GoldenEye (1995) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond teams up with the lone survivor of a destroyed Russian research center to stop the hijacking of a nuclear space weapon by a fellow Agent formerly believed to be dead.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 36 out of 427 found boring (8.43%)

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An Enjoyable Bond .

It leads to James' encounter with an old friend, and one of the few instances in the entire Bond series of a truly gripping encounter with what turns out to be an adversary.

First, Pierce Brosnan is dull.

Whilst 'GoldenEye' does have some fantastic 90's technology action sequences and stunts unique to the Bond film genre, they seem to be sperated few and far between by too many long boring bits.

Alan Cumming is also fun in the cartoonish yet enjoyable role of Boris Grishenko, an evil uber-geek.

Brosnan was a huge eye candy , action galore , stunning and breath-taking ,even in some instances simply overdoing it , against all laws of physics , specially the initial scene , where Bond jumps off a cliff into the huge ravine ,trying to save his skin by catching a diving plane no less !

The pre-credit sequence is intense and I loved Judi Dench's M giving Bond hell about his sexist dinosaur ways.

"Goldeneye" exemplifies this trend, because it features the explosion of the "Goldeneye" facility and then a helicopter, bad guys firing at James Bond and yet never appearing to hit their target, dull chases (involving Bond in a tank) through Moscow, and then more gun fights and explosions at the end.

Goldeneye blends together a competent plot, some intriguing characters and of course the courtesy Bond villains and Bond girls (who I've discovered are manufactured and put on a Bond conveyor belt on an island off Key Largo) The movie comes together quite nicely and Brosnan is perfectly believable.

Bond has always been more intense when he's personally involved, and having a former colleague as the main villain definitely helps this movie.

the tank scene is too long.

) this was an excellent entry into his entertaining time as Bond.

The tower at the end impresses, but because it is unusual rather than exciting.

Pierce Brosnan seems to be well in action movies and there is a high degree of realism to this flick adding to the adrenaline rush of the shots and fast-paced storyline.

As for Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan's performance was, to my mind, far more interesting and enjoyable than Timothy Dalton's two movies, or any of Roger Moore's.

The action intensifies toward the exciting conclusion that takes place under, around and on the huge radio telescope facility.

For Bond fans, that alone makes it worth watching.

Speeding through the Russian streets in an armoured tank, gliding through the air and boarding a plane that is in full descent and ejecting out of a helicopter seconds before two missiles threaten to end the Bond series are such highlights.. It's an exciting movie and surpassed my expectation level.

This movie is thoroughly engaging and totally captivating, right from the very first scene.

The first time I saw it I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

While it's no "Goldfinger" (it may not even be QUITE as good as "The Spy Who Loved Me", though if not, it comes very close), I would say it's one of the stronger films is the franchise, quite intriguing for the most part, unlike some of them.

I even made my girlfriend watch it, and even she enjoyed it.

Yet the rest of the movie was surprisingly dull and witless.

GOLDENEYE is just what James Bond movies should be: enjoyable action-packed secret agent escapist fun.

The famous dam bungee- jump is spectacular and Bond's escape where he free falls after a plane is ridiculous but extremely enjoyable.

He's the perfect physical opponent as Bean is subtly charismatic in the role and has an intense presence.

Particularly enjoyable in this regard are the exchanges between Bond and the new female M.

The action sequences were outstanding - be it the indulgent tank scenes, the thrilling library chase, the 'do or die' train sequence or the explosive 'Golden Eye' climax.

For A Bond Film, It's Pure Gold And Frankly, One Of The Most Stunning Films Ever.

It's a slow, Broadway show type tune.

And although Scoripco is lovely, it was more engaging to see Britt Ekland, Ursula Andress, and Kim Basinger running around in skimpy clothes.

Despite being a little predictable at times, this was very good and worth watching throughout.

Lifeless and mostly boring Bond movie .

Trust me dont waste your money,die another day is 100 times better.

There are some long and slow pauses throughout the movie that could have been edited better.

After a six year hiatus, the James Bond bandwagon started rolling again with this slick, funny and highly entertaining movie.

Now, you need exciting constructed sets.

The plot of GoldenEye may not hold much weight in terms of substance or emotion, but the Bond series isn't meant to - and Martin Campbell has successfully captured that fun, over the top and entertaining style that James Bond needs, and made it work for a nineties audience.

