Goldfinger (1964) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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While investigating a gold magnate's smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Guy Hamilton
Stars: Sean Connery, Gert Fröbe
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 26 out of 447 found boring (5.81%)

One-line Reviews (231)

This is Bond at its most entertaining and it goes all out to thrill the audience in every single aspect.

Fortunately, such moments are few, and "Goldfinger," one of the best of the Bond thrillers, remains as entertaining as ever.

Bond's mission to save the world is one somewhat thrilling ride as he dodges the killer hat of lead henchman Oddjob (Harold Sakata), wrestle with ace pilot Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) and show-off in the classic and gadget-equipped Bondmobile, the Ashton Martin.

Finally with the plot it has a good amount of thrilling parts, with the beginning and end being that, with the middle of the plot sandwich being Bond figuring out what is going on, great stuff.

It's a fun and action packed (at least, for 1965) adventure that, if this would have been my first introduction to Bond, I would be a fan for life.

Not to mention Kentucky isn't exactly the most interesting locale for a bond film to be in, but these scenes are also pretty boring and Guy Hamilton's direction for them does nothing for me.

Furthermore the film was too slow and even the fight scenes seemed either slow or uninspiring.

Every individual James Bond film has some good assets and at least two or three special qualities that make it fantastically entertaining.

I loved how the movie started of it, From the very start of movie is action packed, this movie as more action then last two movies put together.

Final Thoughts: A fantastic Bond film, and just a highly entertaining movie overall.

Goldfinger's biggest crime is that it is just rather dull and uninteresting most of the time.

Goldfinger is universally hailed as the best of the James Bond films, the third epic in the decades-spanning series gelling together many of the givens that help make the series as entertaining as it is as well as featuring the most memorable villain of the series.

Bond's method of dispatching Oddjob is clever, and very unexpected.

Until tonight, I hadn't watched it for about thirty years, and I kind of enjoyed it.

What the film lacks in plot, it makes up for in action, energy, style, and sheer iconic status.

The action was more exciting, the pace faster and the script was funnier too.

the swinging sixties 'jazzy' opening to this superlative movie also sets one up for what you just know is going to be a thrilling ride.

Instead of getting a taut Cold War thriller that was From Russia with Love, we get a surprisingly intriguing smuggling/monetary inflation story.

The first one I watched was MOONRAKER(1979)and I was so completely blown away by it that I just had to see all the others, I couldn't get enough of them,Lately,I began rewatching them again to relive my fond childhood memories and I still got that same adrenaline rush that I had all those years ago.

How he goes about breaking into Fort Knox is believable and exciting.

It's supposed to be excellent action entertainment with beautiful girls but all I saw were overlong boring adventures with long boring talking scenes and not enough action.

It is thoroughly entertaining, very well paced and even though it is responsible for much of 'the formula' it manages to not be too groan-inducing.

It is what a Bond film should be: exciting and fun, with fantastic characters and sets.

Inspirational film of well cast characters in a highly entertaining story from start to finish.

Sean Connery, the first and most exciting of all actors to play James Bond, stars in this wonderful action film alongside Shirley Eaton and Honor Blackman, two extremely beautiful Bond Girls.

Outside of her name, I just find her to be a bland, unremarkable character and don't get me started on the infamous barn scene.

Still this film is pretty entertaining, although it has it's lacks.

She is probably the most intriguing of all the Bond girls and she isn't one of those typical Bond girls who caters to 007's whims.

Bereft of mythic power, one is left to bask in the breathtaking glow of its jillions of discontinuities, breaches of factual basis, and plot holes.

It's certainly not a perfect movie, it has many flaws and also has the same cheesy dialogue that all the Bond films suffered with in the 1960's and 1970's, but it's still a very enjoyable movie with some of the most memorable scenes in Bond history, such as the laser scene and of course the villain himself, Goldfinger.

this film still seems a bit tedious at times, but the pacing is a lot better, and overall i found this the most enjoyable bond film so far in my chronological study.

