Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Michael Dougherty
Stars: Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 248 out of 1000 found boring (24.8%)

One-line Reviews (595)

A Waste of Time .

The movie has great kaiju battles though as often said by other critics, they are crammed in though so them actually happening is good but it makes bad with the plot, they are very entertaining though.

I mean, I get why they're there, but a lot of the decisions that are made are stupid and pointless.

Which was equally unimaginative, tacky and dull .

What waste of time!


Overall, it's a pretty pointless movie...

The characters, at least when it comes to the main characters, while not the most complex, are still compelling in their own right; they serve the plot in a meaningful way and they all have understandable motivations for doing what they do.

The visuals are stunning and the story line is great!

Rodan, the fire demon, coming out of that volcano and causing complete devastation to the puny world beneath him is just horrifying and stunning at the same time.

Cheesy and cliche from start to finish.

This is a movie from the writer/director who co-wrote X-Men 2, arguably one of the better superhero movies ever made, so how he could deliver such a confusing mess with GKotM is a question that will hopefully be answered in the coming years (I place my bet on studio interference).

They don't try any time to keep it believable in any way, one monster that want radioactivity one that want electricity and then some fly monsters that fly slow and flattens buildings with some magical force, jet planes that are slower then propeller plans and much much more fails.

The plot is incredibly predictable and the movie played it safe for the most part.

This is one of the worst movies iv ever seen The team is acting like they are playing a video game sets on easy mode, They always do the right things they always have a plan and it work

All in all it was more depressing than exciting.

The Bad Storyline - unimaginative, lame, dull, no - logic Annoying kid carachter and also that family line backstory Carachter motivation?

The acting was pretty good and for a monster movie the plot was enjoyable i thought.

While Mothra is kind of resorted to being a deux-machina and would wish to have more screen time, her ethereal-like presence creates breathtaking imaginary making her the most visually stunning of the monsters.

The reason i called this movie a "popcorn movie" is because while it is extremely enjoyable (especially if you're a Godzilla fan), it's not really all that special and there's not a whole lot of new things you haven't seen before.

Enjoyed it a lot.

What a worst movie, i dont know what has happened to you guys?

Pretty cliché as characters go.

The Most Boring Monster Movie In Recent Memory .

This movie was totaly boring and annoying!

At a far too long two hours plus, Dougherty's adventure gets caught up in endless and rather thoughtless set-pieces after thoughtless set-pieces (bizarrely filmed with off-putting shaky cam and grey/smoke filled pallet) as Godzilla and a bunch of humans we really couldn't care less for find out that there's a number of big bad "titans" out there ready to wreak havoc on our seemingly inept defense forces and unsuspecting human population.

The movie touches on the cliché subject that humans are the "disease" of our world.

This was the worst movie I had ever heard.

Graphically it was intense, The CGI felt breathtaking.

save your money...

A spectacle in its purest form, it satisfies the hunger for massive kaiju smackdowns while also building an elaborate narrative to justify both their existence and their intense rivalries.

Every line, and I mean every line uttered by Bradley Whitford (who I normally really like and appreciate) was a Hollywood cliche - a steady and nauseating steam of crisis met with smarmy, witless comebacks that no one in that situation would say in the moment.

Unfortunately this film has taken that complaint from audiences and has gone 180 degrees the opposite in this film because there is so much action and Godzilla fighting that it becomes boring and bland.

This was a waste of time.

Great action with boring characters.

Matched with an impressive elemental tone-setter or two - Ghidorah enveloped by a swirling thunderstorm, Rodan birthed from the belly of a volcano, Mothra hibernating beneath the veil of a misty waterfall - the monster effects are breathtaking; forboding, painterly and mythical in their execution.

This movie is a display of how to waste a large amount of money on something impossible to watch, something so badly written that makes you just cringe.

Quite a few that went empty.

All in all-a boring, predictable ignorant movie for ignorant masses, just like modern mainstream radio music.

The movie is visually stunning and the cgi on the titans is really well done but I found the movie to be boring and the story quite weak.

Visually it's stunning and the story is highly enjoyable.

There is no plot.

Though I do have to complain about the overall bland music.

Top it all off with some some superb actors given an awful and laughable script cluttered with miserable exposition and you'll have some of the most boring and dreadful moments in the theater.

Motivations for the character's actions are often confusing.

The story is dull and lacks character development.

Absolutely no tension or peril, fell asleep towards the end.

It's a thrilling Creature feature that feels like it clawed its way out of the 60s Godzilla movies.

The sequence centering on Rodan is also such an intense one that will leave one on the edge of their seat.

Such scenes lose all suspense, and becomes just ridiculous and face-palmingly bad; just tired Hollywood action-flick cliche stuff.

I was surprised and amazed just how awesome and breathtaking Godzilla can be.

Ignore the nay-sayers, KotM is a hugely enjoyable way to spend 2.5hrs. Yes, the human element will always feel a tad contrived and does leave room for improvement.

Cliche talks and stupid reactions of people in case of danger in some parts of the movie.

OMG, I thought and told myself it's going to be so exciting.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was a very entertaining sequel to the 2014 Godzilla.

worst movie ever 1/10 if i could i'll give 0

The very first Godzilla with Matthew Broderick was silly and cheesy, but at least it was entertaining.

Just good old fashioned monster fun..normal human cheesy storylines..but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You know, most films require a suspension of disbelief - but this film's stupid writing, and tiresome (over)use of Hollywood 'near-miss' CGI driven close calls, just stretches that suspension to the breaking point and beyond.

A total waste of cast and money in a weird film where the main cast all are blessed with John Wicks terminatoriness.

The monster fights are some of the most exciting things I've ever seen in a movie (and I highly recommend seeing this in a theater if you can).

The beginning of this movie is slow and drags.

I could barely see Mothra, couldn't see Godzilla nor the 3-headed monster he was fighting in dark Antartida at night, just before I left the theater.

Definitely a most boring film of the year .