The film manages to be exciting and full of action, while not becoming too over the top or straying too far from the actual plot.

This movie is just one action seen after another with very little plot.

an adrenaline soaked action thriller with Brilliant Brosnan .

We are surely so used to this brand of action hero now that it's a surprise after watching Connery's cold yet quietly intense suavity or Dalton's aggressive, vindictive boldness.

Roger Spottiswoode's efforts in TND, while exciting in their own right, sometimes make you think that you're watching just another action flick, and not a Bond movie.

What do we get besides stunning unbelievable stunts?

Enjoyable yarn, one of the better James Bond films.

Almost everything is good in the flick and all the bond elements are present, sexy cars, beautiful bond girls, great villain, kinda average plot but still entertaining!

In conclusion, this is a thrilling Bond from start to finish and should not be missed.

GoldenEye mayn't be the best Bond film ever, but it is for me one of the more enjoyable ones.

Like a cliché villain, cliché lines, cliché everything.

"Goldeneye" gets the balance just right, providing a film that is both engaging and fun at the same time.

The music isn't very Bond-esquire, but it is exciting enough.

Credit has to be given to Martin Campbell, who quite frankly should have directed every Bond movie ever, if his record is anything to go by, but also to Pierce Brosnan, who does a quite formidable job absorbing all the traits of the previous portrayals of Bond.

It's exciting, funny, and captivating all at once.

Perhaps it's because the script is the best of the 3, despite "TND" being marginally the more entertaining film.

GoldenEye has a great opening scene that is more entertaining than most entire movies.

The opening sequence ranks as one of the best of the series with a bungee jump, infiltration, shootout and finally a jump off of a huge cliff to get into a falling empty plane.

Perhaps the reason why Jansen's performance sticks out like a sore thumb and seems so buffoonish is because the remainder of the film is so slow-moving and ponderous, nearly bereft of any humor whatsoever, that she seems to have walked in from another production.

When it is supposed to make the action seem exciting, the music makes it seem like the brilliantly staged stunts and chases don't matter, that there's no point in being alive - who the heck decided to put that music in?

It is a must see for Bond fans and should be an enjoyable experience for movie goers alike.

The opening montage that goes to the song is also on of the most intricate, visually fascinating ones I have seen in ANY Bond film and really gets the audience pulled in.

Plotless fun.

Overall Goldeneye is an enjoyable Bond movie that does well to capture the formula well with its cheeky humour, enjoyable set-pieces and typical world-threatening plot.

Rating : good and entertaining .

Goldeneye was a better Bond outing - the opening scenes of the film certainly deliver on the epic scale and action, even if the dialogue between Alec and Bond was dull at best and cr*p at worst.

Alan Cumming is merely irritating utilizing every nerdy cliché as a turn-coat Russian computer geek.

(Killed In Action) With this in mind, it makes it an interesting film with two partners, turned enemies with the same training and skill to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Simonova, on the other hand, is a considerably more believable Bond girl, and although certainly spunky and assertive, can come across as dowdy and bland, especially compared to Janssen's sultry henchwoman.

Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger became mega stars during that time, and the emergence Indiana Jones was making Bond look dull and decrepit by comparison.

After being out of action for over five years with his future uncertain Bond, James Bond, leaped back into action with this exciting spy thriller.

CONTRIVED - where's the plot??.

Great stunts, performances and breathtaking direction from Martin Campbell in addition to Brosnan fitting the 007 role like a glove make this an unmissable cinematic treat.

An action packed one .

An enjoyable update of the secret agent franchise .

The action sequences are intense and it follows the later Nintendo 64 game pretty closely (or the game follows the movie rather).

But I feel that they just cannot make Bond films now that are as entertaining and original as the older ones were.

I particularly liked the new supporting cast; Samantha Bond as a snappy Miss Moneypenny, Joe Don Baker, recycled from a villian in an earlier 007 film (The Living Daylights) as the smart-alec CIA liaison, and Judi Dench as a brass-balled (or something) M.

Worse still, we get a dumb opening that hints at the kind of horrors still to come (Bond free-falling faster than a plane almost rivalling Die Another Day's wave-riding and invisible car for stupidity), a lifeless rendition of the 007 theme, Bond swapping his Aston Martin for a BMW (and a crap one at that), a bland Bond woman in the form of Isabella Scorupco, shocking product placement (Perrier anyone?