The Bond movies have always lent themselves to being easily improved by better movie technology, so the earlier efforts like this one sometimes feel a bit "slow" compared to nowadays.

A very enjoyable installment in the Bond canon and does uphold relatively well.

Just a dull, bland blink-and-you-miss-it climax on a plane.

The film's opening sequence takes place on a prior mission unrelated to the rest of the film, but showcases 007 sneaking about, setting off explosions, chasing a beautiful woman, taking off a wetsuit to reveal a white tuxedo and engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

That said, while I thought the movie was fairly entertaining, I don't consider it to be as good as its two predecessors ("Dr.

Considered by many to be the quintessential Bond movie, Goldfinger sees much of the groundwork set for what will become standard and eventually cliché in later pictures.

It felt pretty subdued rather than thrilling, which it should have been.

Trying to identify why the movie is so enjoyable is not so easy.

Overall, this third installment in the James Bond movie series is a memorable and solid action epic, and I can see why it's more highly rated than the previous two, since I've found it so entertaining.

There are many exciting moments in this movie.

The action which takes place within is exciting and gripping.

What entices us, and what makes the film so entertaining despite the absurdity, is its leniency towards itself.

Exciting Story Well-Told .

Very enjoyable, Bond is still more of a spy than a commando, sit back and appreciate it.

OK, maybe special effects aren't that good as in nowadays movies, but still action is very entertaining.

The most intriguing aspect is Goldfinger himself.

In addition to the characters, the story is one of the most exciting ever.

Though From Russia With Love was a realistic and suspenseful thriller, the producers took a new direction with Goldfinger.

Action packed and a ton of fun, Goldfinger is a very enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good action or adventure film.

Wonderful actions scenes including a thrilling scene involving Bond fighting small Oddjob face-to-face inside Fort Knox.

From this point on audiences really expected to see the unexpected in a Bond movie.

There's no doubt that these aspects, along with a memorable song from Shirley Bassey, a golden score from John Barry, and even a tricked-out Aston Martin DB5 are entertaining and are big reasons why the movie is so endlessly watchable.

The pace is pretty slow, there are only a few of those famous one – liners plus the villains helper (in this case Oddjob) is a bit too much for me.

The result is a fun and exciting spy action film that turns out gold that Goldfinger wouldn't likely understand.

Goldfinger had a mildly exciting car chase, and the likewise somewhat stimulating finale on the jet.

Peter Hunt's editing keeps the film moving at a pace starting with the fast paced pre-credits sequence.

There are quite a few exciting moments, like the car chases and the laser scene.

This beginning sets the stage for a movie we know will be entertaining.

Although their story plots could get a bit far-fetched, the films had a very exciting unique style of intrigue that made them super appealing and exciting to watch.

Every moment of Goldfinger was action packed.

" Goldfinger's plan is to nuke Fort Knox rather than rob it like in the original novel which is more ingenious and exciting.

That's such a gripping scene because Goldfinger has Bond.

The plot, while not as gritty or serious as "From Russia With Love," is very engaging with Goldfinger's classic plan to raid Fort Knox.

His verbal tit-for-tats with Goldfinger are tiresome, too.

Sure it may seem out dated compared to Die Another Day,but it is still more thrilling than it.

The climax at Fort Knox (a remarkable interior set produced exclusively for the film) is absolutely gripping, and the classic cliché of the hero frantically deciding which bomb wire to cut is turned onto his head when Felix Leiter's associate calmly leans over and hits an 'off' switch with 007 seconds remaining.

So after an amazing opening credits sequence, Goldfinger is perhaps the most entertaining Bond film to date (minus the Craig films).

In a way, it continued on from the two films that proceeded it and yet a departure from them as well with its introduction of over the top characters, action packed pre-credit sequence, high profile gadgetry and larger then life (possibly even outlandish) plot.

