most of the jokes really didn't work, the story was boring, the characters were flat and annoying and the movie itself, although it had a few fair moments, was very dull.

More an enjoyable romp.

Being the most bland characters you can see in a movie.

A fun action packed movie that kept me entertained for a few hours.

Overall despite its flaws, Godzilla is for the most part an entertaining film with enough action, cool special effects, some suspense, thrills, humor, a little romance, and decent performances by the cast who make it worthing watching at least once.

The story lines are EXTREMELY predictable, overly simplistic, and because everything feels like a rip-off (unless you have never seen a Spielberg film), leaves you feeling bored, your intelligence insulted, and just wanting to leave, turn it off and go and rent Indiana Jones.

So what could director Roland Emmerich do to make this movie even worse then putting stupid characters, lumpy effects, and boring action scenes?

Dear Mr Emmerich,I like spectacular, enjoyable entertaining movies.

I goes on far too long, and also I really thought the idea of Godzilla being pregnant was utterly ridiculous.

The continuation of events was flowing with its icing-on-the-cake-like accompaniment of David Arnold's always enjoyable orchestral genius that rivals the likes of John Williams'.

The very fact that someone actually thought that this could be entertaining to someone is incredible!

Godzilla himself is an intriguing creature-see the film to find out why.

And once upon a time, movie-makers understood this, and so on top of lots of fun, simple and even simplistic entertainment for the kids, movie-makers always threw in jokes and gags for the grown-ups, so they wouldn't fall asleep in their seats.

But to me, one of Godzilla's most compelling qualities is that he is ostensibly so massive and powerful, he's not afraid of anything and doesn't have to run from anybody.

Boring re-hash of every monster movie cliche .

It managed to grab several nominations from my personal worst movie of 1998 list, including Worst Film, Worst Actor (Matthew Brodrick), Worst Screenplay, Worst Remake or Sequel, and Most Disappointing Movie.

The film, like many these days, is too long.

What an agonizing task it was to sit through this mezmerizingly banal opus to the brain dead.

The worst part of Godzilla, being honest and straight, are the characters, all of them very cliché, written using a book of "How to write successful screenplays and don't die trying to".

I gave it two star because of two reason one of them is imdb don't have a zero star rating and another star is because of the only song I finds it entertaining come with me by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page.

But seriously, that's all it is; a very expensive bit of fun, Reno's strong performance and the stunning special effects cannot make this film anything more that.

This is probably the worst movie ever made.

I would criticize the plot but there was no plot.

But, I just viewed it as an over-hollywoodised monster film and just enjoyed it as a B-Grade movie in a better budget.

the cliche list is endless!!

If you take that name away and look at as it's own monster movie, then it's a pretty enjoyable popcorn monster flick.

It's boredom.

However, despite its flaws, it's still somewhat enjoyable.

Worst movie of 1998 .

This movie is just too slow, I expected to see Godzilla smash buildings, stomp innocent people and torch the military with his flame breath, like the original 1954 Godzilla did.

Possibly the worst movie ever made.

I was never able to sit through it without fast-winding.. To me, it was stunning how badly they misjudged the material.

This answers the key question of why the ad campaign kept Godzilla hidden, not because they had created anything special but because the monster is so uninteresting to look at.

I mean it's a movie, it has some form of story, actors say lines, but it's just completely pointless to watch.

I expected much, but it turned out as a waste of money.

Cheap despite it's millions spent, cynical, stupid, manipulative, and predictable as hell.

He is one of the most bland people I have every seen.

All-in-all, an entertaining popcorn movie, that's big, loud, and fun.

The most dull and idiotic fact is that Moronzilla cared so much to hunt Broderick & friends, and didn't care for all the military men that where stalking it.

Wherever I watch it - in DTS equipped cinema or at home with my ten years old son - I fall asleep somewhere between Chernobyl worms and Long Island fish.

He is a bland monster who lacks any character whatsoever.

This is a highly enjoyable movie, with some good scenes in it, and I have a lot of nostalgia for this movie as well.