My Take: Brosnan's first performance as Bond is a thrilling spy adventure.

This movie is worth watching strictly for the awesome tank chase through St. Petersburg scene.

An action packed secret agent saga up to the standards set my Mr. Fleming.

Goldenye is an exciting thrill ride form start to finish.

The opening sequence is breathtaking, and all the action sequences get the adrenaline running very fast.

If you're a die-hard Bond fan (like myself), you'll probably walk away from it a wee bit disappointed, but for the most part, it's still undeniably entertaining.

), breathtaking and improbable stunts, spy devices,and great chases.

The villains: Sean Bean, who has made it a profitable sideline playing villains, is one of the more dull Bond villains.

It's an enjoyable romp.

A really entertaining film.

They probably wanted to show that even a woman can be a tough boss, but instead the character becomes an ugly cliché of feminist as man-hating shrew.

Action packed fun.

A highly entertaining film which must be watched by movie fans worldwide.

The car chase with Xenia in Monte Carlo is great fun, the stealing of the Goldeneye is intense and we get to see Brosnan bang a few heads together with is always great.

Altogether, this makes for a very entertaining film.

Cliché agent, cliché script, only stunt work and gadgets are only thing that improves from film to film.

In summary, I think that GoldenEye was a very good Bond film and had some enjoyable moments, particularly the tank chase and Famke Janssen being naughty.

And although some of the set-pieces are impressive, it doesn't seem to be able to sustain optimum thrust for long, as others seem painfully dragged out.

But in the apparently formulaic film that follows rules are being broken.

From start to finish, the action is exciting, stylish and most importantly, looks like a Bond movie.

A new, exciting chapter, that makes 'Bond' History .

A very enjoyable film which every Bond fan will love .

From the witty plot to the great action scenes, this film keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole of its duration.

The only thing that kept me from falling asleep was the beautiful Famke Janseen, who made the movie almost watchable.

The first ten minutes were stunning; after that it didn't pick up for a full hour.

The movie plods along and basically everything until Russia is dull, filled with atrocious dialogue, and introduces nothing new to the Bond caper.

Anyway, to cut it short, the BMW was apparently, according to Q, filled with loads of exciting and imaginative gadgets.

Outside of a strong cast, a great script, spectacular sets and locations, it's stylish, exciting, sexy, and most importantly, it's creative.

GoldenEye is a very entertaining and action-packed film, which captures the essence of Bond and has some real substance too in its plot and characterisation.

On the downside, the film has noticeably dated in the two decades since its release and several of the aspects that made the film entertaining and appealing in the 1990's, now make it look archaic, especially when compared to Craig's recent outings.

This is the start of a great action packed movie, with some sharp dialogues and some incredible stunts, without getting grotesque.

The gadgets shown by Q are breathtaking - really gave me a desire to possess at least one of them(including the BMW of course).

This dumb but enjoyable scene sets the tone for the rest of the film - very much a tongue-in-cheek, improbable, action-orientated romp.

Everything in this thrilling instalment adds up in the tradition of the genre, definitely one of the best Bond movies.

The movie was fun, exciting.

The action sequences are flat, the villains uninteresting and Bond seems a bit lifeless himself.

I never feel bored with it, or it is too over long like some Bond movies are it is fast paced, entertaining and hard core action.

If you want a long but thrilling spy film, "GoldenEye" could be what you're looking for, and watching it could be quite an experience.

It is a welcome and successful return to the series but it is also pointless mayhem that is undeniable fun and exhilarating.

The latter is now played by Samantha Bond, in a much more modern and enjoyable style then her predecessors while still retaining Lois Maxwell's grace and charm.

Special effects wise Goldeneye is no stunner although it's not really about the gadgets here, the battle between 007 and 006 is the backbone of the film and this is for the best as the intense rivalry between the two 00 agents makes Goldeneye the best of the Bonds

If you like elegance and intellectually challenging movie making (and despise movies for the terminally empty-headed), rent or buy one of the first five in the series.

Famke Janssen makes it into my Bond girl hall of fame with her wild and enjoyable preformence as Xenia Onnatop.

The movie was a bit too slow for a Bond film.