What a tremendously, tremendously entertaining movie, so stylized, so absurd, so cheeky, so ridiculous, so definitively Bond.

Now without a doubt, Goldfinger is a classic, the Bond series just wouldn't be the same without it, but a major factor that has always played a big part in the Bond movies is action, every Bond film features a handful of explosive, fast paced action sequences and Goldfinger is one such example.

Goldfinger is a very fun and exciting movie and my second favorite from Sean Connery, and in that case the whole Bond series.

Pussy Galore just might be my all-time favorite Bond girl, perhaps not on a physical level, but in terms of how enjoyable the character was.

But they were fresh and original, in contrast to the later movies which ultimately became stale and cliche-ridden.

Connery's charisma is at an all-time high and he makes an engaging screen presence.

The Great Chase- some kind of intense chase involving lots of vehicles and crashes 5.

No," "From Russia with Love") as director, demonstrates an exceptional understanding of what makes Bond tick; the script makes some unexpected deviations from the pattern to up the stakes; Shirley Bassey's gutsy theme song sets the bar for music in the series and Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) marks the first great "Bond" villain.

From the explosive and exciting (but utterly pointless) teaser sequence, through the epochal theme song; the gold-painted Jill Masterson and the outrageous Pussy Galore; the excellent Goldfinger and his iconic sidekick Oddjob, to the climax of the film in Fort Knox I was glued to the screen.

After 50 years, Aston Martin DB5 slightly loses its luster and the so-called cutting-edge gadgets' allure is also inevitably waning, but after all, it was a big-budget tent-pole at hen, John Barry's inherently engrossing score and Shirley Bassey's stunning theme song are timeless ear-worms.

I remember how we cheered in delight when Connery introduces himself to Easton in his trademark fashion, "Bond, James Bond" accompanied by John Barry's thrilling Bond theme.

*Yawn* Gets his a$$ kicked by Oddjob until he uses his smarts.

Great prologue scenes followed by a breathtaking opening credits sequence for the first time performed by a singer, Dame Shirley Bassey.

The story is hot and completely riveting and James Bond is back in full form!!

The third film adventure based on Ian Fleming's now internationally beloved character, titled "Goldfinger," introduced a number of franchise hallmarks (the Aston Martin chief among them) and holds up as an exciting, suspenseful and colorful spy film.

It's an oddity in stories about heroes, but I suppose what ultimately matters is if the film's adventure is fun and engaging.

The film remains fast,lavish entertainment with Connery at his coolest {although some of his edge from the first two films has been smoothed out],a fairly strong plot,a terrific opening which distills the essence of Bond into five or so minutes,and a truly thrilling climax.

As great a villain as Auric Goldfinger is, with a voice dubbed Frobe simply joyous in the role, his motives are rather dull and hardly cause for some worldwide Bondian panic.

This was the Bond film that had it all: countless beautiful and gorgeous women, stunning action set pieces and gadgets including the famous and iconic Aston Martin DB5, a great and quotable villain (Bond:"Do you expect me to talk?

And the film on the whole is fun, entertaining and full of endless charm.

The plot was exciting with many twists and turns and I give it a 10 of 10.

All in all, a great and enjoyable film.

Being a fun and entertaining blockbuster is just what was needed to follow up the previous two movies.

The Pre-titles and Bond's infiltration of Goldfinger's headquarters are really exciting sequences that are heavy on intensity.

And extra kudos to two things: Oddjob (Harold Sakata), one of the strangest and most horrific villains in any movie with his preferred lack of dialog and repetitive facial expressions, and John Barry's score which takes the energy or subtlety of a scene and takes it into unexpected territory.

:-) I recommend this Bond to people who enjoy the slower, more scheming fights and to people who love Sean Connery as BOND.

The golfing match in which Bond trumps Goldfinger is a classic film moment, Oddjob's statue-destroying response manifests his boss' displeasure at being out-maneuvered, a forceful statement of intimidation that, predictably, Bond fails to heed, heading for an equally memorable encounter with a laser beam (in which Goldfinger and his cronies have so much faith, that no one stays to ensure Bond is actually bisected as planned, with predictable results).