Good cure for insomnia .

The film also has an entertaining soundtrack, including some "Kashmir.

On the other hand, the 5.1 sound effects in the film are exceptional creating one of the few enjoyable aspects of the production.

The second worst movie of all time.

6/10 I enjoyed it for what it is, and as a cheesy action flick it's OK

Ultimately, Godzilla '98 has none of the charm of the Japanese original, and is more of a cliché Hollywood disaster movie.

One of the worst movies I ever watched .

It has some slight pleasures, the monster itself is pretty well-done for special effects and the dumb acting is sometimes laughably enjoyable.

The film is full of bland American jingoistic losers who walk around and smile and think they're the best.

Knowing Emmerich I knew there would be a tremendous amount of CGI involved, but there was so much that the plot became unbearable, well that is from what plot there ever was initially.

However,at least those two movies were enjoyable and succeeded in what they set out to do.

Stupid, Slow, and Not Godzilla At All .

The action and humor were a huge improvement from the boring Independence Day.

In the eyes of this particular Gojira/Godzilla fan, everything just worked, and it made for an entertaining movie about a monster finding itself among civilization, people reacting to the monster, and the monster reacting to the humans' reactions towards its presence.

Before that it's very boring.

The film really have great scenes with great animation and other special effects, it has all from cool, awesome, thrilling scenes to great love scenes, especially between the two characters that are played by Maria Pitillo and Matthew Broderick, they really were the best ones for the roles in this film, it's unforgettable, in a good way.

This all-American version of the Japanese fantasy classic is one heck of a Giant Monster Movie (with every cliché in place) which plays more like an unofficial entry in the Jurassic Park series than a genuine "Godzilla" film.

The worst movie I have ever watched .

The movie was boring, plotless, unfunny and annoying.

Ultimately the movie is (just) saved from being a total waste of time by star turns from Jean Reno and Hank Azaria, and by some great special effects and action set-pieces.

This movie was very entertaining and should be cut a little slack on the "Its not like the original" Some times a little twist isn't so bad.

It somewhat takes off on the second half, but getting there is just far too long, even for someone (or something) as big as the big "G".

One of the worst movies of 1998.

I mean, I was so bored, so disappointed, that I was squirming in my seat.

This anemic movie, in my opinion, is entertaining only if you treat it like a slapstick comedy.

This movie has been totally underrated but I enjoyed it.

Overall it is in some ways worth watching just, don't expect much!

While some of the action was entertaining, the story itself is dull and boring.

The action is contrived, with helicopters that fly forward instead of up to escape the lizard.

Rent with popcorn and lot's of salt -- but only when bored stiff.

Arguably the worst movie of all time - also the most over-budgeted.

Waste of time....

And it failed to create the monster Godzilla instead creating a bland generic monster who seemed to be coming off from the Jurassic Park hype, trying to rip of the film in every way possible with its monster.

Some of the scenes seem impossible but overall, its a fun, action packed film.

The baby rampage in Madison Square Garden (aside from being boring and totally pointless) was one of the most unrealistic CGI sequences I've ever seen, even in the dark.

While Godzilla is not a great movie, it is highly entertaining.

This is an entertaining movie, it's not horrible nor is it fantastic...

Every scene involving Godzilla is about as entertaining as you can get.

, the movie gets simply boring.

Running through the labyrinth of a basketball stadium while being chased by mini-Godzillas is one of the more exciting extended sequences of verisimilitude I can remember).

The direction is pure Emmerich, screenplay is terribly written, New York City never gets one moment of sunshine, visual effects looks badly dated, Godzilla's design is still quite impressive even if it doesn't share any resemblance with the original beast, camera-work isn't that bad, editing provides a fine pace, David Arnold's score is pretty good, and the performances by the cast is lame for the characters they play are dull & soulless.