Whist not quite as timeless as the classic Bond's, "GoldenEye" is a slick, entertaining film and an assured debut for Brosnan.

There's also some highly enjoyable little roles from Robbie Coltrane as Russian mobster Valentin Zukovski, a welcome and particularly entertaining scene with Desmond Llewelyn as Q, the MI6 gadgets guru, and Alan Cumming who comes close to stealing the show as incredibly enjoyable computer nerd Boris Grishenko.

Goldeneye is the third best James Bond Movie (after Goldfinger and Casino Royale), the pacing is spot on, the action scenes are amazing, the cast is excellent, all character get to shine and the story is unpredictable and fresh.

Pierce Brosnan makes a confident debut, Sean Bean is a very memorable villain, both the female leads are great, the score is interesting and the action is absolutely stunning.

The film is funny, exciting, romantic, glamorous, fast-paced, over-the-top and down-to-earth at the same time.

Still, he is menacing and his final showdown with Bond is gripping and effective.

The final act in the antenna is also exciting, and doesn't look like a model because that antenna is really real!!!

The film is well paced, the opening sequence is worth watching, and Sean Bean makes an interesting villain.

Also the final clash between Bond and janus on a satellite dish in the Caribean is breathtaking.

--- 9/10Rated PG-13 for violence and intense action.

It was therefore a joy when I saw "Goldeneye" to realize that at last, Bond was back in a new exciting era of films.

This is just a very dumb, very expensive action movie with absolutely no character depth (save in Scorupco's role), no plot, only a bunch of junk and stuff that goes "boom".

Alan Cumming is on good comic form as a nerdish computer programmer, and Robbie Coltrane is enjoyable as a Russian gangster with a grudge against Bond.

The result is ok for Goldeneye, where anything would have been welcome after a 6 year gap from Licence to Kill, but Brosnan gets boring quickly.

Director Martin Campbell excellently fuses this plot with a barrage of special effect sequences, the majority of which are spectacular and engaging.

Exciting, hilarious and totally unbelievable, Good stuff!

However, Bond's liberal use of a machine gun in far too many scenes means alot of the action becomes numbing and repetitive after a while.

Robbie Coltrane's entertaining cameo as a former KGB agent could also have been longer, and I am not a fan of Tina Turner's dreary theme song.

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) makes his stunning comeback in "Goldeneye".

***1/2 out of **** StarsA little side note: I hope they bring back director Martin Campbell because he's the best Bond director next to Terence Young, Lewis Gilbert, and probably Guy Hamilton who has the honor of directing both the best and worst movie in the series.

On the other hand, without giving much away, there are parts of the film which have a load of hi tech weaponry and gadgets, but this is what is required from a Bond film, what I am saying about the other two films is that it more heavily relied upon it and as a result they became boring.

The movie often falls into self-parody, perhaps it's only weak point (you have to be a fan to get all the jokes) For instance, In the tradition of 'Pussy Galore' comes Xenia Onatopp, the excitable Russian assassin/bad girl, A very stern Judi Dench plays 'M' competently, with the cameos by Robbie Coltrane and Joe Don Baker worth watching out for, and Bond would not be Bond without the usual bevy of attractive Bond girls.

Special effects were good but the plot dragged alot throughout the movie.

And you got yourself a very entertaining and badass Bond to watch on screen.

The way Bond's "countryman" turned into a traitor was very shocking, making it even more entertaining.

The opening credits can get really boring during the 10th viewing.

The pacing gets too slow occasionally, so the film lags a bit.

She is subtle and decisive, acting in a way that is often unexpected, and her wit is, of course, worthy of recognition.

Famke Janssen as Onatopp was worth watching it for alone, she was hilarious!

There are only two weak spots in the film- the laser knowledge 9again) and while exciting, the recent "chase scene" is a little too weird and in reality, not even the greatest super agent in the world could have pulled it off and escaped as Bond does.

I also liked the fact that she was a computer programmer, which is in stark contrast to the glamorous and exciting lifestyles of many Bond girls.

Add to that, a great supporting cast, the best Bond girl in two decades in Izabella Scorupco and an entertaining story and you have the best Bond film since "Octopussy" and one of the best overall.

Pierce's hair is way too long and his stature is a a far cry from the six foot thump your head Bond or the novels.