The Bond-woman Pussy Galore is perfect: " My name is Pussy Galore " " I gotta be dreaming " Here we gonna see a lot more shooting and thrilling scenes then none of the two before.

This isn't as dark or realistic,but it is an entertaining movie.

Enjoyable Bond outing; perfect non-think entertainment...

Aging, Sexist but Still Relevant and Entertaining .

Sufficiently entertaining to make you forgive much of the silliness.

First, why would he risk a billion-dollar payday by engaging in card cheating for chump change on the eve of G-Day?

Movie Plot is extremely boring and it is pathetic to see such a Villain to go down easily without causing single havoc to Protagonist.

This film has very solid and interesting photography, and snappy editing.

"Goldfinger" is to be found somewhere in between, because it is still an interesting action classic but only enjoyable for sentimental reasons, because the action is hilariously clumsy and painfully outdated for nowadays standards.

The golden girl dead on the bed, the lopping of the statue with a bowler hat, the suspenseful golf game, the laser beam castration.

There is the contrived storyline, that has Connery playing an entirely reactive role throughout.

The best way to describe why Goldfinger is so enjoyable is because it's so much fun.

The plot is also pretty slow, with the golf scene being extremely boring.

and of course it's the most entertaining film on celluloid.

The pinnacle of the 60's Bonds and one of the best-worst movies ever.

This is the quintessential Bond films,it has gadgets,exciting action,an evil businessman,and a crazy evil plan.

Cheap-ass, simplistic Bond bore.

After the excellent From Russia With Love, which boasted a great plot, exotic locations, extremely beautiful women, and continuous excitement, Goldfinger cannot help but seem kinda dull by comparison.

So, what is the "Formulaic" Bond???

The story has its ups and downs, yet, for the most part Goldfinger is entertaining.

It's thrilling when Bond is behind bars and he makes the guard come check on him.

You can see how repetitive this is all getting.

Entertaining to the extreme, featuring some of the most famous scenes in the history of cinema as well as showing how good Bond films can be, Goldfinger is quite possibly the best Bond film ever made.

He balances everything out beautifully once again, the creeping intense sounds for the low-key scenes and big bombastic numbers for the action.

Most amazingly of all 'Goldfinger' remains entertaining from first frame to last.

The Story is fast and fun and with big things going on and a very dramatic but action packed story, the plot is fun and brings you really into the story.

Hamilton's improvisation while as incredulous as Fleming's was more exciting and heart pounding.

I'm sure contemporary audiences will quickly note the politically incorrect temperament of the film, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Compare that scenario with the later Bond movies ( Especially the Roger Moore ones ) when he stops the baddies single handed in a ridiculously contrived and OTT manner , such a pity they don`t make Bond films like this anymore .

There's excitement, sure, but a scene where Bond is trapped at night by gunpoint and has to momentarily surrender the music goes soft and slow at just the right pitch.

Second, in Real Life wouldn't death-by-spray-paint (of ANY color) be a lot slower, noisier, messy, and uncertain than two or three slugs from the Walther PPK handy at the murder scene on the person of the unconscious Agent 007?

- to his side, just by nobbing her in the barn), it is still a great and very enjoyable movie.

Personally I like the tougher films in the franchise the best, especially From Russia with Love, but Goldfinger is the most enjoyable Bond film of its kind, and deserves its classic status.

it is entertaining and fast paced, especially for a film over 40 years old, it still holds up well today.

To the innocent cinema audience of the period, yet to experience foreign travel via the package holiday, and increasingly turning to icons of youth for its totems, this big-budget festival of sex and opulence hit with an emotional impact that the later (and infinitely duller) Roger Moore spying-by-numbers projects could not hope to emulate.

Her opening scene with Bond, wearing black underwear and swinging her leg in a bored sexy fashion as she spies on Goldfinger's game was outstanding.