I like to think of Roland Emmerich's 100% American take on Godzilla (which is what it's SUPPOSED to be in the first place)as a very fun, entertaining movie that has a well-executed plot/story that actually makes sense (for me at least), very well-developed human characters that are relate-able as real people and move the narrative along, and a creature that IS a very realistic depiction of Godzilla.

This movie, however, is a poor tribute to the big G, and an astounding waste of money as well.

I genuinely hope Roland and Dean learn something from this waste of talent (I could be financially secure for a long time with this movie's budget) and will finally pull their heads out of their hindquarters.

Comparing Godzilla to Jurassic Park fits quite nicely as both film makers had the ambition of creating a fun and exciting roller-coaster ride of a film.

What a complete waste of time and money.

But the French secret service character is very entertaining (a great actor).

Japanese G will always be my favorite, but USA G is an entertaining cousin.

He makes some really good sci-fi/action/disaster movies, even though they don't have great acting or writing, the plots and action scenes are entertaining.

There are still some good and entertaining moments in the movie which all still makes this movie a very watchable one.

Godzilla had an intriguing trailer.

A few CGI shots of an overgrown lizard would make up for the pitiful performances and non-existent plot in this stinking pile of cow manure?

It took me a second viewing to get past that "this is not the Godzilla I remember" feeling, but after I did that I found the movie much more enjoyable.

Enjoyable film of its type.

The effects are spectacular and imaginative, the action is fast and exciting, Jean Reno's acting is great, and the monster is convincingly presented as one that can destroy everything in no time and rule the world.

The complete waste of time is a case in point.

It gets seriously tiresome.

It's an enjoyable diversion - that's all anyone should expect!

For the most part, the film works, but where it really falls apart is in some of its atrocious acting (Maria Patillo, I'm looking at you) drawn-out plot and it's seemingy endless series of endings.

Really I fell asleep during the final scene, the scene that supposed to be really exciting and full of action.

Kinda reminds me of the bugs in "Starship Troopers" and how they were so uninteresting and lacked any personality or facial expressions whatsover.

The movie lacks a real good and likable main character and exciting memorable scene's.

If you found this review rather boring, you most likely would not like the film.

In a movie populated by talentless actors, one-dimensional stereotypes, and cliche after corny cliche, Pitillo managed to suck what little life accidentally found its way into the movie with her airhead blitherings.

The person who finds this out is a biologist Nick Tatopolis (Matthew Broderick), who's dragged out from his study of Trenoble earthworms to deal with this slightly bigger specimen.

Only two complaints the baby Godzillas are a complete waste of time and the human characters tend to fall into that category too.

There is no plot.

Admittedly, many of these complaints held some degree of water, but what many people neglected to mention was that, despite all of these things, the film was also hugely entertaining—chock full of top notch special effects and spectacular action sequences.

Now is this the worst movie of all time?

Only a few sight gags and quickie one-liners ever hit their mark, leaving the movie is surprisingly empty, lacking a real sense of fun, despite its non-stop action.

Contrived and silly in parts, stunningly funny in others.

It has decent CGI for the time and nice action sequences and that, to me anyway, made it entertaining enough to sit through it...

This is a film I can recommend, it's worth a watch just for the fun entertaining action scenes.

From beginning to end, this monstrosity of a film was one big cliche-ridden pile of shat.

For those of you out there that have written reviews and have used words such as "contrived", "characterization", and etc. you really shouldn't have wasted your money or time seeing the movie in the first place.

This can also be nerve-wracking and exciting.

Yawn .

Well I enjoyed it anyway, so sit back don't take it to seriously and you to might find yourself enjoying it to

This movie is too long, too stupid, too pretentious and too boring.

A good "wallpaper" film then, and worth watching to cheer on the anti-hero.

That's pretty much a good enough "summary" of the movie, there's more in the movie than that, but it's kind of pointless to mention as this movie was just pointless to make.

This is the worst movie of all time.

There are some stand out sequences, the most memorable been when Godzilla first takes a stroll through Manhattan which is both awe inspiring and exciting.

Like the dreaded "Independence Day", another one of my pet peeves, this film has a script more contrived and pathetic than a five year old could write.