This is a fantastic opening, throwing us straight into some intense action and it has Bond at his physical best.

In conclusion, this is a thrilling Bond from start to finish and should not be missed.

To me, 'GoldenEye' lacks the charm of the classic Bond films of the 60's and 70's, both with their light hearted humour, innovative gadgets and props and special effects with stunts that were even more entertaining because of the era in which they were made.

This was a pretty intelligent and exciting restart for the series, though individual stand-out scenes are better than the overall uneven structure.

Mix that in with a pretty entertaining plot with a good build up and characters such as the villains that are memorable and stand out.

Overall, a flawed Bond film (Russians speaking and writing in English is a noticeable mistake) but it re-starts the Bond franchise after an agonizing 6 year wait and everything here is nearly spot on making an enjoyable experience for Bond fans and casual viewers alike.

The film is so grainy and dull and so depressing - the music is awful.

The plot is enjoyable with decent villains and the typical excess that one expects from the franchise and it is done with a certain amount of humour without detracting from the action.

There are some nice action sequences and thrilling stunt scenes, and Alex Trevelyan (Sean Bean) and Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) make a pretty notorious team of villains, deviously depicted who will have you rooting against.

Again, that delicate balance between fun & engaging is achieved in spades.

A typical fun, entertaining, action packed Martin Campbell movie.

) The opening sequence involving a free-fall off a perilously high cliff without a parachute is simply awesome, and later segments get the adrenaline racing as well.

Overall, this is an excellent film which introduced an updated Bond to the public after a far too long absence from our screens with great style and panache.

Whether you are one of the many that enjoy the fantasy of such a character or one of the many that can hardly stand such delusion in an important means of artistic communication like film, or someone who's torn between both views, GoldenEye's plot is genuinely exciting, as if the 007 franchise had a battery that needed to be recharged.

Thankfully, this movie also possesses a hugely entertaining ensemble of secondary characters, not the least of which is Famke Janssen's sexy and demented Xenia Onatopp, a truly outrageous, over-the-top "bad" Bond girl who revels in being a sensual, bloodthirsty monster.

And what a stunning beauty Isabella Scorupco is !

The action in this film is breathtaking and suspenseful.

It makes for a laugh, but also a pointless femme fatale character.

Whilst Sean Connery's interpretation is rightly regarded as the definitive James Bond, GOLDENEYE is worthy of recognition as the movie that dragged what was a tired, bedraggled franchise kicking and screaming into the '90s and it's one of my favourites of the series.

Exciting with a good plot too!

Cheap propaganda.

I loved the suggestion that Bond's life is essentially empty and that he uses humour and his numerous romantic flings to hide his pain and his true self from the outside world.

Exciting parts?

Memorable dialogue, excellent plot, and stunning action.

) first role as the famous British spy is probably his finest to date with specific and exciting acting, not to mention he is the cheekiest and smartest Bond since Connery.

Being the 17th entry in the never-ending series revolving around the British super agent this film had a lot of history to live up to, but under the direction of Martin Campbell (who would later comeback to direct the superb Bond film Casino Royale) this is one of the most fun and thrilling entries in the entire series.

Martin Campbell makes everything in this movie so intense and interesting, that you probably are gonna see it more than once!

The film is thrilling and smarter than your average action film, with a number of decent attributes and positive film-making aspects that work well.

All told, though, ‘Goldeneye' is terrific, easily the most enjoyable Bond film for donkey's years.

The Irony Is Enjoyable .

Rather than investing in what Fleming wrote, he settles for an unflappable attitude to danger that is a crashing bore.

From the stunning pre-credits scene in which Bond bungee jumps off a dam to the explosive finale on a satellite dish, GoldenEye is more than your average 007 adventure.

The amount of bullets Bond manages to dodge throughout the film is mind blowing, especially in the library scene.

The music is also different and has a very Russian feel to it, but can feel repetitive and glad they decided not to keep Eric Serra.

Many of the compositions are memorable and they do create tension well, whilst there are some really soothing slower pieces.

It has action packed scenes round every corner, including the great tank chase.

When we do find out who the villain, Janus, is and what he's planning, the movie picks up and we get the action in a wild shoot-out, an exciting tank chase, a tense stand-off in a train, and an explosive finale in Cuba that's even more interesting than most because the relationship between Bond and Trevelyan was sufficiently developed to the point that we're rooting for the both of them to win.