I found that the story gradually gets better as it goes along, with a significant number of thrilling moments, definitely more so than in "Dr.

I know I'm just asking to be hauled over the coals for this, but Goldfinger is surely one of the dullest Bond films.

Sean Connery is still effective as Bond; Gert Fröbe straddles a line between playfulness and angst as Goldfinger, and it makes him fairly enjoyable to watch.

But I must admit that the combination of Sean Connery, the exciting unique music, the international settings, the gadgets and special effects, and the production quality of the original Broccoli 007 films ranks as one of the biggest hit phenomena in film history to this day.

An action packed, energetic thrill ride, a must see for any Bond or action fan.

With a thrilling music score by John Barry and a smashing title song sung by Shirley Bassey, "Goldfinger" is the James Bond film that is absolutely perfect.

Action packed scenes are well placed, neither dull or overpowering to the storyline.

You will not be disappointed, and you will be on the edge of your seat from the point Bond steps out of the water in the beginning, to the hair-raising climax in Fort Knox.

Take a compelling plot, mix with a consummate performance from Sean Connery and sprinkle with an effervescent musical score and what do you get?

Great breathtaking action scenes.

It focus mainly on Bonds fixation with women(who are used and abused in most scenes) and has a few clichés about Bond's taste for class, which prove ridiculous because the Bond doesn't have to demonstrate explicitly his class, making the director's effort pointless.

Overall, the movie remains entertaining and watchable.

) to the battle at Fort Knox to the climax in the plane, the action scenes will have you on the edge of your seat.

It's great fun as agent 007, otherwise known as James Bond (Sean Connery), goes up against gold-loving Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) in the classic 1960s spy-action film with techno-gadgets galore, and Pussy too, breathtaking locations in Europe, and a plot that alternates danger with sexy playfulness.

That said, this was a very enjoyable movie, with clever dialogue, memorable villains and unpredictable plot turns.

Connery is of course the man with the plan and he certainly is the ultimate 007, from famously slipping off a dinner jacket to reveal a wetsuit to getting to grips with Harold Sakata's terrifying Oddjob in Ken Adam's stunning Fort Knox set.

" It's so different than the others, but in a way it's also more entertaining.

The exploration of each villain's unique nooks and crannies, paired with an intensely curvy, unpredictable plot and the unmistakable presence of Bond himself, provides more fuel than any film could reasonably require.

There are a plethora of high points in this film, from an exciting car chase involving Bond's Aston Martin DB-5 to the showdown between 007 and Oddjob in Fort Knox.

Why waste the time explaining the plot, when he must be a very busy man on the eve of his big day?

On the contrary, maybe it should count in the film's favor that it was able to overcome the stupidity of the one-liners and still deliver an exciting and engaging action film.

But these are far from complaints, and the movie still grandiose, exciting and nicely self-aware.

A handful of beautiful women passing by, on the way to a thrilling grand final.

The direction is sly, the cinematography is stylish, the locations are stunning and I can never get enough of the theme song sung by Shirley Bassey.

However, the card game and the golf match slow down the action, somewhat.

Add Q's monologue for good measure as he bores Bond to death whilst introducing the world's most beautiful car and you really have it all.

many times the greatness of an impending movie is eagerly announced by the thrilling opening score,and in this case,that is certainly 'legendary'.

The villains, the henchmen, the Bond girl are all hugely entertaining.

Overall,Goldfinger is a highly enjoyable and fast paced action film.

Goldfinger was without a doubt one of the best James Bond Films ever made, I mean Sean Connery wasent my personal favourit bond, but he did the most enjoyable bond films, with this one at the top.

While the main actors and many scenes are good, parts are overacted and contrived.

The first few 007 movies were pretty tame in comparison: very grounded villains, basic action, a more suspenseful tone.