The characters are so dull and many of the scenes with them just feel pointless.

Main character is kind of pointless and useless & I don't know why everyone keeps deferring to him or listening to him- at all.

Not a decent cast (the consistent Vera Farmiga, up-and-coming Millie Bobbie Brown, and one of my favorite actors - Kyle Chandler), not a monster budget, or a juicy concept can save this one from the sheer boredom and predictable plot points that hampers it.

This will be a very biased review as I am a fan of the kaiju genre and despite some of the negative reviews that the predecessor received, I actually enjoyed it and thought that this film was a very satisfying and enjoyable sequel.

Build the monster personas up with more screen time, make the various monsters smart arses, sociopaths, courageous, loyal, comical, quirky, etc, and you'll have a much more engaging and new monsterverse.

While the visual effects and the sound are both fantastic, they are unfortunately overshadowed by the runtime of the movie; horribly written characters, who don't have any development throughout the story; poorly written story that even the reason of why they want to wake up the Titans is the the biggest stupidity that i've ever heard and at the same time it doesn't make any sense at all; painfully average dialogue, with huge percent of it is just exposition; even the actors, who are very good and proved that in their careers - all of them give a mediocre performances and the blame for that is the direction and the script; bland music and cinematography, which is not very impressive, unlike it's predecessor.

Bored to super freaking death!

But this movie isn't one of themMaybe with the below mediocre reviews and poor box office sales, perhaps Hollywood will actually spend time making a movie thats refreshing and entertaining even if it's a additional entry to a long running franchise

This was poorly paced and completely predictable.

I cared way more for the Über butterfly (what i call Mothra) than a couple of teeny pointless humans with an eye-rolling script whom I had zero invested emotion in their fate.

Edit out most of the scenes of the people, and their pathetic dialog (most of which are a mess of cliches) and pointless subplots, and concentrate on the monsters fighting.

The uneven pace and predictable dialogues didn't help either.

Boring .

It's propaganda, sponsored by evil governments and corporations who want to kill most of the people on the planet.

I had to walk out for 15 minutes just to keep from falling asleep.

This is even assuming the set pieces are compelling on their own in the first placeThis movie hurts.

What a waste of time.

This movie was so boring and just plain awful, camera shaking, quick cuts and dark shots where you cant tell what is going on at all throughout the whole movie.

Someone needs to tell that Millie Bobby Brown she's not amazing just because she's been in Stranger Things and that using cliché, silly character decisions to push forward a movie isn't interesting.

King of the Monsters doesn't tease us the monsters like its predecessor, instead opting to show them in all their glory, with some quite stunning shots thrown in to emphasise the sheer scale and power of these beasts.

Its really entertaining and action specially for younger gen.

It had better battle scenes among the Titans, a variety of the well known Kaijus and very good special effects, making the fights intense and the creatures as real as it gets.

I recommend this movie to any Godzilla or Monster movie fan it's worth watching even if you have never seen a Godzilla movie before you can start here and understand what's going on easily and enjoy it.

You shouldn't go into this movie expecting to get a convincing story with compelling characters.

After that its just more and more dull as the film goes on because you just bombarded with fight after fight after fight.

You don't care about any of the characters or dramatic stakes of the narrative by the long drawn out conclusion of the film as nothing here feels natural, it all feels like cliché melodramatic nonsense.

It's abruptly confusing to me especially since that's something I don't think that my child would want me to do if they died in something like this so I would have been very wise not to get involved in such a plot to begin with.

We got to see monsters emerging with epic soundtracks and epic fights , i was high on adrenaline the whole time , truly a great monster movie

Jump scares and "unexpected turns" that you expect from 5 minutes....

It was beautiful and thrilling .

The original Japanese shows always revolved around the monsters and this movie just revolves around the boring actors.

Worst movie ever.

But as an Avid Godzilla Fan, I Enjoyed it.

In short, It's a boring film, no performances (as usual), no good storytelling, naive scenario and though there are 2 monsters fighting in a scene and a lot is happening but I feel very bored in the presence of Godzilla itself.

This is pure arcade fighting game for those who want to raise up their adrenaline.

The monster fights and battle scenes are actually exciting though.

Someone decides to wake monsters up to kill off the population to save the Earth - how stupid - how unoriginal - how uninspiring.

If you are looking for Sundance or Cannes contenders, don't waste your money.

The monster action is terrific, but the movie often cuts away to show the perspective of the completely uninteresting human characters.

The problem is that movie dragged on with illogical and embarrassing dialogue like an expert asking "what do you mean?

Don't waste your time!!.

The movie is worth a watch for the monsters only and the rest of the boring drama is pathetic.

Although it seems to have potential, especially judging by the sheer number of enormous creatures depicted, it manages to be simply dull and boring.

Dull paced and sometimes drags .

The action scenes between the boring talking were breathtaking and actually got me hyped for the next sequels to come.

but a bit boring .

characters motivations are just confusing as well!!

The hero's were overacting, they're boring, predictable and the whole husband and wife thing being drawn together because of their daughter was just ridiculous.

But even with a bad screenplay the actors do a good enough job to be entertaining when they need to be.

I left the theater with nothing less than the feeling of neutral.

So bored of watching CG monsters hit each other for 2 hours.

People just stand watching monsters emerge only running away after a long drawn out pause for effect and a cool scene by which time it's too late.. Planes and choppers need to get within ten feet of monsters to fire missiles instead of doing it from 1000 yards or more.

Even with some good actors in the cast, after a while it's simply boring and headache-inducing, and doesn't create much anticipation for the future despite how hard it tries to do just that.

A waste of time .

It has a wonderful mix of human character development and conflict to accompany the knock down drag out monster mayhem!

The action until the end felt ridiculously boring and uninteresting.

Wasted 2 hours on a movie with no story it would have been better if I had watched some cartoons.


In stark contrast to the recent Japanese-made "Shin Godzilla" which was very enjoyable.

Bloated, uninspiring monsterfest .