An absorbing modern B-Movie .

I guess it's meant to warn you to save your money and your time for something better.

Just boring.

Maria Pitillo looks like an angel but is corny and predictable.

However, the monster sequences are still fun to watch and are still entertaining, even if there are a few rip-offs from Jurassic Park here and there.

For old school fans don't waste your time.

Though a lot of people complained about the eggs being useless time-filler, I thought the idea was pretty good; after all, how long can an audience watch the army shoot at Godzilla before they officially get bored?

Now, having seen it on video, I seemed to enjoyed it more.

There's something legendary about Emmerich's film, too - it's a legendary waste of time and money.

This was the only movie for which I have ever left the theater before it was over.

When I saw this film in the theaters, I walked out hating it.

I grew up watching Godzilla movies when I was a kid and I loved them, but now when I see them they're dull and boring until the last 20 minutes.

Overall, though, I think it's an entertaining movie that deserves a second look.

It's written in the spirit of the original Godzilla movies, with plenty of humor and a coming of age story.

Their scenes are fun, making an overall cliché ridden story more enjoyable than it is.

It is meant to be an exciting picture and that it does well.

The story, a ponderous, overblown, overlong remake of 'Beast from 20,000 Fathoms' (uncredited) doesn't seem to have any real focus, stumbling along through B-movie clichés, pseudo-romantic comedy, Spielberg-style action film, without much terror or monster-bite.

This movie has a good story, and exciting and intense feeling that builds and continues.

Only worth watching on TV for free .

Seriously, the old school Godzilla movies at least had some camp value because of the strings and miniature sets, but this proved to be a big waste of time.

Anyway, a movie is supposed to be entertaining, and those of you that went to se with low expetations just made it that much worse.

He loved it, but the entire time I saw there awestruck thinking to myself, "Wow, this is actually BORING!

This film starts to go downhill with a series of ridiculous and predictable near escapes and Spielberg copying.

it's just entertaining...

Even on Letterman he comes off as the dull guy next door.

Number one on my All Time Worst Movies List.

Sure the film is rather unrealistic, but it is - entertaining and fun to watch.

To make it worse all the science talk bored my kid mind, as an adult I understood it more, but still boring.

After seeing Roland Emmerich;s Godzilla remake, I like it, but after a while, it got boring (especially after seeing it the 4th time projected).

I can enjoy stupid movies when they are done well The Day After Tomorrow and Waterworld to name two, but this movie was a total waste of time.

It was enjoyable and had some good lines.


It's dull, plodding and the monster itself is hardly visible through the rain.

On its release, the reviews of Godzilla were depressingly predictable.

What surprises me is that it scored lower than Godzilla 2014: 2014 godzilla was atrocious, boring, lacking a plot, lousy acting, cheap effects that is hidden y dark tone, don't see Godzilla until the end and was VERY underwhelming...

It was unoriginal, uninteresting and uninspired.

But incredible effects and a snappy wit send this movie to the top.

Well, kinda 'saw it' - luckily, I was wise enough (or bored enough?

This could have happened 30 minutes earlier and the film would have been on a good pace, but this movie insisted on playing things slow between each action sequence, though the action sequences can be long (especially when they get to Madison Square Garden) and somewhat fun to watch.

The important situation is that the movie is visually stunning and is held by memorable sequences (the eye for example).

Godzilla's giant footprint is left in the history of the worst movies ever made.

This is a roller-coaster ride plenty of action-packed, thrills,chills and breathtaking scenes.

First of all, the "scientist" said all the cliche obligatory lines a scientist does.

It's still entertaining.

The photography looks like a TV -show, the actors (in the broadest sense of the word) have been left completely without direction and despite the loud action, the movie's boring you to tears in less than an hour.

That's the way I felt when I left the theater.

Godzilla is rolled out in the first minute of the movie, after which we get this confusing global whip around, where we find characters such as Dr. Niko "Nick" Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick) an NRC scientist, who is in the Ukraine researching the effects of radiation on wildlife.