) Expertly directed by Guy Hamilton, "Goldfinger" was the third James Bond feature and it pretty much set the standard for all the James Bond features that followed and featured many of the most groundbreaking and exciting action sequences and stunt-work and some of the wittiest quips, and these standards were all pretty hard standards to live up to.

Entertaining dialogue as well, including some of the best trademark one-liners of the series ("Shocking.

I'd say its two predecessors are better – but this one is still enormously entertaining.

James Bond is charming and womanizer as ever, Pussy Galore is stunning and so Jill Masterson.

All that said though it is still a thouroughly enjoyable pic.

He had to fill the shoes of Terence Young as Director, he had to make a movie that was probably twice the budget of the previous two movies, and he had countless other expectations, yet he still managed to make this the most entertaining and popular Bond movie of all time.

Noticeably pacier than the earlier vehicles, boredom never sets in amidst all the incredulity.

Also there are many colorful characters, original ways to die, good girls, bad girls, some of the craziest plans of taking over the world and many other things that made this film series so entertaining.

Goldfinger is not everyone's cup of tea to be honest because the narrative and pace is the slowest all the good action scenes come in bits and pieces.

This is the movie that started the 007 formula: Thrilling pre-title sequence, women with "different" names, henchmen, and smarter sinister plots.

For its time though, this was the most action packed film in the series and it remains on the top of many people's Bond lists.

Bad puns, ludicrous schemes, terribly contrived situations...

Overall, I give the movie a 9 out of 10 because it is a little dated and slow paced in parts but also very very exciting with one of the best plots of the Bond movies.

The story mayn't be the most exciting of all the Bonds, but it is still very gripping.

Bond Music from the sixties has got an ambient sound to it that makes current recordings sound bland.

The most refreshing aspect of Goldfinger is that the plot is intricate and unpredictable.

In Agent 007's third outing on screen, the outrageously entertaining Goldfinger, a vacationing James Bond is informed that his trip to Miami Beach has an ulterior purpose: monitoring the movements of Auric Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe), an international gold merchant who the British government suspects is plotting something vaguely fiendish.

It just tells an exciting story and does it very well.

The various scenes of action are slick and exciting, especially the explosive, spectacular last fifteen minutes which sees a brilliant fight scene between Bond and Oddjob, one of the best ever.

The plot is enjoyable and keeps you interested, whilst the acting is very good from almost everyone involved.

The whole movie is loaded with exciting and iconic scenes, and it breezes by smoothly and concisely.

It's a shame that in 2006, the franchise died and became something utterly bland with the advent of the Craig era.

The conclusion more than makes up for my perceived dead spot and there are an assortment of enjoyable characters like Oddjob and Pussy Galore (though that has to be the stupidest name, no parent would name their kid that).

A little silly but still enjoyable .

This film is the birth of the modern blockbuster for many reasons, it's exciting opening as he concludes his last mission, the great title sequence by Maurice Binder, which so many other films try to catch the eye with, the script is tight, always moving forward either with a cool piece of dialogue or a great action moment, or another confrontation between Bond and Goldfinger or one of his many assistants.

It was too drawn out for me to get into it.

I mean you have a beautiful Aston Martin DB5 and not only has it got the speed, but those gadgets within it which Bond can utilise when he is in a chase scene, that can help make it epic and breathtaking.

The locations are dull(Kentucky?

I was on the edge of seat for the whole movie.

"), and with a fairy tense plot between a large number of highlights, and an expected spread of gadgetry, great women, and a menacing heavy with a deadly weapon, "Goldfinger" is probably the liveliest and most amusing of the Bond spy spoofs…In this entertaining film, Bond enjoys a bottle of Dom Pérignon'53...

I must admit that when I first saw these in the movies as a teenager, my impressionism and hormones were at an all time high, but the early Bond movies with Sean Connery, and especially Goldfinger for pure FUN escapist entertainment, rank among the most enjoyable movies ever made.

The plot of the movie is carried out well with intense action and interesting characters.