The human characters are a significantly better than in 2014, where we follow this BORING piece of wood human that hogs the movie after the first thirty minutes where the best character gets killed off.

If this is one of your favorite genre too, by lowering your expectation you will definitely enjoy it & if not, don't waste your time on this.

There is no plot.

Complete waste of time.

The 2014 one is the worst movie I ever watch at the cinema.

Big action fun with a sprinkling of science and plenty of plot holes but still enjoyable.

Without that human anchor, action scenes featuring these giant animals can only carry a film so far before becoming boring.

Giant monsters rise from the oceans, some with the intent to harm, some to protect, and these titans battle it out behind the backdrop of a boring human storyline which steals the majority of screen time.

Then, there was this cliche-filled japanese guy that had some kind of a weird addiction to godzilla or something, then he decided to sacrifice his life witout so much as a minute to think about it just to.. touch godzilla before death, i guess.

Spectators will immerse themselves in action and adventure, feel the adrenaline rush, "adds actress Vera Farmiga.

I had two naps during this film but I should just have got up and walked out.

I feel like the graphic dept saw how bad this movie was and fealt compelled to at least make up for the failure that is this bore fest.

At an hour in I was so bored I was falling asleep in the theater!

Instead of exploring the Godzilla and other monster stories, the movie relies on a very stupid kid plotlines to run the story, which are utterly pointless and annoying to see the same damn kid again and again being stupid just for the sake of moving the story along.

No acting , no plot, no fun .

Don't waste your time.

And, of course, there's the cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla," that features Serj Tankian from System of a Down doing the lyrical work, which is such an adrenaline-pumping track.

Enjoyable, in most of the frames.

This is the first movie i actually thought of breaking my rule and not wait till the end, leave the theater at the break(i wish we did).

This movie was action packed summer fun film to enjoy.

save your money.

Surprisingly boring for a film about monsters fighting.

The film is too long (over two hours) and too politically correct.

Overall, this movie was very entertaining while Godzilla and other monsters were on the screen.

This film delivers where it counts, beautiful and stunning creature designs and amazing fight sequences.

It's action packed with twists, turns, AMAZING cgi, and all the classic Godzilla fan service you can handle!

It was entertaining mindless monster mayhem.

Where to begin, I went with lowest of my expectations to watch it but this film is so confusing that I am still wondering what just I watched.

From what everyone was saying I got the impression that there are a lot of great monster action scenes, but the human side of things is just boring and horrible written.

The Action - While I had a lot of issues with the action yes, it was, even if to a lesser extent than the first, still the most entertaining aspect naturally.

The whole eco-terrorist subplot gets tedious fast, especially Vera Farmiga's self-righteous/bitter/villainous/heroic-mom shtick and her bonding/unbonding/rebonding with her precocious daughter.

This movie had stunning and absolutely kick ass monster battles, and it had human characters I cared about.

The story is boring and predictable.

The rest of the casting is typically social justice with a black woman running the senate (yawn), and another running the army.

Cliche fest / Bad CGI .

Dont know how i managed to stay awake especially with the loud noises.

Enjoyable .

And maybe I'll make a lot of fans angry but you know what movie was more entertaining for me?

Seriously a waste of time!!

Terrible acting and no story .

Ultimately, "King of the Monsters" is fun to watch but the human element feels boring and becomes a nuisance.

There was 6 of us in the movie theater and 2 fell asleep.

The characters make questionable decisions, most of which make you raise your hands in confusion.

And given the budgets, era's of production with the available special FX of the times, quite a few are very enjoyable while some are just laughable junk.

The titan battles are awesome and visually stunning!

I found it very disappointing, it was the first movie I fell asleep in the cinema with.

Don't waste your money or time.

Another "even the smallest one can make the biggest difference" banality of which these so called film makers are so fond today.

Great monster CGI and the battles were pretty good, but the humans really bored me.

the film has some short falls but over all is entertaining and gave history unknown to most of those true Godzilla fans as well as hints of what is possibly to come.


The monsters are all bland and uninteresting.

This is on a par with the last couple of Transformer films for being so stupid and banal.

Before that, in the beginning, she steals the entry card from the guy, opens the door and closes it in the blink of an eye, to save her mother, and the guy is somehow magically too slow to stop that, of course.

One of the most boring films ive ever seen.

Not because it was funny, but I was genuinly laughing my ass of about how silly and predictable this movie is.

Save your money on this version, because the ONLY aspect of this movie worth seeing, are the old-school monsters.

Ridiculously dumb and unbelievably boring for an action movie .

How the hell did you make it boring?!

There is no plot.

Even if the cinematography is meh, the fights are still highly enjoyable, because of the well implemented special effects.

It's the irritating kind that involves scenes brimming with weak and tired jokes every five minutes, despite being in intense life-or-death situations, only existing to stretch the runtime, whilst merely feigning any hints of sincerity.


they are all boring and annoying.

Slow and hokey .

The human characters with the exception of Tanaka are possibly the most dull I've ever experienced on film.

It contains a typical modern-day story with a predictable plot and so many last-second rescues it got boring.

I highly recommend it.

This film managed to make Charles Dance dull, that in itself is impressive.

The battles are visual intense and serves the story well.

For Gods sake dont waste your money over these kind of movies.


What a boring movie.

The monster fights were boring and tedious CGI fests.


Waste of your pocket and time.

Pretty boring until the monsters show up.

It deserves 8 due to the stunning work of CGI in this film, stupid and disgusting sense of humor in many scenes though.

If being cliche was the only problem with this movie I wouldn't be disappointed.

The worst movie I ever saw.

I almost walked out it was getting so unrealistic and stupid toward the end..Too bad you can't give 1/2 a star.

It seemed more about pimping her brand out than it was about creating a compelling movie.

No story and horrible acting.

Monster action dragged down by silly human action.

Every time the monsters are onscreen you can the beauty of this film and it is just stunning.

It's completely uninteresting.