A stunning performance by Brosnan compliments the film as well as the locations and music.

On the Positive, the Bond Girls are Engaging, Good Looking, and Fun.

All Bond movies for me are fun for about the first hour and terribly boring and anticlimactic during the final 20 minutes when the bad guy is routed by battling armies of scuba divers or whatever and the timer on the bomb stopped at 1 second.

His nemesis, 006 played by Sean Bean was a very interesting villain (the concept of a fellow agent gone bad was borrowed by Woo and Cruise for MI:2) and their familiarity made their eventual confrontations all the more intriguing.

The action is perfect,from the pre title sequence to the exciting tank chase in Russia.

What little back story there is to explain his treasonous villainy is glossed over with trite contrivance.

The pre credits sequence really gets your adrenaline going.

I get the modernising gender-busting update of her character but it feels contrived to me and I don't sense her engagement with the role.

Judi Dench plays the new M, Joe Don Baker plays the fun character Jack Wade and Robbie Coltrane plays the highly enjoyable 'villain' Valentin Zukovsky.

Pierce Brosnan's best Bond film by a landslide; It's intense, exciting, and bound to get your adrenaline running.

The opening sequence, which is reminiscent of TSWLM was simply breathtaking.

The tank chase around Moscow is an incredibly entertaining set-piece.

The story line was also refreshing, having the villain be a agent of england itself was very clever as well as entertaining.

An action packed secret agent saga .

Director Martin Campbell knows exactly where to point the camera for maximum effect and the fast-moving fluidity of the editing gives the whole thing a marvelously kinetic shot in the arm.

The film's various jabs poking fun at Bond's post Cold War relevance can also begin to feel tiresome after a while.

From the exciting opening scene, to the aesthetic titles over to the dramatic climax, Goldeneye is an absolute blast!

Brosnan has the look, the style, the intelligence and the bravura that James Bond should have… As charming, sophisticated, and always in control of the situation, Bond called upon all his ability for improvising escapes from truly impossible situations… The new Bond drives a BMW, remains preferring his vodka martinis 'shaken but not stirred,' and uses a Walther PPK, 7.65mm… The famous announcement "Bond, James Bond" is changed… The plot line of "Goldeneye" revolves around an international terrorist organization calling itself Janus that steels a top-secret Russian weapon system named GoldenEye and threatens to use it to destroy a major European city unless paid off…Bond's mission was to find and stop the GoldenEye, struggling with a sadistic assassin, a treacherous general, an 'invincible' computer hacker, and most dangerous of all, a colleague and friend… The opening scene is spectacular with a great bungee jump from a top of a dam to an exciting racing over a cliff in a motorcycle and skydiving into a crushing private plane… Martin Campbell's film comes with a phenomenal tank chase through the streets of St. Petersburg; a brutal showdown in the jungle; and a battle to the death on a high gantry… Goldeneye's female characters are honestly beautiful with particular techniques… The bad one is Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), an ex-Soviet fighter pilot who tranquilly smokes big cigars and knocks off her victims with her 'killer thighs.

The cheeze lines, predictable plots, everything is just ridiculess.

Of course , there's the usual breathtaking opening scene developed in a chemist arms factory located in Siberia .

Joe Don Baker is good as the Felix Leiter replacement and Robbie Coltrane intriguing as Bond's old KGB nemesis, demonstrating how the old certainties have changed in a post Cold War world.

Boring action, cheesy action, random motives, spoon-feeding the audience the story, a villain with a scar to not confuse the children as to who is the bad guy.

But while the the first and last 20 minutes or so of the film are exciting and action packed, the film tends to become a bit boring at times as it tries to let a story develop.

Very enjoyable Bond film .

Overall, Goldeneye is not only essentially the strongest and best made Bond movie since Goldfinger, but a very strong and ridiculously enjoyable and entertaining movie in its own right, surpassing most other 90s action movies in terms of quality and enjoyment factor.

Kind of boring at times.

This film, released during the time when action films were all the rage in Hollywood, meant it had to compete with the die hards, the arnies, the stallones of this world and STILL bring a product that was worth watching.

Its set at the top of a strange scaffolding, and features a great, suspenseful fight between Brosnan and Penn.