Now if only Pierce Brosnan would star in a Bond film that's worth watching…

It's a slower paced film and, being the mid-60s, still contains some of the clichés of the era.

Perhaps what makes the earlier films more enjoyable is that they had fresh, innovative elements that have now become cliché and gimmicky.

"Goldfinger" is more comical and entertaining.

If you take away all the gadgets, the rest of the movie is very good and very exciting.

This is another one of the best of the Bond films with Sean Connery, it's clever, fast paced and one of the most memorable by far.

But it's still a mostly enjoyable and entertaining ride.

It's the transition from the conservative, straight Bond into the cavalier kind of hokum that elevates Bond above mere mortals into the realms of fantasy, though it remains an entertaining film in its own right.

The action packed prologue that sets the tone for the film, the musical title sequence, the megalomaniac villain with a physically powerful henchman, Q gadget scene, Bond girl with a double entendre name, I could go on.

" A plot is exciting.

A thrilling car chase.

They fill their roles nicely, but it's the various set pieces and action packed thrills that keep the plot spinning toward the direction of the big Fort Knox climax.

Shirley Bassey sings the uninteresting "Goldfinger.

"Goldfinger" is one of the most memorable, often quoted and just downright entertaining and quintessential movies of the series solidifying James Bond as a pop cultural phenomenon.

There's a stunning camera angle where the killer is reflected off the girl's eyeball.

The action scenes were top notch and suspenseful and I nearly went flying out of my chair watching them.

Despite its age, this still proves to be one of the most engaging Bond films, even without all the ultra-techie gadgets present in the newer flicks.

It takes place around the world and it's exciting.

"Thunderball" made more at the box office than any other Bond flick from the Connery era and "You Only Live Twice" upped the ante with the action & spy stuff and is just more all-around entertaining.

There are plenty of standout scenes; the laser-beam table is unmatched in the series for sheer, pure tension; the aston martin chase is again one of the best in the series and shows up similar scenes in the likes of Die Another Day as merely visual showcases - this one is genuinely exciting.

Stunning sets, gorgeous girls, vicious villains, sublime set pieces and memorable music.

" A famous scene and line from Bond's most enjoyable film.

Furthermore, this one is great and entertaining.

It features a snappy, action-packed pre-title teaser sequence that is only peripherally attached to the film's main plot; the main title sequence is a marvelously designed showpiece, featuring a song belted out by Shirley Bassey; it features the most memorable of henchmen, the mute Oddjob, whose principal weapon is his steel rimmed top hat that he can sail through the air like a Frisbee; a memorable female lead in Honor Blackman, and finally, a strong villain with Gert Frobe.

The locations are all excellent as usual and setting most of it in the United States gives it a unique edge, whilst Ken Adam is back to design more stunning sets.

I know that Goldfinger was, of course, a James Bond-007 movie, but, all the same, it was kinda boring and, yes, downright, dumb at times.

Even watching "Goldfinger" today, having seen all the latest in special effects and technology that Hollywood has to offer, it still is riveting and thoroughly entertaining.

It's boring.

Bond is now the playboy of all playboys, the girls are incredibly stupid, the plot is even more convoluted, the action is supremely dopey (the old lady with the machine gun), the villain is fatter and lazier, and the series is unbearable.

This adrenaline pumping action scene pushes the film forward and ensures that we remain thrilled from beginning to end.

But with its humor, its suspense, its appealing hero surrounded by sexy women, all that dazzling photography and iconic music, it's hugely entertaining.

The look of terror on Bond's face, the increasingly suspenseful music by John Barry and the witticisms that come across unforced and with the right amount of power.

His scheme is genius, his threatening of 007 is thrilling, and his acting proves that when a good actor takes on the role, you can have a successful Bond film.

However, with all these elements that surely make Goldfinger an entertaining flick, why is it I don't LOVE this entry as much as everybody else does?

Goldfinger is one of the most enjoyable, boys own/comic book style adventure movies ever to be made.