This made for a very slow pace and very little screen time of Godzilla, aside from witnessing him from secondary sources (TV, etc.). But the slowness wasn't all for naught; it provided build-up.

But this turkey - with the months of production and pre-production that goes into a film like this - and the huge budget, why must the writing be so bad, and the action scenes so predictable and formulaic?

The human storyline is both meh and predictable at far too many points.

It contained like every single stereotypical cliche that you could think of, unlikeable idiotic characters, zero consequences of any action (large stealth motherships being able to apparently land on the sea), no respect for any form of physics, tiresome family histrionics, the world apparently getting demolished but endless empty Ospreys available for character's tedious errands, inane environmental preaching and a script that felt like a string of woeful fortune cookies.

The characters are too predictable and stock.

Way too long.

Cinema-goers may be wondering how a seemingly action-heavy monster movie could possibly be so boring.

Considering going back to the movies to watch it again since I enjoyed it greatly.

Very cool sound effects and visually entertaining to watch godzilla and other monsters face off

The humans in this are about as uninteresting as the ones in the previous movie.

This is a well presented, fun, action packed monster romp with everyone's favourite king of the monsters.

Final Say -Despite brief snippets of the film it could've been, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is far too serious and sadly dull for its own good stopping this monster rumble in its tracks, a shame for all and a potential road-blocker for the franchise moving forward.

Way too long, no plot, no story, noise and fighting.

Very loud, very dumb, and very entertaining .

Save your money and 2 hours.

The visuals were stunning and the fights were great.

We got some monster fights which saved the movie but other than that it was mostly boring.

No plot would have been better....


Edwards' "Godzilla" rebooted the American "Godzilla" franchise after "Stargate" director Roland Emmerich gave us his own entertaining epic "Godzilla" (1998), starring Matthew Broderick.

If you're not a hardcore Godzilla fan, don't waste your time .

This movie was so cliche I cringed several times throughout the film.

Don't waste your time or money.

Even if you went cliche and had Madison and her father standing on the edge of Boston harbor as the sun was rising and Godzilla disappeared off into the water and then a touching moment between them that would have been infinitely better.

As a lifelong Godzilla fan I can't say I was disappointed since it was so satisfying to see these monsters come to life and feel like real, believable characters but just wished the movie they were in was more focused and shorter to fully appreciate the spectacle, creatures and the engaging themes it wants to tell.

Trite deaths everywhere as trite bad guy appears.

, A boring stories, Bad acting, poor script, and really really bad editing, you can even tell when they interact humans with the monsters that they are just standing behind a giant screen.

Otherwise an enjoyable movie.

No plot, horrible acting, ridiculous dialogue, terrible direction, bad editing, amateurish writing, good CGI.

At the top of my list for Worst Movie Ever.

Charles Dance is always good but he really phones in his Tywin Lannister impersonation here (but then again it's always entertaining) Mille Bobbie Brown does the best with a thankless role.


This is definitely worth watching in theaters.

This movie has barely anything to do with Godzilla and as a matter of fact most of the time they're fighting in the background while the story follows a boring family around and their drama.

I wanted to leave after the first quarter.

Waste of time.

Still, I would never want to make people believe this is a bad movie, it's not, I really enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to the next instalment.

Though I didn't care for the characters in that one, the decision to have Godzilla's battles as background until the very end was a good one, as presumably he realised that the actual fights between the monsters are pretty boring.

The human drama is boring and cliche.

The other actors, seem to slow down the plot of the whole movie.

There are way more monster battles which are stunning and beautifully shot, the stakes are higher, and the overall character design is amazing.

Too many contrived plot elements, asking the audience to suspend belief just once too many times.

Visually stunning .

Don't waste your time.

Godzilla King of the Monsters is an enjoyable popcorn movie with incredible monsters, a good story and an amazing soundtrack.

Stupidity over stupidity ✅ Illogical actions everywhere ✅ Laws of physics forgotten ✅ Nonexisting plot ✅ Predictable turn of events ✅ I'm gonna puke ✅

Don't waste your time With this movie.

It seemed to me like actors from popular tv shows and movies were thrown together which made it rather confusing (a mix of The Conjuring, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones - HUH??


This sequel is far superior to the 2014 film with an exciting variety of monsters, phenomenal fx and storytelling, hardcore action, and plenty of screen time for our beloved kaiju, Gojira.

There's clearly merit in this idea, with Godzilla living a long and fruitful life as one of the world's most recognizable properties (particularly in its home country of Japan), even if so far the modern reimagining's haven' t exactly nailed the giant lizard down, with Roland Emmerich's late 90's outing ridiculed by many (even if it was good dumb fun) and 2014's Godzilla being accused of being far too boring for its own good.

The too quick reveal of the other titans, both in film and the early trailers, completely cheapens their value to the story, and the total lack of plot and character development sinks what could have otherwise been a romp towards an increasingly entertaining series with many more iterations to follow.

but it's entertaining,,, just bring the Ultraman then it will be complete hahahaha

Horrible waste of time.

Cardboard, cliche characters.

Aside from loud, entertaining monster battles, this sequel will be forgotten.

But what they could've done better was with the human characters who delivered plain dialouges which were boring.

Overall, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a boring, melodramatic Western interpretation on a Kaiju film; placing the Kaiju in the background as mere scenery.

First, we had the 2014 Godzilla, where many complained that too much of the giant monster action was seen solely from the vantage point of boring humans.

Character motivations are muddled, and the overall storyline is largely convoluted and uninteresting.

Except VFX story is boring.

I found the dialogue to be ridiculous and cheesy; and the acting was bland (and when it comes to Millie Bobby Brown downright ANNOYING).

We are supposed to care YET we don't at all because 1) Vera was horribly miscast in the role and 2) The script was sooo bad, the dialogue so wooden and cliche, that the audience actually hated her and thought "good riddance" when she died.

The best performance of the film is Ken Watanabe´s a recognized great actor, sadly he didn´t get a lot of scenic time in the movie, but well, it was entertaining

worst movie ever made .