Teaming up with a computer programmer who escaped a satellite station and witnessed who took the Goldeneye, Bond must hunt down the villains whilst also showing a love for the women, a love for cars, and engaging in conversations that lead to pun heaven.

Throughout, there are numerous references and acknowledgments to wartime years of old; sarcastic but somewhat enjoyable without ever being overly cynical jabs at secret agent clichés and techniques of old – my favourite of which sees Bond interact with an American named Jack Wade (Baker), a sort of Felix Leiter substitute, and their exchange ought to see them swap codes in the form of odd sentences but the notion is initially dismissed before being executed in a drawn out manner, thus brining attention to itself.

In fact, they've all been disappointingly bland.

Unfortunately the pre-credits scene,which begins with Bond jumping down a dam and climaxes with Bond freefalling into a plane,is so spectacular and exciting the rest of the film's action fails to live up to it,although a destructive tank chase through St Petersberg,Bond's rather brutal encounters with Xenia Onatopp {who kills men with her thighs}and end fight on a satellite dish are very well staged.

He's sort of like David Bowie or Sting in that he seems overly nervous of letting down his pretentious front in fear that he will be left vulnerable.

GoldenEye has a great opening scene that is more entertaining than most entire movies.

GoldenEye is thoroughly entertaining and is second only to Goldfinger as the best in the series,in my opinion.

Gottfried John is something of a cliché -- cold, stiff and humorless -- as the corrupt general.

Goldeneye has a very fair place as 3rd on my list and it seems that the film film is always exciting to watch.

There's a satisfactory balance between plot development, character development and action; indeed ‘Goldeneye' crackles with sparky, absorbing dialogue, before the sorry deterioration into innuendo overdose seen in later Bond entries – as an example, the legendary `sexist, misogynist dinosaur' interchange between M and Bond is a highlight of the series.

' Natalya possesses all the technical ability to neutralize Janus' scheme or to destroy all computer records with the GoldenEye… As one who survived a mass murder, this lovely beauty is suddenly a marked woman… The other supporting actors are all fine: Sean Bean plays a potentially fascinating bad character, the embittered and cynical traitor who was believed to have been killed on a mission… Alec Trevelyan has sworn revenge on the country that was responsible for his parents' suicide… Alan Cumming plays the 'invincible' Boris Grishenko who sees crime as a chance to show off his skills; and Gottfried John, the renegade ambitious general who provides inside access to Russian military secrets… Award-winning Judi Dench is terrific as Bond's unshaken spy chief… Samantha Bond as MoneyPenny puts forward for consideration that Bond's behavior might be interpreted as sexual harassment… Serena Gordon as the neurotic MI6 assessor Caroline evaluates 007 for just 'trying to show off the size of his… ego.

The editing is solid as the film slows and quickens at exactly the right points, though it does slow a little too much before the climax.

Goldeneye has the perfect recipe-stunning women,superb villains,gadgets and some of the greatest stunts ever.

Goldeneye moves at a brisk pace, with snappy, humorous, tongue-in-cheek dialog, and has great action scenes.

But look at the other side; the script was so detached, the plot was confusing, the thrilling moments weren't too many, the action wasn't that great, the music (especially the deep sonic beats) was provocatively boring, Gottfried John as General Ourumov looked both dumb and un-charismatic (one of the least interesting baddies in the franchise), Alan Cumming as The Invincible Boris was just unbearable, and the fact that the sexual appetites became lower and lower to the extent of being nonexistent !

This film is worth watching

I have to give director Martin Campbell a ton of credit here, as he knows how to create an intriguing-enough plot line around such an already established character.

In fact, all the villains were rather well done, but the overall plot remains as formulaic as the previous entries, though this entry is romantic with a cute heroine.

Don't waste your time with this one.

a ho-hum Bond movie .

Goldeneye had all of the elements that made the original Bonds such compelling movies, and than a million times more action.

However I liked the characters and the movie overall was exciting, so I'd say this movie was pretty good.

The super-henchwoman, Onatopp, made quite an impression on me when I first saw this; when I viewed this again, her repeated orgasms during all her action/kill scenes became a bit silly and tiresome by the 3rd or 4th time.

It's my third favourite Bond film of all time and stands as one of the most exciting ventures the series has seen to this day.