This was supposed to be a fun, exciting, and action packed thrill ride.

One of the people who played Godzilla in the older suit movies literally walked out of this movie.

Well, let me tell ya, THIS IS BORING.

What Godzilla is though, is a thoroughly enjoyable special-effects laden romp.

Once the main characters escape and Godzilla starts running around again, the movie picks up, but at that point my fiance and I were already yawning.

Slow and painful form of torture .

This movie is entertaining and very exciting and is a lot of fun.

The film starts well, the monster is realistic and the attempts to kill it entertaining mainly because they don't succeed.

The movie will bore and disappoint Godzilla fans.


The only entertaining scenes are the people rushing around NYC, finding clues, being at work, driving through the moody weather and the rain, the scene where "Nick" reunites with his ex college girlfriend shows us more about these two characters, we find out that the ex girlfriend isn't little miss goody goody all the time, she steals his tape so she can be a reporter not caring about the repercussions and affect that will have on his career and on his reputation.

Because it's so bad it's actually entertaining....

I'm not gonna act like its a masterpiece, its not, but it is entertaining.

I actually enjoyed it so much I watched it again this weekend.. I just had nothing else to do, and started watching it and couldn't stop for the second time.

Pointless noise that is about as entertaining as an episode of Barney.

Director Emmerich gives his audience a brilliant & exhilarating roller-coaster ride of thrilling set pieces from helicopter gunship chases, a fantastic taxi cab chase through the streets of Manhattan, explosions, underwater sequences, dozens of baby Godzillas running around Madison Square Garden, a great ending scene set on a suspension bridge & some cool shots of Godzilla trampling his way through the streets of New York.

While other commenters have given mixed reviews of this film, I have to say that this version of Godzilla is way overblown, boring, and almost not worth watching.

Azaria seems game, but Reno looks justifiably bored.

Sometimes computer CGI gets a little boring.

Meanwhile a trio of Fishing Trawlers off the Atlantic Seaboard are dragged under for some unknown reason.

Matthew Broderick and Maria Pitillo just want to make you fall asleep.

But it's an enjoyable piece of fluff that overcomes its glaring faults by been occasionally funny (sometimes unintentionally), satirical and containing a handful of well orchestrated action sequences featuring one of the best movie monsters in recent film history.

Fun action, amazing special effects, cardboard characters, wooden performances, and cliché filled scripts.

The audience gets to see the creature a little at a time while he has an exciting romp through town.

Even knowing most of the plot ahead of time, it kept me on the edge of my seat.

There are also certain areas in this movie that are confusing.

But when saw it 7 years later in Hindi version, I completely enjoyed it.

Is the pace plodding sometimes?

It is dull, has no wit or humor, and I really don't care much about what happens to Gino for most of the movie.

"Independence Day" is the most stunning movie ever made.

The end was somewhat entertaining with the "Jurasic Park"-like baby Godzillas .

At the end this is just a fun entertaining Godzilla Adventure with some suprising plot twists.

The special effects were good for 1998 but it was boring.

Only good if you're really bored.

Good effects ---> No script .

The actors in this film are irrelevant, and so it really doesn't matter that they range from mediocre to insipid, and that they have lines so trite that they would make a five year old blush.

Tedious, uninspiring and forgettable.

I didn't see much of anything wrong with it, even now, and I just thought it was suspenseful and exciting, somewhat more suspenseful than a lot of other movies that have been made, with a lot of fun performances and excellent CGI.

I fell asleep bout 3/4 of the way in this movie.

Simply because it is DULL and STUPID.

The film itself seems so much more entertaining as TV fare, then it did on the big screen.

Godzilla is one of the most exciting movies done in 1998!

The movie was so stupid and boring, what I can't find enough words to describe it.

This is an intense and solid movie that was eclipsed by Jurassic Park and national news stories when it was released.

And I do, because I think that the movie is very entertaining.