In my opinion, the problem with this film is the same as the first one: the plot is boring, the characters are underdeveloped and bland, and the script is corny and stupid.

It isn't just the fact that Godzilla 2 has too many characters, few of them truly gripping, that make me bored with them.


Cut to another trite guy with trite story of separated from threatened family, had become alcoholic, now angry at missing family members.

Boring, predictable, mocking .

They're bland, cliché, and make stupid decisions.

The extraordinary amount of care in this score is absolutely haunting, and by far the best part of the movieIt makes it all the more confusing that the film doesn't shut up.

I fell asleep repeatedly in this movie because of how much I didn't care about the human characters.

But other things are so ordinary and boring.

But that's not my thing, i like complicated compelling characters with lots of depth, so that's why this is my rating.

personality made him entertaining and Godzilla was simply awe inspiring, making him feel larger than life.

the worst movie of the decade .

Poor and boring not even close to the Anime Idea .

Eye rolling through out the movie, this is got to be the most boring movie I've ever seen.

Beautifully shot, with a compelling story, too!

no story at all.

I say it one more time: realism is good, but when it renders a movie unwatchable, it defeats the purpose, especially in a popcorn movie such as this.

Enjoyable, in most of the frames .

I could not believe how boring, fundamentally broken and bland this 2 hour wet fart was.

Introduction of each monster was dramatic and stunning.

It was always about the monster, so in this regard they kept true to form, and thus, was enjoyable for the type of movie it was.


So after watching Godzilla 2014, everyones wanted more Godzilla and well they got it but in a boring way...

It has a lot of fighting, the movie may be too fast paced for some, and some may not be a fan of Godzillas style of fighting.

While the plot is contrived and the acting is sub-par, what actually bothers me the most is the cgi.

Defiantly worth watching an amazing Godzilla movie it made 8yr old me come out in the theater I'm so happy there making these movies took my 5yr old and made him a Godzilla fan!!!!

An extremely predictable movie.

Worst movie .

Even people who liked to movie were starting to get a bit bored towards the end.

Slow Titan like giant mammoth can travel from one continent to another one on a blink of eye.

Other than that, the movie is entertaining.

Overall, Godzilla: King of the Monsters has some amazing sound editing, editing, and score with great visual effects but lacks a good script or compelling characters.

Dialogs are very predictable!

Though they are still the weakest part of the film I will take many humans that have emotions over a BORING piece of wood human any day.

Boring, predictable, cgi all the way.

Putting together such a predictable plot with such boring and unsympathetic characters can't lead to something good I'm afraid.

Super boring ..characterization like paper .

The focus should be on the monsters and while there is more screen time devoted to them in this sequel, there is still way too much time spent following dull human characters.

The main criticism of viewers for Goodzilla 2014 was that the film had a slow rhythm and the viewer had to wait long to see Godzilla.

The second time was already too predictable.

There is scene after scene of military members sitting in a room, talking about God knows what, and it's so God damn boring.

This movie is a waste of time.

There is a remnant of a plot which is bad, confusing, doesn't go anywhere.


But the action was exciting, and I really enjoyed the designs of the various kaiju.

the story and decision making of these human characters are laughable and dumb and it's so boring it'll make you sleepy.

That's how breathtaking this movie actually is.

The human plot was really entertaining, and epic, and emotional as well.

However, I will have to take away a point for the story, while I actually thought it was well executed, it is where the movie tends to have its slower paced portions and still feels secondary compared to the larger narrative of "let's get Godzilla to earn the King of the Monsters title.

I think all the movies based on the character are entertaining.

Want to know if you're getting some bland and basic CGI in a movie?

Visually stunning, a couple surprises, and even has a reasonable plot device to keep the humans in the middle of it.

Constant monster fights can be boring after a timeThe worst part is the Godzilla expert guy sacrificing himself.

Worst Movie ever .

This moving is stupid, boring, and excruciatingly long.

Dark, boring and generally predictable...

The story with the humans are predictable and recycled.

Entertaining film.

Admission: Most giant monster movies bore me to tears.

However the scenes with the monsters are stunning, and it's more fun then you think just watching monsters destroying things.

Jar Jar Binks Dialog Returns - Chaotic, Incomprehensible Action - Save Your Money .


Very enjoyable sequel to the 2014 movie which feels like it fits well into the Godzilla universe.

Awful boring movie and millie bobby brown sucks as usual

I think the filmn is boring.

More empty junk made for the Chinese market.

no plot.

Whereas the first felt more plodding and mysterious in tone this is just all out monster mayhem right from the start.

a waste of time and money.

The worst movie experience I have ever had.

"Dry", "boring" and "irrelevant" would be compliments to these actors.

This film has Great cast , Amazing Cinematography , good story and characters and action packed with non stop thrills , Don't listen to the Over the top negative reviews , this is a pretty good film , I Had fun from start to finish <3.

I understand that the sacrifice of a compelling story arc was to make way for action sequences, a major departure from the focus of the first film.

This is worst movie i ever seen in this year .

The final fight between Godzilla & Ghidorah is same as the final fight in the previous part of Godzilla in 2014, it looks like repetitive scene, besides the other creatures that pop up less than a minute without any information about what they're capable to do.

One of the worst movies I've seen in years .

That became terribly monotonous and boring.

The problem is that the monsters in this film are bland CGI creations who don't have distinct personalities aside from Godzilla.

The plot line and the ending was predictable.

I was bored, anyway, and then when that BS came into I just couldn't stomach watching any more.

The insipid story, weak script, and bland acting fatally undercut both the impressive CGI and the homages to earlier films (iconic and otherwise).

In between the boring, drawn-out battles between the Titans, we're treated to a litany of "Humans BAD.....

In what universe is a Godzilla film boring, especially one with 5 different monsters in it?

I will say it's the worst movie made in Hollywood.

The Exposition Dumps - Part of what made the human scenes so painful to watch was how straight up boring they were.

An unfortunately dull monster mash-up .

Bad script, All the PC boxes checked off to make this a boring movie.

Very boring, same old same old, and every character would pitch in for an answer for any angles or theories at some point throughout the film as though it's the only way the director could think of explaining any situation that materialised to the audience and at a quick rate.

But the human side was awful, had way too much screentime, and an incredibly boring and played out plot.

Incredibly boring......

Great effects and boring acting.

Cheesy and cliche .

no story .. no acting ...

There is literally no storyline.

And its so boring...

But over all, Godzilla, the King of the Monsters was entertaining and fun to watch.

Last half hour of the movie is boring af.

I enjoyed it though and it was well worth the time to see it.

Major yawn.

It has very cheesy parts and most of them are very dull.

Sadly, most of the movie was just painfully dull, and the few laugh out loud scenes(Vera Farmigas speech, Charles Dance's shrug moment, the very end) are not enough to recommend this total pile of trash.

They go through all the predictable motions.

It kinda annoys me when camera switches from CG monsters to boring actors.

As great as it all was, there were parts that lacked a great thematic punch, too many deus ex machina moments (a couple felt goofy and nearly predictable), and the script felt like it tried hard to fence an R rating.

But they kept shoving their boring human characters in our faces, I'm so angry this movie sucks so bad.

Like looking at the destruction of a Godzilla-torn city, it is a disheartening catastrophe to see a monster movie that's so dull.

The build up from the characters was suspect but pretty entertaining film.

The dialogue is moronic, the story cliche'd, not one ounce of originality.

But no, the cast is dull.

This is utter waste of time.

This movie is worth the watch.

The worst movie I've ever seen in my life .

what an epic waste of time.. the story sucks and if you take L to be the hero girl give her credit for stranger things...

The film's plot is incredibly boring and dragged out.

So, I was constantly trying to decide what shall I do: keep on sleeping or just leave the theater.

But i enjoyed it anyways 😁

I have 5 for the CGI, the story line, events are really boring, easy to predict.


It was slow, and we never really encountered him in his entirety until the climax, preferring instead to offer glimpses through the characters that come near his presence.

Boring and unrealistic .

I know the story isn't the main point in Godzilla, but the story in this movie is terrible, boring, and I feel like they focused on it a little too much.

The shivering dread of boredom is too overwhelming.

I'm gonna keep this as short as possible about the rest: lots of noise, lots of flashy lights and explosions (just a bunch of high budget show-off to compensate the lack of story and good acting), no standout perfomance by an actor (even though good actors where on set, with the likes of Charles Dance for example).

Sure, some of it is flawed, but most of the time I find myself enjoyed and truest impressed by its effects and stunning visuals.

For a popcorn movie with plenty of action this is worth watching.

Why waste my time with anything else than pure magic: CGI monsters battling each other, with no regard to their shape, characteristics or abilities, just random attacks, like 5 year olds playing MK.

Waste of time .

The writing was cheesy and lazy, there are multiple scenes only for exposition, there's a lot of cliches, the story is predictable and the characters constantly make small stupid decisions that really add up to be really annoying.

It felt repetitive in action.



The battles were epic and enjoyable.

It just kinda bored me.

Well worth the watch and really looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong after this.

Entertaining with Crappy Characters.

Awe inspiring.

Lame repetitive dialogue over and over just like in GoT season 8!

They killed off the best character before even the halfway point, and we're left with a boring block of wood known as Aaron Taylor Johnson for the rest of it.

Boring characters and stereotypical monster behavior; at one point the monsters are labelled as animals the next minute they have feelings and act like humans.

This is literally one of the top worst movies I have watched in my life.

So get ready for the knock down drag out battle that's coming by watching this and getting ready.

It was so boring that an actual guy was snoring.

This film also feels the need to include pointless Godzilla lore at all times in a pathetic way to keep die hard Godzilla fans entertained.

His direction is typical, current Hollywood shlock, way too long, a loud, throbbing score, constant cross-cutting, and an endless flurry of CGI imagery in a confused, muddy blur of events.

Monstrous waste of time.

This scene still very boring!

Let me tell you that the tradition that is forcing all cliche known to mankind is very well present in this movie.

The ending was stretched to the point that it was unbearable.

The storyline is boring and predictable as well as the characters.

" fury Capt. Kirk *alone* is equipped and entitled to express) by Every Single Character and, well, it gets trite after a while.

The script is bad, I mean cliche ridden bad; both the plot and the dialogue needed a good rewrite to create anything even vaguely satisfactory.

The cast as a whole was mostly boring, and with the exception of Ken Watanabe there was Kyle Chandler (who is a vastly underrated actor having been exceptional in Early Edition), there was little actual acting to be seen.

A little clunky sometimes, but enjoyable all the same.

I highly recommend it.

I know that this can be a controversial speak but ,beyond of the story, in some point of the movie (Avengers Endgame) I was getting bored.

Seriously Thrilling, a Total Epic .

Long boring dialogues which is unfortunate because the cast is a very good one.

Not to make fun OF the film, just to make fun with the film, because the movie kinda places the intention that it wants us to feel bored (the unnecessary human dialogue).

If you forget about all that and focus on the creatures battling, then it is a movie worth watching!

A good action packed sequel .

Boring, terrible CGI, just visual fluff.

Kong, but only if they spare us the boring characters.

The human stuff honestly just bored me can't really explain why either because the actors were doing there best.

The movie has the gigantic titans battling it out sure, but it seems to be more interested in cutting back to the boring and completely hollow human characters almost every time things get exciting.

If you want monster fights and dull characters you got it in GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS

Kids wanted to leave.

Instead the plot is confusing.

This movie proves that you can throw all the money in the world but even with decent actors, you still need a little thing called PLOT DEVELOPMENT in order to have a movie worth watching.

"Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" is loud but dull.

It took me almost all day to get through it because I kept getting bored.

This movie is a perfect example of self indulgent mayhem that goes on and on and is meaningless.