Watch the Taco Bell ad ("here lizard, lizard, lizard"), it's much shorter and infinitely more entertaining.

Overall, the film just has too many pretensions to be a really engaging thriller.

On the other hand, parts of it were hilarious(and yes, the little intelligent dialogue that was there), and it's exciting when they're in the Garden.

It's too long, the dialogue is contrived, Matthew Broderick went on acting holiday and whoever wrote this must of have been drunk.

So, It make me bore stiff because of the same old special effects which we already seen in Jurassic Park.

This is a good movie with some confusing mistake made under pruduction.

I brought this film for a cheap price because I wanted to see if this film was entertaining.

the worst movie of the decade .

Instead we are faced with some impressive but sadly predictable set piece action sequences, Matthew Boderick with a sickening romantic sub plot, Jean Reno on auto pilot saving the day and Jeff Goldblum rehashing his role from Independence Day and not really giving a damn.

Waste your time and energy hunting that bunch of losers instead of worrying about the army, cause of course Jean Reno & Co. are the real menace to you.

This movie is all about visual effects, borrowed ideas from better films (especially those from Spielberg) clichéd dialogue, flimsy and formulaic narratives, illogical plot developments, and lack of character depth.

The special effects are entertaining and the movie is enjoyable.

And when poor giant lizard dies at the end, I wished all the people there had died instead, since the poor thing was more likable than any of the bland, one-dimensional characters...

The action scenes are boring and the design of the Godzilla are pretty lousy.

Matthew Broderick turns in an entertaining performance as the nerdy anti-hero, aided by the enigmatic "insurance guy" played by Jean Reno, and an assortment of variously goofy lesser characters.

Of course there are also the scenes where GINO goes up against the military, which are all enjoyable scenes.

If you think it's a waste of money, consider these important facts: $50 million on promotional theatrical advertising!

Spare yourself the waste of time.

An enjoyable film to waste an afternoon with .

It's much more exciting if the movie would contain blood.

Also, the entire Madison Garden scene seemed to be ripped off from Jurassic Park, however it probably was the most intense scene in the whole movie.

Pathetic (the TV series is terribly boring.

The whole more than 12 eggs thing was pretty predictable.

The second half is somehow exciting, but it's the overlong and boring first half that's the problem.

I found it so boring it actually helped me take a short nap, which was a lot more healthy.

I certainly enjoyed it better than Independence Day, what with all that rah-rah patriotism which has become part of our lives since Sept.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat with the sound and visual effects.

There may be the odd hole here and there, but thanks to a quite riveting final half hour especially it remains interesting.

Perhaps a better editor could have tightened up the film and made it more enjoyable to the end.

Michael Lerner can pass off as the most loudest, annoying political leader as Mayor Ebert, as he bears a stunning resemblance to film critic Roger Ebert.

I Appreciate the work that has been put in to make the creatures look so real, the SFX were stunning and the storyline wasn't half bad either.

But in spite of all this, this is still a highly enjoyable monster movie.

In the theater it was very hard to follow because of the lack of color.

The only device in the movie that appeared to take more than ten minutes to come up with, Godzilla the creature was one big yawn.

The film, Godzilla 1985 (Gojira 1984 in japans aka Gojira Returns), pretty much successfully set that idea and created a very respected, inspiring and intense movie that was ahead of its own time.

The writing is to be blamed here for focusing too much on the bland human characters rather than on developing Godzilla through the human characters.

The only suspenseful part that brings much needed excitement to the movie occurs when little 9' tall baby Godzillas hatch inside Madison Square Garden (they're trying to score Knicks tickets).

Inspired by Aliens/Jurassic Park, the hatching and subsequent flight from the reptiles is truly exciting and well staged.

Godzilla (1998) is an entertaining monster movie as long as you treat it as a film on its own and not relate it back to the other Godzilla movies.

I fell asleep.

Personally I suppose that Godzilla is a strong candidate for worst movie of the year and excellent example that visual effects without good story and acting mean only waste of money and nothing more.

Great Fun and quite exciting .