But you're left just twiddling your thumbs for too long waiting for the monsters to come back on screen as they are far more entertaining to watch.

Very boring movie.

It's a fun movie and definitely worth watching.

Dull, dull, dull .

By far one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

daddy mom baby boring...

I fell asleep....

Well, I guess about the same odds as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson had locating his crew following the knock down-drag out in "Rampage".

The human characters really have trivial motivations that reek of lazy writing and bland Marvel inspired universe building.

Godzilla KM 2019 is an incredibly entertaining scream.

Their battles are intense and fully satisfying.

This family drama stuff is boring and does not belong in a Godzilla movie.

King of the Monsters May suffer from a meandering plot line but being that it's filled with interesting ideas, fun action, breathtaking visuals, and classic homages to the originals, any Godzilla fan will be adequately satisfied.

90% unwatchable human characters in unwatchable human drama, 10% awesome monster action.

And even though some people complaint about the human factor of this movie, I actually enjoyed it...

The references to the old movies are enjoyable.

This movie is so predictable, and the ideas are so cheap that you can not go lower than that.

It's fun, entertaining and at many times will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

And sure, even though I thought the slow buildup of the 2014 "Godzilla" was really effective, I'll be damned if I wasn't excited for 2 hours of CGI monster fun.

It had just the right balance of story and action, the acting was great, every appearance of either a MUTO or Godzilla was incredibly thrilling and let's not forget the awesome Hawaii scene.


An action movie that was dull.

I'm watching this right now and finding it boring and mundane.

The movie is a 2hr and 13min movie and I was just ready to walk out of the theater.

I'm not a massive Godzilla fan but I've seen reviews on this website from people who eat, breathe and sleep Godzilla, and they really enjoyed it so ignore the extremely unfair 40% Rotten Tomatoes score and pay attention to the 84% audience score and good reviews on IMDb.

Trite battle.

It was just so enjoyable from start to finish, the intro to each titan was chilling, and they were amazingly detailed to the eyes.

Boring movie .

The movie is fast paced and it is like there are no breaks on it so buckle up for one hell of a ride .


Maybe I'm being a little harsh on it, but it's just so completely un-engaging and quite frankly boring that it's hard to recommend to anyone.

No story or character development.

Maybe worst movie of the year, among top 10 worst movies ever.

4 - Madison drove Ghidorah to the sports stadium using the Orka machine 5 - Mark Russell and Emma Russell, who repaired the Orka machine and dragged Ghidorah behind, provided Godzilla with the opportunity to revive him, otherwise Ghidorah had killed him.

Fun and entertaining .

People in this movie are so dumb it was unbearable to watch any scene involved them.

Save your money!

There are a lot of action sequences in the movie among the beasts and they are epic, visually stunning, and fun to watch.

Sure, there are significant problems (all the best shots are in the trailer, the plot is beyond laughable, the characters are so thinly sketched as to make those in the first film feel Shakespearean, clichés abound, the talented cast is wasted), but all things considered, I enjoyed it, as it accomplished exactly what it set out to accomplish.

All in all a waste of money, better watch the first part again.

Within in minutes of start some trite monster threatens some trite science office.

It is a huge waste of time.

The human story is perfectly engaging and the actors are good.

The 1998 movie is far more entertaining.

He shows up more often and is accompanied by some truly stunning monsters.

One of the worst movies that I watched

This is yet another teriible Godzilla movie, for all the reasons mentioned before, and merging the two could only mean Kong films get dragged down into the dumpster fire the Godzilla 'franchise' has become .

The movie has great visuals, but even without the humans and the bad story there still is a huge problem with this movie, the fighting between monsters, which lets face it, is the reason we went to see the movie in the first place is bland.

This is particularly when it focuses more on pointless character explaining the plot rather than exploring how humanity deals with the arrival of multiple Titans.

It goes on with cliche bursting fake heroism, with characters who only have the purpose of throwing in some (un)funny lines once in a while, with kids who are so sophisticated that leading astrophysicists could learn from them, with dying characters that you just don't care about, even though you definitely should, with characters coming to conclusions despite the fact that there's absolutely NO.

Boring and dull .

I didn't expect Godzilla to be Jurassic Park; however, the biggest sin is that it's boring.

The actors did their best with the uninspired writing and contrived plot.

The movie is worth watching when you are in the mood for this type of film.

I fell asleep, woke up and then went back to sleep.

that was one of the worst movies i've seen since Pompeii and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

It could be better but I enjoyed it!

Honestly if the human race went extinct in this movie it would've been much more entertaining and not this boring.

Sooooooooooooooo boring!!!.

The washed out look of this film, the halfhearted dialogue and storyline, the bland slate of actors lined up for this movie - which appears to have been marketing primarily to less-critical audiences in China.

Zero character development, zero logic, zero interest, equals maximum indifference and boredom for the suffering audience.

There's a lot of things happening and trying to hide this ~2hr long movie is going nowhere.

I loved the look of these creatures and all of the action scenes are very exciting, which put a huge smile on my face.

missiles that destroy all oxygen in a 2km radius probably should have destroyed water and clouds too..the whole government wants to shut down monarch thing was a complete waste of time as it was largely ignored...

makes this film unwatchable.

There are plenty of fights between Godzilla and the other Titans and they are exciting.

In fact, it's probably the only actually thrilling scene in the whole movie.

In fact, the movie was so predictable that even a dead man would see things coming before they happened.

This is the worst movie i had ever seen,Even every character wants to slap

But I enjoyed it.

Trite plans follow, trite action.

Bottom Line: "Godzilla: King of Monsters" is a boring and occasionally offensively bad interpretation of a story that has been done and redone endlessly for over a half century.

As far as the plot being convoluted or confusing, that's simply wrong, Avengers Endgame had a more convoluted and confusing plot thanks to its time travel and raised too many questions to the point that fans and producers of the film had to save it in order to make some sort of sense (Though I still think Endgame is a pretty good film.

Seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen.


movie makers should have a cliche team, to catch any possible cliches.

Unfortunately, though, the human stuff is even duller than before and the monster stuff is somehow arguably even less interesting than that.

Yes, the action and suspense in them are great, the concepts of the storyline are genuinely interesting and I would say sufficiently gripping to keep you focused on the movie, and personally I think the special effects and grandeur are fantastic, it really adds spectacle to what should be truly grand creatures and movie sequences.

Visually stunning .

The soundtrack also seemed intentionally reminiscent of past monster glories, adding to the enjoyable nostalgia.

Slow story line.

It was boring and nothing more than dark battle scenes one right after the other.

The other characters were vapid, annoying, uninteresting "we're a family after all!

It was one one of those movies when you can fall asleep for 20 minutes, and when the noise wakes you up you feel you haven't actually missed anything.

Trite ending.

2 out of the 3 editors worked on Transformers and Justice league (yawn), and it really shows.

Either because it was just boring and I didn't care, or it was just obvious.

Story telling: everyone is yelling for hours, yet the pace seems to be strangely slow.

Having enjoyed the 2014 start to this franchise, I had some trepidation after reading a few "ho-hum" reviews of this Godzilla.

Only reason I didn't walk out of the cinema was because I fell asleep.

This movie bored the crap out of me.

Better than 1st one due to the fact you actually see godzilla this time but it is somewhat slow paced and the humans side of the story really detracted from the whole experience.

Overall, it was worth watching , and i believe this experience should not be missed when running in theaters, it will not waste your money, and has great repetition value.

I don't mean it it badly made, no sir it looks awesome, but it is repetitive and consists of like four different attacks shared among all monsters and just rehashed every fight and all the fights.

One of the worst movies I've seen.

the story is way too boring and predictable and even the special effects are way too bright that they'll hurt your eyes!

Literally nothing happens, then everything happens for jo reason and you just DON'T CARE.

It made me feel bad for the cast, they are legitimately trying to do what they can with the material but every time they went back to the human characters, I wanted to press the X button to get through the boring cut scene.

Cheesy, predictable excess "overacting " .

The Film, is genuinely, one of the most ridiculously flawed & boring (not even funny bad) movies I've seen in the past decade - it's really bad.

The only cringe worthy, monster movie cliche they missed out on, was having someone who could speak Titan to Godzilla.

Messy, boring, repetitive and confusing .

As far as monster movies goes, it's worth the watch.

The dialogue itself lacks passion and emotion- it is a blend of one-liners that didn't make the final cut from a 1980's Schwarzenegger movie, overused back-and-fourths that you have seen a hundred times before, and empty conversations that lack both substance and direction.

Way too slow .

Chaotic, loud and boring...

No story whatsoever.

Skip this and dont waste your time

However, even with these impressive-looking monsters, "mundane" sadly still comes to mind far too often, mostly because of the terribly-written human characters.

Movie is boring af.

Way too much skipping to boring emotional human drama and her stupid daughter and not enough smashing,roaring and they killed mothra five secs in?

cliché from start to the end.

This monstrous stupidity had it all - annoying kids, predictable script, cringy lines, stupid characters making stupid decisions, climate change propaganda.

Worst Movie in the Series .

The visuals were epic, but the idiotic characters had me curled up in my chair, ready to fall asleep.

By literally slamming the breaks on the audience adrenaline and cutting off the air supply with human sacrifice after human sacrifice, by the time Godzilla finally climbs to the top of the monster heap, the audience is in tears rather than exploding with cheers and applause.

Good thing I am a real monster lover, else I would have walked out.

The problem is that no plot, and awful acting, as well as utterly dislikeable characters (Madison is not exactly a very likeable kid and appears mostly entitled and spoilt), and the ridiculous eco-mentalist premise , this film gets 4/10 and that is entirely due to the action scenes and CGI.

in short - vera famiga (this actress is very bad and annoying) are 500% sure what is she doing just only for the most cliche turn over phrase "i must fix what i´ve caused" ...

Like it's predecessor, this version of Godzilla suffers from lack of story and engaging chatacters.

The movie juggled unevenly between intense action scenes and character drama, at times causing unintentional laughs.

They are awe inspiring in small doses.

I liked the film, but the mythology was growing tiresome towards the end.

If you think you know what this film is about and want to see if it is anything but predictable-stay home.

Spectacular Kaiju action dragged down by stupid human drama .

Typical sign of bad movie: Bad lighting in teals and oranges and weighed down with trite P.

A wonderful fast paced movie that slows down in appropriate spots and time length.

Stunning effects, and good acting.

It's pretty boring in places.

Bland nonsensical plot with cringeworthy acting and weak CGI

Please save your money and see something else.

I was not disappointed, and the scenery and graphics during the battles were breathtaking, especially between King Ghidora and Rodan.

Everyone in the film are really dull, even Millie Bobby Brown, who does her usual shtick of have a mental breakdown.

Very thrilling and exciting .

It is exactly on the line of bland hollywood action flick and fun godzilla movie to watch with friends in theaters.

It was a waste of time.


Predictable all the way .

Usually i would suggest to watch anyways, at least for the fight scenes, but they are so predictable it's not worth it.

Except them every other character seemed bland and unlikable.

Dont waste a second of your life on this.

The acting was also weak, and the dialogue was trite and cliche'd.

Well, let me humor the idea that balance cannot exist and explain it thusly: the problem with the first movie is that the most prominent characters were somewhat uninteresting and didn't justify the lack of Godzilla screentime, whereas this movie doesn't give us enough time to get to know anyone or understand why we should be invested when the action comes.

Plotless Drivel .

This is the worst movie i had ever seen .

It's a Underrated and Very good action packed MONSTER movie.

All in all, it ends up feeling a bit wonky and disjointed, and at times mildly confusing.

Cliche .

Simply unfinished, uninteresting, and unoriginal storyline followed by more glimpses of these newfound historic monsters.